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tv   NBC 10 News at 530a  NBC  November 2, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EST

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nbc 10 news starts now. >> countdown to election day. decision 2014 heats up on this final weekend of campaigning. coming up, where you can see the candidates today. the rain may be gone, but the cold temperatures will be with us. here is a live look over center city where the wind will be kicking up as well. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary conners. it's 5:30 on this sunday. meteorologist michelle grossman is tracking the chilly conditions outside. we get the sun, but it's not going to do much to warm us up, right? >> that's right. with the wind, it's going to feel even colder.
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we're seeing winds gusting pretty high and that's going to stay with us all day long. the rain has finally moved on and we are waking up to cold temperatures and it's going to stay cold all day long. 43 in philadelphia, 42 in millville, 43 in wild wood. winds gusting up to 32 miles per hour in reading, up to 24 miles per hour in millville to a cold and windy day. but at least we'll see the sunshine. starting out with some clouds right now, but we'll become mostly sunny by this afternoon. 8:00, mostly cloudy. by 10:00, 45. by noon, lots of sunshine, 47. we'll talk more about the cold weather and then a warm-up during your midweek forecast. we'll look at that straight ahead. >> thank you, michelle. we'll check back with you soon. new from overnight, philadelphia police are looking for the person who shot a man in the head while he was sitting in his car. somehow the car ended up at sem temple hospital where the victim is now being treated. it's unclear if the man drove himself or if somebody else got
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him there. no word yet on a motive for the shooting. now to decision 2014. both candidates running for pennsylvania governor will be in our area today in these last few days before the l.a.x. matt delucia is live at temple university where president obama is scheduled to make an appearance. >> reporter: the president will be here stumping for democratic candidate tom wolf here. all this happening less than 48 hours before pennsylvanians head to the polls. wolf will be here this afternoon as well. governor tom corbett, both of them, they were busy yesterday making stops to convince boaters before this tuesday election day. nbc 10 was there as tom world was in windmore. he made several stops in
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schuylkill, liucern counties. here's what both are saying in these final hours. >> i need you to come out and vote. i need you to get your friends to come out and vote. i need your family to come out and vote. let's bring all the people we can out to vote on november 4th, on tuesday. >> this election is won by what you're doing today. the consequences of the future are won by what you're doing today. and by what you're going to continue to do in those next 75 hours. >> now, today, governor corbett will be joined by new jersey governor chris christie at a rally in buck's county. also in support of corbett this afternoon, lieutenant governor jim collie are planning to hold a news conference about the president's visit. as we look live here, president obama scheduled to arrive in philadelphia late this afternoon for a campaign event here, and that is to support tom wolf.
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both sides, of course, will also be adding support for their congressional and state offices in this midterm election. both sides pushing very hard in these last two days. live in north philadelphia this morning, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> to learn more about the candidates and the issues that will be decided on tuesday, you can visit our website, now to breaking news from overnight. officials say that isis militants have killed 50 people. some of them women and children from a sunni tribe. they were all shot in the head. this happened in iraq's anbar province. the attack is the latest suspected mass killing by this group. authorities say another 17 people have been kidnapped. back in our area, parents in one montgomery county community are being warned to check their kids' halloween candy after one boy says he found a razor blade inside the wrapper of a candy bar.
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he and his mother are now speaking out about the incident. >> i hoped it up and just a box cutter knife or a razor blade comes out of it. >> how does it get there? how do they take a sealed package? i don't know if someone did it or if it was packaged like that or what. >> brandon was not hurt by the blade. police are continuing to look at how it got into the wrapper. investigators are not releasing the brand of the candy involved because they want parents to check every piece. this morning, a well-known mummer and his daughter are charged in a beating in queens village. surveillance video captured the entire attack which we first told you about last saturday morning. police say they attacked a homeless man. police say the young erdie dee kicked him in the leg. butcher was the captain of the
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south philly -- he and his daughter surrendered to police on friday. >> would you give me the name of your lawyer, or issue a statement that i can use, please? because i really want to hear your side of the story. >> nbc 10 tried to talk to rita at the diamatos' queen village home. she denied comment and referred us to their lawyer. they're due in court on 18th. the mother of a murdered pennsylvania state trooper is speaking out about the capture of his alleged killer. eric frein was taken into custody thursday night at an abandoned airport hangar in monroe, county. he had been on the run for 48 days after he allegedly shot and killed corporal brian dixon. dixon's mother said she never had a doubt her son's fellow troopers would bring frein in. she admits the capture was an emotional moment for her. >> i cried. it was the end for me.
