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tv   Today  NBC  June 27, 2014 2:07am-3:01am EDT

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♪ >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today." with kathie lee givard and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plautds intra. >> so close, everybody. it is thursday, june 26th, 2014. jenna bush hager came back again. >> i'm back! >> you know what, you've been doing such a great job. >> we've had a blast this week. >> kathy's been off, she's back on monday. it is such a huge day today in the united states of america. because today is the day the u.s. plays germany. it happens at noon eastern time. everybody is freaking out.
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>> let's do this. >> let's to this. you know who's freaking out? karen swenson. my best friend. that's her husband and her daughter, katherine and john. anyway -- >> so cute. >> they've been talking world cup nonstop, okay? so everybody's buzzing about it. >> i know. we're going to watch it. >> you're going to be on the plane. >> i'm going to listen to it on the radio on the way to the airport. >> you know who's into it? will ferrell. will ferrell is so fun. he's gearing up for the game. he gave us just a little taste. >> usa, usa! >> it's an honor to be playing tomorrow. i'm not going to lie to you, i'm not going to lie to you, i'm not in the best shape, okay? you know how much time i got? i'm going to try my best.
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in the spirit of america, if the game gets close i will bite! i will bite! i will bite every person and playerfy have to! >> i love it. i love it. >> could there be a better pump-up speech than that? >> no. >> i will bite every german playerfy have to. >> my dubai is watching. >> oh my gosh. >> she so is excited in dubai, they're getting ready, her usa shirt on -- is my phone number showing? no, we hope not. but i like it. she's number one go usa. >> we're really ready. >> there's a study out there, "the wall street journal's" talking about it, it talks about when men wear too much cologne. okay? >> henry wears cologne. but he does not wear too much. you know why? if he wore too much mama would say, take a shower. >> you don't like it? >> too much cologne is nauseating.
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i mean, i hope i'm not offending any of the gentlemen here. >> too much cologne in a confined space, i think if it's in a confined space. in an elevator, in a car, on a plane. >> but too much of anything. right? we've learned this. >> is not a good thing. do you remember -- since we love will ferrell can we show that clip from "anchorman" when he was doing the cologne bit? >> it's called sex pan author by owed on, illegal in nine countries. yep, it's made with bits of real panther. so you know it's good. >> it's quite pungent. >> oh, yeah. >> with a formidable scent. stings the nostrils. >> in a good way. yep. >> i have to be honest with you, that smells like pure gasoline. >> they've done studies, you know. 60% of the time, it works. every time. >> that doesn't make sense. >> i'm sorry. can we just watch a will ferrell
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movie? >> for the whole hour, why not? >> have you ever been in a situation in a cab or a elevator -- >> i just hold my breath or hang my head out the window of the cab. i've never said anything to anybody. >> okay. >> have you ever said anything to a stranger? >> not to a stranger, no way. but what do you think makes men put on way too much? >> i think either, a, it's summer, they're hot, they think they don't smell great, so they think a few extra squirts is going to be good. >> not good. >> that's never good. i think they're going out, usually -- i think certain cultures like more cologne or perfume. >> i think it's the pictures of the hot men in the ads with the abs on the beach that inspire my husband to wear a lot. >> what do you mean? >> have you ever seen the ads for like calvin klein cologne, the six-pack? i believe that henry thinks, if i spray more i will look like that. >> we do that, guy dozen that. >> henry, do you think that? >> henry's not here. >> he could be. somewhere out there.
