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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  November 5, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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it's not only warm, but it's going to get warmer quickly. let's get right to nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley. bill? >> 71 yesterday afternoon, but we will see less sunshine today. so, it will be upper 60s today. still unusually warm for november. it will feel like october. there you can see the scattered clouds overhead right now. the clouds are thicker north and west, and the radar spotting some showers, showers holding together for light sprinkles in the pocono mountains. a slight chance we'll see them in the allentown area this morning before they fizzle. 45 right now in allentown. 55 degrees at philadelphia international. and at the bus stop, yeah, it's a cool start, but not for this time of year. 45 degrees in the suburbs, 54 degrees in the city. and as the day progresses, we will warm nicely through the 60s, top out at 68 degrees at 3:00 this afternoon. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i'm back in less than ten minutes, but right now, let's check in with first alert traffic reporter jillian mele. good morning, jillian. >> good morning, bill. we have a minor accident on the shoulder of the blue route
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northbound right as you approach conshohocken, exit 18a. police just got to the scene. it looks like two vehicles are pushed over to the shoulder right now. it's not slowing down any traffic, but still, it's on a major highway, so we wanted to let you know that we have a minor accident out there. aside from that, drive times on the blue route 18 minutes both directions between 76 and 95. so, it's a pretty good start out there for drivers on most of the area highways. in fact, this is also some good news. we had an accident in hilltown township much of the morning, 309 southbound just past 113. that finally cleared, so no other issues to report on 309 right now. vai? decision 2014, and voters in pennsylvania have chosen a new governor, democrat tom wolf defeated incumbent republican tom corbett by a double-digit margin at the polls. governor-elect wolf will have his hands full when he takes office in january. nbc 10's jesse gary's live in university city. and jesse, you found out wolf will focus on education and
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investment and job creation, but the agenda doesn't stop there. tell us more. >> reporter: yeah, vai, also a long wish list by democrats from energy creation to immigration and tax reform. you can also put on that list another one, which is infrastructure repair. those are all efforts that require bipartisan support, like the president and governor-elect needs to reach across the aisle to get things done. ed rendell says that approach will lead to success on those four big issues facing both the state and the country. >> those are four very important areas, where i think if we act in good faith, we can make substantial progress. >> reporter: and tom wolf will work to put together his transition team now ahead of his january 20th swearing-in ceremony. jesse gary. senator cory booker won his first full six-year term in the senate in new jersey, defeating republican jeff bell by a wide margin. last year, booker won the seat in a special election after the death of senator frank
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lautenberg. during his victory speech, he called on lawmakers to put partisan differences aside and get to work on the struggling economy. in delaware, democrat chris coons has been elected for his first term in the senate, beating kevin wade. during his victory speech, he told residents he would be part of the solution in washington, not part of the problem. >> for the first time since 2006, republicans will control both houses of congress. the gop took back the senate with a series of victories in several swing states. a narrow win in north carolina pushed republicans over the top. and you are looking at the new senate majority leader, republican mitch mcconnell turned back a democratic challenge in kentucky to win re-election there. the gop is also expected to pad its majority in the house to near historic levels. and president obama said he wants to sit down with congressional leaders after the election. the white house said invitations have gone out. the president said he wants both parties to plan a way forward. and there are a lot more race results from our area.
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you can check them out at our website at 6:03. developing overnight, philadelphia police have joined forces with investigators in maryland to look for a missing philadelphia woman and the man seen on surveillance video kidnapping her. we have new video of the moment the suspect approached the victim. nbc 10's katy zachry is live at philadelphia police headquarters. katy? >> reporter: hi, tracy. i recently spoke with northwest detectives. they are leading the investigation. they tell me they're waiting on more information from investigators in maryland. but here at home, we do have new information of the suspect. take a look. this is video from sunday night, just moments before the 22-year-old nursing aide was abducted. it shows the exact second when the suspect approached carlesha freeland-gaither. look closely and you can see him reach out for her hand, but when the victim tries to get around him, he lunges and grabs her. another camera picks up the pair struggling down the block moments before freeland-gaither is forced into the suspect's car
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and driven off. her family says their daughter is strong, which is why they still have such hope. >> any contact with me and my family. again, not pressing no charges, anything like that. all we want back is our daughter. that's all we're asking for. >> reporter: and the family has made several public pleas to the abductor. they tell us that she was raised in maryland. now, hours after the abduction, the victim's bank card was used at the least one location in maryland. we do have a picture of the man using it, and i'll show you that coming up in the next half hour. reporting live outside police headquarters, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. >> and we have a team of reporters working around the clock as the nation joins in the search for carlesha. we'll have updates on the air and also at opening statements are scheduled today in the domestic violence trial for former philadelphia police hero richard decoatsworth. the former officer is charged with assaulting an ex-girlfriend last year.
