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tv   Today  NBC  June 30, 2014 7:00am-11:01am EDT

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>> all right. re and wrinkles in just one week. the "today" show is up next. remember we'll see you back here for updates in just minutes. >> thanks for watching. good morning. mentally fit. after more than a month delay, oscar pistorius is back in court they'll wanna eat it rightgonna away.od as the judge decides whether he and country crock stirs in easily, to give mashed potatoes knew right from wrong when he that rich buttery flavor your family loves, everytime. shot his girlfriend. we're live in south africa. key decision. the supreme courtxpected to rule today on a major aspect of welcome to crock country. obamacare. can a company refuse to pay for don't wait for on to en®r ♪ summer days drifting away to, uh oh, those summer nights o totino's pizza rolls... contraception based on religious ...gets you there in just 60 seconds. beliefs? scare in the air. a united airlines plane forced z ize h zlt ca c.moms.c l topecaut oupe to land unexpectedly. how could that happen? the bhershey's s'mores, together is hothe unmistakable taste ib who foo and worldwide exclusive. kehe that reminds us that life is delicious. the ne ogrvi. help cho igandorr himer iaserytoyslo thhe lact ieal milk? re ass e. pippa middleton's first no , ikm'sumbsre.
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behaves like the surface of your skin. interview ever. now watch what soap does to it. n gomonfa u stso andns t afrieat being thrust into the national andstes ♪ it us you soap strips your skin. spotlight. >> i was like, wow, this is dove is different. port t pretty special. with 1/4 moisturizing cream, owms. >> this morning how she's using it's liou unaid®em dove doesn't strip your skin like soap. w t w.catchci her fame for good. and how she manages to live her rt e l yo teado t life in the public eye. finally, the purple pill,cream, >>netif iovwi the #1 prescribed acid blocking brand. today monday, june 30th, 2014. comes without a prescription for frequent heartburn. anha one o at'tsunku iit ly the r sonseh from nbc news, this is get complete protection. df. nexium level protection. "today" with matt lauer and stmbon tmio oget t ainerose. savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. ree,th ybeusmwork ondo .onhornet ow ss .it g a ja m awa and good morning. welcome to "today" on a monday eir t t ri'silt morning. we've got mr. roker on vacation. ns oday. nice to have dylan here.>>hank y ho tefneare tamron's here because natalie's yor hiecto o scie p the ari mor cteo th. does your mouth often feel dry? ho tefneare ari heluynu.ouit. a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications still down to rio. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. 'healndream .. ct. t.yoogat ts thien?it we've got a lot to talk about ustoeghu'nt tnow,'l hours of sl. that's why there's biotene. this morning. the interview with pippa available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel,
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moment you need to fall asleep middleton will surprise a lot of the most? people. n!ofown at ho tefneare ari heluyoui gng i think when you hear what she why does it happen in that biotene can provide soothing relief, >> my answer is you're bombarded and it helps keep your mouth healthy, too. was thinking leading up to the royal wedding, i think you'll with information all day. remember, while your medication is doing you good, hnow tco . ho tefneare ari heluyoui gng find it very fascinating. and when you're drifting off is >> interesting to hear from her. the time all that sensory a dry mouth isn't. biotene -- for people who suffer from dry mouth. m,p. information is gone or quiet and not every day you can say you sort of allows your mind to have a world exclusive, but you while many of us love actually do. rehearse all these different and remember last week we talked summer, when it comes to our y g yd?rurviewwe aed hsl hair, summer doesn't love us back. >> isn't that right, my hoda to miss delaware. she was so upset her crown was veewur e. coli in the washing fir taken away because of a machine, mold in the dishwasher, with wt dust mites in the bedroom. paperwork issue. % inl t things she's going to be here today to tell us what is happening with titles of upcoming horror films. ous. the case. and there's also talk of perhaps and problems in your home. he out o ye suing the miss america organization. so we will get to that in about >> hidden hazards around our an hour or so. yeeper utster# o ereami ♪e, c hashens to t.yeomve a house. tviefe iss hai a.curl let's get right to today's top editor at large for shape magazine is here. heresue izer wabuld at ir story. the key ruling expected from the >> thank you. arey meing i kn >> let's launch in one of the irri s ♪ aly aowo places, our dishwasher. ll and. >>reat >> a lot of people forget they >> assume the dishwasher is clean. eli od tve supreme court. it includes this case of tom s t but i'm going to show you a belwe.mentress l thhen heont at dr three-step process to get rid of plhed y wh ioueels?t ryssmo things in here. contraception, religion, and the ogso an a intseiaver b fungus, mildew. what you need a vinegar and obama health care law. tisiz baking soda. take vinegar, about half a cup, or
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>> reporter: this raises the kemethnt od.a eime question the court has never beoued answered before. add it to two cups hot water. can a business, a profit-making ba eht mo ago d corporation claim it has freedom ste er spray, spray, spray. of religion making it exempt waut eno nknowu easitl h d halet>>ake w l eeeri thinnt try grab your toothbrush and get from some laws? into the little crevasses. wehi fs io yt di ehour that's where a lot of the food you.eopllted. the challenges to the health particles are. take your time. care law come from a ne>>rtan tout that's step one. actually, i'll demonstrate one. step two, once a month take a it's actually twisted. pennsylvania company owned by a little bit of vinegar, put it in family of mennonite christians. w he embe he nt >> ow.twist it, and se the cu bi it yooty a clear bowl and add this to the and the chain of craft stores teg. reawo n,thouknderiheirprhy top rack. you close this and let the hot thoppiayseeabthyo. not e samee,rying hobby lobby. ow, gh>> >> tokcu isn>>ri wash run. >> we believe wholeheartedly it ncou after that's done, final step, t s. is by god's grace and provision ou ll right.. take baking soda, sprinkle it that hobby lobby has been t'on. successful. >> reporter: both companies say all over the bottom. cherish. ir.eher close and do a final hot risk. providing insurance coverage for hick m e t mak some kinds of contraceptions are you'll get rid of the fungus, tofeo they noin thank you. anl. dod wantar up next, all the news you a form of abortion violating need to know before you walk out mold, and bacteria. their religious views. the door. but does a corporation have plus what you should never th convasshefhey hs a g and w . religious beliefs? done next time you get in the >> people said you're supposed nono,me 'ss ce.'t canton the companies say yes. water. summer safety tips right after to clean your dishwasher? ac d i co t ae och dofnt >> just because you're engaged this. and we take our naps on the twin 13% once a month. s oudo. in business and trying to make bed. 15% once a year. g isooiond we raevrphywe i bet profit doesn't mean you leave look at them. time thieves. >> people assume there's a lot all your religious beliefs at of cleaner in there. the door. with their tiny little bandit hands. but the truth is there's a lot of bad stuff in the dishwasher. >>g enasign ywit sngeltoue t stealing a second. a minute. an entire day. >> that's amaze b. >> reporter: but the obama how wonderful vinegar is.
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that's where your time went. with these creatures. now to our laundry room. tnk ne administration said nearly half no aorkirom rashfiay" n and we asked our viewers how c oot to ep twou you e rirent.. hungry, sleepy, poopy little crooks. of all pregnancies are unintended making birth control but honestly, they wouldn't even have to steal it often you're supposed to clean the washer. essential for preventive care. 3% said once a week. because you're happy to give it to them. if the companies win what other 24% said once a month. save what little time you have with store pick up from target. before we reveal the right laws would they seek exceptions answer, what lurks in the for? buy online, pick up in store >> this case is basically washer? >> here's the deal. and spend more time with your little thieves. whether an employer because of their own personal views can thn'll find e. coli,a, pick and choose which laws they cookie, chocolate and caramel in a bite-size. want to adhere to and which they surpd llok xp? also h r it's such a great idea you're probably wondering, don't. >> reporter: one option is a that can make you sick. narrow ruling allowing the "why didn't we think of these years ago?" here, they e transfer to your skin. the thing to remember is every religious exception only for so what are you getting all done up for? [ coughs ] time you do yourdies y'r supposed to wash them separately family-owned companies with i got a big meeting. if you can. e >>wiho clearly established religious always use hot water. i'm going to pitch my idea for bite-size twix. views. >> i know there's another big 140 degrees is the key. oh, that's a good idea! i know, i know! you can use clorox bleach, that topic over the weekend. i really feel like this could be my big... ith in oh, big daatust elp >> rorter:s.spect to be chargedt [ boom ] is effective as well. [ coughs ] n- tfleab use ocs through an interpreter on an earphone. [ male announcer ] your favorite bars: bite-sized. ta onlt i liste tohe his lawyer ple introducing twix bites. odth lthe eem you r rkraf,inth mikew inark. ah in oh, big daatust elp if he mustheldn jails tria [ female announcer ] aveeno® daily moisturizing lotion condney s t lef has active naturals® oat with five vital nutrients. brnie let's do something about it.situri turnl 1 ido sota. hlean alehe the only wash >> all right, pete. [ aniston ] because beautiful skin we'll keepit.
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ank yo much. goes with everything. l oscpistorius murder trial. aveeno®. naturally beautiful results™. back in session this morning owa rg otty t,, lha after delays so that pistorius ys t preathablot a y sttesos ann aveeno®. of swedish experience in insidperfecting the rich,ars could undergo a psychiatric e l never bitter taste of gevalia. we do it all for this very experience. [woman] that's good. >> it's important to do that i know right? with hot water. sh doou was absolutely, yes. c.he a yo>>ban "ton want to popt s>> hes kat evaluati gevalia. evaluation. pete rossen is in south africa. >> reporter: hey, matt. the final phase of court in and their bum. session this morning. what number are you? i'm number 2. we now have the results of oscar ♪ what's that? how do you wipe your bum? pistorius' psychological uh, very carefully. what...uhh... with my hand? evaluation. the doctors all agree he did not and toilet paper! [ laughs ] have any mental illness when he ahhh, you bring those with you. shot and killed his gouf reeva did you really bring that? yeah. great t.p. steenkamp. and these are amazing wipes. these findings could be a big blow to his defense. this is our first look at oscar this is my dream team. pistorius in weeks. do you know what that adds up to? a clean bum. [ cherry ] feel a clean so fresh it can only be cottonelle. he's been away at a mental it means trying something new. hospital where a team of psychiatrists evaluated him [ woman ] that uncertainty of what's to co. every day for a month. in court today the prosecutor ♪ read the results.
