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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  November 4, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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in just the last ten minutes we learned more on what happened in the sunoco gas station near washington lane. police are still on the scene here. they tell us a 32-year-old was shot four times, twice in the shoulder. after he got into a fight with someone here at the gas station, that man didn't wait for an ambulance. he was taken in a private car to chestnut hill hospital where right now he's in critical condition. police are still looking for evidence at the scene. they have not made an arrest. reporting live in skyforce 10, christine maddela, "nbc 10
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news". carlesha's atm card was used at a stand-alone bank in aberdeen, maryland, right off the 95 exit. >> as soon as police revealed the breaking developments on the abduction investigation, we sent an "nbc 10 news" crew right to maryland. that card was used yesterday morning. >> police and the fbi have been in maryland all day long searching for clues. and nbc 10's deanna durante is live in maryland. deanna? >> reporter: we were the first philadelphia crew here outside this bank asking questions of those inside, but they wouldn't confirm this is where the atm card was used. however, federal agents could be seen coming in and out of this pnc bank for most of the afternoon. now, we are about less than a half mile from the i-95 exit and we learned that agents also visited a taco bell up the road from this bank here and wanted
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to know more about the video that that taco bell had. they went in there and asked the store employees if they had any video from early yesterday morning. employees told us they were unable to supply the video buzz they were not able to use the computer system, but they expect the agents to return there this evening. we also were inside a grocery store, the video you're seeing of us talking to agents who only identified themselves as fbi coming from a grocery store. they also were collecting the video. as fbi agents headed in this scene, we saw them in different directions along the business route here right off the highway. at this point, no one is confirming if they have been able to find any more video or if they have been able to see the car or any activity or if they know who the person was in that video using the atm card. that's the very latest, reporting live from aberdeen, maryland. dean
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deanna durante for "nbc 10 news." and harry hairston sent spent the day with detectives today. >> reporter: we've been asking questions all day trying to find out why enhanced video promised to be released has not been released yet. and why video from maryland that police say they kept their hands on yesterday morning about 36 hours ago, why that has not been released yet. so far, no one has given us any answers. >> we are looking into all available resources, investigative personnel and yes, technology. >> reporter: the fbi would not talk in detail about the technology they are using, but they did tell me they are working on getting a clearer picture of a suspect. >> we are working on video enhancement at this point. enhancing the video that we have. we are working on that at this point. >> yes, possibly. >> reporter: the philadelphia police tell me they are ramping up their efforts.
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can you give me a feeling -- >> we have everything in philadelphia. we have canines out there, the s.w.a.t. unit, highway patrol, the officers at the 14th. we have officers from all districts in the city. >> reporter: police are still looking for additional surveillance videos. as we first reported, the suspects snatched and dragged 22-year-old carlesha freeland-gaither down this germantown street sunday night and forced her into a gray 2000 to 2002 fort taurus. police also tell me they are still continuing to search the philadelphia area. that they still aren't sure whether she's here in philadelphia or possibly in maryland. reporting live at police headquarters, harry hairston, "nbc 10 news." stay with nbc 10 and for the latest on this abduction investigation. we will let you know what police are telling carlesha's family
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later on tonight. we have a busy day in the "nbc 10 news" room. one person is dead after being shot several times in philadelphia's neighborhood section at 2:15 p.m. police are looking for a man who has an ak-15 weapon. and an accident happened near fox street this happened. we are making calls to figure out how seriously the people in this crash were injured and what led up to the crash. and skyforce 10 was over a brush fire in camden county a short time ago. this is branch avenue in pine hill. it's not far from trump national golf course. no one has been hurt but we're making calls on all the breaking news stories at this hour. as soon as we learn anything new, we'll pass the information along to you.