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decoatsworth was arrested in may on sex charges involving alleged prostitutes. he pleaded guilty, but a judge later threw out those charges. decoats world was honored for heroism after being shot in the face during a 2007 traffic stop. and in salem county today, lawyers and a judge will discuss the case of a teacher accused of assaulting a student. ed mahoney's accused of pushing and kicking a 13-year-old at pennsgrove middle school last march. the student had a bruised arm. a man is under arrest for a shooting that injured a delaware state university student. we reported this arrest as breaking news last night at 11:00. monday afternoon, a student was shot outside an off-campus residence hall in dover, kent county. the suspect arrested last night is not a student, and police are still looking for a second suspect. the victim is recovering in the hospital. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> it's a dry start and we're seeing scattered clouds. this is the view from south philadelphia. you can see right over lincoln
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financial field it is dry, but we're tracking some showers off to the north and west. we'll see clouds on the increase during the day today. there's a slight chance of some areas north and west will see a shower. better chance we'll see steadier rain enter the picture tonight and into tomorrow. and then this weekend, it turns chilly once again with temperatures saturday only in the 40s. 52 in doylestown right now, 55 in philadelphia and cape may is at 55 degrees. it's a mild start. you can see some breaks in the clouds in this live view from cape may at the marquis de lafayette hotel. we'll be in and out of the cloud cover. those breaks will, though, go away tonight, as a steadier rain moves in. right now we're tracking some showers, not in the immediate philadelphia area. it's well off to the north and west. may see a few sprinkles in the pocono mountains, and there is a chance some of these showers will hold together for allentown, for the lehigh valley. this morning it's a possibility that we'll see some light sprinkles into the northern and western suburbs, but most of the area i think will stay dry today.
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there will be enough sunshine breaking through the clouds for 60s this afternoon in the pocono mountains, 65 for reading and up to 64 for quakertown. upper 60s for northeast philadelphia, trenton, mt. holly and partly sunny skies at the shore. look at the numbers. very unnovemberlike. upper 60s for vineland and philadelphia, warming up in voluntary hoos and grassboro. but steadier rain takes over and gets colder for the weekend. the seven-day forecast when i'm back in less than ten minutes. and it is 6:08. time to get a check on the roads out there. >> for that, we check with nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jillian mele. what are you seeing? >> good morning. starting in delaware, live look at 95 at 273. you can see a little volume starting to build, but for the most part, roads are still quiet with no accidents on the majors in delaware. average speeds, 55 miles an hour. 65 we're seeing right now on 495, and 57 on route 1.
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so, drivers in delaware, not too much to deal with aside from the normal volume just starting to build. still have an accident on the blue route northbound, shoulder near conshohocken. it's not causing any slowdowns, as you can see. 76 is still pretty quiet with the exception of just congestion building, especially on 95 southbound. that's a situation we're dealing with right now. just got an accident into the system in port richmond. this is richmond street at allegheny avenue. use caution if you're heading out in that direction. and for drivers in new jersey, a check of things on the 42 freeway as we make our way northbound right near route 55, heading north to the walt whitman bridge. you'll notice the speeds averaging about 55 miles per hour. area bridges are clear. and so far, we're not reporting any significant delays when it comes to mass transit. tracy? >> jillian, thanks. 6:09 right now. happening today, the future of a philadelphia school is still to be determined. parents get to weigh in today. and check your numbers and check them twice. a single ticket hit the mega millions $321 million jackpot.
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we'll show you the numbers.
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now to more results in decision 2014. in south jersey, frank lobiondo will represent the 2nd district in the u.s. house for an 11th term, beating out bill hughes jr., who is the son of lobiondo's predecessor. now to another high-profile race, former philadelphia eagle garry cobb lost to donald norcross for the house district 1 seat. norcross is a state senator who spent most of his career as an electrician and union official. for a complete list of all the results from the races in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware, just go to our website at the nbc 10 investigators spent election day looking into the problems some voters had at the polls. the non-partisan election watchdog committee of 70 says it
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got about 400 phone calls from philadelphia voters, most to do with confusion over polling location. some voters encountered a language barrier. philadelphia precincts offer interpreters for asian americans and native spanish speakers, but there were some complaints that not all chinese dialects are covered. >> if they don't speak english well or at all, they're not going to understand the sample ballot. and even if they can get assistance in the voting booth, people feel frustrated because they want to participate in voting, and they can't. >> the philadelphia d.a.'s office is planning to investigate a complaint against a union-backed political action committee. pennsylvania working families sent a flier with information including the wrong polling place to 30,000 registered voters. if that was done intentionally, it's a violation of the state election code. it is just about 6:15. happening today, a public hearing will be held on the future of a philadelphia charter school.
