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tv   Today  NBC  June 24, 2014 2:07am-3:01am EDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> oh, my gosh, it is a fun day monday, june 23, 2014. kathie lee is taking a week off 'cause she needs to chill out and go to rehab and with me -- >> kidding. >> kidding. kidding. joining me is jenna bush hager. >> hi. how are you? we are wearing yellow. >> we are bright today. we are bright and sunny. >> going. >> a lot of stories to tell when she gets back. i want to hear about your weekend, 'cause yours are always juicy, what you do.
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>> my weekends are jew-cy. i'm a new mom. so, between changing diapers and a naptime, that's about it >> how is that cute little baby? >> the best baby in america. >> how old is she now? >> she's 14 months. look at her, mowing that lawn. we are already teaching her -- >> chores. are you barefoot? >> oh, yeah, like beach. she is, too. i don't know if that's bad, didn't get ringworm in the making of this photo. i love, we go out to the beach. >> does she like the water? >> she likes the water. my husband takes her to swim class, so hilarious, one, two, three, dunk. and comes up like ah! water spurting out. it's part of the whole thing. >> right. >> she is so cute. she's sort of like an 80 year old woman liching in an 80-year-old woman in a baby's body. 80-year-old southern woman. we go to the park and she walks past and she goes "hi. hi. hi." and then she will go, "bye. bye." like why where did she learn this type of behavior?
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>> i wonder where. >> where did she learn it? >> were you guys glued to the tv at all for the world cup? >> yes. weren't you watching it? >> my god. first of all, i'm watching the match, and i see that, first of all, 1-1. and i am over the moon, everything's great. i'm gonna go take blake for a quick walk and come back >> oh, no. >> i talk him for a walk in the neighborhood, i hear a roar from the streets of manhattan, like a roar, oh, my god, we scored again. i ran back in, it was 2-1. and then, we were like -- i was like, look, 80 minutes on the clock. >> this clock, we both have a problem. >> look, 45-minute halves. >> 81 minutes, 40 seconds. >> 40-minute halves. >> 45-minute halves. confusing. confusing. then suddenly, it's 95 minutes. i'm like, why isn't it already? >> 95.
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i know there's rules. he is looking at -- come on, there's rules in soccer, you two don't understand. >> here's what i would like, for some of us who are still learning, in the corner, they should have another clock that has it counting down the way we are used to in the states. 59 seconds, 58, so we know the end is near. >> when the buzzer goes off -- >> we understand it's over. >> not sitting there like, wait, what -- >> tied and we wanted overtime. >> hello. is there no overtime in soccer? >> we understand now that's how it's calculated. they add up injury time and that stuff and tack it on the end, which i get. we don't know how much or when it's ever over. >> i was watching the game with -- i showed a picture of my baby dressed in red and blue, with my child. i would be like, milla what is going on here? he was out of town on aly if on the flight and i was trying
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to. they text him, i don't understand the rules. >> tell me. help me. >> also not that good at high fiving. i was like, milla, they scored. she was like, i'm tired. put me to bed. >> tell you one other thing i did this weekend. >> tell me about this. >> i saw the best band i have seen in concert ever. if you guys haven't seen the zac brown band, please go see them. i didn't know what i was in for. i thought, my god, a concert, out in queens at one of the ten his centers so they were performing on like a tennis court around the stands were up high so everyone could see and hear. great seat. everybody has a good seat. >> i took a terrible video of the song "chicken fried." so what, let's listen. ♪ cold beer on a friday night, a pair of jeans that fit just right ♪ ♪ and the radio up ♪ i see sunrise ♪ see the love in my woman's eyes ♪ >> it was such a great concert, met such great people, full of families, everybody singing along, love all the songs. trace circumstance the usher. oh, my god. >> loved her? >> she was so nice. we had such -- it was such a cool -- >> look at your face, too. you couldn't be having any more fun.
