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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  November 17, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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and breaking right now at 5 a train slams into a car, it's all caught on camera and the certainly is on for 2 people seen climbing out of that wreckage. >> a new clue in the murder of a jogger, what police are looking for. >> and hillary clinton making her first public appearance since conceding the election, what she says the last few days have been like for her. . >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news this morning. . >> good morning to you. it's 5:00 right now. >> thanks for joining us. it's thursday, november 17th glad we're getting close to the weekend. and got some good news. the next couple of days are going to be pretty quiet weather wise and mild too. another day of above average temperatures. we're in the 40s right now not too bad out the door. could
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46 in boston, and we've got some 30s through the interior as well even some 20s on the map and a lot of it has to do with the cloud cover. we've got a deck of broken clouds in eastern massachusetts right now where the skies were clear, that's where we've cooled off and through the interior. so depends on where you are. we'll call it variable clouds this morning. sunrise at 6:38. temperatures out of the 40s ints , partly cloudy through lunchtime wind from the northwest 5 to 15 miles per hour today and it will be fair and quiet for the ride home as well. sunset at 4:20 and temperatures in the low 50s. we'll be near 60 tomorrow, we'll talk about the weekend coming up. let's get you on the roads. we have a live look at the eastbound lanes of the mass pike smooth sailing of course electric he can tolling construction continues. so just remember that. drive times 40 minutes from 495 all the over
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commuter rail train hits a car tearing it in half and it is all caught on video. >> let's get right out to live on the scene. this video is incredible. >> reporter: absolutely. and it's her rack husband that e were no reports of any serious injuries but certainly it is the video that tells the story here. a neighbor nearby here captured this crash on cameras and you can see the vehicle these tracks, the train slamming into it, and then 2 people inside that car managing to get out and then they run away from the scene. authorities responded to the scene, of course, the commuter rail was evacuated and everyone onboard was transferred to a different train but you can see the damage here is absolutely incredible. right now police say they did bring in k-9s to help search for
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morning if they were located, but again, an incredible seen here, no reports of any serious injuries. that's the very latest. also this morning a new clue in the mystery surrounding a jogger's murder. police now searching for a dark colored suv and hope it will help them find whoever killed marcott. . >>or murdered and police have not been able to find a suspect. they hope sharing this new lead with the public and other law enforcement will help them find her killer. . >> and knowing that it hasn't been solved yet is very sad. >> reporter: signs along the streets plead for justice for marcott. 3 months have gone by with no arrests and no answers. >> haven't heard much about it
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>> reporter: investigators brought a new detail to the public's attention revealing they're searching for a dark colored suv seen by witnesses at the time of the murder parked on brook station road near where her body was found. >> it really shook me up when it first happened. i step dad went out and got mace for me and my mom to carry ought all times. >> she was a google executive living in new york city. she was visiting the family the weekend she was killed. for a jog and never returned. investigators believe she tried to fight off her killer. state police are reminding people the suspect is a man who may have had scratches or injuries in the days after the attack. more than 1,000 tips have poured in since her death but it hasn't been enough. >> a little uneasy. i hope they catch him. >> reporter: state police say they're asking all area law
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investigation when interacting with men driving dark colored suvs. . >> and a good reminder for you state police have setup a special hot line for tips in this case. the number is 308-453-7589. the information is also available on our website one man is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries after a crash at an intersection in dorchester. it happened last night one of the vehicles involved was parked right outside the fire station at the time. neighbors say this area is too dangerous and now fighting for a stoplight to replace some of the stop signs at that intersection. >> very dangerous. there was an accident yesterday and during the summer there was a couple accidents here too one after the other. >> sometimes it's scary just to cross the street alone because the cars alone coming across. . >> a second person was also taken to the hospital no word on their condition this morning but
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coming up on 5:06 right now hundreds gathering for a peace rally. about 200 people showed up to send a message of love and support last night. it was held in response to racist letters sent to a family in town last week. those letters referenced donald trump's presidential win. the incident is being investigated as a hate crime. hillary clinton making her first public appearance since conceding the election. she had scheduled the speech last night with the children's defense fund before she lost to donald trump. she tk unity and said even though it was hearted, she decided not to cancel the speech. . >> i will admit coming here tonight wasn't the easiest thing for me. there have been a few times this past week when all i wanted to do is just to curl up
