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tv   Today  NBC  June 25, 2014 2:07am-3:01am EDT

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♪ from nbc news, this is "today." with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> it's booze-day tuesday. look who is back. >> i'm back. >> we have olivia munn and jennifer esposito. >> she's crazy. >> she's trouble. >> this morning, i had a little different morning. >> you sure did.
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>> al and i went out to surprise a fan. let's watch. >> oh, my god. i can't believe this! >> we went to her house on long island. she loves to listen to sirius radio on her way to work. the "today" show is going to be on there tomorrow. but we rode with her to give it to her today. >> you sang karaoke. >> was that on the air? that is sad. how about paul manson? >> in the back. >> he was like this. >> hiding. and i had a kathie lee cutout. >> i loved the rollers. i loved the robe. i'm just glad it went okay.
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you show up at somebody's doorstep at 7:00 a.m. >> she was kind of surprised. >> thank god she was dressed. >> she had the idea we were coming. the show, but not us. we cant wait for tomorrow. the "today" show will be on the radio. any flub we make will be broadcast over and over and over and over. >> perfect. to the world cup. it's happening. there's a lot going on with this. >> there's a lot. >> tell me what? >> we have to see this video. this is amazing. this mexican soccer coach, his name is miguel herrera. they celebrated the team's 75th goal. take a look at this. >> okay. oh, my gosh. [ speaking in foreign language ]
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>> oh, my gosh. he gets tackled to the ground. oh, oh, my god. >> right in the man's pec. right in the man's pec. >> oh, my god, he tackled his player on the ground. >> i speak a lit bit of spanish. i don't think they were saying this. but i wish they were saying, and the man from "tommy boy" is now tackled on the ground. they were not saying that. they could have been. >> this game is critical. now mexico won against croatia. they advance. this is a big deal. that's important. >> winning is good. >> when is our game? when are we playing? >> thursday. >> we play thursday. somebody over there is like, thursday, like we don't know. >> i always look crazy when i'm celebrating. like somebody hit me in the back of the head with a baseball bat. i have crazy eyes when i get excited. >> i was telling you the other day. i was watching that with my baby.
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oh, my god, we scored. her face was like mommy, you are whack. there is a study out there. some of in the teams participating in the world cup are following this. they say abstaining from sex may help your performance on the field. >> and some coaches are asking that their players abstain. >> the guy from bosnia said no sex in brazil. it's not a holiday. we're here to work. chop chop. >> we heard that olympians' village can be the place that is quite -- >> raucous. >> are they saying that because they don't want her to pull a muscle? >> what is going on in your house? >> looked at this issue. there's a lack of evidence showing whether or not it works. whatever in your brain makes you
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play better. superstitions. whatever, if they think that that's the thing, they should abstain. >> there's times when there's a football game going on, my husband is a redskins' fan. they haven't played that well since i have known him, since he's been alive. oh, they just scored, stay in that exact position. i'm like -- >> don't move. guys have a lot of superstitions that way. there was an american student who was at a museum. and you know how sometimes they have crazy statues and sculptures. >> you want to take a picture. >> this german student wanted to take a picture. >> you have to say what the picture was. >> he was taking a picture of a giant va jay jay. >> he put his legs in there. >> his friend took the picture and posted it. the firemen had to come, okay. and --
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>> and remove him. it took 20 people. this is a six-foot replica. >> don't say six-foot replica. >> well, replica is better than gigi, or whatever you said. >> jay jay. >> whatever the gross thing was that came out of your mouth. replica is much better. it took all these people to pull him out. he hasn't felt that way since the day he was born. no? no? >> he has a picture that will last forever. >> he does. and his parents are humiliated. "the bachelorette" was on last night. people are tuning in. a lie-detector test. a group date. jimmy kimmel watched the show and had his own take on it. let's hear what he had to say. >> yes. >> are you good in bed? >> yes. >> have you slept with over 20
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women? >> yes. >> do you wash your hands after you go to the bathroom? >> no. >> by the way, the guy -- the guy who said he was good at sex got eliminated. and the guy who doesn't wash his hands is still in it. so -- >> i have to say. i felt sort of bad that these gentlemen had their dirty laundry aired on television. >> the guy doesn't wash his hands. >> after he poo poos. >> i've been in the ladies room. i'm done. watch someone come out. they walk out and say, hi. and sometimes, you know, you might forget to wash your hands. it's one of those things, when i watch someone slam the door and go out the front. >> no, thank you. >> have you done it forgetting or racing? >> i probably, one time have done it. is this a lie-detector test? and maybe once.
