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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 430a  NBC  November 7, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EST

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that breaking news is a fire at a homeless shelter in north philadelphia where we learned just moments ago that one person was killed. a live picture here at the scene. we will have new information from fire officials straight ahead. the search for a local teenager's accused rapist and his menacing words to authorities. carlesha freeland hp gait r
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gaither. the chance for showers returns later today and for now chilly and windy outside. good morning, nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. >> chilly and windy but it is friday. that warms things up just a little bit knowing that. good morning, bill. >> good morning, chris. the wind is blowing and starting to get a big stronger in the area. it will blow some clouds back into the area and there's a good chance we'll see spotty showers during the day. right now it is dry. look at the wind gusts. it started in the pocono mountains and now pottstown seeing winds gusting to 20 miles per hour and those gusts will move into the philadelphia area. to start with make for a chilly morning. 49 right now in philadelphia and 46 in allentown and 30s in the pocono mountains. the wind blowing here at the nbc 10 studios and it will be a gusty one today. 40s to start with by 9:00. 47 degrees and the wind will be
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sdrau strong enough to blow a few showers into the region as we head into the afternoon. right now looking at a dry commute, however. i'm back in less than ten minutes with your hour-by-hour future weather. let's check in with jillian mele and see how the roads are looking. >> twostan accidents on the pennsylvania turnpike and then the other one westbound, the delaware valley onramp. both of these accidents involve vehicles that hit a deer. use caution and keep your eyes out for that this morning. both of those accidents have just cleeared. they were very minor in nature. 76 eastbound right at belmont avenue. we're actually told this is a power washing project that we have going on here. the right lane is blocked. only the left lane is getting by but still not seeing any delays there. for drivers in delaware this morning, tough to see, a little bit of construction. you can see the cones set up. 94 northbound right near route 1. just keep that in mind. looks like we have the far right lane blocked now.
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chris? at 4:32. new information about that breaking news we're following in north philadelphia. a live picture from the scene outside a homeless shelter where fire broke out this morning and we do know now that one person was killed. one person killed. a man who was found on the third floor floor. the fire commissioner said he may have had some type of disability. you can see the fire crews have this situation under control now. 22nd and ontario street. the fire broke out around 3:00. the alliance abuse mission ministries. the website says they serve a wide range of people in north philadelphia. now, we've learned that t24 people were inside when the fire started and there are reports that the fire alarm system may have been turned off, however, the fire commissioner says people were running out of the building when firefighters arrived. something alerted them. monique braxton is on scene there and a live report from her coming up at 5:00 a.m. this morning following a developing story. philadelphia police are looking for the suspect who they say raped a 14-year-old girl last
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night in darby. the investigation then led police to west philadelphia. and police released the picture of the suspect, 18-year-old kassim hill. investigators say he is armed and dangerous. nbc 10's katy zachary is live in darby. officers are also saying hill taunted them. what is that about? >> that's what we're hearing from officers here in darby. hill called the police department last night and asked to talk to the detective in charge of the case and actually said to him, i'm not turning myself in for this, you can come and find me. you have officers in at least two areas looking for the suspect, 18-year-old kassim hill in philadelphia and in darby borough. he's accused of luring a 14-year-old girl into his mother's house earlier this week and raping her. that witness knocked on the door to try to stop it and that's when the suspect ran out the back of the house. the victim's aunt spoke to nbc
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10 yesterday. we are concealing her identity to protect her niece. >> turn yourself in. what you did was horrific. you need to face justice. >> and that is a message that the victim's aunt had for the suspect, 18-year-old kassim hill. he is is on probation currently and working to get his extensive background history and we'll have that for you in the next half hour. reporting live in darby borough, katy zachary. this morning the suspect in the suspect of carlesha freeland-gaither is in virginia. he was indicted to face charges in a separate case. investigators have filed federal kidnapping charges against delvin barnes. you're looking now at his latest mugshot from his arrest in maryland. federal agents arrested him
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there. while rescuing carlesha as we reported yesterday to you. here's what's new from overnight. police say in the criminal complaint that barnes confessed to the kidnapping and they also say that he told investigators he did not know freeland-gaither. the victim is now with her family somewhere in philadelphia resting at an undisclosed location. also a $47,000 reward for information in that case that now the question this morning just who will get the money. >> the real guy is the guy who witnessed the abduction and then called 911. they believe wayne fletcher should get the reward. he said he heard screams on sunday night and saw carlesha freeland-gaither being shove under to the car and he called police as he tried to distract the kidnapper. >> i don't know if her screams overpowered mine or whatever it
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was, he was moving fast. >> and then fletcher found freeland-gaither's cell phone. he will sleep knowing carlesha is home and he is behind bars. for more information, logon to our website, a hearing is set in the case involving the land belonging to jerry sandusky's charity, the second mile. that hearing will take place and the charity is trying to sell-off the land and its goal was to help at-risk youth. sandusky is serving 30 to 60 years in prison after being convicted on dozens of counts of child sex abuse. the execution of a man convicted of murdering a university of delaware student is on hold. a judge delayed the execution for james cook. he was scheduled to be put to death on december 4th. convicted and killing of lindsay in 2005. she was 20 years old. this is the murder scene near the delaware campus in 2005.
