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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  November 6, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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prosecutors were visibly upset as they broke the news to reporters today. nbc 10's doug shimell joins us live from west caln township. doug? >> reporter: scotty mcmillian's family only lived in this mobile home barely three weeks and neighbors say the only sign they saw of the kids, occasionally the boys would peek out of that window. >> see the holes in the wall? that's not from kids playing. that's from gary fellenbaum taking that little boy's head and smashing it into the wall. >> reporter: it was graphic and only got worse. >> they whipped scotty. that's a homemade whip. >> reporter: a knotted rope, curtain rod, and aluminum window strip prosecutors say they were all allegedly used until 3-year-old scotty mcmillian stopped breathing tuesday night. >> gary fellenbaum and julian tait tied the two boys up by their feet over a door and beat them. while they were doing that, they were laughing. >> reporter: scotty's mother, jillian tait, and boyfriend,
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gary fellenbaum were charged with murder. >> why was he abusing them? he felt they had disrespected him. a 3-year-old and a 6-year-old. >> reporter: neighbors in the mobile home park say it was gary fellenbaum's es stran estrangedr who lives with them who call ee 91 1. >> for someone to do something like that to a child have to be possessed or just evil. >> i didn't know they had kids until i walked by there. >> reporter: and you saw them through the window. >> i saw them looking through the window. you'd think they'd let them out to play. i didn't see them come outside. >> when you go to bed tonight, say a prayer for scotty mcmillian. the brief nightmare that was his life is over. >> reporter: scotty's mother, mother's boyfriend and the boyfriend's estranged wife all in jail tonight and scotty's 6-year-old brother, ryan, in protective custody. live in west caln township, doug shimell, nbc 10 news.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> we're watching a severe thunderstorm warning if parts of the area. >> nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is joining us with the very latest on that. sheena? >> that's right. it's moving into parts of south jersey now. this was a thunderstorm that was earlier off in maryland, moved through delaware and now moving into parts of cumberland county. severe thunderstorm warning until 5:30 this afternoon. this is for cumberland, kaip may, atlantic counties. with this storm we can expect 60 mile an hour winds, very heavy rain. there is a little bit of lightning in this, and this is going to continue as we go through the next 30 minutes or so. so there you see some of the heavy rain stretching from millville, down to milford. this is all moving to the east. mainly at 50 miles an hour. so this line of storms is very fast moving. we could see locally heavy rain. but it's not moving very slowly. again, it will be near about maurice river by 5:05, cape may by 5:26 and continue moving closer to the shore by 5:30 when
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the warning is set to expire. of course, we'll keep our eye on it for you. a closer view shows heavy rain over millville moving toward mar ruse river. should be in that area in a couple minutes or so, where the heaviest rain is expected to move in. moving through milford now, that's the heavy rain. that should be ending soon. this will continue to move across the delaware bay and then into parts of cape may county. now, aside from that, we also have some rain moving up through the philadelphia area, along all the major interstates through gloucester, camden counties, also burlington county. this is more moderate rain where you see the yellow coloring. again, the thunderstorm that i just showed you moving into south jersey, that is the storm we're keeping our eye on for some of the highest winds across the area, too. coming up, i'll show you a closer look at the timing for the rest of this evening and continue tracking the showers for you and how much colder it will get once the rain clears. breaking developments in the abduction of a philadelphia woman. a maryland judge ordered the suspect in the case delven barnes to be extradited to virginia on kidnapping charges
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from last month. it's unclear when he'll face federal charges for allegedly kidnapping carlesha freeland-gaither, who is resting in philadelphia tonight. >> nbc 10's christine maddela is live outside carlesha's family's home. what is the latest from there this afternoon? >> reporter: philadelphia police officers have been in and out of the family home all afternoon today, and at 3:30, we saw two more officers go inside and they're still there. >> there were a lot of factors that we were worried about and everything turned out well. >> reporter: philadelphia police inspector james kelly visited with carlesha's family this afternoon. carlesha is not at the home. she's somewhere else resting with other relatives. >> overall she's in good physical condition. very upset. emotionally she's very upset, obviously. so, but she's doing well overall. from what i understand from the family. she just needs some time and space to heal. >> reporter: carlesha's family made several pleas to the public while she was missing asking for help finding the abducted woman. now that she's been found,
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they're taking a break from the media exposure. >> they're happy and relieved but very upset. it's a brutal experience. none of us would want to go through it with any family member. >> reporter: police today are staying tight lipped about specific details regarding the suspect, delven barnes, or the specific details about carlesha's whereabouts. they say the fbi and the u.s. attorney's office is handling the case. they're the lead on this investigation. so they will be the ones to answer any further questions. reporting live in north philadelphia, christine maddela, nbc 10 news. and this is a brand new look at the man accused of abducting carlesha freeland-gaither. nbc 10 obtained this mugshot a short time ago. >> nbc 10's tim furlong was in maryland today as suspect delven barnes had his first court appearance. bring us up to speed, tim. >> reporter: yeah, keith, these are really procedural hearings. delven barnes sat there quietly in court, he actually did it from a video link at the jail
