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tv   Today  NBC  June 17, 2014 2:07am-3:01am EDT

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathy lee gifford and hoda. liverom studio 1 a. >> hello everybody. by that, i mean you. it is fun day monday, we've median wonda yes, sykes. >> lots of hollywood buzz going on. >> we will tell you what zumba can do for you. >> in the meantime you went off to one of your favorite places in the world.
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>> i had a spectacular time with my friends. we had a couple of photos of new orleans festivities. one is -- we're running along the lake and there was a guy running in his underwear. we were like 7th grade girls. >> why didn't you get a little closer. >> we tried but he was running fast. the other picture is of me, karen, catherine and john. all four of us had a great time but it was a terrific nice, week end how was your weekend. >> remember when jill gave you some ideas of father's day last year? >> well, that's what i gave frank. i think we have a picture of him -- there he is by the grill. he says what am i going to do with this. i don't need this. half an hour later he comes out all decked out in this. >> how cute is that? >> you know. we were shooting the book good gifts that we were doing to raise money for the salvation
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army. >> uh-huh. >> so we've been shooting for the last eight months or so shots from the house with recipes and all kinds of stuff. there's one down in the south of france. it's been fun. so that will be out hopefully in time for christmas. >> we want to see that book. >> yeah. and i have a signing of that stuff that i have that i'm not allowed to talk about. >> by the way your signings are ut out of control. here is what's so funny. people are lining up. >> we went for a two hour signing of the stuff. i can't tell you how many people as i went along -- >> he's byrum. >> we were going to be there for two hours but we ended up being there are for three. >> we had some sad news. we knew that casey kasem had
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been ailing for sometime. he passed away on saturday's day. he was 82. when you hear his name. when you hear his iconic voice. it makes us all harken back to it. >> that's my generation. >> let's listen in case you forgot the voice. >> i'm casey kasem. these are the most popular songs in the usa. >> keep your feet on the ground. >> he's a very nice man. i met him a couple of times in los angeles he couldn't have been more gracious. >> i was just thinking when i was looking through the papers, you want to read about casey kasem's legacy, instead, you read a little bit about the legacy but 3/4ths are about the new white and the custody. he lives an incredible live. >> he did. he died of the same zeedisease t
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my father died from t. i'm glad that his suffering and his family's suffering is over. that is an awful, terrible thing to live with. >> let's move on. this is a great story. first of all, anything that has to do with little prince george. guess what little prince george did? >> he's walking. he's trying to walk. >> he took a step. >> oh, my god. look at this. he is trying out those legs. >> she does. oh, my gosh -- >> he is just delicious. >> he was at a charity polo mat match. anyway, he turns one in just over a month. picture, this, you're on a slight. you're with your 3-year-old. the flight is about to take off. you're buckled in and suddenly your 3-year-old says mom, i have
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to go to the bathroom. you say, you can't. the kid keeps saying i have to go. you're on the taxi way. you don't know if this plane is waiting or -- >> so she decided her kid was going to have to go to the bathroom. the flight attendant said no, you can't go. you must stay in your seat. guess what happened? the kid who had to go went in the seat. the mother was freaking out because of that. she wants to clean up her child but getting out of the seat. and then she stood up fen and the cops were going to come. >> takes the child off the plane. >> her name was jennifer debro. >> it all calmed down on the end of the day. >> there's enough faa regulation. >> well, there's nothing more frustrating than to be sitting -- it's like you're sitting on a gray round bus. you're not moving.
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>> you can't explain it to a 3-year-old or the flight attendant. >> jetblue did apologize and they offered her full credit and a $5,000 to a charity of her choice. the mother said it was an awful experience but i couldn't be happier with the outcome. jetblue gave us $5,000 to a charity of our choice. >> all right, jetblue. how come everybody gets back to us when we're about to go on the air. >> this all drags our showdown. >> this is the incident in question happened while the aircraft was on the taxi way. the risk of sudden air craft movement, the crew made a -- an faa based decision -- we said that but thank you thank you for getting back to us, actually because nobody ever does.
