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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  June 13, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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brittany shipp is monitoring the flood threat. let's begin with glenn "hurricane" schwartz tracking it right now. >> the heaviest rape in new jersey right now. not as heavy as it was in pennsylvania. the problem is mostly in pennsylvania. you saw the flooding. it is headed towards reading. until some of that heavy rain gets there. at 8:00, those areas have had flooding. they don't need any more. here's the heavy rain in 295 and the jersey turnpike south of trenton right now. in ocean county, another area of rain that is in the delaware
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beaches, being there around 6:30 and seeing the rain start to move out this evening. we still have the flood threat. we have more on that. >> we have more rain on the way. we have entire areas under the flood threat. the areas highlighted in green will stay in effect. we have a flood warning in effect until 6:45. we have reports of flooding or flooding is expected to happen in the near future. we have a flash flood warning that will stay in effect until 8:45. you can see the reason why we have reports out of dover. we have a other than person who is stuck in high water. these are things that we are monitoring. the chlorer look near mount lauerle. it will take people a while alonger lo get home.
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we are dealing with high volume. that will be thunderstorms. glen hurricane schwartz will have a close are look at the weekend forecast. >> you can track the flood threat and be prepared for the weekend ahead with the first alert weather ap. download it for free on nbc other news with new information on the plane crash that killed lewis katz nearly two weeks ago. a report from the national transportation safety board said the crew did not perform a flight control check before attempting take off. nbc 10's harry hairston was there hours after the crash. you have been combing throughout report. what are investigators focusing on? >> as soon as i took a closer look, you read down and it said it looks as though pilot error is a key part of the investigation. >> a report released today
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suggests that the crews that showed the coowner lewis katz and six others did not perform a flight control check before take off. the aviation experts told me it appears pilot error played a key factor in the crash. the experts i talked to said there seemed to be no indication of a can cal error. the engines were working properly. the earlier indications would suggest pilot error. today reports on the may 31st crash also indicates a possible problem with the plane's mechanical system. the ntsb said that's a system designed to protect opponents from wind damage. >> for prevents the systems from moving in the wind. if they were locked into position, that would have made it impossible for the plane to take off. officials told me the plane did reach a maximum speed of nearly
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190 miles per hour during take off and did not lift off the runway. there was supposed to be a safety system to prevent the pilot from roaring down the runway with the gust lock system engaged. it is a mystery how the plane reached 190 miles per hour if the system was in fact engaged. they said the plane's brakes were applied before it crash and hit. this is the preliminary tlapt does not identify the cause of the crash. live in the digital operations center, nbc 10 news. >> it's a waiting game on both sides of the bargaining table as a possible strike for septa's regional rail that could happen in a matter of hours now. both are expected to resume with a federal mediator. the strike will begin if septa doesn't change. any locomotive not outside of the station will be halted. on sunday, septa is set to
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impose wage increases. cydney long is live in center city tonight. so far the office has not intervened. >> that's correct, but the governor's office told me they are watching the talks closely and pennsylvania transportation secretary also reached out to both sides, urging them to try to come to a resolution into this evening and before midnight. because this is a federal railroad, either the mayor or another could reach out to president obama and order the federal mediation. so far that has not happened. they may be waiting until a strike occurs. >> for could last as long as a week or a couple of days. >> the philadelphia labor relations attorney said a strike on the lines will cripple the city and said if it happens, it will likely stretch into several days. >> the question becomes when
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does septa go towards the court and move with proof that the health, welfare and safety of the city and the users of the transit system have been placed in jeopardy. that could take a few days. >> they anticipate the mayor or the government will call on president obama to order mediation to buy eight additional months of talks. he said the nightmare will have a crippling effect on septa and the city's reputation and the economy overall. >> the economy of the city of philadelphia will suffer. the economy of the you suburbs will suffer. people cannot get the medical attention they need and get to work. people could lose their jobs. >> again the talks that came with higher ups will resume here at 8:00 here with the federal mediator. george spencer will be monitoring the discussions. we will have the latest for you tonight at 11:00.