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now that i have a child, it's constant. i feed her from my hands sometimes. >> that's one of those dealbreakers in a relationship, don't you think? >> i like someone to wash their hands. robin thicke is at it again. he's trying so hard to get paula patton back. he's singing songs, writing music. >> his new album is called paula, right? >> he named it after her. >> the question is, have you, has any man -- >> is there a song? >> let's watch the video. this is called get her back. ♪ keep alive keep alive ♪ all i want to do is make it right make it right ♪ ♪ all a i want to do is give you that thing tell you so when your girlfriends say get you back tonight ♪ ♪ i've got to get her go get her go get her go get her back ♪ >> they said that the bloody
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nose was because he wanted to be symbolic because he's physically hurt as well as emotionally. >> if you did something, all the pictures of him playing grab with other girls. if you did something wrong, i don't think you should make music videos about it. i think you should say, can we have some time -- >> it might be a little late. >> i think the public apologies are weird. >> it's none of our business. >> now it is. it doesn't sound like that is going to -- it doesn't to me. >> have you had any grand gestures like that from a man trying to get you back? i have not. once a man is through with me, they were like, good riddance, my friends. >> i was the stalker. it was in the other way around. a couple of dads out there had fun with "frozen." it's everyone, everyone's been on it. they got the song stuck in their head. they were a little tired. >> thank you. i have it stuck in my head, too. >> let's take a look. ♪ frozen changed my life forever ♪ ♪ never knew ♪ i'm embarrassing my children >> i have a mortgage. ♪ and i clearly couldn't care ♪ no i really couldn't care ♪ somewhere walt disney is >> have you had any grand gestures like that from a man trying to get you back? i have not. once a man is through with me, they were like, good riddance, my friends. >> i was the stalker. it was in the other way around. a couple of dads out there had fun with "frozen." it's everyone, everyone's been on it. they got the song stuck in their
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head. they were a little tired. >> thank you. i have it stuck in my head, too. >> let's take a look. ♪ frozen changed my life forever ♪ ♪ never knew ♪ i'm embarrassing my children >> i have a mortgage. ♪ and i clearly couldn't care ♪ no i really couldn't care ♪ somewhere walt disney is smiling in his grave because while i'm filling up his pockets ♪ ♪ while i'm driving up his profits driving me insane ♪ >> that is so good.
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>> that was ryan and todd. anyway, they did their own take on it. we want to take a quick minute to wish joan lunden good luck. she was diagnosed with breast cancer. had a mammogram, a followup ultrasound. she caught it early. she's going to get into aggressive treatments. for anyone who has been through it. the road ahead is long. a lot of people have been there. someone once told me this when i was diagnosed. he said, i know a lot of people are breast cancer. they all have one thing in common. he said, they're still here. i never forgot it. if you catch it early, it's one of the things about breast cancer. >> we're wishing well for her. the actress from brooklyn takes us along for a fun ride. >> one of the stars of "taxi brooklyn," jennifer esposito. and olivia munn is here. >> look how cute she looks. >> adorable. >> you're looking good, girl. we have all heard about
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>> you haven't. in a new horror film, olivia munn plays the wife of a police officer who is investigating demons scaring the city. >> it gets too close to home when they scare her daughter. >> it is so scary. >> do you like this kind of stuff? >> i like horror movies based on a true story. this is. that scares me. >> i watched it last night with my little baby in the crib. she didn't watch it. >> have her in your lap. >> no, no. look at the demon. how much of this is true? >> mostly. my director, scott, he -- it's a really important thing for him to tell true stories. all the scary parts of the movie are true. there was this real exorcism footage. eric bana said he couldn't sleep
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for three weeks after seeing it. >> you're terrible. >> you, yourself, are demonic. >> i wouldn't say that to you on national television. >> do you like to go to scary movies? do you enjoy them? >> yes. i love being scared. >> i like it, but not when i'm alone. >> this is so scary. so suspenseful. it leads up to these really big screams. >> me screaming. speaking of screams, we had a guy on in the show a few weeks ago, ryan eggold. he was begging and drooling. it was embarrassing. >> like half the men in america. >> how old is olivia munn? >> how old is my girlfriend, indeed? the answer is, it doesn't matter. i love you. >> oh. >> hoda was like, let's set this
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up. >> what happened? >> i don't know if you know this. you don't go out with random people you don't know just because they say things on tv. that's not what you do, hoda. let me tell you. i'll introduce you to nice people you meet in real life, like a human being. you don't go to the "today" show and like, hmm, who is going to talk to me today? >> maybe that's my problem. what about "the newsroom?" what is going on with that? >> we're in the middle of shooting the third season. it comes back sometime in the fall. >> do you watch these ladies to prepare for your hard-nosed? >> do i watch hoda to prepare for hard news? >> be careful. i'm here. >> i drink, with hoda. and i prepare. >> are you a rose lady? >> is that right? >> yeah, it's rose season. >> we heard a rumor that you won awards at rock, paper, scissors. >> i was at a tournament in toronto. >> you were in it?
