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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  November 5, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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am i going to be able to look back and say are more people working, are are more kids going to college? is housing improved? is the financial system more stable? are younger kids getting a better education? do we have greater energy independence? is the environment cleaner? have we done something about climate change? have we dealt with an ongoing terrorist threat and helped to bring about stability around the world? and those things, every single day, i've got an opportunity to make a difference on those fronts. >> [ inaudible ]. >> absolutely not. i wouldn't be satisfied as long as i'm meeting somebody who doesn't have a job and wants one. i'm not going to be satisfied as
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long as there's a kid who writes me a letter and says i got $60,000 worth of debt and i don't know how to pay it back. and the american people aren't satisfied. so i want to do everything i can to deliver for them. >> how about democrats? the fact that they kept you out of the battleground states? >> listen, as i think some of you saw when i was out on the campaign trail, i love campaigning. i love talking to ortd peopdina people. i love listening to their stories. i love shaking hands and gettju seeing the process of democracy and citizenship. manifest itself during an election. but i'm also a practical guy and ultimately, every candidate out there had to make their own decisions about what they thought would be most helpful for them. and you know, i wanted to make
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sure i'm respectful of their particular region, their particular state or congressional district and if it was more helpful for them for me to be behind the scenes, i'm happy to do it. i don't have -- i'll let other people analyze that. what i will emphasize is that one of the nice things about being in your sixth year of the presidency, you've seen ups and downs and you've gotten more than your fair share of attention. and you know, i had the limelight. there have been times where the request for my appearances were endless. there have been times where politically we were down and it all kind of evens out. which is why what's most important, i think, is keeping your eye on the ball and that is
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actually getting some good numbers. scott, last question. >> thank you, mr. president. you mentioned that where your policies actually were on the ballot, they often did better than members of your party. does that signal some shortcoming on your part or on the party's part in framing this election and communicating to the american people what it is that democrats stand for? >> you know, iç do think that e area where i know we're constantly experimenting and trying to do better is just making sure that people know exactly what it is that we're trying to accomplish and what we have accomplished. in clear ways that people can -- that understand how it affects them. i think the minimum wage, i talked about it a lot on the
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campaign trail, but i'm not sure it penetrated. well enough to make a difference. part of what i also think we have to look at is that two-thirds of people who are eligible voting just didn't vote. you know, one of the things i'm very proud of in 2008 and 2012 western when i ran for office, we got people involved who hadn't been involved before. we got folks to vote who hadn't voted before, particularly young people. and that was part of the promise and the excitement was if you get involved, if you participate, if you embrace that sense of citizenship, then things change.
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and not just in abstract ways, they change in concrete ways. somebody gets a job who didn't have it before. somebody gets health care who didn't have it before or a student is able to go to college who couldn't afford it before. and sustaining that, especially in midterm elections, has proven difficult. sustaining that sense of if you get involved, you know -- and if you vote, then there's going to be big change out there. then partly, i think when they look at washington, they say nothing's working, it's not making a difference. there's just a constant slew of bad news coming over the tv screen. then you can understand how folks get discouraged. but it's my job to figure this out. as best i can. and if the way we are talking
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about issues isn't working, i'm going to try some different things. if the ways that we're approaching the republicans in congress isn't working, you know, i'm going to try different things, whether it's having a drink with mitch mcconnell or letting john boehner beat me again at golf. or weekly press conferences. i don't know if that would be effective. whatever i think might make a difference in this, i'm going to be trying out, up until my last day in office. but i'll close with what i said in my opening statement. i am really optimistic about america. i know that's counter to the current mood.
