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tv   NBC 10 News at 5am  NBC  November 8, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EST

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right now on "nbc10 news today" a local college student is in the hospital after getting shot during an at techted robbery. now police are looking for the shooter. we'll have a live report. plus, police make an arrest after a suspected drug dealer makes a get away and allegedly ends up dragging four officers from his vehicle. one of the coldest mornings of the season. here's a live look of beautiful boathouse row lit up this morning. it's going to be a struggle to climb out of the 40s today. good morning. this is "nbc10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. meteorologist michelle grossman is tracking conditions this morning. michelle, the wind is finally calming down.
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>> good morning. we're not going to see the wind today. that's the good news. despite that we're going to see windchills in the 20s this morning. air temperatures in some spots in the 20s. we are off to a cold start. here's a live look outside. we don't have the wind in place. we're looking at clear skies. we will see lots of sunshine as we head throughout our saturday. temperatures right now below freezing in many, many spots. one of the spots being allentown, 31 degrees. 31 in wilmington. 30 in lancaster. 20s in mt. pocono. 29 in pottstown. 29 degrees in atlantic city. those numbers telling the whole story. it is a cold one. windchills are colder than that. it feels like 27 in philadelphia. it feels like 19 in mt. pocono. temperatures climbing slowly today. some spots probably not getting out of the 40s. i think philadelphia will end up around 51. by 9:00, 43. that should be 11:00. we'll talk more about today's cold weather and then we have a warm-up before we cool it down in your workweek.
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we'll talk about that coming up. new from overnight. a temple university student is in the hospital after being shot during an attempted robbery outside of a party. right now the search is on for the gun map. nbc10's matt delucia is live with new information about how that student is doing. matt? >> rosemary, that student is expected to be okay. police tell us he was shot just a couple blocks from the main campus on p 1500 block of north 17th street. we have video of this scene. police tell us this happened just before 1:00 this morning. the police tell us that the student was the victim of an attempted robbery outside of a party. he was shot in the hip. right now we're told the victim is stable. police tell us they are looking for one person at the moment. temple put out an alert to students early this morning saying the suspect was seen wearing a red-hooded sweatshirt, read beanie and blue jeans. adding that the student's injuries are not life
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threatening. live on the campus this morning, i'm medaatt delucia, nbc10 news a person was struck while crossing a philadelphia street. nbc10 was on the scene at frankfurt and tyson avenues in the mayfair section of philadelphia. this accident happened around 10:45 last night. the victim is 53 years old. the driver did stop. police continue to investigate. we have new information on a story nbc10 broke last night at 11:00. a suspect is under arrest after his alleged get away injured two philadelphia police officers and ended with a car crash. nbc10 was on the scene of that crash along langedon street. police tell us this started in frankfurt when officers tried to arrest this suspected drug dealer but he pulled away in his suv. four officers were dragged. two of them suffered minor injuries. a short time later the suspect was spotted on roosevelt
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boulevard. chief inspector scott small picks up the story here. >> the front of the cadillac escalade hit the left side of a honda that was crossing the boulevard eastbound on langedon street. at that time officers responded to the auto accident and were able to apprehend the 24-year-old male who was driving the cadillac escalade that initially struck the four officers. >> police say they had to taser the suspect who was resisting arrest at the crash scene. the driver of the honda is expected to be okay. good news now in the last hour we've learned that all families have been allowed to return to their homes following a gas leak in national park. the fire chief tells us that a vacant house on the 300 block of third street was filled with gas around 7:30 last night. at the time a crew from pse&g ordered 20 to 24-hour mandatory vevacuation of the block. the situation was serious enough to bring the mayor to the scene. >> i would have taken down a
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couple houses probably. >> explosion? >> yeah. >> police are investigating whether vandals stole pipes from the vacant house. officers say the missing pipes led to the leak. as if teachers don't have enough on their plate these days. 000 self-defense may need to be part of their lesson plan after a high schoolteacher says he was knocked unconscious by a student. according to police he was attacked by a student on thursday in southwest philadelphia. this video captures the substitute english teacher lying motionless in a hallway seconds after it happened. johnson suffered a concussion. this is the third attack on a teacher at bartrum in the last month. johnson told us that the incident this week started when a girl sat on a boy's lap. >> said this is against school regulation.