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>> mr. pistorius did not suffer ♪ from a mental illness at the time of the event that would ♪ have determined him not okrom in t anssra cou earnre t findht carmax is the best place to start your car search.e, responsible for the charges. kegu >> reporter: before today the great for frank, who's quite particular... defense team claimed he had a russian jazz funk? next to swedish hip hop. mental illness called general when he knows what he wants... - thank you. yiets ad n 'te,athe toee anxiety disorder when he shot do you have himalayan toad lilies? d,veon and kill z girlfriend spotted, or speckled? speckled. yes. t'reatea a he has to have it. reeva steenkamp. a cubist still life of rye bread... pistorius sat in court today goiheh thead me, get'l asikmsfl the a yawning at times, looking upset sold. at other times as he listened to it's perfect. y e w ike t grfg d tbabl a g f the results that he knew right which is why we'll ship a canary yellow jeep bas yally y a from wrong. with leather seats from dallas to burbank >> mr. pistorius was capable of if it's the one frank wants. at nn: rsonaclosinh .c, o y appreciating the wrongfulness of carmax. start here. the act. >> reporter: what does this ucall one sut.y,ev result mean? >> it basically means the criminal trial is back on track lee ird - dhing s.nod todyurng ersoshopru braorwn fkids now. e the jail nvictedn ts . arlemanyte lthve to liv opommuoupshu sentence. orr: instead of going to ee ird - dhing s.nod todyurng dagea w a mental hospital? so i'm trying hellmann's yes. r highlighted with olive oil. let's see what happens. s physicaldisabi,osing t' firer >> b .tingpl do that's not hellmann's on your sandwiches. his legs as a baby. y.'s a lema it's hellmann's with olive oil. e sth imagery his surgeon testifying today nd opleimagloudtiheth
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whaddaya want, a parade? er in m pioriusas vnerable [ laughter ] ckin thou ithit. than the rest of us when he el88 n.tes havre m ibnillhe anity'th ht r aea bring 'em over here. come on. smp siousintruder anshot bridge tha healthes, justmas meit>>.ss iot that's why i take doctor recommended colace capsules. raffic.oonudga ks dot dheheldgeouiewlti-n d aoomos [ male announcer ] for certain medical conditions vulnerable in a dangerous dng is situation with a severel imbili where straining should be avoided, colace softens the stool for effective relief from occasional constipation. off70n tfo olee rucoso everely impaired abi tatst thardomthph,anert. go to for savings. - n heman, now cko ad 0.onnkfotc ouldt ump wn of .pein. d pric cou to show intly. plpecoe bitown the jud h his for himkal around. ufce u : theudge orded the cameras to turn ay. quick note abo ne in the trial. the court isintoave the entire case wrapped up in the next few weeks. we shall see. >> jeff rossen in southfra taking a look at the fo us. thanks very much. headlines, a key decision today at the supreme court. justices are ruling in one of the most closely watched cases at issue is whether or not corporations such as hobby lobby an emergency landing after an emergency escape slide opened can claim religious freedom and while in flight. >> reporter: hi, savannah. be exempt from providing this was the united 737 flight contraceptions under obamacare. two companies argue that paying
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for some kind of contraception 1463 that left chicago at 8:20 is paying for the equivalent of local time. abortion. scary moments for passengers in flight the emergency slide opened near the rear of the on a united flight to orange fro thi"tay kifrd od cabin. the plane was at cruising county. during the flight they were altitude at the time. you can see by the photos the forced to land in wichita, .unity i ar kansas, after an emergency slide slide consumed much of the section of the plane. deployed in the back of the >> ras you can't fly across country plane. thankfully no one was hurt hwaealliv f sney like that. the pilot declared an emergency .was there. ntng cont report short live. and landed in wichita without more than 60,000 wine incident. >> and the first thought i had openers are being recalled for usmbdena at is i hope no one's in the rsd h 80th di bottles breaking. restroom. needles inserted into the fortunately no one was in the bottle's cork. but some bottles have been neasis breaking. we'll continue to follow a restroom. it just filled the area up. the company has a free remedy >> reporter: not a lot of room at all. 96 passengers, crew of 5 on kit for you. eo liv ssre h developing story. and how important is your or day.icare board. and the crew was never in smartphone in your life? according to a new bank of s danger, neither was the america survey, half of us say wehe wnithe alngwave passenger. united sent a replacement plane c>> el oney aeto aeplace in to ferry the passengers on. we could not go one day about it. aftff -- ie 90% rank their smartphone up this kind of an event is rare, there with their car and theth houoobretgustell. but it has happened before. deodorant. you may recall when president for millennials it ranks higher obama was running for office back in 2008, a slide opened on than their toothbrush. .cyar5'2",ome.e a pictuf at
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the survey also found if our cell phone got lost, most would his campaign plane. ihi bningf at the nt determined had not give up alcohol, even chocolate to get it back. prope securedefe "transformers" took over the takeoff. >> what a scare for those top spot at the box office this passengers. thank you very much. some severe weather to talk up ga w weekend. took it $100 million. about. 's on the move this terngough the best debut for any film this midwest over the weekend. watching world cup without year. "22 jump street" was second. stopping. me l and several reported tornadoes he sl nowte't p. i a touching down leaving a lot of "how to train your dragon 2" was damage behind. b -- dylan dreyer is in for al this third. and some amusement park morning. where's the storm head snd. >> yes. ting fraheed w wfo a t >> still in the midwest. guests happy to be on solid i mean, the midwest cannot catch a break. ground after being stuck on a we've had flooding rains along ride for hours. a >>s l- with the tornadoes and the a power failure halted the fit th damaging wind gusts and large capsule and left everyone about wi w mt 320 feet in the air. hail. look at some of the flooding we after four hours power finally acl of down just to look at body language. what did you think? >> we think he is an saw in memphis, tennessee. reorna i>in whyhing old-fashioned biblical word water inundating places like ed wed-n macod in this mobile home where families reorna i>in whyhing macod in sisurprisengldazards we face john i'm sorry, it'. joh. were evacuated. the entire time. ikehim.>>e hhere lit it takes awhile for the water to i'ow.k ozen yogurt. de rehand recede. half the fat of regular ice cream. in aboutthat.i t hen tt imaoesn llin areas you do not want to s uch . it's so irresistibly thick and creamy! is alwaysn. ou kat ts on him. and unfortunately we are going didn't expect you to be enjoying yourself so soon! to see more severe storms break out later on day. couldn't resist, mmm! erytevng ispotpia. we gir the it's such a good source of protein too! no, i'm talking about this john, already?! knoweron.s weas did whe
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awe w also have a lot of moisture coming in from the south. dew points are around 70 to 75 when .he l ihere apear m degrees. able.s making the atmosphere we already have severe w min hiom.hi s oos look. ♪et ie my thunderstorm warnings in effect we will see perhaps aer outbreak otofromexas up to miig og 7 itirro telomhi the an haphe it hkin feas 'mra rithebecausgi le could see it today. from des moines over to peoria bawhemohee cr in illinois could have damaging ou isdday, a large we're looking at the threat rsfo frollbill i love.b andlove tomorrow as well. star mo wow sl it is relentless out that way. as a some tcl featuredfe oohend a theftpp guys? >> thanks very much. alat 72 to tamron's in for natalie. he f juard he t y fasrat we've got new leadership , se teer wilmb u > potentially at the v.a. >> president obama is expected to announce his nominee 14 wtnghefrs ghewe jt doo yhou > gr richie. secry an affairs. his choice is bob mcdonald. t a agry tycept t ♪ i do love you poarticng ho acr haveeix rfb mcdonald will replace general eric shinsekiho resigned in ad a at of t the wake of a scandal. ♪ still that's music. >> i like when you sing. >> i like it. >> what are we going to do about peter alexander is at the white pares will moff.ninelpeto house for us this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. president obama's going to make shia labeouf? >> labeouf.
7:11 am
that announcement this afternoon >> labeouf. >> oh, boy. at the v.a. >> you guys heard this story. he was sitting in the audience rst ftu 0ceo theecome the max sc uswa cup on shoctinselfnd of "cabaret." they say he was being disruptive. he was -- some say he was minug i5 smoking. en.emonienc he was, you know, grabbing -- i pale by a don't know what he was doing. he got escorted out by cops, and ts aairs ndernbm. tcynktcw he was allegedly yelling and corrosive culture, today the doing other things during the performance. we do have an update on the obama administration will story because we like to update you. >> information. nominate bob macdonald to run the company. he would take over the >> all right. department serving more than 8 liza minnelli sent a "cabaret" million veterans aear. dvd to shia labeouf let you know white house aides point to his in case you wanted toon how "cabaret" ends, you can watch it. >> liza has a great sense of stellar managerial record. >> america's veterans deserve humor. this guy, he was in prison. there was that bizarre scene of nothing less. >> reporter: replacing a him, you know, chasing the four-star general who resigned homeless man before he even went last month under mismanagement to the theater. trying to get his mcdonald's and coverups of patient wait bag. time. macdonald has a strongs military >> he was way out of it. >> this guy is incredibly background himself. talented. all we do is talk about these house speaker john boehner was incredibly talented people who get too much too soon in life
7:12 am
complimentary of macdonald. but it lies on president obama and don't have the skills yet. to articulate a vision for you know, the human skills to sweeping reform. deal with all the success. and amongst his first challenges >> remember that time he was on if confirmed, looking at those the red carpet in berlin -- >> always doing weird things in returning from the wars in iraq berlin. that's where "cabaret" took and afghanistan. the head of the group place. >> i'm not saying this anymore. >> wonder what's happening with representing iraq and afghanistan veterans says that him and if it's just a wild night or something more. macdonald never served in iraq we will find out. >> we'll find out. or afghanistan, was not from their generation. allegedly. at wimbledon you guys know adding he's going to have to that there is a dress code. p to speed you're supposed to wear all r issues. >> peter, thank you very much. white. okay. in past years some players have the iraqi government says been showing a hint of color underneath. the military has made >> they've been stretching the significant gains in the boundaries. >> serena wore the -- in 2013 country's north as the battle for the city of tikritages r on. she had corral undergarments. ensewninca onl i.s.i.s. commanders started cause 't kri fleeing the area. welcome back to "today" on a they sate militants were still monday morning. it's june 30th, 2014. wearing the color that was in the streets. showing through the white to -- beautiful picture pushing into ol advan>> who were >> please go back and change. state.s. has claimed a studio 1a. who carries around tons of different underwear these days? i'm willie with tamron. a move that some experts say al is out this week. well, you do in your purse, but could cause in-fighting with normal people don't. natalie is covering the world >> there were -- we don't have other militant gr
7:13 am
confirmation, but apparently there may have been some people cup in brazil. >> we said she's on assignment > congil to deal that went braless because they in brazil. didn't have any options. can't say it with a straight do we have any pictures? with the sudden surge of >> if i went braless, there face. >> assignment. >> i saw her instagram pictures would be people with whiplash. unaccompanied children crossing over the weekend. honestly. the border. >> what is she doing down there? playing tennis. i could hurt somebody. he's also having for more >> a lot of this. i think that should be authority in sending border a lot of -- a lot of selfies. considered too. crossers back to their home >> it's time for favorite >> how'd we not get this things. country. they also want stricter assignment? i got this assignment. >> all righty. >> this is something called penalties for coyotes who hanging out with you. check out this video. renewed perfume. it's $39.99. smuggle children across the border for cash. it defies explanation. it's called scents of the and dozens of thrill seekers it's set to the classic "the it comes with a spritzer that while you're putting on it final countdown." are happy to be on hard ground this is a guy who puts on his reminds you of god's love. try some of this. pants without using his hands. really myself. it comes in different -- this morning after being stuck there are no edits in this >> oh, i like it. video. on a ride for hours. watch the man work. >> what do you have? >> i have short eye lashes, and already has more than a million for anyone who has really short 46 visitors and 2 employees were eye lashes -- >> your legs make up for it. in that sky tower when a power views in two days. >> and you don't want to put look at the moves. fake on. this is a thing by lancome, and fail yure halted it and kept it that's how i dance at weddings. >> look at him. it's called the booster. it's white. 120 feet in the air. bring it. you take this out. >> i want to know what kind of look at it. the ride slowly descended after pants that is. it's white. you put it on your lashes >> that's the thing. come on. my jeans would never come up. premascara, and it adds an extra four hours. no passengers were ever in coating so then you look like danger. you have white lashes. >> are there restrooms in that those are, like -- oh, i like thing? then you take your mascara and >> thank you for saying what i suddenly -- i know it doesn't was thinking. that last move. look like much because i don't have much to start with, but it