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>> so here's kind of an interesting story. all right. so this freelance journalist wanted to figure out, beautiful means different things in different countries, really. so he decided to take a photograph and send it to different photo journalists around the country and did them to photoshop it to see what is beautiful to them in their country. so here's a look at the original. this is a plain photo. >> which by the way i think she's beautiful. >> with not a stitch of makeup on. here's the united states. big hair. light makeup. here's argentina. pretty, it's interesting. philippines. >> wow. >> morocco. >> interesting. >> she received over 25 photoshopped photos so far. it's so interesting. because beauty really is different. >> you know what i think is interesting, i thought the first picture was where she looked the most beautiful. i feel like that's just
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culturally, you know -- >> with not a stitch on. >> i grew up with a mom who bought makeup from echard's, walgre walgreen's. >> when did you start wearing makeup? >> i remember going to church in sixth or seventh great, i was excited about something, i put makeup on. i came and sat in the car and my dad wouldn't let me go. i mean, i looked like a clown. two little rouges. blue stuff. i think maybe if i knew how to do it well, he probably wouldn't have known. >> remember the bonnie bell lip gloss? everybody lopd bonnie bell. the watermelon, the strawberry. you could get away with that. >> when was your first? >> i think -- i was late. i think i wore it in high school a little. i always tried to wear lipstick, my mom always said, you don't have lipstick on? put lipstick on. she thinks you don't look good without it. >> my mom at meals is putting
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lipstick on when she's done eating. >> women and lipstick. even when i go jogging, i'm going out running. what do you mean? hike this? yes. go put on lipstick. oh my god, i'm going running. >> i'm going to the gym, i never need lipstick. >> you never know who you might run into. >> i had this situation on the walk home from a restaurant where i was feeding my child spaghetti so i had spaghetti on my ankle, on my purse, all over my face. i run into taye dougs on my street. he said, hey, i know you but i don't know how. hi, i'm jenna. thinking, mama's got it! he said, you have some green stuff in your teeth. he said, good to see you but you have a lot of green things in your teeth. and then mila laughed and we called it a night. >> you know what, i'm surprised he said something. i think it takes a really strong guy to tell you. don't you hate when you've visited with lots and lots and
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lots of people, then you get home? >> by the way. right here, right here? i got home and i still had some in my teeth. >> of course. >> it was a jungle up in there. >> let's move on. "the facts of life" reunion. here's a great reunion. how about this, blair? remember blair? and mrs. garrett? look at blair and mrs. garrett. all right? her name's lisa wellchell and charlotte ray. they put it on instagram. anyway. >> is this going to air? >> i hope so. >> next month lisa is starring with kim fields, who played tooty, i loved tooty, in a movie on hallmark. "facts of life" '79 to -- >> i remember watching the halloween special and we were scared. it was a comedy but they were 5. so anything, there was a ghost or something in the dorm, barbara and i could not sleep.
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>> terrified. >> i don't have the belly -- >> exactly. here's one of those great fell-good pieces of video. pope francis was driving through italy on this country road. looked out of his window and he saw signs asking him to bless an angel. so he got out of the car and he found this young disabled woman named roberta, take a look. >> i love this. >> oh my gosh. that's one of the things that just makes you want to cry. >> especially, you know what, he's so unique in that way. >> i love this pope. >> look at the car he's riding in. he pulled over on a country road when he saw signs. i mean, that tells you everything about that guy. >> you can say, i'm one with the people. but he shows it. he actually is. >> he shows it. we're going to end with a little
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i-hoda. >> oh, good. >> i love the zac brown band. i hate to keep going but them but i can't help it. i keep listening in my apartment over and over. this is a song by the zac brown band with great harmonies called "sweet annie." crank it up in your house. ♪ >> here comes the best part. it's coming. >> ready, are you ready? here it is. >> so good. i agree with you on your country music things.
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>> can we just savor that for one minute? "sweet annie" by the zac brown band. it reminds her of alabama, a new kind of alabama. >> it sounds old. i like old country. >> awesome. is it okay or not okay to have career denial? >> career denial? >> here's what we had to say about it. >> it seems ridiculous to me. you know what hoda? be grateful for every blessing that comes your way. i didn't mean you, i meant them. >> whatever. i say define yourself any way you want, to but never forget the people or the job that helped you get where you are today. >> wow. profound insincere but profound. >> even when she's not here she's picking on me. >> hilarious. >> lucky ladies get swept off the plaza into hair and makeup. >> get ready to see the hot new makeovers. >> he's not a president but he
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plays one on tv. tony goldwyn in the new starring role after this. resolve works on over 20 stains?