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>> if they get back we should thank them, too. we have to read the whole statement which is just what you said. >> everybody is buzzing about the world cup. i didn't see a second of it because i had such a crazy weekend. >> it's hard to escape it because if you go get a manicure guess what's on? the world cup. the u.s. plays ghana today. it's going to be big? >> who's ghana win? what, it's just a question. are they saying what the odds? >> ghana wins. there's a new survey out that says that men -- this is a british survey. it's by this durex. >> what is that? >> durex. >> what do you think it is? >> condoms. whatever. the condom company in the uk did a survey. they said over a quarter of men from the uk said they would turn down sex to watch the world cup. that also means that 3/4th of
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them would have sex and not watch the game. >> what is your point. >> my point is if you're team is not playing. >> all right. this is supposed to be really cute. police officers rap and sing katy's park hordark horse. this is when the cops don't have anything to do. they are sitting in their cars waiting around. >> some cops are singing it in texas. >> ♪ are you ready for, ♪ ♪ the perfect storm ♪ there's no going back ♪ she's a beat ♪ she'll eat your heart out like jeffrey dahmer ♪ ♪ shorty's heart is on steroids because her love is so strong ♪ ♪
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just another way for you to snuck on -- >> my favorite part is the guy is singing the katy perry part. >> they are called the hip hop cops. >> very cute. although i don't like the song. i can't help it. >> time for our favorite things. >> we're sharing it. this is called nourish snacks. if you look at this. look, it says open with joy and guess why? >> and then eat -- >> do you know why they say open with jay. >> because our joy bawyer. >> these are delicious. they are all proportioned at 200 calories or less. >> the great thing is there's one thing that's like tsh. >> half popped, popcorn kerners. >> are they good?
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how do you order them. >> online. >> do you know who's coming this week? she's coming this week. joanna. i was reading -- >> wednesday. >> wednesday. her sixth book. this is regis's oldest daughter joanna. she's a terrific writer. i wouldn't hold these people if they weren't good and really fun. >> and we love regis too. >> they are supposedly for young adult reading but i like it, all right. everyone has a story is coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ everyone has a moment that changes your life ♪ ♪ it's suddenly clear in that moment ♪ ♪ now that is music. this winner is lisa risso from
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slidel. remember we were going to mix it up a little bit and we wanted to do a wonderful love story. well, she's on the phone with us. congratulations lisa. >> oh, thank you so much. >> can you give me a real brief s synopsis of the story. >> well, i'm an oncology nurse and i had a very special patient who every time she would come in for her chemotherapy she would tell me about this wonderful guy she wanted me to meet. i kept putting her off and finally decided we have were going to meet and then she passed away unfortunately so we did not get to meet. and five months later, i got a phone call from her husband who said she left it on her bucket list for get introduced to eddie. >> we met and eight months later, we were married. >> well, we wrote this song
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called mr. wonderful. >> okay? you come to new york and some great broad way performer is going to sing it for you. >> bring that new orleans cheer with you. i can't wait to see you. >> all right. coming up, we will meet two newest members of the club and find out what all of hollywood was talking about this weekend. the latest buzz right after this. >> i love these.
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it's time for today's where we get you all caught up on the latest entertainment news that you might have missed over the weekend. >> good to see you again. >> what is going on with gwyneth and chris? are they back together. >> i didn't understand the whole thing to begin with. apparently they are still living together. there's some speculation that of course it is because of their kids. >> they are conscious. >> well, maybe. maybe they are unconsciously coupled instead of being
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consciously uncoupled. they live in brentwood together. they spent weekends in malibu at their weekend together. the speculation is maybe they are going to postpone the divorce for the sake of their kids apple and mows. >> if they could save that, that would be lovely, a movie out there being tossed around called the nest with a lot of snl folks with. tina fey. this is going to be released next september. >> amy and tina play sisters and rudolph plays a twin. snl and harvard of comedy. >> kelly clarkson had a girl. >> congratulations. >> oh, i love her. i love the name. river rose is it -- >> black stock. >> the celebrities have to have
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such silly names for their kids. >> that's not silly. it's very country, it sounds to me a little bit like a luxury lanch ranch in arizona. >> i love her. >> you name your baby what you want to name it. >> it's a healthy baby. we're happy for you. good for you, kelly. >> you know what -- >> say it right there. with sincerity. >> kelly, i love you. >> there you go, congratulati s congratulations. >> there you go. all right. >> tell her you love her baby. >> i love your baby even if it does have a stupid name. >> oh, that's awful. >> enough about river rose. >> let's celebrate queen elizabeth's 88th birthday. >> do you love her. >> i do love her. actually there's some weird tradition where her birthday is on april 21st that they
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celebrate is in the summer because the weather is so bad. the whole royal family is out. it is so beautiful. >> accept for little prince. >> except for little baby prince. >> do you like him. >> he's not cold like black stone ranch. >> stop. >> all right. the box office. what about 22 jump street? >> it's unbelievable how well it did. >> this is huge. $60 million for a sequel that's twice as much as the first one. >> cody thought it was one of the best sequels that i have ever seen. >> my daughter hated it. >> it has that kind of bro thick going on. >> how to train a dragon also did well. >> that was expected. that was $50 million. >> good. and congratulations to jonah hill and channing tatum whatever that chemistry they have is. >> is that it. >> that's it. >> any more people that you want to offend. >> i'm out of here. >> have we offended everybody.
