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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  November 7, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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right now we are following this breaking news. this suspect who taunted police after allegedly sexually assaulting a teenage girl has turned himself in. he walked in to police this morning with his mother and s surrendered. >> reporter: the relatives are telling us that investigators say he turned himself in, surrendering to police this morning walking right through the door you see here. moments ago, i spoke to the victim's relatives by phone. they are both at work. they tell us they are relieved. 18-year-old hill has been the subject of a manhunt since
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wednesday. a 14-year-old girl told her family and police she went to see a friend after school. when she knocked on that door and no one answered, hill told her to come inside, her friend was there. last night he phoned detectives and we are told he told them, come and get me. but he has had a change of heart. one officer told us, hill is trouble. we did look up his background. we did a little digging. in the next half hour, we will tell you what we found out from the d.a.'s office in philadelphia. we will tell you when he will appear in court. in darby, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. new information on the suspect in the abduction of carlesha freeland-gaither. he will face charges for attempted murder and kidnapping in a different case. we got ahold of this new mug shot taken by the authorities in virginia after he was pros saysed in at that jail. the investigation into the abduction here in philadelphia continues.
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federal kidnapping charges against barnes were filed in philadelphia yesterday. this is his mug shot from his arrest in maryland. federal agents arrested him there on wednesday as they rescued his alleged victim. we brought that to you as breaking news. here is what's new from overnight. police say barnes actually has confessed to the kidnapping. that was in the fbi's criminal complaint. they said he told them he did not know freeland-gaither. it was random. as for the victim, she's with her family in philadelphia resting at an undisclosed location, according to police. police said it was actually a sticker on the windshield of barnes' car that helped virginia authorities realize that philadelphia police may be looking for the same man. authorities called the car dealership where barnes bought his car. they found the dealer put a gps device on the car. the f biwas able to use that to track the car to jessup, maryland, on wednesday. that's when they found barnes and the victim there.
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before facing justice in philadelphia, of course, he has to face that sexual assault charge and kidnapping charge in virginia. he is accused of attacking a 16-year-old girl, hitting her in the head with a shovel, sexually assaulting her, possibly trying to kill her. her mother last night was asked about barnes. we have blurred the mother's face to protect her identity. >> burns of her skin. my daughter didn't look like herself. it was devastating to watch. i'd like to say, god bless him. you didn't succeed. and i hope that your [ bleep ] friday in hell. >> they say he hit the girl with a shovel, drove her to his house, poured gas and bleach on her and set her clothes on fire. she was severely injured. she's recovering in the hospital. nbc 10 and will follow developments here at home and in virginia in this abduction investigation.
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we are following breaking news ou s out of berks county. a murder investigation in reading. police found a man dead inside this home on green street around 1:00 this morning. officers told us they believe the victim ran there after being shot. investigators say they do not believe this crime was random. no word yet of any arrest though or a motive in the killing. stay with nbc 10 and nbc fo updates. authorities are trying to figure out what caused a deadly fire in north philadelphia. the fire started at a building called at liens of youth mission ministries on north 22nd street around 3:00 this morning. a 57-year-old man was found dead inside on the third floor. the fire commissioner tells us he may have been smoking inside his apartment. he was disable and may not have been able to get out of the building. more than 20 people did escape
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the fire. the fire commissioner says everyone should have an escape plan, especially this time of year. >> we want everyone to work with us. we always tell everyone that fire is everyone's fight. we need everyone to go their part to help us stabilize it. we don't want any more fatalities this year. we have the holiday season coming up. cooking during the holidays is the number one cause of fire fatalities. we want everyone to be mindful. hopefully this is it for the year. if you smoke, smoke outside. >> again, police are believing that this building is a boarding house and investigators say they are trying to determine if the fire alarms were working. they say 23 people were able to escape from the building. a news conference about this fire and what's being done to help those people is about to start. we will keep an eye on that for you and bring you any new information. sky force 10 over a house fire in upper darby, delaware county, earlier this morning. flames and smoke broke out just before 8:00 along radburn road.
