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tv   NBC 10 News at 9am  NBC  November 1, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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it's just before 9:00 on this saturday morning. meteorologist michelle grossman has been tracking the wet and cold conditions all morning long. i'm sure many people will want to know if able to get outside and get on with their weekend plans. >> tomorrow would be a better day than today. later on this afternoon, late afternoon into the evening hours is when we're going to see this rain tapering off. right now rain is pretty much for everybody. it's a raw day. it's a chilly day. it's gray. also a live look from our adventure aquarium camera. you can see on radar, most of the radar is green. that's showing that we are seeing shower activity. yellow, the reds, that's where you're seeing the heavier to more moderate rainfall. right now i zoomed into new castle county in delaware. that's where we're seeing the more moderate rainfall. the red, heavy downpour. so again, you may see ponding on the roadways. not an easy day to get around outside as we've been seeing the rain for the past few hours. temperatures are chilly. 40 degrees in mount pocono. 46 in reading.
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45 in mill vel. temperatures are not going far but the winds are picking up. with the chilly temperatures and winds, winds will pick up even further. right now not too bad. at 20 miles per hour in philadelphia. they're going to pick up motor th more than this. the big weather headline on sunday will be windy. today, plan on an up blael and jacket and raw day. by 11:00, 48. 1:00, 49. by 3:00, we are looking at 50 degrees. this is the kind of day where you want coffee in bed, a blanket. lucky for us we have matt delucia outside and he is going to tell us what we need if we're outside. >> jacket, umbrella, a good idea for today. we've been out here in frankfurt since about 4:30 this morning. the rain has not stopped. you look at the people out here right now. some of them have umbrellas but others have those jackets. they are bundled up right now this morning. here's what it looked like within the past hour. drivers taking it slow. people who are out and about, they're just trying to get
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indoors as quickly as possible. the winds are whipping around here making things a little bit colder. and just to give you some idea of where we are right now. outside the frankfurt transportation center. seeing a lot of people with jackets this morning starting to feel a little bit like winter really on this chilly autumn day. >> i love it. i don't like the rain but i like the winter. keeps it nice and quiet in the neighborhood. >> i want it to go away. >> you want summer back? >> i want summer back, an indian summer. >> she was quick to get inside and catch her train. everyone else is waiting for the buses and huddled up under the canopies wrefr they can find a little bit of shelter. we are seeing a light, steady rain right now out here in frankfurt. as i mentioned, we have been for much of the morning. so it's definitely a go good idea to stay inside and enjoy that extra halloween candy.
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matt delucia, nbc10 news. new this morning, one person is dead and two others are injured following an accident on roosevelt boulevard in northeast philadelphia. this happened around 6:00 this morning along the boulevard. according to police, the victim was struck and killed after the crash there. accident investigators in philly are busy this morning. police tell nbc10 a woman is in extremely critical condition after she was struck by a car in north philadelphia. this happened right around 4:00 this morning at broad street right in front of temple university hospital. the driver did stop but police are investigating whether the woman may have been hit by a second vehicle. they're looking at surveillance video as part of their investigation. also this morning, philadelphia police are searching for the person who stabbed a man in the city's frankfurt neighborhood. this happened at frankfurt avenue right before 5:30 this morning. there's no word on the victim's condition. no need to make alternate
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plans on monday if you take septa to work. a deal was an lounsed last night between septa and the transport workers union which means no strike. both sides stayed at the bargaining table until after 11:00 last night as they hammered out a deal which includes wage increases for two years. it means that nearly a million daily riders can still depend on the buses, trolley, and subways. some riders tell us they were on pins and needles all week. >> it's crazy. it was pretty close. >> last night wopderring what was going on? >> kind of. i got up at 3:00 this morning and checked my app on my phone and seen that they came to an agreement. i was happy about that. >> union members still have to ratify the contract and that vote is set for friday. this morning, we are learning new details about how u.s. marshals were able to capture accused cop killer eric frein. frein was arrested on thursday night near this abandoned
