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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  November 21, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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. developing right now at 4:30 a string of similar attacks or police across the country. four shot, one killed, the latest on the investigation. a rescue off the coast. and first night bust short for the new year's party in boston. >>this is wbz news this morning. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kate merrill. >>and i'm chris mckinnon. it feels lining winter out this this morning. you may need to brush off your car. snow fell overnight and there's actually been some solid accumulation in spots and you need your scraper this morning, danielle.
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it feels like winter when you step outside. and you need a brush out there in spots. there have been a few inches of accumulation. and we're not done yet. we have some snow flying in the air right now including for the city of boston where it's a little deeper here in the blue. most of the roads doing okay. into lawn enburg. and -- you get through southern worcester county and it's snowing and up through the western part of the state. the snowshoers will taper off over the next several hours. can't rule out a flurry this morning. temperature-wise, 25 in worcester is the coldest. that's where you may see a couple of slick spots. 32 in boston right now.
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35 miles per hour this morning -- winds this morning. the current wind chill is 11 and 22 in boston. so the feel of winter will be in the air today. highs don't get out of the upper 30s and winds may gust up to 40-mile-per-hour today. i actually had to clear off my windshield this morning. it was weird. snowfall creating some restrictions on the mass. pike even into there is a 40-mile-per-hour speed limit in effect and also propane and tandem trucks are restricted on the pike. the restrictions are from the new york border before wester before springfield, there's no issues getting into worcester. it's still a 35 minute drive. a mover 4 dies after a fight outside a party. >>police are investigating
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latest this morning from lowell. >> reporter: they gather in the frigid night air and say a prayer in memory of an apparent murder victim, a 44-year-old woman attacked, beaten, and possibly stabbed in a parking lot. this man identifies the victim as his mother. >>i find out that it was from a couple of neighbors saying there was 8 girls jumping a lady and i was like that was my mother. >> reporter: he says his mother was with her other son who has downs syndrome when the attack happened. >>for them to take her life away over something, because an attitude or m everybody knows these girls. they are a pack of wolves. it's disgusting. >> reporter: the d.a.'s office says the victim got involved in an altercation after being asked to leave a party. one witness who did not want to be
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vicious attack. >>arms, fists, everything was going and i seen a woman loop around and hit the ground and hearing another voice calling out his mother's name that he loved her. >> reporter: and family members tell me the victim was a mother of four. state police are investigating. in lowell jim smith, wbz this morning. a lin man is due in court facing charges in connection with this hit-and-run a 72-year-old woman was hit by a van in a crosswalk friday morning. police arrested 25-year-old arnold hernandez on an unrelated warrant as a result he will face charges today. the victim suffered cuts and bruises to her head but is expected to be okay. now to developing news this morning. four police officers shot in similar attacks across the country. a man hunt underway in san antonio, texas
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sunday. he was sitting in his patrol car when police say the suspect pulled up behind him, walked up to the driver's side window and opened fire shooting the officer twice in the head. police released this picture of a person of interest. in missouri an officer and suspect shot near kansas city. the suspect has died. we have few details this morning, but we learned that the officer is expected to survive. in st. police sergeant is in critical condition after being shot in the face. a car pulled up alongside his cruiser and someone opened fire. the officer told police he heard at least two shots. a man hunt is underway for suspects there. and in florida a police officer was shot while conducting a traffic stop on sanibel island. the officer was in his car when he was hit in the shoulder. a suspect was arrested after a standoff at his home. the officer was treated