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this home was vacant at the time. there are no reports of any injuries. people in a west philadelphia apartment building are out of their homes after fire this morning. it started in an 18th floor university of the place along holden street around 2:00 this morning. no one was hurt. most of those people have been allowed to go back in except for people who live on the 18th floor. a woman drove her suv intoed side of a church in west philadelphia. nbc 10 was on the scene. police say the driver lost control and smashed into the taylor tabernacle church around 11:00 last night. she did suffer minor injuries. chilly and windy on this friday. we are getting some sunshine it looks like as we take a live look at the philadelphia museum of art. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. glenn, we can't seem to -- we are above 50 now. i was about to say we haven't
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reached 50 yet but there you go. >> right at 50 degrees. we are not going to go a lot higher. the wind is going to increase. it's not going to be feeling warmer this afternoon than it is right now. we have a lot of clouds in the philadelphia area, in the poconos, at the shore. there's a lot more clouds than sun at the moment. you see the camera shaking because the wind is that strong. the wind is also bringing in moisture from the great lakes. these are actually lake affect showers, a couple in chester county and new castle county and delaware and one or two in new jersey, a couple in the poconos and more up to the northwest. even lake affect snow in new york state and northwestern pennsylvania. we're not expecting snow here. but that gives you an idea of how cold the air mass is. it's 38 in mount pocono. they could see snow there. 48 in allentown, 49 in reading. and only into the mid 50s farther to the south.
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so as we go through the afternoon, we are going to be finding a little more clouds than sun. the wind is going to be the big factor this afternoon. a couple of showers around for the next few hours. then things tend to dry out a little bit. but that wind is really going to be up there this afternoon, gusting over 30 miles an hour and finally diminishing tonight. we will see how cold it's going to get tonight where you live and an even colder air mass on the way in the seven-day in a few minutes. eight minutes after 11:00. accused trooper killer eric frein has a new court date. he will have his preliminary hearing december 9. that was originally set for next wednesday. frein was captured last week after alluding police for seven weeks. the execution of the man convicted of murdering a university of delaware student is on hold. a judge delayed the execution.
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he was scheduled to be put to death december 4. he was convicted of raining and killing this woman in 2005. she was 20 years old. this is video of the murder scene near the campus of the university of delaware in 2005. the news journal of wilmington reports the delay in his execution happened so that the u.s. supreme court can consider an appeal. his lawyers say he should have been given more time to prepare for trial. a hearing is under way in the case involving the property belonging to sandusky's former charity the second mile. that's taking place in centre county. they are trying to sell off the land. it was founded by sandusky. its goal was to help at-risk youth. sandusky is serving a prison sentence after being convicted of child sex abuse. happening tonight, transit workers are. he pictured to vote on whether to ratify the contract with septa. they came to a tentative agreement last friday avoiding a strike that would have halted
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buses, subways and trolleys. four more people are accused of filing false claims for hurricane sundayy relief money. the latest are three new jersey men and a woman from new york. authority saz 20 people are charged with filing for sandy relief money that they are not entitled to. if convicted, they could each get three to five years in prison. breaking bread is the white house lunch that everyone agreed to keep an eye on today. you will you be able to cut through the tense at the table? a preview of this bipartisan get together since the midterm elections. encouraging economic news. new figures show how many americans are no longer looking for jobs. very windy day is in store. i'm tracking rain for some parts of the area. i'm also tracking a lot of cold airheaded our way. when you can expect the temperatures to really take a nosedive just ahead.
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today president obama will meet with congressional leaders for the first time since republicans took over control of the senate in tuesday's election. as nbc 10's national correspondent tracie potts reports, they are trying to figure out how far the other will bend. >> reporter: the president sits down with republicans today. they want to focus on jobs and energy. president obama is under pressure to fix immigration. >> we won't take any more
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excuses. >> reporter: he is promising more executive orders. they are warning him not to. >> when you play with matches, you take the risk of burning yourself. he is going to burn himself if he tips to go down this path. >> if they were in the house to take up and pass a bipartisan senate bill later this month or next, then the president wouldn't have to act at all. >> reporter: on foreign policy, key republicans say they will give the president broad authority to go after isis in syria. >> may find that a little unusual giving this president. but in my feelings about his leadership, but the fact is we need to understand that the president is the commander in chief and that role i do not believe should be impinged upon by the congress. >> reporter: despite a showdown over immigration, the white house is somewhat upbeat about today's meeting. >> doesn't mean that they are going to be daily renditions of
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couple buy ya on pennsylvania avenue. but i think we can be more optimistic that where common ground exists, that democrats and republicans can move together on it. >> reporter: there's another area where there doesn't seem to be common ground, obamacare. republicans are intent on repealing it. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. who really killed osama bin lauden? a former navy seal is stepping forward. robert owe kneel identified himself yesterday as the man who killed bin laden. another member wrote a book that tells a different story. he says three commandos fired shots that hit bin laden. the navy says there will be consequences for both of them for leaking classified information. more than 600 u.s. soldiers believe they were exposed to chemical warfare during iraq invasion in 2003. that's from a report in "the new york times."
