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tv   Today  NBC  June 11, 2014 2:07am-3:01am EDT

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio >> sort of live.r plaza. >> what? >> we're kind of alive. is that what you're trying to say? >> it is booze day tuesday, everybody. june 10th. time to clear up out there, isn't it? >> good morning. >> remember this song? ♪ now and then >> here it comes. ♪ give that chicken fat back to the chicken ♪ ♪ and don't be chicken again don't be chicken ♪
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>> it turns out that i was wondering how did i hear this song? i came in saying does anyone know the song "chicken fat". >> she was the only one singing it. that was 1962, composed for the president kennedy's physical fitness program. what year were you born? >> 1964. >> how do you know the chicken fat song? >> in west virginia, where i was raised, they thought it was new. >> did not mean to offend anybody in west virginia. >> i love west virginia. >> you're the apology du jour today. >> i love it. hold on, the reason i knew it is because what is old is new again. the new apple commercial has it in it. let's listen. ♪ ♪ touchdown every morning ten times ♪ ♪ not just now and then
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♪ once more on the wild west ♪ go you chicken fat go away ♪ go you chicken fat go >> okay. >> i'm so happy that's back. i am so happy that song is back. >> you don't rest unless you get one crappy song a day on this show. you know what i'm saying? >> we'll listen to that over and over. it is an apple commercial, it is on all the time. >> colbie caillat is here. and josh turner is here. very fine musicians. >> colbie caillat has a new music video. guess who happens to be in the video, just for a nano second? >> you and i are and we never looked lovelier. >> we did it all without makeup, because we like her. >> now from orange is the new black -- i guess people are binge watching all weekend long. >> these -- they have four of the people on earlier. we have laura prepon on with us. there were people running into the studio who worked here for
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years who don't run into the studio to see anybody. they wanted to see "the orange is the new black" people, a new phenomenon. how about that? anyway. >> okay, we have to discuss this. it is sad, but interesting. halle berry and her ex-boyfriend have been battling over their daughter nala for years in court. it got ugly with that brawl in front of their -- it has been a -- >> it is finally over and here's what happened at the end. they ended up sharing custody of now 6-year-old nala. they have been battling for years. >> most of her life. >> yeah, you're right. it turns out halle berry will have to pay child support, $16,000 a month until nala turns 19 or graduates from high school. anyway, and they also gave her former boyfriend at the time retroactive support, which means he's getting an extra chunk of $115,000 for all the time they have been talking about it and
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no one has been paying. >> you know who really got rich? the lawyers. the lawyers have gotten rich. they reached a custody agreement in 2012, anyway, so they never got married. they lived together, they had a beautiful child. how do you feel about the spouse at support? it is not spousal, but it is support. >> i think, i mean, look, i think that the child has to live in a home with halle some of the time and in a home with her dad some of the time. >> so there is a lot of security. most of that is -- >> probably security for things to keep -- transportation, things like that. i mean, here's the thing. the thing that kills me is you battle for four years or however many years they have been battling over this. and at the end of the day, they're sharing custody, okay. they paid the lawyers a boat load, she's paying anyway. i mean, i -- someone told me when i was going through a divorce, there is a price for freedom. and sometimes you want to fight
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because fighting is -- like justice. but at the end of the day, do you want it to go on and on and on when you can really have your freedom and there is a price for it. so, you know, now you have your freedom, your daughter. >> she since has gotten married, has another child. she's happy. but they have not been able to move to france by court order because of the joint custody thing. i wondered if that's based on her income or on the needs of the child. because she is one of the highest paid actresses in hollywood. $16,000 is a lot of money. it does not go as far in los angeles, let me tell you, as it does in other parts of the country. >> yeah. >> it really doesn't. >> right. new york has one of the highest, you know, cost of livings. >> yeah, it does. >> okay, so -- >> i'm glad it is over for them. >> we have news about sandra bullock. yesterday, or couple of days ago we told you about this invasion, someone broke in to sandra bullock's home over the weekend. in los angeles.