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the new journal of wilmington reports the delay happened so the u.s. supreme court could consider his appeal. cook's lawyers claim that he should have been given more time to prepare for that trial. new jersey's working to figure out how to work up its roads and bridges. >> up next, the price hike that drivers could see to help fund those upgrades. new information about the data breach at home depot. we now know how many customers are involved and what was taken and how hackers got into the system. and who killed bin laden? new questions this morning about the s.e.a.l. team sixth mission as a different story emerges. temperatures are dropping and the wind is picking up, but it is dry. that's a live view of center city from the adventure aquarium. 47 degrees right now at 4:38.
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4:40 now. the state dwas lean tax has to be raised to fix the state's roads, railways and bridges.
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that came at a hearing yesterday in camden on how to replenish the trust fund. that pays for road and bridge projects in new jersey. it is expected to run out of cash in july. a bill introduced last week would raise the gas tax or raise the tax by 25 cents. in delaware, the chris teanna mall will open on november 20th. one of the theaters will feature a huge wall-to-wall, floor to ceiling screen. the old theater there closed more than a decade ago. getting a clear view of the wind blowing today. a blustery day today. the wind will actually drive some clouds back into the area and give us some showers. right now it's dry and 49 degrees and wind steady at 7 miles an hour and we have already seen gusts of more than
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20 miles per hour. there you can see the radar is nice and dry now. this is the light scattered shower activity that we will see blow into the area later this afternoon and into possibly even late morning. this is 7:00 this morning. look at the arrows lining up, 45 degrees and here come the showers by later this morning. off to the north and west potttown might see a few sprinkles and light rain drop or two. most of the activity stay to the north of philadelphia. 2:00 this afternoon, but you can see that line extends from the lehigh valley through northeast philadelphia and into south jersey. and once these clear, then the cold arrives to start the weekend off. got the seven-day forecast when i'm back in less than ten minutes. it is 4:42. time to get a check of the roads, which are very dark at this hour, of course. >> for that we check with jillian mele. she's watching all those dark roads. >> starting off in the lehigh valley, route 22 at route 309.
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78 also free of any accidents and so is the northeast extension. of course, on the northeast extension, long term construction. we still have some here on eastbound side right at belmont avenue. you'll notice that right lane is blocked and only the left lane of traffic still getting by. i don't anticipate that staying out there until past 5:00 a.m. i'll let you know once that finally clears for drivers in new jersey, 295 at 168, lane restrictions out there until 6:00 this morning. and then 676 in both directions at morgan boulevard and one lane blocked there each way. tracy and chris? this morning a tale of two seals. >> new questions about who really killed osama bin laden. going after gamers. the targeted a certain group of customers. and leah's big night. the special moment she shared with her dad as he prepared to take the field.
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4:45 and 47 degrees outside. a judge is set to decide to approve detroit's plan to rebound from bankruptcy. it is the largest public bankruptcy in u.s. history. a judge has to decide whether the plan is fair to creditors and feasible for the future. now, to an update on the car recall. this morning honda is adding hundreds of thousands of vehicles to its recall for airbags. the passenger airbags can explode and send shards of metal into the area. older versions of honda's accord, civic and crv models. 17 million cars around the world have been recalled because of airbags made by japan's tacat corporation. he is sorry for any worry that recall may have caused. more cybersecurity for one of the biggest retailers this morning. stole million of customer e-mail addresses this year. 53 million, in fact, were stolen from self checkout registers.