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nbc 10 news. count on us to bring you the latest information on the possible septa strike. if something happens, you will be the first to know. for updates any time, go to nbc new developments on the i-495 bridge closure. the transportation secretary toured the site and transportation secretary saw work under way to get the bridge stabilized. parts are being rushed in from across the country now and repair work is moving aggressively. >> it's unfortunate this reminds us of what we have as a country. hopefully as we get this work going, this will descend on washington. >> crews began drying down deep to install new pilings and foundations. dell dot won't confirm that the
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dirt pile that was next toll bridge caused it to tilt. trying to catch a man who tried to build down a building. he poured accellerant on the hope well food market and then set it on fire. police have released pictures of the suspect. the fire happened in the predawn hours on wednesday. the suspect got away on a bike. the business was the target of another arson in february. i'm right here. i would like to know the truth. >> the truth is that everything has been solved. >> all new tonight, jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg is trying to get answers from the landlord accused of getting thousands of dollars out of local teens. tonight, a partial victory for the seven philadelphia teens who said they were victims of the
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summer rental rip off. ted greenberg was there when the landlord returned some of the money to the teens. >> why you give them a lease for people when the city said it's for three. >> i have no comment. >> he tried to keep things positive right after he agreed to return thousands of dollars to seven teens to whom wildwood officials say he rented an apartment beyond its legal capacity. >> everything has been solved. i have the paperwork here. >> we first told you how the new high school graduates wanted a refund of the $14,000 they paid for an overcrowded rental on spicer avenue that they say was invested with roaches. less than 24 hours later, he gave the group $6200 and agreed to pay an additional $5,000 over the next ten weeks. >> they are happy, i'm happy. >> i'm not happy.
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i'm not happy we couldn't get the rest of the money. >> reyou refused to give them dating back to the start of the lease. >> why go along with that? that's not fair at all. i top the enjoy my summer. >> the troubles don't end there. he faces a dozen charges and city officials are pushing to pull his mercantile license. he also illegally leased units to two other groups of teens in buildings that are under foreclosure and bank-owned. what is true. me the truth. >> it's paid for. >> tell me. i would like to know the truth. >> the truth is that everything has been solved. >> the mother of a guy in this group only decided to cough up cash for one reason. >> i think putting the story out there, he obviously did not like the publicity he was getting.
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>> he paid for the teens to stay at a local motel for three nights after getting that refund money, they started their search for a different and legal place to spend the summer. in wildwood, i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. next on nbc 10 news at 6:00, ending on a wet note. i live look at cape may. this will wrap up in time for the weekend. glen? >> that persistent rain for the last couple of days is expected to end soon. we have to get through tonight first. i'm tracking the rest of the evening and father's day. >> 1,000 people waited in line several blocks long for a few secondses with the former first lady. i will have that story for you next at 6:00.
