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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  November 4, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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her bank card at an atm in maryland. >> right now the fbi is on the scene trying to find the young woman abducted off of philadelphia's street. tonight we're live in two states as investigators try to close in. >> just bring back my baby. please give me my child. tonight philadelphia police say the man in those photos is a person of interest in the abduction of carlesha freeland-gaither. good evening, i'm renee fattah. aberdeen is an hour and 15 minutes from philly and two hours from the town of california, maryland. that's where carlesha graduated from high school. >> tonight we have a team of reporters covering this story from all angles. and we begin with nbc 10's deanna duvante live where
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carlesha's card was used. deanna, what can you tell us? >> reporter: just minutes ago, eight pictures released from the philadelphia police taken from inside the atm here at the pnc bank just off i-95 near in aberdeen. the images were taken of a man using that atm card. take a good look at the pictures you're about to see. there are three cameras, one that captured the man from above, one that captures him from the other side of the door, and then there are those images straight from the atm itself. his face right now appears to be clouded from some of the lights coming in, but take a look at the coat he's wearing, the hood, the quilting on the jacket may help somebody out there figure out who this man is. we can tell you that the fbi was on scene here for most of the day. not just spending time at the pnc bank but also at a grocery store and going to some fast food restaurants all looking for surveillance video. we have spoken with employees at those establishments. they tell us that federal agents
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came in and wanted to see video, but they were looking for images that might help them in this case. we can tell you that agents are expected to come back in this area some time this evening to continue looking for that video. right now these images from that atm camera, those are the first images released of a person of interest in this case. that is the latest, reporting live from aberdeen, maryland, deana durante, "nbc 10 news." >> right now nbc 10's harry hairston continues our live team coverage from police headquarters in philadelphia. harry, police are gathering clues from the audio on that vid video? >> reporter: yes, they wouldn't say what clues they are getting from the audio, but right now where the investigation is, they are trying to determine if the man seen on the bank video or the bank photos i should say is the man that was seen in the neighborhood. these are the just released
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photos police got from the atm in aberdeen, maryland, yesterday morning. although we are seeing them for the first time, police have been examining them for more than 36 hours. does this compare to the same video from surveillance in the neighborhood? >> it's similar but hard to tell at this point. >> reporter: police said the photos from the bank are a significant break in the case. can you explain what you do now when you have that type of lead, where do your officers go and how closely do you work with maryland state police and the fbi on this? >> we are working with maryland state police and the fbi for sure. our officers are still conducting an investigation here in this area. >> reporter: meantime, the fbi says they are using video enhancing equipment and other technology to help with the investigation. so you aren't working on video enhancement at this point. enhancing the video at this point, you're working on that at this point and hope to release it today? >> yes, possibly. >> reporter: we are still waiting to hear from the fbi if they have been able to enhance the video.
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they were hoping to try to get that out to the media some time this afternoon. that may come out a little later on tonight. now, police at this point tell me that they are still working this investigation around the clock using s.w.a.t. and highway patrol. and officers from several districts throughout philadelphia. reporting live at police headquarters, harry hairston, "nbc 10 news." thank you. today carlesha's family called her a fighter and they begged her attacker to release her. carlesha's mother was so distraught she could barely speak. nbc 10's rosemary conners spoke with the family after leaving a meeting with philadelphia detectives. we'll have her live report in ten minutes. skyforce 10 was over breaking news in camden county a short time ago. within the last few minutes, we learned this brush fire in pine hill has been placed under control. the fire started at 4:00 this afternoon along branch avenue not far from trump national golf course. no one was hurt and no word on exactly how the fire started.