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school district officials will help determine if the walter palmer elementary school's license should be revoked. the state supreme court ruled the school in northern liberties violated its contract by accepting too many students. a woman with two great grandchildren at the palmer school told us that she's angry about the possible closure. >> as far as putting him back in public school here, excuse the expression, public schools here suck right now, you know? they're talking about closing schools and putting them back in public schools. and yet, every time we turn around, they're laying off teachers all over the place. >> walter palmer, the founder and president of the school, has apologized for the situation. we're learning more about the oregon mom accused of throwing her son off a bridge and killing him. jillian mccabe appeared by video yesterday in court but did not enter a plea. relatives say mccabe had a mental collapse after struggling to care for her 6-year-old au autistic son and husband who has multiple sclerosis and a mass on
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his brain stem. she remains behind bars. and a vigil is under way to honor 43 college students feared dead in mexico. those gathered say they will stay there for a total of 43 hours. the village ygil began hours af former mayor and his wife were arrested. authorities say the couple ordered local police to abduct the students during a political event and turn them over to a drug gang. now to concerns over ebola. the relief organization samaritans first is sending ebola supplies to west africa. the cargo jet will leave from charlott charlotte, north carolina, today bound for liberia. items include disinfectants, masks and rubber gloves. dr. kent brantly, who survived the deadly virus while volunteering for the charity, will help send off the shipment. the city of philadelphia's helping residents clean up their fall leaves. next monday, the city is resuming its curbside pickup after a five-year hiatus due to budget cuts, but the leaves have to be in piles at the curb if you want them picked up that
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way. if you want to bag them yourself, you can take them to 1 of 22 drop-off locations around the city where they will be recycled, or you can leave them curbside for trash day, but those will be collected as trash, not recycled. the leaf collection service will operate until december 19th. 6:17. that dreaded hour when usually volume picks up out there. >> let's find out what the roads look like with nbc 10's first alert traffic reporter jillian mele. >> good morning, vai. you're exactly right, volume is building on a lot of the highways across the area. this is chester county, route 30 by pass, westbound near route 22 322. we have pockets of volume, not steady volume, although that's the scenario on other highways. richmond street at allegheny avenue, an accident. exit 18a, we're dealing with an accident near conshohocken on the shoulder. it's not really impacting anything. you can see drive times are looking good on the blue route northbound from 95 to 76, taking
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18 minutes right now. 15 minutes on 76 westbound from the vine out to the blue route. if you are traveling 95, you're going to be planning to travel 95 in the next few minutes, we're just getting that first bit of volume that we're used to seeing in the morning, southbound from woodhaven to the vine. it's about a 19-minute trip right now. and you can see right near cottman avenue, that's where drivers are starting to put on their brake lights a little bit and slow down as drivers around that curve and head into center city, philadelphia. still no accidents to report on the majors in new jersey or delaware. and no big problems on mass transit. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> it's about 15 minutes before sunrise. we're going to see less sunshine today. you can see the clouds that are moving through center city. this is a live view from the mellon bank building. we'll get some breaks of sunshine, and we're getting a warm start. 55 degrees. with a little bit of sunshine, we're back into the 60s this afternoon. we're watching for some scattered showers in the pocono mountains. you can see the clouds over the french manor this morning.
6:19 am
a cloudy start, but later on some breaks of sunshine. right now some very light rainfall in the scranton area, and off to the north and west, there's a slight chance these showers will hold together long enough to make it into the allentown area or berks county. but i think most of the area stays dry today. and philadelphia will get steadier rainfall tonight, as this is the system that's going to be moving in. so, we'll see a lot less sunshine today, and there is a chance of some morning showers. future clouds show showers off to the north and west at 7:00 this morning. then they fizzle. we'll get some breaks of sunshine, but it's never going to clear out during the day today. 7:00 this evening, it's dry. by later in the evening, here comes the rain moving into chester county by 10:00 tonight. this is just updated information and possibly some moderate showers to the west at 5:00 tomorrow morning, when the rain will be falling in philadelphia and especially steady off to the north and west. during the day today, clouds, some breaks of sunshine, but definitely mild. 60s this afternoon. winds to 12 miles an hour.