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but when you look at our economy is stronger than just about anybody's. our energy production is better than just about anybody's. we've slashed our deficit by more than half. more people have health insurance.ç our businesses have the strongest balance sheets they've had in decades. our young people are just incredibly talented and gifted and more of them are graduating from high school. more of them are going on to college and more women are getting degrees and entering into the work force. you travel around the country, folks are just good. they're smart and they're hard working. and they don't always pay a lot of attention to washington, in some cases they've given up on washington, but their impulses are not sharply partisan and their impulses are not
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ideological. they are practical, good, generous people. and we continue to be a magnet for the best and brightest from all around the world. we have all the best cards, relative to every other country on earth. armed forces, you talk to them, i had a chance this morning to just call some of the -- our health service that is operating in liberia and the amount of hope and professionalism that they've brought has galvanized the entire country. they built a platform effectively for other countries suddenly to start coming in and we're seeing real progress in fighting the disease in a country that just a month or a month and ahalf ago was desperate and had no hope. so all that makes we optimistic. and my job over the next couple years is to do practical,
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concrete things as much as possible with congress. if it's not possible with congress, on my own, to show people why we should be confident and to give people a sense of progress and a sense of hope. that doesn't mean there aren't going to be ongoing nagging problems that are stubborn and can't be solved overnight. the despite economic growth, wages and income have still not gone up. that's a long-term trend we've seen for 10, 20, 30 years. it makes people worried about not just their own situation but whether their kids are going to be doing better, which is the essence of the american dream. i think there are concrete things we can do to make sure that wages and incomes do go up. minimum wage in those five states was a good start. but i think, more than anything, what i would want to communicate over these next two years is the
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promise and possibility of america. this is just an extraordinary country. and our democracy is messy and we're diverse and we're big and there's times when you're a politician and you're disappointed with election results. maybe i'm just getting older. i don't know. it don't make me mopey. it energizes me. because it means that this democracy is working and people in america were restless and patient and we want to get things done. even when things are going good, we want them to be better. that's why we're the greatest country on earth. that's why i'm so privileged to have a chance to be president for the next couple years. all right? thank you, everybody. came in four minutes under the longest ever news conference in the history of the one and a
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half term obama presidency. you heard right there at the enç a nonmopey president obama continuing the theme, that elections have consequences and democracy can be messy and america is a diverse place. we are joined by chuck todd and andrea mitchell here in the studio. chuck, you're finding while he was talking as he was refusing to characterize the results of last night. >> yes, he was not going to get the headline like he did before, shellacking or bush did something during his six years. he seemed determined not to do that. he didn't want to come across that he was going to be a chiassoned president. he didn't make pledges about backing off on what he might do with immigration. he drew some lines in the san on some things on health care. but he just seemed very determined not to look like he had been beaten down by an electorate which, frankly, he was.
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>> and he was conciliatory in that he talked about working with mitch mcconnell, john boehner and said that they could get things done on trade, on tax reform. and he said he would even enjoy kentucky bourbon, having a drink with mitch mcconnell which he once joked about at a white house correspondents' dinner. >> mocking why don't you have a drunk with mitch mcconnell. he said i'd be happy to have a kentucky bourbon with -- >> that's the pair, by the way. he basically said i trust mitch mcconnell. it's a subtle way of saying, i haven't always been able to trust everything with boehner. >> he clearly feels john boehner has not been able to. >> those are the stakes this day after a lot of the people in the press corps visibly struggling to stay awake after such a long night in america politics. no fault of the president's. just the pace of politics and the late results last night.