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the pentagon ordered a review of medical records. initial report last month said 17 soldiers had been injured by mustard gas. the labor department released ins october jobs report this morning. it shows that a positive trend has continued. the government says employers added 214,000 jobs last month. that means that employers have now added at least 200,000 jobs for nine straight months and that's the longest stretch of that happening since 1995. many of the jobs added in october were in lower paying industries, retailers added 27,000 while restaurants, hotels and entertainment firms gained more than 50,000 workers. a lot of our jobs this afternoon is to keep the hair in place, because the wind is really a factor. we just have a few showers around the area. but everybody is feeling the wind. and it's actually going to get stronger during the afternoon.
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and a chilly weekend ahead, especially tomorrow morning. we have a mix of clouds and sun right now in and around the philadelphia area. and it's 51 degrees. a sustained wind of 20 miles an hour. so one degree warmer than it was this time yesterday. it doesn't necessarily feel it. it's 48 now in allentown and west chester, only 38 in mount pocono. we could see snow flurries in some of the higher elevations this afternoon. only 47 in glassboro in new jersey. we had places in the 60s yesterday. nothing like that today. 30 mile an hour wind gust in atlantic city. 37 in lancaster. that's a sign of things to come. the wind gusts are going to increase during the afternoon. some places could get up to 40 miles an hour for a wind gust. you can see the direction is out of the northwest bringing in the colder air. some of the stronger winds in the poconos. watch what happens as we go through the night tonight. the wind really diminishes.
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by tomorrow morning, it's practically calm. and that's going to allow the temperature to really plunge across a good bit of the area. so the low temperatures tonight, only 26 in allentown, 28 in reading and quakertown and in doylestown. 29 in norristown and mount holly. 29 in vineland. isolated places could get colder than that. we are talking 20s and so early in november. 30 in glassboro, 34 in the city of philadelphia itself. these are isolated showers moving quickly during the past hour. they are on the light side. it's related to the cold air coming over the warm lakes. there's a lot of snow in parts of new york state. the lake affect areas, also new england mountains getting some snow. futurecast shows some of the showers moving out. we will tend to see less and less of them as we go through
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the afternoon and into tonight. so we expect a dry weekend, but it is going to be a cold one. for monday night, it's going to be on the chilly side but not as cold as tonight or tomorrow night. not that much wind either. so really a pretty good weather condition considering the overall forecast. winds this afternoon, 15 to 25, gusts to 35 or higher and temperatures only in the low to mid 50s. the average high around 60. cold start tomorrow as you saw and not that warm in the afternoon either. a chilly day on sunday and then we start to warm up on monday. tuesday, into the 60 but then it all crashes down and by next thursday, even colder than it will be tonight. windier than it will be tonight. and that may last at least
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through the following weekend. still ahead, out of bed and on the attack. a hospital patient goes after unsuspecting nurses with a metal pipe. the rampage was caught on camera. we will show you more of it. you think your kids are getting a healthier lunch when you pack it? we will tell you why you may want to consider slipping your kids more money for the school cafeteria.