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never leave the house again. president elect donald trump capped another day of high profile meetings at trump tower snapping this photo with boxing great mayweather junior. many of those seen in the building are favors for key administration post among them jeff sessions who sat in on mr. supreme court nominees. giuliani is up for the job as secretary of state. >> we discussed the transition it went really well. >> mike pence who is leading transition efforts meet with vice president joe biden. >> no administration is ready on day one. we weren't ready on day one. >> trump's team says all members will sign a form agreeing they will not lobby for 5 years after
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. >> and among the visitors spotted at trump tower yesterday patriots owner robert craft. he spent about a half hour in the building. it's unclear if he met with trump but they have been trends for years. >> tuffs is warning students to protect themselves. 9 students have been diagnosed in the last 3 weeks alone. they sent out a letter saying even those have been vac indicated can still get mumps. boston children's hospital plans to permanently close the garden in the coming weeks. there is a ceremony tonight to honor that garden. the space is at the center of a biter battle over the hospital's expansion. a group wants to save the outdoor space saying it's a sanctuary for patients and their families. the hospital says it
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rescue groups across the country are helping to find new homes for hundreds of animals saved from a farm. crews rescued more than a thousand animals there. the aspca says it was the worst case of animal cruelty they've ever seen. several are now facing charges. a wbz viewer steps up to save a little girl's life. the baby has a rare disease and she needs a new liver. . >> that family's prayers have been answered by a woman in the next town. mary beth was one of the thousands of people who saw our story on baby gabriella. she needs a liver transplant to survive. she'll donate 25% of hers. >> i am a mother to 2 girls and i've been blessed that they've been healthy so i couldn't help but put myself in her shoes and think what, if this was my
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better person to give my baby a piece of her. >> and they have friends in common. they're part of the same moms group and mary beth also has a daughter named gabriella. she'll have part of her liver removed in december and doctors say it will take about a year for it to grow back. best story of the day. >> thank you very much. hoping for the best for both of them. some good news for people in worcester county who weren't able to there was no winner. verizon tells us a computer sofn about a thousand terminals ahead of the drawing. last night's winning numbers are on your screen. the jackpot for saturday is now up to $320 million. >> good thing i forgot to buy my ticket yesterday. >> me too, and i was feeling so
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>> coming up a big honor for red sox pitcher rick porcello. >> why one model is blasting the mlb on twitter. >> and how it came down to the wire again. we've got your highlights coming up next. so we've got a blend of sun and clouds today, not a bad fall day overall temperatures in the 40s for the kids at the bus stop, 50s by recess and near 60 degrees for the bus ride home. the weekend coming up, speaking of your place for the holiday spectacular. it's 2 days away this saturday the blue man group, boston ballet will be there to help boston mayor walsh light the tree. you can watch it all right here on wbz this saturday night starting at 8:00. i'll have the forecast for it
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grandma is so happy to be here for your very first christmas. i hear you're quite the expert at waking people up in the morning. let me show you how grandma does it. your daddy made this when he was a little boy. this is your dad at my house, where he had his first christmas. thanks for making the coffee. well look who's up. i'm really glad you're here mom. me too.
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we are a week away from thanksgiving but it looks like some summer visitors are sticking around hopefully for some new england turkey. great white shark myra who was detected near the new artificial reef tells us water temperatures are in the low to mid-50s right now so you know what, still not
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>> i thought it was like a nice shark. the homeowner suspected the creature has been roaming around the yard so moved lights in his house got cameras to record where he thought the big cat would be and bingo he caught that guy on camera. it is like rolling beautiful hills and if i be. >> i had a dream by a bob cat last night. >> you did. >> it was room range of motioning around. >> how was the weather? today is looks pretty good. >> good. >> it's going to be in the 50s, another above average day. we really don't see a pattern shift until next week for thanksgiving week when we're going to see colder temperatures come back into the mix. relatively mild for now and rain free for the rest of this week.
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look like we'll see clouds and showers come in by the time we get to sunday. not a wash-out. the pattern shift to cooler wean next week high temperatures in the 40s for many of us. that's what we have out there right now, another fairly mild start 47 in boston, 40 in worcester, 47 in lawrence and the 40s when you get back down to taunton. it depends on the cloud cover. we do have clear skies in spots. international space son a minute away. if you're watching right now you may want to duck outside. 3 minutes that's all it's visible appeared the high going to be 50 degrees traveling from the northwest. 30 seconds from now it will be up until 5:20. again 3 minutes. where you'll be able to see it is just outside of 495. look at this deck of clouds over the last hour or so that's filled in here. so clear skies through the interior, partial clearing on cape cod as well.