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cell which is about three miles from the courthouse. the whole thing only took about three or four minutes. >> horror. horror. >> reporter: that was baltimore county prosecutor's reaction when she first saw the video of carles carlesha's abduction. she represented her county at a court hearing today. delven barnings ces captured la night in maryland. delven barnes sat in a jumpsuit and answered the judge with yes, sir, no, sir answers. there was never any mention he could get out on any kind of bail. >> obviously the charge he's facing in virginia are very serious. >> reporter: authorities in charles city county, virginia, say they have dna evidence that links barnes to the abduction, rape an attempted murder of a teenager there. he could be convicted there and sentenced to life in prison before he'd have to face charges in connection to carlesha's case, a crime that gave even this seasoned prosecutor chills. >> as prosecutors we love it when our crimes are caught on
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camera, so it is rare, but it also gives the society a whole how scary if is and how horrible it is, what happened to that victim. >> reporter: that teenager in virginia still in the hospital. virginia authorities have until wednesday to come through that gate right there to get barnes out of this jail. i'm fold they'll probably get here within the next 48 hours and the charges he face, they're really serious. the stories behind them absolutely tough to hear. i got off the phone with a u.s. attorney's office in philadelphia. they say as soon as virginia handles the case with him, as long as that takes then they're going to bring him up north to face the federal charges for carlesha's case. live in maryland tonight, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> when philadelphia commissioner charles ramsey confirmed carlesha was found safe, he quickly praised a detective. >> he is a detective who quickly developed a close bond with the young victim's mother. and he spoke out today. nbc 10's deanna durante is live at northwest detectives with more on this. deanna? >> reporter: well, jim sloan says when he made a promise to
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carlesha's mother he meant it and it was in the first few hours after she was abducted, you saw the horrifying video on a germantown street and he says it was before that they had all of that information that he told carlesha's mother that he was going to make sure that her daughter came home safely. now, at a news conference late this afternoon, he and the team of detectives that worked this case for the last three days lined up and told us a few more details about the investigation. they tell us they believe carlesha, described as a strong fighter, left her cell phone on the ground on purpose. they believe she did that so someone would come and look for her. police today are praising those people that called in with their tips. they're praising one man in particular, dwayne fletcher. they say he called 911 twice and stayed on the phone and waited for police to get there and gave them crucial information when this case first broke. now, we asked sloan after he made that promise, after he got that hug that you saw on. from carlesha's mother, what did he say when he finally got to
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meet carlesha in a maryland hospital room? here's his reaction. >> entered the room, she was upset. and i just told her i've been looking for you. she started crying. her mom hugged her. her father embraced her. and touching moment. touching moment. >> reporter: now, sloan and the other detectives as well as his chief inspectors followed a number of leads and it was late yesterday afternoon when they started tracking down barnes. when they got the tip that it was him. you're going to hear more of an interview i have with sloan as well as that witness that sloan calls a hero coming up tonight at 6:00. for now, we're live outside northwest detectives, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> abduction suspect delven barnes is no stranger to police. especially in philadelphia. ahead at 5:30, nbc 10's cydney long takes a close look at a violent crime involving barnes' ex-wife and her family. police in philadelphia are looking for a man who's held up
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several businesses with a knife. the thief caught on surveillance video during two separate robberies last week. northeast detectives say the man stole a tip jar from fresh works on woodhaven road and tried to rob the getty gas station a few minutes later. police believe he got away in a white minivan. a 9-year-old girl is killed crossing a montgomery county street. that girl was with her baby-sitter yesterday when the two ftried to get to a parked car. the child was crossing rockwell road when she was hit. the 18-year-old driver didn't stop right away. she went to a nearby parking lot who called her mom who went to the scene and called police. at the jersey shore, a fight over sand. margate in a growing battle with the garden state and specif specifically over who controls the beaches. voters this week made their voices heard. why city and state officials now appear even more at odds. caught on tape, how one person causes a serious crash. wait until you see what happens
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a doctor treated for ebola in new york city is now riding an exercise bike and playing the
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banjo. craig spencer has been treated at bellevue hospital for the last two weeks. he tested positive for ebola after treating patients in guinea. the hospitals say spencer continues to improve but is still getting treatment and will stay in isolation. and the british army has opened a new ebola treatment center in sierra leone. the center has about 100 beds to treat both the public and health care workers. and britain hopes to build at least five more. these treatment centers are desperately needed in sierra low yo leone. the past 21 days alone there have been nearly 1,200 new cases of ebola and the country only has about 4 00 beds to treat patients. doctors without borders is giving out ebola protection kits. the kits contain a variety of items including chlorine, soap, gloves, gowns, and masks. the organization hopes to deliver up to 70,000 kits to cover a population of 245,000. a texas nurse who was treated for ebola is now
