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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  June 6, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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right now at 11:00, an exploding soda machine caught on tape. >> there was a big splash and a loud boom.
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>> the search for who planted the bomb. the last lifeline for heroin addicts. it's a new weapon for cops and tonight you'll see how it works. camden outplaying philadelphia. the move that may have the 76ers spending more time in jersey. good evening, i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. first tonight a bomb goes off inside a vending machine in philadelphia and cops want to know who planted it there. >> investigators say this happened late last night outside a plumbing and heating business on montague street in the city's mayfair section. nbc 10's stewart spencer spoke to the chief inspector on the case tonight and, george, he told you this was not an innocent prank. >> reporter: absolutely not. they're concerned whoever did this has some legitimate bomb-making materials. after the explosion sent sharp pieces of plastic like this raining down across this block. and right now philadelphia police are searching for that bomb maker aggressively before
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it happens again. through the lens of a black-and-white camera, the explosion happens in an instant but look again in slow motion. the moments of quiet calm before, that light shining brightly and then this, a shattering blow to the soda machine below as projectiles fly. so that came all the aacross the street. >> right up to here. >> reporter: directly across the street, michelle rodriguez is among the closest neighbors jolted by the boom so powerful they could feel it. >> it was a really loud, loud, obnoxious boom. and the flash of light. >> we heard a big boom and your t whole house shook like it was an earthquake or something. >> reporter: by this evening, only shattered glass remained but last night neighbors captured the scene. the well-known red-and-white coke machine blown apart by 5 homemade bomb police say planted ten minutes earlier. >> this could have been dangerous. this was not vandalism. this was a detonation of a dangerous explosive device.
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>> chief inspector sullivan says cameras captured a man putting the device in the machine's dispenser. for now they're not revealing a motive or a connection to the nearby business. but they are concerned he may have basic bomb-making knowledge and even more of the dangerous explosives on hand and ready to go. >> we're concerned that he's going to go out and do this again and the next time somebody's going to get hurt. >> if it would have been during the day knowing that it was literally right here with pieces of the plastic she could have been hit by it. >> reporter: despite that risk, no one was hurt. philadelphia police tell us right now the alcohol, tobacco and fire arms lab down in maryland is reviewing fragments of this bomb to determine exactly what kind of material was used that, too, should help lead police to their dangerous suspect. live tonight in mayfair, george spencer, nbc 10 news. a major headache for anyone heading south to the beach this weekend. you'll face a big detour and
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extra traffic from the 495 bridge closure. and for the first time today, delaware transportation officials admit they should have move faster after they got a tip the bridge was tilting. the engineer who called in that tip tells us why he raised the red flag. dave charles was at a meeting by the christina river last thursday when he noticed the pilings on the 495 bridge just didn't look like they were lined up properly. he snapped some photos and sent them to dell dot. his observation prompted dell dot to inspect and close the bridge, but not until monday night. charles may have saved lives and some people are calling him a hero. >> i don't consider myself a hero. i think there are a lot of heroes in the world. i've gotten a lot of thank you e-mail this is morning and i appreciate that. i do feel like that's part of what we do. we're engineers. when we see something like that we need to say something about it. meantime, another man tells nbc 10 he called del dot back on
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april 15. he says del dot told him they would go out and take a look. tonight del dot is checking its records to see how that situation was handled. happening now in south philadelphia, another heavily traveled span, the platt bridge, is shut down for maintenance tonight. crews are resealing the bridge's surface. this is happening until 5:00 monday morning. you can expect more traffic than usual in this area over the weekend. your best bet is to use i-95 as a detour. tonight police departments across our area are receiving a new tool to fight the heroine epidemic. narcan is a nasal spray that can reverse the effect of an overdose and it's getting results. just last night for the very first time ocean township police used narcan to save a woman's life. new at 11:00, nbc 10's nefertiti
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jaquez shows us how it helps. >> holding back tears, patty says the day she lost her only son was the day she lost a piece of her heart. >> i said "see you guys later." and he left and the next thing i knew police are at my door telling they found him in camden in his car of an overdose. it was worst day of my life. >> reporter: her son salvatore, who was supposed to be at a session for outpatient treatment for his heroine addiction, was found slumped behind the wheel of a car, dead of an overdose. it was three years ago, he drove from blackwood, new jersey, to camden and in the city's drug-ridden north end he died at 26 outside of this apartment complex. >> it doesn't surprise me that he came here because, like i said, this is where the heroine is. >> reporter: the city's top cop doesn't argue that. >> the suburban drug buyers is the lifeblood to our open air drug market. so it's a frustration, a challenge that we have. >> reporter: so with 200 overdoses year to date, 19 of which have resulted in death, the camden county metro police
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department has launched a new line of defense. >> we knew that we had to get the narcan antidote into the hands of our officers as quickly as possible. >> reporter: so they trained hundreds of officers like the ones we road with today administering the medication to help revive overdose victims. >> you can see results asap. as far as us waiting there for the emts to administer it, those type of situations, time ois of the essence. >> reporter: no one knows that more than patti as we s.a.t. more than three blocks away from where her boy died. she hope this is will help save the lives of other mother's sons. >> nobody should go through this. >> reporter: the initiative was launched two weeks ago and the chief says three lives have already been saved, including one earlier today. we're in camden, nbc 10 news. >> reporter: three high school students are facing charges tonight after police say they brought guns and ammunition to schools and right now they here
