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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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we begin with that breaking news from duxbury where a construction worker has been killed in a freak accident. >> the 28-year-old worker was part of her true building a development of private homes. we have information now. than terrific story and it happened so quickly. a construction crew was working here in this lot in the town of bucks worry -- duxbury laying down a water main when all of a sudden a life was lost. >> yelling at people to call 911 -- >> reporter: heartbreak at a construction site in duxbury. a man cutting a pipe suddenly lost control of a power saw with fatal results. a coworker saw it all happen. >> it jammed on him and kicked
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went down and we tried to do everything we could to stop the bleeding until the paramedics arrived. report his fellow worker dying in a construction hole right next to him, he did everything he could. >> i ripped off my jacket and my safety vest and i stuffed it into his throat or the cut was. i tried to just apply pressure. i kept him up right. i tried to keep the blood from coming out. 28-year-old victim to the hospital but he later died. obviously -- >> obviously chaotic, there was a bit of extrication that had to be involved getting him on the back wording getting him out of the trench to streetside so we can get him into the ambulance. >> authorities worked into the night, the accident investigated by osha and other agencies. the gruesome workplace tragedy only days before thanksgiving. >> you do what you've got to
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>> the trench were that pipe was being installed and cut has now been filled in any investigation is underway. the identity of the victim is not being released until his family is completely notified. life in duxbury jim smith wbz news. the 17-year-old driver is in serious condition after a high-speed chase and crash. this began at about 4:00 this morning after driver sideswiped another car. officers say the male driver led them onto several roads including 495 north and why 92 495 north and why 9230 eventually crashed into -- 192. the eventually crashed into a ditch. his name has not been released. a man has been arrested for this hit and run of an elderly woman yesterday. arnold hernandes was arrested on an unrelated warrant yesterday. police are charging him with several climbs -- crimes
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license. the victim suffered cuts and bruises to her head. i hope you enjoyed the mild temperatures today because we could even see some snow in some parts tomorrow. we now have a first look at that forecast. >> we are tracking snow, mainly for higher elevations, not necessarily in boston. we could see a couple of flakes as we get to the later part of sunday. we still have some areas of drizzle across boston, soutte more clouds moving in along this large area of low pressure which is producing wind moving off the great lakes. we have some lake effect snow there, interesting stuff going on. 10 pitchers now health cooled into the 40s. we have 46 degrees and dipping to 38 degrees with areas of
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sunday morning, especially as you get into central and western massachusetts. coming through in just a bit we will show you the seven-day forecast. the trump transition is picking up steam. candidates were several top post met with the president-elect in new jersey today. some that verbally blasted him, such as nick romney met with him. -- mitt romney met with him. he is now under consideration for secretary of state >> reporter: president-elect donald trump met with his outspoken critic nick romney in new jersey. was a productive meeting? after the meeting, mitt romney who once called donald trump a con man and a phony did not talk about any potential role in the upcoming administration. he said they had a conversation about america's global interests. >> it was a very thorough and in-depth discussion in the time
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chance to speak with mr. trump. >> reporter: several others spoke with donald trump today is all. mr. trump will hold more meetings here in new jersey tomorrow with former new york mayor rudy giuliani and new jersey governor chris christie who was demoted from chairman of the transition team. on friday the president-elect tapped alabama senator jeff sanches -- sessions to be the reached the 20 5 am a settlement in a trio of fraud lawsuit against trump university. he tweeted today, the only bad thing about winning the presidency is that i did not have the time to go through a long but winning trial on trump university. too bad. hundreds gathered in washington to protest the new
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>> -- the cast of the hit broadway show "hamilton " had a special message to a member of the audience last night. they wanted to deliver the message to mike pence who had just seen the show. >>we are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. >> [ shouting ] >> we want our rights. >> he said hamilton -- "hamilton " will make my pants think more about the country. donald trump said he was harassed. trump wants an apology from the cast. with race issues making so many headlines the last few years, the boston mayor is trying to open a double log -- a dialogue. hundreds joined the
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racism affects me on a daily basis. >> reporter: an open conversation about racism is taking place in boston. >> where we can to do about these negative stereotypes that are hurtful and inaccurate. weather more than 1000 people of all races and religions packed the majestic theater to take part in a resilience and racial equity event led by boston mayor marty walsh. >> we have disparities in race we're here to break the tension. you can feel it in this room today. report to my people young and old took part in a dialogue with an open mic. the conversation centered around a schism in boston on how people need to speak and work together in order to move forward. on the top of the agenda was the quality and safety for all citizens, no matter what their skin color is. >> some tried to tell me things such as my dad said lack people
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over the house because the steel. >> at a time when there's so much unrest around the country, now is the time to speak about it. >> we want to talk to each other in a spirit of openness. this is an about judging one another. this is about learning from one another. >> the purpose of the event was not necessarily to find solutions but open up a conversation to see where the city of boston stansbury comes to race. >> is already a dialogue about race going on in boston. >> >> in boston on paul burton wbz news. tom brady will be without at least one of his top offensive targets tomorrow when the patriots take on the 49ers. >> gronkowski severed that nasty hit against the seahawks last week but he's not the only patriot who will be sidelined. levan reid has a preview and i hope they are still going to be able to win. >> you would think so. that hit was ferocious. he needs to be out.