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it is election day and polls will close in three hours. voters in pennsylvania are deciding who should be governor in delaware and new jersey. senate seats are up for grabs. and then nbc 10 has reporters with the campaigns. the battle to run pennsylvania has been a costly one, $70 million. >> nbc 10 has reporters covering governor corbett's camp in pittsburgh. we'll head there in just a moment. but first, nbc 10's lu ann cahn is live in york and democratic tom wolf's campaign headquarters are there. lu ann? >> reporter: we are at the arena where the wolf campaign is expecting a victory party tonight. tom wolf spent a great deal of time in philadelphia before coming back home to vote at 3:30 and wait for the results. after voting in mount wolf, he feels like he's taken an exam
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and is waiting for a grade from the teacher. he's worked hard, studied hard and got a haircut. he didn't want any wisecracks about his hair. he made four stops in philadelphia today as the democrat in this state has to have a strong showing through to win. we caught up with him speaking to labor leaders on columbus boulevard. >> this election is really about looking at where we have come, so i think the rut we're in and asking ourselves whether we want to continue to be in that rut, we followed our schools and created good jobs. >> reporter: the most recent poll shows wolf ahead by more than 13 points. when asked today by a reporter why he thinks he's ahead, he said, people think we can do better. live in york, lu ann cahn, "nbc 10 news." now let's go to keith jones in pittsburgh at the corbett camp. >> reporter:ly a.m lu ann, justu
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mentioned, we are ready for history here at the iwilliam pen hotel. if corbett wins, he'll overcome a double-digitç race. the state constitution reflected that governors can run for two consecutive terms now. he voted in shaler 20 minutes north of pittsburgh. he was with his family, wife susan and grandchildren. i just spoke to his campaign manager and his camp is counting on low turnout from registered democrats who outnumber republicans and typically avoid non-presidential races. >> well, look, i mean, it's still very early. i think both sides have working to turn out their bases. we feel confident that the governor is in a position to win re-election. we felt that way, it's been our game plan and we continue to execute that. it's still a couple hours until
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the polls close. >> reporter: and the governor's camp has reported that republican turnout has been as high as 28% in some precincts. as far as the democratic turnout, according to the people here from the republican camp, it's been as low as 11% in some precincts. pennsylvania calls this cycle every eight years or so when republicans are holding the office of the governor, and then the next eight years, it switches back and forth. the cycle will be broken tonight if corbett loses. keith jones, "nbc 10 news." we continue to follow breaking developments in the abduction investigation in philadelphia. fbi agents are in maryland searching for clues. philadelphia police say carlesha freeland-gaither's bank card was used yesterday morning in aberdeen. she was last seen being pulled into a car off philadelphia's street sunday night. and back to collecting,
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case that happened here on sunday. we know that carlesha freeland-gaither's debit card was used yesterday in maryland. police are there but the fbi is involved and will not tell us what information they have learn today. six seats, that is all it will take for republicans to take back control of the u.s. senate. >> and here's a live look of the capitol building in washington. elections in our area play a role in deciding whether the balance of power will shift from democrat to republican. the last time powers shifted was during the 2006 midterm elections. the senate races in delaware and new jersey are being closely watched. and nbc 10's tiffany long is live. cindy, 12 don depressional seats are also up for grabs in new jersey. >> reporter: here in the second
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district it has not necessarily been the nastiest of the races, but this district, we can tell you suffers from long-term and far-reaching unemployment. all before the casinos folded. and residents, some of them, are still waiting for their federal relief dollars from hurricane sandy. so voters this afternoon tell us the local and state leaders have not been able to get the job done, but they hope congress can. rita boyd has never missed her opportunity to vote and she says this election day in the second +oááurqáh @c falling like dominos -- >> we need jobs, we definitely need jobs in the area and i believe that's the direction we need to go in. create jobs and boost the economy. >> i don't have the answer otherwise i would be running myself. but something has to be done in atlantic city. i think too little, too late. >> reporter: voters are relying on the second district candidates to somehow help new jersey. local and state leaders need to foster a plan to revive atlantic
