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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  November 26, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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right now at 5:00, breaking news overnight. former cuban leader fidel castro dead at the age of 90 as people celebrate the news in the street of miami. a woman rushed to the hospital in framingham after being hit by trying to cross. and violence steming from black friday shopping across the country. the latest on several shootings during the holiday. breaking news this morning, a former cuban president fidel castro has
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statement on state tv last night. kenneth craig has more on the life of fidel castro. [ chanting ] [ speaking foreign language ] >>reporter: to supporters he was a revolutionary hero. to critics, he was a ruthless dictator. but for better or for worse, fidel castro was cuba for nearly 50 years. in the late with arnesto giva and other rebels began a goreillguerilla campaign for batista. >> i was happier here, you know. everything was still ahead of us. >>reporter: under castro, cuba became a communist country just 90 miles from the united states. the island nation established close ties with the soviet union and seized nearly all u.s.-owned properties. the united states responded
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embargo. the u.s. also tried numerous times to oust him from power. >> i have -- >>reporter: in 1961, president kennedy authorized a force of cia-trained rebels to storm the country. castro's forces crushed the rebels in three days in what became known as the bay of pigs invasion. >> we interrupt this program. >>reporter: then the u.s. found evidence of sof yeet missiles in -- soviet missile cuba and breath as the missile crisis escalated hour by hour, until the cubans agreed to re -- the soviets agreed to remove the missiles. castro survived two assassination attempts. in 1980 he embarrassed the u.s. when he included thousands of pretty muchers and mental health patients in a mass exodus of cuban exiles. nearly 20 years later he turned a custody battle for a young
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united states. castro introduced universal medical care and education to cubans, but he also maintained his power, abolishing multi- party elections, sensorring the media and making most immigration illegal. he was married twice and fathered nine children from five different mothers. just before his 80th birthday, castro shocked his people when before undergoing major surgery he turned the reigns of power over to his occasional public appearances to rail against capitalism. having put the country in his brother's care, fidel castro lived to see president obama agree to normalized relations between cuba and the united states. kenneth craig, cbs news. >> meanwhile just 90 miles off the coast of cuba, thousands are taking to the streets in miami, celebrating the news of castro's death. crowds gathered all across the
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and dancing while holding cuban flags with people even hugging and embracing each other. it is 5:04 right now. good morning, everybody, i'm kerry conly. it's november 26th. barry burbank has been standing by to tell us about our all- important forecast. how are you doing, barry? >> doing pretty good. good morning, everybody. we have temperatures the same as they were this time yesterday morning, 30s, 40s not too much happening except the fog and some of it is pretty dense norng, so allow extra time for travel first thing this morning, but that fog should be lifting. now, there's a little disturbance. you can sort of see it here in the precipitation pattern coming our way. a lot of this will be pointing up towards northern new england, perhaps the berkshires, wocester county, but a few scattered showers coming up here. so that means that i think we're in for a chance of a few scattered showers, a touch of mist as you can see it coming our way from the radar right now. so that is the forecast.