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airplane hangar in monroe county. a task force command we're the u.s. marshals service says that his team had a hunch that if they were on the run, they would hide in a place like that. according to the commander, he and his team spied somebody moving from the woods toward the hangar and they were competent it was frein. >> he turned towards me. saw that we were in full kit, with rifles. identified myself. i told him to get on the ground and he got on the ground. >> frein was arraigned yesterday in milford. he is being held without bail on murder and other related charges. in the ambush that killed corporal bryon dickson and critically wounded state trooper alex douglass. a preliminary hearing is scheduled for november 12th. for continuing coverage of the eric frein investigation. one community is expected to lose half of its police force when six officers will be laid off. a judge rejected an injunction
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by police officers in franconia township. the union was trying to get a temporary injunction to stop the layoff. the union claims the township violated labor laws by refusing to bargain with police before cuts were made. more trouble in a high school in bucks county as police are investigating sexually explicit pictures and texts that they say were sent by students. according to officials that happened at neshaminy high school where the community celebrated homecoming last night. police say they were tipped off friday afternoon by students who saw the inappropriate photos on classmates' cellphones at school. we're told that some of the alleged texts included nude images of other students. >> i think kids today just walk around with their cellphones, they're oh believe yos to everything that's happening around them. they think they're above the law, above morals. >> parents of the students involved are being notified as the investigation continues. meanwhile, school officials say
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that this latest incident is separate from neshaminy's problems earlier this week when inappropriate messages were posted on an anonymous message board app called yikyak. now let's talk about a local effort to help the ebola patients. medical mission in our area will ship supplies, books, and toys today to some of the neighborhoods hit hardest by the virus in liberia. the federation of liberian associations in the usa says that a number of local groups came together to collect the much needed materials. now to that nurse who refused to be quarantined. a legal victory for her this morning. a judge in maine ordered that kaci hickox does not have to stay home for the rest of her 21-day quarantine period however the judge says she must continue daily self monitoring and if she plans to travel anywhere she must coordinate with state officials. according to the judge, there's no reason for further restrictions because hickox is symptom free after treating
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ebola patients in sierra leone. she went on a bike ride and talking to reporters. maine's governor is calling the ruling unfortunate but says that the state will cooperate. well, rain may be in the forecast today but it is not holding back the 6,000 people who will hit the streets to make a statement about diabetes. this is a live look at the philadelphia museum of art where the step out walk to stop diabetes begins in just a few moments at 9:15. this year's goal is to raise $1 million to fund research to find a cure. nbc10 and telemundo 62 are proud sponsors of the events and there is an nbc10 team on hand led by our boss and our news director williams. immediately following the walk at 11:00 this morning, participants and the public are invited to a free concert featuring r&b legend patti labelle. she is diabetic and advocate for awareness for the disease.
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also, audra mclachlan, a finalist from "the voice," she will perform. a trick or treat tragedy. police are looking for a hit and run driver who ran over three girls on halloween. the details are coming up. plus, the search for the cause of a deadly test flight. a witness talked about what he saw when the virgin galactic station exploded killing the pilot. what it means for the future of space tourism. - ( helicopter whirring ) - ( roars ) ( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready ♪ come and get it ♪ get it, get it ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na na na na ♪
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♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na... female announcer: it's a great big world and it can all be yours. here and only here. ♪ come and get it. if is nbc10 news. >> at ten minutes after 9:00, here is a live look at the center city skyline. gray, cloudy day out there. michelle, we do have that rain. it's going to be with us for much of the day. >> plan on that if you have your saturday planned out you're going to see the rain most of the day. won't taper off until later on this afternoon into the evening hours. you could see pockets of heavier rain.
