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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  November 5, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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and that trail led them to the acme in northeast philadelphia. how did you any about the surveillance video at the grocery store? >> at this point we can't divulge that. we're actively following up on different leads. we can't give that information out right now. >> reporter: acme employees on roosevelt boulevard say the fbi showed up this morning to take surveillance video recorded sunday afternoon. police are focused on this man with a bit of a limp, a kind of duck walk.ç he grabbed carlesha freeland-gaither sunday night in germantown, she's not been seen since. >> you believe the man you see in the surveillance video in the grocery store is the same perso you're seeing in the other surveillance video? >> it appears that way. right now we're trying to get more clarity with it, trying to get the facial recognition program working. seeing if we can positively identify who this person is. >> police say the best leads
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they have right now are in maryland. they need the public's help here and there and that is why the reward money is growing. it's now up to $47,000 for information leading to an arrest. live in northwest philadelphia, lu ann cahn, nbc 10 news. >> all right, lu ann, our breaking team coverage continues now. >> investigators have traveled to maryland where carlesha freeland-gaither grew up. we sent nbc 10's tim furlong down there as well. what have you learned there today? >> reporter: police have nothing specific to investigate at this point, i'm told. all law enforcement agencies are sort of on standby. as for the people who live in this area, they're a little bit concerned for carlesha's safety obviously. they're also concerned with the guy you see in the surveillance video. he could have ties to their area. the manager at the dress barn remembers carlesha as a good kid
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and good employee. >> she had an excellent personality, real friendly with the customers. >> reporter: she can't believe carlesha is the woman in this video. >> i hope she's okay. >> she says she remembers carlesha had personal problems at home, lived in this maryland home with her grandmother. she went to leonardtown high school. a couple years ago she moved up to philly. the dress barn crew was sad to see her go. they are sadder to hear and see what has happened to her. >> yes. that's sad. >> reporter: and back live now, leonardtown high school is where carlesha went to high school. i talked to maryland state police. they say they're not actively part of the investigation. the local sheriff's department tells me they are now acting in the support role for this investigation. as of this afternoon, a sergeant told me over the phone that they haven't really been told specifically here's what we need you to do. here's what we're looking for. here's a reason for people to be
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concerned. we'll keep making the call to see if they come up with anything like that that they want pass on to you. we're live in leonardtown, maryland. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. let's take a look at the latest and best video we have in the search for carlesha. this is surveillance video released from inside the acme on the 8200 block of roosevelt boulevard in northeast philadelphia. it was recorded sunday afternoon hours before carlesha was abducted. take a look at this surveillance video taken from inside a shell gas station in aberdeen, merrill. this is the person of interest in the case seen minutes after he used carlesha's bank card at a pnc bank nearby early monday morning. of course, the video that said off this search, a man grabbing her sunday night on coulter street in germantown and forcing her into a car. we will continue to bring you the latest on the search for carlesha on air and online at
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skyforce 10 is live over breaking news. nbc 10's christine madella is in grays ferry. >> reporter: look at these crews working. this is the scene two of water main breaks. this is on 28th and dickinson street. the first 16 inch main broke around 1:00rj afternoon and this intersection is shut down. when crews went to start work on that water main break, a second main, an eight inch main broke at 4:30. 50 residents around this area are without water and you might want to take an alternate route. this intersection is shut down to traffic. tasker is a good alternate for drivers. to more breaking news right now. we're looking at our traffic cam with the camera showing a vehicle overturned on i-95 northbound near the neshaminy creek overpass in bensalem. one lane getting by right now. the vehicle has been uprighted.
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they're about to put it on the tow truck. i-95 northbound will be a mess this evening because of this accident. and skyforce 10 flying over oxford cycle this afternoon. take a look at the flames, coming right here from the front of this home on penn street. this was just about an hour ago. firefighters have been able to get the flames under control. there are no injuries being reported in this fire. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> to the weather now. right now dry and warm across the tri-state area. but some changes are coming. >> nbc 10 meteorologist sheena parveen says there may be rain for tomorrow. >> yes, we have clouds moving and you'll notice this today, along with the milder temperatures, the clouds are hanging around. this is one thing we'll be watching. locally we're nice and dry. here's a live view of the center city skyline. you see the overcast conditions out there. we don't have the rain with these clouds, at least not yet. it's not far away, not to our south and west.