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average high today, a light northwesterly or northerly breeze, mist can't be ruled out. not a lot of sunshine today. i have better weather coming up in the forecast. i'll have that for new a few minutes. kerry >> barry, thank you so much. also in the news this morning, a woman crossing route 9 in framingham was hit by a car and rushed to the hospital. when the paramedics arrived, the woman was not responsive. paul burton has latest. >>reporter: a cracked windshield, a shoe on the highway, makes for a horrific scene year-old woman was hit by a car on route 9 in framingham. >> it's sad. it's sad to hear. it's very sad to hear because it's, like, you don't want this to happen. >>reporter: sources tell wbz the woman was trying to cross a busy highway when she was struck by this honda traveling westbound on route 9 >> i just saw her being loaded into the ambulance. we didn't really see anything after that. >> feel bad -- >>reporter: feel bad? >> i do. someone loves her, someone
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for her. >>reporter: she was taken to u- mass memorial medical center with injuries to her head. police had to shut down this section of route 9 for several hours as accident reconstruction crews investigated. >> and then, of course, the traffic was crazy, you know, it was all tied up. >>reporter: while there is a crosswalk, many residents who live in the apartments across the street say this is an extremely busy and dangerous area, especially during the holiday shopping season. many people cross over to get to the stores on the other side. >> i would not >> i worry for people who dry to do -- try to do that. it's not the safest intersection. >>reporter: does it make you think twice? >> it does. i'm going to try not to cross anymore. >>reporter: again, that woman's injuries are nonlife threatening. she is expected to survive. no charges have been filed against the driver. the accident remains under investigation. in framingham, paul burton, wbz news. records show tennessee students and school staff
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the wheel weeks before a deadly crash. police charged jonathan e. walker with vehicular manslaughter saying he was driving too fast and off the designated route when he wrecked the bus. six is students were killed. symbols of hate at a massachusetts school, the superintendent of public schools in the town of harvard sent the letter home to parents saying someone vandalized a rock outside the brownfield school with swastikas, homophobic s racist words. police are now investigating. in other news, deadly black friday violence, one man shot and killed outside a macy's department store in hamilton, new jersey. in reno, nevada, two drivers got into an argument over a wal- mart parking space. police say one shot and killed the other. in memphis, tennessee, police arrested three people who opened fire outside a mall there. one person is now in critical condition. here in north carolina, no
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wbz's jim smith was in the middle of the black friday rush in the south shore plaza. ? ? deck the halls ? ? >> people are really happy, upbeat, festive. ? ? >> we stood in line, we got great deals on electronics and toys. ? ? >>reporter: black friday in full swing here at the south shore plaza. thousands of shoppers on a mall marathon, a daylong quest for the best bargains. >> the sales, yeah, the you'll never find anything after black friday that compares to the prices you'll find today. >>reporter: they showed up just after midnight, but it did not stop there. the plaza has been packed all day and into the night. >> we saw a brief lull for maybe two hours, but it picked right back up. we're even busier now than we were at 6:00 a.m. >>reporter: there's a certain method to the madness, comfortable shoes help, and you should also pack patience. [ horn honking ] >>reporter: finding a parking
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this is great. >>reporter: you don't mind the crowds? >> crowds are kind of tough. my buddy almost actually hopped over a little kid, but we worked around it. >>reporter: what are people buy sng electronics are bigger than ever and all the well known chains are doing a brisk business. and, by the way, if you get tired, think of it as more than just shopping >> yeah, it's fun. i got to see a lot of people that i haven't, like, connected with in years, so you see people running by each other. >>reporter: a social too? >> yeah, it's fun. >>reporter: so a very busy and festive black friday here at the south shore plaza. and if you weren't able to make it down, don't despair, they will have extended hours throughout the holiday season. in braintree at the plaza, jim smith, wbz this morning. >> we've also seen a record number of online sales. thanksgiving day sales online totaled $1.93 billion, up more than 11% from last year. we continue to follow breaking news this morning on
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president fidel castro. coming up we'll hear from the current cuban president and fidel's younger brother, raoul. and the man accused of shooting and killing nine people in a church in south carolina will stand trial. the latest on dylann roof
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fidel castro, [ speaking foreign language ] >> that's current cuban president raoul castro announcing on state-run tv the death of his brother and former president fidel castro. the polarizing cuban leader saw his health failing in recent years after his brother took over as president in 2008. we'll continue to follow this story all morning he on wbz. castro was 90 years old. a federal judge in south carolina has ruled the accused shooter in last year's church attack on black worshipers is competent to stand trial. dylann roof is charged with hate crimes in the shooting deaths of nine parishioners and could face the death penalty if convicted. cbs' don champion has details from dallas. >>reporter: 22-year-old dylann roof is mentally fit to stand