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seeing the wind. it's chilly temperatures only in the 40s. kind of a raw and rainy day. we'll talk more about that and the more wind on sunday. this morning we have new information about a tragedy out in california. we've learned that twin sisters were among the three teenage girls hit by a car while they were out trick or treating last night. police are trying to track down an suv and the person who was driving it. this happened near an elementary school near santa ana. the girls were between the ages of 13 and 15 years old. in arizona, police are investigating another car crash involving trick-or-treaters. this happened near phoenix. three adults including a person in a wheelchair and two kids were hit as they crossed the road last night. four of them are in critical condition. the driver told police that he did not see the group. it is being called a huge setback for a company reaching into the upper atmosphere. officials a s ars are trying to out what caused the space ship to explode during a test flight
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over the mojave desert. one pilot was killed and another seriously injured in the accident. a photographer who witnessed the crash says that space ship two exploded after a plane designed to take it to a high altitude released it and the craft ignited the rocket motor. >> a white puffs. immediately at that point i knew that something had went really horribly wrong. >> space is hard. today was a tough day. >> space ship 2 was expected to take tourists into space in the next few years. virgin galactic founder branson is supposed to arrive at the mojave air and space port later today. it is a recipe for success. this week's wednesday's child got a chance to show off his talents doing one of the things he likes to do best. you'll meet him after the break. grab the umbrellas.
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rain is falling. moderate in some spots. also chilly temperatures. only in the 40s. also windy. some feel cooler than that. we'll talk about the raw day today and then we'll talk about more sunshine on sunday. that's all coming up.
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this week's wednesday's child is an upbeat teen who likes to show off his creative side. he's hoping to find a forever family to help make all of his dreams come true. nbc10 introduces us to joe. >> 14-year-old joe loves to bake, so he headed to what
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bakeshop in philly where we decorated all kinds of treats. >> and for that one i did two, so you can just see one and a big dollop in the middle. >> and he was a natural. >> perfect. >> thank you. >> that looks so great. >> beautiful. >> yeah. >> yay. >> joe is a happy teen who responds well to adults and warms up to people quickly. he currently lives in a residential facility and receives special education services. he loves school and has a big imagination. joe knows exactly what he wants in a family. >> take good care of me. >> the ideal family for joe would be a two-parent family who is patient, prerchably a home where he can receive a lot of attention. >> you learn something today? >> yeah. >> about separating cake? >> yeah. >> what did you learn? >> i learned that i never done something before and that i did something really, really big and
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hard. >> and you did it really well. >> yeah. >> joe is this week's wednesday's child. >> what a smile. well, you can make the dream of a forever family come true for joe or for any wednesday's child sponsored by the dave thomas foundation by going to our website,, and searching wednesday's child. or you can always call the national adoption center at 1-866-do-adopt. now your nbc10 first alert weather. >> all right. the rain continues. gray skies continue. it's chilly. it's raw. it's windy. we're doing to see that through most of today through the rain starts to taper this afternoon into the evening hours. weather headline on your saturday, big difference in this time last week. we are looking at the rain falling. temperatures around 45 degrees right now in many sports. we're not goingvery far from th. breezy. windy in some spots. really windy on sunday. we're going to call itst
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blustery. we do have one 70 in the sech day. right now the camera is shaking. it's letting us know it's windy outside in case you haven't stepped out yet. you see the gray skies as well. 46 in philadelphia. winds out at north at 20 miles an hour. right now we're seeing rain falling across the area. 46 in philadelphia. 45 in atlantic city. so chilly, rainy, and windy. that's what you need to know for today. there's that rain falling on radar. most is green indicating everyone is see that shower activity. the darker colors, moderate colors, yellow and orange, that's where we're seeing the moderate rainfall. even the red in new castle, delaware, bear, middle town. that's where we're see that heavier rain. sliding across to jersey, parts of ocean, atlantic counties and we're going the see this over the next several hours. temperatures there are chilly in case you haven't stepped out yet. 45 in wilmington. 45 in atlantic city. 46 in lancaster. get out with the kids after the soccer game if they haven't been
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canceled, bundle up as you head out. winds are gusting near 23 miles per hour in pottstown. near 25 in wildwood. futurecast, we're going to continue to track this rain throughout the afternoon. by lunchtime, seeing that showing up. same story by 3:00. things begin to improve as we head towards the late afternoon into the evening hours. still seeing the clouds. still seeing the wind. still see that cold air. we're not going to see that rain. futu futurecast, we're going to see blustery conditions with winds gusting high. today, wet and windy, 48-51. winds out of the northeast at 10 to 21 miles per hour. anywhere from 25 to 30. and then tomorrow we're going to be in the 40s with the gusts. we'll talk about that later. but for today, 50. sunday, 50 degrees. windy, that's the big weather headline tomorrow. by monday, things begin to improve, getting back to school and work. 34 degrees. warm up to 58. tuesday, looking good. nice. 68. wednesday, 70. that's the pick day for the week. thursday, clouds return. showers return, 60 and colder on friday. just 52.