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>> yeah. >> the inspiring story of a young man who beat the odds and graduates high school. wait till you hear what happened to him. if you hear your phone ring please pick it up, it could be us but probably not. we will surprise our fan of the week after this. ♪
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all right. it's time to surprise our fan of the week. >> fan of the week. >> drum roll, please. while we span the globe. it's landed on team new h hampshi hampshire. k congratulations, evan, it's
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adorable. evan, before we tell you what you won we will tell you why you were chosen. >> evan has watched our show for years. starting when he was in high school. now he is in college. he says that we're like his big crazy sisters from finals through college applications, we've gotten through every day with a laugh and a smile. evan often time himself rocking out to kathie lee's music god bless him. >> and reading my book. >> he has heart of a woman. >> and he even has our head shots . that poor baby has no friends . evan. we also heard that you used a quote from hoda in your senior high school yearbook. >> i did. right there and i wrote the biggest thing i learned was to smash my own spiders and get on with my day. there will be another. >> wow. what a great philosopher. >> well, we're happy for you. we love you very much evan. we will tell your random fandom.
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>> can you theme her theme song for a monthly segment where we do them on inspiring them. >> ♪ ♪ everyone has a story. >> that is perfect. you and a guest are going to add to the w.j. mariot in beautiful san antonio, texas. four days, three nights. you can lounge by the pool. enjoy breakfast and dinner, daily. it's beautiful. right there along the river walk. you will also be able to explore the area with a barge ucruise. you will receive a variety of passes to local museums and more. accommodations all furnished by the mariot. attraction passes were provided
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by the san antonio convention and business bureau. >> evan. we're excited. >> thank you so much. i love you both. >> we love you. have fun. >> thanks for sul of your support. coming up a man who had a tough start in life who is beating the odds. >> plus funny lady wonda sykes is here. all after your local news.
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we are back with more of this on today. wand wanda sykes is here. actor and author not only known for her brash humor but also her voice work in the movie rio. wanda has a new role as executive producer. very fancy and mentor of nbc's revived last economcomic standi
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>> what did you do to it? >> made it better. >> new and improved. i'm a comic. my producing partner, she's also a comedian. so when nbc said we want to bring it back, we were like well, not like it was. >> not like it was. >> with he got to fix it. >> america doesn't get to decide that. >> oh, no, i don't trust america. >> they've made some interesting choices lately. >> some awful choices. i'm not trusting you. no. i have no idea what they are doing? who are you trusting? >> we have great judges. we have rose an bar. kenanwaynes. russe russell. >> this guy is a international superstar. >> he's a comedian obviously. >> did you call him up and say, hey, look. we'd love for you to be the judges. >> i did reach out for this.
2:35 am
>> it was easy booking. >> i'm not going to say easy booking. >> rose anne. >> now the world cup has been on every television around the world. are you into it. >> yes. i love watching. >> what do you love about it. >> do you like ghana. >> i root for the u.s. the usa, our group is like -- it's just tough. they should have just said just stay home, you know? >> i'm pulling for us, though. hopefully we will get an upset in there. >> so she thinks ghana is going to win. >> ghana is going to lose. >> did you pay any attention to the whole kardashian situation that was going on? >> which one? >> the wedding. >> there's so many kardashian
2:36 am
situations going on. >> you know what, chris -- what's it called -- kris jenner. >> in the south of france. drunk. a lot of drunk people. >> as soon as you go through customs, they hang you a box of wine. >> so you haven't been following them. that's not one of your -- >> not really. i have any own situations being a mom and all of that. >> how are your kids. >> my kids are great. they are five. they are just hilarious. my son, he thinks he's funny now. we were on vacation and i was giving them the run down by hey, look, you want to have a good vacation or bad vacation. they were saying good vacation. i said all you have to do is just listen. just listen. if i tell you to do something. my mom tells you to do something.
