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tv   NBC 10 News at 6am  NBC  November 2, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now in the race for pennsylvania governor, the candidates are hitting the campaign trail and it runs right through our area. we'll break down the political battle in a live report. we are expecting another cold day, as we take a live look at the center city skyline, looking at the society hill towers, and a little bit of the
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ben franklin bridge there. you see that camera moving? the wind is going to be a little bit stronger today than it was yesterday. good morning. i'm rosemary conners. welcome back to nbc 10 news today. it's just after 6:00 on this sunday. let's get right to the weekend weather with meteorologist michelle grossman. at the very least, we will get the sun today. >> that's right. the sun will be shining, unlike yesterday, we had that rain all day long. it was kind of a miserable day. it's mostly cloudy across the area. everyone's going to become mostly sunny later on this afternoon. a live look from the poconos. taking a look at the temperatures, we have a lot of blue on the map. that means it is cold this morning. 41 in allentown. 41 in lancaster. and 43 in wild wood. so the big story, it's cold and windy and the winds are going to stick around all day long. 32-mile-per-hour wind gusts in philadelphia. up to 29 in allentown.
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a 26-mile-per-hour wind gust in dover. so windy, windy, windy. take we're looking at sunshine, but first we're seeing the clouds. by 10:00, partly sunny, 45, and by lunchtime, we're looking at mostly sunny skies, 47 degrees. we'll talk more about that warming for your workweek. that's all straight ahead. new from overnight, philadelphia police are looking for the person who shot an 18-year-old young man in the head and hand while he was sitting in a car at rising sun avenue. somehow the car ended up here at temple hospital where the victim is in critical condition. it's unclear if he drove himself or if someone else got him there. no word yet on a motive for the shooting. now to decision 2014. with just a couple of days to go before residents head to the polls, both candidates running for pennsylvania governor will be in our area stumping for votes. nbc 10's matt delucia is live at temple university to break it all down for us. talk about pulling out all the
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stops. president obama will be campaigning with one of the candidates there today. >> reporter: that is the plan, rosemary. over the past 30 minutes, i've been looking at some of the polling information, and the latest data that i've been able to find has democrat tom wolf with about a ten to 12-point lead over incumbent governor tom corbett. the president is planning to come here later this afternoon, but talking butt both of these candidates, it's been a very busy weekend for both wolf and governor tom corbett, stopping to convince voters before tuesday. nbc 10 was there as tom wolf was in montgomery county reaching out to voters. governor corbett has made several stops in lebanon, schuylkill, lucern, and carbon counties. here's what both of them are saying in these final hours. >> i need you to come out and vote. i immediate you to get your friends to come out and vote. i need your family to come out and vote. let's bring all the people we can out to vote on november 4th,
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on tuesday. >> this election is won by what you're doing today. the consequences of the future are won by what you're doing today. and by what you're going to continue to do in those next 75 hours. >> reporter: and today, governor corbett will be joined by new jersey governor chris christie at a rally in bucks county, and also in support of corbett, lieutenant governor jim collie and state representative john taylor are focusing on encountering the president's visit. and talking about that once again, president obama scheduled to arrive in philadelphia late this afternoon for a campaign event here. that is to support tom wolf. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> make sure to tune in to "meet the press" with moderator chuck todd. who will take control of the
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u.s. senate? that's going to be the focus of discussion. i'm also going to ask him about the pennsylvania governor's race. that's coming up right here on nbc 10 at 10:30. i will talk to chuck at the end of our 7:00 hour. parents in one community are being warned to check their kids' halloween candy after one boy says he found a razor blade inside the wrapper of a candy bar. this happened in tot towamencin township. investigators tell nbc 10 they are not releasing the brand of the candy involved because they want parents to check every piece. a well-known mummer and his daughter are now facing charges in the beating and shooting of a homeless man in queen village last weekend. it was captured on surveillance video last saturday morning. that's when we first told you about this incident. carmon butchy diamato and rhea diamato are facing aggravated
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assault and other charges. a briefcase was also spotted just inside of the door. the bomb squad searched the office and determined that there was no danger. the red cross says that some people in west philadelphia are now back in their apartments days after a fire ripped through their building. but some residents tell nbc 10 that they don't have electricity yet. they had been staying at the red cross shelter at sayer high school since the fire damaged part of the apartment building at 62nd and chestnut streets on thursday night. according to the red cross, about 22 other families who live in the most heavily damaged area of the building have been moved to another property and that happened last night. a civil trial is set to begin tomorrow against a former university of pennsylvania professor who beat his wife to death. rafael robb bludgeoned his wife
