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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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with mar cot. there is a dedicated hotline for the case and police have received a thousand tips. if you have any information about the vehicle or the crime. call (508)453-7589 and we have all of this information on our website, also breaking at 5:00, there's a search tonight at a pond in westboro. northboro police say a 22-year- old n friday. police found his car locked near the reservoir and have dive teams in the water but no body has been discovered. his family says he has done odd things before. armed, dangerous, and on the run. that's how police describe the man who attacked a woman and her mother in their hide park
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boyfriend is responsible, witnesses say. >> reporter: behind me you can see the broken front window. police say the ex-boyfriend burst into the home on huntington avenue and attacked the two women inside. by the time police arrived they were standing outside seriously injured and the suspect had taken out. there's now a warrant for his arrest. >> reporter: a picture of the violence that broke out at this hyde park home tuesday ni scene that has shaken neighbors. >> i heard the glass crashing and the screaming. and then i heard the frantic commotion. >> reporter: boston police are searching for 22 jeffrey -- the former boyfriend of one of the residents who attacked her and her mother with a knife slashing them in the face. police say they were bleeding
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that you know what i mean. >> reporter: the suspect broke in and tried to kill us. it may have started with a dispute over a laptop computer. five windows were broken. this neighbor didn't want to be identified. >> as soon as i heard i got inside the house and locked all the doors and windows. >> reporter: neighbors didn't know lebath but wish they had known for violence. >> i wish there was warning signs. i wish he was the safer. >> police found the knife inside the home. and fortunately, the two women are recovering. but the suspect faces charges, including assault with intent to murder. a newton convenience store creek terrorized. a man storms in to a store demanding cash.
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see and hear on the surveillance video will break the case. bill shields is live in newton with the story. >> reporter: convenience store, gas station robberies are not all that uncommon. but this gas station is right in newton's center. it was 9:00 last night. and the guy walked in here with a rifle. >> either a shotgun rifle, bee bee rifle. >> reporter: it was without a doubt a rifle. >> hurry give it to me. >> reporter: but the robber was somewhat polite saying please to the clerk and then taking all the money with the barrel of the gunpointing directly at the midsection of the clerk. the gas station is steps from the heart of the city. >> obviously, the man was very brazen. it was just before 9:00. newton center is a busy area.
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well, what police are discounting on now is -- concentrating on now is his voice. he was somewhat polite. did not have a heavy accent. and the station owner -- this is a first after 30 years in business. >> absolutely, that surprised me. >> reporter: and your guy is okay. >> thank god everybody is okay, no problems. >> reporter: he must have been a little scared. >> it is part of the game. [ laughter ] >> well, he can chuckle but he wasn't here last night. the clerk told me he was scared. reporting live from newton, i'm bill shields, wbz news. from beacon hill, give the president-elect a chance. that's governor baker's message. he just returned from a meeting with other republican
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administration. >> there's way too much prejudging going on here. and i think it's important for all of us to take a page from what the president had to say the other day. let's see what happens here. let's judge people on the totality of their work on what they say and how they pursue what they are up to. >> donald trump is meeting with advisers and friends in new york. robert kraft was seen walking into the president-elect disputes reports that there's tension within the transition team. and things are moving forward just fine. staff members also reinforced that message. >> there is the solid process in place and we feel comfortable with the names we're looking at and the progress we're making. >> it's false to say it's not going well. the president-elect himself is very happy.
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about possible supreme court appointees. and met with new york city mayor bill de blasio. and the gold letters were taken down after at that points petitions for their removal. a minnesota police officer is being charged with manslaughter in the shooting of an unarmed black man. >> reporter: the case received attention all over the world after the victim's girlfriend live streamed the aftermath the shooting. and the officer who pulled the trigger is facing criminal charges. >> in order to achieve justice -- >> a minnesota prosecutor says the police officer who fatally shot a black driver in july will be charged with 2nd degree manslaughter. >> it is my conclusion that the use of deadly force by officer yanez was not justified.
