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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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and chris hogan will miss the game with a bad back, two weapons that tom brady will be without on sunday. gronkowski took a hard hit from earl thomas, and reported surfaced on monday that he would likely miss this week's game. his game bag was packed and ready to go in the locker room spurring hope, but we know that he is out and they expect the players on the get the job done against the 1- 8 49ers. >> it's the meaty part of the season. this is the chance to really separate yourself from the other teams and your mental prep and still play at a high level. >> reporter: running back deon
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and the offense. lisa? >> thank you, dan. tonight at 7:00, we'll break down the matchup with the 49ers on patriots's all access. sunday, join us for game day at 11:30. you do not want to miss steve burton's interview with martellus bennett. he will definitely have tow carry the load. the 5th quarter post-game show will follow on my tv 38. a driver runs in a crosswalk in chelsea and speeds away. the 72-year-old woman was not seriously hurt. there is something disrcht about this fan that investigators think will had them to track down the driver. paul burton has more. paul? >> reporter: lisa, there is
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spare tire. the heartless hit and run, it was difficult to watch on camera which is why police want to catch the driver. a heartless crime caught on camera. watch as a 72-year-old woman is hit by this white minivan in the middle of the crosswalk and the driver keeps going. >> he hit her and the lady slipped over. he realized he hit her and took off. >> reporter: chelsea police released this video and are checking more security footage driver. it happened friday morning at broadway and 4th street in chelsea. you can see the 72-year-old woman in the crosswalk flipping and landing on her back and the driver kept going. >> oh, my god. that's horrible, really tragic. there is no reason for that to happen. there is clearly a stop sign but people don't obey it. >> you hear it everywhere but it's sad. a 72-year-old person?
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conscious and alert as someone comes to her aid. she was taken to the hospital wife bruises and cuts to her face. the minivan appears to be missing a right front hubcap or could be using a spare tire. >> you are not careful. they are not supposed to stop there. they don't. people don't pay attention. they just speed by. >> you have to walk almost into the middle of the street to stop so stop. >> reporter: the 72-year-old was expected to be okay and taken to the hospital with non- life-threatening injuries. anyone with information and regard to identifying that minivan was asked to contact chelsea police. i'm paul burton, wbz news. >> paul, thank you. a big scare at boston university. a phone call forced evacuations and had the bomb squad and
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what was on the other end of the call? beth germano has more. beth? >> reporter: the call came in with such detail they thought it was the real thing, an active shooter on the 4th floor library at bu. only they discovered it was a hoax that they had to take seriously. students warned to stay away from the student union and library at boston university as heavily armed police to what they thought was an active shooter situation that forced sarah wu to shelter in place nearby. >> i was nervous. i had a great co-worker helping me to calm down. >> a call wame from a male individual stating he was barricaded needs room 420 on the 4th floor. he mentioned the room was booby trapped. >> reporter: the caller also telling police he had guns and explosives and had shot a
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warn students of an emergency situation. >> we were all freaking out. we didn't do anything. we were just watching the live feed and not leaving the classroom. everyone was afraid to go outside. >> reporter: police described a man with an accent, making a 10-minute call to police with such detail, they thought it was the real deal. >> they're alarming. we have unfortunately, a lot of real incidents in the country involving students, and that's why we took it seriously. room number 420 on that floor, a number used as slang for marijuana but people were taking it seriously. >> it was nerve wracking with what was going on in the past couple weeks with our country. so it's still scary. >> reporter: police say that the call was blocked. it's unclear if it's a local or an international call you about
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conducted active shooter training at this building just last month and they believe it helped their response today. beth germano, wbz news. all the kids in greenville elementary school in new hampshire were sent home when a staff member got a threat. police were concerned enough to re-route buss to oak park for parents to pick up their kids. david? lisa, a norton man is charged with firing at police in policesay that keith mullett had ammunition and three military knives at his home. he was surrounded for several hour until he did surrender. among the charges, assault with intent to murder. president-elect donald trump announces his first cabinet pick, and two of them will be trump loyalists from capitol hill with mike pompeo as cia director. he was a member of the
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trump's pick for attorney general is alabama senator jeff sessions. this confirmation could be tricky. 30 years ago, the senate rejected sessions for a judicial post because of comments many called racist, and massachusetts senator elizabeth warren seized on that and called on the president- elect to reconsider warrens. jim smith joins us live in boston, and jim, she did not hold back on tw hoveled -- hold back here at umass boston, either. the senator was on friendly turf speaking at umass boston and wasted no time zeroing in on jeff sessions, choice for attorney general.
