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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston this is wbz news at 11:00. >> we begin with celebrations in miami's little havana following the death of a dictator. former cuban leader fidel castro dies at the age of 90. people reacting to castro's death. i'm ken macleod. >> and he led a successful communist revolution. >> don champion into the night in miami's little havana as word of fidel castro's death spread. this woman's father was a political captive for years. >> this is a very meaningful day ha the dictator is dead -- that the dictator is dead. >> there are mixed emotions. some say this is a day they've waited a very very long time for.
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it's going with the devil. because he is the devil. >> castro ruled cuba for 50 years. failing health forced him to hand over power to his brother in 2006. known as a tyrant for imprisoning critics and committing human rights abuses. some looked at him as a revolutionary. >> he is loved around the world because he's standing up to the american power. center of a custody battle is among those remembering castro. he says he became like a father figure. students unfurled a gigantic flag at havana university. they are observing nine days of mourning. the funeral will be december 4th. don champion cbs news miami.
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castro's death was welcomed. the owner of the old havana restaurant left cuba in the 1950s and came to boston. he says family and friends suffered under castro's rule. the death brings new hope. >> what does he leave? people suffering. people suffered a lot from him. he killed a lot of people. he divided families. a lot of people die orn the sea go out of cuba. >> more than 11,000 cuban- americans now live here in massachusetts. cuba is scheduling a week of events to mark castro's death and we'll have continuing coverage on air and online at join us for the latest on wbz this morning starting at 5:00 a.m. making news tonight, three children in an apartment in
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we're live outside police headquarters with more information. >> police say that it's not clear if the woman is the mother of those children. all three taken to a nearby hospital. they say they're okay tonight. >> we have an unexplained death at this time to a young person. i'm hoping it's not trauma. >> boston police on scene. 3:30 saturday afternoon they neighbor of forced entry. when they arrived they found a woman in her late 20s, early 30s dead. three young children under age 4 inside. >> it's unfortunate. children have been taken to the hospital. and we're just waiting to further combm the body. -- examine the body. it's a death investigation. >> the victim's family forced their way in to check on her. right now detectives don't
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but i'm hoping it's more a sudden death. but we won't know that right now until we investigate further. >> and the identity of that woman has not yet been released. live at boston police headquarters wbz news. a child in the hospital after a two hof car crash in -- two-car crash in harvard. it happened around 3:30 this aftern hospital. a horrific hit and run outside a bar. a driver slams into a man, tossing him into the air and speeds away. jim smith joins us live from brockton, jim? >> ken, this is a very sad story. this all happened right outside this bar in brockton on north main street. it's a busy road. cars drive really fast here. the other night it was the
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busy traffic on north main street in brockton obscures the road. if you look closely you can see spray painted markers. a grim reminder of what happened here very early friday morning. it was past closing time and a man was walking out of the spot bar and lounge with friends. when we got to the street everything changed. this surveillance video shows what happened. a car approaches the man. we are not showing what happens next because it's too graphic. an instant later he was hit and injured. the car kept right on going and left the scene. you can see people running over to try to help. and those who were with him appear stunned. the owner of the bar gave police the video. >> they have the video. we were very forthright with that. i'm in constant communication with them. bad impact. >> the man was taken to a local hospital and transferred to
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saturday night police towed a vehicle. a vehicle they believe may have been involved. the victim is described as a brockton man around 25 who also has family living out of the country. those relatives are said to be on their way to the u.s. >> this is our main thoroughfare and people don't abide by the speed limits here. >> and the owner of this bar tonight says this traffic situation here is so treacherous that his security team is going to actual flashlights. helping people get back and forth to the bar during busy nighttime hours. as far as the condition of the victim tonight police say he is in extremely critical condition. live in brockton jim smith wbz news. >> jim, thanks. turning to the weather now. sunshine today after some early fog and some daytime showers. more sun tomorrow. barry burbank joins us now. he's got a first look at your forecast.