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tony goldwyn first caught our attention playing the best friend turned bad guy, kyle bruener, in the 1990 hit "ghosts." oh, wow. i love that movie, i'm sorry. fans know him as president fitzgerald grand on "scandal." >> now tony's portraying a different leader in the true story of the head of the polygamous second who rose to power and ended up on the fbi's most wanted list. let's take a look. >> i will grab his hand. i will take all of your hands in mine. and we will rise up together in glory. until god sees fit to take me from this earth, i will be the
2:22 am
prophet you deserve. >> hi, tony. >> oh my gosh, tony. >> very, very, very creepy. >> it's pretty disturbing character, yeah. >> how did you study to play warren jeffs? >> i'd been fascinated when he was in the news at the time of his arrest. and then when i read this terrific script, and it was being directed by this wonderful director, gabriel range, i started to read a lot. the most useful thing was warren being a pathological narcissist recorded himself, made audiotapes of everything. he used to be a schoolteacher. all of his lessons. later on, these bizarre sessions where he would train his wives. essentially what was expected of them sexually. it was all in religious doctrine. i got to hear hours of his tape, his voice. and i kind of -- his personality -- i would listen to it over and over and over again and work on them. to find the voice, also his personality. >> ew! scary.
2:23 am
>> that personality, i watched him, i was freaked. how did you get that personality out? what did you do to separate, when you were filming this, from warren? >> scenes where it was hard. it's what we do, actors. some of it was hard, some of the scenes are really awful. the ways that, you know -- in this community, you know, women are subjugated anyway. it's a -- it's a culture that is -- essentially women are almost like slaves. he took it to another extreme. so this is really uncomfortable stuff. >> let's talk scandal. >> we've got to. >> done with that. season four is approaching. >> yeah. >> anything, any tidbit, any crumbs? any details, any -- >> i know nothing, i keep telling you people! well, chanda doesn't tell us. and really because they work on the scripts to the last minute. >> yeah. >> and, you know, i really think chanda and our team of writers
2:24 am
are constantly creating new ideas. new stuff happens all the time. so we don't know usually until a couple of days before we start filming. >> we've heard kerry washington plays practical jokes with you on the set. >> harass. she likes to tease me. >> what does she do? >> she mocks me. you know. i can't even think -- >> you can't even explain? >> well, one of the funny ones was -- okay, this is embarrassing. in the first one that i directed, season two, it was very challenging. because actually i had to direct a love scene between me and kerry. it was this time when kit and olivia are reunited, we have this amazing love scene, it's very passionate. but i did direct a sex scene with the two of us. so it came down to where -- like, what kind of underwear fits where? it had never been seen that way. i think he wears boxer. boxer briefs?
2:25 am
kerry goes, tony, you don't want to wear boxer briefs, men of a certain age shouldn't wear boxer briefs. >> i love the music they played during your sex scene. like boom! >> yeah. yeah. >> playing on the banjo? >> on the banjo. >> thank you so much. we really appreciate it. thanks for coming to see us. "warren jeffs" premieres this saturday on lifetime. let sleeping dogs lie. it's one lesson an owner learned firsthand. >> and two ladies get a hot look for summer, ambush makeup coming up right after this. general pain relievers, like advil, only treat cramps, but midol has three active ingredients to take care of that... ... and fatigue and bloating. because you deserve better. you just can'tider a 4-star know the name?p to 60% off, just no name? until you book. um... yeah, i'd do that!