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they honored brian as their brother and he would be very proud of them. >> investigators are now looking into frein's past for a motive. police believe that he had a grudge against law enforcement, but authorities say they don't yet understand why. the end of the manhunt means hunters are now back in the woods in search of game. hunting had been banned in seven townships in pike and monroe counties during the search for frein. after frein was caught on thursday, the game commission ditched all of their restrictions on hunting and hunters are glad to be back. >> it's just nice to be in the woods again and be relaxed, and there's some beautiful scenery in the poconos. >> hunting had been halted for a month after police found explosives in the woods that they believed were left behind by frein. today, the philadelphia police department will remember officer chuck cassidy, who was killed in the line of duty seven years ago. they'll hold a candle light individual at 66 and broad
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stree streets at west oak lane tonight. he was shot in the head and died from his injuries the next day. john lewis was sentenced to death for the murder. he was scheduled to be put to death in june, but his execution is on hold while he pursues an appeal. now to an update on an apartment building fire in west philadelphia that displays dozens of residents late thursday night. according to the red cross, some residents were able to return to their apartments last night. several tell nbc 10 that they don't have electricity. they'd been staying at a shelter since the fire which damaged part of their apartment building at 62nd and chestnut street. about 22 other families who live in the most heavily damaged areas of the building were moved to another property last night. meanwhile, the red cross continues to work with those families. >> we are doing case work with each and every family, looking to see what they need in terms
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of clothing. it's cold now. so we have to do seasonal clothing. >> the families who were moved to the other property are working with social services and the building's management to find longer term housing. a heads-up for drivers now, if you're planning to cross over the delaware river a little bit later this morning, you're going to want to avoid the ben franklin bridge. it will be closed from 7:45 this morning until 9:30 this morning. a charity race is taking place. it's the 2014 cooper norcross run the bridge event. a two-mile bridge walk immediately follows the start of the run. the pedestrian walkway, though, will remain open. this morning, we are learning more about that deadly virgin galactic test flight's crash. next, what federal investigators may believe happened in the incident which some say has set back the future of space tourism. plus new video of a fire at walt disney world. we'll tell you what sparked the flames.
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new from overnight, federal investigators believe that the virgin galactic spacecraft that killed one of the two test pilots broke up in flight. the ntsb started their investigation yesterday and says that the wreckage from spaceship two is spread out over a five-mile area of the mohave desert. virgin galactic plans to fly passengers more than 62 miles above earth. according to the ntsb, the flights were heavily documented. >> it's actually a good thing that we have that much data because it's going to help us do what we're here to do, which is to find out what went wrong and figure out what to do, make recommendations to prevent it from happening again. >> the injured test pilot, peter siebold is alert and talking with family and doctors. the pilot who was killed,
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michael alsbury, had 15 years of experience and had flown the spacecraft on multiple missions. the full investigation into what happened to spaceship two could take up to a year. we have some new video out of florida this morning of a fire at walt disney world. officials say an ash from the magic kingdom's fireworks show fell on to a patch of fake grass on the roof of the train ride through the seven dwarves mine. the fire did not spread to the mine and nobody was hurt. the ride is expected the open a little bit later today. a philadelphia group with ties to one of the west african countries hit hardest by ebola is sending much-needed supplies overseas. the federation of liberian mandingos in the usa is shipping these boxes to syria. they're filled with everything from medical and cleaning products to baooks and toys.