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mess tell us an ak-47 style weapon may have been used in a murder in philadelphia this afternoon. skyforce 10 was over i-street near 3:00 p.m. the victim was shot and killed in a car. and another big story we're following tonight. decision 2014. and in pennsylvania, all eyes are on the governor's race. this afternoon democrat tom wolf cast his ballot in york county. republican governor tom corbett voted in pittsburgh this morning. we have live team coverage from both campaigns tonight. nbc 10's keith jones is following the corbett campaign. >> we begin with nbc 10 ease lu ann cahn live in york where they'll watch the returns come in tonight. lu ann, what is the mood there? >> reporter: we are in the center where the wolf campaign is prepping and hoping to be part of a big celebration tonight. i did spend a little bit of time with the candidate earlier today in philadelphia. he looked a little tired. i asked him how he thought
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things were going and he said, i think i'm in pretty good shape. tom wolf made four stops in philadelphia today. we caught up with him on columbus boulevard where he met with labor leaders. it's almost impossible for a democrat to win in this state without strong support from philadelphia and pittsburgh. this morning turnout was brisk and better than some expected. back in york this afternoon, wolf voted and then took questions from reporters about how he feels as the frontrunner in this campaign. >> i have never done this before so i think it's like somebody, like i am taking an exam and waiting for the teacher to give me the test results back. i studied hard, worked hard and now it's up to the voters. >> reporter: someone asked wolf how he feels about voting in his hometown on this election night. and he said, neat. it's neat. live in york, lu ann cahn, "nbc 10 news." >> all right, lu ann. meantime, governor corbett's
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campaign will be watching the returns in pittsburgh. >> and that's where nbc 10's keith jones continues the live team coverage tonight. keith, what is the campaign saying today? >> reporter: well, i just got done talking with the campaign manager. they are confident despite the double-digit deficit they are seeing in a lot of the polls. they say in so many words that frankly the polls are nonsense because they don't account for voter turnout. they are counting on a low turnout from the democratic voter who is outnumber the voters in pennsylvania by a million. and they typically democrats don't show up in non-presidential election years. the governor and his wife susan are expected here at 8:00 p.m. they voted in shaler this morning. that's the video you're seeing that is 20 minutes north of pittsburgh. that's where the governor ended his campaign. and mike barley tells me, the campaign manager, they aren't paying attention to polls. >> the polls, again, it doesn't measure turnout. and it doesn't really account for turnout. and i can probably give an hour-long rant about how i feel
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about some of the met tricks they use to conduct the polls, but at the end of the day, the only poll that matters are the ones that we knew that mattered and that is what happens today. >> reporter: regardless, we are ready for pittsburgh here at the william penn hotel. if corbett wins, he overcomes the double-digit deficit. that would be a first in the state of pennsylvania. if he loses, he becomes the first sitting governor to lose a re-election at an incumbent since 1968 when the state constitution finally reflected the governors could run and serve more than two terms, i should say, more than one term. reporting live in pittsburgh, keith jones, "nbc 10 news." well, for the most part, voting is going smoothly in delaware valley. but the nbc 10 investigators reveal some problems at the polls all day, but we also found some solutions. the latest has to do with non-native english speakers. in the last hour, we have learned philadelphia polling locations have been offering asian-americans and native spanish speakers the option for
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interpretors. by law, philadelphia has to provide the spanish speakers with access. there's been complaints not all chinese dialects have been covered. >> if they don't speak english well or at all, they won't understand the sample ballot. if they can get assistance in the voting booth, people feel frustrated because they want to participate in voting and they can't. >> they are also complaining of people handing out campaign materials inside polling places. now, they are supposed to stay at least 10 feet from where voting is happening. here's a live look at the u.s. capitol dome tonight. there could be a change in the balance of power in washington, d.c. we're going to take a look at how local races can influence the outlook in ten minutes. i'm rosemary conners following the latest breaking
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developments in the kidnapping of carlesha freeland-gaither. we'll tell you what her family is learning from police. and it was a warm tuesday but we'll tell you what changes are on the way. details in my exclusive nbc 10 seven-day weather forecast. and good news from the nfl playe playe player's daughter and the major milestone she's made in her fight.
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we are following the latest investigation on the kidnapping of carlesha freeland-gaither. police say the latest video shows a potential person of interest using her debit card. the surveillance video shows her being grabbed on sunday night and being pushed into a car. tonight the reward in the case has grown to $47,000. so many people reaching out to help, including police organizations as well as financial institutions. today carlesha's family can't stop crying as you can imagine. they are desperate for carlesha's safe return. and they made their most public
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plea for information yet. nbc 10's rosemary conners talked to the family after they left an afternoon meeting with detectives. she's live right now in germantown. rosemary, did the family learn any new information? >> reporter: they told me after they left the police station they did not talk about suspects this afternoon, rather they were briefed on the extensive efforts police are working on right now to try to find and bring carlesha home. the message the family wants to send to the abductor is all they are after at this point is a safe return. >> we're her family, we need her. >> reporter: the grandmother who raised carlesha freeland-gaither released these photos after graduating from high school a few years ago. she moved back to philadelphia to be near her parents and pursue a career as a hospital nursing assistant caring for cancer patients. >> all you have to do is get out, i got you. just come home. just come home. i love you so much.
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>> reporter: this surveillance video appears to be the last time anyone saw the 22-year-old in the area. it was sunday night and she struggled with her abductor near west coulter and green streets before being forced into the car. her attacker could be a former boyfriend from maryland who tried to track down carlesha after she moved. >> he was always a sketchy character to me. >> reporter: earlier the family continued to flier the neighborhood crime scene. while the mood was somber, they recalled positive memories, like when carlesha came through for her younger brother. >> i was like 6 and broke a window. and she was like, i'll take the blame for you. i was like, are you sure? she was like, yeah. i was like, okay. >> whoever you are, whatever you know, please, just help find my daughter. i just want my daughter back home. whatever i have to give you, just have my daughter back home with me and my family in a safe place. >> reporter: now this evening at
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9:30 will mark 48 hours since the abduction. the family is hoping that police may be able to get just a few more leads before the night is out. reporting live in germantown, rosemary conners, "nbc 10 news." thank you, rosemary. and count on nbc 10 during the search for carlesha. look for updates on as new information comes in. we also have information on how to protect yourself if you are ever faced with an attacker. now a live look at the u.s. capitol where all the seats are up for grabs, but the biggest thing we are watching is where democrats have 53 seats and republicans have 48.