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it is time for webtastic,
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the next adorable video you'll be talking about with your friends. >> we've had mornings where we can't wake up or get your kids out of bed. has it happened to your pets? >> it has. ray was trying to wake up his great dane puppy thor at 3:30 a.m. but it took more than a few pokes. you have to get up, thor. you have to get up. you cannot lay down all day. [ dog groaning ] >> you've got to get up, i don't want to hear it. time to wake up. let's go. [ dog groaning ] >> come on, let's go. [ dog barking ] >> i don't want to hear it. you have to wake up. come on. let's go. come on. let's go. [ dog groaning ] >> come on let's go. come on let's go. [ dog groaning ] >> let's go, thor. come on, wake up. >> by the way, ray owns a bagel factory in birmingham, michigan.
2:30 am
he and his wife wake up at the crack of dawn every day. and the dog is not into it. he's not grooving on it. >> by the way, i do not blame him. the video has acquired 4 million youtube -- >> 4 million? >> a lot, right? that's a lot. this is the thing. i'm sure that if there was a video of my husband waking me up at 3:30 in the morning it would look a lot like that. >> i don't want to! >> rrrgh! >> watching your waistline, all of a sudden the burger or hot dog. >> plus ways to prevent that summer brain drain in your kids. >> and a big reveal of ambush makeovers. do not miss it, it's worth the wait after your local news and weather coming up.
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we are back with more on this "today." our ambush makeovers for two lucky ladies plucked off the plaza and surprised with hot new looks. >> they're going to look gorgeous. because they're in the hands of
2:33 am
our makeover team. contributor and stylist to the stars. >> everybody, now. lewis la la la! >> jenna bush hager knowing when to cue the music. >> i watch the show. >> i hike that about you. and "today" contributor and contributing editor for "stylewatch." and author. jen martin! >> how was it? how was the plaza? >> good, a beautiful day. the plaza was crowded. there were so many people to pick from. the problem is who will those makeovers be? >> karen, 62 years old from dexter, michigan, a retired grandmother of five who keeps her daily beauty routine minimal, face watch and moisturizer. her husband mark has been coloring her hair. >> what? >> her husband mark has been coloring her hair for the last 15 years. >> that is amazing. >> mark has been coloring her hair. she's excited to see her
2:34 am
professionally colored, styled and new look. take a listen to her story. >> everyone looked at me and said, why didn't i put something different on today? surprise, you're getting a makeover. what do you think about all of this? >> it's going to be fun. i'm a little nervous. i'm looking forward to it. >> the best thing you told me outside is that your husband mark actually does your color and has done it for the last 15 years. what do you think he's going to think about giving up his job? >> i don't think he'll mind. >> what do you think about this for your mother? >> it's very fun and exciting, i'm happy for her. >> happy 13th birthday. you ready to see a new grandma? >> yes, i am. >> oh, yes, they are. okay. she's here with her daughters, tracy and ashley. and her granddaughter kelsey. and her granddaughter's friend grace. >> oh, fun. >> grace, we need a grace. >> all right, keep your blindfolds on. here's karen's before picture. let's see the new you!
2:35 am
>> oh! >> all right, guys. take off your blindfolds. >> beautiful. >> wow. >> karen, are you ready? are you ready? okay. stand right here, look at this. you can put your glasses on. >> oh, you look beautiful! >> i'm sorry. you look so great. karen, camera 12, please. lewis, tell us about the hair. >> karen, you're gorgeous, number one. what we did is we added glamor. your husband used great colors by the way. he picked slightly the wrong shade. too light, it was washing you out. we had ray today do the haircuts and made a lot of the, pretty layer around her face. >> what do you think? >> beautiful, mom. >> so beautiful. >> love it. that dress is beautiful. >> love it. >> mark lost his job so i wanted
2:36 am
to give a hot dress. i love the black overlay on it. >> turn around, look at the back. you have a beautiful back. >> you should go backless a lot. >> a big round of applause for karen. >> yay! >> who's our next lucky lady? >> the next lucky lady, her name is diana lee, she is from benbrook, i.t. specialist. she says getting dressed up if i was her more confidence so this new look will be a welcome change. this is her third trip to manhattan and this southern otherwise known as texas gal says she's beyond excited for this once in a lifetime opportunity. let's see her story. >> well, this was a surprise for diane. we literally ambushed you on the plaza. so what do you think about all of this? >> i think it's very exciting. i wasn't expecting it at all. i'm up for a new look, totally new hair, everything would be great. >> we like that. so we can do whatever we want?
