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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  November 1, 2014 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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colder out there. looking at market street in center city, philadelphia. you can see the flags blowing in the wind and so is the camera. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist brittney shipp is tracking the change in the the temperatures and how windy it is going to get. >> as we go into tonight the the temperatures will drop into the 30s and tomorrow it will feel like the 30s or the 40s. the temperatures will be in the high 40s. but right now with still seeing light rainfall moving through atlantic city and millville. closer to the poconos, you're done with the rain. we have two systems. one is up to the northeast and will continue to track to the northeast. we have a weather disturbance off the carolina coast that will stay off the shore. but the combination of the systems and high pressure system building we will see strong wind speeds the rest of tonight. wind speeds gusting over 30 miles an hour. and tomorrow morning we are dealing with the wind speeds
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gusting to 36 miles an hour for philadelphia. 48 in mt. pocono. this will last all day. the numbers don't really move even at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow we are dealing with wind gusts close to 36 miles an hour in philadelphia. over 43 miles an hour in atlantic city. you combine that with the lower temperatures and we are going to be dealing with wind chills close to freezing tomorrow morning. i'll let you know what else is in store coming in in my seven-day forecast. tonight we are learning about a halloween candy scare. a montgomery county boy found a razor blade in a candy bar. this has to be the talk of the neighborhood. >> reporter: the neighbors can't wrap their heads around why someone would try to harm children. police are warning anyone who trick-or-treated in this area to double check their stash of
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candy for anything unusual. after a night going door to door in his neighborhood, brandon gauge got home with his bag full of loot but when he grabbed for a fun size bar. >> a box cutter knife fell out of it. >> reporter: this is not the actually razor blade but it was about this side a few inches tucked into the sealed wrapper of the candy bar. >> how did it get there? how did they take a sealed package. i don't know if someone did it if it was packaged like that. >> she feels it was sealed at the time. we do not know that at this moment. but we're going to look into that. >> people notified neighbors and parents to check their own chocolate. >> we had buckets full of candy. >> reporter: this family who went door to door in this neighborhood were digging through their haul this afternoon just in case.
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>> i told the children not to open the andy to give them to me before they open it. >> reporter: detectives want to know who put that sharp blade in the plastic wrapper. the boy's mom hopes it was not a neighbor. >> i was wondering if it was packaged like that. i think it's crazy to ruin an innocent holiday. >> the razor blade was handed over to police and is locked into evidence. a well-known mummer and his daughter accused of beeting and shooting a man last weekend. surveillance video captured the attack last saturday morning. the two are facing aggravated assault and other charges. a member of the south philly vikings and his daughter surrendered to police last night. >> would you give me the name of
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your lawyer? i would like to hear your side of the story. >> reporter: she declined to comment over the intercom and referred us to her lawyer. they are due in court on the 18th. new at 11:00, burned out by fire and demanding answers from their landlord. apartment residents say they are being left out in the cold. nbc 10 is live tonight. where are the residents? zbl . >> reporter: an hour and a half ago some of the residents were allowed back in their homes but they don't have electricity. on the east side of the building is where the fire damage is and those folks can't go home. i just reached out to the red cross scene were told they are moving into another property as they speak. >> i don't have a home. what are we going to do?
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>> reporter: the fire sent neighbors running on wednesday night. hill's emotions were running high because they were told that hair landlord would have made other living arrangements by then. >> this doesn't make any sense. i need some answers. i want answer. realistic answers. >> from the management company? >> from the manager. from everybody. what are we going to the? >> all we're being told is we got to see how many places we can get for you all. >> reporter: the red cross planned to close the shelter this afternoon. but afternoon and evening came and 50 people are still there. >> we are waiting for the property owner to tell us some place safe for the families on the east side to relocate to. >> he kept saying he would be here twice and he never showed up here. >> reporter: can you tell us what is happening? >> we caught up with the
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building manager but didn't get answer. >> the landlord will address what their options are in terms of their home. >> i want a home. >> reporter: i got an update from the red cross a half hour ago. the neighbors who cannot go home and live in that east side of the building, they're work with social services and building management to find more permanent housing. now to decision 2014 and the race for governor of pennsylvania. the candidates are criss crossing the state making final appeals to the voters. tom corbett focused in northeastern and central pennsylvania. the governor and his wife made a number of stops today including this one in wilkes-barre. he urged people to get to the polls.