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we had rain streaming from texas all the way up into parts of kentucky. this will be moving in mainly as we go into tomorrow. we'll be starting through the overnight hours tonight, though. as far as this evening is concerned we stay mild. by 6:00 p.m., temperatures in the upper 50s, cloudy conditions but mostly dry. by 8:00 tonight, temperatures in the mid-50s. another mild evening with these clouds. by 10:00, mid-50s. we start to see rain overnight and especially for the morning commute tomorrow. coming up, i'll show you the timing on that and how cold it will be as we go into your weekend. that's straight ahead. straight ahead as the approaching rain with realtime radar on your smartphone or tablet with the nbc 10 weather app. it's a free download. get it on our website at while many of you will be sleeping, the nbc 10 news team will be hard at work tracking the timing of the rain and the impact on the morning rush. get the latest news, weather and traffic bright and early on nbc 10 news today. that's tomorrow starting at 4:00
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a.m. a day after u.s. representative shaka fatah's re-election, thomas lyindenlind is the second former adviser to fatah to admit to taking part to in an illegal finance scheme. shaka fatah has not been accused of any crime. he's the husband of anchor renee chenault-fattah. skyforce 10 over the scene of a water main break in philadelphia. a 6 inch main break in frankford this morning. no one lost water but the break did cause damage in a basement and crews are still making some repairs in this area. they hope to be finished around 9:00 tonight. and skyforce 10 was also over the aftermath of a fire in egg harbor township, new jersey. this fire started at rex
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restaurant on black horse pike at 5:00 this morning. witnesses reported flames shooting through the roof but we're stilí waiting for more information on how much damage was done to the restaurant. there are no reports of anyone hurt. today questions about what comes next for students at walter palmer charter school. days after high schoolers were permanently dismissed. parents of the elementary students voiced their concerns. nbc 10's christine madella was at a hearing on the school today. >> it's a mess. it's stressful. >> reporter: colleen is worried about her daughter's education, so worried she's pulling her first grader mya out of walter palmer elementary school. >> it's a struggle. i don't want this stress no more. it's stressful. >> reporter: walter palmer abankruptly closed its high school last month, sending nearly 300 high school students looking for a new school. then the school held a lottery to reduce the number of elementary school students. more than 200 elementary school kids had to find a new school. >> with the high school parents
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had to deal with, are you worried about the same thing happening to elementary school. >> that was my biggest fear. >> we lost good families. right now our focus and what's important is the academics of our students, we're trying our best to provide a good learning environment. >> reporter: walter palmer's ceo testified at today's hearing, the fourth in a month. the matter at hand, revoking the school's charter. stacey cruz says the school is hoping to keep its charter and is focused on education. some parents say their kids aren't getting a good education right now. >> my daughter has had four teachers since september because they all fear that the school will close down. >> we're working hard to stabilize the school environment and make sure that we bump up the level of rigor and academic experiences of our students. we'd like for your children to say. >> reporter: the hearings continue this month and a decision will be made the first of the new year. if the charter is revoked, walter palmer's ceo says the school will appeal. christine madella, nbc 10 news.
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changes are coming to princeton university. the ivy league school is taking new steps to prevent sexual assaults and harassment on campus. what the university is now doing in the wake of its title 9 violation. also back in court, suspended football star ray rice faced a judge today. the reason he hopes to get back on the field after his indefinite suspension. when it comes to losing weight, it comes more than diet and exercise. what penn researchers are saying is also an important ingredient in the process.
