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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  November 4, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> i'm vai sikahema. right to nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley. bill? >> feels a whole lot better. temperatures in the 40s and 50s right now. still cooling down, but we're just over a half an hour away from sunrise and we will see it. along with more of a southerly wind today to help warm temperatures. in fact, right now, we're looking good. currently in philadelphia, it's 52 degrees and potstown has dropped down to 47 degrees and it's 50 degrees at wroithstown. 52 at philadelphia international and down to 50 in rocksborough it's 53 degrees. a warmer start all around and the bus stop this morning, dry, cool, 49 in the suburbs. 53 degrees in center city and during the day today, we'll see the clouds that are overhead thin out for sunshine. 64 at lunchtime. upper 60s later today. we'll go through it neighborhood by neighborhood when i come back in less than ten minutes. right now jillian mele is
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watching for traffic trouble. good morning, jillian. >> things are looking good on the blue route. a tap of the brakes out there, but no big delays to report and no accidents in both directions. drive time is about 17 to 18 minutes on the blue route between 76 and 95. speaking of 76, we have a disabled vehicle eastbound at montgomery drive and blocking the left lane and moved over to sh shoulder and we have little delay around that area. in pennsauken two lanes blocked until 6:30 this morning. just now starting to clear and finally for drivers in delaware, still no accidents on the majors. this is a live look at 95 at route 1. you can see some drivers out there starting to pick up a little bit, but, again, no big spots of volume out there right now. vai? now to decision 2014. election day is here. voters in new jersey could head to the polls and they just opened a few minutes ago. live in pennsylvania and delaware you have to wait until
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7:00 a.m. polling places in all three states close tonight at 8:00. one of the biggest and most talked about races of the day, of course, is for pennsylvania governor and both candidates will spend their final hours out on the campaign trail. tom corbett ended his final full day of campaigning yesterday with a rally in his home town of pittsburgh. his seventh stop of the day. earlier corbett made his final visit to this area in westchester. tom wolf also closed out his last full day of campaigning with a rally in pittsburgh. met there with with members of the steel union workers. voters in lancaster. and in delaware, a battle for u.s. senate there incumbent democrat chris coons hoping for victory over his republican opponent businessman kevin wade. and in the garden state, cory booker will try to keep his u.s. senate seat there. the former newark, new jersey, mayor faces a challenge from republican jeff bell and bell ran for the senate back in 1978.
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>> as vai just mentioned polls just opening in new jersey and matt delucia is along one of them. matt, good morning. >> good morning, tracy. the polls just opened here in cherry hill. a couple moments ago we saw people go into this fire station here along king's highway. you can see right now it's still very early yet, but some big races we have in new jersey and here in cherry hills, the state's first congressional district donald norcross is up against former eagles playerer gary cobb. also a few more congressional seats up for grabs today and that senate race we just mentioned. in the next 30 minutes, i'll be looking at the numbers and how much money has been spent on these races. you've seen and heard the ads, plenty of them, but will it be worth it? i'm looking at the previous mid-term voter turnout coming out at 6:30. matt delucia. nbc 10 news. >> you can count on nbc 10 to bring you election results as they come in. coverage of the candidates across pennsylvania, delaware
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and new jersey. you'll hear from the winners and losers on air with nbc 10 news at 11:00 and online at nb xr and we have new information about the breaking news that we've been following from overnight in oregon. investigators have charged the mother of a 6-year-old boy after they say that she threw the boy off a bridge. the woman called 911 last night after she said she did it. the bridge is about 100 feet above the freezing water below. rescuers found the body of a boy about four hours ago. and this morning the search continues for a young woman grabbed off a germantown street. the main clue in this case is this video showing the young woman's attempts to fight the man off. nbc 10 katy zachary is live at the corner where this happened. with the 22-year-old was abducted on thursday and we'll have her coming up in just a few minutes. and, once again, police say