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more sunshine than today. today we had more than the last kwup l of days -- couple of days. lots of clouds around. in the 30s to the few lower 40s right now. starting to clear out. a lobe of snow in maine. a few sprinkles and lighter showers as ken mentioned. that's gone. cloudy to partly clear. lower 30s. high temperatures tomorrow back up to the lower 40s. chillier than today. a blend of clouds and sunshine along with the sunshine. after that we get two rainy episodes this week and meteorological winter begins on december 1st. i'll see you with the seven-day accuweather forecast. police searching for the man who ripped off a church. >> security cameras at saint anthony's shrine p caught the
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>> there's some prablth cal things -- practical things. he took a few things from here but nothing of gigantic value to us to tell you the truth. more gigantic inconvenience. how are we going to amplify the sound, thicks like that. >> -- things like that. police in dartmouth investigating a violent robbery at a shell gas station. this man is accused of beating a customer with a gun and taking off with his mo it happened inside the store on state road last night. if you recognize this armed robber you're asked to call police. police in braintree need help finding a 17-year-old girl. ivy koulis disappeared yesterday. she might need medical attention. police say she is mentally disabled and diabetic. she does not have her medication. please call police if you've seen her.
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haters. police searching for whoever spray painted swastikas and racist terms on campus. it happened at the bromfield school in harvard. as steve burton burlt explains students -- steve burton burt explains students helping. >> students came together to take a disturbing and racist situation and turn it in something positive. >> it was put on there yesterday. that's enough okay? >> on thanksgiving night under the cover of darkness someone defaced the rock with vulgar and racist images. the vandalism devastated not just a school but the entire community. >> seeing the rock get defaced was like insane. >> we had tried to paint the rock in a way that was promoting peace and positivity. it was just disgusted that
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hateful. >> this hurt everybody. this didn't just hurt a few people. >> students, faculty, and parents rallied together to repaint. >> seeing people of all ages from having the underclassman pmen to -- underclassmen to kids from other schools, parents administration it's amazing. >> what we're doing in broad daylight is who we are. >> now that they removed the ga paint once it drys the students will come up with a more positive message. one that the entire town of harvard stands for and believes in. >> it's important that we coming to and show people this is a community of love and hope and it's not about hate. >> these students have been hurt. their community has been hurt by it. they are not going to just watch. they're going to stand up and make their voices heard. >> a class, a school, and an entire community united.
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news. between black friday and cyber monday is small business saturday. people are encouraged to shop at locally owned stores. mayor walsh helped kick it off in roz indale. -- roslindale. >> it's good for the whole community. if you lose your main street then the safety issues that you have with abandoned il >> helping everyone in the long run. >> the mayor is po moting his five -- promoting his five on main challenge. the patriots on the road tomorrow to take on the new york jets. you'll be able to watch the game here. >> tom brady missed practice time this week. dan roche joins us now with a look ahead. >> i think things will work out how we expect. all signs pointed to tom brady
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his teammates in foxboro friday after missing back to back practices wednesday and thursday. he said he was happy to be back at practice but did not say much about the injury. should he suit up for the game against the jets he'll be vying for career win number 200 which would tie him with payton manning for the most of all time. a milestone he says sn crossed his mind much. >> i love winning. that's why we all play. i've played on so many great teams and great coaches. you can't win by yourself. you need a lot of help from a lot of people. everyone's got a very important job. you never know when your number is going to be called. you got to count on the guy next to you. i've been able to count on a lot of people over the years. .
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also made the trip. >> we'll see you in just a bit. still to come. a first for wisconsin. >> officials there moving forward with a presidential election recount. what the clinton camp is saying about it. problem solved finally. some young tap dancers who saw their flight canceled get a reprieve. the temperatures right now raining from 63 in phoenix to as much as six below zero in over the next few days? the accuweather forecast coming
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the green party moving forward with a recount of the >> as wendy gillette reports they have a new supporter, democrat hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton's campaign team announced saturday they will participate in a recount of the presidential election results in wisconsin. jill stein is calling for recounts in several states that helped donald trump win the white house. her party raised almost $6 million and filed paperwork for a recount in wisconsin.
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corporations or political pacts. this comes from the american public. >> clinton's campaign attorney posted a blog that says now that a recount has been initiated we plan to participate to make sure it's fair to all sides. if jill stein follows through as she has promised and pursues recounts in pennsylvania and michigan we will take the same approach in those states as well. the president-elect called the recountry dig louse saying in a -- recountry dig -- recount ridiculous saying that the decision should be respected. clinton's team has not found any evidence of hacking or tampering and they were not planning to launch their own recount. they say they want to ensure it's legally represented in the process. wendy gillette for cbs news.