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then we run into snow, all the way from parts of wyoming back up through montana and then down through parts of utah as well. this is a developing storm, blizzard watches are up for parts of south dakota and minnesota. that is the front that's going to bring us the pattern shift for next week. in the meantime high pressure is in control sun and clouds today in the 50s, highs tomorrow will be near 60 des clear skies i think we'll see some clouds that may try and back up towards the cape and islands tomorrow. big ocean storm stays to our east. there's that front that's going to come through. notice the snow on the backside of it but we're on the milder side of the front. so saturday coming into the 50s again, and then we get a couple of showers that come through on sunday and then bring in the colder air. highs today middle to upper 50s another above average afternoon, 57 in
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felt good. clear skies tonight except for scattered clouds on cape cod. 35 to 40 in the suburbs, 44 downtown, a nice end to the week tomorrow, 60 inland. 50s at the coast. there will be a gusty wind on cape cod. it may gust 20 to 30 miles per hour tomorrow. 7-day forecast turning cooler by sunday you'll notice the difference, monday, tuesday, wednesday temperatures will be in the 40s and for the tree lighting weather looks like it's going to cooperate. a live look at 93 south in summerville, still too dark out there but believe me there is no issues getting into the city from the north. there is just the tiny bit of traffic starting way up here, but right now you still have really great drive times 30 minutes from the new hampshire line all the way down into the o'neill tunnel and route 1, route 3 and 128 are all
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the celtics hosting dallas at the garden last night, holford worked out with the team but missed his 8th game. it came to life in the 4th. thomas comes up with the steal comes back the other way and sends the between legs pass to bradley for 22 points in the 4th quarter alone. 30 on the night. they win 90-83. by the way the pats getting ready for the 49ers without rob gronkowski. he did not practice yesterday and he was listed on the injury report with a chest injury. his status has been up in the air since getting hit hard by thomas last week in the game against seattle. brady also took some big hits in that game but practiced and was not listed on
5:20 am
pitcher in the american league. . >> well, good morning. rick porcello is the first sox pitcher to win the cy young award in 16 years and won it by a hair without receiving the most first place votes. verlander received the most first place votes. he picked up so many second place votes it helped him edge out verlander. after winning the time getting used to pitching boston and surely did just that in year 2 with the red sox. over to you. and model upton angry with base wall writers to picked porcello. she took to twitter with an r rated tweet that we can't say on television. let's say a bad word and sort of offensive. >> a little bit, yes.
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there too. coming up next an award winning artist showcasing boston's beauty. >> and the local lawmaker he says gave him his first break. >> plus hitting the roads this thanksgiving we'll tell you when
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a former engineer and
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>> now oday's paintings are starting to show up in our city. >> from office spaces to city streets to one of the biggest landmarks in boston it seems like he is having his day as an artist. >> i was like man, this really is like the best view because it's like all different architectures. >> what add don't loves about boston is simple the unique views and people who live here. >> the people have that boston pride to the max. 15 years ago to tend the art institute of boston. he credits his first big break to mayor walsh. >> it's one of the first things that he did in office was to sort of have a gift for visiting politicians and i just entered a picture of -- a painting of sort of like the mass pike and some landmarks, i was like that
5:25 am
had to beat out dozens of other artists for a competition. the opportunities kept coming. murals next to fenway park. and more than 100 art shows in galleries. . >> and, you know, it opened a ton of doors for me. i think this is probably how i got this. >> he is referring to perhaps his most impressive work a -f td guarden, a space he considers a modern day cathedral. . >> yeah, well, people always ask me what is the like to be a boston artist or, you know, someone working in boston, and i feel like it's the same for me, you, anybody you have to set yourself apart by working extra
5:26 am
by doing something, you know, that's truly your own because it is so small, it is so hard to make your way here. it's not like new york where there's endless possibilities it's a tiny little -- yeah, i mean, it's a grind for sure. but i love it. . >> and he recently finished another mural in south boston. he tells us he wants to conquer the outside of the garden with a big bruins bear next. you can website >> i love that he was wearing a bruins shirt the whole time. still to come, controversy with the trump transition. >> a push from local leaders to remove one of the president elect's newly appointed advisers. >> does thanksgiving need to be a no politics zone, why it will