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didn't make the trip to san francisco. you can also add wide receiver chris hogan and defensive end [ name indiscernible ]. there is a good chance that [ name indiscernible ] will get some snaps. tom brady and the patriots were on the practice field one last time on friday. who says you can't go home again? this is a homecoming for brady who grew up a 49ers fan. this is the first time in his entire nfl career that he has a chance to play just miles from where he ew i'm anxious to see my parents and my sisters. hopefully we can go out there and win. this will be a special weekend to play great and have everyone watching us is pretty cool, for the first time ever. anytime we play, we want to give it our best site. -- best shot. further excited. we are too. >> after sunday the only active stadium that tom brady has not
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colosseum as well as [ indiscernible ] also tampa. that one really threw me off. >> it's only three stadiums left to conquer. >>is going to play another 10 or 15 years so he has a chance. >> 10 or 15 years? [ laughter ] >> thank you. but it looks like you will be able to take the train to gillette stadium even when there's not a patriots home game. the mbta is planning to have four roundtrips. the pilot program will not begin until late 2018. if you haven't noticed which is virtually impossible, the holiday season is truly arrived -- has truly arrived in boston. >>the holiday spectacular
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event occurred. >> 3, 2, 1! [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: without dramatic pause, pull the switch again -- 30,000 lights illuminated the heart of boston saturday night. >> we come almost every year and it's so beautiful and amazing.'s >> reporter: thousands filed in like one big austin family this -- boston family for this spectacular event. this norwegian spruce was 85 feet tall. >> it's great to get together and celebrate. it doesn't matter what nationality they are, it's time to celebrate. were brought back ushering in the season with these sights and sounds, not to mention the blue man group tops off a tradition that kids of all ages
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-- getting into cherishing what we have is important. >> reporter: the holidays have officially begun. six weeks of light and sound extravaganza are ahead. they are already here. >> yes. still ahead on the program a mom who was mad enough with texting drivers. what's she's doing to get to put down their phones. president obama wrapped up his last foreign trip as president. this turtle has amazed
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all seems beautiful to me. many of us have been guilty of this at some point, texting herself swerving to avoid an accident with a texting driver and decided she had enough. one by one drivers and downtown bridgwater were told to pull over. >>they will sit beside you texting. >> reporter: officers were conducting a periodic staying
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>> it was pretty astounding. >> reporter: even with the ongoing crackdown, one bridgwater mom says police need backup eric >> [ chanting ] >> reporter: marta roman -- km roman started this campaign. >>i don't think she even notice me. she drove me off the road. >>this paid for 2500 lawn signs and bumper stickers. >> put out and going to pick someone up, hopefully they will put their phone back down. it really can wait. >>people across tyner -- across town are now putting the signs on their lawns. these are reminders to put the phones down. >>pam tells us she hopes to raise money for more signs to spread that message. president obama is in peru
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-- on his last international trip while president. he will attend an economic summit tomorrow with asian leaders and will return to washington dc monday morning. speaking of monday morning, you will notice a change in temperature. >> we really had a great fall, nice and, now things are moving in a different direction. >> we have winter right on schedule. we had the winter weather preview last night. that aired last night. winter temperatures in some snow are moving our way. in between, the weekend is here. we like to go into a few schools and this is a photo from doherty memorial high school. i was therefore career day in worcester on career day -- i was there for career day in war
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thank you melanie for sending this photo win from your balcony. you can look at all of these satellite launches their. melanie is my sister. i'm happy to give her a shout out. the satellite launched at 6:42 tonight, the most -- last night, the most technological satellite ever to be much. we are excited in the weather community. watch for snow to west, a few flurries around massachusetts too. cold around arrives becoming windy sunday into monday and chilly temperatures will rule the forecast as we get to thanksgiving week. high temperatures today vary from place to place. we had a lot of clouds and a little bit of drizzle almost all day long in boston and the. what you get farther inland, that's where the sunshine was. temperatures were in the low to mid 60s and they've fallen back into the 40s now.