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she has a home well fortified, a good way to put it. she has fences, barbed wire. >> she just recently put in. >> and the neighbors were surprised anyone could get in. someone got into the home and now she's done something to try to prevent him from ever coming in again. she obtained an emergency protective order against the guy. he was arrested outside the home and -- >> 6:30 in the morning on sunday. pretty vulnerable time. you're just -- >> if someone is in your house, while you're in there -- the question is, a lot of people file protective orders, i did a lot of "dateline" stories and people always had a restraining order, protective order, one of those orders and it made it so the cops knew and kept a record of when he was around and that kind of thing, but, you know, it is difficult when there is somebody who is hell bent on doing something. it really is. >> a lot of the laws, you can't do anything about it until somebody has done something illegal. >> right.
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>> so you're at risk because they have got to do something bad to you before you can -- before they get arrested. anyway, terrifying. >> if you're planning on flying, in 2050, and who isn't, 38 years from now, okay, there is an idea of how planes will look in the year 2050. okay. first of all, they're saying that planes will have a 360 panoramic view of the sky. so you'll be be able to see everything above. they also say that classes, like first class business and economy, will no longer exist. instead, they'll divvy up the plane in zones, depending what you want to do, gaming, or golf, go in that zone. if you want to socialize. look at the chairs. they'll have the massage chairs like at the manicure place, in the chair. >> we don't have to wait all those years for that.
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>> you're right. they can't be that pricey. >> and air freshener, we have to wait 50 years for that? look, and drinks? >> if they can put those chairs, they could put them into planes and they're so awesome. they did that based on what people requested and what they want. would you like that, to be able to see everything around you. >> no. >> in a storm, you would be scared. >> there are so few places anymore left that you can go and just get away, if you want. go into a -- a little cocoon for a certain amount of time. and turn off mobile devices and, you know, probably everyone will be yakking on their phones too. yeah, peace and quiet until you hit the turbulence. that didn't look good. >> does birth order predict your love life? >> apparently, yes. plenty of fish.
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>> they looked at 7 million singles on a site and found that first borns were most likely to find love on their website. those who -- >> overachievers. >> reliable and controlling. >> the least likely to find love are the jan bradys, the middle children. >> me and hoda. >> because you're people pleasers, peacemakers, trying to -- >> we're also a little rebellious, that was not true of me, until i was way older. my sister was a rebellious -- >> mine too. and we learned when they got in trouble, oh, not doing that. they set the tone for what not to do. >> she had it tough, your parents were really, really strict. >> they were. i know. >> what's the worst thing that ever happened to her? >> she couldn't go to any dances. i wasn't either, but i snuck out. so i watched. >> you were rebellious. you told me what you did at summer camp. people magazine calls him one of country's hottest dads.
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>> josh turner is here, brought along his guitar. and two-time winner colbie caillat. >> and she's about to reveal something brand-new.
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that's what we call healthing. lysol power & free. start healthing. for healthy floors, try lysol clean & fresh. the only cleaner approved to kill germs, even when diluted. that's "bubbly," remember the song that put colbie caillat on the map in 2007. and it is one of the best-selling digital tracks ever. >> now the two time grammy winning artist has three studio albums to her name and is releasing the first half of the fourth. in digital form. and it is called "gypsy heart side a". >> the lead track try is available for free. yes, for free, all week, on itunes. we're about to get a sneak peek at the new video, which we hear has two very big stars in it. >> and postmenopausal people too. good to see you. >> good to see you.
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>> how about giving away the track for free. >> i know. >> tell us about that idea. it is smart. >> you know, itunes does that, a great way for people to just first hear your song and want to get it right away. people like free stuff. and the more people that can hear the song -- >> you were discovered on youtube. on myspace. >> remember myspace? >> yeah. >> really launched your career. a little bit of a payback for that for being found on the web. >> this is amazing. i'm so excited for this album to be out. i worked on it for three years now. and i really wanted this ep to come out first because i told people i had music out for a while now and i kept, you know, pushing it back. i wanted to give this to them and they can, you know, get to know the first five songs and then -- >> have you written the others? >> yes, all of them. all the record is out. we're giving -- >> can we talk about us? we're in your video. okay. so this -- the song is called "try." there is a new video out. we're only going to show a small snippet. you can guess what it is going
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to be. let's watch. ♪ ♪ you don't have to try so hard ♪ ♪ you don't have to give it all away ♪ ♪ you just have to get up get up ♪ ♪ you don't have to change a single thing ♪ ♪ you don't have to try you don't have to try ♪ ♪ you don't have to try try ♪ you don't have to try ♪ you don't have to try >> i love that. i love your voice. >> thank you. >> so unique. >> so pleasant. >> thank you for being in it. >> tell us how you came up with the idea for this song. >> well, the whole point of this song is to embrace who we are, and, you know, obviously we all wear makeup and get done up for things. >> we're looking at your beautiful face now and you have very minimal makeup on. you try to walk the walk.