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city. >> i put my heart and soul in to representing the district. >> reporter: he wants to help casino workers and say atlantic city's airport needs to attract international travelers. >> this election is very, very important. simply because we have to map out our future for southern new jersey. >> we also have fema issues here. i have neighbors who two years later are still not back in their house. and these are year-round residents and they are getting very little done. >> reporter: here at the firehouse in vineland, polls remain open until 8:00 like they will across new jersey tonight. both candidates tell me they will work closely with senator booker or bell, whoever is elected on the senate side. in the meantime, we also checked with the atlantic city mayor's office because they went up to trenton yesterday to fight on behalf of the taj mahal workers. but they tell me they didn't get very far on finding any solution to keep that property open
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before the end of november. whoever is elected tonight will be part of the governor's summit which happens on november 12th. that's next wednesday. live in vineland, cindy long, "nbc 10 news." we're also keeping a close eye on delaware. >> incumbent democratic senator chris kuntz is facing a challenge with governor wade. tim furlong is here with the latest. >> reporter: senator tom clark is not up for re-election, but governor wade is fighting for a third term to go back to washington. he voted behind me just a couple hours ago. john carney is looking for another term and his republican opponent has not participated in all the debates, but she put videos out and calls herself the ceo of her house. and in interviews, she made it clear to help people less
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fortunate and also wants to lower taxes to stimulate job growth. this includes lowering corporate taxes. both candidates here obviously hearing a lot of insecurity from delawareans. >> observe more plentiful but incomes are not going up. they see guys getting their heads cut off on television by isis. they see a lot of concerns. they hear about ebola. a lot of people fanning the flames, but those are real concerns people have. >> reporter: the race to replace chip flowers who decided not to run after a lot of controversy involving state credit cards is interesting. the republican in that race, he wants the job. shawn barney is the democrat and wants to be the first non-incumbent republican in the last 20 years to win a statewide office here in delaware. as you come back live, we'll tell you the race for attorney general is going to be interesting tonight. lieutenant governor matt den is
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running. and she quit her job in the attorney general's office to run for the head job. the job is being held by attorney general beau biden who is taking time off to run for governor in a couple years but is tending to his health. he has not been seen much in public. there's a lot of interesting stuff in delaware. stay with nbc 10 because we are here in the state tonight to cover it. live in wilmington, tim furlong, "nbc 10 news." our decision 2014 coverage continues now from washington. and as we mentioned, democrats are in danger of losing their majority. steve handelsman has the latest from washington. >> reporter: republican mitch mcconnell could become senate majority leader. >> well, i'm hoping we're going to have a new majority to take americans in a different direction. >> and alison lundergan grimes is his opponent.
5:19 pm
>> reporter: and kansas is also up for grabs between orman and roberts. and mary landrieu in louisiana. bruce braley in iowa. but republican joni ernst could win it. many voters say their ballot sends a message about the top democrat. >> i think it is probably a vote against obama. >> reporter: that's a factor in tense governor races today. in 435 elections for the house of representatives, republicans seem sure to enlarge their majority. it's been ad nauseum. >> pretty soon you'll want to do this to your tv. >> i have not watched tv for two weeks because i can't stand to watch the ads. >> reporter: what to watch tonight, if incumbent new
5:20 pm
hampshire democratic senator jean shaheen loses to republican scott brown, that could signal a win for gop. but if the republicans do take over control of the senate, they still won't have enough votes to override obama vetoes and end the gridlock up here. on capitol hill, i'm steve handelsman, "nbc 10 news." >> remember there's still time to vote if you haven't already. the polls are open in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware until 8:00 p.m. and you can get realtime election results on your mobile device using the free nbc 10 news app. go to and then turn to 10 tonight at 7:00. we'll bring you hourly updates all night long. then comprehensive election night results on "nbc 10 news" at 11:00. a warm day today with temperatures warmer than yesterday. we're going to keep the warming