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home depot says customers need to watch out for e-mail fishing c c scams now. 56 million credit and debit cards were compromised in september. passwords and other personal information were not stolen along with the e-mails. advertisements may soon replace the fee that you're charged by some atms. this idea became reality in new york this week around 25 atms in that city doing this. instead of being nicked for a buck or two every time you have a transaction, you, instead, have to watch a ten second ad. the company behind the atm plans to roll them out nationwide. a been sipartisan sit down they swept both houses of congress. tracie potts reports from washington. >> reporter: president obama sits down with 14 congressional leaders today. democrats and the new republican majority.
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they want to focus on jobs and energy. president obama's under pressure to fix immigration. >> we won't take any more excuses. >> reporter: he's promising more executive orders by the end of this year. republican leaders are warning him not to. >> when you play with matches, you take the risk of burning yourself. and he's going to burn himself if he continues to go down this path. >> they were in the house to take up and pass a bipartisan senate bill later this month or next and then the president wouldn't have to act at all. >> reporter: on foreign policy, key republicans say they'll give the president broad authority to go after isis in syria. >> we may find that a little unusual giving this president, but in my feelings about his leadership. but the fact is that we need to understand that the president is the commander in chief and that role i do not believe should be impinged upon by the congress. >> reporter: despite a showdown over immigration, the white
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house is somewhat upbeat about today's meeting. >> doesn't mean that there are going to be daily renditions on pennsylvania avenue. but i do think that we can be at least a little more optimistic that where common ground exists, that democrats and republicans can move together on it. >> and we could see another showdown over the health law. republicans say they are intent on repealing obama care. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. exposed to chemical warfare. that's what hundreds of u.s. soldiers believed happened to them during the invasion in iraq in 2003. "new york times" is reporting more than 600 military members made that claim to medical military staffers. ordered a review after a "times" report that said u.s. troops faced chemical weapons in iraq. that first report said more than a dozen soldiers had been injured by sulfur mustard gas. new questions this morning about who really killed terrorist obama bin laden.
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>> a navy s.e.a.l. is stepping forward but his story doesn't match the story of one of his teammates. they're telling different versions of the historic event. robert o'neil identified himself in "the washington post" as the man who killed bin laden. but a team member wrote a different story. three commandos fired shots that hit bin laden. the navy says there will be consequences for leaking classified information. hold on to everything today. it's going to be a gusty wind. it's already starting this morning. a few scattered clouds, but no sign of any rain this morning. that could change because of the wind blowing. clouds back in with a few showers. 49 degrees right now. little chillier this morning. we're down two degrees compare to yesterday and start to see some of the clouds overhead. 40s right now northeast philadelphia and philadelphia
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international, wilmington all in the upper 40s north and west shenandoah has drop under to the 30s in the mountains and 40s across delaware. most of south jersey is in the 40s with the exception right along the coastline, cape may harbor is at 53 degrees. we are dry to start with. but the showers that will be blowing into the area this afternoon are just to the west. the first showers might reach the lehigh valley by late this morning. so, it's going to be a blustery day today. winds gusting to 35 miles an hour this afternoon. that's going to keep the temperatures into the lower 50s today. scattered light showers, not everybody is going to see these showers, not going to be the widespread rainfall that we saw yesterday and they will be light and be out of here for the weekend and look at the temperatures dropping overnight. 34 degrees tomorrow morning and just 50 tomorrow afternoon and most of the day it's going to be in the 40s and with less wind it's going to be another cool start on sunday morning down to 39 degrees. little bit warmer for sunday and
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monday will be close to 60 degrees then and just in time for veterans day. the temperatures will climb into the 60s. up to 64 degrees and then here comes the colder air for wednesday and especially thursday, the wind will be blowing and high temperature of just 46 degrees. a dry drive to work today, unlike yesterday but we already have some problems. >> let's check in with how things are looking. happy friday, jillian. >> one more problem to add to the list. an accident that i just got word of happening in hatfield. clemens road at forty foot road. that long-term construction zone, but we're not reporting any delays on 95. we do have some construction that's still out there in ben salem street road in both directions right near old lincoln highway. checking some of your drive times right now, that's about seven minutes in both directions. so, no problems to report there. the blue route is also fairly quiet, about 17 to 18 minutes what we're seeing between 95 and
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76. i was following this construction eastbound at belmont avenue and you can see that just cleared. one of the first signs of the holiday season arriving in new york city today. the rockefeller christmas tree is coming to the big apple. the giant spruce was cut down and hoisted on to a trailer wednesday for its 155-mile journey to manhattan. there it goes. it will grace the plaza throughout the christmas season. the tree will be decorated with more than 45,000 l.e.d. lights, which will be lit for the first time on december 3rd. waking up to a new beat. the local radio station that will not sound like it did yesterday. and in the nose or in the arm? health experts are offering advice to parents on picking which flu vaccine is best for their kids.