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all right. it's saturday morning. you know what that means. we've got high school football scores and highlights from all around the region. a breakdown of the biggest match-ups are coming up next in the "high school blitz." i'm tracy davidson for nbc10 at issue. join me sunday when we debate the pros and cons of the hate crime law. >> if you are not accepting, there's something to be said for acceptance, then there's a price now in philadelphia to be paid for that. >> we shall tie the law across the board and equally to everybody, regardless of their sexual orientation, regardless of their race, regardless of their disability. >> coming up sunday morning at 11:30 following "meet the press" only on nbc10.
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we want to show you this live picture down many south philly. you can see it's facing the wells fargo center. the camera is blowing in the wind, in addition to the clouds, the rain, the cool temperatures, winds to contend with today. it's going to be even windier tomorrow. i'm jen daniels from komt cast sportsnet. it's week ten of the high school football season. that kicks off this week's edition of "the high school blitz." the martin luther king cheerleaders have a lot to be excited about. watch paul sanchez flash through the frankfurt defense for the touchdown. king advances to the public league 4a semifinals with a 28-20 victory. they fired up to take on george washington, but george washington is going to run away
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with the win. cobb gets into the end zone. george washington advances with a 28-8 victory. northeast kicking off to simon grass. the ball falls into the hands of shawn williams. he heads home, makes the cut back and he's going to turn it upfield for a big return. that sets up the score. grass advances with a 24-8 win. >> the high school blitz game of the week is brought to you by your quality plus ford stores, home of america's favorite brand. >> you voted to see this. this is haverfordscrambling, finds nick costello alone on the sideline. they win it, 17-8. parkland running on emmaus. this is parkland's ridgewood. ridgeway on the sweep around the right side. untouched for a 35-yard score. parkland wins it, 41-14. >> the "high school blitz play of the week" is brought to you by toyota. let's go places.
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>> collinswood and west deptford. kol wins picked off by a west deptford. he is headed the other way. that is a pick six, west depositionford deptford wins it. glassboro throwing on eustace. ronnie james for the score. glassboro wins big, 36-17. camden catholic lighting up the scoreboard against delran. fights his way into the end zone. camden catholic with the shutout, 45-0. time for skylights, skyforce 10 high above the north penn game. abington on the run but north penn strips the ball away and they would recover. north penn gets the 28-0 shutout. neshaminy. defense strong on this play. gets to the qb for the sack. they improve 9-1 on the season with 17-3 win. >> muna running on bristol. taking the sweep. kid is all right. he scores from 26 yards out as
9:26 am
they win, 41-6. tower hill and dickinson. matt smith over the middle for andrew brown. he bounces off the first hit. breaks attackle and he is gone. tower hill wins, 28-6. they improved 8-1 on the season. that's just an appetizer. we have a half hour of highlights later tonight. join us for the "high school blitz" at 7:00. the time right now is 9:26. still ahead on "nbc10 news today," strike averted. we'll have the details on the deal that will keep septa buses, trolleys, and subway trains rolling. we continue to see the rain falling. it's moderate in a few spots out there. it's raw. it's windy. it's chilly. there's a live look outside. we're going to see a gray day all day today. we'll talk more about today's weather.
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accept septa riders can breathe a sigh of relief. what the tentative agreement means for commuters. a wet and windy start to our weekend. here's a live look outside at the towers at the liberty place in philadelphia. a jacket and umbrella will come
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in handy. participants in the step out walk to stop diabetes may be opting for rain boots instead of sneakers. team nbc10 is among the walkers who are starting their trek from the philadelphia art museum. good morning. welcome back to "nbc10 news toda today". i'm rosemary connors. let's get right to the weekend weather with meteorologist michelle grossman. michelle, let's talk about the wind for a my it. you're telling me it's not especially strong right now but when you factor in the rain and it becomes an issue. >> exactly. you know what it is when you have the umbrella and holding it and it turns i side out and you get rained on any what i? it is windy but the wind is going to be the main story tomorrow. the main story today is the rain and the cold. and then you add in the wind. that's no fun. live look outside from our adventure aquarium. radar showing us that we are getting rained on and rained on all over the area. where you see the green, you see yellows and reds indicating more moderate rainfall. i circled it for you here.
