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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  December 1, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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breaking news right now at 4:30, shots fired, a police chase and a crash . the search under way for two people in brockton. a mother murdered her 18- year-old son due in court to face charges. we're hearing from a neighbor who came to the rescue of the teenager's grandmother. and a local town public school shut down today over a re grntion everybody, thanks for joining us, i'm kate merril. >> i'm chris mckinnon. it is thursday, december 1st. flipping the calendar. >> it has already happened. danielle niles is here as we turn the page to december, danielle, but hopefully going to get warmer today. >> we're not going to feel like december 1st, that's for sure. good morning. we are drying out with still
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now. these areas of rain will continue to taper off over the next several hours and the sun will come out today. areas of light rain pushing through essex county through glossster down the coastline. so from hall down to higam, plymouth county. temperatures quite mild. check out tot in, 59 degrees right now, 49 in boston. between now and 6:30 this morning with just a leftover shower you'll notice. here's the map at 7:00 a.m. from the south shore to the cape and then the sun will be breaking out in spots, so it does turn brighter this afternoon, it turns breezy, it turns mild. so showers ending, sunrise at 6:54, 56 with a west wind 10 to 20 miles per hour through lunchtime. fair and quiet for the ride home with sunshine and a few clouds, sunset at 4:12 and
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we'll take you through the upcoming weekend coming up. let's get you on the roads. traffic and weather together, chris. >> thank you very much, danielle. let's take a live look now over the bridge here. you can see from our traffic camera there it is a little foggy out there as you're dealing with some showers making your way into the city from the north. but so far this morning no major problems out on the roads. we'll keep you updated throughout the morning. breaking overnight, a police chase with a crash in brockton. a cruiser colliding with a suspect's vehicle. police say the driver and passenger both got out and then ran. police are still them. an officer suffered minor injuries and is expected to be okay. the chase began when officers were responding to a report of shots fired on ford street around 12:30. when they tried to pull over the vehicle, it took off. also breaking overnight, a police officer shot while responding to a domestic violence call in washington state has died. police believe the suspect is holed up inside a tacoma home. the neighborhood is on lockdown. a woman and two children inside the house during the shooting are safe.
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a brockton teenager charged with murdering his mother is due in court today. police say the 18-year-old stabbed her inside their home yesterday. his grandmother escaped. >> wbz's nick giovanni spoke to a neighbor who ran who help. >>reporter: on the outside, this brockton home seems filled with holiday cheer, ribbons on the door, ornaments in the window, but the crime scene tape surrounding it was a sign of something sinister that happened inside wednesday, a according to brockton police. prosecutors believe the person holding the knife was her son. >> i knew it was something bad, only because she was wailing and screaming and she did say 911, 911. >>reporter: just a few doors down, maryanne mon tero witnessed the frantic moments that followed when she said she heard the 18-year-old's grandmother running outside. >> she just grabbed my hand and started pulling me towards the
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there. >>reporter: when emergency crews arrived, monetaryo said the son was sitting outside on the home deck. >> he didn't do anything as far as i could tell and they just went around him, around the back side of the deck, went into the house, came out and put him on top of the car and sat on him until the cops got here. >>reporter: the son was taken in for questioning. >> we find out exactly what happened, but a mother/son relationship and for it to end tragic. we'll make sure we find out what happened. >>reporter: we're told investigators recovered a knife here before the man being arrested. he'll be arraigned this morning in brockton court. 4:34 right now. all public schools in palmer are closed today after a threat was spray painted on a sign outside the high school. here's a photo of what was posted on palmer high school's facebook page. it reads shooting along with today's date. the person who shared the picture said the other side of
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school activities are canceled for today. police and school officials are investigating. police are stepping up patrols at a new england mosque after it received hate-filled letter warning muslims to leave the country or face genocide. the mosque in providence is one of several mosques in seven states that received the identical letter. the fbi says there are no specific threats for them to investigate, but they are monitoring the situation and urging people to report police say they haven't received a formal request for increased security at boston- area mosques, but they are ready to provide it if asked. a massive water main break repaired in buckton, but that's the damage from yesterday. this morning there are still some street closures to tell you about. crews have been working to repave the sidewalks and roads in front of washington street. the pipe burst at the front door of the coffee and wine bar yahoe. it didn't affect anyone's water