2:37 am
just listen. i'm going through everything and all of a sudden, i look over and my son goes -- like right on cue like he's asleep. come on woman, you're repeating yourself. you're boring me. he got me good. it was so perfect. >> yeah. >> the timing that couldn't even be mad at him. >> some day he might be on last comic standing. >> invitation only. >> don't call her and ask to be on. >> that's right. we booked the top comics. >> all right wanda. thank you. good luck with that. it airs thursday night at 10:00, 9:00 central. >> the inspirational of a man who turned his life around after being raised in foster care. you will like this. he is doing so well. and how a little moving and grooving helped one woman drop 350 pounds. sfx: car unlock beep.
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vo: david's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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it is time for beating the odds. 18-year-old tyre grant is days away from achieving a milestone in his young life. he's about to dawn a cap and groun for his high school fwradation. his journey wasn't always a sure thing. here is tyre is his own words. >> my biological parents have
2:42 am
been gone for many years. when i was six heading into foster care. it was kind of rough. i didn't know too much about what was going on. i was young. i kind of moved back and forth to homes and it was really difficult. i fought, i screamed, i yelled. i cried. it hurts no kid wants to be put in that situation. my parents adopted me when i was eight. i just felt wanted. i felt accepted. there's no better feeling than that. with my parents teach meg to value education. it had a huge impact on my success. there's so many distractions from girls to sports, to parties and i've had all of those distractions come my way but just knowing that school is the priority and it's number one. i was able to maneuver through all of the distractions and still make it out on top. when i received any scholarship to college, i probably shed one
2:43 am
tear. i didn't let anybody see it, though. it was definitely a very joyful moment for me. i'm nervous and excited but i think overall i'm ready for the challenge. >> he sure is. tyre is here with his mother and father, teresa and walter grant. congratulations to all of you. what are you going to study in school. >> i plan on studying law and policy and probably a minor in philosophy. >> wow. he was the very first child you adopted. what was it about this wonderful young man that drew you in? >> well, it really drew me in when the case worker showed me his picture because at first i told them i wanted a girl but once i had seen his picture, his eyes, i said he was for our family. >> did you agree, walter? >> yes. i really did. when he came to visit with us,
2:44 am
you know, he would do weekend visits and he fit right in. >> such a beautiful -- >> you could tell such a great older brother, too. did he help take care of the other kids. >> because he went onto adopt three more after tyre, right. >> yes. >> what was it before you found this wound wounderful family. what was your life like. >> it was kind of difficult wondering if i was going to be moved to another to home. >> did you always feel like people were passing judgment on you whether i want this kid or not. >> that's what i felt most of the time. it was kind of difficult so i would try to look for signs of acceptance. it was kind of hard at times. >> how did you know that you had also chosen the right family? what was it about these two? i think the main thing was when they firsted asked me, did you want to be apart of our family wait, i thought i already was
2:45 am
because i had been there for so long it really felt good. i knew this was a place for me. this is where i belong. >> well, god bless you all. we have a wonderful woman here who has been championing you for many years. i think you have her card. >> okay. >> mary de ceasar is here. she wants to come out and say congratulations. she's your college advisor. >> oh -- >> she has some advice for you. >> she says you're exceptional. she expects you to run world some day. >> what is it about him that made him stand out to you? >> everything. you see that face in the morning. he is excited about everything. >> well, we will let you guys catch-up. >> -- donate a thousand dollars
2:46 am
just to take care of your needs -- god bless you all. thank you. >> all right. proud members of our club and how they dropped 350 pounds combined and car ycorhoreograph aby miller dances right after this.