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a train slams into a car ripping it in half. >> a new lead in the murder of a jogger, a new clue that could crack the case. >> and the latest on donald trump's transition, the key meetings setup for today. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news this morning. . >> welcome back, everybody. >> it is thursday, november 17th, let's get you our forecast. >> not bad today, a blend of sun and clouds temperatures running in the 40s for many of us, 47 in boston, same in lawrence right now 46 in taunton and lower 40s out over the cape. most of us are in the 40s but there are some 30s on the map. a few spots on the cape and south coast though, 37 in new bedford. a lot of it has to do with the wind and the clouds cover. so the wind is pretty light in
5:31 am
clouds of that filled in over the last couple of hours in eastern massachusetts there's a little piece of energy high in the sky. we'll see the clouds give way to breaks of sunshine today and overall looks like a pleasant fall afternoon. sunrise 6:38 this morning. temperatures climb into the 50ings, 55 by lunchtime. partly cloudy and pleasant wind out the northwest at 5 to 15 miles per hour. fair and quiet for the ride home. sunset at 4:20 and temperatures in the low 50s, tomorrow. we'll talk about that and the weekend ahead coming up. this keeps happening we have another car versus deer accident this time on route 3 north just after exit 10 it's blocking the left shoulder there. also we have some construction all the way up here on 93 south, that's what's causing that bumper to bumper traffic there. it's happening before exit 47 and traffic is backed up to exit 48.
5:32 am
breaking news, a commuter rail train hits a car tearing it in half. police are looking for the driver and a passenger. the whole thing was captured on video. you can see the car trying to drive around the security gates just seconds later the train slams into it then 2 people climb out of the wreckage and take off. k-9 units were called in to help search for them. and a new clue in the case of a murder jogger in princeton. investigators announced they're looking for a dark colored suv parked on brooks station road. they also want to remind people the suspect is a man who may have had scratches or other injuries in the days after that crime. anyone with information is asked to call this tip line right here on your screen. . >> police hope that this newly released video will help them track down a robber who held up a gas station. the video shows
5:33 am
rifle at the clerk tuesday night. police are hoping you might recognize his voice. >> please open it. come on. hurry up. give it to me. all of it. >> and you heard him there saying please, if you recognize this person you should call police. 9 teenagers facing charges this morning after police found and underage drinking party at a vacant multi million dollar home up fore police say neighbors call them before any daniel was done. now, to the latest on trump's transition to president, the president elect along with vice president elect are now both receiving the president's daily briefings. it is the highest level intelligence document prepared and contains
5:34 am
meanwhile every house democrat from massachusetts and rhode island has signed a letter calling for the immediate removal of donald trump's newly appointed senior advisor steve bannon. in total 19 house democrats signed a letter which is being circulated by a rhode island democrat. the letter says his appointment sends the wrong message to our country that racism will be tolerated. no republicans though have signed that letter. plenty of people arell as jon keller explains that could spoil a few thanksgiving dinners. >> good morning, are you looking forward to gathering with friends and family around the table a week from today? it's one of my favorite holidays but this year is a little different. the election has left many people unusually upset, angry and spoiling for a fight. just the other day a united airlines pilot warned passengers engaged in a loud political argument that he would turn around and
5:35 am
they didn't simmer down as he put it quote have the common decency to respect each other's decision. normally after a hotly contested election there's a quiet period where everyone steps back and awaits. but apparently not this time. hillary clinton donald trump and president obama tried to set the right tone with their immediate post election comments, but from protests in the streets to scattered but ugly incidents of violence to drawing of red hot lines over the president elect's appointments the claim mate seems to be getting nastier than it was before voting day the media is going to go after controversy wherever it flares up but the eager to continue sniping at each other and donald trump didn't model an end to that with his late eastern
5:36 am
so if we can't really depend on our leaders to chill things out we have to do it ourselves. i am declaring thanksgiving dinner at my house a no politics zone and if people don't like it they can enjoy their turkey in the backyard with the dog. share your take with me via email or use twitter. . >> watch out if you're going to jon's hou the dining room. so it's okay. >> yeah. and speaking of thanksgiving thousands of people will be hitting the road next week. >> but the best days to travel may surprise you. . >> thanksgiving is just a week away and google maps is helping boston drivers avoid traffic. they say wednesday is actually the worst day to travel, but they say if you have to leave then try heading out by 7 a.m. and definitely avoid the roads around 3 p.m.