7:14 am
>> four hours. twice i would have needed to go. really does lengthen and extend. >> little style. >> what can i do to get you to makes them -- well, this may give you >> enormous shock for somebody to see you without it, right? interesting thoughts as well tape yourself -- have your wife that's the danger. this morning. major league baseball players >> you know what -- taping you doing that. >> did you miss me? holding their teammates' feet to i don't believe you can do it. i challenge you. >> of course i can't. the fire. i'm shocked that the "today" >> yes. >> shia labeouf went to prison. the dodgers had a comfortable show producers did not have one he spent a night in jail. of us try to do that on lead and decided to have fun. television. okay. >> here's the deal. >> jail. she meant jail. >> to me they're the same thing. someone stuck rolled up matches i will babysit the kids and give you are locked up. you're in handcuffs, and you to the back of a shoe. can't get out until somebody then they lit on fire. you a night off if you can do makes bail. sorry about that. he smelled the smoke and look that. it's me, the kids, and the interview making headlines around the world today. >> matt's exclusive sitdown with margaritas. >> can it be any pant? around for hours until he the most famous royal in-law. a sweat pant. >> if youu d a soft cotton pan. realized he was the source of pippa middleton. the flame. girls and boys at home, do not >> why amy adams is a first whatever is equivalent to this class star. guy. >> i'll try that with some of my so, duke, what do you think of our new bush's baked beans video game? try this. leggings. >> i want to see you do that >> remember that time i set you on fire? move right there. so crazy. i think i'm getting the hang of it. >> really? >> i'm glad we didn't show that >> he can move. on tv. >> he's very athletic. [ jay ] okay, now pick up the specially cured bacon! oh. >> we have a warning. hit it with the brown sugar! now roll that beautiful bean footage! yes! we cannot help you boys and girl you are too. are you doing it tonight? ifs you do that. >> thanks, tamron. >> i'm going to try it tonight. >> are you going to tape hit it with the brown sugar! jay ]s ane slo miss dylan? >> more severe weather expected today right through the middle yourself? >> i'll do it selfie style. of the country. in orange that's where we have >> please. ccordi ilci big freyo puamo coamei ilci big freyo puamo
7:15 am
what do i have to do? to focus on later on this what can i do? i can make you a german evening. in the southeast a couple showers and storms. but it is hot. chocolate cake. >> not good enough. ups is a global company, but most of our employees keep working on that. >> america, go to twitter and let me know what we could do for live in the same communities that we serve. willie to get him to do that. people here know that our operations >> my jeggings. have an impact locally. >> i'll order you pajama jeans. we're using more natural gas vehicles than ever before. si i feel it. ple wie mad. the trucks are reliable, that's good for business. dylan, help me. but they also reduce emissions, and that's good for everyone. dylan. o si ple wie mad. impes. pajama jeans, willie. o er si .s'unmite us s deli it makes me feel very good about the future of our company. >> and a selfie on top of it. ♪ >> no, we need video. >> defying gravity. they have to be elastic. wgrha en'sw sorry, willie. i don't think it's going to happen. i think you're losing on this ore frre.en good morning be. i'm meteorologist bill henley. one. a warmer day today and a cloudy we are keeping our eyes on a start. but sunshine will take over this tropical system that could afternoon. temperatures in the middle to upper 80s today with southerly develop later today. winds to 12 miles an hour. right now it is 210 miles to the heat is on tomorrow and the ® vibour h.this ul4tabwhtl ur humidity climbing, too. ore frre.en 's tday' zzm 92 degrees tomorrow afternoother south/southeast.
7:16 am
dnesday and thursday. it doesn't look like much. it's just meandering around. showers and thunderstorms then eventually this a look at possible wednesday, likely on thursday. all our computer models. improving conditions and cooler for the fourth of july and a good chunk of them do bring it plenty of sunshine this coming right into south and north weekend. have a great day. carolina. that's something to keep an eye on into the middle of the week. for right now it's just an area >> and that is your local forecast. >> thank you so much. good morning, i'm now to the world cup and the meteorologist bill henley. gh holod adllertaonde wena excitement over the knockout a warmer day today and a cloud nal >>pe ang stage so there have some il astart, but sunshine will take biters, a lot of breath holding, over this afternoon. he temperatures in the middle to ivir, saisirist some praying. ook tndn't tr upper 80s today with southerly these are just the last few days of matches and the usa hasn't winds at 12 miles per hour. a f eds. >> hav had its chance yet. heat is on tomorrow and humidity tomorrow we get our chance. climbing, too. 92 degrees tomorrow afternoon -h anytemeds togela id wtsd ofth and then steamy conditions for belgium or bust. erizelnegaaye wednesday and thursday. s.>>hrty n'tge o cru natalie has been in brazil showers and thunderstorms posting great pictures on possible wednesday, likely on facebook of her assignment. thursday. improving conditions and cooler how's it going? for the fourth of july and >> reporter: i've been having a plenty of sunshine this coming little fun near as well as thto c rolever she thiys bobtis, a taedhe cya covering what is truly an weekend. have a great day. extraordinary event. the atmosphere along copacabana >> and that's your latest forecast. back to you guys. >> thanks a lot. >>mo a is > letutal o was uo t now tes beach is electric with each game and goal scored here, the crowd, amensry .dili b,and shs perfle the fans go wild.
7:17 am
as you mentioned tomorrow it's kneaee rnn my ipokmecali g orni >> s theasee hat the u.s.'s turn and it's a must win. all eyes glued to the screen at o age,t' per a nde. thip copacabana beach. it's about national pride here. evi s.or sn aso outfi reotltasithr shoos t int mexico seemed all but sure to win but with minutes to go the nfidornc shpomsbuet a netherlands tied it up and were troit "bat rm b pota f it o ardedeo nmart ast awarded a game-winning penalty s eet.>> kick in the 94th minute. iro ss>>.y doa e host country brazil had its own close call. it went to penalty kick and jus evhi chile was sent home. >>ow oes.watsrd t also advancing, colombia, the heortatwthre dancing on the field to celebrate their goal. hens borf aclo lovothat and costa rica continuing its own cinderella run after a kid lr the' treeycability shootout victory. o ged. the u.s. men's national team is preparing for its own do or die youwh ds meae. tengt match against belgium tuesday. cali f ygoli ste wh i t o.>>. train>>enha.hans injuries have plagued belgium's t d talented teams giving american ougosoearn fans high hopes. hean, mphere a. b
7:18 am
>> they're going to beat belgium wl thfe tt th da he er c w os pid re's asc te matt ricflic for sure. ris,e that >> reporter: everyone has their hi antc favorite soccer star. >> michael bradley is my becker. y if wa t sew, alwiuce s yo m beliey .in a t agigohew eslonsab i love his hair. >>hasqu the o. ywif ricurr >> howard. he has done such a great job of keeping us in the game. >> reporter: some fans back home thn the le, heeart,eates o do t r. even going though extreme to >> wou? ♪ well-a, well-a, well-a, uh! tell me more, tell me more... ♪♪ show their support. this is a team of fighters and survivors and not just on the field. twizzlerize your summer fun with twizzlers. goalie tim howard's laserlike the twist you can't resist. orutalow l ba>> afonot cri behaves like the surface of your skin. now watch what soap does to it. focus more impressive when he .g fe ♪ soap strips your skin. was diagnosed with turrets at dove is different. the age of nine. with 1/4 moisturizing cream, >>eat s nu ca opo and clint dempsey lost his sister at the age of 16. >>eat s nu ca opo yle. y dove doesn't strip your skin like soap. ouan for the 2006 world cup, he dedicated a hip hop song to his sister's memory in a nike ad. gure kellogg's® cereal and milk. m, (cereal and milk)♪ it has protein to help you rebuild, those hardships making them stronger, no doubt, as they face and grains to help you recharge. yet another fierce opponent. shouldn't breakfast always be k-e-double l-o-double good? [ mced u wauc t iis o be thof f
7:19 am
if the u.s. beats belgium h d. m iigthaskeh uniwer ]tac tomorrow, they would move on to the quarter finals and play rey his on t' either argentina or switzerland. tt' t' [ mnouer] me t' . the last time the u.s. men got u goquesti tean eastdcare bnsandcts t dres that far was back in 2002. a lot of people believing this the team to get that far. atewnuer] me t' llhealke >> all right, natalie. euperfn tdthec bnsandcts t dres t. >> keep it up. atewnuer] me t' llhealke lactaid® is 100% real milk? have fun. anybody see that netherlands right. real milk. but it won't cause me discomfort. game yesterday? had a lot of dutch in my house. exactly, because it's milk without the lactose. and it tastes? they were happy with the outcome superfn tdthec bnsandcts t dres y nneek osnfat yt.caus'wi0%p and so creamy. it's real milk! mmm... could be the perfect... come on, would i lie about this? but not about the way it [ female announcer ] lactaid. 100% real milk. no discomfort. oh! ladies. snack, john! happened. they didn't think that was a the perfect snack! real penalty at the end. come on, would i lie about this? dannon oikos. possibly the perfect snack. first 88 minutes you could hear those little sunken places? ♪ dannon! not anymore! crickets in my house. from l'oreal, coming up in the next half revitalift triple power moisturizer does three things: hour, our worldwide exclusive repairs wrinkles refirms contours interview with pippa middleton. replenishes facial volume she was in the states riding revitalift triple power and night mask. across 12 states in just 6 days. from l'oreal. i asked her for her impression of america. >> i love it. it's incredibly friendly and now they're part of our 2 for $25 guest favorites!r one olive garden dishes. welcoming. we felt that the entire way. get your all-time favorites and the scenery was incredible. like creamy chicken alfredo. plus unlimited salad and breadsticks
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i think that lifted our spirits and dessert. when it really hurt, kind of 2 for $25 guest favorites grinding on the bike seeing at olive garden. everything around us in the [ girl ] my mom, she makes underwater fans mountains, the desert. that are powered by the moon. >> when you would ride through the towns you mentioned in ♪ missouri people would come out with the cow bells and give you she can print amazing things, right from her computer. [ whirring ] support. did people recognize you? >> a few people did. [ train whistle blows ] she makes trains that are friends with trees. >> were they coming out because ♪ they knew that pippa middleton my mom works at ge. theand the kids always eat sky their vegetables.e. ♪ was in this group? did you hear, go pippa go. because the salad there is always served with the original hidden valley ranch. >> yeah. >> we'll have much myrore of ou oh hey there! (laughs) you're that grumpy cat. conversation with pippa how about some honey nut cheerios? middleton including what it was like for her to be in the royal pippa middleton was not even a smile? maybe someone should tell your face. propelled into the spotlight ohhh that is your face. after wearing a show-stopping wedding. now to some backlash over a (angry cat purr) ah! part of a good breakfast... bridesmaids dress that did flatter her back side sfwloosh facebook experiment we're for almost everyone! she managed steal the show from talking about. >> why'd you fly over there to her famous sister kate as she >>nid ince william, and pippa do the interview. wasn't she here? good morning, everybody. at aa, ale char if you're on facebook and upset this morning, you're not alone. it was revealed by facebook that re. s.get n'zeheedsondo andr
7:21 am
back in 2012 over half a million of you were a part of their experiment. inwsd tt weret,ut there was a theory the more t.e -- t positive posts on facebook would iews de . iy ink snitithr. make you feel bad about sidnerint yourself. they found the opposite. people upset about this. find sdown t carey writing in my view legal doesn't mean ethical. the other side of the coin jeff hat cso, a writing in you don't want to be ow thrnave lileacde? spi in an experiment like this, "today's" kitchen is brought don't you facebook. to you by bush's baked beans. you agreed when you signed up. still made from our secret te y't sp that's the key for you right family recipe. here. uhi hit so much chatter about this. know w adam wrote in an apology. you we t wto a >> if it sounds like a dream job you can take the poll question. and it does, this chef is lucky t.uhokay >> thanks so much, carson. enough to have it for his , yepe>> wssateram aat? fs pe developments to tell you cooking channel show "chuck eats s aen about the little boy left in a the streets." besiifes r hot car for hours with his >> he's kicking off his third mother somehow involved. season. he stopped here to cook a tasty lit asing we'll tell you the latest rt od ithee. investigation. plus we'll check in with one-pot meal. good to see you. as
7:22 am
>> good to see you. moe ssd. t 't ifi almose former miss delaware amanda >> what are we doing? >> it's summertime so ican ifi longacre. she's with us live. uay indr but first this is "today" on nbc. everything's nice and fresh. no. havrn iwotnc so you kind of want to take advantage of that. k ifne to seewah tucke i've got some drumsticks browning. >> i love thighs and drumsticks. mso bee >> those are the best parts. tomorrow what are you talking >>hat ar w parts th about? >> about her relationship with cartilage, skin, bone. her sister, kate, and whether it's the best stuff. w, and an.s o cam so you see the bottom of the pan ore w yoy?do t here has all the great stuff. you don't want to lose that. so going to drop some onions. limmrriv's some well you're building flavor. little bit of ham or whatever t' you want. wi of items iv's some well clek,hito make f r.oh hey(l full cloves of garlic. leave them whole like that. how some honeerien amishce purad you know what? five, six minutes. you want to let this go. and all that crunchy good stuff from the bottom is going to lift off. five, six minutes, we're all tv people. we get it. >> fast forward. >> drop in some rice.