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with disappointment yesterday. those 82 young american tap dancers who saw their lufthansa flight canceled will make it in time to compete. the flights were nixed because of a pilot flight. organizers spent 20 hours desperately trying to rebook. >> it was very very disappointing and stressful. we got no he so we finally found somebody at united that would talk to us. we were thrilled with that airline. >> tonight the dancers are on their way to the so-called olympics of tap dance. they're from 15 states including from massachusetts and they will compete against dancers from 30 other countries. >> they will miss out on some rainy weather this week. >> and maybe the start of
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meteorologically speaking it will be late. let's go to some of the boroughs. mary finskel 47. also 47 in westborough. that's what it was in boston as well. 43 this afternoon. one degree short of the average this date. not up to dropping back a little bit. these were the highs. mostly 40s a couple of lower 50s to the south. these were the highs across the nation. warmest in the south brownsville seems to be the warmest around 81 degrees. not all that bad across the nation. if you're traveling tomorrow to get back home from the long thanksgiving holidays it looks like decent weather coast to coast. some heavier rain in california today. this system is moving inland to
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high pressure is in control across the country. that's good news. good traveling tomorrow. a developing storm offshore. it will hit the canadian maritimes. it's going to last more drying and more substantial sunshine tomorrow. still clouds around just not near as dismal as it has been. no fog tomorrow morning like this morning. 41 in boston right now. feels like 34 because the wind is pecking up. snow falling in washington. and snow showers in the northern mountains. a mix of clouds and sunshine and lower 30s in the suburbs. up to 43 or 44 around the city. and mid to a few upper 40s to the south for your highs on sunday. here's the deal. sunshine but patches of clouds here and there. the stormy clouds way offshore. again a nicer day. more patches of blue. should be pleasant. up from the last few days.
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clear tomorrow night. start out monday morning bright and sunny. on the chilly side. clouds coming in from the next system which will show up by later monday afternoon. high, thin clouds followed by rain. a lot of warm air wants to come up here late wednesday or thursday. looks like it's going to be shoved to the south. a little part of new england could get that warm air as a couple of rainy systems come our way. they will start tuesday afternoon. commute. and another batch of heavier rain coming in wednesday afternoon and wednesday night. as that gets close to us we might get to the warm sector. could be in the mid-60s in southern massachusetts. back to cold weather next weekend with snow showers and snow squalls maybe next weekend. >> if you're planning on going skiing? >> could get a lot of snow in
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could get a foot of snow. >> he wants to go skiing already. next in sports the patriots take on the jets for the first time this season. who's been ruled out for tomorrow's game.
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toerz the patriots once again have a few people who are going to push through. >> it would be great if tom brady didn't have to take more shots on the knee. >> keep him upright in the pocket. here's what we know. cyrus jones and matthew slater ruled out. two of the pat's super stars travelled with the team and could be a go. tom brady missed two practices this week but returned friday. listed as questionable with a knee injury.
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doesn't play. rob gronkowski could also take the field. the pat's committed 8-2. jets 37-7. -- 3-7. the players aren't taking this meeting lightly. >> they got a really good defense. they've had a good defense for a long time. they always, you know, are in the game. find a way to create turnovers. they're a real good football >> doen lewis playing in his second game back after last november. last week in his 2016 season debut he had five rushes for 23 yards and caught three balls for an additional 26. he sat down with steve burton and says he feels good as new. >> it's the same moves. the game is speed. that's the biggest thing right.
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usually that's how it is. the slower it is the more slowing down. i hope it will slow down a lot for me and i can go out there and have fun. >> we'll get you ready for this month starting at 11:30 on wbz tomorrow morning. kick off 4:25 as the pats look to improve to 6-0 on the road. don't forget our fifth quarter post-game show on my tv 38. college football bc needing a taking on wake forest. 3-0 in the first quarter. miles goes 11 yards to pay dirt. 10-0 half-time. tommy sweeney on the 15-yard td strike. eagles back on top. final minutes. mike weaver with a chance to tie it up. but the field goal attempt no good. eagles intercept a pass to secure the win.
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regular season 6-6 which means they are indeed bowl eligible. hoops in action at the barkley game tonight. jerome jumping. the last lead with 14 to go. a game high 27. the spiters use 10-0 -- spiders use 10-0. 67-54. bc falls to 3-3 on the young season. umass a big win. dante clark 29. division one football playoffs. 64-21. the big story looks like brady maybe gronk for the jets game tomorrow. >> will you be there? >> i will be front of my tv set watching. >> day off for you. >> don't tell the people upstairs. still to come. santa claus on the commons today.
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the instead of flying in. santa was scheduled to be on a chopper to deliver his message. due to weather conditions he arrived by ambulance to greet the families today. >> little rainy and warm. what about tomorrow? >> tomorrow we get sunshine. a little more than today. monday sunny all day. how about that? >> i'll take it. thank you so much. thanks everyone for watching. >> phantom gourmet coming up
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