6:20 am
tomorrow will be mild in spite of the rain showers. we'll be on and off during the day, a high of 63 degrees on thursday. then wind and a few showers remaining on friday, but the temperatures start to come down. and look at the weekend, 48 degrees on saturday after a cold start in the morning in the 30s. a chance of a shower on sunday, but dry and cool for monday and tuesday. >> all right, bill, 20 minutes past 6:00. we're following breaking news just in from delaware county and skyforce10 is over the scene. you see a heavy police presence in collingdale on lafayette. a witness tells nbc 10 that police officers and a suspect fired shots at each other. we're working to confirm that with police. you see one person right there being taken in handcuffs, but you definitely see the police presence. again, this is lafayette in collingdale, delaware county. skyforce10 live above. we'll find out exactly what happened and bring you an update, coming up. it is now day three in the search for carlesha freeland-gaither. we're working around the clock to bring you new information in
6:21 am
the hunt for the guy who snatched her off the streets of philadelphia. and fighting for his future, former baltimore ravens ray rice is back in court. this time, he's going up against the nfl.
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philadelphia's hometown band, the roots, led by questlove, is on a mission to raise money for its alma mater. more than $1 million was cut from the budget of philadelphia high school for creative and performing arts. 19 teachers and staff had to be let go. funding for clubs and extracurricular activities were eliminated, and the theater production was canceled. the roots is the house band for nbc's "tonight show with jimmy fallon," of course. the creator of the kappa foundation, which will provide money for supplies, clubs and after-school activities as well as renovations for school's theater. the mega millions jackpot
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reached $321 million and one ticket matched all the numbers, and it was bought in new york. but a match 5 ticket was sold in new jersey, which is worth $4 million. so, here are the winning numbers. 9, 15, 24, 39, 41, and the mega ball is 1. >> and clearly, none of us won, because we are all still here today. good morning to you. checking area bridges. platt bridge, a live look at midspan. you can see traffic moving just fine on the platt bridge. in fact, most of the area bridges are clear right now. that's going to change for drivers on the tacony-palmyra bridge in the next few minutes. we are anticipating a bridge opening around 6:30 this morning. when that happens, traffic will be stopped for a few minutes. so, of course, i'll keep you updated there. let's take a live look outside in cape may right now, where we're still off to a warm start this morning, bill, but i don't think we're going to get the repeat from yesterday. >> no, not as much sunshine. you can see there are clouds overhead in the live view from the marquis de lafayette hotel,
6:26 am
but we have won out when it comes to temperatures. it's wet weather that we're tracking through the north and west. you can see light scattered showers in the pocono mountains. most of those will stay off to the north and west. right now in philadelphia, the temperature is at 55 degrees at 6:26. and police in two states are now searching for missing 22-year-old carlesha freeland-gaither. nbc 10's katy zachry is live at police headquarters in center city, where more clues are coming in. >> reporter: that's right, vai. minutes ago, i got off the phone with the victim's family. i've also been in touch with northwest detectives. they are leading this two-state investigation. i'll have the very latest coming up in a few minutes. and a wave of red momentum rolled across several states on election day, shifting the balance of power in washington. coming up, a look at where democrats lost senate seats and what a gop-controlled congress will mean for president obama. silent night not so silent?
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new clues in the abduction of carlesha freeland-gaither as the search for her crosses state lines. decision 2014 is over. move over, tom corbett. voters have chosen tom wolf as pennsylvania's new governor, and it is an historic win. and move over, cooler temperatures. mild temperatures are back, at least for today. we'll get your forecast hour by hour. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm tracy davidson. mild temperatures, 55 degrees already. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley, find out how warm it will get with his first alert forecast. >> good morning, tracy. it is a nice, mild start, and temperatures will be climbing, in spite of clouds. you can see those clouds over the pocono mountains. that's the view from ski big bear this morning. there are scattered, light showers in the pocono mountains. you can see them off to the north and west. those showers are starting to fall apart. temperatures not bad at all, not for this time of year. 55 degrees in northeast
6:31 am
philadelphia. normally, we'd be in the low 40s at this hour this time of year. pottstown is 50. it's 50 in wilmington and 54 in wrightstown. philadelphia international 55 degrees, 55 also at northeast philadelphia at the airport, while roxborough's down to 52, and it's 54 degrees right along the delaware river trail. clouds, some breaks of sunshine, not as sunny as yesterday, but definitely mild. 64 degrees at lunchtime, upper 60s later today. wet weather's on the way. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i'm back in less than ten minutes, but right now, first alert traffic reporter jillian mele has an update. good morning, jillian. >> good morning to you, bill. right now i'm watching the tacony-palmyra bridge. looks like traffic is stopped on the bridge right now. just about 6:30 this morning, we were warned that traffic was going to be stopped for a ship to pass through. so, the arms are going to have to come up. that has not happened yet, but it looks like officials have stopped traffic, so we're anticipating that bridge opening in the next few minutes. i'll certainly keep you updated there. heading to 76, this is eastbound right at montgomery drive.