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britains royals helped honor those who helped others. guests were field hospital workers, teams who rescued people from the battlefield and staff from the hospital. earlier in the day they took part in some other events ahead of remembrance day, which is sunday in great britain. that commemorates those who fought in both world wars and more recent conflicts. veterans day is a few days away, next tuesday. across the nation, there are many efforts to get those who served in the military back into the work force. a local organization is making sure that vets look their best when they try to land that new job. very important. star lotta is the founding member of the suiting warriors foundation. you have a fund-raiser this weekend. tell us how this got started. >> i founded suiting warriors because i had a cousin that transitioned out of service. and he had passed away during
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his transition process. and i taught myself a lot about ptsd and mental health issues. i wanted to support an organization whose mission was really targeted towards helping veterans in transition out of service. i decided to use my own personal skills and create an organization. so now we have suiting warriors. we're two years old. >> to help the svelte rans look their best when they go to the next job interview. how do you do that in how do you find those perfect clothes to fit that person? >> we collect new and gently worn suits for both men and women. all the suits are dry cleaned. we attend veteran job fairs, veteran resource fairs. we create our own suit gifting days on military bases. during that process we have a circle of volunteers that join us and we suit veterans at the events while they are job searching. >> i think we see some photos on screen of some of the vet van v
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that you have seated up. these are new or gently used? >> yes. where are dropout location snz. >> we have two locations currently. one is in wilmington. one is in northern liberties in philadelphia. you can find that information and address on our website, currently we have a lot of in-house job fairs. so different banks and organizations and law firms are doing a lot of in-house suit drives. then we basically pick up those clothes. they are provided to veterans during the event days. >> it's a great idea. we put your locations on our website as well, they can learn about your event happening this weekend. tell us about the fund-raiser here. >> lucky strike in philadelphia is presenting a suits and strikes event for this weekend. it's on sunday from 1:00 to 4:00. it's free bowling, billiards, ping-pong. fun for the whole family. kids are free if they come with an adult. you are allowed to drop off a suit on that day. we're doing a collection and there will be a lot of local
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celebrities there. it will be fun. >> i may have to drop a couple of my suits by there. >> that would be great. >> you are doing so much to help veterans. best of luck when they go out looking for that job. that's an important thing. >> it is. it's a great to start off veterans week. >> you are right about that. the suiting warriors foundation doing so much for the veterans. best of luck. >> thank you. we continue to follow breaking news this morning. a manhunt is over for a young rape suspect. monique braxton is tracking breaking developments. a live report just ahead. carjacked at gun point, a tv cameraman became a part of the story he was covering.
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we continue to follow this
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breaking news this morning. the search is over for this man who police say sexually assaulted a teenage girl and then taunted them. we have learned that he surrendered to authorities this morning. monique braxton is live at darby police head quarters with more on this arrest. monique? >> reporter: as soon as i heard that hill had turned himself in police inside this building, we immediately called the relatives of the victim and they told us they are relieved. the 18-year-old hill walked into the building late this morning with his mother. a 14-year-old girl told detectives that she went to a friend's house looking for that friend and when that friend didn't answer, hill told her the friend was inside his house. she tells police she was raped. last night hill phoned detectives and he said, come and get me. hill has a criminal history in philadelphia. according to court records, it shows he is on probation after an arrest to robbery, burglary and aggravated assault.
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we are told also now he faces a rape charge. police say hill is going to be facing a judge as well at 1:00 this afternoon. just a short time ago, the victim's mother and aunt called us to say they will be there to look at him face to face. we will be there as well following the story for you. one of my colleagues will be on at 4:00 this evening with the latest. make sure you stay tuned, because we have you covered. live for now in darby, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. hold on to your hats and put on extra hair spray or whatever you need to keep it in place because it's windy out there. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz, we are seeing the cameras out there shaking on some of our cameras atop buildings in center city. >> the wind is stronger at higher levels than it is right at the ground. so at the tops f s of the build, it will be easier for the camera to shake than if it was ten feet
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above the ground. we have been seeing this particular camera shake quite a bit over the last half hour or so. we have strong winds coming in off of the great lakes. isolated showers moving through, mostly in chester county, new castle county, now kent county and delaware getting some. that will continue as we go through the next two or three hours. berks county. also up in the poconos, it may be cold enough, especially higher elevations, to get some snow flurries. you can see some of the snow coming on the northwest wind. lake affect. it's only 38 degrees in mount pocono right now. in upper 40s in the northern and western areas and mid 50s to the south. this afternoon, the wind will increase and get gusty, well over 30 miles an hour, making the temperatures feel colder. fewer showers around as the afternoon goes by. much colder air moving in for tonight. even more cold air in the