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they're looking for the 2002 ford taurus they believe was the pennsylvania license plate on the back, but they don't know the number. also an unidentified person here. and new from overnight, philadelphia police are searching for the man who stabbed a mcdonald's worker. investigators tell us that that worker was off the clock when he got into a fight in the parking lot of a mcdonald's at 29th and this morning that worker is in stable condition. a delaware state university student is recovering this morning after being shot in the parking lot of an off-campus residence hall. police are still looking for the xw gunman. a few blocks away from the main campus in dover, kent county. a residence hall for about 200 students. forced the campinous to lockdown for about four hours. >> shocked. something like that can happen at any time. but pretty much a shock. >> the student is in stable
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condition this morning. investigators believe this was an isolated incident. delaware state university is closed today for election day. a septa police officer is facing charges after investigators say a video of him performing a lewd act in a subway car was posted online. charged with open lewdness. the video shows an incident that was posted in august but septa recently discovered it. it was, indeed, him who was off duty at the time. he was placed on administrative leave. happening today, the trial is expected to begin for a philadelphia police officer accused of attacking a delaware family during a traffic stop. jonathan josey is being sued by the family and u.s. district court over an incident that happened in september of 2011. james lewis said he was driving in north philadelphia where he owned several businesses with two sons following behind him. he claims josey pulled him over and accused him of being a drug dealer. josey was irate and started
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attacking him. the father and sons were arrested but charges were later dropped. josey is remembered for this video that went viral. he was seen punching a woman in the face during a street party during the puerto rican day parade in 2012. he was fired but later reinstated when he was acquitted of assault charges. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> it's a warmer start this morning. yesterday we saw temperatures in the 30s, not this morning. clouds are overhead helping keep things a bit warmer. clouds clearing and lots of sunshine this afternoon and temperatures into the 60s. we are tracking rain for later in the weekend and potentially some heavy rain, too. clouds over doylestown 50 degrees and 52 right now in philadelphia and in cape may. look at the clouds that are moving across the city right now. this is the view from here at the nbc 10 studios. the clouds will be moving out. we have seen a few sprinkles. most of it has not reached the ground. you can see the clouds over the pocono mountains, too.
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that's a view from the french manor just a few raindrops trying to make it to the ground. most of them evaporating before making it to the ground. but don't be surprised if you see a raindrop or two on the windshield before the sunshine takes over. it will be nice and bright. 63 this afternoon for the pocono mountains with clearing skies for allentown and quakertown and into the 60s, upper 60s for trenton, northeast philadelphia and norristown at the shore, much less windy than the last couple of days. 67 for cape may. up to 67, also, in vineland and lots of sunshine. 70 degrees potentially for dover. and plenty of sunshine for westchester, chester and glasboro all in the middle to upper 60s this afternoon. changes ahead, enjoy the sunshine today because clouds will be moving in and the threat of rain. seven-day forecast with the timing when i come back in less than ten minutes. 6:08. time to get a check on traffic as you head out the door to work or school or to the polls.
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>> jillian mele watching the roads for you. >> not too bad eastbound side at trooper and you notice drive times about seven minutes both ways still between oaks and route 202. so, no significant delays to report just yet. also just got word of an accident in egypt road and use caution if you're heading out in that direction. 202 out near route 252 still pretty quiet and for drivers on 76 still following a disabled vehicle on the eastbound side right at montgomery drive and at one point blocking the left lane and that caused a bit of a backup at that scene and pushed over to the shoulder for 25 minutes now. not causing a big delay in that area and average speeds on 76 are still in the mid-50s right noa. drive times on 76 between the blue route and the vine about 16 minutes at this point and increase typically around 6:30 when we start to see those delays. keep you updated on all the delays for now as they form. if you're taking mass transit, everything is on or close to
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schedule. new information for a woman who was kidnapped and katy zachary is working that story. a treehouse, a chain saw and anger. the property dispute that leaves a new castle county with no place to play.