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officer-involved shooting ever on sanibel. a suspect accused of assaulting two boston police officers on boston common is due in court today. the officers were trying to arrest joseph demayo on a warrant friday when they say he turned violent. the officers were treated for their injuries. demayo is facing several charges including saab on police officers. dozens against hate in boston today. there's been an increase in reports of racial and antereligious incidents across the country since the election. won't's mayor will join the attorney general this morning. their message no matter who you reported in the election hate crimes are not acceptable. president-elect donald trump met with several prominent republicans in new jersey over
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key position ins his administration. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump capped another day of high profile meetings in new jersey ending at more cabinet appointments to come. >>we've made a couple of deals. >> reporter: among republican job seekers who visited mr. trump sunday was chris christie. >>great guy. >> po mayor ruddy jewel jenny who is being considered for secretary of state. the president-elect is also considering mitt romney for the post. >>i would tell you it was not only a cordial meeting, but it was a very substantive meeting. >> reporter: many are concern beside those already offered rolls in his administration
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thorough vetting. many of the statements are old but still troubling. >> reporter: his soon to be chief staff defended him. >>this is an honorable decent human being we're talking. >> reporter: he has earned praise for his nomination for the cia chief. henna daniels, cbs news. president-elect confirmed not be moving to the white house with him immediately. instead, they'll wait until baron finishes out the school year. six people are safe this morning rescued from a boat off the coast of new bedford. brianna is back with a closer look at at the rescue. >>winds were gusting and waves crashing when the boat made a
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they were taking on water leaving crews little time to react to the situation. rescue swimmers were deployed to help evacuate the people from the vessel. >>it's very gratifying for us that we were able to respond quickly with coast guard assets and our port patterns, able to get on scene to make an attempt to try to dewater the vessel and have enough time to realize it wasn't going to work and get everyone to safety. >>no one was hurt in the rescue and all 6 crew members were n evaluated by ems. some classes will resume this morning for students at the bruce school in lawrence. a fire ripped through a classroom there last week causing major water and smoke damage to the building. today only grades 3, 4, and 5 will return to school. first night's fireworks over the boston harbor may be fizzling out. these were fireworks that welcomed in the new year last winter.
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there's also a display early in the -- earlier in the evening. >>there seems to be issues as far as getting fireworks paid for over the harbor so the first night they're looking to most celebration to coply square -- to move the celebration to copely square. help for iphone users with battery problems. >>apple announcing a fix if yo a new plan for train service to gillette even with the pa treats are not in town and robert craft is getting on board. >>plus the pats beat 49ers without gronk. we'll hear from tom brady about winning in his
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. in today's money watch apple replacing in iphone batteries and cyber monday is coming early. plus a toy truck being pulled from some shelves. let's check in with jill wagner. >> reporter: happy monday, good
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is dealing with its own smart phone issues, although they don't pose a safety risk. they will replace batteries in some 6s models because the phone unexpectedly shut down. they say the defects only effect a small a number of phones -- small number of phones. toys-r-us as temporarily selling a tonka truck after a family in new york state says they caught fire on the way home from the store. they say it appears to be an isolated incident. holiday deals starting earlier and earlier. wal-mart's kicking off cyber monday deals at 12:01 a.m. on black friday, and, by the way, its black friday deals will be available thanksgiving. they have made a
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competing with >>i don't even know the calendar of sales. it's too difficult. >>jill, we're very confused. >>we will see you next hour. >>shop away. >>keep spending. >>the black friday deals have already started. a lot started, like amazon last week. >>right. what's the point? >>the point is you can get a deal pretty much anytime you want, danielle, so it doesn't counsel the snow this morning chris and kate. we had to brush off cars in spots. we have a wind advisory in effect for all of southern new england, so everywhere stated in this tan color is until 10:00 p.m. tonight. gusts to 50 miles per hour out of the west today. that does men it's going to be quite gusty. temperatures are cold and the wind is gusting 20 to 30 miles per hour right now, even higher on the cape.