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new jersey says an online gambling furnl broke the rules and now has to pay.
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caesar interactive owns three casinos in atlantic city. they have been fined $10,000 by the state for soliciting more than 250 people who had voluntarily banned themselves from gambling. they were on the self-exclusion list. state gaming officials tell us this is the first time, first fine they have imposed since new jersey allowed online gambling last year. ten employees at hot 107.9 philly have been laid off. amid a format change that started last night. the station will now be called boom 107.9 and play throwback hip-hop. an executive would not talk with us on camera, but tells nbc 10 they filled a variety of positions including on air and received severance packages. the archdiocese says it's shrinking its budget deficit. released new fiscal numbers yesterday. the core deficit has decreased by $1.8 million.
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this comes after a number of parish closures and mergers. stop the school reform commission from canceling philadelphia's teacher contracts. the reliance for public school says the move was a violation of the state's sunshine law. they canceled the contracts and ordered teachers to start paying a portion of their health care costs. already lawsuits stopping the action. this latest court move preserves the group's right to challenge the decision under the sunshine act. of the ten best public school districts in the entire country, three of those are right here in pennsylvania according to new rankings from the education review website. tredyfrin east town and chester county came in third. lower merion school district was 4 and allegheny county was number nine. those rankings were based on user reviews and education stats
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from government data bases. the nasal spray version of the flu vaccine did not protect children against the swine flu and may not work this year. that was the most common bug making people sick last winter. swine flu is not expected to be a major concern this year. the daughter of an nfl player fighting cancerer got the thrill of a life symptom last night. >> we told you this was going to happen. 4-year-old leah still made her journey from philadelphia where she has been getting treatment at c.h.o.p. to cincinnati to watch her dad play in person for the first time. cameras caught the moment between the two there waving to each other before the game. fans wore devin still's jersey. leah has been getting treatment for a very difficult form of cancer. she felt well enough to go to ohio and see her dad play against the browns in person and at half-time, look, leah
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accepted a check from the bangles for more than $1 million for cancer research. >> so many people have gotten behind them. >> so many people bought his jersey and all that money has gone to fund pediatic cancer research. nbc 10 breaking news. one person is dead and nearly two dozen more are forced out into the cold after a fire in a homeless shelter in north philadelphia. we are live on the scene talking to firefighters and people looking for a place to stay this morning. the search for an accused teenage rapist. warning the suspect may be armed and dangerous. abduction suspect delvin barnes is in virginia to face charges there. we'll tell you what we learned about that alleged crime. you may want to get out the big coat again this morning. a chilly start on this friday. much colder in the suburbs and the rain is gone. the clouds are, too. and we may not stay dry for too long. we'll find out in a moment. good morning and welcome to nbc
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10 news today. i'm chris cato. >> let's find out with bill henley in the first alert weather center. bill? >> we're seeing the wind pick up and that is a big player during the day today. the gusty winds delivering a few showers. right now a dry view looking from center city where the winds are at 7 miles per hour. stronger winds from wilmington and mt. pocono and look at the arrows all lining up out of the northwest. that will keep temperatures cool to start with. 49 degrees along the i-94 corridor and 45 right now in pottstown and 49 in millville. the flag has been blowing at times. getting a break right now from the wind, but gusty wind will blow clouds into the area and late this morning, we could be looking at some scattered light rain showers in the area. by lunchtime up to 53 degrees. back in less than ten minutes with your future weather


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