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trend going as we go into tomorrow. as we go through tonight, we will have milder temperatures. so not as cool as last night. it will once again be on the mild side. more clouds around looking around the center city skyline. no rain with the clouds. mostly cloudy right now in philadelphia with a temperature in the mid-60s across the area. ten degrees warmer than we were yesterday at this time. and as we go into tomorrow, it will be warm again but the clouds will still be with us. so kind of a cloudy, warm day going into your wednesday. then thursday, we see rain moving in. so thursday will be the rainy day. and then friday we start to dry out, but temperatures really drop off. right now we're only in the mid-60s through the lehigh valley. 63 in allentown. 65 in reading. south jersey, we are in the upper 50s to lower 60s. 58 in millville and atlantic city. 59 in wilmington. we have the clouds moving in, but the rain is still back off to our west. it's a big cold front moving through the country. and that's what will be bringing
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us rain going into thursday. now the cold air is setting up behind us and will eventually move in, not until the rain gets through the area, though. in the meantime, ahead of the rain, the warm air continues to move in. so again tomorrow it will be a warm day like today. we'll see more clouds around. here's future weather, so through the overnight hours, tonight the clouds are still with us. no rain with any of the clouds, though, as we go to tomorrow afternoon. we still have the clouds throughout, but we don't have the rain just yet. temperatures will still be warm regardless of the cloud cover. then we start to see the rain moving in very early thursday. so some of you may be dealing with the rain for your morning commute on thursday. this is 10:00 in the morning. some heavy rain should be around the washington area. so this is all going to keep moving through as we go through the afternoon thursday. then by 5:00 p.m., we should see areas clear out of the rain. but the heaviest could be in parts of south jersey and delaware. then for friday, we clear out slowly with the colder air moving in. so that will be very noticeable as we end out the week and
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especially going into the weekend with temperatures dropping off once again. for tonight, partly cloudy and mild, 53 for the low in philadelphia. 45 in areas north and west. so not as cool as we go through the overnight hours tonight. tomorrow a mix of sun and clouds. it will still be warm, 66. 70 degrees for the high temperature. the rain won't get here until thursday, 63. so kind of a cool, rainy day. then going into friday, we clear out, but it will be windy and it will be colder, too. 54 for the high temperature. saturday, a cold start to the weekend with temperatures in the 30s as you wake up to start your saturday morning. through the afternoon, highs near 50 degrees. sunday, a chance for showers with temperatures in the mid-50s. even to start off next week. after a five-year break, leaf collection returns to the city of philadelphia. but the rules have changed. what residents need to do differently this fall to make sure the leaves on their property get picked up. and nbc 10 continues to make
5:24 pm
calls to city and county polling places for any potential problems this election day. a live update is still ahead.
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leaf collection returns after a five-year hiatus. any leaves that are leftover to
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be bagged can be taken to 22 locations throughout the city. or you can leave them out on trash day. the leaf collection service and drop off locations will remain open until december 19th. we continue to follow breaking developments in the abduction investigation. >> nbc 10's rosemary conners spent the entire day with carlesha freeland-gaither's family. >> reporter: we are back in the neighborhood of the crime scene. coming up, we'll tell you what police last told the family.
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we are following the investigation into the abduction of a woman in pennsylvania. this picture shows a picture of the person of interest. the search for carlesha freeland-gaither on sunday as she was grabbed on the sidewalk and pushed into a car. >> we have investigators working this case in philadelphia and maryland. police are trying to enhance the video to show her abduction. rosemary conners spent the day with carlesha freeland-gaither's family. what is the latest?