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seven-day forecast. that's coming up in a few minutes. we have breaking news in now on that malaysia airlines flight that was shot down in ukraine back in may. separatists in the region say more human remains have been found. officials say they will be handed over to forensic specialists. the rebels remain in control of that area where the flight was shot down killing almost 300 people, most of those dutch citizens. authorities in minnesota continue to investigate the death of a hospital patient who attacked several nurses over the weekend. this video shows the attack at saint john's hospital. it shows charles logan running through the nurse's station with a metal pole. attacks four nurses before running out of the hospital. one nurse had a collapsed lung. another a broken wrist. police say logan later died after being handcuffed by police about three blocks away. he had been hospitalized with episodes of confusion and
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medical staff believe he had paranoia. in australia, a news cameraman got an up close look at a carjacking. the man got into the news van, pointed a gun at the man and took off in the vehicle. he was shooting video of his own news van being stolen. police caught the gunman as you see there after he crashed the news van at a gas station. wow. ray rice is now awaiting his fate, in terms of his future in the nfl. the baltimore ravens running back is appealing his indefinite ban from the league. rice and his wife testified before an arbitrator in new york city yesterday. both sides are waiting for the arbitrator's ruling. no word on when that may come. rice was banned from the nfl indefinitely avid yo surfaced showing him punching his then fiancee, knocking her out cold inside an elevator. before that, the nfl suspended rice for two games for the same
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incident. the ebola scare in texas is officially over. as of midnight, it had been 21 days since anyone had contact with someone who came down with the virus. 21 days is the incubation period for ebola. health officials were monitoring 177 people in texas after a liberian man there and two nurses became infected. the philippines imposed a quarantine. travellers would stay in a government hospital for 21 days. that's the incubation period. they set aside $575,000 for the screening and treatment of suspected ebola patients. the president of that country also said that it will donate $1 million to the u.n. in support for the victims of the deadly virus. there's still no cure, no proven treatment for ebola. but the u.s. army is hoping to change that. kerry sanders got a behind the
11:36 am
scenes look at their facility in frederick, maryland. >> reporter: the u.s. army has been studying ebola for decades. because of their safety and security procedures, i was able to get within four feet of the deadly ebola virus. behind that tiny window, scientists at the u.s. army medical research institute of infeshgous diseases are looking for a weakness in the ebola virus. this is a rare look into a lab where the nation's top military microbiologists are racing a clock to find the one vaccine that will stop ebola dead in its tracks. it is frustratingly slow work. teams began looking for that vaccine when ebola was first discovered in africa. that was in 1976. is it uncomfortable being that close to ebola? >> i would say i'm not uncomfortable being this close. we go through a rigorous safety and training program. >> reporter: it's na life or death attention to safety that
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leaves scientists working in slow motion. >> you will take this arm and you will slide it straight through the glove side. >> reporter: 50 feet that way, some of the most deadly viruses in the world. it's not just ebola, anthrax, more than 30 viruses and bacteria that need counter measures in case anyone uses them as a weapon. for now the focus is on ebola. are you on the cusp of a vaccine? >> we are. there are vaccines that are ready to go. >> reporter: a half dozen vaccines now fast tracked for human trials. those vaccines have been shown to protect monkeys from infection. almost 5,000 victims in west africa have died. are you hopeful it can be beaten? >> the current outbreak can be controlled. i'm not sure it's ever a virus we will beat. i don't see any reason why we can't develop effective treatments for it. >> reporter: for those who
11:38 am
sometimes wonder what are the benefits of the military beyond wartime, the teams here have developed therapies that help saved some of those u.s. healthcare workers who were exposed to ebola and the teams here have also come up with a test that can now determine if ebola is in somebody's bloodstream within three hours. in frederick, maryland, kerry sanders, nbc news. a local radio station is playing a different tune this morning, perhaps you noticed. ten employees at hot 107.9 philly were laid off amid a format change that started last night. they are now boom 107.9 and plays throwback hip hop. an executive said the workers filled a variety of positions including on-air. he says they received severance packages. advertisers may replace the fee that you are charged at the atm. it became reality at 25 atms
11:39 am
around new york city. instead of being nicked for a buck or two for every translation you make, instead you watch a ten-second ad. seems like a good trade. the company behind the free atms plans to roll them out nationwide. 4-year-old leah still, we told you about her story, she's the daughter of an nfl player battling cancer, being treated at c.h.o.p.s. she watched her dad play a game for the first time. her dad played for penn state now plays for the bengals. cameras caught the moment between the two waving at each other before the game there. fans wore his jersey to show the support for her. she has been getting treatment for her cancer at children's hospital of philadelphia. she did feel well enough to fly to ohio to see her dad play. at the end of the first quarter she accepted a check for the bengals for more than $1 million for pediatric cancer research. this morning men and women who run food pantries and soup
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kitchens in philadelphia were honored. it was the hunger fighter awards on city avenue in winfield heights. the city's food pantries field more than $500,05500,000 people year. more people are skipping the drive through. it's cold and windy today. if you think that's bad, wait until part of the seven-day forecast. i'm tracking an arctic blast headed our way. expect it to feel more like december around here. that's just ahead. now we are taking a look at the pop stories trending in the lunch break section on our nbc 10 app.