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>> i'm a liberian. i reside in the united states. i'm very much happy to see liberians coming here to help for the cause of the human being. >> it will take about three weeks for the packages to reach monrovia. once they arrive, the supplies will be distributed free of charge to liberians in need. meanwhile, the new york city doctor infected with ebola is doing much better. dr. craig spencer's condition has been upgraded from serious to stable. he is receiving therapies that have been ai effective in treating the ebola patients at the hospitals in atlanta and nebraska. dr. spencer developed symptoms of the virus last month after he returned from guinea where he was helping people with the deadly disease. now, dallas nurse nina pham who was killed of ebola, she's now back with her dog. they were reunited yesterday. the animal had been in quarantine since pham got sick while treating thomas duncan. that's the liberian man who died of the disease. officials had feared that the
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dog would also get sick, but he has tested negative for ebola. next, thousands of people take a walk in the rain to help find a cure for diabetes. the event also had some home grown star power. we'll explain straight ahead. we had the rain yesterday. that has moved on. now we're just waking up to clouds. we'll see sunshine this afternoon. a live look outside from our adventure aquarium cameras. sunshine, but it will be cold, it will be very windy. we'll talk more about your full forecast coming up.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> good sunday morning. we're waking up to some clouds this morning, but we're going to see sunshine this afternoon. despite the sunshine, though, we're going to remain pretty cold and we'll see the wind all day long. your weather headlines on this sunday, at least the rain is out of here, but we'll be seeing a blustery day. windchills in the 40s. we're going to see temperatures probably topping out right around 49 degrees, and on top of
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that, winds gusting near 45 miles per hour. not as cold on monday. looking at a milder midweek. talking upper 50s in your forecast. right now we're looking at cloudy skies. we'll become mostly sunny as we head throughout the afternoon. all across the board, mostly cloudy in philadelphia, 43. winds out of the north at 13 miles per hour. it's pretty rare to keep those winds up overnight. we'll see the winds in place all day long. taking a look across the board here, cloudy in reading. mostly cloudy in philadelphia. atlantic city looking at mostly cloudy skies as well. everyone will become mostly cloudy as we head throughout the afternoon. temperatures in the 40s. the cold morning for you in town. 43 in philadelphia. 42 in millville. 43 in wildwide. 25 in philadelphia. 24 in millville. you can probably hear that. all day long into the early part of the overnight hours.
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still breezy overnight. 35-mile-per-hour wind gusts forecasted by lunchtime. and again, these stay with us throughout the afternoon. that's going to keep the windchills in the low 40s, maybe feeling like the 30s in some spots. most of that rain is finally out of here. was a little stubborn. we saw it mostly taper off yesterday afternoon as expected. today's setup, we have that low off the coast with high pressure building in. so that pressure gradient is going to create these very windy conditions that we're seeing here that's going to continue. so for today, becoming mostly sunny. the sun will come back. it's blustery, 48 to 51, in case you'll be spending any time outdoors. winds gusting over 40. now, tonight, it's going to be a cold one. temperatures dropping into the 20s in some spots, close to freezing in philadelphia. so plan on that as you head back to school and work on monday morning. monday, warmer, mostly sunny, 58 degrees. not too bad, right around normal for this time of year. by tuesday, a nice one.
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66 degrees, well above normal. lots of sunshine. winds not bad. tuesday looks to be a great day. wednesday we're looking at more clouds building in. 68 degrees. then thursday, plan on more clouds, plan on a little shower activity. probably need your umbrella back that day. friday, colder, 52. temple plays that night at 7:30 and lots of sunshine, breezy, 54. it was a party fit for ben franklin and the mummers. celebrating philadelphia culture was the theme last night at the looking out for kids fundraiser in elkins park. the event featured a silent auction to benefit the program which provides free eye exam screenings and glasses to school children in philadelphia and montgomery counties. a really fantastic event out there. the eighth year for it. good work that they're doing. another good cause in philadelphia yesterday. thousands of folks hit the streets to raise money to help find a cure for diabetes.