9:31 am
chester county and northern delaware and new castle county and new jersey, looking at parts of atlantic, ocean, burlington counties. seeing this rain for hours now. it is cold, so if you are out and about i know there's a lot of walks, a lot of things you need to do with your kids today. seeing temperatures around 43 in pottstown. 40 in mount pocono. 46 in lancaster and 45 in atlanta uk city. we mentioned the winds. it's breezy. we're going to see the winds continuing to pick up. we're going to see them overnight picking up as well into sunday morning. 20 miles per hour right now in i'll if fill. 16 in wildwood. the arrows are the key here. you're seeing the wind from the northeast. that's coming off the ocean. that's keeping the moisture in place. and that's why we're continuing to see this rain. for today, by 11:00, 48. by 1:00, 49. you though this at that temperatures are not going far and by 3:00, 50 degrees. not a great day to be outdoors. now matt delucia is live in the na frankfurt area. >> reporter: i envy you in the warm studio.
9:32 am
we're in the cold and rain. seeing rain throughout much of the morning as we take a live look out here you can see that people are still walking. they're out and about getting ready for their saturday morning activities. the rain is light fortunately but we do have a little bit of that wind. and a chill in the air. what a dreary start to november. we are here outside in frankfurt with drivers taking it slow and people who are walking outside have been making a dash to get inside and out of the weather. the wind really is not making things any better. we're seeing a lot of people with umbrellas and jackets this morning. we'll look live out here at the frankfurt transportation center. here's what i've been seeing. people waiting for the buses to pick them up huddled under the canopies or wherever they can find shelter from the rain. one of those mornings where it's a good idea to stay inside and relax and watch us on tv. live in everything fra further this morning, matt delucia, nbc10 news.
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new this morning. one person is in the hospital after this fire in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood. nbc10 was on the scene of this 3,000 block of frankfurt avenue shortly after it started around 6:30 this morning. firefighters had it under control in less than half an hour. right now the american red cross is heading to the scene to help out anybody who needs it. there's no word yet on how the person or what their condition is at this point. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. lgs thalso this morning, on person is dead and two injured following an accident on roosevelt boulevard. this happened right around 6:00 this morning along the boulevard. police tell us that there was a crash and then a person was struck and killed. we're working to get more details about exactly what happened here. investigators in philadelphia are also looking into this accident. police tell nbc10 that a woman is in extremely critical condition after she was struck by a car in north philadelphia.
9:34 am
this happened right around 4:00 this morning at broad right in front of temple university hospital. the driver did stop but flis are investigating whether she may have been hit by a second vehicle. they're looking at surveillance video as part of their investigation. philadelphia police are also investigating a deadly crash in the city's logan neighborhood. nbc10 was on the scene at sten on the avenue and logan street where the driver crashed right into a pole. he died in the accident. investigators are trying to figure out exactly what led up to this crash. good news this morning. strike averted. septa and the transport workers union reached a tentative two-year agreement. this is what it looked like just before 11:15 last night when the negotiators walked out of the old city hotel where they had been negotiating for several hours. it means that nearly a million daily riders can still depend on buses, trolley, and subways. nbc10 spoke to one rider in philadelphia's frankfurt neighborhood who tells us she's been watching the developments
9:35 am
all week. >> were you worried getting close to the end last night? >> you know, we always worried to figure out how we're going to get around. you know, it's a big city. you know, philadelphia, but, you know, like i said, i'm glad they came to that agreement. you know, god bless everybody, you know, came to an agreement and weapon didn't have to walk out. >> similar sentiment among the other riders we spoke with this morning. union members still have to ratify the contract and that vote is set for friday. a hunch, that's what u.s. marshals say they were following when they captured accused cop killer eric frein. they arrested frein on thursday night near this abandoned airplane hangar in monroe county. they say that his team figured that if they were on the run then they would hide in a place like that. according to that commander, he and his team spied somebody moving from the woods towards the hangar and they were competent it was frein. they then took him into custody