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this is nbc 10 news. back now to the search for carlesha freeland-gaither. here is what we know. philadelphia police are looking at video from inside an acme in northeast philadelphia. the video was taken sunday afternoon before carlesha was abducted in germantown sunday night. police say the man in this video and the abduction footage has a distinctive walk, his right foot faces outward. more on the search for carlesha coming up. to this, should ray rice be allowed to play football? that's the question that an independent arbiter has to decide eight months after the running back was caught on camera punching his fiance at an
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atlantic city casino. jay gray. >> reporter: as rice and his wife are rushed in through a loading dock, the image this morning is much different than the one that brought him here. this is a snapshot of video of rice punching his fiance at the time. initially rice was suspended for two games but after the video was made public an outrage boiled over. the former pro bowl running back was banned indefinitely and cut by his team, the baltimore ravens. >> ray rice is trying to prove through the nfl players' association that the league and its team can't punish players multiple times for the same conduct. >> a judge forced roger goodell to take part in the two-day arbitration hearing presided overly barbara jones. rice says he's told the truth to the league and his team from the beginning. while goodell has argued the punishment changed because the video revealed new information.
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>> is she going to believe ray rice or the nfl commissioner? because at this point, the two have different stories. >> reporter: but even if rice is reinstated, analysts question whether he'll ever be back on the field again. the hearing continues here tomorrow, a decision in the case is expected in two to three weeks. in new york, jay gray, nbc 10 news. princeton university is taking new steps this evening to prevent sexual assault and harassment on campus. the changes come after the school was found to be in violation of title 9, that's the federal regulation that protects students from discrimination based on their sex. in response to the violation, princeton hired a title 9 coordinator and has new policies for investigating sexual assault or harassment complaints. president obama wants the united states to put its money where its mouth is when it comes to fighting ebola. today, he asked congress for $6.2 billion in emergency funds. the president wants a third of
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that money to be used for fighting the disease at its source, in west africa. the money would also go towards strengthening the public health system here in the u.s. and speeding up the development of vaccines. the white house is hoping the money will be approved before the new republican-controlled congress takes over in january. a nurse in spain being treated for the virus has been released from the hospital. today teresa ramiro thanks the health care workers who saved her life. she had harsh words for the officials who ordered that her dog, excalibur, be put down. she called it an unnecessary execution. health officials argue that the dog posed a public health risk. a doctor being treated for ebola in germany is also doing much better tonight. he's from uganda and was infected while working with an aide group in sierra leone. his organs were failing when he was brought to the hospital but his doctors say he has responded well to treatment. investigators have new clues this evening into what caused a
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rocket explosion off the coast of virginia. that rocket was supposed to be taking supplies to the international space station last week. when it exploded 15 seconds after takeoff. the rocket was carrying student experiments, including from ocean city, new jersey. the likely problem was a pum in the rocket's main engine. the company says it plans to discontinue those engines which were refurbished from the soviet union. general motors is offering a gift card to customers of recalled vehicles. the $25 gift cards are being offered to owners of hundreds of thousands of chevy cobalts, saturn ions and older cars. they have to bring their cars in to be repaired by december 1st. they can choose from appleby's, bass pro shops, starbucks, walmart or amazon.
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the unit was offline at the time of the nuclear accident in 2011 but the building suffered damage. the delicate operation to remove more than 1,500 assemblies began a year ago. the next step is to remove the unused fuel that remains in the pool. farmers in france are fed up they're dumping produce in the streets. take a look. 50 tons of potatoes and other produce were dumped into a paris square. all that produce didn't go to waste. they sold it to people right off the street. we have breaking news in the wrongful death suit filed against former university professor rafael robb. the jury has now reached a verdict. they say rafael robb must pay $124 million to the estate of his wife, ellen. she was bludgeoned to death two days before christmas while wrapping presents in her king of
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prussia home. robb pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter in 2006. his daughter accused him of hiding assets from prison. nbc 10 is still working to get more details on this verdict and we will bring you more information as we get it. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, still a mild day today but the clouds, those were definitely around. here's a live look out at the link as the sun is setting across the area. we have cloudy conditions. come monday for the eagles game it will be quite a bit cooler. for now we're tracking showers. these will start to move in as we go overnight tonight. they will be around for the morning commute. tomorrow we will have rain around starting again with the morning, then periods of rain through the afternoon. most of it will be through the first half of the day. then as it clears out friday, we are colder and those winds increase. friday will be that transition day where it's colder and rainy. as far as the temperatures are concerned, today we briefly got to 72 degrees, most of the day.