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we'll have a look at all of it, of course, tonight on "nbc nightly news" coming up in not too long from now. for my colleagues here in new york, i'm brian williams, nbc news. nbc 10 breaking news. >> nbc 10 live here over oxford circumstance until philadelphia. this is at 4900 penn street where there's been a house fire. nbc 10's christine madella over the scene here. christine, do they seem to have a grip on this? >> reporter: this is much better progress than when we first arrived. take a look at the video when skyforce 10 got to the scene about 20 minutes ago, before the fire crews had even gotten there. there were flames coming out of the front of this house, on penn street between harrison and wakeling. we saw police crews arrive first and brush open the door of the adjacent home that looks like it
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is for sale. it doesn't appear anyone was home at either home when this fire was broken out. right now, out here live, fire crews are making progress. a position of penn street is shut down to traffic. reporting live in skyforce 10, christine madella, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, christine. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with this, nbc 10 analyzing new surveillance video released today of a person of interest in the abduction of 22-year-old carlesha freeland-gaither, the video from a philadelphia supermarket is from hours before the crime happened. last night nbc 10 showed you this surveillance video, another angle of carlesha's abductor approaching her in germantown sunday night. earlier yesterday, investigators releasing this surveillance video of a person of interest using carlesha's bank card. that was monday morning at an atm in maryland. >> and the first surveillance video we got in this çcase, th abduction on camera, it's been three days since carlesha was
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taken from a germantown street. her whereabouts are still unknown. the fbi is putting up this billboard in hopes of finding the abducted woman. count on nbc 10 to chase down any new information about this still breaking news. >> our newsroom is bayeszy makimak -- busy making calls and following up on the tips. we have reporters and photographers at two key places in this investigation. let's begin with lu ann cahn. >> lu ann, what have you learned? >> it's a piece of video from a grocery store in the northeast. i just finished talking to the captain for northwest detectives. he says, and he has confirmed, that the person of interest you're going to see in that video, they believe is the same person you're seeing in the other surveillance video, including the kidnapping video. take a look. >> reporter: this is the acme on the 8200 block of roosevelt
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boulevard. this morning, store employees say the fbi came here to confiscate this surveillance video reported sunday afternoon at 1:50, almost eight hours before carlesha freeland-gaither was violently grabbed and forced into a car on coulter street in germantown. it's about a half hour from the grocery store in the northeast. police want you to take a close look at this man's walk. in the grocery store he has a slight limp, his right foot noticeably sticks outward. take another look at the surveillance video from the kidnapping. watch the man as he walks up to carlesha. grocery store employees say they don't know why police came to get their surveillance video this morning. what clue brought the fbi here? commissioner ramsey says right now the best leads are not here in philly but across the border in maryland. >> we're working with the fbi. we have been from the very beginning. authorities from maryland as well as our own detectives, we got a task force of people we put together to work this case. we're doing everything we possibly can but we need help
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from the public. if someone sees anything at all, even if they don't think it's significant, call us, let us determine whether or not it's significant. >> reporter: i just asked again, i just asked the captain here, what clue brought you to that grocery store surveillance video? he says frankly we do not want to tell you. we have information right now, tips, leads, we don't want to tell you about because it could ruin the investigation. but he did tell me this, he does not think that the person you're seeing in that surveillance video is from philadelphia. the reward money now for information leading to an arrest is up to $47,000. live at northwest detectives, lu ann cahn, nbc 10 news. >> all right, lu ann, investigators have been interviewing carlesha's family members in philadelphia. >> we've been right there. nbc 10's rosemary connors has been monitoring the fbi and their questions of the family. rosemary? >> reporter: renee and jim, throughout the day we've seen a handful of investigators from fbi and police come and go from
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this neighborhood to meet with carlesha's mother to talk about the new developments today and to find out if there is someone from carlesha's past who could be involved in the abduction. carlesha's mom is holding out hope that the abductor left her daughter somewhere here in philadelphia. >> we feel that she's here. he took her here. why would he be all the way in maryland? he took her here. >> the mother of carlesha freeland-gaither spent much of the day talking to philadelphia police and federal investigators. while she tells us she does not recognize the images of this person of interest, she suspects her daughter was targeted. >> i believe she knows him. i don't believe this was justç random kidnapping. >> i don't know him. i can't identify him. i don't know if there's a connection with my grand daughter. whoever he is, i hope he's caught. he has answers we're look for. >> for carlesha's relatives, the