9:36 am
ending the 48-day manhunt. >> i don't believe anybody expected him to be apprehended in that manner. i don't think anybody expected him to appear how he did. >> frein appeared clean shaven with a cut on his nose. when he was arraigned yesterday in milford. he's being held without bail. a preliminary hearing is scheduled for november 12th. the visible cuts on frein's face have led some to question whether there was some kind of struggle when he was arrested. but both state police and u.s. marshals have agreed that frein surrendered without a fight. that's what they've been saying all along. still, there are some conflicting reports on where his injuries came from. u.s. marshals say that frein got the scrapes on his face when he was taken down on the asphalt. but state police say that frein was injured in the woods during the seven weeks that he alluded officers. frein is facing a number of charges for the shooting death of corporal bryon dickson. trooper alex douglass was critically injured in the ambush. he was released from the hospital about two weeks ago and
9:37 am
continues to recover at a rehabilitation center. you can count on nbc10 and for continuing coverage of the eric frein investigation including his next appearance before a judge. today six police officers in one montgomery county community are expected to be laid off. that's a big deal because that means that half the police force there will be reduced. a judge rejected an injunction by police officers in franconia township. the union tried to get a temporary injunction to stop the layoffs. the union claims that the township violated labor laws by refusing to bargain with police before the cuts were made. again, the cuts mean the police department would lose about half of its force. now to decision 2014. the county countdown is on. it is the final weekend of campaigning ahead of tuesday's election. the big contest in our area is the race for governor of pennsylvania. republican incumbent governor
9:38 am
tom corbett will be spending his saturday campaigning in central and northeastern philadelphia. challenger tom wolf will be making several stops in our area today. he will spend the first part of the day talking to voters in philadelphia before stops in chester and media in delaware county. wolf will also get some star power this weekend. president obama will lend his support at campaign stop in philadelphia tomorrow to make a final push for the democratic candidate. you can read up on the candidates and the issues that will be decided on tuesday. right now on our website, and don't forget to go and vote on tuesday, november 4th. a little bit later today it will be a celebration of life for a woman who nearly died when her suv plupged right into cobbs creek this past summer. the family of sheryl allison is celebrating her miraculous recovery and formally thanking the five people who helped save her life. allison lost control of her suv back on august 19th.
9:39 am
the suv flew down an embankment right into cobbs creek in southwest philadelphia. several drivers who saw what happened pulled allison to safe safety and performed cpr until rescuers arrived. they are all being honored at a party tonight. right now thousands of walkers are getting ready to make a statement about diabetes. this is a live look now at the philadelphia museum of art where the step out walk to diabetes is about to get under way. right now they're introducing some speakers to the podium to get the crowd ready and revved up. this year's goal is to raise $1 million to fund research to find a cure. nbc10 and telemundo 62 are proud sponsors to the walk and we an nbc10 team. you see him right up there at the podium. he is part of our nbc10 team. immediately following the walk at 11:00 this morning, participants and the public are invited to hear from patti
9:40 am
labelle and also from audra mclachlan who is a finalist from "the voice" and also philadelphia native. in terms of patti labelle, she is a diabetic and advocate for awareness of the disease. we were told she is performing at the event but now we're hearing that she will speak to the public and to all the participants. still ahead, time to ante up. where a poker room will debut today at a local casino.
9:43 am
this is nbc10 news. >> take you back to the philadelphia museum of art where speakers are getting the crowd revved up there in front of the art museum. this is the step out walk diabetes. it was supposed to start around 9:15 but of course the weather, making sure everybody gets there on time. it should kick off shortly from now. you see the people have their umbrellas with them. their rain jackets . i'm sure a lot of people are wearing boots and sneakers. stretching their feet. team nbc10. i'm told that patti labelle who lives in the philadelphia area and who is a diabetic and advocate for awareness of the disease herself, she just spoke to the crowd a few moments ago. we'll continue to check in on this and keep you posted. let's take a live look at the art museum further out.