7:23 am
a little touch of butter. >> can we use brown rice if we e!ro an, covet ruitoco? ca want? exactly, because it's milk without the lactose. >> brown rice a s fantastic. and it tastes? you can use brown, wild, go al mk! come on, would i lie about this? [ female announcer ] lactaid. 100% real milk. no discomfort. nuts. it becomes yours. do what you want. so a little bit of chicken stock. go, go, go, go. >> go heavy on this? >> looks about right. throw the chicken back in. just like that. >> announcer: "nbc 10 news" top this off. starts now. put it in the oven. and then it comes out looking good morning. like that. >> how long in the oven? i'm tracy davidson. >> you know, the real honest let's get your first alert answer? as long as it's going to take. forecast with meteorologist bill you check it. henley. make sure it's going. >> we're headed for the upper >> you don't know how long do 80s this afternoon. you yo? >> i do not know. seeing more and more sunshine in can i phone a friend? the "nbc 10" studios. >> shame on me for asking. this is the view from the at some point it's done in the millwi77des tt8.grm ood oven. >> about 25 minutes. but honestly, the reality is everybody -- how long does a turkey take to cook? it's going to take the time it's going to take. check it. totoday. once that is done. high temperatures in the upper
7:24 am
80s. peas. a developing story this herbs. morning, a search for a missing all kinds. herbs are fresh, they're good. teenager who was swept away by a mix it around. then you get something like rip current in ocean city, new this. i mean, this is the kind of the jersey. sky 10 was over the water as the thing. you are probably going to eat it coast guard searched for the boy. the 14-year-old went missing out of the pot. this is what i call my fridge around 7:00 near the 9th street pippa middleton on the royal wedding, that dress, and how jetty. vinaigrette. everything that's in your life has changed since then. fridge. don't be complicated. he was swimming with friends. and in "trending," amy onion. rescuers managed to pull olives. everyone in toivity is a at this life has changed since then. and in "trending," amy adams' act of kindness carrots. this is chopped up. except the missing 14-year-old. i don't know. it looks like peppers. what started as a standoff carmax is the best place to start your car search.e, turned into a search with a man pickles, celery. great for frank, who's quite particular... and my favorite, just a whole wanted in connection with an attempted rape. russian jazz funk? bunch of spicy pickled this is the holmesburg area of next to swedish hip hop. when he knows what he wants... - thank you. do you have himalayan toad lilies? vegetables. the city. they thought albert depremia wae throw it all in. little olive oil. spotted, or speckled? speckled. yes. he has to have it. and then real chunky right on a cubist still life of rye bread... iny are these beautiful tomatoes. sold. look at that. al cg0.yoaysngtaco t it's perfect. salt. >> all from your fridge. which is why we'll ship a canary yellow jeep with leather seats from dallas to burbank >> bit of herbs. if it's the one frank wants. cheese. >> i can't wait any longer. >> go, girl. carmax. start here. >> and strawberries, can't beat them right now. everybody loves strawberry short
7:25 am
cake. i put a bit of cream cheese in there as well just to give it a bit of a heaviness. ade ise te bisr o >> i don't know. tamron's eating everything. you're a magician. thank you very much. >> i love you. guess the mcmuffin doesn'tthe think hashbrowns matter. >> visit coming up next, the one it's ok, hashbrowns... ...we still love you. place in your kitchen that could so, duke, what do you think of our new bush's baked beans video game? the new am crunchwrap from taco bell. eggs, bacon, cheese, plus a very meaningful hash brown inside. i think i'm getting the hang of it. wrapped and grilled to go. [bong] wrapped and grilled to go. [ jay ] okay, now pick up the specially cured bacon! hit it with the brown sugar! now roll that beautiful bean footage! yes! [ jay ] bush's baked beans are slow-cooked according to our secret family recipe for a big flavor. high score! you get to put your name on the wall of fame! [ beeping ] whoa! game over... aww, you're no fun. [ jay ] enjoy bush's baked beans. still made from our secret family recipe. nbc 10 news starts now. good çmorning, everyone. [ jay ] enjoy bush's baked beans. that new guy is like yeah but you'll regret it. i'm chris katd toe. what about him? 7:26. we're in for a warm and sunny healthy like this super smoothie. monday. let's get your first alert forecast with meteorologist bill yeeeeuk!
7:26 am
henley. bill? >> we'll get sunshine this the perfect man and the perfect snack, don't exist. afternoon. clouds are starting things off. you sure? a mostly cloudy view from high try dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt. atop the loews hotel. perfect cause it's healthy with 0% fat and 12 gr. of protein just a few breaks of sunshine. to the north those clouds are and so creamy. producing scattered showers. mmm... could be the perfect... the pocono mountains seeing some oh! ladies. snack, john! light to moderate showers moving the perfect snack! dannon oikos. into the area. possibly the perfect snack. the temperatures will be moving up. 70 now in northeast ♪ dannon! philadelphia. 71 in reading, atlantic city is 69 degrees. the clouds will thin out as the day goes on, 83 degrees at julie t rink cveyawo..hing on to en®r noontime today and with sunshine, 8 this afternoon. >> all right, bill, let's see how the morning rush is shaping up now. nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter katy zachry. >> we're seeing periods of volume on the majors build, then minutes later, things wane out. that's good news for drivers. a live look at 76ea belmont avenue, your drive from the vine to midcounty, 23 minutes, much quicker if you're going eastbound toward center city. a live look at 42 freeway. this is right at creek road.
7:27 am
a lot of volume building northbound headed toward the bridges. this is causing traffic problems. a water main break in northeast philadelphia in the rhawnhurst community has some roads closed there. the break happened just behind northeast high school. we are told that everyone in the area has water, though. i'm chris cato. another update in 25 minutes. always find us on
7:28 am
7:29 am
it's 7:30. it's monday morning, june 30th, 2014. overcast morning here in new york city. that's the view from the top of the rock. pretty day here nonetheless.
7:30 am
if the sun is rising where you are, we'd like to see it. use the #todaysunrise. >> i hope it's rising everywhere. >> tit's turning invisible. meanwhile let's look at what's making headlines this morning. the oscar pistorius murder trial back in today. the olympic sprinter did know right from wrong when he shot and killed his girlfriend rieev steenka steenkamp. a united flight was forced to make an emergency landing in kansas because the emergency slide opened inside the plane mid-flight. everybody was okay. and just in time for your fourth of july getaway, get ready to pay more at the pump. gas prices are expected to be at a near record high for the weekend. coming up, our worldwide exclusive conversation with pippa middleton.
7:31 am
her life has changed dramatically ever since she was thrust into the spotlight at the royal wedding. you might be surprised to hear what she was really thinking while that wedding was going on. we're going to talk to her about that and how she's using her fame for good and a lot of other subjects. >> pretty cool. plus we'll check in live with the former miss delaware who was stripped of her crown only two weeks after she won it. she was very emotional when we spoke to her last week. we'll see how she feels today. >> this morning she said she's still going to fight to be in the miss america pageant. we'll talk to her live a little later. but we're going to begin this half hour with developments in the terrible kacase of a georgia toddler who died in a hot car. there are a lot of questions about the boy's parents, what they may have been researching online before the little boy died. let's go to gabe gutierrez who is following this one for us. >> reporter: good morning. the boy's father is here at the
7:32 am
cobb county jail being held without bond. but now new disturbing questions are being raised that involve the boy's mother too. police say this child's death was no accident. this morning police are digging deeper into the death of cooper harris. >> the manner of death is homicide. >> reporter: his father justin ross harris is charged with murder and child cruelty. in newly released search warrants during an interview with harris he recently did an internet search on children death inside vehicles and what temperature that needs to be. >> this is a very significant development. if justin harris searched on the internet for child deaths in cars shortly before his own child died in the car. it certainly looks like first degree murder. >> reporter: the documents don't specify when he ran the online search, but another warrant now claims the boy's mother told
7:33 am
investigators she had also been researching heat-related car deaths. the time of her search also unclear. police say justin harris took his son to breakfast before driving to his office minutes away. investigators allege he went to his vehicle during lunch. but after work he suddenly pulled over saying he forgot to drop off his son at daycare that morning. accidentally leaving him in a sweltering car for seven hours. >> it's sad to see that happen. >> reporter: this weekend in alabama, cooper's funeral. his dad called the church from jail in tears. thank you for everything, he told mourners. i'm sorry i can't be there. the boy's mother also spoke at that funeral calling her husband a wonderful father. he's due back in court later this week and has pleaded not guilty. she has not been charged with any crime. and their attorney has declined a comment. >> gabe gutierrez with the
7:34 am
latest developments. thank you. let's get a check of the weather from dylan who's in for al. >> "today's" weather is brought to you by new nexium 24 hour for frequent heartburn. now available without a prescription. >> and good morning, guys. the tropics fortunately have been quiet so far this year. but we are keeping an eye on this area. doesn't look like much. it's sitting to the east of florida here. hurricane hunters will go out and investigate this later. if it becomes named, it could be the first tropical system of the season named arthur. it is 210 miles to the southeast of st. augustine, florida. it's just sort of meandering around, but what's going to happen over the course of this week, we could see this is just a -- we call it a spaghetti pot. but it's the storm models indicating where it might go. we could see it hug the coast of the carolinas. we'll have to keep a close eye. even if it stays out to sea, it
7:35 am
would churn up the waters and make more rough surf. then it will make its way to the southeast of cape cod. we'll get more information later on today. we also want to watch iowa into northern missouri and illinois. that's where we could see very strong storms today. the chance of tornadoes. also some large hail and damaging wind gusts. in red from texas to michigan, we could still see some very strong storms. it could be an good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. a warmer day today and a cloudy start but sunshine will take over this afternoon. temperatures in the middle to upper 80s today with southerly winds to 12 miles an hour. heat is on tomorrow and the humidity climbing, too. 92 degrees tomorrow afternoon. then steamy conditions for wednesday and thursday. showers and thunderstorms possible wednesday, likely on thursday. improving conditions and cooler for the fourth of july and plenty of sunshine this coming weekend. have a great day.