5:31 pm
>> reporter: happening among the rush hour traffic, we have seen quite a few police cars patrolling the neighborhood. as you mentioned earlier today, we are with the family of northwest detectives as they gave the news conference. and we talked to them when they came out of the police station after speaking with police for about two hours in private. we asked them about their discussion and what they were hearing on the search. >> we didn't discuss anything about any suspects. they are just telling us they are doing their job, but no other developments. >> reporter: after a long day at northwest detectives division, carlesha's family emerged. >> nothing about the charges or anything like that. all we want back is our daughter. that's all we ask for. >> reporter: the safe return of 22-year-old carlesha freeland-gaither is the only message her family wants the abductor to hear. they hope carlesha is listening. >> all you have to do is get out, i've got you. just come home. just come home. i love you so much. >> reporter: at the scene today, nerves were frayed and emotions
5:32 pm
were running high. police clergy members showed up to offer their help. the nursing assistant who cared for cancer patients tried to escape her attacker seen in this surveillance video sunday night. her family describes her as tough. >> please, baby, just fight. fight. >> reporter: now earlier today carlesha's grandmother spoke openly about the fact that she suspects that one of carlesha's ex-boyfriends from maryland may be involved in this abduction. however, police have yet to comment on that. reporting live in germantown, rosemary conners, "nbc 10 news." in the surveillance video of the abduction, you can see carlesha freeland-gaither putting up a fight as her family is telling her to continue to do. today we sought out a self-defense expert to watch the video and show us steps people can take to protect themselves. tim sylvester is a professor at jujitsu in queen village and
5:33 pm
says it looks like she was overpowered by the suspect even though she fought hard to try to prevent her abduction. he also told nbc 10's christine maddela the victim did a lot of things well, like when she dropped to the ground to avoid being put inside the car. >> it was intelligent the way she could drop down to the floor and try to use gravity on her side. we kind of do the same thing like when you are wrestling around on the ground. you can use gravity to become your strength. >> sylvester tells his students instead of fighting off an attacker using individual movements like pushing with your arms, you need to use whole body movements to garner more strength. stay with "nbc 10 news" and for continuing coverage of the abduction investigates. we have multiple reporters working every angle of this breaking story. we are tracking an accident along i-95.
5:34 pm
let's get to nbc 10's christine maddela live on skyforce 10. >> reporter: this crash is between two cars here on 95 northbound near academy road. one of the cars, the one on the right-hand side is overturned onto its hood blocking two left lanes adding to the normal volume for your afternoon rush hour. so there is a major delay on 95 northbound from the vine street expressway to academy road. so you can expect added delays. no word on any injuries as crews continue to investigate. live in skyforce 10, christine maddela, "nbc 10 news." the polls are open for about two-and-a-half more hours. >> and meteorologist sheena parveen, what is it like for those heading out to vote tonight? it is cool but not very cold. it's not as cool as it was last night at this time. so it is pretty mild outside with temperatures in the mid-60s
5:35 pm
right now. if you're still going to head out to vote this evening, 65 in philadelphia. even pottstown, 63 degrees in allentown. 58 in millville. that's one of the cooler spots and also in atlantic city with temperatures coming in in the upper 50s. the rest of your evening for voting hours, by 7:00 this evening, around 61 degrees. so temperatures will keep on tumbling. by 8:00 once the polls close, we'll see the temperatures approach the upper 50s across the area. aside from this, we have warmer temperatures in the forecast tomorrow and some rain on the way before even colder air moves in. i'll show you all the details and the timing on that coming up. the nbc 10 investigators are keeping tabs on potential election day trouble. they have been checking in with counties across the area. ahead in a live report, why concern is being raised over this.
5:36 pm
still breaking right now, the search for carlesha kidnapped in this video. now the first big break in this case is crossing state lines. at 6:00, nbc 10 has four reporters working every angle asking police what they are doing to put pressure on the streets for information. plus, we are in maryland tracking where the victim's debit card was used. we are talking to the family as they await information from the officials. count on "nbc 10 news" at 6:00.
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5:38 pm
i'm christine maddela live in skyforce 10 over northeast philadelphia. just in the past two minutes, we saw someone in this accident here near academy road, this is 95 northbound near academy road, we saw crews take someone out on a stretcher and put them into this ambulance you see here at the bottom of the screen. so we do know one man is injured in this crash. no word how serious those injuries are. those two cars are taking up the left lanes on interstate 95 northbound adding to the normal rush hour volume. so as we continue to follow 95 here towards the city of philadelphia, you will see major backups here. and that backup starts at interstate 676 stretching up to academy road. so expect delays on your afternoon commute. it looks like it's still going to be there for quite some time as one car is still overturned and no tow trucks have arrived yet on scene.