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in the newcastle county detention center. a classmate a william penn high school in newcastle reported seeing a picture of the freshman students on wednesday. they were posing on instagram with a gun in what appeared to be the school bathroom. police say they searched their backpacks and found a 9 millimeter pistol, ammunition and a pellet gun. the school tells nbc 10 it will soon be making the front entrance more secure and is also considering other safety measures. for the first time, we hearing from the store manager of a church's chicken about the frightening moments during an armed robbery. this was the scary scene monday night at the church's chicken in the 5800 block of woodland avenue. n southwest philadelphia. surveillance video shows the suspect jumping the counter with a gun in his hand. he runs up behind the store manager, knocks him to the ground and demands money. nbc 10's george spencer spoke manager remy aguilar who says he was worried about the female
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employee. >> reporter: you hear how she's screaming here. >> yeah, i would think the guy was going to kill her. >> reporter: you thought he was going to killer? >> i was thinking. aguilar suffered minor cuts to his face and head. he tells us the man got away with about $800 from the safe. new video tonight of a burglar in action. this surveillance video captures a man with a backpack rummaging through lou's farm market in ben salem back in may. eventually he walks up with the entire cash register. if you recognize him, police want to hear from you. a new york man is under arrest for a three-state crime spree that started in pennsylvania and ended with a crash on the george washington bridge. police say luis figueroa abduct add woman in lieu sarin county. he torch add car dealership? paterson, new jersey, stealing another car and heading over the gw bridge. here's where that wild ride ended this afternoon. police stay 32-year-old was
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driving a cadillac escalade when he hit two port authority vehicles on the bridge. three officers were hurt. figueroa was arrested after his car broke down and he tried to take off on foot. it appears camden will win out over philadelphia far piece of the 76ers. >> comcast sportsnet has a talk about the planning out of philadelphia. >> they plan on building their own facility in new jersey. they hope it will be ready to nope two years but they will still play all their games at the wells fargo center. >> certainly we would be disappointed. >> philly mayor was not aware the sixers are planning to relocate but he understands why. >> you've got the state of new jersey literally throwing money at the 76ers and sometimes that might be a little tough to turn
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down. >> reporter: the sixers say they filed an application for the camden waterfront today. here's the location near the aquarium. they plan to build a 100,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility. camden can offer big tax credits. they're going to vote on that tuesday and camden residents welcome the sixers. >> yeah, i think it's a positive look on the city of camden. i think it boosts our reputation up. >> the fans are here. we support the sixers so they're home anyway, whether they're on that side of the river or this side of the river, they're home. >> reporter: the sixers were n tenate tenants for 16 years. now they have their own home. >> are there any challenges that sixers fans need to know about? >> no, because fans weren't able to watch practices. unless they open up practices on the camden river front. all the games are at the as well as forgo center so not a big change for the fans but great for the city of cam ben image
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wise. >> thanks, john, see you in a few minutes for sports. >> also ahead, a caught on camera attack, a gambler takes on a casino for a different kind of winning. and a fishy situation at the shore ahead of a busy weekend. the fix for a stinky problem. >> not great weather ahead but there also could be rain coming. i'll let you know if it will impact your weekend plans ahead in my first alert forecast.
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on this 70th anniversary of the d-day invasion, a celebration of heroes. president obama joined french president francois hollande in paying tribute to the thousands of troops who fought for our country. >> they sacrificed so we might be free. >> the invasion of normandy by allied troops on june 6, 1944 considered a turning point in the war that would eventually break hitler. but more than 4,000 lives were
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lost in the initial fight. 200 american veterans made the trip to france for today's anniversary. president obama told nbc's brian williams today he was missing the world war ii veteran who helped raise him. >> my grandfather passed away over 20 years ago. this is one of those days where i thought to myself it would have been nice to have him here. >> russian president vladimir putin was also there today. he and president obama had a face-to-face meeting where aides say mr. obama told putin it's time deescalate in ukraine. if you missed nbc's d-day special "journey to normandy" earlier tonight, you can catch it coming up at 2:00 a.m. here on nbc 10. a north jersey man becomes the latest alleged victim to file a lawsuit accusing security guards at harrah's casino for excess i have force. the attorney provided by nbc 10 with this surveillance video. the lawyer says the 36-year-old
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man had been asked to leave the casino floor for being loud and he was going to his hotel room when he was attacked but security guards. he says the assault in september of 2012 left him with a concussion, bruised ribs, cuts and four broken teeth. harrah's parent company tells us it can not comment on pending litigation. earlier this year, nbc 10 told you about two other lawsuits harrah's is facing. on the left is an incident we reported in february involving two atlantic city cab drivers who accused harrah's security guards of assault. on the right was surveillance video we first showed you in march. in that incident, a casino dealer says security guards at harrah's attacked him for no reason. since january, seven people have sued harrah's, all for similariy week iset u d thn andonali ls the c smpeea owith
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