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>> i was loving every minute of it. those guys are salt of the earth, awesome people. went and greeted every -- all the fans he could touch, he did. he was so connected. by the way, since i do love country, what i get to do do today, a little bit of a dream of mine. >> what? >> i get to host a half hour of sirius country, a station called the highway. >> i love the highway. >> that's the one. so i get to pick songs and play them. >> what do you already have your song list? >> my song list. >> will you play a little old garth brooks just for me or the highway new country? >> it is new country, but can play what i want. garth? >> "the rodeo" or "thunder rolls ♪ the thunder rolls and the lightning strikes ♪ >> kathy would hate sitting here. >> she hates country? >> just hates singing, not her's. >> we both have terrible voices. >> thanks a lot. >> i actually think i have a very great voice.
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now i have learned. >> this was there little girl, really cute, a google employee wanted to, i guess his daughter wanted dad to take some time off and -- >> for his birthday, right? >> birthday, she wrote the cutest letter, i think we have it. >> so cute. >> what does it say? >> i will read, 'cause i know that you don't have your glasses. "dear google workers, can you please make sure my daddy goes to work." goes to work? when daddy goes work. i can't read it either. he gets one day off -- can anybody else? she added ps, it's daddy's birthday, pps, it's summer, you know. >> okay. i can't even, i guess the boss saw it and responded with a crayon letter that said, "dear katie, thank you for your thoughtful note and request." they gave dad the whole week off. >> don't you love that? milla is at home penning a letter now to don nash. mommy wants -- >> mom any needs -- >> mommy desperately needs a day off. i really don't. it's fine. >> if you love -- this is an ad
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that is actually a fake ad. we want to stress it is not real. we thought it was so funny, we thought we would show you, for grey poupon. you know the ads, the k mart ads, ship my pants? have you ever seen those ads? >> yes, i have. but remember the grey poupon ads from the '90s, excuse me, do you have any grey poupon? >> i remember those. but this -- i think somehow i think it is in line with the ship my pants. >> ship my pants. >> that's what i said. let's watch. >> i'm a bit of a classic. i pop uppen my butter. >> i poupon my potato salad. >> i poupon my kids' lunches. >> i poupon my fingers. >> grandma. >> gray point, poop on every everything. >> poupon everything. it is not a real ad.
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>> it should be. we should call -- gray poupon. we do an ad for you. >>ed a grimes and jessica saddleburger did that thing on youtube called "obbs". again that's fun. so love music. >> sam smith. >> he is kind of new, you guys. have you heard any of his stuff? >> i like his stuff a lot. he is now but maybe he's not and i'm just old. >> i think he is pretty new. i saw him on one of those who to watch vh-1 videos. he sang a cover whitney houston's "howly know," he did it in his own way. >> this is whitney houston's original song. ♪ how will i know >> i love this song. ♪ how will i know >> where's sam smith? >> now take a look at sam's version. ♪ how will i know if you really love me ♪
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♪ i say a prayer with every heartbeat ♪ ♪ i fall in love whenever we meet ♪ ♪ i'm asking you but you know about these things ♪ ♪ how will i know if you're thinking of me ♪ ♪ i try to phone >> so beautiful. >> that like totally takes your breath away. >> we could just listen to this for the entire show. >> recorded it had during a recent sirius xm session and he was on gray's anatomy apparently. >> isn't it beautiful? he has a really beautiful voice. >> oh. speaking of covers, pearl jam decided they were going to get in on the act. now, we thought that everyone we have ever heard in the world has sang the song "let it go." >> apparently not. >> who would have thought pearl jam? >> not me. >> they sang it for their daughter. let's take a listen.
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♪ let it go, let it go ♪ can't hold it back anymore ♪ let it go, let it go >> anyway, that's -- yeah, i mean, everyone is getting in on it. i like when bands sing covers. so funny, pearl jam. >> "let it go" has been performed by everybody and pearl jam got in on it for their kid. really cute. >> we have some guests standing in the back of our -- >> that just moved. >> just moved. we have a couple of guests back here, we want to get a quick shot of them. everyone ran. >> they have all left. >> you know what i love about our thing, everybody runs away. please don't put me on television. the witness protection program. >> just a friend of our shows who came to say hi. >> favorite things. >> my favorite thing, i just discussed, all about reading to
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mila, dna. don nash gave me this book, from laura, several copies, "on the night you were born." >> is it great? >> it's so -- on the night you were born, the moon smiled with such wonder that the stars peeked out to sea you and the night wind whispered life will never be the same. >> oh, my god. >> i love it so much, and then also, this is an amazing hallmark book that my grandmother, not my grandmother, my mom and hefe dave this is really, really cute, "twinkle, twinkle little star." >> does it have audio? >> it has audio. >> hello this is hefe. >> when the sun has gone to bed, stars light up the sky instead. >> your mom and dad are -- >> they read it. so they switch on and off and i can let milla listen to her grandparents read a book. >> can i tell you, i love that >> hallmark. hallmark. >> i just want to reenforce the zac brown band, guys, brought out police officers on the stage and everyone was saluting.