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this morning the search continues for a young woman who was grabbed off a germantown street. the main clue in this case is this video that you're looking at showing the young woman's attempts to fight her abductor off. nbc 10 katy zachary is live where the it 22-year-old was abducted and where police have also been this morning. katy? >> in addition to the police presence we've seen here overnight, two facebook pages have been set up by the family for the victim. they're hoping to spread word about her disappearance. it happened here on this block in germantown. now, this morning philadelphia
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police have been heavily patrolling the area near culture and green streets where 22-year-old carlesha freeland-gaither was last seen around 10:00. caught the violent struggle between the victim and the suspect. he's caught on video parking his four-door gray or silver car. then crossing the street as the victim walks on. he walks up to her and she tries to run but the suspect grabs her and drags her down the block to his car. her family tells us she was returning home from seeing her godson. >> she doesn't deserve this. she works, she goes to school, she's a sweetheart. she don't deserve anything. she doesn't deserve this at all. just, please, let her go. let her go right now. >> a knife and a glove believed to be from the suspect were left here at the scene. at last check, police were trying to lift fingerprints from that. coming up at 6:po30 in just a few minutes, we'll tell you what
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police are also doing to try and find the victim this morning. reporting live in germantown, katy zachary, nbc 10 news. >> police are telling us that they're looking for a dark gray 2000 to 2002 ford taurus. they believe it has a pennsylvania license plate on the back but they don't know the number and also an unidentified plate on the front of that car. nbc 10 and will keep you updated on this case. watch the entire three-minute surveillance video of the abduction on our website. 6:15 right now. 51 degrees outside and we have new information about the football program at california university of pennsylvania. following the arrest of six players. school officials are creating a task force now to conduct a review of the program. the players are charged with attacking a man outside an off-campus restaurant on thursday. that victim suffered severe brain trauma. the players were immediately suspended in saturday's game was forfeited. and new this morning, a medical implant maker will shell out $1.4 billion to settle lawsuits over problematic hip
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implants. it stems from two hip implants that stryker recalled in 2012. stryker expects to make most of the payments by the end of 2015. from our delaware bureau a big idea leads to a big pay day for some high schoolers there. students at concord high school in north wilmington got an $8,000 grant from mit to help make a larger, more defined version of this device. help hospitals find and remove syringes and small surgical tools from linens. students got the idea after meeting the employees at chris anna hospital. they said they often get left in the laundry and could put workers at risk. >> they don't know what that needle is used for and it costs money and takes time off their work. >> they hope it will some day be used at hospitals around the country. november 17th is the day
6:17 am
princetonversity has given for the opening of a long awaited train station there. the station serves the two-car train known as the dinky. shuttles to and from the princeton junction station. it closed last year to allow princeton to build a $320 million art center. whether it's the dinky or in your own car, which you may call dinky. any way you get around, we'll get some help for you. >> jillian mele is watching all the roads and trouble spots. jillian? >> or the regional rail line which everything is on or close to schedule right now. that is good news including the septa rail lines you see there. route 30 bypass eastbound at route 322. we're starting to see increased volume out here, but not seeing that really thick delay we can see here later in the morning. that's something i'll continue to keep an eye on for you. an accident in upper providence and for drivers in center city, philadelphia, this is what it's looking like on the vine street expressway right now. eastbound heading into center
6:18 am
city is okay, but the westbound side, you notice, pockets of volume as drivers make their way off of the vine on to 76. 76 just starting to slow down a little bit westbound near city avenue and eastbound right near the conshohocken curve. drivers make their way into center city. still no accidents storeport on the majors in delaware or new jersey. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> getting closer to sunrise about 15 minutes from sunrise this morning and we will see more and more sunshine. this morning, there are some clouds overhead. these clouds are moving through the area. it will keep on going. we have some sunshine. they actually help things out overnight. not as cold this morning. 52 degrees. 13 degrees warmer than it was yesterday at this time. boat house row, flags are taking a break. not the strong, gusty winds we've seen recently and the breeze from yesterday has settled down. 47 degrees in potstown and look at the 50s for wrightstown.
6:19 am
blue bell has dropped to 46, but it's holding at 50 right now in willow grove. collegeville is 48 degrees and right now at potstown it's 47 while gilbertsville staying a bit milder thanks to those clouds at 54 degrees. a few sprinkles, it's trying to make it from the cloud to the ground. most of that evaporating. a better chance we'll see some rain from this. line of showers moving through the midwest, that's going to wait until thursday, however. today, get your sunglazs ready and plan on a warmer afternoon. middle to upper 60s. what a perfect day for today and tomorrow we'll still be mild, but in advance of the rain for thursday, we'll see more and more clouds during the day on wednesday. thursday rain and potentially heavy rain during the afternoon and evening hours that will continue into early friday morning. then we'll be drying out later on friday. 54 degrees friday afternoon. and turning chillier this weekend. dry weather for saturday and sunday. with sunshine, but only into the
6:20 am
low 50s after a chilly morning both saturday and sunday. for monday, 54 degrees after a morning low of 40. this past weekend, many of us turning on our heaters in our home for the first time since last winter. if you live in pennsylvania and need help paying your heating bills. you can now ally for wiheap grants for the season. you can fill out an application at any local county assistance office or download the form through the department of public welfare website. you can also find it on our website. the low-income home energy assistance program also liheap is available to renters who qualify. more than 400,000 pennsylvania families were able to keep their homes warm because of the grants. the secretary of the department of public welfare says individual individuals can now apply rather than wait for a cold spell. we encourage people to apply online so they can avoid lines
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and traveling. a columbine-like threat hits delaware county high school. also, it's a treehouse tussle that comes down to a spray painted line on the ground and leaves a little girl in limbo.