7:36 am
>> and that's your latest forecast. >> thank you. coming up in "trending," what's the one thing you could not go an entire day without? you're onto something there. >> you're not alone. also coming up next, pippa television interview. why she's speaking out now and we'll answer the question savannah ha introducing nexium 24hr. finally, the purple pill, the #1 prescribed acid blocking brand. comes without a prescription for frequent heartburn.
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really want to feel the difference? take the dove 7 day test. of swedish experience in insidperfecting the rich,ars never bitter taste of gevalia. we dy experience. [woman] that's good. i know right? gevalia. back now at 7:40 with our worldwide exclusive with pippa middleton. when we sat down with her, we talked about the royal wedding, the moment she realized her life would change, and we also talked about the charities near and dear to her heart. and somehow she recently brought attention to them taking part in a bike ride across this country. she's easily one of the most recognizable women in the world, but she had never done a television interview until now. i had to kind of do a double take when i was reading this.
7:41 am
this is the first time you've ever done a television interview. >> yes. >> why? >> i don't know. i had this nervousness of being in front of the camera. >> it's funny you say that yet you've become one of the most recognizable faces in the world based on what's happened over the past couple years. has it been hard for you? >> it has been difficult. i went from a normal life to sort of managing everything that happened after the wedding. >> in a heart beat. it wasn't just any wedding. it was the wedding of the century. the royal marriage of kate middleton to prince william, the future king of england. the bride was radiant, the groom beaming. there were magical moments galore, but the surprise of the day belonged to another in the wedding we hadn't seen before. soon everyone wanted to know who
7:42 am
was this beautiful woman in the flattering dress. it was the best of the british pomp and circumstance. what was it like to be in it? >> it's funny to say, but we thought of it just as a family wedding. and actually i didn't realize the scale of it until afterwards. and i had to make sure i helped my sister where i should, look after the bridesmaids. but we saw it as a family getting together and doing their best like any. >> people are going to find that extraordinary that you viewed it just as a family wedding. it didn't feel that way in the buildup. >> no. we saw a lot of people but maybe i didn't see any tv cameras. to me it was just in front of a lot of people, not necessarily the whole world. >> i remember that sot where you came out on the balcony. what was it like to look out at that sea of humanity? >> it was surreal. you don't know if you're living it to yourself in that moment. >> was that a moment, though,
7:43 am
where the reality of the enormous nature of it gets to you? >> yeah. we saw crowds rushing around the balcony. i thought, wow, this is pretty special. >> but it didn't take long after the wedding and after kate and william drove away in that beautiful aston martin. do you have the keys to that, by the way? it wasn't long until people started talking about you. and for lack of a better way to explain it, the way your dress fit. how did you feel about that? >> it was completely unexpected. the plan was not for it to be a significant dress. really just blend in with the train. it was flattering. >> a little embarrassing? >> definitely. it wasn't planned. the dress was meant to be insignificant. >> insignificant, hardly. it went on to become one of the most talked about dresses in the world.
7:44 am
where's the famous dress? >> it's in my wardrobe at home. >> have you worn it since? >> no. but i think it's the sort of thing i'm sure i'll bring out if my children one day want to see it. but, yeah, it's tucked away. >> but more recently, this is the fashion statement she's been making. as part of a team cycling 3,000 miles across the u.s. you took on an amazing physical challenge. i'm happy to see you're able to sit after what you went through. talk to me about this ride across america. >> it was a fantastic experience. it was probably the longest week of my life. >> in a good way or a bad way? >> in a good way. >> pippa and her team including her brother james participated in race across america riding through 12 states in just 6 days to raise money for two important causes. one of the charities you were riding for is the british heart foundation. >> i've recently become an ambassador to them.
7:45 am
i love sports and health. i felt it was a good charity for me to be with. i was amazed to hear three times the women die of heart disease than breast cancer. i didn't think many people knew about that. and i wanted as a woman to support it and be behind it. >> the other charity is the michael matthews foundation which raises money for childhood education named for a young climber who died on mt. everest. on the days when the legs were aching and the bum as you guys would call it here didn't want to stay on the seat much longer, you think about him -- >> it gives purpose to it. >> a purpose and perhaps for pippa middleton, a promise to stay grounded. what's your view on fame these days? i think fame can be a double edged sword. in a speech you gave which i read you said fame can have an upside, a downside -- you say it. >> and a backside. >> what's been the upside to
7:46 am
fame? >> i've had amazing opportunities. i feel very fortunate to have opportunities and have sort of access to things that maybe i wouldn't necessarily. >> you know, it's too bad we at nbc didn't think of that as just a family wedding. we could have saved a fortune on coverage of that thing. >> she was like you know what this might be thing on the balcony. >> my sister's getting married. >> she seems lovely. >> she really is. i think she's incredibly grounded. i think she's blown away by the attention she's gotten over these last two or three years and is not quite sure what to do with all that attention. >> i love that the dress is just hanging in her closet. >> in the wardrobe. >> yes. not still at the dry cleaner's. >> we'll have more of our interview with pippa middleton in the next half hour. including her feelings about the paparazzi and the online
7:47 am
commentary. you can find more information on the michael matthews foundation on more than 70% of young people in the u.s. would not qualify for military service today if they tried. but up next, carson's in the orange room with some world cup fever. but first these messages. what if he breaks his arm? or what if he wants a fish? or a dog? or an iguana? what if that iguana breaks his arm? what if he wants to study abroad? or if he needs braces? or she? what if they both need braces? what if there's more than one of them? what if there's six? what if we saved a little today, just in case we need a little more tomorrow? download cartwheel and save on what you want, like essentials. so you can save up for what's most essential to you. behaves like the surface of your skin. now watch what soap does to it. ♪ soap strips your skin.
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...and a pegasus. and why is she strapped to the roof of my rav4? well, if you have kids... ...then you know why. now the real question. where's this thing going in the house? the rav4 toyota. let's go places. 7:51. time to check in on carson and the orange room. social media record breaker. >> that's right, guys.
7:51 am
16.4 million tweets at its peak for the world cup. that beat this super bowl record earlier in the year. you see the big flare-up right there. everybody on their smart phones. natalie was traveling. oh, no, brazil and chile tied. watching thit on the iphone. now they're all surrounded the tv there. here's sow some found out on the subway they had moved on. he's listening. we won! everybody goes crazy on the subway. pretty amazing they get reception in the subway. here's another fan happy for one minute. watch these brazilians celebrating. watch this guy. oh wait, no. and broke his tv. didn't mean to get that excited. u.s. versus belgium on tuesday. we'll start the chants later in the week. >> carson, thank you very much. coming up in "trending,"
7:52 am
we'll tell you why one soccer legend was originally rooting against the u.s. at the world cup. and how does pippa middleton feel about becoming one of the paparazzi's biggest prizes? plus we'll talk to miss delaware live about what happens next. but first your local news and weather. [ female announcer ] when you're serious about fighting wrinkles,
7:53 am
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♪ nbc 10 news starts now. good morning, everyone, i'm chris katie. 7:56. let's get your first alert with meteorologist bill henley. bill, we're looking at a warm day but not as warm as it will be later this week, right? >> things heat up into the 90s but today upper 80s, despite the
7:56 am
clouds we start with. this is a view from center city. the clouds are producing a few showers to the north of the pocono mountains. a few moderate showers approaching the scranton area right now. the temperatures will climb in spite of the clouds. it's 71 in allentown. 72 in reading and it's warmed up to 72 degrees in northeast philadelphia. atlantic city is 73. clouds on the increase to start with. we'll be thinning out this afternoon as temperatures climb into the upper 80s. >> let's see how things are moving along on the road. katy zachry with that. >> i this i a lot of people are on vacation or they're taking this monday off because things are really not as busy or volume packed on our majors as we typically see. this is a live look, 95 near bridge street. you can see right here, there is construction area that stretches for several miles but that's not really affecting traffic in either direction. ben franklin bridge moving smoothly in both directions, the ben, the betsy, the walt, that
7:57 am
looks good as well for our delaware drivers, 459 between exits 2 and 3 is closed for bridge work. here's something drivers will be glad to hear. a new bridge in montgomery county will open to traffic. the greenwood avenue bridge carries traffic over the septa tracks at the train station. 9,000 drivers per dayhuse the old bridge until penndot demolished it two summers ago to build a new span. a ribbon cutting will open the new bridge at 10:00 a.m. i'm chris cato. back in 25 minutes. have a great monday.
7:58 am
7:59 am
it's 8:00 on "today." and coming up pippa on the paparazzi. kate middleton's younger sister opens up about living in the spotlight. >> it's a built difficult, yeah.
8:00 am
it's getting used to sort of not being entirely private and feeling where i go may be open. >> and what she's planning to do next. then crown controversy. miss delaware stripped of her title over an age dispute. >> my birthday was even written on the contract that the board signed off on and approved. >> she's with us live to talk about her fight to be in the miss america pageant. ♪ and the '90s. from the macarena to o.j. simpson to the clinton white house. we'll look back at what defined the decade. today monday, june 30th, 2014. ♪ >> celebrating sweet 16. >> happy 100th birthday to our great grandpa. >> good morning, husband.
8:01 am
>> here i come. >> i'm sleepless from seattle. >> hello, alabama! roll tide! >> we're back now. 8:00 on a monday morning. and take a look at an enormous crowd gathered here in rockefeller plaza. it's a loud crowd. beautiful day in new york city. nice to have you guys here. >> boisterous crowd. a lot of excitement growing. we're just a few hours away now. the u.s. taking on belgium in the knockout round of the world cup. some of us are excited most especially natalie morales who's on assignment in rio this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: -- a lot of pressure on the u.s. men's soccer team.
8:02 am
they're already in salvador. this is a do or die match. they must win this or they will be sent home. this is going to be deja vu all over again. because the belgium team d cuhe and now they're coming in strong although they are down a few players due to injury. that is expected to work in our favor. meanwhile it has been an incredible couple of games here over the knockout phase over the weekend. we saw brazil and chile in that close matchup. ended up in penalty kicks and brazil surviving that one. and mexico and netherlands yesterday. the netherlands pulling out a win on a penalty kick awarded with just a minute left to go. some really exciting games. costa rica the cinderella story here as well. but many saying the u.s. could truly surprise. if they win against belgium tomorrow, they'll head into the quarter finals. last time they got that far was back in 2002. so this is a team that could continue to surprise us all.