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to death as she was wrapping christmas presents in december of 2006. he pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and is currently in prison. the family of his wife is seeking to have her estate compensated and money provided to the couple's daughter. the daughter who is now in college will testify during the trial. jury selection and opening statements are scheduled for tomorrow. >> one, two, three, four. >> members of a main line community say no to plans to put a new building in their town. dozens of people protested yesterday along lancaster avenue in ardmore. they're against plans to put up an eight-story mixed use building on a parking lot on cricket avenue. many say that the building is too big and they object to losing public parking spaces. those in favor of the project tell us that it includes new shops and public and private parking spots. proponents insist it would help ardmore become a thriving business community.
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next, space tourism appears to be on hold as investigators try to figure out what caused the virgin galactic spacecraft to crash. what officials have to say about moving forward. plus, trick or treating tragedy. family and friends of those three girls who were killed by a hit-and-run driver speak out about their sudden loss.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> here is a live look over philadelphia. as we can see, no rain to deal with this morning. the clouds are pushing out. we're going to get plenty of sunshine by noontime, but the temperatures are not really going to get that warmth. it's going to be a little bit colder today. michelle grossman will have the details coming up in the seven-day forecast. investigators looking into
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what caused the crash of the virgin galactic spacecraft say that a five-mile path of debris indicates that it broke up in flight. the ntsb started their on-scene investigation yesterday. virgin galactic was performing test flights of spaceship 2 when shorts say that those flights were heavily documented which will help in their investigation. virgin galactic and its partner companies have been working on making space travel for tourism a reality for a decade. >> we are determined to honor the bravery of the pilots and the teams here by learning from this entouratragedy. only then can we move forward. >> the injured test pilot peter siebold is now alert and talking with family and doctors. the pilot who was killed michael alsbury had 15 years of experience and had flown the spacecraft on multiple missions. the full investigation into what happened to spaceship two could take up to a year. authorities in kansas city say the bodies of all four victims have now been removed from a building that was hit by
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a small plane on thursday. according to a wichita newspaper, the fire marshall says the body of the pilot was removed from the roof yesterday. the other victims' bodies were taken out of the building at wichita mid continental airport the day before. the ntsb is also investigating this crash. four people are dead after their fishing boat capsized off the coast of northern california. authorities say that a large wave overturned the boat yesterday morning near bodega bay. the sheriff's department says that none of the victims was wearing life vests. one man aboard the boat survived by swimming to a small island where he was later rescued by helicopter. let's head now to chicago where an entire building just crumbled to the ground, and four construction workers were injured. the workers were doing maintenance on the roof when the building just collapsed. two of the victims are in critical condition this morning. there's no word on what caused the building to fall down. five people are dead after a
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fire broke out following a halloween party in portland, maine. this happened in an apartment house near the university of southern maine. in addition to the five dead, a sixth person was critically burned. seven people were able to escape. at this point, firefighters are not identifying the victims or saying whether they're students at the university. the cause of this fire is still under investigation. now to hawaii's big island where lava from the kilauea volcano has stalled just 500 feet from the town's main road. officials say some lava is breaking out along the side of the flow, but it's moving slow. the lava has been streaming down from the volcano since june. so far it's burned a shed, trees, and grass. let's head back now to california where police are still looking for two people in connection to the hit-and-run crash that killed three teenage girls who were out trick or treating on halloween night. yesterday, investigators tried to track down the owner of an suv that was abandoned near the
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scene. they went to the house where the vehicle was registered, but the owner has since moved. police are also looking for another man whom witnesses saw running from the scene. meanwhile, family and friends are mourning the young victims, which include twin 13-year-old girls. >> came into the world together, and they left together again. >> it's hard. and now they're gone. >> police are now checking for surveillance video from the time of the hit-and-run. they're also analyzing evidence taken from inside the suv, including fingerprints and dna samples. researchers are developing new software that predicts where diseases might develop in our country. as nbc 10 national correspondent glen farley reports, it's a tool that could help prevent the spread of ebola here in the u.s. >> how do you diagnose the spread of disease? are the patients lone individuals or do they have contact with others?