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2015 killings of nine black worshipers at emanuel ame church in charleston. a federal judge in south carolina found that roof does understand the nature of the court proceedings and is able to consult with his attorneys and assistant in preparing his defense. >> to be declared incompetent and to stand trial is difficult. one has to be quite mentally ill, one has to have some serious problems. >>reporter: a psychiatrist who examined roof was among those who testified at the competency hearing. the judge had promised to release the reversed that, saying it would jeopardize roof's right to a fair trial. jury selection is scheduled to begin monday. >> the system isn't designed to find people who have never heard of the case. the system is designed to find people who have an open mind about the facts of the case and who are also open to issuing a death sentence. >>reporter: the attorney general brought the federal case because south carolina does not have hate crime law. >> she saw this as a hate crime and she specifically said that she was going to pursue this
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penalty to address the alleged motivation. >>reporter: authorities said roof let three people live so they could tell the world he hated black people. don champion, cbs news. caught on camera, a wild scene inside a minnesota fast food restaurant. look at this. a robber grab add popeye's employee from behind, held a gun to the man's head and demanded he open the safe. when the worker fought back, the robber pistol whipped him and then ran out the door. wow! brave, brave, brave. black friday, massachusetts governor charlie baker is calling yesterday green friday where he urged people to buy christmas trees and wreaths from local farms. for 45 years joe brady operate add tree lot in stoten and last week while walking across park street to get to his lot he was hit and killed. this year his family opened up a lot of their own, determined to keep joe's legacy alive. >> he loved this. he waited all year for this,
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because this is in joe's memory. joe loved this, he loved it. so to see the trees and everything, you tear up, but i have to keep fighting it. >> the new lot is on route 138 at mario's roofing in stotten. it is 5:16 now and barry is here talking about the weather forecast. barry, by the way walked out to my -- i walked to out my car this morning, every saturday at 3:00 a.m. and i say is this it? >> no wind this morning, so it feeling damp, though, right? >> yes. and very foggy. >> very foggy all over the place. if you're driving around early, take some time and exercise caution, certainly. slow down because the visibility is pretty poor out there in many spots. let's go to the -- >> let's go to the t. >> t off the top here, kerry, and see what's happening in tinningsboro at the academy of notre dame, 35 this morning, and not too far away at the ryan school in tewksbury, and
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school where it's 44. the temperatures are about the same as they were yesterday morning at this time. how about november so far? we actually did sneak out a red square yesterday. it didn't seem like we had above average temperatures at least in the boston area, north and west. but in boston south we added up with a plus two. so the median temperature for the month is plus.113. last week we had red squares and most of the week it's been on the chilly said, that's for sure. and it still looks like we have somech in the next few days. doesn't look to me like it's going to get up to 48 like it did yesterday, not too far away. i think it's going to be 46 today. in the lower 50s to 50 on cape cod yesterday. got barely to 40 in the north and west of boston. those were your highs. today it will be a little bit higher north and west of boston, but not much. we're starting out mostly in the 30s, as you can see. we go to the north, mostly middle 30s and all these checkpoints coming down into massachusetts, upper 30s northwest of boston, 40 at logan airport, low 40s, then
5:18 am
it's overcast and it's pretty much foggy everywhere, and the visibility is very poor in many locations, but not in every single spot, for example taunton has a visibility of 10 miles, but bedford has a visibility of 3/4 miles. much of the fog is northern new england and down into massachusetts and a few pockets over southeastern mass as well. so the high temperature today across -- the high temperatures today across the nation, well, 40s to the north, so a little bit warmer in chicago today than it was yesterday. some 50s and some phoenix, brownsville, texas and orlando, florida, 75 to 80 in those spots. the weather map is kind of nonscript, not that much going on. in upper levels of the system coming along here that will give us a couple of chance of showers or a little mist today. so let's break it down for you as we go through this saturday morning. we got temperatures which are going to be going up. now, the fog is going to be lifting. it's not going to be dense fog all day, but it's not going to turn out to be nice and sunny
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system out west, a little rain over southeastern mass, but it doesn't look like a big deal, just some scattered showers and much of the time it will be rain free but feeling still that damp feel to it. tonight it'll stay cloudy as well. and by morning it's going to start to clear up, break up as the storm develops offshore, a little thrust of dryer air in here should mean tomorrow we see a decent amount of sunshine, patches of clouds may be around, but for the most part it's looking good. but tomorrow we get a lot of wind and the breeze will be out 25 miles an hour. here's my accuweather forecast. fog lifting but staying cloudy today, a shower or touch of mist can't be ruled out, partly sunny tomorrow, sunny all day on monday. monday we get breezy weather in the morning, and, by the way, tomorrow it gets rather windy. rain arrives here tuesday afternoon, and it's wet on wednesday, wettest weather will be late wednesday into thursday morning, and then we get sunshine back on friday. so about the same temperature almost every single day there