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we were in the mid to upper 60s. that was the high temperature. both today and yesterday we were in the upper 70s or lower 70s, average high temperature is 60 degrees. quite a bit above average. tomorrow with the rain we'll get cooler and then after that on friday, we'll get a lot cooler, especially starting off your weekend. temperatures now through the lehigh valley, still pretty mild, 57 in pottstown, 51 allentown, 57 degrees in reading, 61 in philadelphia. we're still in the 60s here, also bensalem. wilmington coming in in the upper 50s. much of south jersey and delaware right around 60 degrees right now. this is with the cloud cover. the cloud cover is not bringing the rain just yet. everyone is pretty much seeing overcast skies. we've seen this for a majority of the day today. a few peeks of sunshine. that's about it. the rain we're waving e ing wa to our south and west. this will be moving in as we go into tomorrow. for the morning commute, keep in mind we will have rain in the area. here's future weather showing. it does keep us dry through the
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overnight hours tonight. at least most of us by midnight. it's not until the early morning hours when we see more rain move in, 9:00 tomorrow morning, scattered showers across the area. we could have pockets of heavier rain through the afternoon. kind of periods of rain moving through. still, scattered showers sticking around. you'll probably want your umbrella all day long. through tomorrow night, we start to see more in the way of clearing. it's not until friday until we see more clearing and that colder air starts to set in, too. more sunshine friday but it comes with the colder air. it sets us up for a cold start to our weekend, too. for tonight, cloudy and mild. mostly the rain will be here after midnight through parts of the area. 52 for the low in philadelphia. 45 degrees areas north and west. tomorrow we'll be cooler with the rain. the heaviest rain should be in the morning hours but through the afternoon, still looks like scattered showers. 57 to 60 degrees with that rainfall but then friday we'll be a lot colder. the morning hours friday we start off in the 40s and through the afternoon friday, about the
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mid-50s, that's where we'll top out. saturday we wake up to temperatures in the 30s. saturday afternoon we only top out at 50 degrees. we stay dry. sunday that's our next chance for rain and going into monday we start off the weekend with highs around 60 degrees. for people using behavioral counselling to help them lose weight, a primary doctor may not be the answer the federal government reimburses primary care physicians for weight loss counseling to help medicare and medicaid patients shed pounds. penn center for weight and eating disorders found few doctors offer the service, instead penn researchers say the reimbursements should extend to include other trained professionals such as dietitians and fitness experts. drivers know, i know all too well, the red light camera never blinks. but are they unconstitutional? the reason one lawyer says he has a case. plus, there's a connection to red light cameras in our area. and a second chance at life, this woman nearly died of sudden
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cardiac arrest. hear her survival story and learn how her condition forever changed her.
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this is nbc 10 news. now to our nation's streets and those red light cameras. >> some say the cameras enup saving lives. others argue they're just another way for local governments to raise revenue. now a florida lawyer has filed a case that could become a class-action lawsuit. attorney jason reiser claims the red light cameras are unconstitutional. he says hundreds of thousands of florida drivers are due a refund
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because he says they have outsourced a police activity to another company. >> instead of having a law enforcement officer review these films and make a determination that somebody went through a red light illegally, you have a private company that's for profit in arizona making that determination. >> according to a.m. traffic solutions, seven of every ten images that appears to show someone running a red light does not result in a ticket. motorists never know if their cases were reviewed and the violation may not be as clear cut as first thought. the red light camera program in new jersey is set to expire in december. same company, american traffic solutions operates some of those red light cameras. so far, no lawmaker has proposed a bill to continue the program. we continue to follow breaking developments in the search for carlesha. >> nbc 10's rosemary connors spent part of today with the oissing woman's family. rosemary?
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>> reporter: that's right. and fbi and philadelphia police, they've been talking to carlesha's mother as well. next, hear what family members have to say about those images of the person of interest. on the defensive, nbc 10 talks to the legal team charged with representing accused state trooper shooter eric frein. what we're learning about the case. plus, all new on nbc 10 news at 6:00, a prominent high school football coach arrested. why he's now in trouble with the law.