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>> definitely. i even contemplated not wearing anything, but tv, you know, it is not -- you don't look as normal as you do out in the sunlight. >> was it tough to get people to participate? for us, we were, like, yes. >> it was so difficult. that's the thing. all of us, we want to make sure we send our best picture, the best angle, some girls didn't want to send a picture because they just got a recent pimple and wanted to wait. or one girl didn't want to wear no eyeliner because she felt more comfortable. i know that's what we all do. i like my eyebrows to be darker and i'm, like, here we go, i'll take this picture. >> young girls look at this, people like you, in the magazine, and everybody is airbrushed and everybody is photo shopped out the wazoo. but, you know, it does create a -- it does create a false -- it is illusion. >> even for myself. all my other album covers, they have been a little bit photo shopped and this one, it is not at all.
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>> when you release the second half, how long do we have to wait for the rest of this to come out? >> when the new plane comes out, 50 years from now. >> soon. soon. we don't have an exact date. but it's very soon. >> you're going to sing for us a little later in the show. you're going to perform for us. "try" or something else? >> "try". >> great. great to see you, sweetheart. see the full video, go to do nice guys always finish last? matthew hussey says, yeah they do. what? >> if you didn't do it this weekend, make a date with your tv and binge watch the show everybody, everybody is talking about. >> "orange is the new black" is back. we'll talk to one of the stars, laura prepon right after this. ♪ ♪
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actress laura prepon spent eight seasons in a tv time warp playing a teenager named donna on the hit sitcom "that '70s show," but now she plays drug smuggler turned prisoner. >> it is alex's complicated relationship with the next girlfriend and fellow inmate that is at the heart of the netflix series "orange is the new black" which one critic called freaking excellent. >> that's awesome. thank you, whoever that was. >> that's amazing. >> you disappear into every character you play. like, we feel like it is a first time we're meeting you, but it's not. >> when i was doing "are you there, chelsea," i hung out with you guys and i was blonde. >> blonde and playing a cocktail waitress. >> she's the reason for the alcohol on our show, because she was -- >> one of the first parts she got me, she sent me a case of
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velvedere vodka. >> the obsession with this show is remarkable. people feel like they don't have room for one more show. but what captured everyone? >> i honestly don't think there is another show on television now that has as many strong independent female characters. and netflix is awesome. we totally pushed the envelope. we go there, and audiences are smart. they want compelling tv. now it is more competitive than ever. >> have you ever gotten one of the scripts and said, my gosh, they want me to do that and millions of people are going to see it? >> that happened to me yesterday. >> what did you have to do? >> we're already shooting season three now. and i literally read the script. i was, like, oh, my god. it is so exciting because that's what -- that's when you grow as an actress, when you're out of -- like, okay, we're doing this. >> your character is not always the nicest.
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but the fans are crazy about you. >> thank you. >> and -- you're the bad girl. >> they want the bad girl. >> they wondered if you were going to be coming back. there was a little worry. >> netflix doesn't do the standard tv contract of, like, locking you on for six years. so i had a conflict come up. but it has been handled and started season three and in every episode and i'm so bummed i wasn't in season two more. i'm sorry, you guys. season three, already shooting and it is going to be awesome. >> explain this to us. you are in prison. >> right. >> where were you? >> yes. >> did you get out of prison? >> i can't give it away. it's streaming right now. you can check it out. i can't give it away, though. >> your hair looks good in prison. i'm always astonished. >> thank you. >> they get their hair done in prison. >> we have a salon in our prison. >> one of my fears of going to prison is i'll look like -- the gray will be in. >> i'm afraid of not having tweezers to pluck errant hairs.
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is that okay too? >> we tend to figure out how to get things. >> contraband. >> yeah. they make -- like red smuggles things in for us. >> in body cavities. >> through the kitchen and stuff. and the girls are very wily. they'll mix kool-aid powder with vaseline to make lipstick. my character gets black eyeliner and trades pills for -- they all have their little things they do. it keeps some sense of themselves, you know? >> we're so glad to see you. congratulations. >> good to see you, sweetie, for the third time. colbie gets ready to sing her new song. >> and matthew hussey.