2:37 am
>> almost, yeah. i don't want a boy cut or anything like that. >> lewis, we give you that direction. all right, we're excited to have you. >> thank you so much, appreciate it. >> okay, she's here with her three cousins. megan, raise your hand. kevin. and brady. all right, guys. don't take off your eye mask yet. but diana, come on out. >> here's your before picture. come on out, girl. >> okay, take off your masks. >> oh my gosh! >> what do you think, brady? >> it's awesome! >> you want to see yourself? >> let's see. >> what do you think? >> it is awesome, the dress is beautiful. >> you look hot. >> you do. >> beautiful bod. >> you look gorgeous.
2:38 am
>> thank you so much. >> you're going to be the hottest girl in texas. well, maybe the second hottest. >> there you go. >> i'll be in new york, so you can be the hottest. >> ray totally reshaped her hair, gave her bangs instead of the wings that she had before. with the new brunette hair, which was so much more flattering to her complexion, enid used a very soft, natural look to make it all come together. >> and this dress. >> isn't it pretty? and always accentuate your best parts, you have a beautiful bust line, the lace draws attention there. the shoes, love the shoes. >> you guys love? >> yeah, megan, you have tears in your eyes. >> so beautiful. >> let's bring karen out. big round of applause for both of our ladies. all right. do not blow your diet on the fourth of july. the barbecue? >> madeline's back to help you make smarter choices right after this. you can call them anytime you feel like saving money.
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it don't matter, day or night. use your computer, your smartphone, your tablet, whatever. the point is, you have options. oh, how convenient. hey. crab cakes, what are you looking at? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. hey, let's talk probiotics. for digestive health? erin andrews? yeah. and did you know trubiotics is a daily probiotic that helps in two ways? it supports digestive and immune health, by working in your gut where 70% of your immune system lives. now in chewables. the mustard seed that makes french's yellow mustard. 100% natural from me to you. with 40% more free, there's more to love. french's. naturally amazing.
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[casino sounds] >> man: yeah [speaking excitedly] >> man: yeah [speaking excitedly] [dog bark] >> man: yeah [speaking excitedly] [loud kiss smack] >> man: yeah [speaking excitedly] [party sounds] >> librarian: shh >> man: yeah [speaking excitedly] [fly buzz] [hand clap] >> announcer: 888 the worlds leading online casino has arrived in new jersey. join now and get 50 free spins for the chance to win $1,000,000. every spin could win you $1,000,000.
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absolutely free. >> man: yeah [speaking excitedly] join now. must be 21 years old and in the state of new jersey to play real money. the fourth of july is a week away, a lot of you may be heading to a friend's house for a barbecue or hosting one of your own. >> while you may be tempted to throw out your diet for a day you don't have to. you can indulge in favorites if you choose wisely. >> nbc new health editor, fancy, and science editor, madeline fernstrom. we don't have to blow it over the fourth of july weekend? >> right, you can indulge, it's smart choices. all of our visitors are coming for food. i'm going to describe these and you're going to say which is fewer calories. >> wait a minute. i hear someone at the door. >> open the door. look who's here, aunt louise. what she's brought is potato salad that's man nats based, italian-based pasta salad.