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the rain and chilly temperatures didn't prevent them from participating in the stepout walk to stop diabetes at the art museum yesterday morning. team nbc 10 was among the walkers bundled up there. philly's own patti labelle was there. she is a diabetic and an advocate for awareness of the disease. >> you know, i have diabetes, but diabetes doesn't have me. and like i said, for 20 years. but i'm taking less medicines now for my diabetes, because i'm becoming a better diabetic. >> she looks fabulous. labelle says that includes watching her diet and learning how to cook smarter. coming up, the rivalry is renewed between penn state and maryland. next, the terps refusing to shake hands. we'll show you what led up to the unsportsmanlike act and we'll serve up some highlights in sports.
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hey, i'm john clark. sixers home opener last night once again against the heat, but different result this year. cool pregame ceremony. and then mo'ne davis with the ceremonial first ball first the referee. and the sixers, they're in it early. k.j. mcdaniels getting the crowd fired up. the sixers leading scorer with 61 puts them up by two in the third quarter. but fourth quarter, chris bosh, too much. game high 30 points. sixers lose 114-96. they are 0-3. not happy. just two points. not a good home debut. flyers also facing south florida's hockey team the panthers. the fliers' power play is struggling. 0-6 last night, so that's one for their last 19 with the man advantage. steve mason getting his first start in goal in a week and a half.
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doesn't get much help. gives up two goals. eric eckblad, his first goal. vinny lecavalier's first game back, he scores, but the flyers lose 2-1. the panthers have given up the fewest goals in hockey. roberto luongo tough again. the cowboys could be without tony romo. he reportedly has two small fractures in his back. still a game time decision against the cardinals. the eagles arrived in houston yesterday, getting ready for the game today. they could be without nate allen. the safety is questionable. we asked him about his status. >> we're going to decide that tomorrow. so we'll see what happens and see how i feel in the morning and take it from there. >> you missed a couple of days of practice. how sore is it? >> i mean, it's sore. just trying not to prolong anything. don't want to turn something minor into something major. on to college football, penn state faced maryland 37 times. they had only lost once to them.
5:56 am
they lose at home to maryland for the first time ever yesterday. the terps, they were trying to get the rivalry going again before the game. they get an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty right there. and how classless is this? penn state players trying to shake hands with maryland players during the coin toss. the terps dissed the nittany lions. quarterback christian hackenburg very frustrated and animated. not happy with the offense. third quarter, they get going. turns the ball over. pay, so maryland goes up one. final minute, penn state is up three. maryland wins on the field goal, 20-19. penn state with four straight losses for the first time in 11 years. maryland's first win ever at beaver stadium. here's their coach about that pregame handshake diss. >> that's not the way we want our kids to be before the game.
5:57 am
i apologize. you know what? let the rivalry begin. >> the rivalry is on. temple pulling off their first upset over a ranked team in 16 years. the owls partying like it's 1998. let's go to link. east carolina's allen fumbles here, so tavon young returns it 63 yards. temple would win the game with only 135 yards on offense. in fact, east carolina had 428 yards, but the pirates with five fumbles. kenny harper, touchdown for the owls, and temple wins 20-10. congratulations to the owls. big win. villanova. john robertson leading them into action. third quarter, tied at 3-3. a five-yard touchdown. but nova misses the extra point, so they're only up 9-3 and that comes back to haunt them. less than two minutes later, michael rocco scores and they
5:58 am
get the extra point. so nova loses a tough one 10-9. their seven-game win streak is over. penn lost and delaware won. i'm john clark with your sports. enjoy the rest of your weekend. it's just a few minutes before 6:00 and we are counting down to election day. our matt delucia is following the high-profile pennsylvania governor's race as the candidates make their way to our area on this final weekend before the vote. matt? >> reporter: yeah, rosemary. just about 48 hours now until voters head to the polls. what both candidates are saying now to get those final votes. and we're off to a cold start. temperatures in the 30s and 40s in many, many spots. so a cool start to the morning. also windy. you can see the flags blowing around. we'll talk more about the wind today. it's going to stay with us all day long, but we do have a warm-up ahead. we'll talk about that coming up.
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nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now in the race for pennsylvania governor, the candidates are hitting the campaign trail and it runs right through our area. we'll break down the political battle in a live report. we are expecting another cold day, as we take a live look at the center city skyline, lookint