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defending her actions before she was diagnosed. amber vinson appeared on the "today" show this morning. she got the virus after treating a man who got sick in west africa. vinson was later criticized for flying to and from cleveland shortly before she was diagnosed. vinson insists she was not sick or contagious at the time and the cdc told her it was okay to fly. >> like, i've read that someone said i felt weird or didn't feel right, but i'm a nurse. i have medical terms i can use to quantify how i was feeling. i felt fine. i felt normal. >> vinson also says the hospital did not give nurses enough trains on treating ebola patients but says she'd do it again. the president says he may follow through on a promise he made before the election to go around congress and sign executive orders on immigration if lawmakers can't pass a bill. if he does that, house speaker john boehner warns the president is playing with fire.
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nbc 10 national correspondent brian mooar has the story from washington. >> reporter: house speaker john boehner is putting president obama on notice. >> when you play with matches, you take the risk of burning yourself. >> reporter: he says it will be a deal breaker with the incoming republican-controlled congress if the president makes good on his promises to change immigration laws with executive orders. >> he will poison the well and there will be no chance for immigration reform moving in this congress. >> reporter: president risks the rath of republicans. >> i'm literally pleading with the president of the united states not to act. >> reporter: he faces a backlash from his own supporters. >> we're here to send a strong message to the president we won't take anymore excuses. >> reporter: republicans call tuesday's election results a repudiation of the president, the white house sees it differently. >> i think that the clear message that is sent by voters across the country is they want to see results in washington, d.c.
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>> some ideas that i -- >> reporter: the president has invited leaders from both parties to the white house on friday to find common ground. on a capitol hill that will be controlled by republicans. there is plenty of conciliatory talk, but speaker boehner says the next house will take action to repeal obamacare. in washington, brian mooar, nbc 10 news. texas governor rick perry made his first court appearance this morning. he was indicted in august on charges of felony abuse of power. charges stem from perry carrying out a threat to veto state funding for a public corruption division after the county's district attorney refused to resign following a drunk driving conviction. heavy rain led to a deadly landslide in switzerland. crews found the body of a woman and her 3-year-old daughter buried in the rubble of their home this morning. they've been using search dogs overnight in hopes of finding the two alive. the home sits at the bottom of a mountain. pounding rain and strong winds came together and caused a wave
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of mud and water to come rolling down that mountain last night. an elderly woman caused a huge pileup in southwest china as we walked across a busy road during rush hour. surveillance video here shows the woman walking into the middle of the road. a bus then slams on the brakes to avoid hitting her and veers into the opposite lane hitting a truck head-on. the bus spins around knocking that woman over and hitting a second bus. at least ten bus passengers were slightly injured. the elderly woman survived suffering a few broken fwobones >> unbelievable video there. >> the fact she survived really is remarkable. >> right. this is interesting here. an unusual, potentially valuable item will be up for auction by the washington state department of revenue. >> it's believed to be a sketchbook by the famed artist pablo picasso, discovered in an unclaimed safety deposit box. the department of revenue has been holding this sketchbook
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since someone forgot about it. authenticating that pablo picasso actually sketched this could cost the state thousands. the dates, binding on the book all point to that time period. >> it is a little bit nerve-racking to be touching that could be from the famed artist. >> a sketchbook is rare because it's something that was for him. he just used as practice. just to get to better himself as an artist. >> although they can't officially authenticate the sketchbook, some local art experts will look at it this week. the state doesn't profit from the sale. the money goes into an unclaimed property program. today, a soldier who served our country during the civil war received the medal of honor more than 150 years after he died. >> today the nation that lived pauses to pay tribute to one of those who died there. >> president obama awarded the medal of honor posthumously to army first lieutenant alonzo
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cushing for gallantry. officer of the united states artillery during combat operations near cemetery ridge. it's at gettysburg, pennsylvania, with confederate forces within 100 yards of his position. and that's when cushing was shot and killed july 3rd, 1863. >> for this american family, the story isn't some piece of obscure history, it is an zbe gral part of who they are. today the nation shares their pride and celebrates what the story says about who we are. >> president obama said typically the medal of honor must be awarded within a few years of the action but he said sometimes even the most extraordinary stories can get lost in the passage of time. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, we have a severe thunderstorm warning to tell you about. it is still out for parts of south jersey, cape may county starting to see heavier rain.