5:37 am
this sunday the sunday before thanksgiving. so again, try getting out as early as possible since traffic will increase by 3 in the afternoon. now, for the trip home aim to get back before 4 p.m. on friday. they say saturday is the worst day to head home if you have to leave and you have no choice make sure you leave by 6 a.m. but that's an early wake up call with a belly full of turkey. >> got to get sandwich before you head out that early. still ahead a closer look at the election's impact on the economy. >> plus the best deals up for grabs on black friday. >> and police reveal a new lead in the search for the person who killed a jogger in princeton more than 3 months ago. i have details coming up. >> weather watchers checking in this morning with temperatures running in the 40s for the most part. certainly could be a whole lot colder this time of year. let's check in and see
5:38 am
right now. john says 46, denise says 43. most of us though in the 40s as you head out the door right now a couple 30s on the map. mary an says it's 35 degrees right now. on our way to the 50s today.
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welcome back. 5:40 on your thursday morning. >> will the presidential election impact the economy.
5:41 am
exchange with today's money watch. >> good morning. janet yellin testifies in d.c. this morning. she'll likely be asked about president elect donald trump and how his fiscal policies could effect the economy and weather it will derail the expected interest rate hike. wallet hub surveyed the best deals topping the followed by j.c. penny. the afternoon discount for black friday is 39%. and americans are expected to buy a lot more of their gifts online. online sales will jump as much as 19%. spending on cyber monday is expected to be 3 1/2% higher than last year. i'm thinking not a lot of work gets done on cyber monday. >> probably right, thank you very much. get those lists ready. >> can you remember a time when
5:42 am
and hold it. now, i do all of that online. >> you can literally order toilet paper. >> very helpful. it is true. >> coming up ranking the best and worst child booster seats. >> some with serious safety concerns, what parents need to know this morning. >> and a train slams into a car, the 2 people inside that car run away from the scene, we've got video you've got to see coming
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. is it too soon to joke about deflategate for tom brady, apparently not. >> he appears in a new commercial with the 2 question how sales have gotten better each year >> why can't some so why would you punish the weak of greatness for something that never even happened? >> he is referring we think to the trip to italy he took while suspended. i mean -- >> i'm happy for him. that was a legit rant it seems. >> danielle, he clearly has an acting career ahead of him after
5:46 am
i think the 2 other guys are good too. they're probably in shock wow he really just got his frustrations out. we're still keeping an eye on the tropics, hurricane season lasts until the end of november. we're watching a wave down in the southern caribbean with a 30% chance of formation the next couple of days. we'll keep an eye on that closely. obviously the season is still ongoing. 47 in boston right now, same in lawrence, 46 in taunton,t now. there are some 30s on the map but few and far between. we have a deck of clouds that's been expanding a little bit westward over the last couple of hours and it will be with us at times and will give way to sunshine today. we stay dry, no wet weather back to our west. this is our quiet weather the next couple of days. meantime it is snowing in parts of montana back down through
5:47 am
were just upgraded to warnings in parts of south dakota and minnesota. it's going to bring heavy rain and wind swept snow. that eventually is going to bring us a pattern shift to cooler temperatures for next week. in the meantime we're talking about another above average day today temperature wise in middle to upper 50s and varying amounts of sun and clouds today. tomorrow gusty wind on cape cod the rest of us beautiful end to the week, 20 to 30 miles per h there may be some clouds that are a little bit stubborn on the cape. speaking of clouds this is saturday beautiful start to the weekend do you see how this ocean storm is going to try to bring clouds and back them up towards us on saturday? at the coastline i do anticipate an increase in cloud cover as we head into saturday evening. the clouds kind of act like a blanket and help keep
5:48 am
for the holiday spectacular here on wbz that kicks off at 8:00 temperatures will be mild cruising back through the 40s with clouds on the increase as we head throughout the evening hours. in the meantime sunshine mixed with clouds today. we'll be in the upper 50s, 52 in worcester, northwest wind today about 5 to 15 miles per hour. sun mixed with clouds middle to upper 50s from the south shore down to the cape as well. 35 to 40 in the suburbs tonight, 44 downtown. 7-day forecast weekend, saturday is the pick and sunday more clouds a couple of showers not a wash-out but that brings us colder air for next week highs will only be in the 40s much of thanksgiving week appeared may be a couple stray flurries, but they may be floating around on sunday. well, a late construction crew is backing up traffic on # 3 south working at exit 46. traffic is backed down to the new hampshire state line.
