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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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police shoot and kill an armed robber. and we discovered the same man was involved in a failed robbery foiled by an elderly woman. >> dinner with the president elect, the next course an actual job offer? >> families burned out of their home >> taking a tour of maria vitali's theme park of italian food now open in boston. the rain finally let up, soon it will be time for round 2. thanks for being with us.
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let's get to eric fisher with the timing of the next part of the storm. >> a couple of snowy days in the middle of the week. last showers leaving cape cod and the island after soaking parts of the region, and very mild outside. winter moths all over the place again. 60 degrees in norwood. warm air just about stops. 61 in new bedford tonight. temps start to fall a little bit by tomorrow morning. winds gusting and the island over 30 miles an hour. the peak winds are behind us. we're turning our attention to that next wave. tennessee and kentucky, it arrives here into the afternoon. tomorrow morning, the only issue, area was locally dense fog in the morning but we're dry. in the afternoon, the rain will pick up, and our heaviest downpours will be during the evening and throughout tomorrow night. another half inch to an inch and a half of rain before that wraps
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mitt romney speaking publicly a short time ago after his now second meeting with president elect trump about possibly becoming secretary of state. he had difrn with the president elect and his chief of staff. romney criticized trump during the campaign, even called him a front. cabinet appointment. >> he continues with a message of improvement and bringing people together, and his vision is something i think connected with the american people in a very powerful way. in the last few weeks, he's been carrying out a transition effort. and i have been a part of it. >> it was a busy day for the transition. elaine chow picked to lead the transportation department, married to mitch
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head of the health and human services. and trump tapping goldman sax executive steve minuchin trump wrote "there must be consequences, perhaps a loss of citizenship." offensive as it may be, flag under the first amendment. will that change under donald trump? >> country , what we stand for. >> reporter: what the american flag represents to jack. and the veteran says he was disgusted when he learned what happened to it at hampshire college. >> absolute crime. >> reporter: the college took
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protest the election of donald trump. [ crowd noise ] >> reporter: on sunday dozen was veterans rallied to bring it back. tuesday the president elect himself weighed in. tweeting "nobody should be allowed to burn the american flag." >> i believe there should be a penalty for burning the american flag. >> reporter: the supreme court says otherwise. expression under the first amendment. >> we are a country of laws. >> reporter: only an amendment to the constitution or a subsequent supreme court ruling could change that. constitutional law professor robert bloom says nie neither is likely. >> president elect trump would be hardpressed to find someone who is capable ever being on the supreme court who wouldn't necessarily follow the
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defenders of protecting flag burning as political speech was conservative justice an tonin scalia. he was praised by mr. trump after his death. families burned out of their homes. >> reporter: it's gonna take you'll see exactly why. this building, their homes, have been deemed a total loss. [ crying ] >> reporter: tierce ran down the face of a mother of three, looking on as smoke poured onto the streets of lawrence today. >> it looked like a huge fire! smoke, and then the fire! it was just crazy flames. i saw the roof came down.