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several restaurants. >> they've got to get all this done and then health inspections come. >> the break also caused three underground electrical fires, sending thick toxic smoke into the air that forced the evacuation of more than 100 people from a hostile. 4:36 right now. carver food bank robbed. the chef is one of three people now facing charges in the case. and as wbz's lisa muller reports, the food pantry needs help to replace what was taken. >> everybody he and so warm and makes you feel like part of their family. rrn the carver -- >>reporter: the carver council on aging and the carver food pantry, a helping hand for the needy, all in one building run on community and trust. but police say that trust was broken when the cook raided the kitchen. >> i just couldn't believe it, i mean, i just came in one day. >>reporter: chef david lavoi,
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daughter kimberly parsons now charged with larceny and conspiracy. >> we were notified that there was some suspicious activity going on at the council agency. >>reporter: in september police say they set up video surveillance at the facility which captured la voi and his co-conspirators stealing food on the weekends, from chicken wings to prime rib. lavoy is even accused of making his own special orders all on the council's dime. >> he was responsible for ordering items which is what makes it difficult to determine how fa >>reporter: the chef has since resigned, a shock to the people he served for 6 1/2 years. >> wonderful. he was like everybody's uncle, super guy. >>reporter: now carver is starting fresh, encouraging food donations to the shane gibbs pantry on main street. and there is another way to help, another food drive is taking place next week at carver high school. in carver, lisa muller, wbz this morning.
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where he and vice president mike pence, vice president- ectomy mike pence, rather, are expected to announce more about keeping jobs outsourced to mexico. officials briefed by carrier air conditioning says the company will keep about 800 union jobs in indiana. about 1,400 workers were set to be laid off. carrier says incentives offered by the state of indiana were, quote, an important consideration. former alaska governor and vice presidential nominee sarah palin may be up for a the "new york times" reports palin is being considered for secretary of veterans affairs, the same job former bay state scott brown is up for. ancht recount of the presidential election is expected to begin in wisconsin today. green party candidate jill stein asked for the recount there as well as in michigan and pennsylvania. president-elect trump narrowly won all three states. the recount is not expected to change the outcome of the election, however. also today both trump and
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speak at a forum offering insight into the election. new overnight major changes coming to major league baseball. the associated press reporting the winner of the all-star game will no longer get homefield advantage in the world series. instead it'll be determined by the pennant winner with the better regular season record, that's according to someone familiar with the five-year collective bargaining agreement reached between the league and the players association at midnight. >> so is that better or is that worse? >> it just means we have to play really well throughout the whole season. >> oh, okay. thank you. coming up on wbz this morning, 25 is the new 30 in boston. >> we're not talking about age, we're talking about speed limit. how soon drivers will have to slow down on city streets. also coming up this morning, good news for bicyclists in boston. the changes making riding through the city safer. and we're not sure if it's cool, but this is definitely an unusual punishment. why police are playing
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boston children's museum going all out this holiday season with some fun that will
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mazing ice skating event yesterday where kids can skate indoors just wearing their socks. gold medalist nancy kerrigan was there to kick it all off. she thought them some triple axles -- >> no. in today's money watch, a candy company has promised to lower sugar without changing the taste. >> plus the top priorities for president-elect donald trump's pick for treasury secretary. jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange this morning with those more. good morning, jill. >>reporter: good morning, chris and kate. steve mnuchin donald trump's pick for treasury secretary says americans should expect, quote, the largest tax change since reagan. he told nbc he wants to drop the 35% business tax rate down to just 15% and then cut taxes for average income earners. on the regulatory side, he hopes to strip back parts of dodd-frank, that landmark
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opec reached a deal to cut oil production by 1.2 million barrels a day and oversupply has led to lower prices. it is the first time in 15 years the oil cartel and non- member russia have acted together. non-opec members are also expected to cut back. oil prices shot up by about 8% on the news and that means drivers will be paying a lot more at the gas pump. netflix users can now watch shows offline. an update in its app will let users download shows in ad without an internet connection at a later time like on a flight. i should note, not all programs are available offline. and nestle has discover add way to cut the amount of sugar in its chocolate by 40% without impacting the taste. so it alters the sugars that it tastes sweeter in smaller amounts. nestle says it will gradually implement the change in its chocolates like kikkats and butterfingers. i think we can be the judge of that whether or not it's going to impact the taste.