2:24 am
>> i went to it. anybody can go. you have to pay. i didn't win. >> why did we say you're good at it? >> because you probably want to promote something that is not true. >> i had to play this twice. >> i'm the judge. >> one, two, three, four. >> one, two, three, throw. >> one, two, three, throw. >> you won. >> she's amazing. >> you get a rock, paper, scissors basket. >> you gave me trash. >> "deliver us from evil" hits theaters july 2nd. from food to games, your party will sparkle.
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jennifer esposito has had an impressive year. performing in more than 50 movies and television shows. from "spin city" to the police drama "blue bloods." >> now she's back on the beat playing a medical examiner on "taxi brooklyn." >> you're a doctor. >> i am a doctor. i play monica pena. she's fun.
2:29 am
not very different than some of the police people i have played in the past. it was an easy transition for me. >> does it feel like it was a role written for you? >> when it came to me, it fit into the schedule of my life. the book. all of that. it was fun. here in new york. i like that. >> do you still audition for things? or do they call you up and say, hey, we would love for you to do this? how does it work now? >> no, i still have to jump through the hoops. tap-dance. all that stuff. this one, i was offered this role. that's why it was something that was like, it's nice when you feel wanted. >> you wrote a book recently. on celiac's disease. was that a surprise for people to learn about you? >> i think so. the book is very, very telling. a lot of people suffer so quietly and not knowing. i wanted to open up my life and show the examples through me. it's been getting such a great response.
2:30 am
>> we like to play games. >> how do you feel about games? >> i like them. >> this is called taxi trivia. >> uh-oh. >> number one. >> ready? >> no. >> which star of the 1970 tv show plays a taxi driver yet again in the upcoming "sharknado"? >> judd hirsch. >> yes. >> you should know this. which supermodel was featured in the 2004 movie, "taxi"? >> i do. >> do you need it? >> gisele. >> you're right. >> fill in the blank. the tag line used for the game show "cash cab." there are over blank number of cabs in new york city. but there's only one that pays you. >> how many cabs in new york city? >> 10,000, 13,000, or 13,000. >> 13,000. >> yes. you win. you win your own personal taxi.
2:31 am
>> yes, i can get one. >> thank you. you can get the premier of "taxi brooklyn" at 10:00 tomorrow. everything you need for a festive fourth of july, jill martin will tell us about after the local news. >> what would you do if there was a child right in front of you sitting all alone, crying in pain from hunger, near death from sickness? what if all you had to do was reach into your pocket and pull out 50 cents to save that child's live.
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this is that child and this is that moment. these two quarters. it has never been easier to save the life of a child. go online or call this number and un unicef with your $15 monthly gift. it's only .50 cents a day and it means you will get these children the critical help they need to survive. emergency care, nutrition, vaccines, anti-malaria bet nets delivered every single day of the year to the children who could die without it. that's what your .50 cents per
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hour. at unicef that's with a we believe every child deserves. we know you do too. you have to reach into your pocket to make it happen. please, go online or pick up the phone now because that child in front of you can't wait another moment. we're back with more of "today" on this booze-day tuesday. kathie lee is off. jenna bush hager is here. guess who else is here? >> jill martin. contributing editor of "people style watch" is back with her must haves for your fourth of july bash. >> jill always has the best stuff. i want the whole table. what are we having? >> i'm dressed in red, white, and blue. i can wear it all year round. old navy, $25 and under. this is for mila. >> we should point out, when jenna first arrived, she said, do they have one in my size?