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cape may, atlantic, also cumberland counties until 5:30 this evening. this storm is very quickly moving toward the shore around 50 miles an hour. we could be seeing 60 mile an hour winds with this storm. some very heavy rain, but it is moving quickly. we don't expect it to stick around in one place for a long period of time. also we have seen a few strikes of lightning. not a lot of lightning. we are continuing to watch it move into parts of cape may county. it's moving to the east. so the warning is still up the storm is still pretty much egg harbor now. v vetner city, 5:43. cape may, 5:25. a little bit before that. atlantic city, 5:36. it will be hitting all the shore points from atlantic city down to cape may. mays landing seeing heavy rain across the ac expressway. this is moving into parts of cape may county now, dennis starting to see the heavy rain. egg harbor on the edge of some of that heavier rain. this is all continuing to slide toward the shore. and some of the heavier rain in
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parts of the delaware bay now moving into the lower parts of so the rain is approaching this area, too. and our shore points, again, here. aside from that, we still have more rain moving through parts of salem, gloucester, cumberland counties. and also up into parts of camden counties seeing heavier rain toward waterford and also into burlington county across the major interstates here. this also extends back toward parts of delaware county. across all the major interstates up toward trenton, across i-95, i-95-295 we're seeing more moderate rainfall on the new jersey side as well. here's what center city looks like. we still have the low clouds. we still have the rain falling. already set. you. moisture still in place. unsettled. we still do expect more showers later on this evening. here you see more rain off to our west that could be approaching later on tonight. we will keep showers in the forecast. temperatures are on the cooler side through the lehigh valley,
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upper 40s for allentown, pottstown. 53 in philadelphia and wilmington. closer to the shore, around 60 degrees. those numbers should start to drop off as the rain moves in. future weather showing the rain. also continuing to show a few showers later tonight. by 11:00 p.m., we could still have a few showers across the area. then tomorrow morning, we do start off dry. will be a colder start to your day. 9:00, we're seeing drier conditions. then later in the day, we start to get this lake effect, you see snow up to our north and west. poconos, wouldn't be surprised if there was a very brief period of flurries. either way, we have a chance for a few showers tomorrow. tonight, evening showers clearing late tonight. 39 for the low north and west. 43 for the low in philadelphia. tomorrow, though, windy, cold day. few showers possible, 5 2 to 55 for the high temperature. the weekend, a cold e start to saturday. highs around 50 degrees. sunday, mid 50s. looks pretty good so far for the eagles come monday night. >> all right, sheena. you could call it an ivy league lesson in big brother is
5:24 pm
watching. the reason harvard officials secretly photographed thousands of students while they studied. and now arriving, high-speed rail travel. plans are being made for the future of train service in the northeast. why your commute through philadelphia could top 200 miles an hour.
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harvard university is under
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fire tonight for secretly photographing students. the school says it was part of a study on classroom attendance. about 2,000 students were photographed in ten different lecture halls but students are calling it hypocritical. since harvard just adopted a new privacy policy last spring. the president of harvard says this incident raises important questions, and the school is reviewing what happened. well, what can be done to alleviate delays at amtrak? that's what federal transportation officials are frying to decide in new york. they want to come up with a long-term plan for amtrak's aging northeast rail line. several proposals include building a high-speed line that would move 220 miles per hour and laying new tracks under the hudson river. back here at home we continue to follow breaking developments in the philadelphia abduction investigation. >> and that includes new details about the suspect's past. delven barnes has a lengthily history with police especially in philadelphia. in minutes, nbc 10's cydney long
5:28 pm
takes a close look at a violent crime involving barnes' ex-wife and her family.