5:39 pm
we'll continue to bring you breaking developments as soon as they become available. live in skyforce 10 over northeast philadelphia, christine maddela, "nbc 10 news." now to the latest on the search for carlesha freeland-gaither. nbc 10 has just received these photos of a man investigators call a person of interest in her abduction. they were taken from a surveillance camera at the pnc bank in aberdeen, maryland. that's where free land-gaither's atm card was used yesterday morning at 6:00. the 22-year-old was abducted from a germantown street sunday night. well, it's not uncommon for problems to crop up at the polls on election day. the nbc 10 investigators have been checking in with county election officials and ahead there are issues with a misleading political mailer. and more rain and cold in the forecast, sheena? >> that's right. more rain heading our way later on this week followed by colder temperatures. i'll show you the timing of the rain and how cold it will get before the weekend, that's coming up.
5:41 pm
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i'm christine maddela live in skyforce 10 over breaking news in northeast philadelphia. we are continuing to watch this accident taking up two left lanes of interstate 95 northbound near academy road. just minutes ago the ambulance carried the injured person from this crash was taken off in an ambulance. the two left lanes are blocked. the two right lanes are getting by slowly. and this crash as we pan over, we can see that fire crews and police are blocking the two left lanes. you can expect added delays here on 95 northbound. those delays stretch from the vine street expressway northbound all the way to academy road. you can see just how many cars are piled up here. you might want to take the
5:43 pm
boulevard as an alternate. reporting live in skyforce 10, christine maddela, "nbc 10 news." here are some of the stories making headlines on "nbc 10 news" at 5:30. philadelphia police are calling this man a person of interest in the disappearance of carlesha freeland-gaither. these photos are from a pnc bank in aberdeen, maryland. gaither was taken from the sidewalk and shoved into a car on sunday. no one has seen from her since. her glasses and cell phone were found at the scene. a former university of pennsylvania professor serving five to ten years for killing his wife was on the witness stand today in norristown, montgomery county. rafael rob is accused of hiding millions of dollars from his daughter. his wife's estate is suing to get the money back. and the person who shot a delaware state university student last night is still at large. the young man was shot at an off-campus residence hall north of the main campus in dover. the student is now recovering in the hospital with
5:44 pm
non-life-threatening injuries. police have not offered a description of the shooter. the nbc 10 investigators have been keeping track of potential election problems all day long. >> investigative reporter mitch blocker is just finding out there's major fallout from an inaccurate and misleading mailer. >> the mailer came from a union bank political action committee. a flier from a pennsylvania working committee sent 30,000 registered voters information with the wrong polling place. the group says it was simple human error. the pack was going to show the nonpartisan election watchdog committee of 70 got nearly 400 phone calls from philadelphia alone, most to do with polling location confusion. the executive director ellen kaplan says far more people were confused about where to vote than normal. >> the volume of calls is much higher today which we attribute
5:45 pm
to this incorrect mailing. now, the question is whether it's going to impact voter turnout. and we don't know that yet. it's too early to say. >> intentionally accepteding out misleading information is a violation of code. there's no reason to assume that's what happened here, but we are told the district attorney will investigate after the election. the nbc 10 investigators are also looking into problems at the polls for non-native english speakers and the handicap. we are also keeping tabs of the election nearing. for the investigators, i'm mitch blocker, "nbc 10 news."ç and we are looking at a mild night. tonight we'll be seeing the