2:34 am
>> and by the way, i probably wouldn't look good in one my size. >> you would look good. we have mason and dana. this is mason's debut on television. >> mason and mila would make a heck of a couple. >> so cute. >> and dana, he's getting a little sister. she's 21 weeks pregnant. >> oh, great. >> that's the debut. >> you're a fan of these. they're water resistant. great if you're going to somebody's home. i like things you can use all year round, not just for a holiday. >> going to a pool party. put the phone in there. water resistant. >> this is major in my family. are ella and hannah too young for checkers? >> i don't think hannah is. >> ella can throw everything
2:35 am
around. >> she has one. the pieces zip in here. we have hannah and ella. these are adorable. frank, cody, hi, everybody. i love these. $36, personalized. order them. come in time. >> that's a cute hostess gift, too. >> how great are these. nails, inc. they come personalized. ella and hannah have these. >> you're the best aunt. >> they think i'm so generous. they're like, aunt hoda, the best. >> and preplanned all of a sudden. >> thank you, jill. >> these are jamberry nails. for the kids. heat them up. put them on to distract while you eat or drink, whatever. splurge item. $88. it's state necklaces. represent your state in style. but again, very trendy. wearing it all year long. i got you louisiana for new orleans and texas. >> i love this.
2:36 am
>> cute, right? then, williams sonoma, keep everyone busy making cookies. i stayed up all night baking these. fun, you could serve them. >> sure you did. >> now this is really what i know how to do. this snoopy sno-cone machine is back and better than ever. $14.99. toys "r" us. >> i love it. >> everybody can do it. >> grind it up. >> like two hours to grind the ice. >> but it's wonderful. >> but it works. >> danish bakery. a lot of people are into the macaroons. $30 for a box of 12. this is major. they're back in red, white, and blue. >> i can't. i can't even. >> and so, everybody is like, go, just take a bite. red, white, and blue. >> they are crazy. >> i feel like i have had so
2:37 am
much sugar i'm going to pass out. >> thank you, jill. >> grab the waffle iron from your cupboard. >> we're making sweet and savory treats. you want to cook with us. is it okay to date a coworker? we asked online what you thought? >> who better to weigh in than kate white. author and former "cosmo" so what i'm saying is, people like options. when you take geico, you can call them anytime you feel like saving money. it don't matter, day or night. use your computer, your smartphone, your tablet, whatever. the point is, you have options. e di to r.
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now to a summer page-turner you won't be able to put down about a tv host with a mysterious enemy. >> it's called "eyes on you." just the kind of juicy read you would expect from kate white. this is book number nine for
2:41 am
you? >> yeah. >> oh, my god. where do the ideas come from? >> i was inspired as a girl by nancy drew. i love doing devious plots, whodunits combined with psychological suspense. it's fun for me. >> this is truly a whodunit. this is based on an anchor, a little close to hoda. you don't want this story to happen to you. things start happening to her like acid in her makeup. >> small things at first. they escalate. she begins to realize she has this secret enemy that wants to bring her down or maybe even cost her her life. >> where do the ideas come from for you? >> sometimes, i keep a file of great crime articles. sometimes i'll overhear something, even in a hotel lobby that gets me thinking. you start with the germ and move it out from there. >> all the years of working with "cosmo," you know how a real
2:42 am
workplace works and that office romances do happen. that's an interesting subtopic. >> i wanted to get that in there. it makes it a little sexy. also. it's an issue we face. a lot of people get involved with people they work with. it can be a good thing. it can be bad thing, too. >> is that a no-no? in your opinion? >> if you're two peers, there is no policy against it, you're single, a lot of people get married that way. most companies forbid if one of you is a supervisor. >> robin gets involved with a coworker. which kind of makes things worse for her. we did a poll on 75% of the readers have had an office romance. is that high? does that sound high?
