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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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now at 11. a weather alert tomorrow. rain and the drive. >> a home goes up in flames. a father and his daughter rush to the hospital and it started with a simple mistake. >> i'm so happy that nothing happened. >> highland, blocked doors. a student describes being barricade in a classroom in a violent attack. we learned about the suspect the departure on arrival. a passenger that couldn't wait. using the emergency door as her personal escape from a crowd airplane. >> there is two orders to the national championships. coming up why bringing home a trophy extends far beyond the sidelines. live from the channel 4 studios in boston. this is wbz news at 11. we begin with the weather alert.
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and the storm headed our way with rain and freezing temperatures in some towns and that's never a great combination. good evening. i'm david wade. >> and this is just the first round of heavy rain. let's get to eric fisher with the timing of it. i have been watching significant storm system to the west and a lot of green on the radar. most of it is rain. once it arrives in new england. just cold enough it hit the ground, it could freeze on contact. light rain starting to show up southwest parts of new york. the wild temperatures falling. cold, 23 degrees in orange and keen and pittsburgh at 27 and norwood at 23. coldest night on cape cod since early april. these are the areas we will watch. north of wooster and hudson and northwest of 495. we could have freezing rain tomorrow morning. especially in that five to ten a.m. time frame and that could lead to very slick spots out there on the roads.
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here is the timeline. tomorrow morning anything that falls is light. a small glaze and it could make the roads dicey. when you wake up, check in with the conditions. it could be slick. after that, it does warm up. as we head to the afternoon, a steadier rain develops and that will be with us for the evening and warm enough for that is all rain and that's the first batch. another one for wednesday. we will take a look at that. >> eric. thanks. tracking the storm and watch w bz starting tomorrow at 4:30 fo and your travel conditions. we have breaking news. report from tooks bury, an elderly man seriously injured in this house fire and his daughter sent to the hospital. and we have learned tonight how this started. let's get out to nick giovanni. he has the latest. nick. reporter: and david, the cause of the fire is still officially under investigation tonight. but wbz has in fact learned
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started. >> a charred shirt. torn into fragments. that and the grass steps away from the tooks bury firefighters and battled a raging house fire. >> it was on fire. >> mike desires lives next door and he says he had to tear the garments off of his neighbor who he found inside the burning home. >> the daughter had him and he ran over and pulled him out. >> investigators believe the fire started near the house's porch. these were some taken by tooks bury police. >> it was heavy fire. >> as the flames moved towards the front of the house, squires managed to help his neighbors to safety. the man had to be med flighted to a boston hospital with severe burns. his daughter was taken to the hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation. >> and investigators here on the scene believe this could be the result of the misuse of a
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incorrectly. again that is still under investigation tonight. we are live in tooksbury, nick giovanni. the f.b.i. investigating the rampage at ohio state as terrorism. a student drove his car into a group of people on the sidewalk and started to slash them with a butcher knife. they say the 18-year-old somalia refugee injured 11 people. >> and then shot dead by police. liam has the latest. po warrant at the home of that attacker as they tried to confirm a motive and see if he had any help. >> additional unit is at 19th and college and several pedestrians struck. >> 18-year-old abdul razak ali artan driving his honda civic to a crowd of students. getting out and slashing several with a butcher knife.
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>> i heard screaming and i took my headphones out and all of the people were rushing over this way. >> and then a stroke of fortune. 28-year-old officer allen harussia happened to be nearby and responding to a call about a gas leak and saw abdul razak ali artan and opened fire. >> we got one down. critical. >> the shooter is in custody. >> the officer was on the scene in less than a minute and he ended the situation less than a minute. >> abdul razak ali artan in his first year at the school was shot dead. he came family in 2014. after spending 7 years in refugee camp in pakistan. he was a legal permanent resident. as the violence unfolded monday the university sent this alert to students. run, hide, fight. and students did. barricaded themselves in classrooms and dorm rooms waiting two hours to get the all clear. and the 11 people many injured are all expected to be okay and
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bones and lacerations. we spoke with an ohio state student from massachusetts barricaded in a classroom on campus. grace ashworth from lowell and she says the moments following the attack were terrifying. that she was on lock-down in her classroom and chairs stacked against the door for more than an hour. >> i'm so happy that nothing happened to me and happy that all of my friend are safe. i was so worried about the people injured and i hope they are okay. >> once the university lifted the lock-down ashward said there was indescribable silence across the campus of more than 60,000 students. the death of a 2-year-old girl over the weekend is being investigated as a homicide prosecutors in berlin new hampshire say madison danelin died yesterday from blunt force injuries. at her home at the time.