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>> with each additionalout break, we learn more about the dynamics of the disease and how to control it. >> reporter: neil aber thathy is leading a team developing software. think about a cat scan telling the doctor it's this bad. the software is being developed in collaboration with seattle king county public health. any disease can be studied bagsed on the spread bags ed -- based on the spread of real diseases like tuberculosis. that knowledge can direct public health authorities like firefighters. the case of new york doctor craig spencer now being treated for ebola, one example. >> to help the managers see ah, we need more resources here because he had twice as many contacts at the bowling alley as
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he did, you know, on the cab ride. >> the software is designed to enable public health doctors to quickly size up what's going on using modern technology. whether that's ebola here or in africa. >> we can enable this on tablets. people can go out into the field and collect data and see those patterns as they -- as the outbreak unfolds. >> it won't predict where an outbreak is heading, yet. that forecasting model is underdeveloped. >> as the globe gets more connected, we are going to continue to see outbreaks of certain diseases that have different epidemiology. i hope that we can make a distribution. >> reporter: for ebola and whatever might come next. >> that was nbc's glen farley reporting. coming up next, it has been a weekend of wild weather all across the country. even the south got hit with snow. we'll give you a look at what's happening in other parts of the nation coming up after the break. no snow here, thank goodness. but it is cold this morning.
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it's going to be cold all day long, also windy. the skies look so much better than yesterday. mostly cloudy right now across the area. it will be partly sunny if not mostly sunny by this afternoon. we'll talk about today's forecast and a midweek warm-up. we'll talk about that too coming up.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> all right, a good sunday morning. it's a windy one outside. it's also cold. but we're dry, not seeing the rain that we saw yesterday and we will see sunny skies by later on this afternoon. we're seeing some clouds right now. it will take a little while to get the full sunshine back. we are looking at oh, blustery conditions. we're looking at winds gusting near 45 miles per hour as we go throughout the afternoon. the winds are going to stay with us all day long. we've been breezy overnight. not as cold monday. it's going to be cool, but not cold like today. and then we're going to warm up
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during the middle of the workweek, close to 70 degrees. we'll talk about that in a minute. but right now, looking good. the sun is up because we took those clocks back an hour. mostly cloudy in philadelphia. we are dry finally. we had all that rain yesterday. 42 right now in philadelphia. winds out of the north-northwest at 23 miles per hour. so windy even earlier this morning. that wind will stay in place all day long. across the area, we have clouds in place. cloudy in reading. temperatures mainly in the 40s. so temperatures right now, mainly in the 40s across the area. it's a cold start for anyone in allentown. 41 in lancaster. 42 in millville. 43 in wildwood. so you take the air, put some winds on top of it and it's going to feel colder than it actually is. up to 26 in dover. and we're going to see these pretty steady throughout the day. as we go throughout the
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afternoon at lunchtime, if you're doing some shopping, getting ready for the workweek, we'll be seeing those winds gusting around 36 miles per hour. that stays with us throughout the afternoon into the early part of the evening. still breezy overnight. you're going to feel that wind as you get back to school and work tomorrow. improving conditions compared to yesterday. we had all that rain yesterday that has moved out. we are waking up to dry conditions. just waking up to a little bit of cloud cover. high pressure building in. those two are kind of battling each other and that's how we're going to have the windy conditions and the cold air in place. blustery, 48 to 51. you want to bundle up. jacket definitely necessary. windchills in the low 40s if not the upper 30s in some spots. i think we'll tap out right around 41. winds out of the northwest, 20 to 30 miles per hour gusting over 40.