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racist statements disqualified him to be a federal judge decades back, that republicans would not stand with him because they did not believe that he could be an independent and fair federal judge. >> reporter: senator sessions has vehemently denied charge was racism and after the speech, senator warren gave a nomination might be. >> i strongly urge donald trump to withdraw his nomination but if he fails to do that, there will be a moral question. ands that can the republicans step up and say no? >> reporter: she also weighed in on speculation that trump critic mitt romney might play a role in a donald trump administration.
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a man who said the things on videotape that mitt romney said to turn around and say he will support him. i don't see how that happens. >> reporter: just to refresh everybody's memories in the now- famous speech, mitt romney called donald trump a phony, a fraud. but despite all of that, the two are expected to meet tomorrow. jim smith, wbz news. this was a rg incredible and the weekend is shaping up to be just as nice. >> great weather to come down to faneuil hall and eric fisher got a jump on that, and eric, we are about 24 hours from lighting up the big christmas tree. >> reporter: yes, we are, and change to the holiday season down here. the lights are on the trees and the big tree itself in the darkness but not for long as we light it up tomorrow night with the show starting at 8:00.
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and if not in purpose, you can watch it on channel 4. today has been stellar. temperatures, still 60 in boston. nice not to be bundled up. top ton, 48, but -- taunton, 48, and we are watching a major snowstorm in the upper midwest. we won't have snow here but a change to the cooler pattern on sunday. as for tonight, mainly clear skies, back in the firsts and hold on 30s and we'll be in the 40s tomorrow, a little misty and a little fog off the harbor. other than that, no weather issues and not as cold as we've seen in the last couple years but the cold is around the corner. we'll take a look at the second half of the weekend forecast and preview thanksgiving and a reminder that you can watch all the activities down here at
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ballet and the boston pops and all our friends. we'll see you coming up. david and lisa over to you. police say they know who but they don't know why. >> a cape teenager charged with attacking his neighbor as she was walking to the school bus and the evidence that doesn't add up. >> and an i-team investigation, this happens of kids run away while in state custody. how long they have been home home safe. >> and a nashua man gets up to discover a burglar in his home. >> and coming up new at 6:00, as tom brady gets set to play in his childhood town for the first time, his disad talking about the big game, deflate
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now at 5:00, an eye-team investigation, kids in state custody missing, sometimes, out on the streets for more than a year. the i-team uncovered a surprising number of run aways. ryan kath has a closer look at how frightening it is for families. >> reporter: right in the
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stolen suv flips in roxbury. three teens rushed to the hospital. christine remembers the frightening call about her son. >> for several minutes, i didn't know if my son was dead or alive. >> reporter: at the time of the crash, ben was living in a group home in the custody of children and family. >> it was a nightmare. >> reporter: two years ago, criforty moved to massachusetts to escape an abusive but last year, bouncing from shelter to shelter -- >> they took them. >> reporter: and she said being in custody hasn't done anything to keep her older son safer. he has contan been on the run even making it to florida twice. how many times has he run away? >> lost count. i think the same reason that they took him from me, they can't handle him either. >> reporter: the i-team is learning how many kids in state
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over a three-year period, there were more than 3400 run away incidents. on average, the kids were gone 36 days and we found 140 teens missing for the length of a 180- day school year. and while some of them ran away repeatedly, a child was gone five times for a total of 1080 days. >> this is very important. >> reporter: this child safety advocate said that the numbers need did the amount of time that the kids were gone surprise you? >> i would like to see the time reduced. my question is what are we doing to keep those kids from being absent or missing from the program or if they are, how do we locate them and get them back to safety as quickly as possible? >> reporter: we wanted to ask the commissioner questions to get more insight but the agency declined the i-team's interview request. >> i think they should be
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information. these are our children. >> everybody likes him. even the staff he has given a hard time to. >> reporter: christie questions why the state took him in the first place. >> it's traumatizing to be apart and separated and bounce from place to place. i feel there has to be accountability. >> reporter: it took 10 months for the i-team to get the numbers. the agency implemented the first-ever policy on kids in custody, and this provides specific guidelines for contacting police and launching searches for kids at high risk. ryan kath, wbz news. the north pole is seeing a heat wave, 36 degrees warmer than normal over most of the arctic ocean and right now, it's polar night, a period in which the sun doesn't rise over much of the region and it should be getting cold enough that ice builds up.