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the circumstances surrounding this little girl's death. outrage from a mother who says her son was repeatedly molested on a school bus. she says that the charter school that he goes to failed the students and the parents and tonight school officials met with parents. wbz louisa moeller has more. reporter: well, david parents including that mother told me they want answers and want to know about safety on buses and they want to know if that child is still enrolled as here even though police say because of his age, he can't be criminally investigated. >> i never got a call from the principal or anybody. i have only talked to social workers. >> this mom hurt and dissatisfied. weeks after she said her young son was one of several kid molested by a 6 year-old boy on a bus. >> my son says it happened around ten times. >> her feelings echoed by a
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disturbing allegations involving a renaissance charter school student. >> we got no answers from the people here. okay, my child is not safe here. no one's child is safe here. >> parents say no update given on the status of that student. no specifics on the number of bus monitors that will be present on bus rides. >> bottom line, there needs to be safety on the buses and there is none. >> the incident on the bus happened november 3rd. the school says it immediately the involved kids but other kids did not find out until this woman posted about it on facebook more than two weeks later. >> they blame it on the bus but this could happen at recess, in the classroom, in the bathroom. a statement says the school has followed up with impacted students and implemented safeguards "we feel confident that the safeguard were effective and continue to be" we believe now and then that no other child's safety was at
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the events of november 3rd. now there was no bus monitor on the bus at the time of this incident. the mayor told us last week he will look into increasing the number of bus monitors in the city but the issue here is cost. live in hyde park, w bj news. a man is charged in a deadly crash near logan airport. 27-year-old steve burnbomb was drinking and high on marijuana hotel shuttle bus. two tourists from texas were killed. he pleaded not guilty to vehicular homicide. he is free on 5000-dollar bail. the victim of a hit-and-run has died. laconia had just left a club called the spot when he was hit. the 25 year-old died this morning. state police say the driver has voluntarily turned himself in for questioning. his name is not yet been
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pitbull attack in revere. it happened on squire road in an apartment right above the karate studio an the dog bit the victim's arm and right hand. the animal is in quarantine and unclear if the dog's owner will face charges. the vice president to be, mike pence says there will be a number of very important announcements tomorrow. we do know that donald trump will meet with mitt romney tomorrow. the former massachusetts goor it will be their second meeting since the election. meantime retired general david petraeus met with the president-elect donald trump at trump tower in new york. he es also been mentioned as possible secretary of state candidate. the former ci adirector says the two spoke for about an hour. trump's claims of serious voter fraud in new hampshire drew the ire of state officials. the attorney general's office says there is no evidence of
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race by 743 votes. in a statement hasten writes to the president elect his tweet is completely unsubstantiated and claims of voter fraud in new hampshire have earned politico facts ratings. secretary of state's office says more than 3.4 million people cast ballots. that's 3/4 of registered voters. and more than 77,000 did not vote for anyone for they simply left that category blank. well the beaches of cape cod often make for special memories. >> but what a massachusetts woman found is priceless for a gold star father in oregon. liz triplet was walking on a beach when she spotted a bracelet. engraved with the name of the soldier john pelam and ki awhich means killed in action. she searched his name online and found an article about his family. then she called them. >> this is like the closest to
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got but in a weird way i think it was john sending a message to come find me. >> when liz called and started to explain what happened, it didn't -- it didn't surprise me at her reaction because i feel that often. >> john was killed in 2014 serving in afghanistan. the family is now trying to figure out who was wearing the bracelet in his honor and how that person lost it. i imagine that will be something they will treasure to ha the tarmac in houston. coming up. a passenger on board a jet opens the emergency exit after landing and jumps off the wing. the orange glow in tennessee. members of the local team with dreams of playing for a national championship. what they fear may keep them from getting to the game. morning with rain and two rounds. we will talk about the much-
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following some developing news down south. a huge fire creating an erie glow in gatlinburg tennessee. the fire is plagued by the severe drought and high winds have spread the flames and smoke and ash in the town making the air quality unhealthy. you can see everything is orange. around the great smoky mountains national park. a dangerous get away in houston. a woman popped open the emergency door and walked on the wing and jumped. it happened moments after the united airlines jet from new orleans landed this afternoon. the f.b.i. questioned the woman and she is released and unclear why she jumped and whether she will face criminal charges. two dorchester football
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disney world. >> the cost of sending two squads to florida is huge. wbz shanta lands reports that has not dampened the enthusism of these players. >> two pop warner teams both from boston have qualified for the national football championship. >> i feel proud. >> they earned it. they deserve it. >> it is a great accomplishment for these guys. >> everybody on th >> they are call the dorchester eagles. players on this team are ages 12 and 13. they love this sport. >> on the football team we are all brothers. >> we let a lot of them play for free and we feed them during the summertime. >> the eagles hit a snag. since beating harford and qualifying on saturday. the parents of all 43 players have to pay 500 bucks each to
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house them in florida. >> i feel safe because we will struggle to get the money. >> it is hurtful because you want to make sure your kid gets it and they get to where they want to be and this is big establishment. >> go terrell. >> both teams need at least $30,000 and the teams hope to leave by buzz this friday. >> as we try hard in practice. >> we do a lot of good stuff for the city. praying that somebody will come through for us. >> when you give somebody something, it comes right back to you. >> and if you would like to donate to send the players to the national championship head to our wbz news at in dorchester, shanta lands, wbz news. congratulations to the kids on a great season. you got to imagine that there's some great business that will step forward and help them.