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this is nbc 10 breaking news. >> nbc 10 following breaking developments in the abduction investigation of a philadelphia woman. this is a picture nbc 10 just received from police from when delven barnes was last arrested in virginia in july. he was accused then of making a bomb threat. a maryland judge ordered today
5:31 pm
barnes be extradited to virginia on kidnapping charges from last month. it's unclear when barnes will face federal charges for allegedly kidnapping carlesha freeland gaither sunday night. we're learning more about the criminal past of delven barnes and goes back several years. >> 2005 he was charged with a violent assault on his own wife and went to prison. nbc 10's cydney long is live in northeast philadelphia. you followed up on this. what did you find out? >> reporter: keith and jacqueline, we set out to find delven barnes once estranged, ex-wife in this northeast philadelphia where they lived some nine years ago and where she filed for a restraining order. police say that did not stop barnes. we learned from neighbors today that she now lives in louisiana. we actually got a phone number and dialed it but the woman who answered the phone hung up. >> she was scared. she was scared out of her mind. >> reporter: jody broder is talking about the woman who used to be married to the man at the
5:32 pm
center of the carlesha freeland-gaither abduction, delven barnes. her then-neighbor called repeatedly asking if broder's dog, buddy, would protect her as she went to and from her car. >> i'd say, go get rhonda, go get rhonda, run around the back and walk her around. she said she never felt safe. >> reporter: we're not sharing the woman's last name due to the fact charges related to the 2005 attack included sexual assault and deviant sexual intercourse detailed in this criminal complaint. >> i can't believe this little l weasel of a man can get away with this. >> reporter: broder echoed the chilling details of a police report in the november 2005 assault saying barnings jumped out of a closet and attacked her friend. beating her. >> she got -- finally got a chance to text her father, and when she did, she texted him, help, and that when he came, he beat him with a bat as well. >> reporter: why a baseball bat and why allegations of repeatedly -- >> her father add the baseball bat. >> reporter: then did he use it against him? >> he tried to use it against
5:33 pm
delven. delven took it and hit him with it. he's a young man. he's stronger than the father was i'm sure. >> reporter: the suspect's unk uncle, lamar barnes, said the victim's estranged wife broke the restraining order by visiting him. >> whatever he gets. i love him. you know, i feel for my brother. >> reporter: now, the suspect delven barnes, his father is a pastor. his mother and father live in virginia. and the uncle today told me that both parents were actually taken in for questioning when delven was being accused of the crime that occurred in virginia from early in october. he says that he is leaving philadelphia tomorrow for virginia to comfort them. live in the northeast, cydney long, nbc 10 news. nbc 10 and will keep following developments here at home and in maryland in the abduction investigation. our live team coverage continues
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tonight on nbc 10 news. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> more rain is moving through parts of the area right now. >> nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen has been all over it tonight. where is the rain heaviest now? >> mainly in parts of south jersey, like atlantic, cape may counties where the heaviest rain is at this moment. moving closer to the shore, a lot of our shore points starting to see the heavy rain. it's moving very quickly, so it won't be around long. it's moving about 50 miles an hour. so it will be through the area very soon here. galloway township, heavy rain across the ac expressway in atlantic county, egg harbor. this will be in atlantic city in just minutes because of how fast it's moving. ocean city starting to see the heavy rain. it's moving into strathmere, sea isle city, heavy rain down to avalon and cape may has seen the heavy rain. now we're seeing pockets of heavy rain. wildwood seeing heavier rain as well. this is moving quickly around 50 miles an hour. it will be sliding off shore very soon here. this is locally heavy.
5:35 pm
the good news is, it is moving fast. so it's not expected to sit in one area for a long period of time. across the major interstates, again the ac expressway running up through parts of gloucester, rain as well right around windslowe township and also 76 seeing some of the more moderate rainfall. deptford seeing some of the heavier rain as well. this is sliding up along the major interstates into mercer county, burlington county seeing heavy rain especially around pemberton. we'll continue tracking the showers for you. there is more rain off to our west we'll be watching approach into the next few hours, too. coming up, where the rain is heading and the cold temperatures you can expect as we end out the week and go into your weekend. coming up. emergency crews in old city had to deal with a fiery situation underground. take a look at this video. nbc 10 captured flames shooting from underneath ray street this morning. pgw tells us a private contractor hit a one inch gas main and that sparked the fire.