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pulled out of castillo. prosecutors say he never tried to pull his handgun. the client reacted to the presence of a gun. yanez fired seven shots and his girlfriend live streamed the aftermath. >> please don't tell me he's dead. >> reporter: his family has thanked prosecutors for their decision to charge the officer. >> i'm glad that we have came to this beginning to a different chapter. we all hope and pray that the right things is done in this issue. >> reporter: the prosecutor says castile's final words were i wasn't reaching for it referring to the handgun in his pocket. officer yanez will make an appearance in criminal court on friday. >> reporter: there's squad car video and audio tape from the
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releasing it. the state's highest court is considering a request to dismiss nearly 24,000 criminal cases involves disgraced chemist -- who admitted to tampering with drug tests. prosecutors say the cases should not be tossed but reviewed individually. as the patriots get ready to take on the 49ers, a lot of questions about rob gronkowski's health. here's the latest from foxborough. >> the concerns -- tom brady hit in the quad. and rob gronkowski hit in the chest. getting on the practice field is another story. here's the update. tom brady was present for the
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gronkowski not out there. tom and gronk are -- how they came back from the hits on sunday night was recognized. >> tough guys, man, to see them get up and keep fighting shows what they're made of and it juices the rest of the team up too. so it's fun to see. >> those type of guys are special to the team, unique players, unique skill sets and when you have guys like that it >> reporter: now worst case scenario and i mean worst, if rob and tom can't make the trip to san francisco. the patriots play without them. and they played without them earlier this season and they've won both those games. again, that's worst case scenario, and i don't see that happening. >> we'll hope everybody is healthy. wbz is proud to be your official patriots station. we'll preview the matchup
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all access. and start sunday with patriots game day at 11 o'clock 30. the kickoff is 4:25 followed by the 5th quarter post game show on my tv 38. how about tom brady laughing about deflategate. could over-the-counter drugs to ease heartburn put you at risk for a serious problem? teenagers caught partying in up for sale. a little bit of a warming trend before a bigger shot of colder air this weekend. the forecast is coming up. and all new at 6:00 -- all right. obviously, there was a problem there. we'll work on that and be back
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expressway in dorchester. a new report says apps may be behind a sharp increase in the number of accidents on the nation's roads. things like snap chat and -- where drivers can report accidents. traffic deaths are up 10% compared to last year. a big mess in potential broke. a car slamming into a farm. paramedics took two people to the hospital and they are expected to be okay. the elderly driver who was behind the wheel accidentally put the car in reverse. >> just one of those moments. i was trying to think of what today's weather was. it didn't have a big impact, like a striking -- >> november. >> exactly. >> a calm day but you noticed how many of the leaves that
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to 36 hours. >> it's getting to be that time. and the heavy rain bringing down the leaves. on the docket this weekend, raking or yard work -- >> or put it off to next spring. >> i would say raking is harder than shoveling. >> i find it therapeutic. >> but it blows away if you don't get it quick enough. >> the high tides are past the peak. stil be lowering over the next few days. we had a day with areas of minor coastal flooding at high tide at noon. mild and rain free. saturday is going to be the pick if you'd like to do yard work. out there this afternoon, the clouds hung on about three hours longer than expected. now the clouds are starting to dissipate. over the middle of the country
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81 in wichita. denver hit 80 and that ties the all time warmest temperature recorded for the month of november. 85 in dallas. and the warmer air is moving in our direction the end of the week. falling back in the 30s to low 40s tonight. mostly sunny skies and we'll see a blend of sun and clouds tomorrow. temperatures running into the 50s with a northwesterly breeze at five november day and much brighter than this afternoon. the sunset tomorrow is 4:20 p.m. going for highs near 58 in taunton and new bedford. worcester high near 52. all the readings are several degrees above average for the end of the year. we'll battle between high pressure and the ocean storm. and the trend has been farther out to see with the storm. and that makes a big difference for us. the farther it goes to the
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and saturday. as the trend continues, we'll be near 60 on friday and saturday with bright skies. the place we'll be watching, cape cod and along the shore. and also the stronger wind gusts will be out of the north friday into saturday. otherwise, a fairly quiet stretch. saturday starts off with sunshine and we'll see increasing late day clouds and temperatures well in the 50s. and then on sunday we have a morning high of 50 and it's going to get colder afternoon and windier. the big tree lighting at faneuil hall on saturday night. and dry conditions and temperatures holding in the 40s. the clouds should be increasing. there might be mist or drizzle that tries to back in off the ocean. and we won't have a good beat on that until friday. then we look to the back half of the weekend and a big swing of colder air on sunday.