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this is all said and done, jill. we'll figure it out. >>reporter: i'm in. >> all right, jill, thank you. appreciate it. that netflix, that's huge, on a plane, you don't have to buy stuff now, i can download it and watch it? oh, that's great >> it would be pretty fantastic. >> we love it. >> change in the way we travel. danielle, another wet morning out there to start, another soggy start. >> and december 1st, can you believe it? we flipped the calendar here. i'm going to give awe little preview chris and kate. winter begins on with the solstice, 5:44 a.m. the average high temperatures this month dropped from 46 degrees today to 37 by the end of the month and normally for the month of september boston sees an average snowfall of nine inches. you remember it took until mid- january last year to get the first inch of snow in boston. we already had a trace this year back in november. back in november, like it was so long ago, yesterday. satellite and radar here tracking the rain out there.
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southeast connecticut and eastern long island is going to move over the southeast part of the state over the next hour and a half. we still have some showers around for the cape and islands. they are light right now, but for the most part they're wrapping up and pushing east, all the way from borne, stretching back down to barnstable, over towards orleans, provincetown and cape cod bay. a couple of sprinkles over plymouth bay and a couple of light showers from gloss ter into the tip of essex ty heavy downpours right along the 89/93 interchange, stretching up through wolfsboro and another batch of rain in the western part of the state, amhearst up to greenfield. those will continue to move off to the north and east. 40s and 50s right now. it's just shy of 60 in taunton, it's 49 in boston. so it is a mild start to the month of december, and as this low departs during the day today, by the way, you notice it's snowing, it's a wet, pasty snow in northern maine, so
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of welcomed snow there. for the rest of us, the sun breaks out, it get as little bit breezy this afternoon, but highs go 55 to 60 degrees this afternoon for many of us. our friday looks pretty quiet. we'll get a couple of snow showers in the mountains. for us no wet weather to worry about, and the start of the weekend looks bright with sun and clouds, still a little bit breezy on both saturday and on sunday. and it does look like our temperatures are going to be cooling down with a northwest wind dragging in some cooler air out of eastern canada. so temperatures will be running in the 40s foe weekend as opposed to the 50s to near 60 today. high of 58 in boston, 57 bedford, norwood, taunton, 55 to near 60 out over the cape. it's already mild for us there. overnight tonight just a few clouds, 32 to 38 in the suburbs, about 40 downtown, the wind is going to stay active tonight. it's going to be a wind chill in the 20s for some of us when you wake up tomorrow morning. and then the highs won't be as mild, but will still be above average, 45 to 50 for most of
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this time of year. a little chilly on sunday. no weather-related issues at gillette, though. could be a flurry or two on monday, colder two. kate. >> thank you, danielle. taking a a look at the roads right now at 4:48 rkt the expressway, although foggy and wet out there, roads are smooth sailing right now as you head into the city and hopefully will stay that way for a little bit longer this thursday morning. drivers are going to have to slow streets. the boston city council yesterday voted to lower the speed limit on city streets from 30 miles an hour to 25 miles an hour. they hope it will make streets safer for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers as well. changes go into effect janelle january 9th. despite protests, a houston energy company plans to activate a gas pipeline through several boston neighborhoods today. globe is reporting the company will begin transmitting gas through the pipeline in west roxbury. residents have been protesting this for the last two years.