8:03 am
>> hope so. thank you so much. >> quite the soccer expert. >> all of us are now. >> amazing rundown there. that was quite a recap. let's go inside. tamron hall's got a check of the top stories. >> good morning, everyone. a key finding in the murder trial of blade runner oscar pistorius. he was examined by mental health experts for the past month. they said pistorius was capable of appreciating the wrongfulness of his actions when he shot and kill his girlfriend. he killed steenkamp after thinking she was an intruder, he says. pete williams is at the supreme court this morning. an important ruling today, good morning. >> reporter: right, tamron. we'll get the final decision today including one of the biggest cases of the term. it's a challenge to the obamacare law and poses this question. can a for-profit corporation
8:04 am
claim it has religious freedom? two companies say a part of the obamacare law would violate the religious beliefs of their company. that's the requirement that employers provide insurance coverage for contraceptives. paying for some kind of contraceptives is like paying for abortion, they say. they want exception from that part of the law. but the obama administration says it's for citizens not companies. one possibility today is the narrow ruling that says a company that's held by a family with clearly established religious views could get an exemption. we'll know in a few hours. >> thank you very much. today president obama will nominate former procter & gamble ceo bob mcdonald as head of veterans affairs. that has been gripped by mismanagement and coverups for long wait times for patients which led to the resignation of eric shinseki last month. a senior administration official
8:05 am
described mcdonald as unparalleled in his management experience. some anxious moments during the night for passengers on united flight from chicago to orange county, california. the flight wuss forced to land in wichita, kansas, after an emergency evacuation slide accidentally deployed in mid-air inside the back of the plane. you see it there. there were about a hundred people on that plane. no one hurt in the incident. prince harry has a big birthday coming up later this summer and an even bigger payday. he is scheduled to receive $17 million when he turns 30 years old on september 15th. it is his inheritance from his late mother diana. his older brother prince william got the same amount two years ago. toronto mayor rob ford is set to return to his job today after two months in rehab. before going to rehab, he admitted to drunken stupors and crack cocaine use.
8:06 am
he's also thought to restart his campaign for re-election. and this is whatnot to do during your very first driving lesson. a teenage driver learned the hard way -- oh, no -- what happens when you drive too fast, hit a tree and flip over with your instructor inside. thankfully no one seriously hurt. police in massachusetts posted the photo on twitter as a lesson for the rest of us. i just got parallel parking wrong. that's terrible. it's 8:06. another check of the weather with dylan. hey, dylan. >> good morning, tamron. good morning, everyone. we want to get right to your pick city of the day. we're heading out to little rock, arkansas, where it's going to be a hot one. thunderstorms on wednesday with a high of 91 degrees. we are looking at strong storms from texas to michigan and right in between there through iowa into illinois and northern missouri we could see our strongest storms with
8:07 am
good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley a warmer day today and a cloudy start but sunshine will take over this afternoon. temperatures in the middle to upper 80s today with southerly winds at 12 miles per hour. heat is on tomorrow and humidity climbing, too. 92 degrees tomorrow afternoon and then steamy conditions for wednesday and thursday. showers and thunderstorms possible wednesday likely on thursday. improving conditions included for the fourth of july and plenty of sunshine this coming weekend. have a great day. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> thank you so much. coming up in "trending," the class move by amy adams. plus more of our exclusive interview with pippa middleton. she opens up about coping with the paparazzi and some goals she's set for herself in her life. and brosnan is back. we're going to talk to pierce bross brosnan about his new movie.
8:08 am
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hello? oh, man. that never gets old. no, it does not. [ female announcer ] not all credit report sites are equal. members get personalized help and a real credit report. join now at with enrollment in experian credit tracker. "trending" today. we've all got soccer on the brain. we start with a frank admission from landon donovan. he happens to be human so after being cut from this year's team, donovan said, yes, he initially rooted against the u.s. he told the los angeles times that while watching a warm-up match, he thought, quote i hope the game doesn't go very well today. if the team doesn't perform well, that would feel good. well, the u.s. ended up winning the game. by the end of the day he had a
8:13 am
change of heart. not a good way to live your life. but very human. after getting cut from the team to have those moments. >> he didn't say he hoped they would lose the game. but maybe not play particularly well. >> wow. >> i agree with you. completely human. >> and now he's rooting for the usa. >> i think we can all get together on this one and say well done. actress amy adams is winning a lot of praise this morning for a first class move. she was boarding a flight from detroit to los angeles. that is when she noticed an american serviceman sitting in coach. so what did she do? she gave him her first class seat. and she took his seat back in the coach section of the airplane. best of all amy the daughter of an army officer did not seek any publicity for this deed. it was a fellow passenger who shared words of her selfless act on social media. >> good for her. >> that's the best part about
8:14 am
it. somebody else saw it happen. she wasn't trying to get attention for it. >> good for her. >> her for publicist is like, yes. organic, from the heart. >> probably was the other traveler. i'm kidding. >> speaking of the military, a new statistic from the pentagon this morning. officials say of the 34 million americans between the age of 17 and 24, 71% would not qualify for military service. isn't that something? and that figure does not even include those who would be excluded for tattoos and other koss m cosmetic issues. >> those turned away would be because of obesity, lack of high school diploma, felony convictions. only 1% of young people are both eligible and interested in serving. interesting. >> almost 3/4 of those of the right age group would not be
8:15 am
eligible. >> if you have fewer families serving it makes his harder to go to war. >> quick question for everybody. what's the one thing you could not give up for a day? we've all established what it is. >> this thing. >> i wouldn't want to. >> for most americans it is their smartphones. in a new survey, 91% rated their device as important as their car and their deodorant. most millennials said they'd rather give up their toothbrush than their smartphone. >> that's a bridge too far. >> there you have it. >> you'd give up your deodorant for a day? >> no, i'll keep it. >> thank you. sitting this close to you. >> although there's an app for that probably. >> and that's what's "trending" today. up next, pippa middleton and how she deals with the
8:16 am
we're back now with more of our interview with pippa middleton. earlier we talked about her sudden fame. on the upside, she's been able to use her popularity if for philanthropic work. but she said sometimes the downside is tough to navigate. after the royal wedding, pippa middleton was thrust into the spotlight. the media clamored for information about her. any new photo, a big paycheck. and soon pippa became the
8:17 am
paparazzi's biggest prize. >> there is, you know, a lot of pressure in london in my day-to-day routine. occasionally i might get followed by paparazzi. it's difficult. it's getting used to not being entirely private. and feeling wherever i go someone might spot me. it just means i don't entirely relax. >> if we were to jump out of this place we are right now and i'm not going to say where we are and walk down the street, how long would it take before we're surround snd. >> i don't think it's that bad. but in the nature of twitter and facebook, people say they've seen me somewhere. say, in a restaurant, that could be the worse. then a photographer could turn up at the restaurant and suddenly my private dinner is not so private. >> i mentioned there's an upside and downside. the very same media and the very
8:18 am
same people on the social media sites that want to make you the "it" girl, at some point they decide we're done and they sometimes want to tear you down. have you experienced that? >> yes, quite a lot, actually. >> how do you deal with it? >> it's hard sometimes. i have felt publicly bullied a little bit. when i read things that purely aren't true or that, you know, whichever way someone looks at it on the negative side. it is quite difficult. i'm just trying to live a life like anyone. >> it's interesting you use the word bullied. it's an apt term. i think a lot of young people feel the same thing when they see those negative comments. >> and i feel people can say something about you online or on a web page when they would never say it to your face. they think that's okay. >> anonymity is a very powerful thing. >> it's been difficult.
8:19 am
i think to keep bouncing back and carry on and not let it affect you, it's hard. but again, it's trying to be yourself and not read too much. and, you know, make decisions based on what i feel is right and wrong. >> in addition to her charity work, another one of pippa middleton's decisions to carry on has included becoming a writer. she's written columns for magazines like "vanity fair" as well as published her own book on party planning called "celebrate." what's your life plan? you've got this great opportunity. you've got people who know you by one name. you say pippa, people know who we're talking about. you talked about opportunities. what do you want to do? >> there's so much i'd love to achieve. so trying to blend it in with my love of writing and food and entertaining. so there's a few things. >> your first question was -- >> i wonder for the guys
8:20 am
watching if she has a boyfriend. >> carson's like, hey, she got a boyfriend? >> carson is the human thought bubble. >> i love it it's a very good question. and she does. >> yes, she's involved with someone. >> okay. >> we're going to talk to pippa about the special man in her life. he's small and tends to drool like a lot of men probably. and he doesn't say much. of course we're talking about her nephew prince george. and we're also talking about pippa's relationship with her sister kate, the duchess of cambridge. tomorrow. now to the latest developments in the crown controversy of miss delaware. the title was taken away from amanda longacre because of an age decision. over the weekend they said she could keep the scholarship money she's won. would that be good enough for her? we'll talk to her in a moment. but first tamron has more on the story. >> amanda longacre says she's been open about her age from the
8:21 am
start and now she's demanding her title be reinstated. >> reporter: it's a dream for many young women. but for amanda longacre, her dream turned into a nightmare when just two weeks after winning the miss delss pageant she was suddenly stripped of her crown saying at age 24 she's too old. >> and they've already moved on and given someone else your crown. >> it's heart breaking. >> reporter: here on "today," an emotional longacre said she had been upfront about her age from the beginning. >> my birthday was even written on the contract that the board signed off on and approved. >> reporter: according to miss america pageant rules, contestants must be between the age of 17 and 24 by december 31st. she turns 25 in october, so the miss delaware scholarship organization said she's age ineligible and awarded her crown to brittany lewis. >> when your peers vote you for
8:22 am
miscongeniality and you work so hard to get to this position. >> reporter: this is a terrible mistake they told the post. she's done nothing wrong and wasn't trying to hide anything. it's not the only current controversy for the miss america pageant. elisabeth fechtel was just dethroned because of a voting miscount. they said we understand the impact this news may have on the women and each of these state organizations. although longacre's crown is gone, she will be able to keep $9,000 in scholarship award. by the way, the runner up and new miss delaware will also receive that $9,000 scholarship. savannah? >> all right, tamron. let's check in with amanda longacre and her attorney this morning. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> we had you on last week.
8:23 am
you broke our hearts because we could see how hard this hit you. how much of an outpouring have you heard? it's been a week since people found out what happened. how much support have you received? >> i've gotten a lot of support. i'm so appreciative of it. i feel so much love especially from my state and even outside of my state with people supporting me. because i've been nothing but honest since the beginning. and they don't think it's right either. >> as you just heard and you know, the pageant officials now say we recognize there was a mess up here, she can keep her money. >> i won the title of miss delaware. i am miss delaware. i was nothing but honest from the beginning. i did not know that rule. i did not know that rule at all. and they reiterated to me since the beginning that i was eligible to compete. i asked from the beginning, am i eligible. they said yes. they had my birth certificate. i gave them everything. >> so would you at this point be willing to take that scholarship money and put it behind you or
8:24 am
you want to fight? >> this is about the title of miss delaware that i rightfully won and i want to represent the people of delaware. i want to be a social worker. this was a great start to a fabulous career. and still is going to be a fabulous career for me. >> let me turn to your lawyer here. first of all, we reached out to the miss america organization, haven't heard back yet. is this potentially a lawsuit? >> we wanted amanda to serve as miss delaware and to our mind that's what's fair. if we have to sue to do it, we will. but our goal here is she be allowed to enjoy the title she's earned. >> i read there was a form you signed in may that did have the date constraints on it. was that something you just didn't see or didn't understand? >> i didn't know the rule. and i also competed at the local level as well. this has been -- i mean, it's been several months.