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>> no, it doesn't. barry, thank you so much. still to come this morning, some new faces added to the president-elect's administration. we'll break down donald trump's picks for some key cabinet positions. and a presidential candidate raising money for recount. in states where ballots will be looked over once more still ahead. and as we head to break, we are looking at live pictures right now of people celebrating in the streets of miami after the news of
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two new names in the trump administration this morning. he's tapped daniel mcgahn as white house council. he served as general counsel for trump's campaign the rnc. also national security analyst k.t. mcfarland will serve as dent national security adviser. green party presidential candidate jill stein formally filed for a recount in wisconsin. she also plans to request recounts in pennsylvania and michigan. combined, the three states won trump the presidency. stein's team cites possible election system hacking. the wisconsin recount will likely begin next week. and still to come this morning, a text to the wrong
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the teen, thinking his number belongd to a family member. when hinton asked if he could still come to dinner, dench said sure, and she made good on that promise. hinton said the texting mistake taught him there are more nice people out there in the world than he thought. love that. well, we continue to follow breaking news this morning, celebrating in the streets of miami overnight as they learn news of the death of former cuban leader fidel castro. we've got more on that coming up. stay with us. kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they're twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love.
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right now at 5:30, breaking news overnight, former cuban leader fidel castro dead at the age of 90 as people celebrate the news in the streets of miami. a wbz exclusive this morning, a dunkin' donuts worker intentionally scalded with hot tea after a confrontation with a customer. the investigation is now under way. barry. >> and, kerry, there's fog out there this morning, dense in spots. it is going to lift, but is it really going to clear up and be sunny? my accuweather forecast is just ahead. good saturday morning, everybody. it is november 26th. i'm kerry conly. we are following breaking news this morning. former cuban president fidel castro has died. his brother and current cuban president raoul castro made the
5:31 am
last night. his reign over the small island nation lasted nearly 50 years. a gastrointestinal ailment forced fidel to hand over the presidency to raoul in 2008. fidel castro was 90 years old. meanwhile, just 90 miles off the coast of cuba thousands are taking to the streets in miami celebrating the news of castro's death. crowds gathered all across the city chanting and dancing while holding cuban flags with people other. >> the beast is dead, the rabies is gone. there's hope for not only us as cuban, but the resistance for all the people in latin america that have feared the castro regime. >> crowds continued to gather in the streets across the -- crowds continue to gather across the streets in the city right now as we get 92 early hours of the morning. it is 5:31 as you rise and shine with us here. barry burbank is standing by,
5:32 am
thanksgiving >> >> a good one. hope you did too, kerry. now we're past that and looking forward to the next set of holidays coming our way very shortly. but first things first and that's this morning. we're talking about mostly 30s from near boston and off to the north and west. it's overcast, and we still have some fog around as well. and some of it's on the dense side too. visibility 3/4 mile in boston, a few areas about a mile to the south, but there are places where the visibility isn't bad at all, but especially the north, it seems to be widespread dense fog across northern massachusetts and southern new hampshire. there's a weak system trying to come at us from the west/southwest. we see a few strings of showers here on the radar coming on in, so we can't rule out the mist or a few scattered showers. it's not going to turn in to be a solid rainy day, that's for sure. but even with the fog lifting, it's not going to turn out to be a nice sunny day either, it's going to stay on the gloomy gloomy side as the vinlt improves, but we have -- as the visibility improves, but we have a few spot mist and
5:33 am
>> thanks, barry. time to check our top stories right now. a woman is hospitalized after being hit by a car while trying to cross route 9 in framingham. the wreck happened around 6:00 last night. the busy roadway was shut down for several hours. police are investigating the crash, but so far no charges have been filed. another black friday is in the books burks this one was a little, but this one was a little less busy at the mall. bancrate reports the shopping rate dropped 28% two years ago. many did head to online or shopped on mobile apps. the man suspected of killing nine people at a south carolina church will stand trial. a judge has ruled 22-year-old dylann roof is in fact competent. he's charged with hate crimes in the deadly attack at a charleston church. prosecutors say roof targeted his victims based on religion and race. he is facing the death penalty. well, new technology
5:34 am
old cold case. the bellingham family of a teenaged murder victim hopes so. wbz's luisa molar has more. ? ? >>reporter: with a band rocking and a jam packed event hall, the family of teresa corely held a unique celebration, raffle, a silent auction combined with a plea for help, one last hope at solving her 38-year-old murder. >> talk amongst yourself. what happened to her was a horrific thing. >>reporter: in 1978 police say the 19-year-old was sexually assaulted by a group of men after leaving a bar, then she was apparently seen hitchhiking, but she never returned home to bellingham. her naked body found in a ditch along 495 several days later. >> if it were my sibling, i would not quit fighting until the very end.