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nbc 10 breaking news. right now this image is being flashed on billboards across our area. it was posted late this afternoon. the fbi, philadelphia police and others are asking for help in finding 22-year-old carlesha freeland-gaither. >> also today, philadelphia police released new video right here, these images taken inside a roosevelt boulevard acme store and police want to find the man you see right here. that video was taken nearly eightç hours before carlesha's abduction. >> nbc 10's rosemary connors spent the day with carlesha's family. rosemary? >> reporter: that's right. we've been here all day and we saw investigators from fbi and philly police come and go and talk to carlesha's mother. we know much of their discussion focused on these new developments.
5:31 pm
the images are a strong lead in the case but family members of carlesha freeland-gaither tell us they do not recognize the person of interest in her abduction. >> no. no, i don't. >> reporter: but some in the family have publicly said they have some suspicion that the abductor in the surveillance video could be an exboyfriend of carlesha's. today philadelphia police and federal investigators spent hours talking to carlesha's mother from the morning until almost 3:00 this afternoon. >> just let her go. let her go. i want my daughter to come home. >> take what you want to take and just let her go. it's not that serious. >> she's a baby. >> she's 22 years old. >> she's a baby. >> reporter: only a few years out of high school, carlesha has been living in germantown near her family works as a hospital nursing assist and the. her family calls her bright and caring and resilient. >> fight. don't give up. you've got to fight. we're not giving up. >> reporter: carlesha's mother
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tells me she is holding out hope that the abductor left her daughter somewhere here in philadelphia and she did not cross state lines. reporting live in germantown, rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. and stay with nbc 10 and as the search for carlesha continues. we have reporters in philadelphia and maryland working sources and as soon as we learn anything new, we will bring it to you live. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> turning to weather now, our ever-changing weather. we've warmed into the 70s today. i tried to enjoy it because i knew it wasn't going to last. >> wet weather is monthing in. nbc 10 meteorologist sheena parveen here now. the ride to work and school tomorrow will be rainy? >> yes, we're tracking rain moving in. this time of the year with all the transitions going on with it almost being winter as much as we don't want to hear that, the 70s don't last long. take advantage of them. we have rain approaching the area, slowly, though. most of it is still in much of the southern half of the country. as we go into the overnight hours tonight, we see it get
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closer. the closest rain is possibly some sprinkles approaching washington. overall, we have overcast skies across the area. we were in the low 70s. most of the day we were in the mid to upper 60s. right now we're still in the low 60s in philadelphia. northeast philly, millville, still coming in at 61 degrees. much of the lehigh valley right now in about the mid-50s. as we go through tonight, clouds will be with us by 8:00, mid-50s. a mild night tonight. by 10:00, mid-50s still and we'll see rain as we go into the morning commute tomorrow. coming up, i'll show you the timing of that and how cold it will get in time for your weekend. that's straight ahead. >> keep ahead of the approaching rain with realtime radar on your smartphone or tablet with the nbc 10 weather app. it's a free download you can get on while many of you will be sleeping, the nbc 10 news team will be hard at work tracking the timing of the rain and the impact on the morning rush. get the latest news, weather and
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traffic on nbc 10 news today, tomorrow starting at 4:00 a.m. new information about a deadly 2004 fire bombing that killed a philadelphia family. another man convicted in the case will serve 40 years in prison. 38-year-old lamont lewis pled guilty for his role in the fire bombing of eugene coleman's family home. coleman was expected to testify hí an upcoming trial. lewis also agreed to testify about the man convicted for organizing the crime. he was sentenced to death. his sister and cousin are serving life in prison. six people died in the fire bombing, including four children. a pennsylvania couple is facing charges in connection with several bank and jewelry store robberies. yesterday police in chester county were called to an acme in west goshen township. the accidencitizens bank inside been robbed. detectives recognized christian leblanc of phoenixville, chester
5:35 pm
county. five hours later, police arrested leblanc and elizabeth keneely in new castle county. a pennsylvania utility is eliminating hundreds of jobs. the company says it's part of cost cutting stemming from a planned spinoff of its competitive generation business. allentown-based ppl is eliminating 450 jobs but they say severance packages and existing vacancies will keep the number of layoffs under 200. ppl and river stone holdings are combining their competitive generation businesses to form pennsylvania-based tallent energy. ppl says it expects the spinoff to close in the first half of next year. police in allentown could get a new tool to protect themselves and the public. members of the city council will vote tonight on adding new funds for dashboard cameras. they would be installed in the department's patrol cars. the cameras are being paid for thanks to a $68,000 grant from the department of justice. the philadelphia v.a.