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scene of the abduction seems to be the best place to continue reaching out for help. her grandmother admits the investigation is wearing on her. >> i'm standing here and talking to you but inside i'm broken. i just want answers. i just want to know something. >> have a heart, let her go. let her go. >> reporter: the family is now forced to play a waiting game, hoping the abductor has heard their pleas. >> we don't want you. we don't even want to know who you -- just let her go. just let her go. she don't deserve this. she does not deserve this at all. >> reporter: the family tells me that later on tonight at 7:00, there will be a candle light vigil for carlesha at the scene of the crime. reporting live in germantown, rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. and new at 4:30, nbc 10's tim furlong is in carlesha's hometown in maryland. he just spoke to people who know her. hear what they're saying about her, all new this afternoon
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coming up in about ten minutes. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> first alert weather technology tracking rain on the way, grab that umbrella, you're going to need it. let's find out when the first rain drops will fall. >> nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz here. tracking that for us. what's the timing, glenn? >> i wouldn't expect the first significant rain until after midnight tonight. we've had a lot of cloud cover during the day today. but it has been dry despite that. and look at the clouds now. the radar not really showing anything nearby but back to the west, it is pretty wet and this is all moving in our direction. it's not going to be affecting us during the evening hours, just the cloud, sky, relatively milder in the evening and even by 10:00, i expect it to stay dry. after midnight it's a different story. the morning rush is a different story. all the timing and all that. and the cold blast to follow with the seven-day in a few
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minutes. >> attraction the approaching rain with the nbc 10 weather app. it's a free download you can get on while many of you will be sleepi sleeping, the nbc 10 news team will be hard at work tracking the timing of the rain and the impact on the morning rush. get the morning news and weather bright and early on nbc 10 news today. that's tomorrow starting at 4:00 a.m. hundreds of workers getting their walking papers. >> nbc 10 with a local utility that's slashing jobs. also, ready to cheer on dad. the little girl made famous for her high-profile battle against cancer prepares to root on her father who is about to get his big chance in the spotlight.
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a former baltimore ravens cheerleader is accused of having sex with a teenage boy in delaware.
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mollie shadock allegedly had another encounter with the boy over labor day weekend at a vacation home in bethany beach. she made the ravens cheerleading squad in 2005 at the age of 38, becoming the oldest cheerleader in nfl history at that time. she's also the estranged wife of an energy company executive. her website says she has three children, including a 15-year-old son. attacks in amish country to tell you about, a man sneaking into amish homes and fondling females while they're sleeping. these incidents are happening in lancaster county. according to reports, the man spoke to the victims but took nothing from the homes. police believe similar crimes are going unreported. amish people are being told to lock their homes and report any intru intruders. the big question this afternoon, where is carlesha? >> that's the question federal, state and local investigators
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are trying to answer some three days after the young woman was abducted from a philadelphia street. today the fbi gave nbc 10 news this surveillance video of a person of interest in the case. it's from a philadelphia grocery store hours before the 22-year-old was kidnapped. >> now at 4:30, nbc 10 is live in carlesha's hometown. we'll tell you what one of her former bosses just revealed about the missing woman. to glenn "hurricane" schwartz now. >> the nbc 10 first alert weather technology is tracking rain. it's going to be moving this way. i'll let you know when it will arrive. plus, a blast of cold air, all ahead in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert seven-day forecast. then coming up tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, changes at princeton university. what the ivy league school is doing differently in how it investigates sex assaults on campus.
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nbc 10 breaking news. right now asç we hit 4:30 continue to follow breaking news. the search for carlesha, the philadelphia woman abducted sunday in germantown. the fbi gave nbc 10 this surveillance video from a philadelphia supermarket of a person of interest. this video is about eight hours before the crime happened. three days have now passed and still no sign of this woman. the new surveillance video released by police was recorded hours before carlesha freeland-gaither was kidnapped. >> we were able to confirm it was taken from a grocery store in northeast philadelphia. this is that acme on the 8200 block of roosevelt boulevard. this morning, store employees say the fbi came here to confiscate the surveillance video. it was recorded almost eight hours before gaithers was grabbed.