2:43 am
>> no, it doesn't to me. >> it's not? >> a lot of studies have said -- >> it's obvious i haven't had one. >> there are a lot of studies that show around 40%. i just thought, the "today" show viewers happened to be honest. >> and there is an issue in the workplace of women and competition. a side note. that's something i'm sure you studied a lot at "cosmo" and in your life. >> i worked with so many wonderful women. you love it. sometimes there can be someone who has it out for you. if you get involved in an office romance, one of the dangers of it spilling over to the workplace, too, is that people get annoyed with that, particularly if you're the woman. we're more likely to get annoyed with a woman. even if it's totally not against the rules, you're two peers, you have to be careful. >> what is going to happen when it's over? i mean, he's sitting right there. you know. >> well -- >> as you said, equals makes it better. what is the problem if you get involved with a boss?
2:44 am
>> that can be a sticky situation. it can be grounds for termination. it can damage your career. you don't want to go there. you don't. you want to be known for your brand and what you bring to the table. not for the fact that you got involved with jason. >> what is the next project for you? you have such an interesting career path. what is next? >> i'm working on another suspense novel. i give speeches. i would say to anyone who has toyed with the idea of, would i like to change careers, do the math, see if you can pull it off. and go for it. it's delicious to be on your own. >> i love advice one woman gave. if you're in a job you don't love and one you do love, spend 10% of your time and money toward the other job and slowly amp it up. that way, you don't feel trapped where you are. >> you can try other things. >> you can romanticize things, too. i started writing mysteries while i was still at "cosmo." >> well, you're good at it. >> thank you. an incredible mom turning
2:45 am
coming up the story of a mom who turned her tragic loss into saving the lives of others but first these messages. >> week day mornings wake up with the weather channel. it all starts up with make wake with with al. get ready for your commute, your travel plans with everything you need to start your day. sam champion, welcome to the weather channel. for over 20 years he has been weather's champion in the morning. now the weather channel welcomes sam champion to his new home, amhq. morning television can be the
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most fun you can ever do. there are a lot of ingredients you can do to make a morning television show desirable and attract is ive to the audience. the live component of it, i think, is the most amazing. the fact that you are waking up people and they are kind of getting their start with you. they are starting their day. make your mornings count with forecasting you can rely on. you can see the moisture that's pushing in. atlan atlanta, you've got a spectacular day. this organization is built for weather. there is in number 2. this is it. it's the weather channel. everybody who is grate at weather is in this building right there or in the field doing it for this place. >> we don't just forecast the storm, we take you inside one. >> everything you do today, it
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all started with weather. >> people need to understand that weather isn't just bad weather. it's everyday. it's something around you. it is amazing out there. >> start your mornings with wake up with al, amhq, america's morning headquarters with sam champion weekday on the weather channel. where villages floated on water and castles were houses dragons lurked giants stood tall and the good queen showed the boy it could all be real avo: whatever you can imagine, all in one place expedia, find yours
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amazing women on today is brought to you by cetaphil. the gentle skin achieves amazing results. we worked with cetaphil to find amazing women for the gentle but powerful contest. we were looking for someone who lives and gives back with empathy and kindness. >> we have chosen mary beth schewitz. she suffered in the loss of her 20-year-old son max due to sudden cardiac arrest. >> she's started a foundation. today, we celebrate mary beth and her story. >> that thursday started like
2:50 am
any other for my family. max helped me with a chore and said, gotta run, mom, i love you. those were the last words max spoke to me. he collapsed at work and doctors could not revive him. max died of sudden cardiac arrest. we soon learned that an ekg test cloud find hidden problems in kids like max. if found in time, they could get treatment. they didn't have to die. i vowed then to help find these kids. through the max schewitz foundation, we have provided 45,000 ekgs to chicago area high school and college students. over 800 needed more evaluation. of those, many had life-threatening situations. they will now have the opportunity to live full lives. i cherish that we were able to give them this gift. >> and mary beth schewitz is joining us.
2:51 am
how are you? >> i'm well. >> tell us more about your son max. >> max was a handful. he was a child that smiled from birth and filled our lives with joy and adventure. he loved reptiles. we had many in our basement. >> mm-hmm. i bet you did. one of those things when you hear a story like this, you say, how could that happen? he was young. the heart was strong. what was it? >> he was seemingly healthy. took many risks with his life. we wouldn't have guessed that the greatest risk was in his own body, his own heart. >> after he passed away, you have two other kids. you're married. you have started this foundation together. how has that helped you heal? >> you know, we now have a much bigger family. truthfully. in a way we never anticipated. people, you think when you have lost a son, you have lost his
2:52 am
whole future. his future wife, future children. things you might have looked forward to are gone. but, unexpectedly, things come into your life in a way that grows your family. that i have all of these children who we have saved, who are darling kids and fun to follow and see what they're doing in their careers and what their goals and hopes are. >> it must be astonishing to have a machine in a school and realize that a child, you found out there was a problem before it became a problem. that's an incredible thing you're giving to people. >> it is. it is a remarkable gift. i'm honored in my son's memory to be able to do that for these kids. >> you call them the max substitutes. you said they're living the lives that your son didn't. talk to us about some of them. these kids. >> i would say one of the first kids we found was conrad. an excellent spokesman for the foundation.