9:44 am
you can see we've got clouds out there. not the best day on mannhand. this rain is affecting most if not all of our region, right? >> absolutely, yeah. almost everyone is seeing rain in some form. some seeing lighter showers or moderate rainfall. look at that in a few minutes by right now we're seeing a gray day, a rainy day, a chilly day. we'll have all the details straight ahead. today philadelphia sugar house casino will debut its first ever poker room. it's pretty high tech. it's going to feature mobile device charging stations at each seat as well as mobile app reservation system. not to mention there are going to be massage services for players so you can sit there and, i don't know, get your shoulders rubbed while you're playing poker. the interim poker room will be used until the permanent 28-table room opens as part of sugar house's $164 million expansion next year. news not so good in atlantic city where the casino crisis is
9:45 am
impacting unemployment rate. the figure rose to over 11% in september. the increase is blamed on three casinos closing in just two weeks this smir. more than 8,000 workers lost their jobs in 2014. so far, four casinos have closed this year and there could be one more. the future of the traump taj mahal is still up in the air. mega relief this morning if you're hoping to become the next millionaire. nobody won last night's estimated $284 million jackpot. it's the largest in seven months. the next drawing is on tuesday. the jackpot is expected to be at least $321 million. good luck to everybody. still i head in sports, we'll check in on the injury status of a couple of key players for the eagles and the texans heading into tomorrow's game. and the sixers run with the bucs in milwaukee. both teams searching for their first win. highlights are next. grab the umbrellas, the jacket. it is cold. it is windy. it is rainy, yeah.
9:46 am
there's the wind shaking the camera. we're going to talk about the wind and the rain, when it's going to move out and then sunshine but wind for your sunday. that's all straight ahead. we thought our cable internet was fast. but, our uploads are half the speed of our downloads so our internet is really half-fast. so half-fast. someone did a half-fast job posting our vacation pics. when i post my slow jams, i'm a little half-fast. totally half-fast. stop living with half-fast internet. only verizon fios comes with speedmatch
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here in york, pennsylvania we've built the largest distributor of kitchen cabinets in the nation. we've got american-made products that are beating out chinese imports. so, i know pennsylvania can be a leader in manufacturing and we can make things again. but we have to invest in education and a skilled workforce today. i'm tom wolf and i have a plan. we can do great things, but we have to think ahead. tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania. chlts definitely going to be wet. that doesn't matter. annual event that they have been waiting for all year. it's the 19th year for the trail of two cities. 5k walk and run. it takes runners and walkers from ocean city to some are s point. it raises money for the some
9:49 am
ararrs point foundation. the walk and run begins -- began earlier this morning at 8:00. all right. the rainy one, a gray one, it's chilly, it's raw. and that will be the story all throughout our saturday. that's our big weather headline. raw and rainy. it's gray out there if you haven't stepped out yet. you might want to stay indoor it is you can. winds are picking up on sunday. keeping the cold temperatures in place. then we do have one set of 70s in your forecast. i'll show that in just a minute. right now the camera is shaking. winds fwloeing out there not quite as high as tomorrow but still breezy and windy in some spots. winds out of the north northeast at 20 miles per hour. seeing temperatures across the region. mainly in the 40s. seeing the rain falling pretty much everywhere across the region. philadelphia, 46. atlantic city, 45 degrees. so again, we are going to see the rain falling. you can see on radar right now.