6:32 am
you can see that normal volume building, continuing to build out there. 76 eastbound is heavy at this point right near montgomery drive. also some congestion near south street and eastbound near the conshohocken curve. westbound we're starting to get the normal slowdown right near city avenue. still have an accident in port richmond, richmond street at allegheny avenue. also, a few new accidents are coming into the tim right now. i didn't have a chance to map them, so i'm going to go back to the computer and get that information and bring it to you coming up in a few minutes. tracy? >> jillian, thank you. 6:32. we have breaking news out of delaware county. skyforce10 is over the scene of police activity. here's what we know. skyforce10 just watched as police took three people in handcuffs. we only saw one of them, but now we know three people in handcuffs taken to the police station in collingdale. a witness told us they heard shots coming from a house here on lafayette. that's where you see right now. we're working to confirm exactly what happened. nbc 10's monique braxton is on her way to the scene.
6:33 am
we'll get new information as soon as she gets there. developing overnight, police in maryland have joined the search for a missing philadelphia woman. carlesha freeland-gaither was abducted in germantown on sunday night. now investigators have focused their search in aberdeen, maryland. they believe that this man caught on surveillance video is the same person who used freeland-gaither's atm card a short time later. nbc 10's katy zachry is live at philadelphia police headquarters with more on the investigation. katy? >> reporter: tracy, a few minutes ago, carlesha's grandmother told me the family has got no new information overnight. i talked with northwest detectives recently. they told me they're waiting on investigators in maryland to deliver new information. what we do have this morning is new video of the victim being abducted as well as a new picture of the suspect. carlesha freeland-gaither was last seen on a philadelphia street corner walking home sunday night. here is video of the moment before she was abducted. it shows the suspect approach
6:34 am
her. look closely and you see him reach out for her hand. but when the victim tries to get around him, he lunges and grabs her. another camera picks up the pair struggling down the block. then freeland-gaither is forced into the suspect's car and driven off. hours after the abduction, the victim's bank card was used in aberdeen, maryland. a source close to the investigation says the man who used it took out cash. some time later in that same shopping center, a man matching the description appears inside a gas station convenience store. he purposefully walks to the back of the store, grabs a bottle of water, pays and leaves, all under a minute. tuesday night, federal investigators dusted for fingerprints inside that convenience store. and carlesha was raised in california, maryland. her family fears that her abductor could be a former boyfriend. we posed that question to police. they are not commenting on that at this time. reporting live outside police headquarters, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. >> all right, katy. here's more of what we know about carlesha. she works as a nursing assistant
6:35 am
at presbyterian hospital, hoped to become a nurse. she graduated from high school in maryland. then she moved to philadelphia to live with her grandfather. her relatives say a few months ago, she moved in with her boyfriend. now, we have a team of reporters working around the clock as the search for carlesha intensifies. you can count on nbc 10 for updates on air and online at decision 2014. the race for pennsylvania governor goes to democrat tom wolf, the york businessman defeated republican incumbent tom corbett by a double-digit margin. ♪ the governor-elect drove his jeep into a victory party in york last night. the jeep had been featured in wolf's political ads during the campaign. wolf used his victory speech to lay out his vision for pennsylvania. >> our ancestors realized that education was the key to a strong citizenship, to a strong democracy, to a strong economy, to strong families, and we needed to invest in that.
6:36 am
we need to make sure that we resurrect that idea here in pennsylvania and make sure that education is at the top of the list, not the bottom. >> wolf's win means only one term for governor tom corbett. nbc 10's keith jones is live at corbett camp headquarters in pittsburgh. keith, this is something we haven't seen in like four decades, right? >> reporter: that's right. for more than 40 years, as a matter of fact. he bucked a trend that lasted that long. for the first time, a one-term pennsylvania governor woke up this morning out of office. he was emotional last night during his concession speech on a night where, frankly, history was made. supporters lined his route to the stage, but governor corbett was overwhelmed by democratic voter turnout. he and first lady susan corbett thanked supporters and touted accomplishments, among them he says reducing the budget, lowering the unemployment rate and increasing spending for education. in a gracious move, he thanked his opponent over the phone,
6:37 am
democratic challenger turned governor-elect tom wolf, offering a prayer for the family and the fate of the commonwealth. >> i called tom wolf, and i thanked him for a well-fought fight. i congratulated him on his victory, and i wished him well in the next four years. we've had a very energetic campaign. he has prevailed, and i wish him the best. and would you please give him a round of applause. >> reporter: so, the governor also bucked another trend here, losing this free election. it was something known as the cycle in pennsylvania. every eight years, a republican held office, a democrat held office, it had been going since the 1950s, so more than 60 years. with that loss last night from governor corbett, that will be the first time that a republican spends four years in office in that time. now governor-elect tom wolf takes over. reporting live in pittsburgh, keith jones, nbc 10 news. republican congressional leaders will head to washington on friday to meet with president