5:36 pm
no one's service was affected and no one was hurt. firefighters did evacuate two blocks including the philadelphia hostel. >> when a fireman knocked owen our door and said we were being evacuated, there was an explosion, we didn't hear a noise. we were surprised and had to go around. remaining guests were still inside. get everyone outside. make sure all heads were accounted for. here we are standing in the rain. >> firefighters let the flames burn out which is protocol. another maneuver in the works to stop the school reform commission from stopping teacher contracts. the alliance for public schools say the move was violation of the state's shunshine law. src canceled them and ordered teachers to pay a portion of the health care costs. there are lawsuits stopping the action. this latest court move preserves the group's right to challenge the decision under the sunshine act. a beach battle is heating up off season at the jersey shore.
5:37 pm
margate and the state of new jersey are at odds over sand and who really is in charge. why this week's election is making things more complicated. and each year 15,000 kids are diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. a potentially deadly disease. now a pennsylvania company is using technology to help young diabetes sufferers live healthier lives. first here's what's coming up tonight on "nbc 10 news at 6." >> home safe and back with her family. nbc 10 is in carlesha's neighborhood now that she's been rescued. then the good old-fashioned police work that put her alleged kidnapper behind bars. how his bad credit helped police track him down. count on "nbc 10 news at 6."
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5:39 pm
an update tonight on the home depot breach from september. we just learned hackers stole 53 million customer e-mail addresses. the company says the information did not include passwords, payment card information, or any other sensitive data. home depot says it is making every effort to notify customerses who were affected. for those who are, a warning to look out for fishing scams designed to trick you into providing personal information. the fight to keep the state of new jersey from building
5:40 pm
dunes on margate's beaches, well, it's heating up now. despite a referendum opposing a dune and beach replenishment project. the state says it's going ahead as planned. a department of environmental protection spokesman says the state has the easements it needs to begin construction. in a statement from mar gate citizens questioning the beach project, it looks forward to elected and appointed officials sitting down with state agencies to find a better and more cost-effective solution to storm protection efforts for margate. and ray rice is now awaiting his fate. the baltimore ravens running back is appealing his indefinite ban from the nfl. today, both he and his wife testified before an arbitrator in new york city. that hearing ended within the last hour and both sides are now waiting for the arbitrator's ruling. rice was banned from the nfl after video surfaced of him punching his then-fiancee at an atlantic city casino. before that, he was only suspended for two games. rice argues the nfl is punishing
5:41 pm
him twice for the same crime. the philadelphia archdiocese says it's shrinking it's budget deficit. the archdiocese released new fiscal numbers today. it says its core deficit decreased by $1.8 million. officials say significant progress is being made and this comes after a number of parish closures and -- atlanticare. today, it was recognized as a leader in lgbt health care equality, but health care equality index. this is the third year in a row that atlanticare has reason recognized in the annual sir vi survey. it was one of 426 health care facilities across the country to be recognized. we transition to three words tough to swallow. cold, ice, and snow. it's only a matter of time before winter weather strikes
5:42 pm
again. that's why preparation is key. what penndot wants every driver to hear about staying safe on the roads and what should be in everyone's car before snow falls. sheena? >> yeah, we don't want to think about that just yet, but we have some showers still in the area. some of that rain locally heavy. coming up, i'll show you who's seeing it now and who could expect it as we go through the evening. plus coming up on "nbc 10 news at 6," she arrives in cincinnati and ready to get sb the game day spirit as she prepares to watch her father take the football field.