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the ocean, scientists say s at -- is at a record low. >> that's scary. >> it is, and we were talking buyer buds on the trees here but in terms of the tree lighting, i am not going to complain. >> i was going to say, eric, if we could have it like this, down at faneuil hall lighting the tree and not having to wear 15 layers. >> reporter: different today talking about the arctic and going on there, and it was so warm and so little ice compared to average, and the harsh cold is over in siberia and russia and will stay there for a while. so right now, indications are the sea ice will stay low. and we'll talk about that in weeks to come. down here, 7 walking around in a great mood and you can enjoy the lights with great
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hampshire, and it was a perfect late-november day for us and still 60 in boston and 67 in worcester. even mount washington at 46, very warm for this time of the season and cleveland at 71 but look at international falls, 28 and a blizzard moving through minnesota ands that the colder air that will move in on sunday, and we have been watching this ocean storm spinning off to the east with morning cloudy opposite cape cod and play into the it's almost sucked in by the other storm system to the west and bring low lotion clouds across eastern massachusetts. cape cod first and expanding westward as we head into the afternoon and evening. tonight, mainly clear skies and back in the 30s, chilly out there and nothing unusual for this time of season. boston staying in the 40s and tomorrow in the 50s, warmest to the west and 59 in fitchburg. the coastline, low to have mid-
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shore. tomorrow morning, 5k for camp harborview around the common, 48 degrees and no weather issues and a great cause and we have our big event at faneuil hall. expect temperatures in the 40s and a mist might move in off the harbor and cloudy skies, so big weather issues, a nice night and not too cold. the cold comes sunday. here is the front sweeping from the west and brings with it a chance for rain showers early onnd the cold air spills in, we change over to snow showers and flurries in the afternoon. those are most likely in the berkshires, northern worcester county and maybe flurrys in eastern mass. the bigger story is the change to cold and the wind. here's a look at where you might see snowfall. not expecting the plow to be out except for northern berkshire county and vermont. mount snow, killington, they will do really well sunday and
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next week, monday looks windy and cold and no travel issues. tuesday, quiet and chilly, and wednesday, the clouds will increase ahead of the next storm system and still uncertainty as to what it means for us on thanksgiving day, a few rain showers, a soaking rain and wintery mix is something we'll have to workout. the main story, the temperature drops back to cold conditions here. next week, 42 and nd tuesday and i think it will get everyone in the holiday spirit. it had felt like october. tonight at 11:00, the whole weather team will take a look at the season and factors involved. we have been issuing these every year. we have done very well. and i am sure i am jinxing myself, but david and lisa, a seinfeld twist on the weather
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>> oh, you will be wearing a puffy shirt? report "yosta be -- "i don't wanta be a pirate." [laughter] >> eric, thank you. and how many wanted to vote for none of the above. and how much money do you need to make to live in massachusetts and how we compare to the rest of wednesday's child has a new
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on the bz feed, how would you like to vote for none of the above on the presidential ballot? it could happen. >> a florida congressman just filed a bill called the "none of the above act." congressman allen grayson said if more voters chose none of e trigger an automatic redo in which the parties would have to present new nominees. we should point out that grayson was defeated and will not be in office in january. >> the chance of it passing is similar but i love the idea except for the fact that you have to restart and go through months and months of listening to campaigns. >> that could defeat it right there. >> that could be tough. who need ace selfie stick
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bottle? >> coca-cola has a gadget that can take your picture while you drink a soda. it knows when the bottle is tilted at 70 degrees and snaps the picture. it's part of the soft drink summer love campaign in israel and encourages people to share their selfies on social media. i always wanted to picture myself drinking a coke. do you want x- >> amazon is making that kind of possible. the newest version of the onliney retailer's app lets you see what's inside your package before you open it. use your phone to scan the bar code and the app only works, though, for the person who placed the order. don't try and sneak into the box. >> i like the idea. if there is a mistake, you know while it's packaged. >> send it right back. >> exactly. lisa and i will be back at
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look ahead. tonight, the threat of a strike at one of the busiest airports in the country before the biggest travel week of the year. plus, the first audience reaction to the new movie about the boston marathon bombing, and a cape teenager charged with attacking a neighbor as she walks to the school bus. the question that police can't
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president-elect donald trump has settled a lawsuit over trump university. the class action lawsuit claims that trump university failed to keeps it promise to teach success the cost of the settlement, $25 million but the president-elect does not have to admit wrongdoing. and patriots's tight end rob gronkowski is officially out against the 49ers' game in california and chris hogan will miss the game as well with a back problem. and now at 5:30, a bourne teenager accused of attacking a


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