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we're back with more of "today" on this booze day tuesday, hoda's favorite. and time for the other view on relationships and dating.
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>> today we shake things up a bit with "today's" contributing love strategist matthew hussey. you might not have known that matthew has a huge following on youtube. >> huge. >> he gives all sorts of advice. in the video you're about to see, matthew talks about the trouble with nice guys. check it out. >> insidious thing about niceness is that niceness can actually hurt the people that it is intended to please. you're not honest with people. you're trying to please. you don't give them the opinion they need to hear to grow, to change, you don't cut someone down when they need cutting down. you don't demand respect when you need that respect and there by teach them a lesson about you. niceness actually can hurt the people it is intended to help. >> well, if you put it that way -- >> now i'm depressed. >> is there a difference between a naughty boy and nice boy? mean guys is different than what you're talking about. what are you actually -- >> mean guys should finish last. but i don't -- i also think nice guys should finish last.
2:34 am
the old maxim that nice guys finish last, they should. >> why? >> i think nice in most cases is a euphemism for spineless. >> i don't see it that way. maybe younger generations see it that way. >> this is the difference between nice and kind. to me, kind is a proactive word. kind is about me wanting to do something for you, me wanting to look after you. nice is about me not wanting to offend you. >> that's hoda. so nice. >> i feel like there is -- >> i've been kind. >> there are many people, women don't want a nice guy. as much as they may say they don't, women don't want a nice guy. they know what a nice guy is like. when you're in trouble, the nice guy isn't the one you want around. you want someone bold, someone who can take charge, someone who can lead, and typically that's not the nice guy. every woman has been on a date with a nice guy and for the first date, he turns around and says, what do you want to do tonight?
2:35 am
and she thinks, oh, just be a man, like, step up and make a decision. >> charles in charge. >> i like people in charge. >> yeah. make a decision. do something. she's not really saying be be a man, she's saying stop being so freaking nice all the time. >> a different definition of the word nice. >> too many people are so afraid to rock the boat, cause offense, the lowest common denominator. >> are they boring as a result? >> completely. what could be more boring than not wanting to offend anybody at any point? what could be more boring than that? >> i'm against this whole conversation. >> i'm starting to miss e. jean terribly. i like a little craziness. >> exactly. >> i think, look, i think there are certain things that are issues that need to be discussed and certain things don't need to be hashed out. >> people don't discuss things. >> they do eventually.
2:36 am
>> do you want a turkey sandwich, yeah, okay. >> no, no. that's -- >> i use a different adjective. >> who cares if it is baloney or turkey? >> i say what are my choices? would that be good? >> that's better, isn't it? >> you've used the word with me, you used naughty. >> yeah. >> how often are the nice guys naughty? >> i feel like -- >> here is what women constantly come across. guys who are either complete jerks, mean guys that treat them badly, or they come across guys who are nice and boring. and most women convinced themselves there isn't a guy in between those two. >> only one you. and you're taken. >> well -- by the both of you. >> wow. >> let's get back to nice guys. >> all right. we got to go, though. that's all the time we have. >> okay. >> matthew, thank you.
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>> not sure this works, but you let us know on facebook. if you want to submit a question for matthew, head to and hit the connect button. >> all right. we have great gift ideas for dad. >> josh turner shares his fatherhood advice. maybe we can get him to sing a little for us. >>et ulfiorcara od. ulfiorcad k ook? what er one.str holook tricky... eel s whof dants sa
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sy a tis t ct on t diap hi "y dot onerns wy.>> y.h puof aed " anfather".lo? on. whe er. boy,haio t? prtiouow t . s.>> wantsea>> oer d yo a tan't tchildrig 3. ustee tht gasetenewha cothd he go
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an.sesor oky es b you yoext rempll g>>ig hodol it heuld ben therart thatg. t o wridit singsty reen ae interv to h peoe i lve l f sic l,evme y.woulyi >> sow, ther's ♪gome wiheyou i likay.ti les mon shi♪ intoet don ♪ ♪e t meg on l
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be ie ♪tsigs wher ♪ t lt rist run yoab tmu. >> every book i've ever written and every baby i've ever made. >> enjoy. >> yes. >> great to see you. god bless. >> all right. >> if you would like to read an excerpt from josh's book "man stuff," go to >> get a book for your dad and tweet him trendy new stuff for father's day. >> right after this. cleaning the home.
