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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 28, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news at 5:30. now at 5:30. a hit-and-run caught on camera has turned deadly. the man hit as he was leaving a bar died from his injuries. the 25-year-old victim was from brockton. >> police tell us the driver turned himself in over the weekend. bill shields brockton, bill -- friends were out drinking and came here friday morning and stepped out in the street. a car hit one of them, killing him. he lived for several hours, he has now died. but the driver that hit him in the street took off northbound. and we're told that someone of interest came to police and turned himself in but has not been arrested.
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and onto north main street. the first guy checks for on coming traffic and they all step into the street. the car hits the 25-year-old and throws him 40 or 50 feet down north main. and his friends stand in shock. three women run to help him. the bar owner gave the video to police. >> it was a bad impact. >> the bar was closed today. and police alleg f questioning but so far, no arrests. very interesting case right now. again, they have found the car but we are told it's possible that the driver of the car was not the owner. that may be the hangup. the fact that there are no arrests right now. chelsea police say speed played a role in a fiery
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emergency crews rushed to find three people with minor injuries. and one of the car's passengers -- >> crews spent most of the morning cleaning up a fuel spill. a driver approached two children and the man tried to lure the kids with the promise of a very rattling because you try to hard to keep your kids safe and then this happens. >> reporter: the mom and dad don't want to show their faces but want to alert other parents. when the sons were delivering popcorn for the boy scouts saturday afternoon -- >> my oldest was closer to the road and a car pulled over to the road, waved him over.
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him over. my son didn't go over, didn't do anything. and the guy just took off. >> reporter: the one comforting part is the oldest son knew exactly how to react. back away and go tell mom and dad. >> they called 911 right away. >> they are looking for the driver, a man in his 20s. they are asking the public to be on the lookout for a burgundy, four-door, large bumper stickers on each side of the bumper. >> we stand outside with them and wait for the bus just to be safe. >> just keeping an eye on every car that passes down the road right now. i want to know what this person's intent was. if it was malicious, i'm hoping that something will be done. >> reporter: police are following several leads and asking anyone with information to give them a call.
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school will address the concerns of parents after a young student was accused of sexually assaulting other children on a school bus. parents say they only learned about what happened through social media weeks after school officials reported it to police. today in cuba, a 21 gun salute in honor of fidel castro. >> the dictator died friday. and while many cuban americans have been celebrating, havana is in mourning. thousands shouted his name and waved flags. the two countries continue to open relations. two airlines in the u.s. launching the first of the regularly scheduled commercial flights to havana. american airlines has an hour
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to havana. just ahead, giving thanks and getting federal help. >> why a grateful attitude could have health benefits. >> new technology and what it could mean to you in a crash. and baking up a dream. a local cookie business getting interest from all over the nation. the quickly after a pretty nice day. looking at the readings back in the 30s in many locations, including manytowns freezing. and this week, wbz is teaming up with the massachusetts bar association for a free program called ask a lawyer. this wednesday night, volunteer lawyers will be in the wbz studios to take your phone calls and answer your questions
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the phone number is (617)787- 7070. the phone lines will be open from 7 a.m.
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on the money watch, new england based l.l. bean is expanding. the main company just leased a 10,000 square foot building to keep up with demands for the bean boots. they plan to manufacture the rubber so workers to put the boots together. the original boot was designed more than 100 years ago. for some drivers, seat belts can be harmful. drivers 85 and older are nine times more likely to be hurt in a crash. researchers are figuring out why one size doesn't fit all. >> i remember sitting there and my body was flipping back and
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after a jeep backed into her car. the seat belt may have contributed to back and head injuries. >> it didn't do what i thought it would. >> reporter: the seat belt was not designed for the 5'4" frame. >> if a car can drive without a person controlling it. why can't we have a safety system that can respond to tt >> they are using crash tests to study the amount of force to protect those with fragile frames. the goal is to have seat belts that automatically adjust. >> it's going to require more force for me than a grandmother or a grandfather. it's perhaps too much force for someone that's older.
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screen without a belt is launched forward. but when it comes to older drivers in particular, seat belts are blamed for a higher rate of potentially serious, even didly chest injuries as older drivers tend to be more easily injuries in a crash. >> researchers say everyone should wear a seat belt regardless of age or size. but make sure it rests on the shoulder. and have kris van cleave, wbz news, washington. side effects of lasik surgery. and coming up at 6:00. two strangers forever bonded over a lost and found bracelet. where it was found and the
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well, huge sinkholes in a town and a man fell inside. the hole has been there since hurricane matthew. a man got stuck in the mud and it took 20 minutes to pull him out. kansas city was in the middle of a right at the end he gives his teammate a high five. 5yards later. right into the end zone. and a russian family found an injured deer in the forest and took him home. the deer is back to full strength after being fed baby formula. i can just hear people saying
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>> once you take the animal in it can't go back in the wild. the mother senses the human scent or whatever. but nice pet. >> feels like russia around here. >> not quite there i don't think. but >> beautiful day today and getting a little chilly. pretty much typical stuff as we get back. we are on pace for the 5th warmest year boston. every month has been above average except for april. the cold and the snow that we didn't get for the entire winter until we moved our way to spring. 33 in provincetown and orange. norwood at 37. and many of us will have an opportunity to drop back to the 20s. we've got calm winds and an opening of clear skies. and the clouds will move in as we approach midnight.