5:36 pm
medical center will hold a town hall meeting for veterans to give their input on health care. officials from the medical center will give an update and answer questions. that meeting is tonight from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. at vfw post 6893 in warminster. this comes in the wake of the scandal over long wait times and delayed care. workers are also accused of falsifying schedules to cover up the delays in treatment. the v.a. secretary eric shinseki resigned and more than 40 workers have been disciplined. eric frein's next court date is still more than a week away. but his defense team is talking to nbc 10. what we are learning about the case against the accused state trooper shooter. getting a second chance at life. this woman nearly died from sudden cardiac arrest. the reason she is alive to tell her survival story.
5:37 pm
first, here's what's coming up tonight on nbc 10 news at 6:00. right at 6:00, nbc 10 news crews still hard at work as authorities across several states search for carlesha. new video just released of the man police want to talk to. how the footage is helping them track him. plus, in maryland as authorities search the businesses near where the missing woman's debit card was used. >> a task force of people were put together to work this case. >> we're following up with philadelphia police about all the tips coming in and asking how many they're following. count on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
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the day after winning the race for governor, pennsylvania's new governor-elect thanked the voters who elected him. tom wolf personally thanked people who headed to the polls. he defeated tom corbett by a double digit margin. he has a challenging road ahead. the governor-elect has to be able to compromise. if he wants to advance an agenda that includes a tax on the natural gas industry. in a legislature with huge gop minorities. he became the first incumbent not to win a second term in pennsylvania in four decades. in his concession speech, corbett told the crowd he took office determined to deliver on his 2010 campaign promises. and republicans are taking control of congress after yesterday's elections. the gop took over formally
5:40 pm
democratic senate seats in seven states. this is the first time they've had a majority since 2006. republicans already control the house but they are now on track to meet or exceed the 246 seats they held right after world war ii. president obama says the message from american voters is clear. they want action in washington. >> delaware has elected a new attorney general but could lose a lieutenant governor in the process. matt denn is the current lieutenant governor but was elected a.g. last night. there are two years left on his term. nbc 10 reached out to the governor's office, jack markell for more information. we're told the position will remain vacant and the secretary of state is next in line should anything happen to the governor. for a complete list of all the results in races in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware, go to tonight, accused state
5:41 pm
trooper shooter eric frein is behind bars in a maximum security prison but his court-appointed legal team is talking to nbc 10. and sheena's tracking rain for the morning commute. >> showers will start as early as the overnight hours but there will be rain around for your morning commute. i'll show you the timing of that. and coming up on nbc 10 news at 6:00, lea still gets ready. she's out of c.h.o.p. and getting set to watch her dad play in the nfl. what she's saying about her big trip.
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philadelphia police are poring over video connected with the search for carlesha freeland-gaither. this sin side the acme on roosevelt boulevard in northeast philadelphia before the abduction. police say the man has the same walk as the suspect in this surveillance video seen taking carlesha on sunday. former university professor rafael robb has been ordered to pay $124 million in damages to the estate of his late wife. a jury in the wrongful death suit against him announced that decision within the last 20 minutes. the suit was filed by robb's daughter who accused him of hiding assets from prison. her lawyers say it's the largest contested award in state history. ellen robb was bludgeoned to
5:45 pm
death two days before christmas in 2006 while she was wrapping presents in their king of prussia home. robb pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter in her death. and school officials testified today over the fate of walter palmer charter school in philadelphia. that school is in danger of losing its charter license. last month, walter palmer abruptly closed its high school and downsized the elementary school. if the charter is revoked, it will appeal. heart disease is the number one killer for men and women and is more deadly than all forms of cancer. after undergoing sudden cardiac remarkable that a woman in bryn mawr, pennsylvania, is alive to tell her incredible story of how her life drastically changed overnight. at 35 years old, stephanie austin was a wife, mother of two, extremely active in sports. from the look of it, the picture of perfect health but one month
5:46 pm