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there were flags flying. there were kids singing with their moms and dads. it was like a really great kind of wholesome, wonderful concert, except when the beer was spilled on us. it was really, really great. so, anyway, that was a great night. all right so we have got a houseful of things today, "true blood's" joe manganiello and his brother, nick, are baring it all in the new film. >> all about male strippers, some are actually here. >> oh, god. >> we have a front row seat. jason priestley takes us on an adventure that's out of this world, up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ great rates for great rides.
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and now for rvs too! ugh. heartburn. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm. amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. jason priestley has come a long way since his teenage heart throb and all-around good guy days on "90210." >> these days, busy acting, writing and directing, his newest project, he gets animated for "creative galaxy." let's take a look. >> don't forget this peach.
2:22 am
even the peach pit. ha ha. see? >> did you do peach pit for kathie lee? she is always talking about it. >> loved the peach pit? >> you know, you know, you got to kind of throw a little nod in there occasionally for -- >> grownups? >> grownups, right. exactly. >> now this is for what, preschoolers pretty much? >> preschoolers. the show is really --'s educational entertainment, sort of. the show is about helping kids, teaching them about expressing themselves through art. 'cause the art programs in schools in america seem to be disappearing. >> i know. >> is really about helping preschoolers with art. >> and you have two little kids? >> i do yes. >> how old? >> mine will be 7 and 5 next month. >> so this is kind of -- for the 5-year-old, right up the -- >> yeah. right up -- there's my 5-year-old right there. jax there. i love to be able to do things and share stuff with him. the last four years working on a very adult show, "call me fitz"
2:23 am
is a very adult show i can't share with them. for me, this is great opportunity to do something i can share. >> you think your kids will get bitten by the acting bug or have they already? has it happened? >> oddly enough, my 7-year-old, ava, she has shown a bit of an interest in doing stuff like this and doing voiceover stuff. we have a friend who is a very prolific cartoon voice artist. so, she -- >> she got into that? >> like wants to do voiceovers. >> but they watch "frozen." things like that. >> a lot of cartoons, our friend does "the voice"s in the cartoons. >> they seen you in sketches? >> they haven't. these get released on amazon prime instant video on friday. be six episodes go up on friday. >> everything is like that now, netflix, amazon seems like -- >> and you can get everything on amazon prime. kind of amazing. >> you can binge only watch it, which is fantastic.
2:24 am
what we like to do >> i ordered an ironing board on amazon prime. seriously. >> did you do that? stand there and do your ironing and binge watch things at the same time. >> do you remember the last time you were here? >> yes, i do. >> i barely remember >> a little competition. >> i remember. i remember very well. >> we were on trikes. >> he likes sports cars. >> we are going to race. >> you want to race me again? >> i want to race you again. oh, yeah. >> here, jason, why don't you get in the middle. >> okay. >> is this one yours? >> did you rig it? >> this one is yours? >> turn it this way? >> ready? which one are we? go? >> i must be two. >> go. >> go. >> got to go like this. >> mine is not moving. >> i guess i'm one. >> why are we not moving? >> mine's not working. jason, you're the only one that works. >> come on, guys. come on, guys. >> mine's working. oh, wait. i'm going backwards. >> is that me or you? >> are you three? oh, no i just crashed.
2:25 am
>> okay. i don't know which one i am. >> me either. >> which one are we? >> i'm green. >> you are? no, i'm green. you're going backwards. that's not me. >> that's me going backwards? falling down a hill. >> jason, you have a love of sports cars, don't you? >> i do, yes. >> you are the one actually driving. >> known to drive a couple of hot rods now and then. >> you won because you actually drove. >> the bar's low here, jason. jason, thank you so much. >> he continue to set the bar very low, don't we? coming up, don't go anywhere, have more handsome hunks in the house, joe manganiello's brother, nick, and male dancers will be here. and if your phone rings, answer it. it's the fan of the week. >> it may not be us though. you never know.