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monday, 58, warmer. tuesday, i love it. lots of sunshine. more clouds on wednesday. then you may need the umbrella once again on thursday. friday will clear it out, but colder, 53, and looking fantastic. but breezy. saturday, lots of sunshine, 54. >> fortunately, we've just got the wind to deal with. it is already looking like winter in some parts of the country. the south is getting hit with early season snowfall. flakes were falling from the carolinas to parts of georgia. it's the earliest snow on record in these parts of the south. in chicago, the wind whipped the waves on lake michigan to over 20 feet high. much-needed rain also fell on drought-stricken california, but it turned out to be too much in some places. check out that flooding. a landslide carried mud into almost a dozen homes.
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next, a millionaire and convicted murderer from our area is being highlighted on the big screen. we'll take a look at the real life story of john dupont and we'll get a sneak peek at the film starring steve carell. ♪ with the card accepted by 90% of doctors in the philadelphia region you have the freedom to relish right now. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> at 6:25 this morning, let's take a live look in the pocono mountains. it's something i just realized. the sun is coming up earlier because we've fallen back an hour. isn't that wonderful? a little bit cloudy out there, but the sun will be shining a little bit later today. temperatures will rise by noon.
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>> athletes need role models. like anyone, they need people to look up to. >> he was a multi-millionaire turned murderer. nearly 20 years later, the story of john dupont heads to the big screen. steve carell stars as the eccentric heir to the dupont fortune, a man whose obsession with winning resulted in his killing wrestler dave schultz. tim furlong takes a look at the real life case that's inspired the film. >> what do you hope to achieve? >> if you've seen the trailer for "foxcatcher," you've seen steve carell in a very uncomedic role. >> you ungrateful ape. >> he plays john dupont. you remember his story from 1996. he's one of the original heirs of the original dupont founders. he wrote big checks for the delaware museum of natural history. and oh yeah, he was a killer. john dupont loved the olympics,
6:27 am
and in his enormous property, he started foxcatcher farms, the headquarters for the u.s. national wrestling team. we later learned dupont was mentally ill and very eccentric. he drove his cars into ponds. lots of people helped him spend his money. he was a generous friend to area law enforcement, but he was also paranoid and jealous with his wrestlers, and he snapped. >> january 26th, 1996. >> i remember the police scanner blairing in our newsroom, and my editor saying to me, there's something going on at foxcatcher. >> reporter: jeff blumenthal was a young newspaper reporter at the time. he went to foxcatcher where he learned dupont shot and killed champion wrestler john schultz. he held police at bay until they captured him two days later. blumenthal is now a reporter. he remembers the international coverage of the shooting, the trial, and all the bizarre behavior that is now captured on the soon-to-be released film. >> he never shaved, to his beard got progressively longer and
6:28 am
longer and he wore the same sweat suit if i remember every single day. >> there's a screening of "foxcatcher" on monday night in philadelphia. dave schultz's widow is going to be there. on november 21st, the philadelphia business journal is also hosting a screening in philadelphia. and get this, there's going to be a q&a session with the lawyers who originally prosecuted and defended t eed c. i'm tim furlong, nbc news. election day is on tuesday, and the candidates are hitting the campaign trail in our area. straight ahead, we'll take a look at the high-profile pennsylvania governors race. but first, another chilly start to the morning. michelle? >> temperatures in the 40s. it's windy. actually feels colder than it actually is and that will be the case all day long. you can see that wind blowing from the flags atop the aramark building. you can bet feeling a little colder, we'll have your full forecast straight ahead.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> countdown to election day. decision 2014 heats up on this final weekend of campaigning. coming up in a live report, where you can see the candidates on this sunday. >> we don't have the rain to deal with today, but the cold temperatures will be with us. here's a live look over center city, taking a look at city hall. the wind is going to be kicking up, so definitely garage that extra jacket. good morning, and welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary conners. it's just after 6:30 on this sunday. meteorologist michelle grossman is tracking the cool conditions outside this morning. definitely have that extra sweatshirt on, or a heavier jacket on. i wasn't ready to put the heat on last night. i was thinking about it. >> your heat isn't on?