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the rain to move in. freezing rain could create slick areas for the morning commute. the increasing clouds after the temperatures fall back 26 to 32. and here are the areas we'll watch for tomorrow morning's drive. anywhere north of worcester, and heading up into northeastern massachusetts and also across new hampshire, a chance for the freezing rain. it would be very light and the biggest question mark anything actually fall? the first batch that moves in -- and we're looking at 5 to 10 a.m -- is so light that it might dry up. >> it would make for slick conditions tomorrow morning. focusing on northern massachusetts and southern new hampshire. and once we move past that time frame, everyone warms above freezing. that's lunchtime through tomorrowing evening. locally heavy rainfall is
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that's where we can see the biggest downpours. and the temperatures will slowly climb. the highest temperatures will be tomorrow evening. so we'll get in the 50s from boston southward. and stay in the 40s north of town. anywhere north and west stays locked below 50 degrees. a couple of areas might hit 60. and then on wednesday morning we start mainly dry and the next round moves in towards wednesday evening. locally heavy rainfall is expected and that will wind down by early on thursday morning. between the two systems, one to two and up to 3 inches of rainfall. that would be great news for the drought. however, it basically just gets us back to average for this month. we've gotten an 11-inch deficit this year. 17 in manchester. and 14 in hartford. and we're looking at drought conditions. it's going to stop us from
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ice, the evening is wet for everybody. and wednesday is wet for everybody. and things wrap up on thursday morning. thursday is mild and highs in the 50s. near 50 on friday. and as we look to the weekend, dry and chilly for both saturday and sunday. school yard shoutout goes to the -- barry burbank went support the woburn food pantry. back at it this week as school is back in session. liam and paula, over to you. to health watch. issues after lasik? millions undergo laser eye surgery. and many report unwelcome symptoms in the months that follow. mallika marshall is here with the details. >> did you have this?
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to and i refuse to wear glasses or contacts. i often can't even see the teleprompter. >> i wasn't a good candidate. two groups of people have been followed. and yes, the vision became clearer, but 40% of them reported double images, dry air, glare, halo, star bursts. even so, most people were re than before having lasik. but it's a good reminder you need to know the pros and cons. some people would rather live with that than have to wear glasses. >> and after thanksgiving there are health benefits that we've just learned about for giving thanks well after thanksgiving. >> we always give thanks on
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physical and psychological health and maybe help you sleep better. some people exercise more, have lower blood pressure and fewer aches and pains. and suffer from fewer negative emotions like anger and frustration and regret. if you jot down a few things you're thankful for before you go to bed you might improve your sleep quy. >> no. but i think it's a good -- i'm thankful for your advice. >> grateful for the people we work with. a california animal sanctuary has a new form of therapy. 7-year-old hannah has a life- threatening intestinal disorder
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play otters. it helps improve the child's outlook. coming up a business boom. a local woman baking for a better world and getting nationwide attention. and we have information on the attack at ohio state university. what a local woman saw and heard and the latest on the investigation. >> would turn her life around after overdosing in a toy store's aisle. she faced a judge today. is she making good on her promises. we have those stories and more coming up at 6:00.
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special girl selling cookies. we first introduced you to coal let on friday. she was born with down syndrome. and after having difficulty finding a job. she decided to start her own business. >> since the story aired, she's gotten attention from all across the country. >> the community in boston and beyond responded to her story.
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passion for baking. when the 26-year-old couldn't find a paying job, she decided to become her own boss and that's how the cookie business took shape. >> you faced rejection. >> i did. >> you're out to prove a lot of people wrong. >> exactly. >> she landed her first client at the golden goose. >> the small business owner in bulk. >> that this is actually happening. >> reporter: she's received orders for the chocolate chip cookies dipped in cinnamon from all over the country. >> a step closer to her dream of hiring others who have faced the same obstacles. >> it's about disabilities, getting jobs for everyone that
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the hard work is coming soon. >> you can see? shortage of -- you can see no shortage of personality. businesses have expressed interest in carrying the cookies. and some people contacting me, they contacted you wants to invest. >> we aired this friday night and facebook and twitter blew up. this thing off. >> she's infectious. >> and they are delicious. >> i had one hot out of the oven and they went fast. >> they were gone an hour later. >> good luck to collette. >> stay with us. the news at 6:00 starts right now. i wasn't calm. everyone was freaking out. >> a local student describes
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her firsthand experience. >> she overdosed in the toy aisle of a store with her daughter nearby and then told us she wanted help. the addiction made national headlines. ice for tomorrow morning and much needed rainfall. >> what the quarterback is saying about his knee injury after yesterday's win. the news at 6:00 starts now. live news at 6:00. >> an attack on ohio state university's campus. >> i was walking to class and heard a bunch of people screaming and a lot of people running. >> a violent suspect using a car and a butcher knife to heart people. >> it's heartbreaking and sad and frustrating. >> the latest on the investigation into the rampage
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was for the students and staff. they were putting anything they could to barricade themselves in. police learned the attacker wasn't using a gun but a car and a butcher knife. the one suspect, the man shot and killed, was an ohio state student. nine others were taken to the hospital with stab wounds and injuries. paul burton is here with the the 18-year-old suspect who was a student at ohio state university. he was born in somalia and living in the united states as a legal resident. we're getting our first look at the car police believe the suspect used to attack students. the front of it is smashed in. questions remain, including the man's motive. and investigators are not ruling out terrorism. >> reporter: word got out of an
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shooting but police say there's now a more complex picture of what happened. 18-year-old-- a student at the university. >> a male suspect drove a vehicle over the curb and struck pedestrians. he exited the vehicle and used a butcher knife to start cutting pedestrians. our officer was less than a minute. >> reporter: 28-year-old -- has been with the force not two years. he killed him within a minute of the attack. an osu senior says she was in class and got the emergency text alert. >> it's so unreal. you never really think anything like that is going to happen to your campus. >> reporter: the moments that followed the attack were terrifying.


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