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[casino sounds] >> man: yeah [speaking excitedly] >> man: yeah [speaking excitedly] [dog bark] >> man: yeah [speaking excitedly] [loud kiss smack] >> man: yeah [speaking excitedly] [party sounds] >> librarian: shh >> man: yeah [speaking excitedly] [fly buzz] [hand clap] >> announcer: 888 the worlds leading online casino has arrived in new jersey. join now and get 50 free spins for the chance to win $1,000,000. every spin could win you $1,000,000. absolutely free. >> man: yeah [speaking excitedly] join now. must be 21 years old and in the state of new jersey to play real money.
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now, time to surprise our fan of the week. >> okay, drumroll, please, while we spin the globe. >> okay. the winner is kelsey dunphy from columbus, ohio, where she watches us on wcmh channel 4. she joins us by skype. hi, kelsey, are you surprised? >> so surprised, excited. >> a good way to start the week. kelsey, before we tell you what you've won, we are going to tell everyone else why you were chosen. kelsey started watching the show years ago then-boyfriend, now husband, new husband, husband, new husband, suggested is he tune in. i like this guy. >> like him already. >> introducing kell city to fourth hour is what made her realize he was the one, because she fell in love with you. >> i love it. kelsey and andrew got married last month and watching us was perfect way to release the stress during planning, invitations, to dress fittings
2:30 am
to actual wedding day, we were there for her every -- >> in the wedding dress watching you. >> kelsey circumstance you are adorable. >> okay, kelsey. see how big of a fan you actually you ready for the trivia question? >> i'm ready. >> okay. what answers the name of our regular segment featuring the man panel, the guys who give advice that usually hysterical, do you know what that panel is called? >> guys tell all. >> yeah. >> guys tell all. you are a fan. so now, are you ready to find out where you're going? >> yes. >> okay. you and a guest, i assume it's your husband, andrew, maybe not, will be heading to las vegas, nevada! >> yes. >> to stay at the forbes travel guide parks four-star award hotel and spa at aria las vegas for three days, two nights and you will get to stay in that penthouse suite. >> we do it up here. enjoy relaxing spa treatment, dinner for two, tickets to cirque du soleil and more. the round trip airfare furnished by jetblue airlines. kelsey, we love you. >> beautiful. i love you, too! >> are you excited? >> i'm so excited.
2:31 am
>> you taking you the husband? >> oh, yes, of course. >> take some pictures and send them to us. we want to see, kelsey. thanks for everything. >> bye! thank you so much. coming up, two celebrity weddings and box office gold. the gossip you can't do without. >> and "true blood's" joe manganiello --
2:32 am
2:33 am
♪ i'm sexy and i know it >> back on fun day monday, me and my co-host, jenna bush hager. we are having fun. kathie lee is on vacation. wondering what is happening now, we are, too. >> kathie lee is missing out, because you are looking at channing, jd and caesar, three male dancers featured in the new documentary called "la bare." >> the film takes you inside one of the most popular strip club in the world, la bare in dallas, text and produced and directed by a couple of very talented and handsome brothers, joe and nick manganiello. hello, boys. >> wow. what a project to undertake, you two. >> yes, it was. yeah. never thought my career would be
2:34 am
going in this direction, but here we are. >> it's interesting. who would have thought that a documentary like this would be so fascinating, not just for us, we were talking about it. >> not just for us. we were fascinated. >> you are from dallas, right, or dallas area? >> i'm dallas area -- i grew -- when i was old enough, you hear of the strip club, one of the most famous really in the world, i would say. >> tell us about why you chose this as a project. >> well, because people don't know. people don't know what this job is about and they have all these misperceptions, even after "magic mike" scratched the surface, we didn't get into who these guys were and their lives and they are people, people with dreams and families and i think people want to dismiss them in that one dimensional way. >> la bare used to be known for something, i hate to say it a little lower rent, until the owner came in and said, you know what let's raise the bar a little bit. >> absolutely. >> have guys who -- >> yeah, and i think the subject was something that was kind of up approachable and i think "magic mike" tore that door down, it really made it available to us. >> so you have always wanted to
2:35 am