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♪ na na na na na na na ♪ ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na... female announcer: it's a great big world and it can all be yours. here and only here. ♪ come and get it. a child's treehouse at the center of a property dispute in new castle county this morn p part of grace cole's treehouse. this is what it looked like after someone went to it with a chain saw. her parent say the treehouse is now unsafe and she can no longer use it. grace has down syndrome and used the treehouse for exercise. but some neighbors think the structure encroaches on to neighborhood property and they're concerned about the liability issues. the dispute has been going on for years. last week one neighbor decided to hire a contractor to take down part of the treehouse. >> you can't cut that line there's no survey. it's my kid's treehouse and he
6:25 am
stood there is said, cut it, cut it. he put a chain saw right through and cut out this main structural support here. >> the coles don't deny the treehouse may encroach on other property, but they don't believe their nba her a legal right to take part of it down. that neighbor says he stands by the decision he made saying the neighborhood was worried about the liability if someone got hurt on the neighborhood association property. good morning at 6:25. you know, it's not too bad of a commute out there this morning. this is a live look at 76 right near south street and you notice we have traffic moving just fine in both directions. right here a disabled vehicle on the eastbound side and you can see it looks like tow truck is out there trying to get that hooked up to get that clear. actually, maybe a tow truck is leaving. disabled vehicle still on the shoulder and another disabled vehicle on 76. this one is eastbound on montgomery drive. this disabled vehicle is also on the shoulder. let's take you to a live look outside right now over center city philadelphia. you can see we have cloud cover
6:26 am
out there and, bill, you said earlier that cloud cover is helping keep us warm this morning. >> the temperatures are much warmer this morning instead of the 30s we saw yesterday. most of the area is in the 50s. but now with the clouds breaking, some of the temperatures are starting to come down. a nice, mild afternoon will be in the 60s. look at this, we're 13 degrees warmer in philadelphia compared to yesterday. ten degrees warmer in wilmington, where right now it's 49 degrees. i'm jesse dwar gary live i northeast philadelphia where workers have opened up thissi polling place and anticipation of the polling opening at 7:00 this morning and they will have company from the district attorney's office. i'll explain that right after the break. incoming.
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just give me back my baby, please. let her go! that's the heartbreaking plea from a mother. we are following the developing story of a 22-year-old woman taken off a germantown street and now the fbi is on the case. this election day could be a historic one in pennsylvania. off to a warm start this morning and even warmer by the afternoon. we'll get you first alert forecast hour-by-hour. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm vai s ooikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. 51 degrees and it will get even warmer. bill? >> nice turn of events compared to yesterday when we were in the 30s. the chill has been taken off this morning, thanks to clouds overhead. clear route for lots of sunshine. a live view from the comcast center. still a little cloudy out there. 51 degrees at nbc 10 and 52 at
6:31 am
philadelphia international and more 40s as the clouds start to clear out and wilmington and dover is at 46 degrees. we will see sunshine turn those numbers around. by lunchtime, 64. nice and comfortable. look at this, 67 degrees this afternoon. unusually warm for november. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i'm back in less than ten minutes. right now, first alert traffic reporter jillian mele has an update. >> good morning, bill. following an accident out of upper providence. so use caution there heading to the boulevard where it's actually looking pretty quiet in both directions near fox street southbound as drivers make their way down to 76. normal volume building on 76. same situation on 95 southbound right near allegheny avenue. you can see it's jammed right now. 95 southbound is heavy from cottman down to girard. your drive time, we're seeing the yellow light. 95 southbound from wood haven to the vine. right now take you 20 minutes
6:32 am