6:38 am
obama at the white house. they will sit down with the president to lay out their agenda and what they hope to accomplish during last night's elections. the gop took back control of the senate with a series of victories in several swing states. so, for the first time since 2006, republicans will control both houses of congress. nbc 10's chris cato joins us now for a look at what happened and what the changes could bring. chris? >> tracy, only six years after president obama's democrats snatched up the majority in the house and the senate, they are relinquishing that control back to the gop. senate majority leader harry reid last night congratulated republicans on their victory and said he's looking forward to working with them to get things done, as he put it. the gop took back the senate with a series of victories in seven swing states, including a narrow win in north carolina that pushed the republicans over the top. and here is the soon-to-be senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell. 72 years old. he was first elected in 1984. he easily won re-election last night. in his victory speech, he both criticized the president and
6:39 am
extended an olive branch. >> just because we have a two-party system doesn't mean we have to be in perpetual conflict. i think i've shown that to be true at critical times in the past. i hope the president gives me the chance to show it again. >> well, he'll get started on friday. tracy, as you mentioned, he and house speaker john boehner heading to washington on friday to meet with the president. republicans also padded their majority in the house, winning 246 seats yesterday, their largest majority since world war ii. it's interesting, as much changeover as there was in other parts of the country, the delegation from this region, pennsylvania, new jersey, delaware, really remained unchanged in terms of democrats and republicans keeping their seats in the senate and house. now, just ahead this morning on the "today" show, new jersey governor chris christie will be talking about the republican momentum in congress, and we will listen to that and what he says about that control. chris cato, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert
6:40 am
weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> it's another mild morning, but we've got clouds that are on the increase. the sun is up. we're going to see less sunshine than we did yesterday. we're tracking rain off to the north and west. steadier rain arrives tonight and tomorrow. this weekend, the chill is back. right now it's not all that chilly, not for this time of year. 52 degrees in reading. clouds over philadelphia, 55, and 54 in cape may. and there is a little bit of sunshine making it through the clouds in cape may. that's the view from the marquis de lafayette hotel. you can see a little light being reflected. meantime, in the pocono mountains, some scattered, light rain showers. this is blue mountain, which will see just a few light showers to start with and then it will dry out and we will get some breaks of sunshine, even in the pocono mountains. there you can see the very light rainfall. it's already starting to fall apart. for today, you can see temperatures into the 60s for allentown, quakertown and reading. a combination of clouds and sunshine for doylestown, northeast philadelphia and mt. holly. and clouds and sunshine at the shore as well. 68 in rehoboth and dover.
6:41 am
vineland a high of 67 degrees. and it should stay dry today for wilmington, chester and philadelphia. but that changes tonight. the future weather and the seven day are back in less than ten minutes. at last check, drivers on route 73 in south jersey were waiting for the tacony-palmyra to open. >> let's get an update with traffic reporter jillian mele. >> it's open now, as you can see, open for a ship to pass through, not open to traffic. it will be open to traffic in the next few minutes, but as you can see, we still have the arms up on the tacony-palmyra bridge, so all traffic is temporarilied. give it ten minutes or so. we have a new accident in bristol, route 413 right at state road. one lane is blocked with an accident involving three vehicles. watch out for a little delay around that intersection. 95 southbound, you can see right near girard avenue, as drivers head into center city, philadelphia, southbound full of volume from cottman down to girard. drive time about 30 minutes from woodhaven to the vine. this is another new accident.
6:42 am
i mentioned we had a few. pennypack park. most of the lanes are blocked. so, take welsh road for a good alternate for you. and finally, still dealing with an accident out of port richmond. richmond street at allegheny avenue. it's been out there for about 40 minutes, so watch for a delay there. vai? >> thank you, jillian. breaking news. skyforce10 has been launched. and it is at a diner fire in egg harbour township. it is actually on the way, but there is a fire there at a diner in egg harbour township. it will take skyforce10 a few more minutes to get there. as it gets there, we'll get more information and find out what exactly is happening there, if there are any injuries or anything else. staying connected while on the run. we have newly released information on how accused trooper killer eric frein stayed in touch with the world in his 48 days on the lam. video game violence. we're looking at the connection between online gaming and real-life criminal behavior.