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it's time for the club and the induction of its 2 newest members. both who were tired of being overweight stied to do something about it through big changes in their diet. between them they've lost more than 350 pounds. here to tell us all about it is nutritiousal miss bower. so those two people are going to knock your socks off. the first is meredith. she's from north carolina. she grew up in the south. lots of buttery bisque ots. she always remembers herself
2:51 am
being the big girl. it wasn't until she got married and had her first child. she was at the playground with him and she couldn't go on the slide and swings. she was stuck at that weight right on the park bench. and shen went to the pediatricn and said i am doing this for him when she hit the 99%. she started walking 20 minutes a day. she walks out 158 pounds thinner. >> meredith's before picture. all right meredith let's join the get fit club. >> oh, my gosh. >> unbelievable. i am totally shocked. >> radiant. >> do you remember that woman? >> i do. >> wow. >> it seems like so long ago but no so long ago. >> that is amazing. >> she actually runs five to six miles a day. >> how does everything feel.
2:52 am
do you sleep better? >> everything is much better. >> how is your boy doing, better? >> yeah. >> girl. congratulatio congratulations. come quickly over here. this is what she used to make. >> still look goods to me. >> one portion 158 calories. now she makes a crock pot. >> so next we have patrick he's from right around the corner in new jersey. in this picture he's 450 pounds. so when he graduated college and he weighed 450 pounds. he went to the doctor. he was 22 years ol. the doctor told him he had dangerously high cholesterol and needed to go on medication. he went over to the gym and discovered zumba. he will walk out here 210 pounds thinner and show us something. >> this is the before. let's get a close up and -- let's see him. come on out.
2:53 am
>> oh, my goodness! >> unbelievable! >> he's an instructor now. >> how long did it take you to get through a zoomba class when you started out. >> it was a lot of breathiness. i got winded easily. >> i wouldn't stop. >> and then it got easier and easier the way you did it, right. >> yeah. and then he started to have fun with it. >> one of my favorite structures took me on stage -- >> did you love it. i was pscared. >> ready? here we go. one, two, three -- >> whoa! one, one, two. one, one, two. >> i like it. >> i just want to dance with
2:54 am
you, is that okay? >> that's crazy. >> congratulations. thank you so much. >> congratulations to both of you. we have somebody who might be critiquing your dance moves. cohoreographer abby miller critiques your dance moves but first this is nbc.
2:55 am
2:56 am
millions of fans wauf choreographer and dance teener abby miller where she's known for her loud, direct, and even harsh criticism at times. now she's taking her expertise on the road and giving her dose of tough love to other dance studio owners in her new lifetime show called abby studio rescue. take a look. oh, my gosh. abby lee miller. >> hi. >> hello.
2:57 am
oh, my gosh abby lee miller is right there. >> right there. whoa. i need to take a second. >> my name is abby lee miller. and i'm here to offer my help to triple threat. >> okay. people are scared of you. that's the take away. they look terrified. are they when you walk in? >> maybe they thought i was there to judge the kids . what are you there to do exactly? >> i'm there to help the dance teach erer teachers. >> i'm dance lessons are a luxury so sometimes it's the first thing to go. dance teachers get stuck with costumes. i have a garage full of them. you get stuck with having to pay the teachers. so it's tough out there. so i'm going into dance studio that's are in trouble. the problem may be their building. the facility.
2:58 am
it's falling down around them. maybe they don't have the money for the repairs. so i've been able with the help of some other companies, get new flooring, get mirrors. get ballet bars. get gymnastic mats. that's wonderful. >> is this personality that you have on the show is this what you have at home. is this you all the way? >> i am. i'm good at my job. i'm passionate and i want everyone to feel the same way. i want everybody to be good at their job. >> when people criticize and say who does they think she is. >> no, i think when they stop tweeting about me is when i will worry. >> you have a little secret weapon that you brought long with you today. >> this is maxi. >> how are you sweet heart.
2:59 am
>> this is maxi. she's the youngest member of the abby lee dance company that you see on dance moms. she's been in the shadow of her big sister for whitequite a whi song. she had the number one song on i tunes and the number one video. are you going to dance? >> come on, let's go. >> what are we doing? >> what are we doing. feet together. twist and the twist. two times and then go the other way. twist and twist and twist. what else? >> we will walk four times in our little circle. struck your stuff. walk. one, two, three, four. >> how old are you? >> i'm ten. >> what are you supposed to say. >> how old do you need me to be? >> all right. tomorrow word up. a little performance by little
3:00 am
mic. >> >> i'm here to help. through this get together. ♪


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