but give a few more minutes and that number will keep climbing. that's something we'll keep monitoring for you. 76 westbound from the vine to the blue route is about a 17-minute trip right now. traveling from 95 to 76 right now, that trip is going to take you about 18 minutes. we're not reporting any accidents still on the majors in delaware or new jersey. vai? this morning, police are on patrol along the germantown street where 122-year-old woman was abducted. surveillance video shows she put up a fight as a man forced her into a car. nbc 10 has been following this investigation since yesterday. katy is back on the scene of the abduction. katy? >> a number of police cars drive down slowly on coulter street. carlesha freeland-gaither was last seen around 10:00 sunday
6:33 am
night. the suspect parked his gray or silver sedan, possibly a ford taurus and then crosses the street just when the victim has rounded the corner on to coulter and the suspect walks up to freeland-gaither and grabs her and drags her down the block to his car and a witness saw it happened. >> by the time i turned down the street down coulter i heard a whole bunch of screaming. she was screaming help, help,  but the guy was pulling in towards the car. by the time i even got here, i got to the car but threw her in the back seat and it was like the back window busted out. >> police tell us that the victim broke out two rear windows in the car during that struggle. officers also tell us they are trying to lift fingerprints from several pieces of evidence that was found here at the scene. and at this time, police also tell us they believe this kidnapping was random. reporting live in germantown,
6:34 am
katy zachary, nbc 10 news. once again, police say they're looking for a dark gray, 2000 to 2002 ford taurus as katy just reported to us. they believe it has a pennsylvania license plate on the back, but they don't know the number. also an unidentified plate on the front of that car. it is 6:34 right now. polls are open in new jersey and in about 30 minutes, they'll open in pennsylvania and delaware. the biggest race in our area, pennsylvania governor. governor tom corbett will spend the day in allegheny county and ened his final full day of campaigning with a rally in his hometown of pittsburgh. his seventh start of the day. corbett made his stop to this area in westchester and democratic challenger tom wolf will make several stops in philadelphia this morning. he also closed out his last full day of campaigning yesterday with a rally in pittsburgh. earlier in the day wolf visited with small business owners and voters in lancaster. now, several big races across our area, but will there be any
6:35 am
election day problems? jesse gary is live in northeast philadelphia. jesse, you have new information for us about election preparations. tell us. >> yeah, tracy, just a short time ago workers arrived here at jay hampden moore public school. polls open in less than a half hour. one is going to be inside the gymnasium. workers here predict lower turnout for this mid-term election cycle and will have company during the day today. district attorney seth williams created a special investigative unit it ensure election results aren't tainted by allegations of fraud. last may a woman was charged with tampering with a voter machine here. previously, election day crimes were assigned based on where and when the complaints came into the office. so far, the only major problem that we can report i learned from a philadelphia elections commissioner yesterday was that a mailing went out directing several thousand voters to the wrong polling location, but
6:36 am
officials believe they were able to mitigate the damage from that in time for election day today. we'll have an update for you coming up in the next few minutes as far as what is going on here and other states in our area. live in northeast philadelphia, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. nbc 10 keith jones in pittsburgh today covering the corbett campaign headquarters. their reports begin later today on nbc 10 news at 4:00. voters in new jersey have been casting ballots for the past 30 minutes or so. nbc 10 matt delucia is under is a polling station in cherry hill. how has turnout been so far? >> vai, we have seen a few voters come out in cherry hill. at the fire house here along kings highway in cherry hill. right now still very early yet, but big races in new jersey in cherry hills. the state's first congressional district donald norcross is up against gary cobb and a few congressional seats up for grabs today. so, will it be worth all the
6:37 am