6:43 am
6:44 am
♪ with the card most accepted in the philadelphia region, you have the power to do more. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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6:46 right now, 55 degrees outside. let's look at more election results that we have for you in pennsylvania. republican ryan costello, a chester county commissioner, defeated democrat dr. manan trivedi for the u.s. house seat in the 6th district. in delaware, the state's new attorney general is matt denn, who beat out ted kittilla. denn has been focused on fighting violent crime, especially in the city of wilmington. and voters in trenton said yes to a ballot issue dealing with earned sick time on the job. trenton is now one of eight cities in new jersey that allows public employees to earn paid sick time. for a complete list of all the results from races in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware, you can go to we are learning more any morning about how accused
6:47 am
trooper killer eric frein may have been able to avoid capture for 48 days. court documents show police found a laptop and two storage drives inside the abandoned airport hangar where frein was captured last thursday. frein told police that he used unprotected wi-fi hotspots to connect to the internet. authorities say he may have read media reports to learn where police were focusing their search efforts. >> obviously well planned out, you know? this guy is no dummy. he really thought this through. >> frein has been assigned two public defenders. his preliminary hearing is november 12th. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. an appeal hearing will begin today for former baltimore ravens running back ray rice after he was indefinitely suspended from the nfl. it stems from a video that surfaced showing rice punching his fiancee in an elevator at revel hotel in atlantic city. the couple married a month later. he and nfl commissioner roger goodell are among those expected to testify today.
6:48 am
rice is seeking immediate reinstatement, but it's unlikely a team will sign him this season. and new research suggests violence in video games and movies has no impact on violent acts in society. a study of movie violence from 1920 to 2005 found no overall correlation with homicide rates for the same years. a second study found no link between the time spent playing violent video games and youth violence rates. experts say the best way to reduce violence is to focus on poverty, education and mental health. well, tomorrow night, cincinnati bengals player devon still will have a special guest cheering him on in the stands, his daughter leah, who is battling stage four pediatric cancer at children's hospital in philadelphia. this is the first time the 4-year-old has been healthy enough to travel to one of her dad's games. yesterday, leah got her nails done at a new castle county salon to prepare for tomorrow night's game against the cleveland browns. >> he knocks people down and they knock him down.
6:49 am
>> and that's how you play the game, leah. at the game, the bengals will present a check for more than $1 million to cincinnati's children's hospital. the money was raised from sales of still's jersey. >> in a year where there have been so many things gone wrong for the nfl, that's a great story. >> so nice to see. >> let's head to new york for a look ahead to the "today" show. >> we get a preview with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. good morning. >> good morning. >> hello, guy. good to see you. straight ahead on a wednesday here on "today," republicans roll to an election night route, capturing control of both the u.s. senate and the house. so, what's the takeaway heading into the 2016 presidential race? we'll ask new jersey's governor, chris christie, when he joins us live. and have you been busted by one of those red light cameras? the new fight to have them declared unconstitutional. does that mean your money could get reimbursed? >> those stories, plus, just in time for the holidays, we have a rare steals and deals bargain on american girl accessories. then, al's kicking off the cast reunions all week long.
6:50 am
the love shows and movies, the cast getting back together and he's got a doozy, "ghostbusters." i know you're excited about that. and the wild time savannah and i had last night when we visited jimmy fallon and were the subject of a pop quiz, when we get started on "today" this morning. guys, back to you. >> oh, that is awesome. lots of fun. we'll see you guys in about ten minutes. >> all right. you got it. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> the beginning of november, but it doesn't feel like it. it's a warm start and part of the reason, the clouds are back. and we will see more clouds than we saw yesterday. getting some breaks of sunshine. 55 degrees in philadelphia. it's the pocono mountains that have seen a few rain drops and scattered light showers. this is a view from lake wallenpaupack. you can see the showers are starting to fall apart, and they're staying off to the north and west. just a minimal chance of them holding together for the lehigh valley or berks county this morning. looks like it will stay dry
6:51 am
today, but tonight this is the system that is going to start producing rain for our area. the clouds will be with us for most of the day with some breaks of sunshine. so, we're in for another mild one. the future clouds showing at 7:00 this evening, mostly cloudy skies. it's later in the evening that we'll see the first showers to the west in chester county. that's 10:00 tonight. by tomorrow morning, steadier rainfall in the area to start with, and then it's on-and-off rain during the day tomorrow. for today, it's the temperatures that will be up into the middle to upper 60s. clouds, some breaks of sunshine and definitely mild. and it will still be mild, in spite of the showers tomorrow. 54 in the morning, 63 degrees in the afternoon. rain showers continue into friday, but the wind picks up. and that's colder air coming in. so, just 54 degrees friday afternoon. and look at saturday. definitely chilly. a cold start, 36 degrees. 48 in the afternoon. and a cool one for sunday with a chance of showers. the shower threat will disappear for monday and tuesday, veterans day. but temperatures will stay cool