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. nbc 10 is tracking storms and a flood threat this evening. nearly the entire area under a flash flood watch or warning. new pictures of flood damage on social media. >> let's take a look. this is in old city philadelphia. how hard the rain was coming down throughout the area and this item almost couldn't see
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out of his windshield as they were driving down the street. part of i-95. let's see other parts of the area and this is in allen and the water had flooded the road and was going off of the roadway. you want to make sure you are not driving through. this is what it looked like earlier in the area. around allentown and lehigh valley. the video doesn't do it justice. this is in berks county. you can see they are being used for people trapped in high water. you can see more of the photos on nbc >> people lined up for several city blocks and get a chance to meet secretary of state hilary clinton. they got her signature on a copy of her new book at the library. you spoke with the expert about what it could mean for her
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possible run for president in 2016. >> reporter: i did. the high temperatures did not keep the people out or away from hilary clinton. things have calmed down a little bit, but the line snakes down the block and around the corner just for a few seconds to talk with the former first lady as well as secretary of state. they make their way to philadelphia today. 1,000 tickets sold in just over 24 hours. each person getting a copy of her new book hard choices and an autograph. a local grad student was the first person in line, getting here at 5:30. by noon he had an autographed copy and her support. >> aspirations was the elephant in the room. she would only say this. i said she runs and she said i'm
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happy you could be here today. she didn't give an answer. >> it's a bit of camouflage. >> at temple university, he said perbooks and candidate chris christie's appearance on the tonight show last night are part of a soft opening of campaign. testing the waters to see what's possible for 2016. >> hilary probably has a more sophisticated national election team behind her and he's going to have to build that. >> while clinton continues her tour, she will have more control over her narrative for the most part. meanwhile, christie has the bridge scandal fallout hanging over his head. >> assuming he didn't know about it, then the problem that he has is who can he trust? >> a lot to talk about and the election is more than two years away. live in philadelphia, nbc 10 news. back to the weather. the first alert weather tracking
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the storms. we have been putting up with this persistent rain all week. thankfully it is expected to come to an end. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking where it is and where it's headed. >> new jersey did not get a lot during the day today earlier. that's why the flood threat is not as severe in jersey. this one heavy cell is moving to the northeast. that will get around 7:00 tonight. you can see other rain up 295 on the turnpike, but not as heavy as a while ago. one heavy cell that we have been watching. we continue to see flood warnings across much of the area, but these are brief and
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localized and we will be seeing the weather improve dramatically. the rest of the weekend looks great. saturday at the shore will be the warmest day because of the land breeze and the sea breeze on sunday. beautiful doting days. the humidity is going to be low across the entire area. showers and thunderstorms, some of them heavy, but we are not seeing a lot of them. they are weakening in general and should continue to do so for the rest of the night. tomorrow nothing but sunshine and much lower humidity. nice breeze and comfortable day and comfortable sunday for father's day with lots of sunshine. it gets hot as soon as we start next week. the humidity comes back and the thunderstorms come back for
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tuesday, wednesday, and especially thursday. we may dry out again by the end of the week. could we get five great weekends in a row? we will have more on that coming up at 11:00. i'm john clark. when it comes to trades, who is untouchable on the phillies and mike schmitt talks about the brink of breaking his record. next. my dental hygienist, she's awesome.
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the phillies coming off the first peek in two months and can they win four straight for the
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first time in over a year? they are hosting the worst team and the cubs start tonight. could this be the night they break the franchise record for him? they need 1 to tie and two to break it. he is hit sifly in seven straight games. here's mike schmitt. >> it's a great thing. i led the phillies in something and it's great to have jimmy. he's a great friend and passionate ball player and couldn't happen to a better guy. >> this is jay in high school almost 20 years ago. he had the swag back then. set close to i dozen school records. they drafted them 18 years ago in the second round. phillies gm is preparing for possibly trading away veterans at the trade deadline. the team would eat the salaries
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and listen to offers for any players. >> we talked about this before. some guys are less touchable than others. >> if someone said we would like utley or whatever player out there. i have to do my job. explore. >> the flyers's defenseman is coming back for another year. he signed a one-year extension with bonuses. he loves thinking about retiring and he would like to hear. he will turn 40 in march. >> he broke his foot in hoo high school and teams are worried he may need surgery after the draft. he said not true. >> my food is fine. everybody has their opinion on what should you do.
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no pain before, during, or after. i'm fine. >> martin has a six-shot lead at the u.s. open. i'm john clark. >> lots of spirit. law enforcement from across the country joining special olympics athletes for the final leg of the torch run in hamilton township, mercy county. the mayor and police chief welcomed the special olympics to new jersey. the games begin tomorrow and run through june 21st.
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>> another look at the radar. it's not as heavy as it was. not as much lightning. in lancaster county, it continues to move eastward and that would go into chester county. we had too much rain there.
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>> keep us up to date tonight. the news continues now with light me in news with brian williams. on our broadcast tonight, plan of action with heavily armed fighters working their way across iraq. president obama lays out the options for u.


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