money spent. let's look at the last midterm election in 2010. pennsylvania had a 47% voter turnout and that also had a governor's race with 4 million ballots cast and in new jersey with a 42% 2.2 million votes. delaware with just over half coming to the polls. as we take another live look once again this morning, it is early. not too many people here in cherry hill but the polls will be open until 8:00. a couple dozen folks making their way around at this point. but, again, you have plenty of time to vote today. live in cherry hill, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. students, staff and administrators at one of pennsylvania state universities will protest the closing of an on-campus polling place. the group will mark from cooks town yoonversity five miles to the townsh shiship municipal bu where they now have to cast their vote. they closed the campus polling
6:38 am
place after residents complained about long lines and crowded parking lots. school officials say the change is a great inconvenience for students without cars. the student government will provide buss to the polls for students who don't march. you can count on nbc 10 to bring you all the election results tonight as they come in. we'll have coverage of the candidates across pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. we'll hear from the winners and the losers on air with nbc 10 news at 11:00 and on your mobile device with the nbc 10 news app. a free download for your smartphone or tablet. a main line student is in custody. police say the radnor high school senior who is not being identified because of juvenile status wrote in a journal about wanting to be the first female mass murderer. police say the 17-year-old wrote detail plans about a mass execution in her personal notebooks. police say she even wrote a letter to the parents of one of the columbine shooters. >> we would be remiss if we did not take these type of threats
6:39 am
seriously based on the history of violence in our school system throughout the country. >> police did not find any weapons at the girl's home or at school. they say she has a history of psychological issues and will be charged as a juvenile. >> reporter: police will be back at the scene of a building over the scene of the 1800 block near somerset yesterday where police say a business owner booby trapped his own building for security reasons. a device went off but no one was hurt. the owner was arrested and was going to face reckless endangerment charges. your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> the sun is up and skies are brightening, but there's still some clouds moving through the area. those clouds have kept temperatures warmer. no 30s this morning and 40s and 50s. an autumn beauty in the making and clouds will clear out and lots of sunshine today. it's thursday, could see potentially heavy rain. we're tracking that rain through the midwest right now. sunshine is breaking through in
6:40 am
allentown, 54 degrees and still some clouds over atlantic city and temperature in the 50s and you can see some of the clouds in the live view from the comcast center and they're blowing through the area, same story in the pocono mountains and a cloudy view from big bear this morning and clouds will thin out and sunshine will be bright. a few sprinkles earlier on the radar screen and not happening right now, no, just cloudiness that is already starting to break. more and more sunshine as the day goes on. 63 this afternoon for mt. pocono and 66 in reading and allentown and quakertown right up to 65 degrees. you'll need your sunglasses in mt. holly a less windy day right along the coast. 65 this afternoon for atlantic city, but look at vineland and dover. potentially 70 degrees this afternoon. sunny skies for westchester, chester and philadelphia 60s today. and, again, tomorrow but there are some changes ahead that start tomorrow. the seven-day torcast with the timing of the rainfall that will be moving in. when i come back in less than
6:41 am
ten minutes' time. 6:40 and last check with jillian. the majors were at least accident free. >> let's get an update, jillian? >> i was following an accident in puppupper township. on the map you'll notice this line of yellow i've highlighted the eastbound delay forming out there on 422 heavy out near trooper and then way down here at the bottom corner, 76 eastbound is also slow moving right near the conshohocken curve. drivers on the blue route, not too bad out there. this is a live look at baltimore pike and you notice drive times still pretty average. 17 to 18 minutes in both directions on the blue route between 76 and 95 heading into new jersey for a live look at 295 where traffic is moving along through that construction zone and the 42 freeway we are starting to see a slow down northbound. you'll notice right near route 55 will go down to 48 miles per hour and then 41 as you were
6:42 am
right at near 295 as you approach the area bridges. area bridges are free of any accidents. vai? >> jillian, thank you. a delivery turns deadly. how a tape measure killed a man in new jersey. another day, new accolades. the new honor in store for the taney little league baseball team. silent night not so silent?