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chris kuntz is running against governor wade. he's keeping an eye on his own race and watching other seats. he knows when he gets back to washington things could look differently if republicans take control. >> we are looking forward to progress and bipartisanship and republicans, independents and democrats all ask that we find a way to get past the gridlock in washington and to make some real solutions to the problems facing our state and our country. >> delaware's lone member of the u.s. house is in a fight tonight. democrat john carney is looking to go back to washington to serve a third term. rose izzo is hoping they send her instead. and in the second district in new jersey, congressman frank lobiando is trying to keep his seat. his opponent bill hughes jr. is casting his ballot in northfield. the second district stretches from the delaware memorial
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bridge to lbi and in the midst of the casino crisis and massive layoffs, the fight will be to create and protect jobs. >> i am working with mayor guardian, working with the state of new jersey, the legislative delegation, the plans are forward and whatever role the federal government can play in that team effort is what i'll be happy with. >> we can make sure the federal contracts that are supposed to be done in the aviation sector are actually performed in or near the faa tactical center. >> mayor don guardian tells nbc 10 he can't go it alone in atlantic city. congress must extend long-term unemployment help and come up with solutions to re-invent a.c. get updates on the free "nbc 10 news" app. download it by going to then turn to 10 tonight at 7:00 to bring you hourly updates all
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night long and comprehensive election nightly results on "nbc 10 news" at 11:00. we couldn't have for better weather for election day. not just here but up and down the east coast. a very warm day today with a warm wednesday as well. though it may not be quite as warm as today. we are tracking rain coming in. and another cold blast once that rain moves through. we have mostly clear skies with higher clouds. 62 degrees right now. the wind is only 6 miles an hour. we are 11 degrees warmer than at this time yesterday. and yesterday it was way warmer than the weekend. well, we are in the upper 50s to the mid-60s right now. ben salem, 65 degrees. one of the warm spots. of course with the sun setting earlier, the temperatures are dropping sooner than they have been. the warmer trend is pretty significant. sunday only 49.
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yesterday, 60. today, 71. tomorrow, about 68 degrees. there are the high clouds moving through, but they are thinning out. and so it's going to be a pretty quiet night. we do have showers back to the west. it looks fairly substantial, but it's going to be weakening quite a bit as it moves to the east as we go through the night tonight on our futurecast and into the morning. where did the rain go? it's just disappearing. it's not all that impressive, is it? and just clouds during the day tomorrow. that might keep the temperature below 70. but that's about it. then tomorrow night, the first chance of some rain coming in. and by thursday, that chance of rain really goes up. and then the question related to how much rainfalls and for how long, this particular model just having a couple lines of heavy showers moving through. so it wouldn't necessarily last that long, but it would also be pretty heavy at times. and then that cold northwest
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wind comes back in. and now for next week, you think the late week forecast is cold, next week we're talking about arctic air coming in to the country. and it's only going to be the middle of november. for tonight, partly cloudy and mild, 53. tomorrow, a mix of sun and clouds, relatively warm, high temperatures in the upper 60s on average. not all that chilly with the rain on thursday. but some of it could be at least briefly heavy. then it gets windy and colder on friday. and the coldest day is saturday. just a chance of some showers sunday. it does not look like there will be any kind of major storm, but it gets chilly early next week and very cold later next week. all right. thank you, glenn. a new development in the fight over trump plaza. the business that will be allowed to keep running even though it's connected to a shuttered casino.
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new at 6:00, a popular casino will be reworked to fit the space that was designed by the trump casino. the rainforest cafe can keep cooking but will operate in the space next to the casino and will have to build walls to separate itself from trump plaza. a little girl at children's hospital of philadelphia is about to give her dad the thrill of a lifetime. she's going to cincinnati to watch dad devan spiel of the
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bengals. she has cancer but is doing well enough to see her dad. the team is also going to give her a million-dollar check for cancer research. we'll be right back, if
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diarrhea, and headache. woman: amitiza helped me find relief from my chronic constipation. ask your doctor if amitiza is right for you. . "nbc 10 news" is keeping you up-to-date after 22-year-old carlesha freeland-gaither was kidnapped. her atm card was used yesterday morning and police released this video of the man using this card and calling him a person of interest. nbc 10 was in aberdeen as fbi agents questioned them inside the pnc bank and they are looking at surveillance video from a nearby shell gas station. we'll stay on top of that story for you all night. >> we'll have the latest at 11:00. for all of us here at nbc 10, thank you for watching.
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the news continues now with "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. tonight decision 2014, have a great evening. see you at 11:00. on our broadcast tonight, down to the wire. tight races across the country with some big names at stake. our team is fanned out and standing by. with republicans confident they're about to flip the balance of power in america. captured on camera. a woman abducted right off the street. all of it reported on video. and tonight the investigation wiwidens into two states now as investigators follow their latest lead. the final seconds aboard that doomed spaceship. new information may help explain how one pilot managed to survive a catastrophic explosion at 45,000 feet. and making a difference for a young man who grew up loving cars. "nightly news" begins now.