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will move in. by the way, if you're out and about late tonight or early tomorrow morning, visibility could be reduced due to some areas of patchy fog in between the drizzle. scattered rain chances and 38 degrees for the low, high temperatures tomorrow only in the 40s at best and that will be early in the day. the satellite shows us mostly cloudy and this system will track to the north and east over the next 24 or hour by hour, we have a line of rain moving our way in transitioning to wintry mix by sunday afternoon. any snow accumulation is going to be pretty much right outside of 495 with the heavier snow accumulations for scheme areas -- ski areas, in the green mountains and the berkshires. we are expecting some pretty heavy snowfall totals to the north and west in northern worcester county, a few flakes
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expect anything to accumulate here in boston. were interred -- winter storm warnings are posted and we have a couple of wind advisories as well as winter weather advisories going from sunday night and into monday morning. it looks like we are going to stay chilly for the next several days, in the 30s and 40s and turkey they should be 45. >> good news if you are riskier. thank you. and unusual sea turtle is getting some tlc from the staff at the new england terrarium dove. this turtle -- aquarium. this turtle on a washed up on shore, it was discovered it only has one long. that's a rare condition. >>someone tweeted me that maybe we shouldn't had -- have said something about gronkowski. >> we will see how they do tomorrow without the aforementioned gronkowski.
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the truth is the fortier niners -- the 49ers are a team that the patriots should be. >> but after last week -- >> and chip kelly beat them with the eagles. they are walking on unfamiliar ground.
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people are wondering how the tape can get better. it's simple, get a win on sunday. play better defense. this it right here, last sunday on rob gronkowski is a reason he didn't practice all week long and it's also the reason he didn't make the trip to san francisco. he will not be in the game this weekend. this upcoming game has meaning. it's tom brady's homecoming so it's a big deal for getting back into the win column. >> every week no matter if it's a win or a loss. you have to move on and learn from your mistakes and your shortcomings from the past week. you need to get ready for the next game. >>that was after the game. we made sure that we [ indiscernible - low volume ] >> moving on, gronkowski won't be there so we have [ name
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fill the void. he said he's happy to take on any role he has with the patriots. >>[ muffled audio ] there's ebbs and flows to the game that i know. each week my role is different. i may have to block more rather than catchable. it doesn't bother me. i feel like i'm contributing to the team in any way i can. >> start your at 11:30. kickoff is 4:25 right here on wbz in the fifth quarter post game show is over on my tv 38 right after the game. to basketball now, celtics are whole again [ indiscernible ] was out with a concussion and jae crowder mistake games with an ankle injury in both players were back in the game tonight. they took on the piste and. let's get right to it jae
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like that. breeze on their first attempt -- check out the shake and bake, the floater. here come the pistons. he's a big man and he can throw it down. 20 points and 17 boards for the detroit center. here's the fourth, drama, jae crowder last chance, block party, sell -- the celtics win and may be the pistons 94-92. to hockey, taking on winnipeg at the garden. >> that was matt beleskey. here's the breakaway. takeout speed.
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patrice bergeron on the power play and it's a goal. wrong sport. [ laughter ] they go to win -- go on to win 4-1. >> the puck seems to find you and it was good tonight. it felt like when it bounces it's going to come to me. things worked out.'s other games were -- you do everything the same but you don't -- thingsk those other games, you do everything the same but it doesn't work out. >> here's the second touchdown which puts the old dogs up 21- 14. that's how it ended. this is quite the upset. [ laughter ] and yale beat harvard. the atlanta falcons quarterback had his jersey
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weekend for the eagles who one -- won 31-0. still to come, getting ready for the holidays. >>professional holiday care cabbages -- care packages are
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with the holidays fast approaching, some folks on the south shore want to make sure tr >>dozen the volunteers converted care packages destined for a rack -- iraq, afghanistan another definitions. warm clothing and personal letters were included, written by area schoolkids. that does it for us tonight at 11:00.
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the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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before you dive into dinner, drinks and dessert you need to decide where to go and that's where we come in. coming up on the "phantom gourmet", where to get this great bowl of rahman, handmade mac & cheese gourmet chicken waffles with jalapenos. aboard ugly -- adorably delicious -- >> they are fun, cute and delicious. >> the ultimate french dip sandwich, monster bacon, mac & cheese and the entire over the top [ indiscernible ] "phantom


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