5:46 pm
clouds stick around, too. tomorrow we have the clouds sticking around. we notice the clouds later in the day. mostly cloudy tomorrow but still wa warm. thursday is the day you want your umbrellas. 62 in westchester and 63 in mount holly. bensalem at 63 degrees. some of the suburbs in delaware are in the upper 50s. millville, 58 degrees. harbor city, atlantic city, in the upper 50s. 63 in dover. here's a look at the cloud cover satellite and radar only showing the clouds here. no rain coming with any of these clouds. but as we go into the overnight hours tonight, the clouds will hang around and will be here with us as we go through the day tomorrow. but again, the rain is not going to come in until thursday. the rain right now is pretty far back off to our west. now ahead of it because this is a cold front, the air is warmer. so our wind direction will keep
5:47 pm
bringing in the warm air for tomorrow. and until all this rain passes through, the cold air behind it will be staying far to our west. so here's what it looks like across much of the eastern seaboard. temperatures in the 60s. so our air is coming in from the southeast at the moment. and this will continue as we go into tomorrow. so another warm day tomorrow. we don't really cool down until after the rain, so until about friday, that's when you notice the temperature drop. for today we stay dry with the clouds still with us. a mild night. then for tomorrow, mostly cloudy conditions. 4:00 p.m. wednesday you notice the clouds around but no rain with any of the clouds. then late wednesday into early thursday, that's when we see the rain approaching. so thursday, 10:00 a.m., we'll have showers across the area. some of you will be dealing with it for the morning commute. then through the day thursday, some pockets of heavy rain are possible through the afternoon. and then by 5:00 p.m. thursday, we start to see this all shifting mostly in to south jersey and delaware. that's the cold front pushing through to start to clear out going into friday.
5:48 pm
and the cold starts to set in as we go towards the end of the week. so temperatures will be dropping down into the 50s as opposed to near 70 like we were today. for tonight, we do stay mild. 53 for the low in philadelphia. 45 areas north and west. not as cool as last night. clouds will stick around and will be with us for tomorrow. so you will notice the increase in cloud cover tomorrow. another warm day at 66 to 70. kind of like today with the temperatures, but the clouds will be here especially on thursday. but that will be the rainy day. 63 for the high temperature thursday with the rain. so kind of a cool rainy day. then friday we clear up. but we're windy and we're colder. high temperatures only in the mid-50s. saturday morning to start off your weekend, we are colder in the 30s to start off your saturday. only topping out near 60 degrees. kind of like last week. and then on sunday we have a chance of showers and temperatures in the mid-50s all the way through the eagles' game on monday. and also tuesday for veterans day.
5:49 pm
governor tom corbett cast his ballot early this morning in pittsburgh. the republican incumbent faces an uphill battle to hold on to his job. democrat tom wolf has consistently led in the polls. wolf voted outside york this afternoon. and tonight he looks to make corbett the first governor in modern pennsylvania political history to lead a re-election campaign. and joining us to discuss the governor's race is a man who knows all about what both candidates are going through. >> former pennsylvania governor ed rendell is watching the returns as they come in tonight. thank you so much for joining us. tom wolf has held a double-digit lead over tom corbett since the may primaries. what are your predictions for tonight? >> well, i think tom wolf is going to be winning but it will be closer than the polls indicated. the last polls were 13% to 14%. i think it's probably going to be 8%, 9%, 10% margin.