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where dynamite is regularly used and neighbors fear it's only a matter of time before an explosion could happen. the city says spectra energy which runs the pipeline has not turned over crucial safety plans yet. riding a bike around boston apparently getting safer. a new harvard study says there was a 14% drop in injuries from 2009 to 2012. the study credits changes made by the city like expanded bike lanes and better signs, and it says the more bikes that are on the roads, the more aware drivers become. police in canada trying off the street. in addition to heavy fines, criminal charges and license suspensions, police in the town of kensington are now promising to play nickelback in the cruiser on the way to jail. you may remember nickelback, the canadian band that became popular in the '90s. and every song sounds the same. >> and that's cruel and unusual punishment for sure. i mean, they all sound the same >> hey, if you're drunk
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ahead, from a breakup to harassment charges. >> the local man accused of stalking a school principal and trying to humiliate her. plus trick or treat, the massachusetts lawmaker proposing to change the day
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welcome back. 4:52 right now. a heartbreaking scene in lawrence. police found two parents passed
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two kids inside. officers say the couple jacob davis and tamara bruce drove three hours from vermont to buy drugs in lawrence. a passerby thought they were dead and called 911. first responders found a 23- month-old on the woman's lap and a 9-month-old in a baby seat. dcf has both kids now in their custody. a man accused of stalking a whalen school principal and trying to public humiliate her is now facing charges. police say 49-year-old kurt sanborn dated th with him. they say he started stalking her and leaving flyers all over whalen, referring to her as a woman who consumes large amounts of alcohol and is promiscuous and is a detriment to the students, taxpayers and people of the community of -- at the time place say he was in jail on bank fraud. he is now out on bail. a painting depicting the ku klux klan members will remain at an art exhibit, but
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drape to look at it. the art exhibit at salem state university was scheduled to reopen yesterday. it will run through december 14th. the exhibit is meant to illustrate the divisions caused by the recent election. massachusetts and rhode island are among 18 states sharing a federal grant for preschool. massachusetts will get $15 million and rhode island will get $6 million to expand access to high-quality preschool for children from low or moderate income families. that money comes from the department of education and health and human lessons pay off for a stotten family. 11-year-old lisa from abragus has known for months she was getting a baby sister, so she paid extra attention in her cpr and heimlich maneuver classes she took at school. and when 2-day-old miranda started choking on formula, she knew exactly what to do. >> she was, like, mom, calm down, this is what you have to do. turn her this way. you got to pat her this way. >> i told my mom to turn her
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come out. >> baby miranda is going to be just fine. mom, though, might just explode with pride. >> no kiddin'. a new push to change the day we celebrate halloween in massachusetts. josh cutler who represents pembroke just filed a bill to celebrate halloween on the last saturday in october, rather than october 31st. supporters say the change makes sense, kids won't be trick or treating when most people are driving home for work >> yes, please. sign me up. on. two more generous donors dropped off three rings at a wal-mart in whiteningville. a woman drop offed a ring in a kettle in wallettingham. one of those rings was appraised close to $700. >> the next day when we open up the kettle and we're counting to bring it to the bank, we heard a different noise and it was different, it didn't seem like coins, and when i looked
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ring. >> a few weeks ago the salvation army raised nearly $27,000 from an auction of 60 pieces of jewelry that had been donated over the past two years. ? ? well, christmas has come early to symphony hall. last night was the first in a series of holiday pops concert setters by the christmas." santa stopped by as he will for every concert between now and christmas eve. there is nothing more christmassy or holiday like than going to the boston pops. >> i remember as a kid going, thinking, like, this is magic. >> it is magic. >> so cool >> it absolutely is. today is the first day of metelogical winter. >> it may be warm in boston, but it's starting to look like winter in the city. the new attraction about to
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h,z/ kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they're twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love.
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crews are putting the final touches on the winter wonderland at boston city hall plaza. boston winter opens up tomorrow. it will include an ice skating loop, shops made to look like shal ets, food, massive decorations and, of course, a spot for santa. it will all open be -- it will all be open seven days a week. charges for certain activities, though. >> santa is everywhere, he's at the pops, he's at the plaza. he's all over the joint.
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hall plaza keep that little ice loop permanent or make it a roller skating loop? >> yes. >> it looks so cool >> i declare yes. your top stories, weather and traffic are all ahead here on wbz. we have breaking news right now at 5:00, a police chase ends with a crash in brockton. an officer injured and the search under way for two people. a mother murdered in her home, her teenaged son is heading to court. with charges. the neighbor that says she helped save that teen's grandmother. plus all public schools in palmer shut down today. the threat putting the school, parents and police on alert. good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us, i'm chris mckinnon. >> i am kate kate. it is december -- i am kate merrill. i woke up this morning and my elf on the shelf returned for the season. so christmas and the holidays


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