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snowing across northern new england. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. and as we look to sunday that's the focus, the game changer day. much windier and chillier. and temperatures only in the 40s. and 40s on tuesday. colder times ahead, maybe to get you into the mood of the holiday spirit. thanksgiving is next week. >> i'm ready to eat. that's what i'm ready for. on the health watch, new concerns over ov the risk of stroke. dr.mallika marshall is here and so many people use these medications. >> and with eating, everyone will take antacids. things like pry low sex, nexium, and a new study suggests using the drugs regularly could increase a stroke risk by 21%.
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most of these are sold over-the- counter and doctors are concerned that patients could be self-medicating. if you take these drugs, tell you doctor and try things like losing weight, avoiding tobacco and limiting foods that trigger heartburn. spicy foods and mint and chocolate and caffeine and alcohol. >> all the good stuff? >> all the good stuff. and we go from dieting. >> we're worried about yo-yo dieting because it could be unhealthy for your heart. a new study found that post menopausal women who lost and gained weight repeatedly, even if normal weight, were three times more likely to die of a heart attack.
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electrolytes. try to do no more than a pound a week. and focus on sensible eating and regular exercise. >> yo-yo dieting, that's the only way people diet. >> up and down but not a good idea. healthy eating and regular exercise which i know you do. >> you're making it sound like i don't exercise. the spotlights on the red carpet can only mean for one night only, the film is going to delight audiences. the premise here, chuck is celebrating his 25th anniversary at boston's classic rock station. you saw there i made a cameo on a fake show called beantown live. listeners won tickets to the show. and after that you'll be able
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our website. the local social worker offering free scream therapy. and coming up at 5:30. five buildings burned and dozens left homeless. the fire was the work of an arsonist and they didn't have to look far for the suspect. and there are field hockey teams all over new england. and half of the final four will be teams from the boston area. you'll best. and the faneuil hall holiday spectacular. that's three days away when crews are finished decorating this norway spruce. david and i host the event and we hope you'll join us for the faneuil hall holiday
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on the bz feed tonight it's pretty easy to see that people are pretty tense and a lot of debating still about the election. >> if you are so frustrated you want to scream here's your chance. a social worker is helping people get their emotions out for free.
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you can hit a training bag and scream at the top of your lungs. >> it's usually pretty expensive to scream. >> this is a good deal if you want to take advantage of it. tom brady is giving us permission to laugh about deflategate. two guys ask how the company's sales got better. >> just because something is great year after year doesn't mean something is going on. assumptions and assumptions turn into vacations. so why would you punish the week of greatness for something that never even happened? >> i got to say his acting was pretty good there, right? >> next career, maybe. >> a moment you saw on wbz. right where we're standing just made it to late night. >> last night, the infamous
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take a look. >> steve has asked which animal is more dangerous. what happens next? the alligator is more dangerous or the animal experts tell him neither animal is dangerous. or the crocodile tells him the animal handlers are more dangerous or none of the above. >> i think i'm going to be less adventurous and go none of the above? [ laughter ] >> at least he handled himself calmly and with dignity. >> that's what we saw too. >> it aired back in august. >> you know my favorite part? when he's done wrestling, he straightens the coat. >> like we'd never play that over and over again.
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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news at 5:30 starts now. >> a possible lead in investigation into a jogger's murder. detectives are looking for a dark colored suv seen in princeton, massachusetts, where police discovered the body of vanessa marcotte. she was visiting in princeton and went out for a jog and never returned. that night police found her partially burned body in the woods. witnesses saw a dark suv parked on the street around the time of the murder.


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