5:35 am
wants wants to exhume her body to search for dna evidence burks they claim that the norfolk county district attorney will not pay for it. >> we want our answers. this is our end point, the exclamation will be our end point. >> especially if teresa's remains were well preserved, there is the chance that we could get dna from under her fingernails or elsewhere on her body. >>reporter: this fundraiser aimed at raising the up to $20,000 it could take and opening a floodgate of memories bright future. >> look around. [ background noise ] we're not alone anymore. >> the d.a.'s office released a statement saying in part they continue to investigate this murder and take any and all steps they believe will advance the case. in bellingham, luisa molear, wbz this morning. a doubleheader at the garden yesterday with both the celtics and the bruins at home.
5:36 am
hockey and basketball sweep? i don't know. we'll have more coming up in sports. barry. >> kerry, it looks like we have quite a bit fog around this morning, not dense in every single location, but there are places to the north, especially across northern massachusetts, southern new hampshire, that's the most widespread foggy area with a visibility down to under a mile in some places, almost quarter mile. so be careful of that this morning. that fog will be lifting, but it's not really going to be clearing up. so that leads us to the trivia for this hour. let's check it the poem titled "fog" was written by who? carl sandberg, roger kipling, william shakespeare or robert frost? the poem "fog," we're going to tell but that poem in a minute and we're going to give you the accuweather forecast. i'll see you with that in just a few. happy holidays from crayola. so when do i start?
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on the best network for only $50 per month. well, good morning, everyone. patriots have a date with the jets at metlife stadium tomorrow. everyone has been worried about tom brady who missed practice wednesday and thursday, listed with a knee injury. so it was great to see brady taking part in yesterday's workout, although he's listed as having limited participation and is questionable for the game tomorrow. could missing a few days of practice really affect brady's performance? well, remember, brady missed
5:40 am
>> i feel like i gotta lot of football kind of stored up, not that it's not great, but i always prefer practicing. but if you can't practice then you can't practice and like i say, you do the best you can do until you get out there, and when you get out there, do the best you do. if i get my shot on sunday, then i'll do the best you can do. >> i guess he'll do the best he can do. grong questionable for tomorrow's game also. slater out with a foot injury. be sure to start your day with pats and jets at 4:30, followed by our "fifth quarter game show" on 48. black friday means one thing, a bruins/celtics doublingheader at the garden. yesterday afternoon the celtics hosted the tough san antonio spurs. last night the bs entertaining the calgary flames. bruins down 1-0. goalie chad johnson enough for the flames, gets caught out the position. berger put it is in from a
5:41 am
marshon knocked the calgary player from johnson, goalie interference is, julian not too happy about that. same score in the 3rd period. check out brad marshan going one on two, scores the stakedown. bruins certainly playing with a lot of emotion last night. they had a lot of scoring chances too. finally they get one to go through. passterfarther doing it again, 12th of the season, 1-1, yes, the kids in the crowd certainly happy about that. but only former b.u. terrier alex chiasawnt chiaudoben. they lost four of their last five. they'll host the tampa bay lightning tomorrow afternoon at the garden. celtics and spurs at the garden. 12 points and 10 boards. celtics went on an 18-2 run early to take a 14-point lead. brown had 18 points and four boards. of course, san antonio came
5:42 am
spurs up 89-84. the green wouldn't go away. isaiah thomas will hit the corner, a team high 24 points, eight shises for i.t. bs down three with a minute to go. the spur's bench was the difference, outscoring 36-30, mills with a dagger three. celtics lose 109-103, putting an end to their three-game winning streak. >> you need to play bit better to win against a really good team. >> every possession counts. you have to be perfect, you can't take any plays off. they don't take plays off. they play together as a team on both ends of the floor. it's almost like watching a machine play. >> we can't have those lapses. maybe some other teams we can get away with it, but this team will make you pay for it and they did. >> it's frustrating, but we made mistakes, and the spurs
5:43 am
it's tough. get better. >> yeah, less 18 learned. college hoops, b.c. taking on kansas state in brooklyn. the eagles came in on a three- game winning streak after losing their opener, but wildcats simply too much to handle. eagles lose it by 18, 72-54. they drop to 3-2 on the season. that's the very late northwest sports for now, i'm wbz sports. a wbz exclusive, a dunkin' donuts worker intentionally scalded after boston police say this woman threw a hot cup of tea. the burned woman will be okay. investigators tell us the incident happened on november 14th at the dunkin' donuts near the dudley t stop. wbz's katie brace has the story. >>reporter: she's all smiles in the surveillance images, but the worker accused of attacking has a different impression.