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new research that suggests air pollution may be contributing to the growing rates of adhd in children. researchers found that babes with the highest levels were five times more likely to be diagnosed with adhd by age nine. they are a type of pollutant produced when coal or aoil is
11:44 am
burned. many people who think they are allergic to penicillin actually aren't. researchers found that 94% of patients with a suspected penicillin allergy test negative, 94%. they say a lot of people who think they are allergic don't get testing to confirm it. they are prescribed other more expensive antibiotics. some people may have outgrown the allergy they had as a child or they had a one-time reaction. school lunches may offer more nutrition than those packed at home. that's according to a new study out of virginia tech. researchers there analyzed student lunches at three schools, both packed and school lunches almost met the government nutrition standards. the packed lunches had significantly higher sugar, saturated fat and carbohydrates. they had less fiber and calcium. give your kids more money for the cafeteria next week. sales for fast food restaurants have slowed down over the past year.
11:45 am
fast casual chains are actually seeing their sales increase. >> reporter: fast food has dominating dining for decades. but fast casual restaurants are changing the landscape. >> it's the fastest growing segment. >> reporter: chains are part of the trend, serving up customizable menu items with fresh ingredients. but those customers pay more than for traditional fast food. on average, $8 to $15. >> fast casual has very, very high customer satisfaction ratings. >> reporter: that has many fast food chains trying to adapt. >> the fast food industry has changed because the tastes of the american consumer has changed. >> reporter: menu changes and additions are aimed at attracting customers. but they take some of the fast out of fast food. >> it slows it down so the reason that consumers go there
11:46 am
for convenience, they're not getting through as fast as they once did. >> reporter: that leaves fast food chains trying to broaden their appeal without losing their core customers. >> there will always be a portion of the market that really just wants the down and dirty value and speed that fast food provides. >> reporter: the challenge it is to keep the customers driving through. if you are around the philadelphia museum of art on sunday, you will see quite a spectacle sunday evening. you will see thousands of lights there. those lights symbolic of a powerful message this sunday. the philadelphia light the night walk, an event that you have done for decades now. >> that's correct. light the night walk is the leukemia and lymphoma society fund-raising event. we get communities of people, friends, families who raise
11:47 am
money for life saving blood cancer research and treatment. across the country, there's typically about 200 events of this type that occur. lots of money is being raised and the idea is we will honor people who have actually survived their fight against blood cancers and also those who unfortunately have not made it through. there's an opportunity to remember them. it's a good time to shine a light on the need to continue raising funds to continue the research to help people who are fighting blood cancers. >> leukemia, liymphoma, they ma not get the headlines that others do. do they have time to sign up and raise money for the event? >> i'm glad you asked that. registration is still available. go to the website, it's for eastern pennsylvania. we are expecting approximately
11:48 am
6,000 people to appear this sunday. >> 6,000? that's a lot of lights. >> we are excited about it. we have teams that include individuals and families and relatives. we are proud to honor the burlington stores who is the 13th year of helping us with light the night. they have raised $22 million overall through the 13 years. they are expecting to raise over $3 million again this year. >> they have raised over $13 million over the lifetime of support? >> yes. >> that's awesome. it's again the light the night event. this sunday november 9th at the philadelphia museum of art. registration at 2:30. show up just as you are and sign up right there. they will be glad to have your support. the walk is at 5:00. you leukemia and lymphoma society. bundle up. glenn was showing us a chill in the air. >> we have been doing this for years. >> you won't be there in the t-shirt. have some sleeves. best of luck with the event.