5:50 pm
but that's a healthy margin. pennsylvania is a purple state in presidential elections where it is always close, 2.5 points, 3 points. an 8 to 9% victory is the equivalent of a landslide. >> governor rendell, looking beyond the election tonight, what does pennsylvania need to do to succeed? >> well, he's got to find a way to generation more economic growth. you know, we have over a billion dollar deficit and it's basically because we are 50 out of 50 states in job creation. when i was in office, we were 9 out of 50 states. taxes means revenue, and revenue means we can do a lot of things we need to do. so tom wolf's first task will be to balance the budget. but his second task will be to get the pennsylvania economy moving again. >> governor rendell, we know the midterms have become a real fight for control of the senate. do you believe republicans will
5:51 pm
get control of both chambers? >> well, i was pretty certain that was going to happen until the nbc/wall street journal poll on friday found that democrats said they were likely to vote, 57% of the democrats. and republicans 58%. if they are both, the intensity on both sides is the same, it could be a good night for the democrats. but the odds are, there are so many seats the democrats have to defend. the odds are that the republicans will take back the senate tonight. >> a big night to watch. former pennsylvania governor ed rendell, thank you so much for sharing insight with us tonight. we will have all of the results here on nbc 10 and always on and as they come in, races from pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware, stay tuned to nbc 10. we'll hear from the winners and losers on the air with "nbc 10 news" at 11:00. online at and on your mobile device with the "nbc 10 news" app. and nbc 10 has new
5:52 pm
information about the eric frein investigation. >> evidence obtained tonight reveal the secret weapon of how he kept police at bay for seven weeks. and we are following breaking news on "nbc 10 news" at 6:00. just minutes ago police released this photo of a person of interest in the abduction of carlesha free lapd gaither. we have live team coverage straight ahead.
5:53 pm
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5:55 pm
i'm christine maddela live in skyforce 10 continuing to follow breaking news on interstate 95 northbound near academy road. this two-car crash, one of the cars is overturned and still taking up the left two lanes causing major backups. i just checked on your travel times, it's going to take drivers just under an hour. 55 minutes to get from center city to academy road. you can see this long line of cars here. crews blocking the left two lanes. we still haven't seen a tow truck show up to the scene. we'll stay over this crash to bring you the latest throughout the evening. live in skyforce 10, christine maddela, "nbc 10 news." tonight we're learning new details about the capture of eric frein. >> he was plugged in for some of his 48 days on the run. doug shimel was on the trail as
5:56 pm
crews searched for frein and more on the digital footprint left behind. >> reporter: how was eric frein able to stay hidden for seven weeks? a new search warrant obtained by nbc 10 details what police believe was the fugitive sniper's secret weapon. when investigators went through the abandoned airplane hangar of a closed virtual resort in pocano township where frein was captured, the search warrant states a laptop computer and two thumbdrives were found. not long after eric frein was taken on to the barracks, court documents say he told police he used unlocked wi-fi accounts while on the run and accessed the internet. but did that in some way help him elude police all that time? the warrant doesn't say and state police are not commenting. coming up next on "nbc 10 news" at 6:00, breaking news. >> police release this photo of a man using carlesha
5:57 pm
freeland-gaither's bank card in maryland. we have live team coverage on the man police are calling a person of interest. that was a warm wednesday, but big changes are on the way. i'm have the details in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert forecast.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
i'm christine maddela. we have a two-car crash taking up the left two lanes. the car on the right is overturned and we have still not seen a tow truck arrive yet on the scene. there's police and fire crews blocking the left two lanes. but we still need a tow truck to come and right that car, turn it over in order to move it out of the way. look at this long backup. i just checked your travel times. it's going to take nearly an hour, about 55 minutes to get from center city to academy road. this crash has really caused problems adding to the normal volume for the afternoon rush hour. we also learned that one person was taken to the hospital about ten minutes ago as we saw the ambulance leave with that person in the ambulance. no word on his condition. reporting live in skyforce 10, christine ma let da, "nbc 10 news". just minutes ago police released these pictures that could be the biggest clue yet in the search for carlesha. these photos show a man using her bank card at an atm in
6:00 pm
maryland. >> right now the fbi is on the scene trying to find the young woman abducted off of philadelphia's street. tonight we're live in two states as investigators try to close in. >> just bring back my baby. please give me my child. tonight philadelphia police say the man in those photos is a person of interest in the abduction of carlesha freeland-gaither. good evening, i'm renee fattah. aberdeen is an hour and 15 minutes from philly and two hours from the town of california, maryland. that's where carlesha graduated from high school. >> tonight we have a team of reporters covering this story from all angles. and we begin with nbc 10's de