8:25 am
i don't know how you put your trust into an organization to know their rules. so when you come forward and you're honest and you ask them am i eligible to compete and you put the time and money in, this is something you want to do, and then they tell you you can't compete anymore. >> so you're still hoping to go to the miss america pageant. >> yes, i am. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. coming up, actor and heart throb pierce brosnan is here after your local news. good morning, i'm tracy davidson. your first alert forecast from bill henley. >> we'll wind up with a warmer day today. right now 71 degrees at nbc 10.
8:26 am
a cloudy view of center city. we're watching the numbers slowly climb and 72 degrees in northeast philadelphia, 73 for wild and holding in the low 70s in lehigh valley. clouds today for this morning and then this afternoon, we'll see 88 degrees later today. overnight a water main break in northeast philadelphia has closed the street. workers stopped the flow, but the break happened along summerdale avenue just behind northeast avenue and closed until a new work crew gets there and fixes the problem. everyone in the area has problems. coast guard helicopters and life guards rejoined the search for a missing teenager. the boy went missing just after 7:00 last night. ocean city police say he was surfing with friends when they were all swept out by a rip current. everyone but the 14-year-old made it back to shore. coming up on "today" show he's best known as james bond
8:27 am
but pierce brosnan takes on a different kind of role in his latest movie. i'm tracy dauv udse ae ay david an update. have a great day and thanks for watching.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 now on a monday morning, the last day of june. june 30th, 2014. the year is half over. we're in the middle of a great summer. >> thought you were going to say the summer's half over. >> no, the year is half over. >> you know fourth of july, they said it's down hill. that's what my mom used to say. >> summer's over. >> exactly. coming up, pierce brosnan is in our studio. he's got a new movie out called "a long way down." this one he's playing a role which is one he's been choosing lately. we know him and love him from bond and remington steel. made fascinating choices since then. also coming up, the '90s saw a lot of scandals to dance crazes. we take a look back and ask what is the last great decade. we want to know what you remember most from the '90s. tweet us using #orangeroom.
8:31 am
>> macarena. >> high school. >> thanks for that. >> and there's nothing better than a cool treat on a hot summer day. this morning we'll show you some of the best at 200 calories or less. >> that looks delicious. and we're gearing up for another great concert on the plaza this friday. ed sheernan will be here. he needs our help deciding what to perform. cast your vote for "thinking out loud," "a-team," or "lego house." cast your vote. >> vote early and often. let's get a check of the weather. it is getting muggier here in new york city. back through the southeast and the south we have hotter temperatures. well into the 90s. even up into the triple digits across the western plains. humid too.
8:32 am
brace yourself today. we are looking at a slight risk of strong storms from texas to michigan. but our next chance of our most severe weather today will be through iowa and into northern illinois and missouri. and tonight for some strong storms. tomorrow that slight risk spren spreads further to the east. we could still see the hail, damaging wind gusts and everything that goes with that area. it is going to stay sizzling in the south. and i've been hearing a lot on twitter we've got the bayu babes. we're hearing a lot of chatter good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. a warmer day today and a cloudy start, but sunshine will take over this afternoon. temperatures in the middle to upper 80s today with southerly winds to 12 miles an hour. the humidity climbing, too. 92 degrees tomorrow afternoon
8:33 am
and then steamy conditions for wednesday and thursday. showers and thunderstorms possible wednesday. likely on thursday. improving conditions and cooler for the fourth of july and plenty of sunshine this coming weekend. have a great day. and that is your latest forecast. >> thank you much. actor pierce brosnan probably best known as james bond. but in his few film "a long way down," he's taking on a much more vulnerable role. he plays martin sharp, a former morning show host whose career and marriage tanked after a notorious scandal. >> being famous is great. everything thinks it's difficult, but it's not. you get to have the best seats in restaurants. people smile at you on planes. it's great. and whatever you do, you feel vindicated by your own fame. and you never, ever feel humiliated. >> ever, ever.
8:34 am
pierce brosnan, good to have you here. >> good morning, matt. >> did you study news kacastersr this role? >> i did. there are a few in england that i love from the '70s. but this is is a story by nick horneby. he wrote this wonderful story about these four kind of fractures characters who meet on a certain night to commit suicide to take their lives. >> i want to say off the bat that while you talk about that and people think, oh, gosh, what a downer. it's not at all. as a matter of fact, if you put the suicide aside, it's really more a movie about humanity. >> it is a humanity movie. it has lots of laughs. and it's about the resilience of these people's lives. these people shape each other's destinies, in some respects. it's not a downer of a movie.
8:35 am
it's an uplifting movie about hope and friendship and community. you know, toni colette, and all these magnificent actors. >> these four people you talk about who come together on the rooftop and they're there not to take the elevator or stairs down, they're there to jump off that building. diverse group. >> yeah. martin sharp is this sort of narcissistic self-indulgent man whose career has fallen apart. >> can we talk about the scandal? >> yeah. he has sex with an underaged young woman. she looked 26. and his life just falls apart. >> loses his marriage. loses his career. >> loses his children. everything. and so complete ll lly fracture. his vulnerability is shattered. and he decides to climb up and
8:36 am
throw himself off and in doing so is saved by the character of toni colette. her life is in disarray. she sees no way out. and so the story unfolds on this roof. >> they end up saving each other. we know you and we love you for these roles that we became accustomed to where you're so suave. but you have made some really interesting choices since that time period. what drives you these days? what makes you take a role? >> well, i love to work. i want to work. i have to work. i have children. but more importantly i enjoy what i do. i've been an actor all my life. and the james bond role was a wonderful steppingstone onto an international stage. so with that i formed my own company to make my own films. but what drives me is the work. it's to work with someone like
8:37 am
toni colette, be part of an ensemble. >> is longevity as much fun these days as the white hot spotlight was back in the days of bond and remington steel? >> it's all about longevity. i mean, you want to stay at the table for as long as you can. you want to have a career that's far reaching and hopefully at the end of the day you have maybe three, four jewels in your hand that you can say i owned that, i did that, and it's mine. but i love acting. i love making movies. it's exhilarating. i'm lucky and just nothing but gratitude that i'm still doing it. >> i was going to say we're lucky. hope you keep doing it for a very long time. always good to see you. >> thanks so much. >> thank you very much. and "a long way down" hits theaters on july 11th. coming up, we're going to look back at the '90s. were they the last great decade?
8:38 am
but if you ever say these words, did i put my -- stay tuned. mario will find us ways to find things you lose on a daily basis.
8:39 am
e resc love this segment.
8:40 am
there's a lot of gadgets and we're always losing things. >> everything. and you're about to start losiig pacifiers and things of that nature. you're the one using find my iphone in the studio the other day. >> for is sure. >> we have a lot of different stuff. >> the first one you don't need a computer or smart phone. >> you don't. about 28 bucks. it has its own transmitter. color coded. you take these key pieces and attach them to things. >> these are four different items. >> absolutely. we lost the tv remote which is normal, in the studio. see if you can find it. >> i hear it over there. should i go get it? >> we got to go get it. >> i do hear it. >> you hear it? >> well, i'm getting a clue because the camera guy is
8:41 am
focusing. it must be. oh, wait. i found it. yeah. that works. >> to it does work. the thing about it is that was a faint sound. >> i see matt lauer's hair brush in there from the '80s. this works for a dog. we have a dog on set. >> we do. pet trackers, all about a gps tracking advice. goes on the dog's collar. it's amazing. it sits right on the collar on the dog. then you can track this from your phone or computer or laptop on a map. you can also set zones. if you know the dog walked out of the back yard, you'll be alerted on your phone. >> you can see where he's running around. >> i'm a dog lover. my dog got away once so i was
8:42 am
like we have to figure how to track my pet down. the other cool thing is it's an activity tracker. this also tracks the little guy's activity too. >> so we know what you're doing. thank you so much. what do we have? this is for, what? purses? anything? >> this is kieled tile. it's this little device. as you can see it can go to the keys, a purse, to the bicycle. >> now, you've got to have an iphone for this one? >> no android version for this one yet. i have a set of keys. it will show me where those keys are. you can see it's showing rockefeller center. >> that's kind of a big area. >> exactly. if i wanted to drill down to it, what i would do is hit the find button and it's going to send a tone to that as well. and then you'll be able to hear it. the other good thing about this, too, is that you'll be able to -- the crowd can help you find your device. so if other people have that app on the phone and you misplace
8:43 am
something, you'll get secretly alerted if someone else that has the app on the phone has it. >> this is for a lost wallet which all of us have had. >> this does two things. this is the freedom tracker gps wallet tracker by royce leather. good quality leather. 69 bucks it starts around. what it does is it has this device inside your wallet. it has the device in it. up to a hundred feet, you'll be notified so you can find it. also an automobile alert as well. >> 30 seconds left. the find my iphone app has saved me plenty of times. >> find my phone for android or androidev is p nowt's sending a tit ea .ou tain,
8:44 am
arng mil wet >> ok fou i?is. me dn' ts burihank mu few s.>> don't lose your ice cream. i don't have anything to track that. >> work on that. we'll be back after this.
8:45 am
8:46 am
back now at 8:47 on a monday morning with a new national geographic documentamaki w '90 decade when it gives rise to grunge, vanilla ice, and the macarena. almost 15 years since we survived y2k. national geographic is looking back at this period in history. >> reporter: once upon a time, the internet sounded like this. justin timberlake was just a teenage heart throb. and this was burning up radios
8:47 am
and dance floors across america. welcome back to the 1990s. a bygone era that's getting a fresh look in a national geographic documentary called "the '90s"? >> the '90s was the decade where we tried to get our [ bleep ] together. >> the only problem with the '90s is it didn't last long enough. >> reporter: the special airing next week examines the decade that introduced us to things like viagra, reality tv, and jerry springer. >> jerry! jerry! >> we decided we'll have young people in the audience and young subject matter. young people are much more open about their lives, much crazier, wilder. and so the show started to go crazy. >> reporter: but the drama wasn't just limited to springer's studio. >> why! why! >> you know, you can ask the question why did it happen, but i ask the question why did it
8:48 am
happen. >> reporter: but real wars were also waged when our troops fought in iraq for the first time. an unprecedented front row seat to the battle. meanwhile, images that once seemed unimaginable in our borders became a sad and tragic reality. and the subject of race in america came to a head in more ways than one. >> we the jury find the defendant not guilty of the crime of murder. >> we all became overnight rock stars. the glove, the glove fits. >> reporter: abroad the world bids farewell to a princess. while in washington we said hello to what some called a new american royalty. >> i would argue that he is tactically the best politician i've seen in my lifetime. >> reporter: but it wasn't long before the music gave way to one
8:49 am
of the biggest political dramas i've seen. >> i thought my political party made a big mistake. they should have left it alone and let the media and bill clinton fight out. >> reporter: for the first time america heard intimate and shocking details like it never had before. and a young white house intern would forever become a household name. in the documentary, monica lewinsky speaks out in her first television interview in ten years. tomorrow here on "today" we have an exclusive look at what she had to say including what she called the worst day of her life. >> all right. thank you very much. up next, a lower calorie way to keep cool on a hot day. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:50 am
8:51 am
all right. it's 8:52. we're back with some low calorie alternatives to keep you cool this summer. testing healthier options for the traditional ice cream. and megan murphy is good housekeeping's executive editor. >> good morning to you. >> this had to be a fun assignment. >> in the good housekeeping institute we're tasting and testing something. this was not a bad one. >> you're tasting for what exactly? >> 42 different cones, cups, bars to the test. we wanted things under 200 calories. but who cares if it's good for
8:52 am
you if it doesn't taste good. then we focused on taste. >> what do we have? these are the winners, right? >> the best hands down were these cadbury carmello pops. it is to die for. at only 160 calories. >> it is. >> hard to believe, right? >> amazing. then we looked at different flavors. some people are fruit people. so we looked for the best fruit bar. these outshine fruit bars, it's strawberry rhubarb. only 50 corral ralories. i feel good about giving these to my kids. yum. >> i got to say, we've got winners so far. >> peanut butter. >> how to make that low calorie. >> blue bunny peanut butter swirl ice cream cones. 150 kcalories. they're fun size. there's no waste.