5:44 am
not want her last name used serves drinks and pastries at the dunkin' donuts by the t station in roxbury. in the year and a half she has worked here, nothing has prepared her for how she was treated two weeks ago. it was the mid-afternoon lull >> we have every kind of people come in here, good people, bad people, but i never would expect that. >>reporter: it started bh the woman customer ordered tea and some of the tea escaped the bag >> she thought it was a fly or something and i told her it wasn't, and then she said she money back. i tried to give her her money, but she refused. she just wanted the drama. >>reporter: another employee served a replacement tea. the woman promptly hurled the cup and the scalding drink at jeannette, burning her. where did it hit you? >> right here. i didn't expect her to do that. >>reporter: police describe her burns as substantial. they even called an ambulance for her. t officers hope someone tells them the identity of the woman. jeannette would rather never see her again.
5:45 am
alone. >>reporter: the woman faces a serious charge of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. the dangerous weapon being the hot liquid. in boston, katie brace, wbz this morning. all right, barry burbank here right now with a look at our weekend forecast. how are you doing, barry? >> doing pretty well. >> good? >> yes. >> i heard you did the turkey trot on thanksgiving. >> always enjoy doing that with 10,000 of my closest friends. it was fun. it's a great day. >> it re >> running and walking and having a good family time >> i know t. it's a great day. so what about the forecast, what are we looking at? >> we are looking at fog lifting and it's going to clear out and be beautiful, about 75 this afternoon. >> you know what? >> no, that's not going to happen. >> i don't always believe you. >> that's not going to happen. wish it would, but it's not. so instead let's go to the bs right off the bat here. let's go to berlin, at the berlin memorial school where it's 35 out there this morning, so hi to everybody out there, hi to everybody in bellingham
5:46 am
35. let's go down to the cape and say hello to the folks down in booster at the stoneybrook elementary school, it's 43 this morning, so the temperatures are very similar to what we had yesterday morning across the route, but we have a lot of dense fog this morning, particularly so across much of northern massachusetts and southern and central new hampshire. there are pockets of fog south of the mass pike, but doesn't look like it's quite as widespread as it is to the north. so be aware of that and allow extra time for travel if you're going out early this morning. these are of course, chilliest at the summit of mount washington where it's 21 there. we got some 30s and 40s on the map here, some 20s to the north and we got to give our wave up there, wave to folks up at baker lake, 9 degrees up there this morning, not as chilly as it was last weekend when it was subzero there. how about the nation today? not doing too bad in terms of temperature, not terribly warm, but, hey, this is the end of november here, so we're not doing too bad. could be a lot worse. we got 40s and 50s here, as you can see.