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here's some of the stories making headlines on "nbc 10 news at 5:45." chester county authorities say this 3-year-old boy is dead after being beaten and tortured by his own mother and her
5:45 pm
boyfriend. jillian tait and gary fellenbaum are held without bail. investigators say they beat scotty mcmillian with household items inside a mobile home in west caln township. a man accused of kidnapping a philadelphia woman will be extradited to virginia to face other charges. it's unclear when he will face federal charges in philadelphia for the alleged abduction of carlesha freeland-gaither. a gas main fire is now under control in old city, philadelphia. flames were coming from underground after a construction worker hit a gas main on ray street this morning. fs firefighters did evacuate two blocks in the area. no one's service was affected and no one was hurt. police in montgomery county are working with a manufacturer to try to find the source of a halloween candy scare. a trick-or-treater in towamensen township reportedly found a razor blade inside a piece of wrapped county. police in vineland cumberland
5:46 pm
county are investigating a similar incident. police say the candy did not cause injuries and don't believe the incidents are related. parents should continue to check their child's candy, of course. police say the candy, the razor bag and the packaging have been submitted for forensic testing. the candy manufacturer is also cooperating with police. transitioning from halloween, if you traveled by air over the holidays expect more company this year. the airline industry expects more than 24 million passengers to travel over the thanksgiving holiday which runs from november 21st to december 2nd. that's up more than 1% from last year. about 10% of those travelers will take international flights on u.s. airlines. the busiest travel days were expected to be november 26th, november 30th, and december 1st. the lightest travel day, though, expected to be thanksgiving day. also today, the postal service announced it will deliver packages every single day in major cities over the holiday season. carriers will deliver seven days a week beginning november 17th
5:47 pm
through christmas day. the demand for package service has grown as more people shop online. the postal service expects to deliver between 450 million to 470 million packages this holiday season, that's up 12% from last year. we don't want to think about this, but i guess we have to. penndot is preparing for winter weather. and it wants all of us to do the same. it's released a winter operations video that's available on youtube. the video highlights penndot's winter fleet that's ready to roll once the flakes start falling. more than 2,200 trucks, 5,400 drivers tuned up and prepared to tackle 40,000 miles of roadway throughout pennsylvania when the first storm strikes. the video also includest tips fr drivers. penndot recommends motorists carry an emergency kit, slow down increasing your following distance, and avoid distractions. following penndot on twitter for updates also helps. now your nbc 10 first alert
5:48 pm
weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, the rain is still around the area. the heaviest rain is starting to move out, but for the rest of the evening, damp and chilly. windy and colder, though, as we go into tomorrow and the weekend, that is setting up to be chilly, too, especially morning hours. live look out at philadelphia, center city skyline. low clouds covering taller buildings. the rain is tistill in the philadelphia area. temperature, 53 degrees. definitely chilly with the rain out there. here's a look at the radar. heaviest rains is confined to parts of new jersey and along the shore. these are the same showers and storms we were tracking earlier in the newscast. really quickly, about 50 miles an hour to the east. now dealing with the heavy rain, down to margate city. egg harbor is getting rid of some of the heavier rain. only lighter rain here. this extends up through the ac expressway. we slide into parts of ocean
5:49 pm
city, sea isle city. the lighter rain is now in the area. the heavy rain has already moved offshore. again, it's fast moving. stone harbor, a small shower there. cape may getting rid of the rain. offshore. that will continue moving away from cape may. all of this is going to keep sliding into the atlantic as we go through tonight. so we don't expect it to be lingering along the shore at all or come back for that matter. so along the ac expressway, we have lighter rain starting to taper off in gloucester and cam dw den counties. moderate rain in windslowe, burlington county. the rain around philadelphia is starting to clear out, too. cha cherry hill, cinnamonson, rain still. there's rain around pemberton as well. this is starting to clear out along the major interstates as we go into lower bucks county, parts of mercer county. it's quickly coming to an end because it's moving so fast. now, there are a couple other areas of rain, before we end out the night.
5:50 pm
one area north of harrisburg, we'll watch that cluster and another area forming around washington. we'll be watching both of these. it's moving in our direction. for now, parts of the area kind of in a lull before we see our next chance of showers later on this evening. temperatures cool in the lehigh valley. upper 40s with the rainfall. that's pretty much ended there. 53, philadelphia. atlantic city dropped down to 57 with the rainfall. wildwood now dropping down into the mid 50s with the rain that wildwood saw. future weather keeps the rain moving out of the area. by 11:00 p.m. tonight, we could have another batch south of philadelphia. moving through parts of delaware and parts of south jersey. early tomorrow, we will start to clear out of a lot of the showers but still a chance for a few lingering showers as we start to clear out. for tonight, though, a few evening showers left over. clearing late tonight. 43 for the low in philadelphia. 39 areas north and west. tomorrow it's going to be colder. 52 to 55 for the high temperature and also windy. winds could be gusting as high as 35 miles an hour. going to make it feel colder, too. we wake up saturday morning with
5:51 pm
temperatures in the 30s. same thing sunday morning. highs only topping out around 50 saturday, 54 on sunday. so definitely a colder weekend, but the eagles game looks pretty good as we go into monday night, next blast of cold air comes next thursday. >> all right, sheena. new jersey says an online gambling firm broke the rules and must now pay up. krer ceasers interactive. they've been fined $10,000 by the state for soliciting more than 250 people who had voluntarily banned themselves from gambling. those people were on the state's self-exclusion list for compulsive gamblers. state gaming officials tell us this is the first fine they've imposed since new jersey allowed online gambling last year. of the ten best public school districts in the country, three are right here in pennsylvania. that's according to a new ranking from the education review website called niche.