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the ymca in chester county becomes a crime scene. sky force 10 was over the scene after what authorities are calling a murder/suicide. they tell us a guy ambushed his ex-girlfriend in the parking lot around 6:00 last night he shot and killed her and then turned the gun on himself. the y was put on lockdown for a short time. a worker from camden county is dead after a freak accident at a construction site in north jersey. the worker was killed by a
6:46 am
one-pound tape measure that fell 50 stories from the building under construction in jersey city yesterday. the tape measure fell out of another worker's belt. gary anderson was hit on the head and he later died at the hospital. police say anderson was not wearing a hard hat. and the university of delaware is reminding students to take precautions to stay safe on campus after a student was raped on halloween. he is accused of offering the 19-year-old victim a ride home. sexually assaulting her and then dropping her off near a residence hall friday morning. police say they tracked down his car and arrested him. they say gave a fake name but the victim later identified him. now to the atlantic city casino crisis. hundreds marched to the mayor's office demanding concessions from the city to keep the casino open. that was yesterday they delivered a petition with 12,000 signatures and invite into the mayor's office to talk it over. convince investor carl icahn to
6:47 am
bail the taj out and save 3,000 jobs. >> what are benefits without a job. you have no benefits if you don't have a job. it is that simple. you close us and nobody has any benefits. >> don't think that we're enemies or that i'm on the other side of the table on this one. but i'm frustrated, too. >> the mayor says the city's done. trump entertainment already owes $20 million in back taxes, but did tell the group that he's working with state and federal leaders to find a solution. philadelphia's most famous little league team will be front and center at macy's thanksgiving day parade. the taney dragon will kick off this year's march with the 13-year-old mo'ne davis leading the way. announcing the lineup for the parade. mo'ne pitched them into the little league world series this summer. you can watch the macy's thanksgiving day parade at 9:00
6:48 am
a.m. let's go to new york for a look at what's ahead on "today" show. they're thrilled savannah added to their numbers. >> we didn't get to talk to you yesterday. so welcome back. >> thank you so much. vale is definitely a devoted eagles fan. she was legally required to be one from birth. >> the eagles onsie on right now. the races to watch as the voters head to the polls across the country today with control of congress up for grabs tonight. also ahead, could it change the future of music? why super star taylor swift has pulled all of her songs from one of the most popular streaming services. more of maria shriver's revealing conversation with jennifer lopez. why that racy new video is actually proof women can have it all. >> i haven't seen that racy new video. those stories and donald trump will join us as he unveiled the cast on the next "celebrity
6:49 am
aprends." back to you. >> look forward to seeing you at 7:00. thanks. >> thanks. >> all right. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> timing is everything. we had it today with clouds that came through overnight. those clouds are starting to clear. that's a live view from the comcast center in center city with more and more sunshine. we'll see the temperatures warm into the 60s this afternoon. see the sun is coming up right now. live view from the nbc 10 studios and 52 degrees in philadelphia. that's 13 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. there you can see some scattered clouds on the horizon. another view from the comcast center and more and more sunshine to warm these temperatures up. 52 in northeast philadelphia. wrightstown is 50 and potstown drop under to the 50s and now 48 in camden and voorhees and blackwood all at 49 to start with this morning.
6:50 am
few sprinkles on the radar and i don't think they even reached the ground. different story come thursday. this line of showers, doesn't look all that impressive just yet, but by the time it gets to us. we could be in for heavy rainfall during the afternoon on thursday. for today, though, this afternoon, 60s. upper 60s at that for the area. lots of sunshine and nice and comfortable with less wind than yesterday. tomorrow, another mild one. in fact, a little milder in the morning. 50 to start with and high of 58 in the afternoon. in and out of the clouds on wednesday. here comes the rain on thursday and that will continue into friday morning. by friday afternoon, though, we'll be drying out and it will be dry this weekend. let's get ready for a chilly one saturday and sunday. high temperatures in the low 50s and not a whole lot warmer monday afternoon. >> all right, bill, thanks. ten minutes before 7:00 if you're getting ready to head out the door and stop at a polling place on your way to work. >> how does it look, jill? >> word of two new accidents
6:51 am
into the system. chester county in honeybrook route 10 at mt. pleasant road. watch out for an accident at that intersection. presidential boulevard, watch for one there, as well. we'll zoom this map out a little bit. 76 westbound right near city avenue, average speed is eight miles per hour. that is where we have that merge and that is where we can typically see a lot of volume in the morning and normal volume out there on 95. 76 right near the conshohocken curve. pockets of volume, especially eastbound. for the most part, traffic is still moving along. we're not seeing that really big backup at the curve just yet. that could change throughout the morning. drive time is about 20 to 27 minutes. we're seeing a range between the blue route and the vine. the biggest delay on 76 is from the vine to the blue route because right at city avenue, that's where things are really slowing down out there. still, no accidents to report in delaware or new jersey. if you're taking mass transit, everything is on or close to schedule. vai? >> thank you, jill. happening now, decision
6:52 am
2014. polls are now open in new jersey and in about ten minutes the polls in pennsylvania will open and the city of philadelphia there will be a new watch dog to make sure voting is fair. a woman is abducted here in germantown. her friends and family desperate to find her. philadelphia police fear she's in danger. i'll tell you what they are doing in the search.