2:53 am
he's grown from a 15-year-old boy with long qt that will tell you our testing saved not only him but his sister's life. she was in grade school when we found him in high school. >> oh, my gosh. >> wow. >> they were immediately put on medication and now expect to live full and complete lyes. their children will be at risk. they know this now. >> thank you for all the work you're doing for all in the kids in max's memory. >> it's my honor. >> we're back with more. but first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ ♪ ♪ you are so beautiful to me ♪ you are so beautiful to me,
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can't you see the, you're everything i hoeched for, you're everything i need ♪ ♪ ♪ these animals need someone to say to them you don't deserve to suffer anymore. go online with with your monthly gift to the aspca right now. for just $18 a month only .60 cents a day, you will help rescue animals who have been left to die. give they medical attention,
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food, and all the hope they've always hoped for. go online or call right now and we will send you a photo of the animal you're helping. do it in the next ten minutes we will send you this t-shirt. in the next 60 seconds another animal will be beaten or neglected. take just one minute of your time to reach out and say, i don't let that happen to you. >>
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back now in "today's kitchen." time to cook with us. grab the ingredients and the waffle iron gathering dust in the cabinet. >> melissa clark has this sweet recipe you voted for plus a savory waffle that sounds amazing. >> stop it. everyone is excited that you're here. >> everybody likes a waffle. >> can i put you to work? we all make waffles together. i have the dry ingredients here. >> that's a smart one. >> what are you doing? >> baking powder, baking soda. >> sour cream, milk, egg yolks. >> you could use greek yogurt. >> you have to use butter inside the waffles to make them tasty and in the waffle iron. >> do we combine these two? >> i have not stirred mine. >> you're a disaster. >> i'm trying to get the eggs. >> beautiful. >> now what are we doing?
2:57 am
>> that goes in there. hoda goes to jenna. >> you stir. you get in there. >> you're doing great. do you make a lot of waffles? >> you're funny. >> we make a lot of waffles. >> l'eggo my eggo. that's what i say. >> do you ma >> put the leftovers in the freezer, you can have them for your kids. they're homemade. >> is this whole wheat flour? >> i have whole wheat, whole grain. healthy. >> now what do i do? >> i've beaten the egg whites until they're stiff. >> fold them in a little bit at a time. >> home ec. >> did you take home ec? >> funny. >> this is a nonstick waffle iron. but you still need the butter it. >> on the top, too?
2:58 am
>> yes. the more butter, the more -- >> tasty. >> but also crisp. we're looking for a crisp waffle in a homemade waffle. >> let's do it. i can't wait. >> put a little bit in here. >> the viewers voted far banana -- >> i didn't say what i'm making. close it up. a whole grain waffle with bananas foster on top. not my bananas. >> this tells you, 5:11. >> we don't have that time. >> but we have some going here. i have cooked them in more butter. because again, what makes these healthful is the whole grain. butter on both sides. >> yummy. >> can i take the waffle out?
2:59 am
>> no, not yet. we lost one. not yet. not yet. >> follow directions. >> i'll give you a cue. >> maple syrup. >> you're putting that in there? >> nuts, and bourbon. >> we have about 30 seconds. we better get these. oh, my -- look how beautiful. look how beautiful. >> you made the best waffles. >> put it right on top >> a savory waffle. >> pour that on top. this turns into that. >> a nice brunch option. >> you can do the same thing with pancakes. >> savory waffles. >> you can make cheddar bacon waffles. >> cheddar bacon. i smelled the bacon earlier. it smelled delicious. >> you want to try this one?
3:00 am
>> sure. >> by the way, that would be terrific. the recipes on the website. steve: i'm here to help. you and i will get through this together. [cheers and applause]


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