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turned me of and knocked me down on my back and just on the floor. just hit the floor so bad. >> the school district is working with them to make sure that the student in this case is disciplined and charged. this morning the man accused of kidnapping a philadelphia wop right off of germantown street is on suicide watch in a virginia jail. we first showed you video of dell vin barnes arriving at the jail thursday night at 11:00. he will head to kurt on wednesday to face attempted murder charges in a kidnapping case out of richmond. barnes is also accuse of a darking carlesha freeland-gaither last sunday. she is now with family after police rescued her wednesday night in maryland. u.s. attorney general eric holder is praising team work in carlesha's safe return. he sent a thank you telling them they represent law enforcement
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at its finest. in a letter sent to those agency, holder thanked, quote, police officers who worked around the clock and in some cases risked their own lives to bring this woman home safely. and he said that they will ensure that a dangerous alleged criminal will face justice. you can count on nbc10 for updates on the abduction investigation. visit for complete coverage of this case including more information about the suspect's past. this morning we are hearing from the family of a 14-year-old delaware county girl sexually assaulted by another teen. the accused attacker, 18 yaer 18-year-old hill. he taunting authorities, daring them to try to find him. in the end, hill turned himself in. according according to investigators he tricked them into coming into the house. one of the girl's friends heard her screams and pounded on the door. her aunt spoke with nbc10 about what she hopes happens to hill.
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>> i want him under the jail. if it was up to me he would never see the light of day again. >> the victim is now getting counseling but her family tells us that she is having a tough time. police in burlington county are looking for answers this morning after a body was discovered on the side of the road. 53-year-old man was found dead thursday near braddock mill. police there are asking anybody who may have noticed anything suspicious in that area, especially a man raring a red shirt or black jacket, to contact them. it has been a difficult week for the people of chester county. the community is mourning the deaths of a toddler and mother in two separate murders. nbc10 was at gateway church in parksburg last night for a candlelight vigil. on monday miller, a mother of two kids was murdered outside a ymca by her estranged boyfriend who prosecutors say killed himself. on tuesday, 3-year-old scottie
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mcmillan was beaten to death by his mother and her boyfriend. >> to see a child hurt by his parents and to see -- to see a mother killed and her son without a parent, it just hits you right in the middle of the heart. >> no word on scottie's funeral but we know that miller's funeral will be held a little bit later today. drivers in new jersey this next one is for you. the end may be near for the red light cameras. after five years the pilot program is set to end on december 16th. so far none of the state's legislative leaders have stepped up to extend it. supporters of red light cameras argue the program improves safety. they say over time drivers are more cautious at monitored intersections and accidents decrease. but it seems the cameras never really caught on with south jersey's driving public. >> i think it's all for money, refrigerator knew. >> has it changed your behavior? >> no, not at all. >> it violates people's privacy
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more than it benefits them. >> you are not a supporter? >> no, i think if you're going the get a ticket somebody should be pulling you over and give you a ticket. >> 25 new jersey communities have the cameras. they do bring in a significant amount of money. some of it goes to the state. legislative support has been tough to find. it's also unclear whether governor christie supports the cameras. the deal is done and there will be no septa strike. members of the transport workers union 234 voted last night to ratify a new contract with septa. nearly 70% of those voting supported the deal. this means that city buses, trolley, and subway trains will be stay up and running. the agreement is good for two years and includes wage increases. happening this weekend. it could be noisy at a military base because they will be holding artillery training. people who live near it may hear noise or feel the ground shake. the third battalion 112 field
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artillery will conduct training on the base this weekend. it's scheduled both day and night through sunday. there is new information this morning into last month's deadly school shooting in washington state. another student has died as a result of the attack. we'll update you. plus, president obama will make his pick for attorney general today. it will be a first ever for the justice department. and this morning, nascar driver kurt busch is under investigation in dover delaware. we'll tell you what his ex-girlfriend claims he did and hear the response from busch's lawyer.