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you have five days left to get a special dad in your life a gift for father's day. if you haven't found the right thing, we'll help you out right now. >> host of "something borrowed, something new" sam saborra is here with gifts for dad. >> how are you doing? >> happy father's day, everyone. >> and to you. >> quick essential gift is a watch. these are from timex. i put together father and son
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sets. they're matching. all of these start around $23, go to about 60 bucks. you can go online and use dad or grad and get 20% off on timex watches. >> okay. cuff links. >> these are cool for the sports lover and the avid writer. we have bottle opener cuff links around $50, open a beer. they we got these, typewriter keys, frank gifford on them. for the writer, for the reader, pga golf balls that have been played, they're real, legitimate, and these cuffs are from madison square garden from the rangers, played nhl pucks. they're cool for the sports lover or -- >> do people wear them still? >> absolutely. even casually. >> the world cup beginning thursday, right? >> yes. online, a poll, the number one gift dads wanted, world cup gear. these start around $30. these are the home and away
2:47 am
jerseys. the actual official world cup gear. these are a wonderful gift for your dad as well. >> are these diaper bags? >> they are diaper bags. this is from a company called diaper dude. major league baseball bags that dad can carry. dad will have to carry the bottles and all that good stuff. this is the cool way for dad to be a dude at the same time. we also have baby bottle coolers you can fit your water bottle in. there are pacifier holders, start around 7 bucks, 16 bucks. these are a great way for dad to get involved with the kids. good gift for a new dad. >> every dad loves techie stuff. >> this is a great way to carry your techie stuff in style. a brand-new website called essential what is cool is everything on there is very unique and one of a kind to that site. you can start shopping, using genius tools, by price or by your dad's style personality. these are stick on wallets on your iphone. real leather. you stick them on the back and carry your i.d. and money. this is a cool laptop bag. >> love that. >> envelope bags are super in style.
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this is a more masculine version. >> we have models. we have got adam and mark and they have duds on. come on out. >> this is three generations of the cohen family. >> tell us about them. >> adam is a daddy blogger. his wife is a photographer. he wanted to give back -- the two of them dressed up together, taking pictures together. they're wearing great, inexpensive stuff. mark from zara, from h&m. and this is from essential man, it is panama, real panama jack hat, made in panama. has awesome loafers. great gift for dad. for a company called jack irwin. they're awesome as well. >> thank you. >> thank you. happy father's day. >> the grammy winning singer/songwriter. >> colbie caillat with a song from her album "gypsy heart."
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the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. >> multiplatinum recording artist colbie caillat has been kind enough to stick around and sing a song for us and her fans. >> lead track off her fourth studio album "gypsy heart side a", the album is in the top ten on the itunes charts already. >> yes. >> we're going to get her to sing "try," a free download all week on itunes. who is your friend? >> frazer collins. >> here she is with "try."
2:52 am
♪up oget your yourrutr ♪mi s you ♪ o the ♪ ydon't hy ng s l♪ke y yo ♪usha t dondry, e ♪ ll extrd e ♪ ♪e yo
2:53 am
♪ wait a second why s theyf u're a ou havry away ♪ g ou jt upup up ♪e ry, t ou youave ♪ y de t t don hry, ttrry done ♪'t hno, no ♪ ♪ you don't have to try so hard ♪ ♪ you don't have to give it all away ♪ ♪ you just have to get up get up, get up, get up ♪ ♪ you don't have to change a single thing ♪ ♪ you don't have to try try, try, try ♪ ♪ you don't have to try try, try, try ♪
2:54 am
♪ you don't have to you don't have to try ♪ ♪ take your makeup off put your hair head down ♪ ♪ take a breath look into the mirror at yourself ♪ ♪ don't you like you cause i like you ♪ >> yeah. >> i love that. >> oh, my god. >> what a great, great message. >> beautiful, beautiful. >> thank you, honey. >> wow. >> tomorrow from usa -- >> have a great day. >> "try". >> you don't have to try. >> oh, my god. ppus
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>> i'm here to help. you and i will get through this together. ♪
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