6:32 am
>> no. >> mine's been on for, like, two months already. >> i live in a building. so it doesn't get too cold. >> i think you'll need it tonight. it's going to be cold. i'm a little bit jealous. let's take a look outdoors. i am completely dumbfounded. let's take a look outdoors. we're looking at windy conditions from our wells fargo camera. it is cloudy to start out with but it is dry. this picture tells us the whole story. that camera really shaking. you'll probably need your heat in the car if you're beginning to be outside. right now, temperatures 42 in philadelphia. 41 in allentown. 41 in lancaster. a cold start, but we'll be even colder as we head through the overnight hours. winds gusting near 32 miles per hour. up to 26 miles per hour in lancaster and 25-mile-per-hour wind gusts. these are wind gust, not wind speeds. you take the wind, you take the cold and it's going to feel a little cooler than it actually is. for today, plan on a pretty-looking day. the sunshine does return. we have more clouds right now,
6:33 am
but we'll see those thin out throughout the day. by noon, 47 degrees. we'll talk more about the cold weather today and a midweek warm-up in just a bit. new from overnight, philadelphia police are looking for the person who shot an 18-year-old young man in the head and hand while he was sitting in a car at rising sun avenue. this happened around 2:30 this morning. somehow the car ended up at temple hospital where the victim is in critical condition. it's unclear if he drove himself or if somebody else got him there. no word yet on a motive for the shooting. now to decision 2014, both candidates running for pennsylvania governor will be in our area today, and so will president obama. remember, election day is tuesday. nbc 10's matt delucia has more from temple university. >> the president will be here later this afternoon campaigning for democratic candidate tom wolf. all that's happening about 48 hours before pennsylvania voters
6:34 am
head to the polls. it's been a busy weekend so far. both wolf and governor tom corbett have been going across the state yesterday convincing voters before tuesday. nbc 10 was there as tom wolf was in montgomery county meeting with supporters and reaching out to voters. >> i need you to come out and vote. i need you to get your friends to come out and vote. i need your family to come out and vote. let's bring all the people we can out to vote on november 4th, on tuesday. >> reporter: and governor corbett made several stops in dawson, lebanon, schuylkill, lucern, and carbon counties talking with his supporters. here's what he had to say in final hours. >> this election is won by what you're doing today. the consequences of the future are won by what you're doing today. and by what you're going to continue to do in those next 75 hours. >> reporter: today, governor corbett will be joined by new jersey governor chris christie at a rally in bucks county. also in support of corbett this
6:35 am
afternoon, lieutenant governor jim collie and state representative john taylor are planning to hold a news conference about the president's visit. and president obama is scheduled to arrive in philadelphia late this afternoon for a campaign event here at the liacouras center and that is to support tom wolf. both sides will be adding support for their congressional and state offices in this midterm election. both sides, of course, pushing very hard in these last two days. in north philadelphia, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> to learn more about the candidates and the issues that will be decided on tuesday, you can visit our website, we are following a developing story overseas this morning. isis militants have killed 50 people. some women and children in a sunni tribe. they were all shot in the head. the attack is the latest suspected mass killing by the iz
6:36 am
iz group. authorities say that another 17 people have been kidnapped. in our area, parents in one montgomery county community are being warned to check their kids' halloween county after one boy says he found a razor blade inside the razor of a candy bar. a 13-year-old says he made the discovery after a night of trick or treating. that boy and his mother are now speaking out about the incident. >> i opened it up and it's just like a box cutter knife or a razor blade just fell out of it. >> how did it get there? i didn't know if someone did it or if it was packaged like that or what. >> brandon was not hurt by the blade. police are continuing to look into how it got in the wrapper. they are not releasing the brand of the candy involved because they want parents to check every piece. a well-known mummer and his daughter are facing charges this morning in the beating and shooting of a man in queen village last weekend. surveillance video captured the