2:43 am
>> what's the question? >> the question is, one cup of each, which has fewer calories? >> i know. >> pasta salad. >> you would be wrong. >> i was going to go with the other one, whatever it was. >> it was going to be potato salad. man nats you can spread a lot and use less. oil-based dressing can be deceptive. >> i thought mayonnaise was fattening. >> it is. >> oh, someone's here. >> who's there? >> oh, it's larry the father-in-law. a lean burger with lettuce and tomato, and then a hot dog with sauerkraut, which is lower? >> the one that is definitely lower in calorie is the hot dog. >> that's right. that's right, because it's something that if you use lean beef, that's good. a lot of people don't like that because it tastes dry. you can mix in some chopped-up mushrooms for moisture. hot dog's not a great quality protein so have just one. but it's all about portions. justify yourself.
2:44 am
>> somebody's here! >> well, look at this. elizabeth from across the street. would you like to have two ribs or a quarter of a chicken? >> there's two? >> chicken. >> you are wrong. >> 380 calories for that chicken with the skin, or 300 for the ribs. if you like it, just have few ir. >> take the skin off. >> who is it? moving right along. >> oh, look. our younger brother damian is here with some libations. you've got a lime cooler and a beer. >> going with the beer, lower calories. >> hoda would be right, 150 calories. >> i know my alcohol. >> one cooler is not a spritzer. >> i was going to say. i haven't had a wine cooler in a very long time.
2:45 am
>> who is there? >> who is it? it's candace, our co-worker, who is a fiber-rich girl. she's brought baked beans and corn. which one is going to have fewer calories? a ear of corn or half a cup of beans? >> i'd say corn. >> you would be right. 100 calories versus 140. both good choices. >> who is it? oh, it's little blake who's bringing dessert that mommy made. cupcake or brownies? >> brownies. >> whoo! >> it's the frosting. >> so what happens? is this the tiebreaker? >> tiebreaker. >> the tiebreaker is -- linda coming with some snacks. carrots and celery sticks with half a cup of guacamole. or a handful of chips and salsa. which is lower? >> chips and salsa. >> hoda is right.
2:46 am
you've won a watermelon. >> jenna can have it. >> you're such a good sport, hoda. >> coming up how to sneak a little summer learning and make it fun for your kids too. >> what's a fourth of july party without drinks? >> refreshing cocktails that will be a smach at any summer bash after this. vo: this is the summer.
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the summer that summers from here on will be compared to. so get out there, and get the best price guaranteed. find it for less and we'll match it and give you $50 toward your next trip.
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expedia. find yours. ugh. heartburn. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm. amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
2:50 am
now that summer is here, kids just want to have fun. there are easy way to sneak in learning and prevent summer brain drain. >> the best news is your kids will be willing participants. here with fun ideas is ceo and founder of katherine cohen. >> interesting debate. some people think it's a good idea if kids go to school year round because in the summertime they get mushy and have to get caught 100 they get back to school. >> there's a. the out by johns hopkins university school of education that says kids are learning -- they're losing two months of
2:51 am
grade level math skills over the summer and more in reading achievement. so it is important to keep your kids' brains active during the summer. but there are creative ways to do that. >> some people are fighting for longer school years. if that's not going to happen -- >> yeah, a lot of kids go to camp, does that work? that is enough to have your kid's brain clicking? >> they can go to camp but i always find families plan a trip somewhere, they want to go away. here's a way to get your kids involved. they can help plan the routes and the costs and look up the history and facts of the places they're going so they're learning geography, they're learning about financial literacy, they're learning organizational skills. >> that's smart. usually kids pile in the car, go to the beach, that's the end of it. >> it makes the vacation a learning trip is what you're saying. >> exactly, hands-on activities. gardening or baking. you're learning about science. you're learning about science, nature. if you're baking you're measuring things, having to learn about measurements. and they have to read
2:52 am
instructions. >> a lot of kids, i know we're going to get to apps, a lot of kids are glued to video games. that's what's happening. it's summer, they play games, that can't be good for your brain or can it be? >> i liked going back to the basics. i think board games and puzzles are great ways for families to get together and it helps improve kids' problem-solving skills and social skills. old school scrabble and boggle which help build vocabulary. there are alternatives to video games. >> they have scrabble online, on the ipad. >> exactly. >> i obviously am biased because my mom was a librarian, it's in my dna. public libraries are an amazing resource for kids. >> they are. they'll put together book groups for kids, a way for kids to interact with peers, also keep up their reading over the summer. they do other activities for kids as your kids are doing. language classes and things like that. >> language class at 14 months.