work together, your brothers. >> how cute are you two, by the way? >> are you guys married? i got a sister. so, what did you think when your brother called up and said, okay, i have got our first project, strippers? >> yeah, it was obviously, with the success of "magic mike" it was a no-brainer, just something. and to our surprise, something that no one really kind of went into before and looked into and did a documentary like this so, we absolutely wanted to do this right off the game. >> got three of the hotties in the documentary back there showing us a few of their moves. >> moves. >> they are great at it. but i think it is just fascinating, women, when we think about women in strip clubs, we feel a little bit cringy, women about being what is the difference when it comes to these guys? >> i think there is an
2:36 am
underlying hum of resentment that women have to do this for men for money. where there's none of that in a male club. we were talking about it in the break that whole thing about being objectified, like men don't really care. you know, it's not put on them, you know? like they are having the time of their life and it's a party. and there's this different sort of feeling. these guys come from good backgrounds and good families and channing saw "magic mike" with his sister. >> that's what i want to do and his sister helped him get a job >> how did you guys learn to dance like that? >> i'm still trying to learn. >> hoda wants to learn. >> about a year and a half of practice. figure it out. >> will you show us your moves? show us your moves. have a little music. ♪ feels like the first time >> oh, my god. >> look at those abs. >> what is going on? >> what is that move called? >> down. next. >> this one right here. >> is that the robot? >> something like that. >> the sexy robot. >> oh, my god. caesar. look at those hips. >> what is going on? >> something down in dallas. >> you guys.
2:37 am
>> if all the women at home didn't wake up with their cup of coffee, now they are awake. >> play a little spin the bottle? >> play spin the bottle. talking strippers. >> let's head to the spin. all right. this is a little game that we play. spin the bottle. will you spin the bottle for us and ask a little question. it goes the other way. >> got it. that way. >> okay. >> you can pick one right now, there should be something behind it. perfect. what does it say? you read it. >> you want to read it? >> i will hold it for you. >> okay. >> blondes or brunettes? >> my wife's a brunette. >> brunette. >> hello. >> blonde. >> thank you, caesar. >> yes. [ laughter ] >> blonde or brunette. >> the personality. >> one more spin. one more spin before we go to
2:38 am
break. >> oh, yeah. and pulling this out, gonna let you know "la bare" will be in select theaters this friday, available on demand august 15th. >> we got to watch it. where is your favorite date spot? >> oh. restaurant guy. >> don't. >> yeah, i'm a restaurant guy. >> and our favorite is la bare. >> la bare. >> thanks so much. we appreciate it. >> james patterson's newest summer thriller. >> saving money is a simple. and serving up the hot celebrity dish everybody is talking about after this. >> after this. the arteries of your dishwasher are constantly clogging up with grease and lime scale. use finish dishwasher cleaner every month to keep your machine in sparkling health. for shining results. finish dishwasher cleaner. hey, let's talk probiotics. for digestive health? erin andrews? yeah. and did you know trubiotics is a daily probiotic that helps in two ways?
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we fill you in on the hollywood gossip you will want
2:42 am
to share with your friends. >> a here and to fill you in on the scoop you missed this weekend ask naughty but's rob shootoe. >> i'm on vh-1 but always have time for you two ladies. >> busy weekend. two big weddings. >> huge weddings. >> huge. >> the first one had a lot of people. >> the ducketts, here they are, got married this weekend and they had 1,000 people. >> half was their family. >> that's right. they do have a very large family. we know them from the tlc show, "19 and counting." and have enormous amount of people at the wedding. family, it was a lovely wedding at their local, at their home church. has the exclusive wedding picture. it was a really low-key wedding. a lot of people but not the most fancy. they had volunteers actually
2:43 am
help set up the dinner tables, 'cause they have to feed 1,000. 1,000 cupcakes, 1,000 cookies. there they are. >> i read it was their first kiss. >> that is absolutely true. so they dated, dad introduced them, met over social media, they skyped for a while, they didn't hold hands until they were engaged, very traditional, very conservative family. their first kiss, no pressure, in front of 1,000 people at their wedding. that was their first kiss. >> katie couric got married. >> our friend, katie, tied the knot at her house in the hamptons. this was not a kardashian wedding version small wedding, just 50 people there. she looks absolutely beautiful. in fact, i think we have an exclusive picture of her dress. that is the dress. let me tell you about it. a friend of hers started making the dress about six weeks ago. wasn't asked to make a dress, just did it as a favor. sent her the dress, she loved it had, she wore it on that day. just 50 people. her children was there. >> i love that neckline. >> the straps that go out. >> beautiful.