6:37 am
entire attack last saturday morning. that's when we first told you about this ins dept. police say that carmen d'amato and rita d'amato attacked a homeless man. investigators say the young erdie dee hit the victim with a baseball bat before her father allegedly shot the man in the leg. butchy, by the way, is the former captain of the south philly vikings. he and his daughter surrendered to police on friday. >> would you give me the name of your lawyer or issue a statement that i can use, please? because i really want to hear your side of the story. >> nbc 10 tried to talk to rita at the d'amatos' queen village home. she declined to comment over the intercom and referred us to their lawyer. both she and her father are due in court on the 18th. the mother of a murdered pennsylvania state trooper is speaking out about the capture of his alleged killer. eric frein was taken into custody on thursday night at an abandoned airport hangar in
6:38 am
monroe county. he had been on the run for 48 days after police say that she shot and killed corporal brian dixon. dixon's mother says she never had a doubt that her son's fellow troopers would bring frein in. she admits that the capture was an emotional moment for her. >> i cried. it was the end for me. they honored brian as their brother and he would be very proud of them. >> investigators are now looking into frein's past for a motive. police believe that he did have a grudge against law enforcement, but authorities say they don't yet understand why. today, the philadelphia police department will remember officer chuck cassidy who was killed in the line of duty seven years ago. they'll hold a candle light vigil at 7:00 tonight. cassidy walked in on a robbery at the dunkin' donuts there on halloween in 2007. he was shot in the head and died
6:39 am
from his eurinjuries the next d. john lewis was sentenced to death for the murder. his execution is on hold as he awaits an appeal. if you're heading across the delaware river, you should avoid the ben franklin bridge. the span will be closed to all traffic in both directions from 7:45 this morning until 9:30 this morning because there's a charity race taking place. it's the 2014 cooper norcross run the bridge event. a two-mile bridge walk will immediately follow the start of the run. by the way, the pedestrian walkway will remain open. next, tens of thousands of runners will hit the streets today for the 44th annual new york city marathon and they'll have to deal with some tough conditions. we'll explain. plus, how about these conditions? football in the snow? and november just started. how the fans handled this weather.
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6:42 am
26 miles is a long drive. if you pull up on your friends, say i need you to pick me up. where you at? about 26 miles away. >> classic chris rock. he returned to "snl" last night to host for the second time since he left the show more than two decades ago. that was rock talking about today's new york city marathon, 26 miles. if you're interested right now on, we have some of comedians' funniest "snl" clips throughout the yeempls speaking of the new york city marathon, tens of thousands of runners are expected to participate today. they're going to have to deal with temperatures in the 40s, though, and also some wind.
6:43 am
tyler matheson has a preview of what we can expect. >> it's november. daylight saving time is over. halloween has come and gone. lebron is back in cleveland and the entire nation gears up now for this tuesday's midterm elections, which could determine the balance of power in the senate. in fact, i'll go on a limb and say it will. also in focus this friday's all-important october jobs report. in september, 248,000 americans found work and the unemployment rate dipped. the auto industry has been adding jobs to keep up with strong demand, and car and struck sales are expected to rise again in october. we'll get that number. j.d. power says they could be up 6% in an unusually slow month. investors await more corporate earnings from big names like cvs, priceline, disney. we'll also get updates on factory orders from september.
