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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  November 2, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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right now at 6:00, high winds leave a trail of destruction across the delaware and lehigh valleys. our cameras captured the toppled trees and downed power lines throughout our area. tonight, thousands of customers are still without power. good evening. i'm keith jones. in addition to the damage, we are also dealing with chilly temperatures outside. tonight we have team coverage because of it. nbc 10's monique braxton is tracking the latest, but first we'll go to brit shipley.
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>> we are seeing 24-mile-an-hour wind gusts in allentown and up to 33-mile-an-hour winds in pocano. the winds are slowly dying down, but we'll still be dealing with breezedy conditions. right now it's 47 degrees. we are well below average. our wind speeds are sustained in philadelphia out of the northwest at 12 miles per hour. heading throughout the rest of tonight, 47 degrees in the 6:00 hour. by 8:00, we'll still be windy. 42 degrees heading into the 10:00 hour. if you plan to stay out late, we'll see chilly temperatures settle in for us. dropping to 37 in philadelphia tonight. down to below freezing conditions for the suburbs to the north and west. i'll let you know what else to expect in the seven-day forecast. it's a cold weekend. thank you so much. we continue our team coverage now with monique braxton live in
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towemencin county, pennsylvania. >> reporter: the only things that are outgoing tonight with the solar lights. we did check with peco a short time ago and were told at the height of the wind storm 2800 customers didn't have power. so we thought we could come out to see how everyone is coping on this first fall day. >> i was drying my hair and all of a sudden i heard an explosion and thought my heater blew up and the lights went on, came back on, they went out, came back on and sent another loud explosion. i have no idea. i thought the house was going to blow up. >> reporter: diane garnett also tells us it was a frightening and chilly morning without electricity. just down allentown road, we found the peco crew arriving to restore power but the brennans couldn't wait. >> we went out for breakfast with some friends and decided to go pick up our generator, which
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i'm glad we did. >> reporter: with their generator in place, the brennans were able to use a small heater and their stereo. >> we're hoping the electricity would be on by game time but unfortunately not. >> reporter: so they cozied up in their living room to hear the play by play. >> it's not quite the same as watching it. i guess we won't make it for the second half. >> reporter: as the winds gripped the region, we drove along the delaware region and septa said the downed tree limbs affected the 34 tral lee for a short time. here off cherry lane in montgomery off marion, roads were closed because of trees blown down. dozens of flights were delayed as long as an hour and a half at philadelphia international airport. back in landsdale, it was a day to adjust to the winter teaser. >> we are warm enough. if it doesn't go much longer,
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we'll be fine. >> reporter: and now these customers here in landsdale have been without power for as long as eight hours on one of the coldest days this fall. we'll be monitoring the situation. and as soon as we know when power will be restored, we'll let you know. live for now in landsdale, monique braxton, "nbc 10 news." you can count on nbc 10 and for complete weather coverage. right now you'll find video and photos. the galleries of all this wind damage are on our website, now to decision 2014. talk about star-studded support. take a look at this. a live look at philadelphia international airport where president obama landed about five minutes ago. next he'll head to temple university to campaign with democratic gubernatorial candidate tom wolf. he has not left the plane just yet. we'll keep our eye out on the live picture. and wolf isn't the only one getting a major push two days before the election. in a few hours, tom corbett will be joined by new jersey governor
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chris christie in bucks county. we are following the race for pennsylvania georgia and we are joined live from temple university. doug, i understand thousands have come out to see the president. >> reporter: and they continue to pile into the leah chorus center. when you're tom wolf and you have a double-digit lead going into the election over the republican incumbent governor, why invite a democratic president who is having his own popularity issues. you would never know why the crowd that president obama's population rating is hovering near 32%. a number of people said if the race were any tighter, the president may not be asked to come here. but he's going to come here to make sure the democrats show up on tuesday and make sure tom wolf's double-digit lead will hold up when the polls close. also in our area at the springfield diner in delaware county, they are doing their own
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version of get out the vote. tonight his star power is out in the form of new jersey governor chris christie who is speaking at the spring mill manor in bucks county. back here at the leah chorus center, the president as you mentioned just landed a short while ago and will be here out to speak after 7:00 tonight. we'll have the point and counterpoint of the gubernatorial election after the football game. live at the leah chorus center, back to you. >> back to a live picture. this, of course, president obama at the philadelphia international airport. he's expected to disembark from the airport. here's a live picture. keep it here on this picture. of course, we're awaiting the president to leave that plane. he's headed next to temple university. he's here, of course, to stump for gubernatorial candidate for governor, tom wolf.