4:31 pm
take a look at that man's walk, he has a slight limp. his right foot sticks out noticeably. right now the best lead is not in philadelphia but in maryland. >> working with the fbi we have been from the very beginning. authorities from maryland as well as our own detectives. we have a task force of people put together to work this case. >> yesterday, investigators released this surveillance video of a person of interest using carlesha's bank card at a maryland atm. >> that person of interest was also spotted at a nearby convenience store. nbc 10's deanna durante returned to aberdeen today. >> what have you learned about the investigation where you are? >> we can tell you, aberdeen police as well as the hartford county sheriff's department is insisting the fbi, both branches of the fbi, in philadelphia and in baltimore, with this case. i did talk to a clerk here at the convenience store. he says he was here when the fbi came in last night, looking at
4:32 pm
surveillance video. the man is inside this aberdeen shell station for less than a minute. he walks in with his hood up, grabs a bottle of water and pays in cash. these are some of the clearest images of the person of interest in the kidnapping of carlesha freeland-gaither. we were inside the store as an fbi agent stood by adrink case and wouldn't allow customers to touch it. we were outside as they dusted that case for prints. it's believed the man came here just minutes after he used carlesha freeland-gaither's atm card monday morning. we learned outdoor cameras were not rolling and it's unclear if the man took off in the same gray car used in the abduction or if the cars were switched. now, i did just check in with the philadelphia office of the fbi. they tell me that so far, nothing has been found in terms of that car at this point. i want to let you know the geography of the area.
4:33 pm
we're about a mile from i-95, a mile from i-40. it's unclear at this point where police think that this man may have gone, again, there's no cameras out here rolling. there's not any points where we can see where the car went. reporting live in aberdeen, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> we're covering a lot of ground. nbc 10 travelled to carlesha's hometown in california, maryland. she went to high school in nearby leonardtown. nbc 10's tim furlong is there this afternoon. >> tim, you talked to people who know her. what are they saying about this? >> reporter: well, people here certainly are very concerned about her safety because they know her, they care about her. they're also concerned for their own safety as deanna said, you don't know where that car went. it's very possible that person could have ties to this area. >> i was shocked. >> reporter: people in this chesapeake bay town in maryland have seen the surveillance video. carlesha went toç leonardtown high school and worked at the
4:34 pm
local dress barn. the assistant manager says she knew carlesha moved north to be near her mom. we showed annie video of the abducti abduction. >> that's sad. >> reporter: she doesn't think she ever saw carlesha with this person here in town. >> no, no. i have not seen him. >> reporter: and back now live outside her high school here. maryland state police sent police in philadelphia a couple pitches they requested. they say they're not actively part of the investigation. the local sheriff's department tells me they are acting in a support role in this case. as of this afternoon, a sergeant with the sheriff's department here in st. mary's county told me at this point they have not been given anything specific they are to investigate but, again, we're on standby as a support role. live in st. mary's county, maryland, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. we're created a special section on our website on the search for carlesha.
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go to, click on the breaking news bar. there you can watch the surveillance videos in this investigation as well as our extensive coverage of this story. >> nbc 10 has new information this afternoon about the arsenal of weapons and supplies accused cop killer eric frein had on him. nbc 10 obtained the file of the search warrant served at the hangar in the poconos where he was found last thursday. police found weapons, a gun cleaning kit, a raincoat, candles, a religious plaque and a bottle of soy sauce, salt and pepper. doug shimell, what else did investigators find in that airplane hangar. >> reporter: it's just an extensive list, it makes you wonder if he was carrying it around with him after the shooting or if he stockpiled it before the shooting. police already knew eric frein
4:36 pm
had a laptop computer and internet access while on the run. but investigators have now cataloged more than 100 items found in the abandoned airplane hangar where frein was captured. the documents obtained by nbc 10 list a bolt action rifle, a semiautomatic rifle and a .9 millimeter handgun. police also say frein had a shortwave radio and a bible. his food included noodles, rice and beans and soy sauce. they also found contact lenses, a solar charger, ear buds and dvds. investigators also cataloged brochures from the abandoned birchwood resort where frein was found. they report finding 14 pages of handwritten notes dated december 1996. >> two days ago we met for about 2 1/2 hour. >> reporter: michael weinstein is one of eric frein's newly appointed public defenders.