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tom wolf visited our area. he posed for pictures at the shop rite. he urged his supporters not to be complacent and to cast ballots on tuesday. president obama will lend his support to the wolf campaign. to learn more about the candidates and issues that will be decided on tuesday, visit our website, next at 11:00, a deadly day on the roads. a series of crashes claims lives and leaves investigators looking for suspects. he chose that profession and it was true to the nature of who he was. >> the mother of a murdered pennsylvania trooper breaks her silence. she is talking about her son and accused killer. the eagles arrive in houston. will nate allen play? plus the sixers getting the crowd fired up in their home opener. can they finish? that is next.
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a woman remains in critical condition after she was hit by two cars in north philadelphia this morning. it happened right in front of temple university hospital. the first car stopped but investigators say the second did not. no one has been arrested and police are looking at surveillance video as part of the investigation. a man and woman are dead following an accident. police say the two ran into traffic and were hit by a car. it happened at 6:00 this morning. no arrests have been made. drunk driving charges have been filed against a man involved in a deadly crash in the logan section. it happened just before 2:00
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this morning. investigators say a 69-year-old man was behind the wheel when his car struck a pole. his 16-year-old passenger was killed. she lost her son in the ambush allegedly carried out by eric frein. >> they honored brian as their brother. >> the mother of brian dixon talked about her son for the first time since the capture of his accused killer. i'm tracking rain showers and a cold and windy sunday for you. that's coming up in my first alert seven-day forecast.
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here in york, pennsylvania we've built the largest distributor of kitchen cabinets in the nation. we've got american-made products that are beating out chinese imports. so, i know pennsylvania can be a leader in manufacturing and we can make things again. but we have to invest in education and a skilled workforce today. i'm tom wolf and i have a plan. we can do great things, but we have to think ahead. tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania.
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the mother of the pennsylvania state trooper allegedly killed by eric frein is talking about his capture. he was captured in monroe county. he was on the run for 48 days. brian dixon's mother never doubted that his fellow troopers would bring frein in. >> i cried. it was the end for me. they honored brian as their brother and he would be very proud of them. >> reporter: investigators are now digging into frein's past trying to understand what happened. police believe he had a grudge against law enforcement but they don't yet know why. a new york doctor infected with ebola is doing better tonight. he is now in stable condition. dr. craig spencer has been undergoing treatment at bellevue hospital since he was brought in nine days ago. spencer is receiving therapies that have been effective at
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treating ebola patients in atlanta and at the nebraska medical center. and a medical mission in our area will bring supplies to some of the areas hardest hit by the ebola outbreak in liberia. everything from medical and cleaning supplies to books and toys fill these boxes. it will take three weeks for the packages to arrive. a community protests plans to put up a new building in town. >> bdozens of people line the avenue. they are against plans to put up an eight-story mixed use building. many say the building is too big and object to losing public parking places. wild weather in parts of the country. the first day of november brought snow to the south.