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the new york businessman running against governor tom corbett. corbett receiving some support from governor chris christie in bucks county. but before we get to that, here is a live picture. the president is in our area. this is philadelphia international airport. if we can somehow zoom back there off the tarmac as we do have our sights on the door that is open awaiting president obama. a lot of people in this area have talked about this for days, for weeks. when owe follow tom wolf's campaign, he's had star-studded support in the form of president bill clinton and former secretary of state hillary clinton, vice president joe biden has also been on the campaign trail with him. president obama expected to round out his support. and there he is right now coming down the steps onto the tarmac. if we have any kind of sound on this shot, i would love to be able to bring that up. but the president is arriving. there's the sound. philadelphia international airport being greeted by the
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constituents on the ground. tom wolf awaiting his arrival. he's there along with thousands of others. doug shimell is there at temple university. we'll bring you the live picture there as soon as he arrives. we'll be remiss without mentioning a number of races, especially in new jersey. the senate race between cory booker and jeff bell. we could mention a few high-profile races as well in delaware. democratic senator chris coops will take on republican challenger kevin wade for u.s. senate. stay with nbc 10 for complete coverage of the races in your community this election day. we'll have live updates beginning at 8:00 tuesday night. i'll be covering the corbett campaign in pittsburgh while luann kan will be in york covering that race. switching gears entirely now, to the gridiron, the
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philadelphia eagles may have beaten the philadelphia texans this afternoon but it was not all good news. they suffered big injuries on offense and defense. we're talking about quarterback nick foles. >> reporter: this team has been dealing with offensive line injuries and are hit in two key areas. first of all, we'll start with nick foles. on the last play of the first quarter, foles gets sacked and he was favoring his left shoulder when he left the game. we are told he'll have an mri on his shoulder on monday, but we have to wait until then to find out how bad it is. then domico ryan picks off this pass and immedi%q0le goes to te ground. i'm told that he's got a torn achilles. if that's the case, his season is done. as for mark sanchez who came on in relief of foles, he throws a touchdown pass late in the
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fourth quarter to seal the win. big game, six catches, 158 yards and two touchdowns. now, john clark will be along in a short while from now with all the expanded highlights. so until then, live from houston for nbc 10, derek begun, comcast sportsnet. thank you. tonight new information on the capture of eric frein. we'll tell you what authorities recovered from the abandoned airport hanger and why it could be linked to the murder of a pennsylvania state trooper.
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now to the latest on the arrest of eric frein. they found him in an airport
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hanger after a seven-week manhunt in the pocanos. and coming up, i'm tracking colder temperatures as we head into the rest of tonight. but warmer temperatures as we head into your workweek. i'll let you know what to expect in my first alert seven-day forecast.
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it was a cold and windy morning for those crossing the delaware river on foot. thousands came out for a charity race on the ben franklin bridge despite the balmy weather outside. organizers say about 3,500 people ran a 10k. another 500 walked. the annual event supports a school in south jersey for children with special needs. and some kids in our area got free physicals today thanks to the s. snyder hockey foundation and temple health. doctors from there administered free physicals to more than 100 boys and girls at the wells
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fargo center. they are kids that wouldn't otherwise receive this examination. they included physical checks like height, weight, vision, heart and lungs. good evening. it was a very windy way to end your weekend. heading into the rest of tonight, we are still going to see the wind speeds. although by tomorrow they will be a bit calmer but still breezy conditions expected as we head into your monday. it's going to be even colder tonightment and then warmer temperatures back in the forecast. we'll head above average back to the high of 60s. we'll show you that in the seven-day, but a look outside, we'll see clear chis with wind speeds out of the northwest at 10 miles per hour. temperatures stay down today. we are not out of the 40s, 47 degrees with a few clouds. look at the current temperatures throughout the rest of the area. 42 degrees in allentown. 34 in mount pocano. 34 degrees in trenton. the mid-40s in mount holly. closer to shore, the lower 40s.