2:44 am
>> a string quartet played in her backyard. >> simple and nice. >> some good news for tracy morgan, i was reading. >> absolutely. i spoke to his publicist over the weekend who tells us he is getting better, he has moved to a rehabilitation facility and he is going to be there for several weeks, said what i think is probably the most exciting news, his personality is coming back. so you know he is feeling better, 'cause he is talking, i'm not sure he is crafting jokes yet but getting better, we expect him to be gone for several more weeks, he is getting better. >> last night was the daytime. >> it was. >> emmy awards. >> katie couric, won a lovely wedding present, she won for best talk show host, shared it had with dr. oz. now, there was a little bit of controversy, because this year, they were not televised. >> yeah. >> all online. and fortunately, no conductor to tell people to shut up. really, really, really -- >> steve harvey, huge night for steve. he won -- >> people were a little upset. >> ellen degeneres won. >> eighth year, ellen has won for the eighth year, wasn't
2:45 am
televised. because of that you could think they could rattle on as long as >> they did it last? >> a long ceremony. sharon osbourne said she felt like it was five hours. >> oh, gosh. >> it was a long, long day. >> love t box office, what was number one? >> think like a guy part two was number one, $30 million, more than it cost to make. and everybody talking about "jersey boys" didn't do well. did about $14 million. didn't do quite as well. got see it >> we love you, rob. >> love the rob shoottoe. james patterson is back with the book your kids will want to read this summer, plus a thriller for you. clipping coupons without clipping. hundreds of dollars a year. put the scissors away after this.
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nbc's the night shift is all new. tomorrow at 10:00, 9:00 central. >> i don't care if people call you a hero. >> you wrecked three vehicles this month. your license is revoked. >> what? >> i will drive you anywhere you want if you help prove that i'm innocent. >> fasten your seatbelt, please. >> ♪ ♪ going to be a wild ride it is money-saving money,
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time to fill you in on places to find coupons. don't think it's worth the hassle, listen to this. >> a report says american americans save $3.5 billion every year. >> the best ways to start saving was put together and the editor, nina wildorf, is here to walk us through them. >> thank you so much for having me. >> like how we are going to chunk this out. things you can do before you leave the house and things that you can do once you're actually out shopping. >> yes. >> what do you do before? >> we are all about helping you save money at all you and shop smarter. today, going to be talking about the things you can do, surprising ways that you can get coupons and discount. before you leave the house when you're grocery shopping, one thing you should do is go to the website of the grocery store you're going to go to. stores like kroger, publix, safe way, all have manufacturer coupons and their own weekly deal he is. >> this is not your grandma coupons. $2 off coffee.
2:51 am
you sign in and it loads to your loyalty card. go to the cash register and automatically takes the money off. super easy. >> smart. >> okay. the next thing you can do is red >> there's some websites, right? >> yeah, so red plum is one of the sources were they actually, they create the inserts in the sunday paper and also have a website where they have most of the coupons that are also in -- >> how do you get them? >> the way this works, you will see all of these coupons here, you can search based on category and then you can either load it onto your grocery card or you can print it out. you see like a little print icon. and -- >> print t take it with you. >> print that coupon with you. so, really good deals, couldn't be easier. >> this next website i love, you enter your zip code. >> amazing. so, this company called, they produce the local coupons that you get in the
2:52 am
register tape, you know, like sometime -- you type in your zip code and then these are all of our local offers here. >> look at that. >> hey, i saw it. the one that i'm real interested in, this edible arrangements, know, $5 off. >> the fruit. >> one of those edible arrangements a great deal. >> $5 off. >> e-mail you the coupon right to you. >> an app that we love is called ibotta, and the way i ibotta works, i think of this as grocery rebate turned into a game. say you want to go to walmart, you know you need your reynolds wrap, you click on reynolds wrap, do you any kind of action, you can get a recipe, you can watch a video, this money then comes into an account for you. that money comes back to you when you scan your receipt proving that you bought the product. so it's literally money back in your wallet for doing things like looking. >> what about retail me not?