4:37 pm
along with co-counsel they must go line by line through that evidence list. >> at some point we're going to want to see it and whatever significant that has will be determined as we get down the road. >> reporter: now, we also talked to eric frein's co-counsel about frein's capture and whether or not frein may have gotten help from friends and family during that manhunt. that part of our report coming up in a short while. live in stroudsburg, i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, doug. today in the line of fire. >> two local police officers hit in an exchange of bullets. first, here's what we're working on for you right now at nbc news at 5:00. new videoç released of the man police want to talk with in the disappearance of carlesha freeland-gaither. and what's being done to follow the money trail on her debit card? plus, nbc 10 just spoke to eric
4:38 pm
frein's public defender about his first meeting with the man accused of killing a state trooper. what little he can say about the case, the evidence and who may have helped him. that's on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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we have new video of the man accused of firing shots at police in collingdale, delaware county. lamar james and his father, tony gale are charged in the case. the men were taken into custody. police say officers arrived at the home around 6:00 in the
4:41 pm
morning to serve a warrant for the son, lamar james. that's when they say the son fired shots at those officers. two officers were hit. one had a minor hand injury, the other hit in the helmet, both will be okay and authorities say that's a very fortunate thing. >> this is one example of how dangerous their job is but for the grace of god today we would have lost two officers. we're lucky that only one received minor injuries. and the other one had protective head gear. >> james isç charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault among law enforcement officers. he's already want for a shooting in philadelphia in october. his father, tony gale is charged with obstruction of justice. skyforce 10 over a major water main break in the frankford section of the city. no homes are without water right now. crews are on the scene repairing a six inch main.
4:42 pm
a fantastic find on a local beach. >> well, now the little boy who discovered an artifact dating back thousands of years is about to give it away. but first, glenn is tracking rain. yeah, that's right, i'm tracking rain that's headed this way. i'll let you know how it's going to affect your morning commute in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert seven-day forecast. all new tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, the red light camera never blinks but is the traffic ticketing technology constitutional.
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packa packages and other options will keep the layoffs to 200. ppl says it expects the spinoff to close in the first half of next year. a prehistoric find discovered along the jersey shore is headed to the smithsonian's national museum of natural history. first told you about the find back in august, a virginia boy found the clobus point. the museum will give the family a replica to keep. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> well, after that cold weekend, we had another pretty mild day out there. and a relatively mild night with the clouds helping to prevent the temperature from dropping a lot. a cold blast for all of us coming before the week is out. the eagles aren't playing today but they're playing on monday night.
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the forecast looking pretty good as you'll see in the seven-day. winds northwest at 10, temperatures 3 degrees cooler than yesterday. a few peeks of sun helped the temperature go up a little bit today. we're in the low to mid-60s in many cases and 50s north and west. a lot of clouds there. but nothing on the radar until you go way back to the west. now, a little bit of rain in west virginia. the bulk of it is in kentucky and tennessee. that's going to take a while to get here. our futurecast shows the dry weather despite the clouds during the evening, and then generally after midnight, some light rain starts to move in and then as we get toward the morning rush, it gets a little bit steadier and a little bit heavier. here we are, 9:00 a.m. and some of the rain is on the heavy side, not only around the philadelphia area but also at the shore. and then we get more showers coming through during the day. it won't be raining all day.
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there's the afternoon rush with showers around as well. and even tomorrow night. we get different waves of rain coming in. then here comes the cold blast with those northwest winds. friday night, saturday morning going to be pretty cold. tonight, cloudy and mild. the rain coming in after midnight, 52 for the low in philadelphia. it's not all that low for this time of the year. rain heaviest in the morning, during the rush hour. high temperatures in the upper 50s. some showers in the afternoon, some showers at night. it won't be an all-day thing. friday, windy and colder throughout the day. a very cold start on saturday. 34 in the city and 20s in the suburbs. just a chance of a couple of showers sunday and some really nice weather early next week. good timing for the eagles and then a real cold blast comes starting next wednesday. you heard that. that means snow season isn't too far away. once again, this year, some snow
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angels will be coming to the rescue of local senior accidents. 65 students from allentown central catholic high school haveç volunteered to join the snow angel program. they will head out with shovels and snow blowers to help those who need assistance to keep the sidewalks clear. new york city's iconic rockefeller christmas tree will come from right here in pennsylvania. workers cut down the tree in hemlock township, columbia county, then headed off for the 155-mile journey to midtown h t manhunt. a crane hoisted the giant tree on to a trailer. it came from a couple who says they love the christmas season and they're thrilled to be able to donate the tree. the annual tree lighting event attracts tens of thousands of people. once the tree is hoisted into place it will be decorated with
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more than 45,000 lights and a nine-foot swarovski star. see the tree as it's lit next month. where? right here on nbc 10. tune in to christmas and rockefeller center december 3rd at 8:00 p.m. her struggles to beat cancer right here in our area made national headlines. >> a little girl is getting ready for a big step. everyone's been cheering her on and now she gets to return the favor for someone who's been with her throughout this journey. >> then all new tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, run a red light? risk getting a ticket. red light cameras catching drivers breaking the law. now one lawyer says they also violate our constitutional rights.