6:44 am
this friday is decision day for the city of detroit as a federal bankruptcy judge will decide whether or not to improve that city's plan to restructure its massi massive debt. if you want to know the new video game call of duty advanced warfare before anybody else, you want to have it, head over to wal-mart on monday. the retailer made a deal with the game's publisher to sell it a day before anyone else. i'm tyler matheson. get all your business news on cnbc. next, the eagles are in houston ready to take on the texans. we'll have a preview of the game and talk about some injuries. we need to talk about the cold weather this morning in flasm also so philadelphia. we are looking at south philly from our comcast camera. 32-mile-per-hour wind gusts in philadelphia. 29 in allentown. we'll talk more about the wind today and we'll warm it up for the workweek.
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the snow did not stop appalachian state fans from cheering on their team this week. the crowd bundled up and braved the cold conditions to watch their mountaineers defeat georgia state yesterday. because the game was a blowout for ap state, dozens of fans snuck out early to get home and warm up. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> we may need to warm up this morning. temperatures are cold across the area. but the sun is shining and we're going to see the sun all throughout the day. but we're also going to be contending with winds. the big weather headlines are the cold and the wind. temperatures right now are pretty chilly. right now across the area, we do have some clouds in reading. we're starting to see some sunshine peeking through.
6:48 am
we'll see lots of sunshine later on this afternoon. here's a live look outside. you can see some clouds along the city's skyline here. starting out with clouds but becoming sunnier as we head throughout the day. 42 in philadelphia. winds out of the west-northwest at 23 miles per hour. temperatures all across the region, we are sitting in the 40s for the most part. 41 in allentown. 39 in westchester. 42 in philadelphia. sliding down to the south and east. temperatures mainly in the low 40s. 41 degrees in atlantic city and 42 in millville. temperatures pretty steady. we'll top out probably around 49 and 50 degrees. winds are in place. we'll see the winds in place all day long. right now we're seeing winds at 23 miles per hour in philadelphia. 24 miles per hour in reading. this is pretty unusual for the morning to see winds this high. again, gusts are higher than that. we're seeing winds gusting near 32 miles per hour in philadelphia. up to 29 in allentown. so if you have a 5k race, maybe you're just outside jogging, you'll be contending with these
6:49 am
winds. windbreaker might be a good idea. cold and windy today. here's the setup. we have a low off the coast. high pressure building in. these two are battling it out and that's why we have those windy conditions in place. today into tonight. it will be breezy overnight. and then into monday morning. today becoming sunny. right now mostly cloudy. blustery. it is cold. it is windy. temperatures topping out right around 49 degrees. winds out of the northwest at 20 to 30 miles per hour, but gusting closer to 40, even 45 miles per hour in some spots. tonight we'll really drop those temperatures right near the freezing mark in philadelphia. 29 north and west, so below freezing. we're going to see mostly clear skies that will help the drop in temperature. will be breezy with winds out of the northwest at ten to 20 miles per hour. 49 today. by monday, looking better. warmer, mostly sunny. after that cold start, we're going to warm it up right to 48 degrees. tuesday, 56. i think wednesday looks good despite more clouds. temperatures well above normal. 68 degrees. thursday, that's our transition day. things begin to change.
6:50 am
need the umbrellas back in play. clouds roll in. we have the chance for showers throughout the day. by friday, sunshine returns, but colder 53. next weekend, looking good. lots of sunshine, breezy, 54. next, rivalry renewed. this handshake snub is the result of a pregame battle. what the terps' coach had to say about the situation. you think you take off all your make-up before bed.