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43 degrees in atlantic city. 45 currently in wilmington. heading into the rest of tonight, we'll drop down to the 30s, even the 20s. and we're still dealing with the windchill factors. so our feels-like temperatures for the pocanos at 21 degrees but feels more like 42 in philadelphia. and feeling more like 37 degrees in wilmington. our radar shot shows the large system there. you can see it off to the northeast of us. and we are going to see that counterclockwise rotation. so our wind speeds are going to move in from the northwest heading into the rest of tonight. they will eventually step out of the west as high pressure rebuilds. so we'll start to see calmer conditions heading into the rest of tonight. pushing into tomorrow. our wind gusts right now are gusting up to 25 miles per hour in northeast philadelphia, but up to 33 in the pocanos. up to 26 in allentown. and our future winds show us that even as we head into the overnight hours, we are still dealing with strong wind speeds gusting into the 20s for philadelphia. and by the time you wake up tomorrow morning, it's still going to be breezy with wind gusts closer to 29 miles per
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hour for philadelphia. not quite as bad as what we saw today, but you'll still notice the wind speeds heading into tomorrow. the good news is all the cold air that made its way all the way through the south down into parts of the carolinas and parts of atlanta will continue to retreat to the north. so we'll see mild air making its return pushing into monday, tuesday and even into wednesday. so we are going to head above average, but we have to get through tonight first. and we were talking about some really cold temperatures for tonight. we'll drop down to 27 degrees for the pocanos. 28 in allentown. 29 in quakertown. 34 degrees in northeast philly. closer to the shore at 38 degrees in cape may. 39 in rehoboth beach. around the philadelphia area, 37 degrees for philadelphia. 34 degrees for chester. and you're seven-day forecast shows as we push into tomorrow, warmer than what we saw today, the mid-60s heading into tuesday and wednesday. by thursday we're in the mid-60s with a chance of showers. thank you, brittney. the eagles with a good win in houston, but how long will they be without nick foles and domico
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ryan? we'll show you why the birds are now in first place. that is coming up next.
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newspapers speak out. tom corbett has been something of a disaster. tom corbett cut spending on education by a billion dollars... it's time for a change. elect tom wolf, and you'll get the type of governor we haven't seen for a while...
6:21 pm who looks out for average, hard-working pennsylvanians. it's wolf who has solid ideas for bringing in new business and for boosting the economy. tom wolf for governor, a fresh start for pennsylvania. hey, i'm john clark. the eagles lose their starting quarterback nick foles today. he could have a broken collarbone and could be out for a while. and domico ryan tore his achilles and he's possibly out for the season. but they still got the win. first quarter, he's not going to like this. nick foles deep for jeremy macland. 59-yard touchdown. the eagles are up 7-0. take a look here at foles hit by
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j.j. watts. the pass intended for riley cooper. intercepted by a.j. foyes. foles with eight picks over the last five games. we are tied at 7-7. foles is sacked and take a look at the left shoulder slammed down. that's where he apparently fractured his collarbone. goes back to the locker room and did not return. then mark sanchez comes in. his first action in two seasons, very first pass play -- sanchez going deep for macland. jeremy macland again, 52-yard gain. they close out the drive, look at this beautiful pass for jor thank matthews. the eagles are up 14-7 and chip is loving it. the eagles have a three-point lead at the half, third quarter, eagles get the running game going. la shawn mccoy passes for second place in eagle history on the game. and chris polk finishes off the drive with an eight-yard touchdown. the eagles are up ten and the
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defense is after it. riley fitzpatrick intercepts the ball here. he fumbles it right back because that's where he tears his achilles. he tore it in the same spot he did four years ago when playing for the texans. that's tough for domico. sanchez was under center, chris polk gets the first down for the eagles and that's pretty much going to be it. sanchez and jeremy macland, they ice it coming up right here. eight-minute drive, longest during the chip kelly era. the eagles win it and the birds are going to be hurting with domico out for the season. >> everybody knows it, what domico means to this team. he's the true leader. he's mufasa, he's our guy. but when a man goes down, you pick up his shield and play in honor of him. i think that's what our guys did. >> the injury, i'll wait until
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that gets announced. and domico, two big-time players on our team, stuff you never want to see happen. so that's tough. >> i was expecting a handout for a screen or an easier way in, but you know coach kelly, if he's a basketball coach, he would bring you off the bench to shoot three-pointers, so that's the way it goes. you have to be ready. >> we have a guy in mark that can step up and win some games. so i'm excited about him being back there and we'll continue to move forward. . >> how about jeremy macland? four touchdowns, 345 yards the last two games. one of the best receivers in football and he turned down a long-term deal in the offseason coming off knee surgery. >> you know, he picked a great year to sign a one-year deal. he's -- he's playing his butt off, man. >> i'm not going to call it gambling, i just think it's
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great and the best for me and my family. >> the cowboys with tony romo out with a back injury, they lose today to arizona. the backup quarterback brandon weidon really struggling. the cowboys lose 28-17. they are in second place behind the eagles. i'm john clark, be right back.
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say it ain't so, upper 30s tonight? >> yes, it will be cold and colder than yesterday. but we're warming up heading into next week. and the wind speeds are coming down by tomorrow. >> bundle up tonight. that's "nbc 10 news" for now. for brittney and i, i'm keith jones. we'll see you back after the game. "nbc nightly news" is next. have a great night.
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on this sunday night, winter comes early. an arctic blast slams the east coast bringing with it heavy snow, high winds and record low temperatures. the investigation. the first fatal crash of a commercial space plane presents new challenges to investigators. tonight what the ntsb is telling nbc news. line of fire, so close you could almost touch it. an up close look of the molten river man is powerless to stop. and the high defying death rope walk tonight high above the wind