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10 degrees in worcester right now. 22 degrees in boston. 20 in lawrence. it is a cold start. if you in boston right now, our first freezing temperature -- if you in boston right now -- 32 right now in boston. normally we hit the lowest on november 4th. the latest has been on december 6th and last year october 19th, so we're a little bit behind schedule compared to la nonetheless, it feels like a different season this morning. look at the snow still flying in spots, mainly flurries from boston to brighton stretching west. acton. up to new hampshire, some snow flying out there. roast of the roads are okay, but it may be slick in a few spots. you can see the counterclockwise spin, the big
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today, high pressure will be building in behind t the flurries come to an end this morning. then it's about the wind. the sun will be breaking out today in spots and temperatures struggle to get out of the 30s this afternoon. tomorrow looks like a beautiful day. the wind won't be as strong meant most of us will be gusting -- the wind won't be as strong. most of us will be gusting 30 to 40 miles per hour. overnight decrease 25 to 30 in the suburbs, about 32 in downtown boston. high temperature tomorrow rebound a little bit, low 40s is about it. you'll see in the some day as we take you -- in the 7-day on wednesday there'll be less wind increasing clouds. wednesday into thursday it looks like we may see a little bit of light wintry mix,
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drizzle make things slick. a few showers for thanksgiving day and in the 40s for the end of the week and weekend. we have in light traffic on the bridge but an easy -- we have some light traffic on the bridge but it's an easy ride n the rest of the routes into the city look good as well, route 1, 3, clear top to bottom. the mbta says they updating departure and arrival times to more correctly reflect their services. a revamped schedule took place in may. for a full list to all of the changes to the commuter l route you can go to and it won't happen right away but it looks like you'll be able to take the train to gillette stadium even with when there's not a patriots home game. they are planning to test four daily round trips from
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and the kraft group will kick in $200,000 for it. it won't begin until late 2018. you can go shopping and get some dinner at patriots place whenever you want. >>thanks brianna. the patriots have the day off after a win on the road. >>dan roche has reaction from california. >> reporter: the talk all week along leading up to this was tom brady playing in his hometown area if the first time in his this one lived up to the hype. brady was cheered from the time he too long to the field all the way through as the california native completed 24 of 40 passes for 280 yards and leading the pats to a 30-17 win. a victory in front of friends and family that he will remember a long time. >>it doesn't get better than that. to have first chance to ever do that was very special.
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and carried it to the last play of the game. >> reporter: brady now has 199 victories, one shy of paint manning's record. he'll have a chance to do that against the jets next sunday. i'm dan roche, wbz sports. >>we want to know more about the coat he was wearing. we'll have you covered next sunday. pats-jets have changed to 4:25 kick-off on wbz. be sure to catchall access friday night to get ready for the game at 7:00 p.m. here on wbz. monday always feels better when the pats win, right. straight ahead a car chase ends at the front door of a family's home. >>the vehicle stolen and they'll have to find somewhere else to celebrate thanksgiving. and a new plan to test self-driving cars in boston.
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is thankful this morning after a car smashed through their door. police say the car was arriving on route 290 and got off the highway and crashed into this home. inside the home were two children and some elderly people. >>i thank god they hit the platform because if they didn't they would have went through the house. >>we cannot live in there until it is repair structurally sound. >>the suspects got out of the car and ran, and police say k9s were not able to find them. the investigation is ongoing. thank you. the wife of a construction worker killed was sharing her family's heartbreak on social media. the man was stuck in a trench using a power saw to cut a water pipe when it
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the neck. osha is investigating what happened. his wife wrote on facebook saying her heart is beyond broken. a new confrontation between law enforcement and protesters in north dakota. the morton county sheriff's office believe 400 protesters are on a bridge trying to head north. at least one person has been arrested as law enforcement has formed a line to stop protesters from moving to forward. you could be seeing more driverless cars on the boston roads in the boston globe is reporting city hall is moving ahead with plans to study automated cars. they'll be working with the cambridge-based company utonomy to put self-driving cars on the streets in south boston. there are 3 miles of roadways to navigate around other cars. get ready to hear the famous bells ringing as the red kettle
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the salvation area. they say their goal is to raise $3.5 million statewide in six weeks time leading up to christmas eve. a shout out this morning to a 5th day football team who completed an undefeated championship game. not one point was scored against them the entire season. the boys to 0. >>but who's counting, right? >>they say it's all about the practice, that that's why they're so good is that they purchased but i say they've got probably some -- they practiced, but i say they've got some good players. music's biggest names coming up for the american music awards. >>who took home the night's
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. some of the biggest names in the music business were in l.a. last night for the american music awards. >>it was a big night for several artists like drake who broke a record previously held by michael jackson with 13 nominations. the artist of the year award went to ariana grande who performed one of her hit songs. >>i missed it all because i was
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>>me too, fast asleep. your top stories, weather, and traffic are all straight ahead on wbz. >>the news at 5:00 starts right now. what season are we in? wind chill are in the teens right now. hopefully you've got your snow brush too. developing this morning four police officers shot in similar attacks across the country. the latest on the investigation and the man hunts underway right now. a mother of 4 days after a investigating this as an apparent murder. what the victim's family is saying. live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news this morning. good morning to you. it's 5:00 right now thanks for joining us. i'm chris mckinnon. >>and i'm kate merrill. it is monday november 21st, thanksgiving week is here, but you may need to brush off your car this morning. there's actually been in


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