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this is how things looked in north georgia. freeze advisories remain in effect there. and north and south carolina saw their first snowfall. some areas around columbia got two to three inches overnight. and ashville, carolina got five inches of snow. 11 homes were evacuated in california after heavy rain caused a mudslide in southern california. an area of mud coated lawns and sidewalks. one person was rescued from waist-deep mud inside a house. good evening, as we head into the rest of tonight you're going to hear the wind howling outside the window. the speeds will gust 30 to 35 miles an hour. and tomorrow closer to 40 miles an hour. a cold night ahead. it will be windy tonight heading to all of your sunday and warmer
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temperatures again in our seven-day forecast. a closer look outside the rain has stopped but closer to the shore we are seeing light rainfall, lingering showers this evening. 48 degrees for philadelphia. wind speed sustained out of the north at 18 miles an hour. wind gusts to 28 miles an hour. and dealing with a wind chill tonight. feels like 41 degrees. you can see where the rainfall is. it is hugging closer to the shore here. stretching up to toms river and cape may. philadelphia, the i-95 corridor seeing spotty rainfall at this time. as we head into the rest of tonight we are going to notice more activity but mainly closer to the shore here as we head into the next hour or so. but one thing we want to point out is closer to the poconos we will see more moisture and the temperatures in the low 30s. we could see the possibility of a new snow flurries closer to 1:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m.
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after that we get rid of the precipitation. cold and windy conditions will settle in for the rest of your sunday overnight hours into sunday throughout the day. right now temperatures are in the 30s for the poconos. it won't take that much for us to get closer to the 30s. 45 degrees in allentown. 48 in philadelphia, 42 degrees in atlantic city and our future wind speeds show by 6:00 a.m. we are dealing with winds up to 45 miles an hour. this continues throughout the entire day. even 8:30 at night with winds at 32 miles an hour gusting up to 44 miles an hour closer to the shore. the feels like temperature tomorrow morning in the low 30s for philadelphia, even the high 20s in potstown. and as we approach the rest of the afternoon it will feel like 42 in philadelphia but the actual temperature is closer to 50 degrees. next week we're going to warm back up. tomorrow will be cold and feel
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cooler where the wind speeds lasting throughout the rest of the day. do not forget to fall back tonight. daylight savings time ends at 2:00 a.m. on sunday. you get an extra hour of sleep tomorrow. it's a good time to put fresh batteries in smoke detectors inside your home. john? i'm john clark. the sixers home opener against the heat. k.j. mcdaniels getting the crowd fired up. the sixers down six at the half. the sixers leading scorer puts the sixers up by 2 in the third. but first quarter, chris bosh with 30 points. now noel is not happy. just two points tonight. not a good home debut. sixers are 0-3.
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>> i've seen fantastic signs in our first three games. and then, the nba is that good. the players are that good. it's so unforgiving you blink and make two or three mistakes and game's gone. >> flyers power play struggling in florida. 0 for 6 tonight. steve mason getting his first start in goal doesn't get much help. allows two goals. le caviar scored with two seconds left but it's the flyers lose 2-1. the cowboys could be without tony romo tomorrow. he now has two small fractures in his back. the eagles could be without nate allen. he is questionable with a ham string. >> we're going the decide that tomorrow. we'll see what happens and see how i feel in the morning and take it from there.
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>> how sore is it? >> it's sore. it's just trying not to prolong anything. don't want to turn something minor into something major. penn state has faced maryland 37 times and only lost once to them. they lose to maryland for the first time ever. an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty before the game. the coin toss, the terps disrespecting the nittany lions. frustrated and animated with the offense. final minute penn state up 2. maryland wins on the field goal. 20-19. penn state four straight losses for the first time in ten years. maryland's first win ever at in penn state. >> that's not the way we want our kids to be before the game. i apologize. you know what, let the rivalry begin. >> the last time they lost to
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penn state, the ed sell was a car. temple's young, 63 yard return for the touchdown. temple wins with just 135 yards on offense. they are outgained 428-135. the owls are 5-3. villanova and penn lost. delaware won. we're right back.
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the rain and chilly temperatures didn't put a damper on the step out walk to stop diabetes. team nbc 10 was among the walkers. a concert followed the 5 k featuring patti labelle, an advocate for the awareness of the disease. >> i'm denise nakano. an all new "snl" next with chris rock and prince.
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