5:47 am
beautiful weather out in the southwestern part of the united states. warm to the south, we got readings around 80 degrees or so in parts of florida today, about close to 80 in orlando. well, high pressure is governing most of the nation with the exception of this wet weather system which produced quite a bit of rain in a couple spots in places like oregon yesterday. high pressure is really sprawled out and not much is going on. so if you're traveling today or tomorrow back to your destination, back to home or going wherever from the th like pretty decent traveling conditions coming up. there is this weak system here which is going to spill some showers into parts of the region. you can see it's most concentrated in new york state now. it's moving in this general direction, so the showers will be pointing right up into parts of massachusetts, especially northwestern part of massachusetts. this other area of rain down in here looks like it's not going to expand as much as we thought yesterday it would be expanding up over southeastern mass to give this area some rain today, but it doesn't look like that's the case.
5:48 am
state into the berkshires, probably some snow there this morning. and then sort of weakens with time and just loses its identity as this area of rain comes up over parts of extreme southeastern massachusetts. there may be a couple of scattered showers or spots of mist which form during the day, but the idea is the fog which we have is going to lift, but the clouds really aren't going to clear out to give us nice sunshine. but we should start to have some tomorrow as low pressure does develop offshore, the wind downsloping, we get drying, we get sunshine tomorrow. in fact, we may have the sun out first thing tomorrow morning, even if it's out, we may have a few patches of clouds forming. but it looks like finally we get some sunshine for the second half of the weekend. high temperatures today around 45 here to maybe as high as 48 to 50 down toward the cape, lower 40s off to the north and west, and your low temperatures tonight middle 30s in boston to lower 30s off to the north and west, to the upper 30s on cape cod. and tomorrow we get wind.
5:49 am
there won't be much today, but there will be tomorrow, 12 to 25 miles per hour winds and the temperature tomorrow should be in the lower 40 nz boston, middle 40s on cape cod. you can see that in my seven- day accuweather forecast. and temperature isn't going to change too much over the next several days, mostly in the middle 40s, a little chillier tomorrow as noted. the sunshiniest day will be monday, rain starts here for the afternoon commute on tuesday. it's going to be drizzly and wet and dank on wednesday morning, in fact, all day and then it gets wetter late wednda night and thursday morning, and then it dries out later next week. so that's your seven days ahead. let's go to the trivia for this hour. with all the fog that's around, here's the trivia. the poem titled "fog" was written by carl sandberg, robert frost, william shakespeare or how about roger kipling? >> going with carl sandberg on this one, barry. >> you knew this one, kerry. >> you taught me this.
5:50 am
fog comes on the cat feet, it sits silent over the city on silent haunches and moves on. >> and that's it. >> kind of a musical look of compare it to a cat -- comparing it to a cat. short poem >> very short poem and it's foggy out today, so good timing. all right, barry. it's 10 minutes to 6:00 right now. we're going to look at live pictures of people celebrating in the streets of miami after the news of the death of fidel castro. we've got more for you when we come
5:51 am
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[ speaking foreign language ] >> at age 90 former cuban president fidel castro has died. this was castro on the rebel radio, the station he used to broadcast information to people of cuba during the revolution he led to news of his death all morning right here on wbz. well, now that thanksgiving is over, the christmas countdown is on. coming up see how santa arrived in style right here in massachusetts. barry. >> kerry, we're checking with the wbz weather watchers and we see that we've got -- it's rather foggy around much of the region this morning. let's check out a few numbers right now. mostly in the 30s off to the north and west of boston. we got mid-30s to a few upper 30s close to the city there.
5:54 am
says, yeah, it's kind of foggy there, it's overcast, 35 in wocester right now, and she says we've got some dense fog in the burnco area of wocester. so it's foggy in many places, but not all places. fog will lift. will the sun come out today? i'm not so sure about that. my accuweather forecast is just
5:55 am
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welcome back. it is a sure sign that christmas is coming, santa arriving in style friday at the cambridge galleria. he ditched the sleigh and came up on the charles on a boat. go santa! santa has a special treat for families. starting yesterday cambridge galleria is giving away free photos with santa. we'll be
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6:00 am
right now breaking news fidel castro dead at the age of 90 as people celebrate the news in the streets of miami. >> a woman rushed to the >> and the latest on several shootings during the holiday. hi barry. >> that's cool i don't know how they're doing that, but there you go. just like magic. we will touch base with that guy shortly. i don't know how he did that but in the meantime it


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