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but do you really? [ female announcer ] neutrogena® makeup remover erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup with one towelette. can your makeup remover do that? [ female announcer ] neutrogena® makeup remover.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> at 6:53, here is a live look at the center city skyline. just a few clouds out there. eventually they will clear out just like the rain did yesterday and we're going to have plenty of sunshine. the bad news is it's not going to be that warm. temperatures really aren't going to rise that much because it's going to be cooler today and it's going to be windier, so keep that in mind when you head out the door. >> hey, i'm john clark. sixers home opener last night, once again against the heat, but different result this year. cool pregame ceremony, and then mo'ne davis with the ceremonial first ball for the referee. and the sixers, they're in it early. k.j. mcdaniel getting the crowd
6:54 am
fired up. big dunk. sixers down six at the half. tony wroten leading with 21. third quarter, chris bosh, too much. sixers lose 114-96. they are 0-3. you see noel there, not happy. the flyers power play is struggling. that's one for their last 19 with the man advantage. steve mason getting his first start in goal in a week and a half. doesn't get much help. gives up just two goals. steve mason pulled, eight seconds left. vinny lecavalier's first game back, he scores. but the flyers lose 2-1. roberto luongo tough again. the cowboys could be without
6:55 am
quarterback tony romo today. he reportedly has two small fractures in his back. still a game time decision against the cardinals. the eagles, they arrived in houston yesterday, getting ready for the game today. they could be without nate allen. the safety is questionable. we asked him about his status. >> we're going to decide that tomorrow. so we'll see what happens, see how i feel and take it from there. >> you missed a couple of days of practice. how sore is it? >> i mean, it's sore. just trying not to prolong anything. don't want to turn something minor into something major. to college football. penn state faced maryland 37 times. they had only lost once to them. they lose at home to maryland for the first time ever yesterday. the terps, they were trying to get the rivalry going again before the game. they get an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty here. how classless is this? penn state players trying to shake hands with maryland players during the coin toss, the terps ditched the nittany lions. quarterback christian hackenburg
6:56 am
third quarter, they get going. hackenburg to jesse james. that put the nittany lions up maryland's wes brown makes them pay. so maryland goes up one. final minute, penn state is up three. maryland wins on the field goal, 20-19. penn state with four straight loss for the first time in 11 years. maryland's first win ever at beaver stadium. and here's their coach about that pregame handshake diss. >> that's not the way we want our kids to be before the game. i apologize. >> you know what? let the rivalry begin. >> the rivalry is on. temple pulling off their first upset over a ranked team in 16 years. the owls partying like it's 1998. let's go to the link. they're hosting east carolina. and allen fumbles here, so tavon young returns it 63 yards.
6:57 am
temple would win the game with only 135 yards on offense. in fact, east carolina had 428 yards. but the pirates with five fumbles. kenny harper, touchdown for the owls. and temple wins 20-10. congratulations to the owls. big win. how about villanova? quarterback john robertson leading them into action against richmond. third quarter, tied at 3-3. robertson with a lincoln column. that is a five-yard touchdown, but nova misses the extra point. so they're only up 9-3 and that comes back to haunt them. less than two minutes later, richmond's michael rocco scores and they get the extra point, so nova loses a tough one 10-9. their seven-game win streak is over. penn lost and delaware won. i'm john clark with your sports. enjoy the rest of your weekend. coming up, the ben franklin bridge will be closed for a little while this morning. our matt delucia is live there over on the camden side of the
6:58 am
bridge. >> reporter: thousands of runners are out here in camden getting ready for this rub. they're going to be going over the bridge. we'll tell you about the closure coming up if a live report. >> it is cold out there. it's windy. at least the runners will have the wind at their backs for the second part of the race. we'll talk more about the warm-up in your seven-day. the destales straight ahead.
6:59 am
7:00 am
right now on "nbc 10 news today", political star power in our area as we count down to election day. it's cold outside. here is a live look over center city where you can see those flags whipping in the wind. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today". i'm rosemary conners. it's 7:00 on this sunday. let's get right to the forecast with meteorologist michelle grossman. michelle, you take advantage of that extra hour of sleep? >> no. of course, i stayed up all night worrying if my clock -- if the alarm was going to go off. >> i have that though