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>> thank you very much. you are going to have to be ready for the cold for any kind of walks tomorrow morning or sunday morning or next weekend is going to be even colder the way it looks now. a few showers around during the day today. we have some now. a windy day getting even windier this afternoon than it was this morning. a chilly weekend, especially at the start. we have a mix of clouds and sun, more clouds than sun at the moment. a lot of wind. 20 mile an hour sustained wind. 51 degrees. we are right around the same temperature that we had yesterday. but it's not going to feel the same, because the temperature going down. we were 71, 72 earlier in the week. 56 yesterday. 54 today. 50 degrees for the high temperature on saturday. then we start going back up. the average high is 60.
11:50 am
right now we see temperatures in the 40s in most places. it's 36 in mount pocono. it's raining in some parts, higher elevations may be getting snow flurries. upper 40s in allentown, reading, lancaster with pretty gusty winds. gusting to 37 miles an hour now in allentown, 36 in dover, 30 in atlantic city, 37 in lancaster. it's already windy. those gusts have been increasing in the last couple of hours. and then tonight, the wind is going to die down. we are not going to have windchill issues. these are the actual air temperatures, 26 degrees for a low in allentown, even in northeast philly, 33. 29 in norristown and vineland. 35 in cape may. it's cold everywhere by tomorrow morning. these are temperatures around 6:00, 7:00 in the morning if you are getting up early. you won't be seeing showers.
11:51 am
it would be cold enough for snow flurries. these are small showers, lake affect showers. the lake affect snows are cranking up, as you can see, in new york state and up in new england. the futurecast showing some of those isolated showers and getting fewer and fewer of them as we go into the afternoon and then we're dry tonight and tomorrow. we are dry on sunday. and we also on chilly side with temperatures dropping into the upper 40s by the end of the game. yeah, it's chilly but it's not going to be especially windy. but the cold next week, there's next thursday, is going to cover much of the country. this is an unseasonably air mass. arctic air coming into the northern plains states. we are getting a piece of it next weekend. even that piece of it is going to be pretty cold, even colder than we are expecting tomorrow.
11:52 am
the gusty winds this afternoon, 15 to 25, gusting to 30. high temperatures in the low to mid 50s. tomorrow, you saw that temperature, 34 in philadelphia, 20s elsewhere. high of only 50. yeah, it's chilly over the weekend. but at least it's dry and not nearly as windy as last weekend. monday will be somewhat warmer and tuesday the warmest before we start cooling off big-time later next week and for next weekend. we will be right back.
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it's one big sign that the holiday season is around the corner, literally it's around the street corner there. the rockefeller christmas tree came into new york city this morning. the 85-foot tall came from a farm in danville, pennsylvania. it was cut down and trucked 155 miles to manhattan. that's where she will stand through the season. the tree lighting event attracts tens of thousands. once it's hoisted into place, it will be covered with more than 45,000 lights. one the few chances you get to do that. it will have a big star on top. see the tree lighting ceremony next month right here on nbc 10. christmas in rockefeller center,
11:56 am
december 3 at 8:00. it's almost here. that's unreal. this afternoon at 3:00, "ellen" is all new with matthew mcconaughey. then it's nbc 10 news at 4:00. the new jersey girl who could never eat or drink anything again. today the rare disease that she has been diagnosed with and how doctors are keeping her alive. that's this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. then on nbc 10 news at 5:00, penndot has its eyes on the small bureau of new home. they need your help. we will tell you how you can make that town more accessible. the man accused of raining a teenager and taunting police after is set to appear in court. he turned himself in this morning alongside his mother. he will face a judge and we will tell about you that tonight at 6:00. turning our attention outside. it's windy. we are not going to get much warmer? >> no. it will go up a couple of degrees, but the wind will
11:57 am
increase so it won't feel any warmer than it does right now. >> your weekend forecast tonight at 4:00. i'm chris cato. have a great day.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
>> nicole: wait a minute. was this about jennifer? >> daniel: it's over. we had it out once and for all and it's just--it's over, and i'm never gonna get her back. >> anne: did you hear at i said? your patient is waiting. >> daniel: right, right. i got it, got it. >> anne: yeah, no wait. hey, hang on, hold it. you gotta sign this before you can go in to see him. >> daniel: a confidentiality agreement? anne, i am a doctor. all of my patients' cases are confidential. >> anne: yes, well, this one is double-secret-probation confidential, signature required by one and all. >> daniel: what in the-- >> anne: you in or you out? [sultry music]


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