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this is nbc 10 news. a pro football player will suit up for a big game tomorrow night. >> what happens on the field, he'll also be thinking about a special 4-year-old up in the stands cheering him on. nbc 10's randy gyllenhall explains. >> 4-year-old lea still heads into this nail salon in delaware. she's excited to get a makeover because tonight is a big trip. she's flying to visit her dad in ohio. >> what does your daddy play? >> football for the cincinnati bengals. >> her dad, a defensive tackle for the bengals knows this trip is so important. this is the first time lea who's battling pediatric cancer is healthy enough to see her father play football. for months she'd been undergoing surgeries at c.h.o.p. in
4:55 pm
philadelphia. tomorrow she will be cheering from the stands. >> he knocks people down and they knock him down. >> this is going to be an emotional game. >> reporter: her dad says there will be a ceremony to honor lea and a huge donation for childhood cancer. it's one of the biggest games of the year, a rivalry match against the cleveland browns. for lea, she's just excited to see her father. like any good father/daughter date they plan to go shopping after the game. >> i'm going to buy him stuff, then he's going to buy me new clothes. >> she's excited. she's going to be talking about how she will be yelling in the crowd and stuff. she's been feeling good. >> reporter: in wilmington, randy gyllenhall, nbc 10 news. >> so cute. and she is a winner. nbc 10 news at 5:00 is next. here's jacqueline london. >> thanks, jim and renee. next on nbc 10 news at 5:00,
4:56 pm
we're tracking breaking developments in the search for carlesha. nbc 10 has crews in philadelphia and maryland as the fbi and police pool their resources. what we've uncovered about who police may be looking for. and talking weather, sheena, rain on the way for the morning chute? >> that's right, jacqueline. i'm tracking showers approaching the area. by tomorrow morning i'll see rain for the morning commute and the exact timing in your area. changes coming to princeton university. what the school is doing to investigate sex assaults on campus. that's next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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4:59 pm
nbc 10 breaking news. yes, i hope he's caught. he has answers that we're looking for. >> right now at 5:00, new calls for help in the search for carlesha freeland-gaither. she's now been missing for nearly 72 hours after a security camera captured her being snatched off a philadelphia street. now police have yet another video of a man they want to talk to in the case. that brand new video was released by police today. >> it shows a man inside a northeast philadelphia acme store but it was taken hours before carlesha was violently grabbed off a street in another part of town. nbc 10's lu ann cahn is joining us live to explain all this. >> reporter: police now believe the man they are looking for is not from philadelphia but he's
5:00 pm
left a trail all over the area and that trail led them to the acme in northeast philadelphia. how did you any about the surveillance video at the grocery store? >> at this point we can't divulge that. we're actively following up on different leads. we can't give that information out right now. >> reporter: acme employees on roosevelt boulevard say the fbi showed up this morning to take surveillance video recorded sunday afternoon. police are focused on this man with a bit of a limp, a kind of duck walk.ç he grabbed carlesha freeland-gaither sunday night in germantown, she's not been seen since. >> you believe the man you see in the surveillance video in the grocery store is the same perso you're seeing in the other surveillance video? >> it appears that way. right now we're trying to get more clarity with it, trying to get the facial recognition program working. seeing if we can positively identify who this person is.


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