9:50 am
mostly green across the area. pocketing of heavier stuff. zoom in closer. parts of bucks county, mobt gory county. seeing heavier stuff. down to the south and parts of delawa delaware, new castle county and chester county. then sliding along the coast here, this has been the case all morning long. ocean county, burlington county, atlanta county seeing heavier pockets of rain. again, temperatures are chilly. it's not feeling good. it's not looking good out there. 46 in philadelphia. 45 in dover. temperatures not rising very far. what will go up though will be the winds gusting. 29 miles per hour right now in dover. 26 in philadelphia. keeping the temperatures down with the numbers. going to keep the moisture in place. futurecast throughout time, occasional showers. pretty much all throughout the rest of the morning into the early afternoon. late afternoon into the evening hours where we're going to see it finally tapering off. the enwinds will pick up tonigh. at least the sunshine returns. today, wet and windy, count on
9:51 am
that. 48-51. winds at 10 to 20 miles per hour. we're not going to see the rain every second but occasional rain showers and seeing the rain with almost everybody is seeing the rain. today, 50 degrees. sunday, we're going to see a temperature of 50 degrees once again, the winds picking up though. could be gusting near 46. feeling colder than that 50. could feel like the 40s in many spots. at least we get that sunshine back. a mixture of sun and clouds. things begin to improve after the weekend. getting you back to school and work. by monday, 58. cold start, temperatures near freezing in many spots. that's in the city colder to the north and west. tuesday, nice, 68. nicer, wednesday, 70. clouds and shors return on thursday. plus cooler air, 60. and cold on friday to end the workweek. just 52. the sixers visited the milwaukee bucks last night trying to avoid their first 0-2 start since 2010. halloween in milwaukee. check out that guy.
9:52 am
it was the k.j. mcdaniels show early. finishes the alley-oop here. mcdaniels had 12 points on the night. off the inbound. another alley-oop. this one turned noel 14 points. 10 board. sixers were up one after three quarters. o.j. mayo with three of his 25. sixers lose, 93-81. eagles starting safety nate allen is listed as questionable for sunday's game against the texans because of a hamstring injury. as for the texans last year's number one overall pick clowny is also questionable. he returned last weekend after missing the previous six games with a torn meniscus is ill. head coach o'brien said the chapss of him playing are not looking good. the flyers were off yesterday and had equipment manager got into the halloween spirit by playing a everything pra. hiding a rubber snake in a gatorade cooler.
9:53 am
>> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> that's sports. i'm jen daniels, comcast sportsnet.
9:54 am
9:55 am
before we leave you this morning let's get another live look at the step out walk to stop diabetes. all the folks are fathered at the foot of the philadelphia art museum. even the babes are bundled up with the hats and jackets. folks have their umbrellas out. the event was supposed to kick off at 9:15.
9:56 am
they're giving people a little bit of time to get ready. of course, the weather an issue for folks. it should start shortly. the goal was to raise a million dollars this year. we want to remind you. don't forget to fall back when you go to bed tonight because daylight saving time ends at 2:00 a.m. on sunday. that means you do get an extra hour of sleep this weekend when you turp your honor clock back, it's also a good time to put fresh batteries in the smoke detectors inside your home. it means we get an extra hour of sleep, right? >> do we really? at 2:00 i always lose an hour for some reason every single time. then i watch the clock. do i need to leave for work? >> we'll sleep later. >> that's true. nice nap. today would be a perfect nap day if you can do it. binge tv watching today, whatever you can do indoors. i know a lot of people need to be outside though. a lot of wind out there. we have some chilly air. temperatures mainly in the 40s. 48 right now in philadelphia. only getting to 50 today.
9:57 am
plus, we have rainfall in parts of northern delaware and burlington, ocean, atlanta counties in new jersey. and bucks county, montgomery county. for today, call it raw and rainy. tomorrow is still windy. improved during the workweek. hopefully those leaves will dry out tomorrow so people can get their raking together this weekend. >> with that wind. that's going to do it for us. i'm rosemary connors. for michelle grossman and everybody here at nbc10, have a good one.
9:58 am
9:59 am
can you start tomorrow? yes sir. alright. let's share the news tomorrow. today we failrly busy. tomorrow we're booked solid. we close on the house tomorrow. i want one of these opened up. because tomorow we go live... it's a day full of promise. and often, that day arrives by train. big day today? even bigger one tomorrow. when csx trains move forward, so does the rest of the economy.
10:00 am
csx. how tomorrow moves. george: always the most nerve wracking time to sneak up through the neighborhoods early in the morning for the surprise. rosemary (voiceover): hi. i'm rosemary. ariana (voiceover): hi. i'm ariana. vinny (voiceover): hi. i'm vinny. and we're here in parsippany, new jersey. rosemary (voiceover): my girlfriend from college was his friend from high school. and she says, i have perfect guy for you. vinny: since that first day, we saw each other almost every weekend. very happy. and she is the love of my life.