6:53 am
6:55 am
i'm katy zachary live in germantown where overnight philadelphia police have been back in the area where a 22-year-old woman was kidnapped. it happened right over there on that street corner. we have video of carlesha freeland-gaither trying to beat off her attacker sunday night.
6:56 am
trailing the victim as she walked home. he then grann edgrabbed her and her into his car. back out here live, family member and friends have been distributing these fliers since yesterday. police say the kidnapping appears to be random. right now, they tell us they are trying to lift fingerprints from several pieces of evidence that were found here at the scene. reporting live in germantown, katy zachary, nbc 10 news. i'm jesse gary live in northeast philadelphia where the polls are set to open. in just moments the poll workers are on hand and you can see them right there. also on hand, members of the d.a. special new election fraud task force to make sure there are no allegations of improprieties here at the polls. if you're having any trouble figuring out where to vote or voting, you can call the committee of 70 here in philadelphia. 1-855-seventy for information. that hotline is up and running. jesse gary, nbc 10 news.
6:57 am
i'm matt delucia live in cherry hill. it's early, but we saw some people here at the polls. they opened about 6:00 and the fire station here on kings highway. poll workers getting ready for some of the people to come out and vote this morning with big congressional races in new jersey. video of what it looked like earlier when some of the folks came in to cast their ballots and also some local seats up for grabs and here they are voting for congress, senator along with town and county offices and as we come back out here live, the polls are going to be staying open until 8:00 this evening. so, get out and vote. it's still early. live in cherry hill this morning, i'm matt delucia. >> count on nbc 10 to bring you election results as they come in. we'll hear from the winners and the losers on the air with nbc 10 news at 11:00 online at and on your mobile device with the nbc 10 news app which is a free download for your smartphone or tablet.
6:58 am
good morning at 6:57. we have a big problem right now for drivers in new jersey. an accident involving an overturned vehicle on 95 northbound right near federal city road. this is exit 5 in lawrence township and we can't see the accident in our cameras, but what we can see this is this big backup approaching the scene. we already know there are lanes restricted and possibly multiple lanes restricted on 95 northbound. this live picture is at route 31, which is exit 4. that accident 95 northbound at exit 5 in lawrence township. so, leave yourself plenty of extra time if you're heading out in this direction. we just got word of this accident and this is the closest camera that we have to that site. but you can clearly see that backup is stretching pretty far right now. that's something we'll keep you updated on throughout the morning and post updates on twitter, as well. accident route 10 at mt. pleasant road, use caution there, as well. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> cloudy skies overnight, but we're seeing those clouds clear
6:59 am
out already. that's a live view from the comcast center. clouds tried to deliver a few sprinkles. really wasn't successful. look at the bright sunshine. this is a view from here at the nbc 10 studios looking towards center city. right now 49 degrees with clearing skies and the temperatures are coming down. sev seven-mile-an-hour wind and we are ten degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. so, really nice morning. going to be a beautiful day today. we're seeing more 40s now. coolest point of the day, usually is right after sunrise and this is where we are now millville and wilmington both at 47 degrees along with reading and 48 in trenton. so, a cool start this morning at the bus stop. temperatures in the 40s and low 50s. but a quick warm up. sunshine will be bright and 64 at lunchtime today and then upper 60s later this afternoon with much less wind than we've seen the last couple of days. more clouds tomorrow, we'll see some breaks of sunshine and you don't need your umbrella tomorrow. that changes thursday with
7:00 am
potentially heavy rain that will dry out for the weekend. >> get out there and vote, once. "today" show is up next. good morning. down to the wire. voters head to the polls, republicans poised for a major gain in power. with the races as tight as they can get, will we even know the results later tonight? new information about the crash of that virgin galactic spacecraft and what happened moments before it broke apart and new debris is discovered 35 miles from the disaster site. caught on tape, disturbing new video showing stranger abduction of a young woman in philadelphia, the victim struggling to get away, even kicking out a window. police intensifying the hunt for that woman and her kidnapper. and taylor's big