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that when it happens. a great night for tree lighting. take a look in copley square as mayor walsh was joined by thousands of people and eric, better tonight than tomorrow night. >> much better tonight. great evening and calm winds. a little chilly. tomorrow night different and headlines for us over the next couple of days, much needed rainfall on the way in. tomorrow, wednesday and early on thursday morning but it comes along with icy travel. also meteorological fall. it will be a dry season in new england. temperatures have settled back in the low to mid-20s for many and the mid-20s down towards cape cod. mourning period as the storm system starts to move in tomorrow morning, that cold air will hold on. a little bit of time to scour it out and creating icy areas. the fire we showed you in tennessee are starting to get
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have been gusting up to 70 miles per hour. we are talking about drought and so are they. the rain in western pennsylvania and arriving tomorrow. a hundredth of an inch can turn things into a skating rink. when you wake up and heading off to work or school i would see the conditions before heading out areas northwest of boston and especially northwest of wooster or 128. we have the highest potential of that light so at the bus stop, the areas we will watch for slick locations and temperatures warm and the rest of the day is going to be about a regular rain. there you see that first batch, very light during the early morning. up until 10:00 a.m. and then temperatures are going to warm. then the real rain comes in. as we head toward lunchtime and through the afternoon and in the evening commute. the areas of rain, heavy at times and this could create some really poor driving conditions for tomorrow night before we dry out.
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it gets warmer and by the evening we are well in the 50s from boston, south and east and the colder air with high temperatures in the 40s but it happens late in the day. that's round one. on wednesday morning we are dry until the next batch. the afternoon and evening looks wet and the rain will be tapering off on thursday. when you put it together it looks like one to two inches of rain and some area will pick up three inches and if we are luy could get three inches. that doesn't put a big dent in the drought but doesn't caught anymore damage. november is running at two-and- a-half rainfall deficit and it should get us back to even. tomorrow morning ice and wednesday is wet and drying out for thursday and that's a rundown for your commute and here is your seven-day forecast. thursday we dry out and it is well in the 50s. we are still near 50s on friday.
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saturday and sunday. eric. thank you, the celtics going to south beach. >> a member of tom brady's family interrupts his weekly interview. this is the update you won't
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wbz sports driven by bmw, test drive one today at your bmw center. visit us at bmw mass >> the heat beat miami and did it without al horford. he stayed in boston for the birth of his second child, a girl. the celtics had six players in double figures. with no horford, stevens and he played well. 10 points and 7 and the green, offense goes up in the 2nd quarter and notice the game. around the corner and down the baseline and easy lay in. 18 points. 6 rebounds and teams outscored the heat. isaiah thomas with a steal behind the back of jay crowder. 17 and celtics up by 17. and blows a big lead and let miami back in the game. the alley-oop and he scored 42
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half. thomas with a nasty drive. isaiah had a team high of 25 points and 8 assists and celtics win it 112-104. tom brady was doing his weekly interview when all of a sudden his 6 year-old son benjamin takes over the segment. >> sheldon richardson he had a chance to walked in. >> put bennie on. >> hey, bennie, how are you? >> good. >> did you have a good thanksgiving. >> yes. >> are you getting ready for christmas. >> yes. >> what do you want for christmas. >> a bunch of sky lander. >> did you watch your dadby play. >> yes, he was playing against the green guys. i don't know what they are called. but they are very good. >> how did you think your dad did yesterday? >> great. flipped his chest.
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>> and he tripped too. >> he got tripped a few time. >> and he got more hurt. >> more hurt. wow. maybe you will tell us what is wrong with him. >> i don't know. he is like a donkey. >> benjamin turns 7 next tuesday. be sure to get all access. >> a donkey. we will take you inside the locker room after the pats win
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d j foster was released and darius killgo was picked up. that's sports for now. skaters gliding. >> instead a lot of people were grossed out. ahead of the wbz news.
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a theme park attraction is not only get a thumbs down but the internet in uproar. >> japan's space theme park thought it would be a good idea to have an ice rink that resembled a pond. they placed five thousand sea creatures already dead in the floor. they embedded it into the ice. the park was forced to close after the public backlashed. the manager says the creatures were dea and hold a religious service for them and turn them into fertilizer. >> i think it is the idea that they are sticking up out of the ice. >> some of these are sticking above the ice which would seem like a tripping hazard. >> up next. taking one more look at the forecast. there is some ice in that,
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boston ice and check in with
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covered. excellent. thanks for being with us. steven colbert is up next. thanks for watching and we will see you tomorrow. i brought her a lotus. >> flotus is on the phone with potus. >> stephen: she'll want to see me. >> stephen: i want to see flotus, and you can quote us. >> i'ma kick you in the scrotus. >> stephen: i'm going to get your name. okay? you're on notice. >> it's otis. ? ? ? >> it's "the late show with stephen colbert." tonight, stephen welcomes first lady michelle obama. and america ferrera. featuring jon batiste and stay human. and now, from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's


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