2:53 am
>> doesn't she sing cool songs? >> let's talk about apps. >> so all the apps i'm going to give you are free. so the first one we're going to look at is from the wwf together, elementary school kids. what's cool is you can look up endangered species all over the world. learn about conservation. what i love about it is there's this interactive 3d globe. so go around the world, let's choose a spot here. we can learn about -- madagascar, ring-tailed lemur. kids are going to remember this from "madagascar" so that's great. >> middle school kids, you say mass ninja? >> this is also for elementary school kids. let's look this up. my second gracer was on this playing, this is fun. basically you're a ninja, you're in your tree house. and you have to defend your tree house from these cat bots and
2:54 am
dog bats. after you eliminate them, math problems come up and you sneak those in. >> thank you, we really appreciate it. sorry we have to wrap. on our website we'll have all the apps and everything. thank you so much for coming to see us. ice coldcock tails for your fourth of july bash. >> two words for you. cosmo. slushy. >> i like those two. sounds great. this is "today" on nbc.
2:55 am
2:56 am
if you're inviting friends and family over, stock up on standbys, wine and beer. >> why not really impress them with tasty cocktails? here with a few that are sure to be a smash is maureen petrovsky, offer of "the cocktail club."
2:57 am
>> you have a great table full of cocktails. shall we start? >> it's like book club but better. get together with friends and taste all the spirits. >> you do this? >> we do this. this is the physician, add avril, a bitter but sweet herbal liqueur, it's lovely for brunch. this is my take on the avril spritz. >> cheers. >> taste that one. it's just so pretty. try not to choke. we have a few more to go. >> are you okay? >> foam. >> so the next thing is our ginger blackberry smash. and so this is simple syrup, a cup of water, a cup of sugar. >> you're a mixologist. >> keep that on the heat until it dissolves. this is fresh ginger. >> i love ginger. >> this simple syrup without the ginger you can make ahead, keep in the fridge. this is tequila. >> that's a lot.
2:58 am
>> this is three drinks. >> okay. >> fresh lime juice. then this is the ginger simple syrup which is cool. you want to cool that. into here we'll add our rim here. >> this is how you make a sugar rim. >> this is ginger and salt. >> so like a margarita but ginger on the edges. a few blackberries in each glass and we're going to smash them. >> this is good for libido too, right? >> if you're going to do a rim you want to make sure you do that before you put anything in your glass. >> okay. >> then pour this in? >> did you shake it? >> yeah. >> that in there. then we put a little -- >> that looks cool! >> a little ginger. >> let's taste one. >> don't taste mine. >> like a shot of tequila. cheers. >> cheers, girls. >> mm! >> whoa! >> wow. >> strong for you? >> but delicious.
2:59 am
>> so this is the cosmo slushy. vodka already in here, freezer-safe dish, cranberry juice, fresh lime juice, then this is the triple sec. orange-flavored liqueur. stir it up, freeze it like this. >> i love it. >> a slushy. so it will never get totally hard because of the alcohol it in. i'll give you just a little bit to taste. >> pretty. >> i love this. like a slurpee. >> a fourth of july summer entertainment -- >> my gosh, this is my favorite. >> then of course there's appetizers in the cocktail club. vodka-soaked tomatoes. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. all the recipes are online. i want to thank jenna for cohosting. tomorrow my best friend karen is going to host with me. whitney is going to come about i and chat. >> also some expecting mothers, fun finds, and battle of thetec.
3:00 am
she monitors started knockinga and her great job >> i'm here to help. you and i will get through this together. ♪


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