5:49 am
bumper. there's also another car versus deer accident on route 3 north after exit 10. these make me very sad, make sure you watch out for deer, it's mating season. they're crossing the road like crazy right now. a new clue in the murder of a jogger in princeton. >> plus a train hits a car, our top stories begin with that breaking news. . >> right along the tracks wh it was caught on camera. i want to get you to the video of that. i should first mention the 2 people who were inside the car actually got out and ran away which you can see in this video. authorities responded to the crash. they brought out k-9s to search for the 2 people from the car. no word this morning if those 2 individuals have been located. all the passengers from the commuter rail were evacuated and put on other trains.
5:50 am
which is certainly a miracle once you see that video. that's the very latest. it's been more than 3 months since marcott was murdered and police have not been able to find a suspect. now, they're revealing a new detail in the investigation hoping that it leads to her killer. police say they're searching for a dark colored suv. it was seen by witnesses around the time of the murder parked on brook station road near where her found. on august 7th she went for a jog near her mother's home and never returned. sources say her body was found in the woods naked and burned. police are reminding people the suspect may have had scratches or injuries in the days after the attack from her trying to fight back. president elect donald trump is reportedly considering south carolina governor for secretary of state despite the rocky past they are set to meet today
5:51 am
said she was quote not a fan of trump and trump has called her stance on illegal immigration weak. local activists groups are raising money for causes who face an uncertain future in the trump had straight leg raising. planned parenthood of boston got 200 calls from people wanting to volunteer. by yesterday that number was up to 600. they're seeing an uptick in the number of women asking for services and in cash donations as well. >> have seen an increase of online donors by 32%. >> it will make it easier for us to take on the fights that are a lot harder under this administration. >> and they say they have received $11,000 in new donations. one of the men at the center of the netflix series making a murder will get out of prison tomorrow. they were convicted of killing a photographer more than a decade ago. now, a judge
5:52 am
the judge overturned his conviction in august saying his constitutional rights were violated when he was questioned. the state attorney general wants to keep him in prison while they launch an appeal. new details about a new jersey train crash, federal investigators how now say the engineer at the controls suffered from undiagnosed sleep apnea. one person died in the crash in september. more than a hundred others were injured. the engineer says he doesn't remember the crash. investigators want to know that accident. manufacturers are getting better at making child booster seats that protect kids but there are still a few that are not making the cuts. the insurance institute for highway safety does not recommend the costco easy elite but 48 other seats got the group's highest rating in recent safety tests. kids who use booster seats are 45% less likely to get hurt in a crash than kids who only use a seat belt.
5:53 am
morning an alternative to expensive very pee pens pens, the generic injector has been on the market since 2013 it's the same medicine but a different delivery system and costs hundreds of dollars less than the brand name but the prescription must the words auto injector not epipen. some of the biggest names a in art, film and sports the 21 recipients of the medal of freedom. it includes robert dinero, tom hanks and dianna ross. still to come turning the negative election into a positive. >> how one non-profit is turning
5:54 am
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5:56 am
. a bumper sticker popular decades ago making a come back following the election. >> the slogan don't blame me i'm from massachusetts was popular in the 1970s when massachusetts was the only state who's electoral votes did not go to nixon. now, anyone can get the sticker.
5:57 am
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good morning. thanks for joining us. >> thursday, november 17th, breaking news right now at 6:00 caught on camera a car hit by a train ripped right in half, now, police are searching for 2 people seen climbing out of the wreckage. >> a new lead in the murder of a jogger in princeton the clue police hope to lead to a break in the case. >> and r american league cy young award. the model fiance of the runner taking out rage to twitter. first we want to get a check of our forecast. >> not too cold this morning. we know it certainly could be a whole lot worse this time of year, in the 40s for the most part, 48 in boston, 47 in lawrence, 48 in manchester as well and lower 40s, even 30s at


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