8:53 am
if you love peanut butter cups, you will die over these. >> really good. they're not huge, but satisfying. >> a little sweet treat. these will blow your mind. these are the first greek frozen yogurt pops. i love the story of this company. two division one athletes have known each other since kindergarten. they think it's an awesome post workout snack. helps with muscle recovery. >> i'm ready to try all 42. i love ice cream sandwiches. >> these are the enlightened ice cream sandwiches. if you want something minty, hundred calories. only two grams of sugar, seven grams of protein. and five grams of fiber. >> when you say it's only calories and it's this big. >> that's substantial.
8:54 am
>> matt get in here. >> you should see your teeth. >> my gosh. >> i'm sorry to have done that to you. and lastly these weight watchers bars are only 45 calories. which is an invitation to have many. >> guys, get in there. >> that was gracefully done. >> megan murphy, thank you so much. i'm hiding my face. what's coming up in the next half hour? see. now you do it. >> the perfect night's sleep. how do you address it and the difference between men and women. just a little diff good morning, i'm tracy davidson.
8:55 am
your first alert forecast from meteorologist bill henley. bill? >> clouds coming in first thing this morning and now spread to new jersey, as well. spotting cloudy skies on its way to ocean city, new jersey. temperatures are climbing in spite of those clouds. those clouds are producing a few showers in the pocono mountains and widely scattered showers in the scranton area right now. some moderate rainfall there. the temperatures have been climbing in spite of the clouds and now 74 in philadelphia. what started out as a standoff situation in a philadelphia neighborhood has now turn under to a search for a suspect in an attempted rape. a s.w.a.t team surrounded a house. he wasn't inside and his ex-girlfriend said she escaped from the home after he tried to rape her at gunpoint. police are now looking for him. this morning we have video of a man being removed from a flight that landed at philly international after the crew said he was drunk and disorderly. the video shows officers
8:56 am
removing the passenger. that viewer says the man got into an altercation with a flight attendant about a half hour before the landing just after 1:00 this morning. airport police say he was taken into custody and he has not be charged. tonight in mercer county homeowners in the community where a house exploded will meet for updates on the reconstruction project. utility workers hit a gas line and the house exploded. a woman was killed in that house and tonight's meeting is for the residents of south fork community. up next on "today" show expert medical advice on your sleep habits. another update in 25 minutes. you can always get updates on i'm tracy davidson, thanks for watching. now back to "today" show.
8:57 am
8:58 am
from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist, and tamron hall. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and welcome to "today" on a monday morning. it's june 30th, 2014. big crowd outside on the plaza on a hot day here in the summer of new york city. i'm willie geist along with tamron hall and one of our summer interns. want to give you a big break
8:59 am
this morning. >> i'm feeling like the old guy. do you always play it that loud in the studio or because i'm old? >> we go straight rave at 9:00 a.m. >> how was your weekend? >> good. hanging out with the kids and family. can i be the 10,000th person to say i love your hair. >> you do? >> looks great. >> but you're getting rid of it. >> no. it's my hair. i'm going to straighten it out tonight and go straight. over the weekend, people paid too much attention on social media. a lot of strong opinions. overwhelmingly positive opinions, but it did happen to women's hair. it was interesting. i now know how you feel because willie has waves. i used to call willie lasagna head. but it's endearing. we like it the way you are.
9:00 am
>> this pippa middleton interview is getting so much buzz. >> yeah. it's so weird. you've seen this woman on your screen for two or three years, but to actually go to london and sit down and walk in a room and go, hi, pippa. i'm matt. and meet her it was bizarre. the thing most interesting to me is how she viewed the royal wedding before the royal wedding unfolded. take a look. >> sounds funny to say, but we thought as a family it's just a family wedding. and actually i didn't realize perhaps the scale of it until afterwards. and hi to make sure i helped my sister where i could and look after the bridesmaids. we saw it as a family getting together and doing their bit like any family. >> i think people will find that extraordinary that you viewed it just as a family wedding. it didn't feel that way to you in the buildup. >> even walking to the abbey, there were a lot of people. but i didn't see any tv cameras.
9:01 am
so to me it was just performing in front of a lot of people, not necessarily the whole world. >> i remember that shot where you came out on the balcony. what was it like to look out at that sea of humanity? >> it was surreal. you didn't know if you were living it to yourself at that moment. >> was that a moment, though, where the reality of the enormous nature of the event kicked in? >> i think so, yeah. when we saw crowds rushing around the balcony. it was like, wow, this is pretty special. >> there's uncle joe and aunt molly over there. >> i love her tone when reflecting on it like it's a family thing. that's crazy she saw it that way. >> but you think of yourself going to a wedding, she had that humility. i'm just a civilian at this point. i'm on a balcony at a wedding and there are a hundred thousand on the street. >> and i have a job to do. i have to make sure the train on
9:02 am
the dress is fine. taking care of the page boys. of course, that day, that moment changed her life forever. she became pippa. we all knew her. and that was a great thing for her in a lot of ways. but then she started to see that social media started going after her. she talked a bit about the downside as well. >> it's hard sometimes because i sort of -- you know, i felt publicly bullied a little bit just when i read things that purely aren't true or whichever way someone looks at it is a negative side. i'm trying to live a life like anyone. >> it's interesting you use the word bully. i think it's an apt term. i think a lot of young people, younger than you even, look at social media and think the same thing. >> i think people can really say something about you online or on a web page when they would never say it to your face. they think that's okay. >> i love her for that. i love that comment.
9:03 am
that people think they can say it online and never say it to your face. she realizes she has an exceptional life, but your opinion on social media can still hurt. and it is bullying. i love that. >> she's one of those rare people who did not ask to be famous. her sister is the one who's famous and just by being the sister of the duchess of cambridge, she falls onto that spot. >> it's the dress' fault. >> you gave me that question. i asked about that. >> so what did you talk away from sitting down with her? there are reasons obviously she didn't want to be an interview before that. and you convinced her to do one. how is she feeling about the spotlight that she's been in? >> i think she's in an unusual situation. she's 30 years old. she wants to have a career. she wants to be able to go off and do what she's doing. >> she wants to write. she's done things for "vanity fair" and others. she'd like to do more of that.
9:04 am
but she's towing the line as trying not to capitalize on her sister's fame. i think she's fighting that balancing act. >> and town sit down with. >> she couldn't be nicer. i don't know what your expectations are. what you think about pippa middleton, but i will tell you she seems normal, grounded, down to earth to me. >> the final part of matt's interview with pippa airs mo aut hw prince george andmore. you can see the full interview on thanks for stopping by. >> welcome back. >> thank you. natalie meantime is down in brazil covering the world cup. what's the feeling down there? >> yeah. we missed you, willie. wish you were here. because it is so exciting. the atmosphere absolutely electric. a lot of pressure, of course, on the u.s. team. tomorrow they face belgium 4:00
9:05 am
p.m. eastern time. tomorrow i'll be coming live from there. and hopefully getting to the game myself. it's an incredible run for the u.s. men. a lot of people didn't expect them to make it this far. they are much alive. tomorrow is a must win situation or they will be sent home. now, for those of you who said at one point in your life that soccer's boring, i just want to show you some of the highlights from this weekend. there was no shortage of drama here. of course that brazilian game against chile. absolutely stunning. it ended in a penalty shootout with brazil eking out a win here. i got to tell you, the celebrations were absolutely crazy here. and also brazilians in new york too. i understand they were even celebrating on the subway. i had to watch it at an airport on some little boy's iphone. i mean, i couldn't believe that at the airport in sao paulo they did not have a big screen. it's crazy. but it was a great game. brazil moves on. they'll play colombia on friday.
9:06 am
that's going to be the rivalry of all rivalries here. other games, highlights this weekend. netherlands killing mexico. unfortunately it was due to another penalty kick there and a sad loss for the mexican team. they go home. and colombia, can we talk about the way they celebrate a win? they do this little dance. and i think the u.s. team better start working on their moves, because i am definitely pulling for them. and i think i want to see a little celebration when they start scoring their goals tomorrow. so, you know what? as i mentioned, the atmosphere is absolutely electric. we see fans from every country represented here and every time ng at the beach.or a game ou cam it's incredible. >> natalie, there's a little satellite breakup when you did the dance. can you do it one more time? >> you want to see that re-enacted? it's a little bachata.
9:07 am
i'm not doing it justice. they have a choreographed perfectly. but while i was here, i did check out another sport. it's number two most popular sport here in brazil. it's basically soccer with volleyballs. and it is impossible. i played volleyball in high school. i played soccer. the combination of the two very difficult. i had a great teacher who showed me all the moves. there are four ways to hit the ball. with your feet, thigh, shoulder, header. i think by the end i managed to make a point or two. it was pretty cool. then i also played a little soccer with a cute little boy named gabriel. he could be the next brazil julio cesar. the goalie. such hard work. >> there it is. what's in the coconut? >> time for enjoyment. >> it's not just coconut. >> coconut water.
9:08 am
>> is that what we're calling it now? >> that's what hoda and kathie lee used to call it. it evolved. >> have fun down there. we'll talk to you soon. let's get a check of the weather from dylan dreyer in for al. >> nice to see you. coconut water sounds amazing right now. >> with vodka. >> we are looking at some strong storms. still have some severe thunderstorm warnings in effect through des moines and into omaha, nebraska. wekingoo atrm igi depoints 7 t5e inndiening e so seornae s.we cou damage today. roshowers and storms in the northeast. new york state into northern arkansas. and again we have to keep an eye
9:09 am
on it during the afternoon and evening for flooding, hail, wind t bi nl and also i'm erhiser iiddlesit southerly a. a wmend alo star bin im nro t grees t aft f yndsday.ndormsssibleesda l thay ovin conditions and cooler for the fourth of july and plenty of sunshine this coming weekend. have a great day. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> thanks is lot. still ahead, how many hours of sleep do you get on a e we asked you on you can still weigh in right now. e going toet you feedback now. e going toet you feedback inntlait?r p 'sgot anorn nu to w c4 mates $99.9thr. strus ithe pemer.
9:10 am
agcogthth cus?jotmmyoreakyouii outetrisities, her.yo sitrsuacph cn ora chtotrisities, her.yo
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