5:52 pm
tredyffrin township came in third. lower merion in montgomery county was number four. north allegheny school district in wexford, allegheny county number nine. rankings based on user reviews and education statistics from government and public databases. speaking of schools, we have a new winner in our high school blitz game of the week. they've led all week long. we're talking art lenape and rancocas valley, making that matchup our winner. rancocas valley gets to show off the new stadium in the spotlight friday night. the game with the most votes featured on the high school blitz, airs every saturday night at 7:00 on nbc 10. this is diabetes awareness month. >> yeah. each year 15,000 children are diagnosed with the disease. with the help of new technology, young diabetes sufferers are living healthier lives and that's all thanks to the work of a pennsylvania company. then coming up on "nbc 10 news at 6," technology like this
5:53 pm
helped crack the carlesha freeland-gaither abduction case. it's a gps tracker being installed in a car. how the device works and why it is legal for car dealership to put it inside your vehicle. cocoa or eggnog? toasty or frosty? exactly the way you want it... until boom, it's bedtime! your mattress is a battleground of thwarted desire. enter the sleep number bed. right now, you can save $400 on the c4 mattress set. he's the softy. his sleep number setting is 35. you're the rock, at 60. silent night not so silent? sleep number's even got an adjustment for that. give the gift of amazing sleep, only at a sleep number store. where you'll find our lowest price ever on the c4 queen mattress plus 36-month financing. know better sleep with sleep number.
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5:55 pm
retailers and restaurants in the poconos want tourists to know they're open for business. their bottom lines took a big
5:56 pm
hit during the search for accused trooper killer eric frein. bob casey afbed small business administration to give federal help to bidses that took a financial hit during the seven-week manhunt. several reports show businesses lost customers who were afraid to go near the search area. but 1,000 law enforcement officers concentrated their search for frein in monroe and pike counties. every year, more than 15,000 children in the united states are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. >> but new technology being developed right here in pennsylvania can help kids live healthier and more normal lives. this is lancaster-based tempo health. researchers are developing a wristwatch that can monitor all kinds of data from patients. it can even put that information into a smartphone app. the goal is to tailor a unique treatment regime for each person. it allows diabetics or parents of diabetic children the ability to see where blood sugar levels will go instead of only reacting to current levels.
5:57 pm
>> prefer to have something i can wear without really knowing it's there. that's how kids are going to react. they want something that's unintrusive to their lifestyle where they can just be kids. >> data from the watch is sent to doctors in realtime which can cut down on all those office visits. coming up next on "nbc 10 news at 6" -- >> it was quick thinking that helped bring carlesha home alive. the clue she left for police during her abduction and what a witness did that made all the difference. after the rain moves out, a cold blast is coming in. i'll tell you when it arrives and what to expect for your weekend. i'll have the timing in my exculusive nbc 10 first alert forecast.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
right now at 6:00 -- >> if it wasn't for him, i don't think we'd have the same outcome. this man is a hero. >> police thank a witness who took action after seeing a woman kidnapped off a philadelphia street. >> by the time i got up to the situation, they was already, like, he forced her into the car and into the back seat. >> only nbc 10 spoke with him just hours after the abduction and tonight, we're learning new details about the victim's quick thinking. >> she left it there for us to find. >> police say carlesha freeland-gaither dropped her cell phone during that struggle
6:00 pm
and she did it on purpose so police could find her. tonight, she's back with her family and nbc 10 was there as carlesha left a maryland hospital early this morning. philadelphia police say she's now resting in an undisclosed location. >> man accused of abducting her will be extradited to virginia. . minutes ago police in virginia gave us our most recent photo of delven barnes taken after he was arrested in july of this year in an unrelated case. tonight, we have live team coverage with reporters covering barnes' court appearance in maryland and his violent history. >> well, it could be a while before philadelphia police get their hands, though, on delven barnes. as we mentioned, barnes will head first to virginia where nbc 10 got this mugshot today. it was taken after he was arrested in july in an unrelated case. we have the wanted poster for barnes authorities were using in virginia, where he'll face charges of the attempted kidnapping and ra


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