after her ten-year wedding anniversary, everything changed early one sunday morning when her husband received a phone call and then noticed something wasn't right. >> take me back to that morning, six years ago. >> you could tell right away that something was wrong, stephanie was breathing funny. i turned her over and her lips were blue. so i called 911 and started doing cpr. >> had it not been for matt, this story would have a completely different ending. >> he saved your life. >> he did. i told him that was it, now he's stuck with me. if he wanted out, that's with his time. now he's got me. >> doctors say stephanie experienced sudden cardiac arrest. just hours earlier she was with her family at a phillies game but to this day, doesn't remember being there. >> so much of your memory was lost from that year. >> i remember very little of
5:47 pm
2008. >> when she woke up she didn't know anyone which was the biggest shock. >> a picture from her first night home from the hospital, you can see the patch covering her mandatory companion, a pacemaker. now her new normal involves a slow pace, activities but in moderation. >> i have my pacemaker. i have nine years battery left on it until i get a new one. >> tell me how you look at each other differently now, acutely aware of the fact that the man saved my life. how do you not have tremendous gratitude, love and respect for that. >> there's a lot of things that pass through your mind. you probably wish it was you instead of her. i don't know how many times i thought that. >> i am so grateful and so lucky, so lucky. >> such a great family. and while stephanie ate well and exercised she didn't know her family history. she later learned her great aunt died in her 30s from heart disease.
5:48 pm
growing up she only knew that her aunt died of a broken heart. doctors say know your family history, know your numbers, blood pressure, cholesterol and be educated on the number one killer in america. to raise money for the cause, stephanie and thousands of others are taking part in the philadelphia heart walk this saturday november 8th at citizens bank park. the park opens at 8:00 a.m. with the festival and the walk begins at 10:30. i am thrilled to be the event's emcee for the second straight year. wield love to s we'd love to see you at the heart walk. for more information, go to >> they're already getting into the holiday spirit at franklin square, philadelphia. the free light show will feature 50,000 lights. the show kicks off on november 13th and runs through december 31st. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen.
5:49 pm
>> well, another day where temperatures were in the low 70s. only for a very brief period of time. still mild outside dough spite the cloud cover. we're tracking showers. they're approaching the area. pretty far away. we could have a few month of in overnight tonight. tomorrow to start off your day, there is rain in the forecast for the morning commute and we'll still see showers in the afternoon,ç too. once these clear out for the end of the week, it will be a colder and windier friday. temperatures will be dropping down into the 50s again. make sure you get your coats back out before the weekend. in philadelphia, we are still in the low 60s. 61 degrees here, mostly cloudy conditions. light winds tonight, though. it's really going to be the rain that we're watching as we go overnight. that will be the main thing. it's mostly down to our south and west. you see moisture from texas to kentucky. this is the rain we're watching as we go into mainly tomorrow morning. that will be the best time for any heavy rain. it is slowly moving in this direction. it's all part of a cold front. after it leaves we will get
5:50 pm
colder. until it gets here we'll keep all these clouds around. we have overcast skies, no rain just yet, not until the early morning hours of tomorrow. we stay cloudy through tonight. not showing too much in the way of rain, until about midnight, we could see a few light showers try to move in. for the morning commute we have showers across the area. some could be locally heavy. keep this in mind before you head out tomorrow. grab the umbrella before you head out. take it slower on the roadways. through the afternoon within the rain is still around by 5:00 p.m. we'll still have periods of rain across the area and then even tomorrow night we're not going to dry up until about friday. we'll have showers around late tomorrow, once they clear out for friday, though, here is all the air that we'll get setting up to move in. 30s in parts of canada right now. 44 minneapolis, this air will be moving in behind the rain. to start off your weekend, we will be starting with temperatures in the 30s. that's going to be saturday
5:51 pm
morning. for tonight, though, cloudy and mild, rain mainly starting to move in after midnight. a few showers around. 52 philadelphia for the low, mid-40s areas north and west. tomorrow, we'll see the heaviest rain, mostly in the morning hours. again, during the morning commute. scattered showers in the afternoon. temperatures will be cooler than today. 57 to 60 for the high tomorrow. then as we go into friday, we do clear out with the rain mostly 54 for the high temperature. we are getting colder to enout the week. compared to the low 70s in some spots today. going into saturday, notice the morning low temperature, 34 degrees by saturday afternoon we're only topping out at 50 degrees but it will be dry. sunday, that is our next chance for rain. looks pretty good, though, for the eagles game on monday. tonight nbc 10 has new information about the eric frein investigation. >> the accused trooper killer sits behind bars but his legal team is talking about their plans for his defense. then coming up on nbc 10 at 6:00, live team coverage on the search for carlesha.