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intensity of the flames. inside they found a mother trapped on the 3rd floor. >> to evacuate the building, we continued with the firefighting effort. old building, approximately five units. >> reporter: everyone who called this home lost everything. one woman suffered a seizure outside and was transported to the hospital. >> it's an important intersection of the city. it's a building that just got -- the last couple yea, >> reporter: the most of the residents who live here were still at work. as they rushed home, some of their neighbors stood by their side and pledged to do even more. >> i feel sad for them. i will try to help them. i live around here remember i will donate clothes, all that stuff. >> reporter: we saw flashlights
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up until the last half hour, the scene just now beginning to clear. one firefighter was taken to the hospital with minor injuries but he is expected to be okay. the cause of the fire still under investigation this evening. new information about the robbery suspect shot and killed by police. the man had a history of holding up clerks at convenience stores and the proof is in the us live with more. >> reporter: a law enforcement source does tell us that michael mckinness did have a long criminal record. but it came to an end here when he robbed this gas station and then confronted officers. >> reporter: >> this man possibly haze weapon, maybe a gun >> reporter: learning more about the suspect shot and
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mckinnis. you can see him here in this 2010 surveillance video. this was him, strongarming and robbing a store malledonm -- malden. now he's dead, shot twice in the torso, after he robbed a gas station e tuesday morning. >> the individual had his hand in his pockets. the officers ordered him to show his hand, he refused to do so. continued to come at officers and moved back. eventually one of the officers fired his weapon. >> reporter: tuesday night no, shortage of opinion at the gas station. the dead suspect allegedly robbed. >> i think police shoot first and ask questions later. >> if someone is telling you to take your hands out of your
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the person. >> it's hard to believe someone could get shot in your own city. >> reporter: investigators do say he did threaten to shoot the clerk. the district attorney's office's statement makings no mention of -- makes no mention of whether he had a weapon. the district attorney's office will conduct an investigation. a man riding a motorized collision with a truck. police say the 58-year-old man had been riding on the sidewalk when no light turned. he reportedly veered into the passenger side of the lumber truck and was killed. no charges have been filed. developing story out of tennessee tonight. a wall of fire engulfing the area. three people have been killed. hundreds of homes have been destroyed or damaged.
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>> we do. at least 14 people were injured. some 14,000 evacuated. it took 400 firefighters to get this blaze under control. >> hilt -- hit the gas! >> reporter: two brothers escaping the inferno. they had no warning as they were caught in the mountains of gatlinburg. by early evening, wind doubled, turning into hurricane force, topping 87 miles an hour. fires spread in this drought-stricken area when burning embers flew and toppled trees ripped down power lines. this community is at the edge ever great smoky mountain national park. [ sirens ] >> reporter: logan baker was at the motel when flames came up to the building. [ sirens ] >> reporter: bruce
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>> it's horrible. it's just devastating. all those people lost their homes and businesses. >> reporter: 100 businesses destroyed, more than 1,000 people showing up at a red cross shelter. this man and his family escaping with the clothes on their backs. >> as long as i got my family, that's >> and gatlinburg is getting some rain. firefighters are still battling some hotspots there. for everyone has ever played an office lottery, dreams do come true. >> a group of coworkers cashed in a powerball worth $420 million. they decided to take the lump sum. each one will get
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if they're gonna retire from their jobs at a manufacturing plant. >> they may have some openings. [ laughter ] thousand s upon thousands of people turn out to mourn the passing of fidel castro. >> a country in shock, a soccer team killed in a plane crash. >> a season for christmas trees, and unfortunately fires. officials. you to tree can spark an inferno. >> rainfall today, another
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an incredible scene in havana, cuba, tonight. huge crowds to remember fidel cast row. presidents from seven nations were on hand. castro died at the age of 90 last week.
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railed against the united states for decades. >> people all over the world tonight are mourning the death of brazilian soccer players killed in a plane crash in columbia. in all, 71 were killed when this charter praen went down in the mountains -- plane went down in the mountains, including coaches and players and members of the flight crew. six people survived. the initial er electrical failure. growing evidence that the attack at ohio state university was an isis-inspired act of terrorism. the somali born student drove his car into a crowd on the sidewalk and started flashing people with a butcher knife before police officers shot him dead. today the islamic state claimed that he was a soldier. a reminder how quickly a
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engineers at wpi set up mock living room, lit it on fire, and within 25 seconds, the branchs were fully engulfed. safety experts say keep the tree watered and inspect your light wires. wbz news radio's diane stern has reported on the highs and lows of boston history. >> after 33 years, this lovely voice signed off for the last time. she is retiring from radio and onto the next adventure. she and her husband intend to travel, and next summer's garden will be award-winning. [ laughter ] a little bit wild, we had the rain, now the temperatures coming up. winter moths all over
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we'll see them as many times as last winter when it was so warm throughout the month of december. this winter is quite a bit colder. rain tapering off, moving off to the east. some towns, a solid soaking. almost 2 inches of rain toward the south coast. 1.33 inches, nearly an inch in millford, new hampshire. and just shy in shirley, northridge. across the region, the biggest totals, mainly south pike. 1-2 inches of rainfall there. and north, a decent rain, not quite as much as elsewhere. 60 in norwood, 61 in new bedford bedford. the main issue for tomorrow morning will be some areas of fog. not terrible out there right now.