6:52 am
with highs in the 50s. >> all right, bill. eight minutes before 7:00. let's update you on the roads. >> nbc 10 first alert reporter jillian mele manning the roads for us. jill? >> good morning. i have a lot to get to. all of a sudden, things got busy in the traffic center. the tacony-palmyra bridge traffic moving once again. no problems there. we just had a disabled vehicle on the eastbound side of the platt right near midspan. it was blocking the right lane. that just cleared, but you can see we have a bit of volume right now on the bridge, so just keep that in mind. this is a big they'll update. for the drivers in the lehigh valley, traffic is stopped on route 22 eastbound near route 33, right near the overpass because of a really serious accident. it's unclear exactly how many vehicles are involved in this accident. from this view, we can't see the accident itself, but what you can see is just a line of traffic out there. drivers trying to get on to 22 from 33 and they can't because all traffic is stopped right now. again, 22 eastbound at route 33. as soon as we get more details,
6:53 am
we'll pass them along, but for now, avoid this portion of 22. 78 looks good if you want to take that. i'm katy zachry. this morning there is new evidence in the search for a missing philadelphia woman. it has taken investigators to maryland. what her family and police are saying is coming up. i'm jesse gary live in university city. tom wolf's win last night means a lot of bipartisan work lies ahead. i'll explain why, coming up right after the break. silent night not so silent? with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. give the gift of amazing sleep, only at a sleep number store. where you'll find our lowest price ever on the c4 queen mattress-just $1499.98. know better sleep with sleep number. steak & eggs. steak & eggs! steak & eggs. steak & eggs? steak & eggs. boom. dunkin's angus steak and egg sandwich is oven-toasted and made with angus beef.
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i'm katy zachry live outside philadelphia police headquarters with new evidence this morning in the search for carlesha freeland-gaither. in this new surveillance video
6:57 am
we're showing you, you can see the victim at the moment the suspect approached her sunday night in germantown. look closely, and you see him reach out for her hand. the victim tries to get away. that's when he lunges and grabs her. hours after that, freeland-gaither disappeared. her atm card was used by this man at a bank in aberdeen, maryland. then a short time later at a nearby gas station in maryland. you see a man matching the description walk in and buy a bottle of water and then quickly walk out. now, tuesday night, federal investigators dusted for fingerprints inside that gas station convenience store in maryland. if you recognize the man we showed you in the video or the picture, call police. reporting live outside police headquarters, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. i'm nbc 10's keith jones live in pittsburgh, where governor tom corbett gave an emotional concession speech last night. here's what you can tell you about it thus far. he made history, bucking a trend more than 40 years in the making. let me show you what took place
6:58 am
inside. he thanked his family, his supporters and tom wolf for running a tough race. governor tom corbett now the first pennsylvania governor to fail to win re-election since the state allowed two terms in 1968. during his concession speech, he also rattled off his accomplishments in office. among them, he says reducing the budget, lowering the unemployment rate and increasing spending for education. he said that he is proud of everything he did during his tenure because he did it for the people of pennsylvania. he said the next chapter involves serving as a babysitter to his three grandchildren. reporting live in pittsburgh, keith jones, nbc 10 news. and i'm jesse gary live in university city. tom wolf wins, and what is next? a large list of agenda items, including education investment and job creation. the governor-elect takes office in harrisburg, but republicans control both houses of the legislature. so, political experts say he'll have to reach across the aisle, built by partisan support, to move his agenda and the state
6:59 am
forward. wolf gets sworn in on january 20th. live in university city, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. now to breaking news. skyforce10 is over a fire at a diner on black horse pike in egg harbour township. that's what it came in as. we just learned there were reports of fire shooting out of the roof of the building. you can't see any flames there, but fire crews on scene. we'll update you as soon as we get more information online. "today" show is up next. >> this is important information. we have a big closure of route 22 eastbound in the lehigh valley, shut down at route 33. all traffic is being sent on to 33 right now. if you need to get around it, interstate 78 is your best bet. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> it's a cool start at the bus stop, but certainly not cold for this time of year. the suburbs, some of them are in the 40s. most of the area is in the 50s, and you can see the clouds that are overhead. we'll see some breaks of sunshine. 68 this afternoon. >> "today" show's up next. we'll have updates in about 25
7:00 am
minutes. >> realtime updates any time at thanks for watching. good morning. republican rout. the gop grabs full control of congress for the first time in eight years. >> it's time to turn this country around! >> we are going to make them squeal! >> so, what does the historic night mean with the 2016 presidential race looming? new jersey's governor, chris christie, is with us in our studio, live. breaking overnight, new video tied to the chilling abduction of that woman in pennsylvania. one of the women shaking her abductor's hand just before he forces her into his car. another video showing the person of interest at


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