5:52 pm
today police released this surveillance video of a person interest seen just before the attack. we have reporters in two states. what they're learning, straight ahead.
5:53 pm
♪ good morning, usher! hey! did you know bees communicate through dance?
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me too... we're practically twins! tonight we have new information about accused state trooper killer eric frein. he is being held in a maximum security prison on murder and other charges.
5:55 pm
nbc 10's doug shimell spent weeks with investigators as they searched for frein. tonight he spoke with frein's defense attorney about the case ahead. >> we talked to one of eric frein's two new lawyers who says after a seven-week long manhunt, they have a lot of catching up to do. >> i met with him two days ago. we met for about 2 1/2 hours. >> reporter: it was their first face-to-face meeting between the accused fugitive sniper eric frein. and his newly appointed public defense co-counsel michael weinstein. >> i need a rapport with him. i do that with every klein, not just eric. i need to establish a rapport and have him feel comfortable with me. >> reporter: he says there was little talk of the manhunt or the arrest. >> it appears that he just surrendered. >> is that from a defense standpoint significant. >> everything in this case is significant. how it plays out in the end, i don't know. >> reporter: we did ask michael weinstein about the weapons,
5:56 pm
laptop computer and the other items police seized in the abandoned hangar where eric frein hid. >> at some point we're going to want to see it and whatever significance that has will be determined as we get down the road. >> reporter: the question police have been investigating is did frein get help during the manhunt from friends and family? >> i expect and i'm sure i'm going to get candor. i haven't gone into anything about assistance or accomplices or anything like that. >> reporter: weinstein also represents rockne newell. he says he represents the wrongfully accused. >> is eric frein wrongly accused? >> is he wrongly accused? we'll find that out. >> reporter: eric frein has a preliminary hearing scheduled for next wednesday but michael weinstein says it's a very strong possibility it will be continued while his legal team continues that catching up process. in stroudsburg, i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news.
5:57 pm
we're following breaking news next on nbc 10 news at 6:00. >> we're gathering new information about the person of interest in the abduction of carlesha freeland-gaither. what our reporters have learned in philadelphia and maryland. i'm tracking weather that could give us a messy morning commute. when the rain will arrive and how much to expect in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert forecast.
5:58 pm
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nbc 10 breaking news. 6:00, police confirm the man seen in this new surveillance video is believed to be the same man seen using the bank card of a kidnapped philadelphia woman. carlesha freeland-gaither was pulled off a philadelphia street sunday night and tonight the search for her reaches across state lines. >> police say they have a person of interest and they want you to take a good look at him and the way he walks. >> tonight we have live team coverage, our reporters spread out from philadelphia to southern maryland working all angles of this story. >> we began with nbc 10's lu ann cahn live at northwest detectives. lu ann, you've been talking to police there. what have you learned? >> police now believe the man they see in new surveillance video they got this morning from a grocery store here in philadelphia is the same man they see in the video kidnapping carlesha. the thing is, so far, within the last half hour when i last talked to the captain of northwest detectives, they say they do not have a name.
6:00 pm
>> we definitely help finding him. >> reporter: who is this man? the fbi confiscated surveillance video at this acme store and now they're showing it to us. whoever he is, they believe he walked up and down the aisles sunday afternoon around 1:50, bought potato chips and a few items and almost eight hours later, they believe he was here on coulter street in germantown. he grabsç 22-year-old carlesha freeland-gaither. she tries to fight him off but he gets her in the car. police believe they see the same man in surveillance video the next morning, monday, 6:00 a.m. in aberdeen, maryland. >> we're trying to get a facial recognition program working. >> reporter: police say this man's walk may help someone identify him. it's distinct, a slight limp, a kind of walk with toes pointed out. >> this guy is violent. the only hope he


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