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daybreak. the next wave of low pressure is moving at us out of the ohio valley. tomorrow morning is dry, area was fog, a little sunshine tomorrow morning as well. the showers are gonna move over to heavier rainfall through the evening and overnight. most of the rain tomorrow will happen sunset. lower impact is expected. and then the last of the showers will exit early on thursday morning. so this round similar to what we just saw. a half inch to an inch and a half of rain. and that brings the storm total to 1-3 inches region-wide. tomorrow morning mainly in the 40s in foggy areas, upper 40s, and low 50s will arrive.
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for tomorrow. our coldest areas will be across new hampshire and far northern mass. on thursday we dry out. behind the storm system, sunshine and mild temperatures on thursday. we're talking mid to upper 50s outside. then the cooling process. on friday, partly sunny skies, up ander 40s. the weekend looks chillier like the next storm system is going to approach until early next week. great weather for city hall plaza in boston. an ice rink around, trying make the most of the space. weather is perfect. you want to bundle up for the patriots, chilly sunday afternoon. late monday into tuesday for that possibility of
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mario vitali has opened a theme park of italian food. it's four restaurants under one roof, along with ten takeaway counter, five bars, and a market. >> i need to go there. [ laughter ] drew >> and the bruins stage a
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be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'. a lot of ooh,s and ah,s tonight. it was exciting. didn't go as well. >> a 9-round shootout tonight. they had five chances to win it but came up short. entertaining game, bruins trailed 2-0 after
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culting the lead 2-1. a minute.18 later -- 1.18 minutes later. voracek is awarded a penalty shot. ross stands tall, makes the save, and we're headed for overtime. no one scoring in the extra session. onto the shootout. in round 9, beautiful glove save to end it. 45 saves. another eight in the shootout. patriots had the day off. back to work tomorrow gearing up for sunday's game in foxboro. they were destroyed in new orleans 49-21.
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move today. marcus cannon to a 5-year extension. the vet is having his best year as a patriot, helped by the return of the offensive line coach. >> earlier tonight i was at the garden and drew bledsoe was an honoree. i made sure to get his thoughts on the play. make that block? [ laughter ] >> when you're watching this, tommy, come oman. that block was awful. come on, dude. [ laughter ] >> you gotta dive early so they can't see it on film. [ laughter ] >> pretty funny stuff. bledsoe one of five honorees tonight. bill lee, wayne cashman, the
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conversation with bledsoe. , hold on. >> i want this guy blocking fo. [ laughter ] >> i know you can, judging a bikini contest. >> began, right? >> long time ago. >> yeah, we hung i think we were judging a bikini contest. [ laughter ] >> his hand is so big. gotta have fun. back in action tomorrow night when they take on the pistons at the garden. his hand is like twice the size of mine. >> at least. >> you're tall. bledsoe is tall. and then there's shaq. [ laughter ]
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holiday spirit. >> their efforts to wipe out
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students all over the state will be collecting donations for local food pantries. >> that effort is off to a great start on this giving tuesday. they called it whiteout to wipe out hunger.
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help families in need. >> we got over three boxes of food and a full box of money too. so we definitely topped last year. >> it makes my heart smile it. lets me know that there's goodness all around us if we look for it, and i do see it often. >> the drive is part of project 351, youth service nonprofit organization. and students across our state will be holding more than 100 food drives i next few months. >> nice when you meet young people
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the warmest time david was 11:35? >> if the studio was any judges, yes. cooler tomorrow morning, low 50s. tomorrow the rain increases in the afternoon. heaviest stuff in the evening and overnight tomorrow.
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