2:53 am
>> retail me not, i love. they work with 10,000 retailers across the country. and this is great for mall shopping. so say you want to go to old navy. you type in old navy here. >> baby clothes. >> it will give you in-store offer and you literally just show this to -- >> on your smartphone? >> to the cashier and it's automatic. and the best part is you can leave it in your wallet -- leave it in your pocket, walk around the mall and ping you, just like buzz when you're near. >> now what about -- can you just do the old-fashioned way if you don't have a phone like this. >> 90% of all coupons that people use are from the paper. if it's a great week for coupons a couple things you should do, go to the dollar store, we got this amazing tip from an "all you" reader, buy the sunday paper for $1. buy a lot of really good ones. then these are peelies. peelies, 78% of these are not redeemed and just make sure that you go -- >> while you're shopping. look for the peelies. >> thanks.
2:54 am
two new books by best-selling author and good friend of our show, james patterson. >> a thriller for you and new adventure for your kids. he is wearing the "la bare" glasses. >> this is "today" on nbc.
2:55 am
2:56 am
now back with our summer page turner. what is better than one book by best-selling author james patterson? >> two books. newest thriller for adults is "invisible" released on the same day as his new kid book "middle school is rough." >> today is the day.
2:57 am
>> i call him rafe. >> yeah. yeah. italian. >> i love how you do it. i love you how do -- put out two together, one for the kids and one for the grownups. >> trying to get the parents to get it in their heads when they go into go to the library or go into the book store or online, don't forget your kids. which you know, having been a teacher. >> i was a sixth grade teacher and i have to say, your books are terrific for boys, which i love. a lot of times, boys don't have books that are written for them and you have done it. its a lot of fun. >> i'm going from here, actually giving to every sixth grader in new york city one of the middle school books. >> amazing. >> which is cool. >> you have been beating this drum for young kids to read. >> beating that drum and those people watching. >> do you feel that something changing? every time you come, i feel like we are really championing this cause. >> it's getting there it's getting there people just need to -- they need to understand, it has to be a -- something in the house. you have to have it --
2:58 am
>> has to be present. >> you have a rule, no bringing mud in the house, no tracking mud. a good rule, saves the rugs and whatever, your kids aren't reading, more important than the rugs. >> tell us about rafe. rafe. >> make him famous. >> he is italian. >> doing a movie. >> no, he is not italian. he could be italian. he could be! >> cacciadorian. does that sound italian? he has trouble in school. he is a really good artist. the book is illustrated, very cool, funny, very funny. and they are gonna keep him back but they make a deal that if he goes to one of these, like, outward bound kinds of camps, that maybe he won't have to stay back this book about him going. >> it has action and as adventure? >> yeah. >> and girls -- girls actually we are 60% girls. >> i just think you write with boys in mind as well, which i
2:59 am
love. but what are your tips for parents out there about how to get your kids -- >> you just have to lay don't law. you just have to do it, you just have to say -- go out and get fun books for them. do not get -- not ready for shakespeare, might not be ready for dickens, some of them, many of them, but, you know, there and are a lot of cool -- i have a site, read kid or, no the about my books, that's good place for people. >> so many great young adult books out there. >> there are >> yours especially. >> terrific. >> i have to say, "invisible," the best thriller i have done in 20 years. >> is it? >> that's saying something. >> you never know. you try, you want them all to be great. >> finally, please say something about the adult book. >> yeah, "invisible." james thank you for being here. tomorrow, actress olivia munn and jennifer esposito. fourth of july style with jill martin. story of an amazing mom who turned her loss into hope for others. you guys have an awesome monday. >> awesome monday.
3:00 am
la bare. >> looking good. >> looking la good. >> i'm here to help. you and i will get through this together. ♪


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