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here's a live look over center city. still dark out at this hour. temperatures really low. we're about 33 degrees across the philadelphia region. it is going to warm up into the 40s and low 50s today. definitely have that jacket on, an extra layer on because it is
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starting to feel like, dare i say it, winter. we have new information this morning on that high school shooting in washington state. another teenager wounded by the gunfire died last night. we're finding out that that teenager is a cousin of the shooter. in total, five students were killed and that includes the freshman who opened fire in the cafeteria. the school reopened last month after being closed for a week. now to news from the white house this morning p t obama will formally announce his nominee for attorney general. he's chosen a federal prosecutor for eastern new york, loretta lynch. if lynch is confirmed she will replace eric holder. she will be the first african-american woman to serve in the position. the president is expected to make his formal announcement at the white house around 11:00 this morning. in the fight to stop isis. president obama has authorized the military to send up to 1500 more troops to iraq.
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the pentagon says those troops will advise and train iraqi soldiers and also provide security in the region where isis militants have been gaining ground. the president is asking congress for more than $5 billion to pay for the new development. now to an update about the troops in west africa helping to address the ebola epidemic. military officials are designating five u.s. bases as locations where american troops will be quarantined for 21 days after serving in the ebola response mission. two of the bases are in texas, the others are in north kaur care, washington state, and virginia. officials also hope to use bases in italy and germany for troops in those regions. now to news in delaware. police are investigating nascar driver kurt busch after his ex-girlfriend claims that he assaulted her. she says it happened after this race at dover international speedway in september after a poor showing by busch. a according to investigators the
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complaint was not filed until wednesday. right now busch is not charged with a crime. tmz sports spoke to busch's attorney me says, quote, this allegation is a complete fabrication by a woman who has refused to accept the end of a relationship, and mr. busch vehemently denies her allegations in every respect. take a look. you see this bug right here? this one. a little interesting. a little different. unusual. yeah, it's never been seen before here in the u.s. and it's threatening crops in our area. we'll explain what's going on after the break. all right. after a cold start, temperatures in the 20s, 30s. we're not going very far from there today. chilly day today. lots of sunshine. here's a live look outside. waking up to clear skies helping to drop the temperatures this morning. we'll talk more about today's forecast and warmer start to your workweek. that's all straight ahead.
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m. nbc10 is following breaking
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news out of burlington county. this is a live picture of a very active fire on stiles avenue in maple shade. you can see crews out there on the ground. plenty of smoke. there is still some flames. officials tell us the building on fire may house a small business. there's no word on a cause at this time or if anybody was injured. we are going to continue to stay on top of this and keep you posted on any new details. all right. good news for those firefighters not dealing with a lot of wind. the wind has died down. we're looking at a cold day. it's a chilly day. cold morning. looking at temperatures in the 20s, 30s. we'll see lots of sunshine. that's the good news. winds will die down. chilly day. it's going to feel a little bit like late fall, even a touch of winter in some spots. feeling like winter this morning. off to a cold start in the 20s and 30s. the rest of the day you want to bring a jacket if you're headed out. looking at a jacket kind of day. bring the sunglasses, too. lots of sunshine today and tomorrow.
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looking at a bright weekend. looking out side we're looking at clear skies that is helping to drop the temperatures overnight. also light winds, that tends to do that as well. those two ingredients are dropping the temperatures this morning. two degrees above freezing in philadelphia. just 34 degrees. we're looking at winds at eight miles per hour. that's not bad. across the board here we have clear skies. temperatures cold, 32. in redding, 34 in philadelphia, and 29 degrees in atlantic city. a lot of spots below freezing and feeling colder than that. temperatures across the region. lots of blue on the map indicating cold. 31 in allentown. 27 in mount pocono. 31 in wilmington. 29 in atlantic city and at the freezing mark in dover. factor in the wind not a big deal in terms of wind but we do still see windchills. it's feeling like 19 degrees in mount pocono. feels like 27 in philadelphia. so when you head out this morning you want to dress for the temperatures because that's what it feels like on your body.
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feels like 32 in dover. 24-hour change. a lot colder than this time yesterday. be prepared for that as you head out this morning. anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees colder than this yesterday. 18 degrees colder than this time on friday. future temperatures as we go throughout time here. temperatures not going very far. even by 10:00 looking at 41. looking at 37 in mount pocono. a lot of spots not making out of the 40s this afternoon. philadelphia may touch 50. maybe 51 degrees. below average for this time of year. dry day. we have a cold front coming through tonight. very weak. we're looking at a dry saturday. we have a very weak cold front. clouds will help keep the temperatures up overnight in the 40s. see them color out on sunday. looking at a dry and sunny sunday. today mostly sunny and chilly. 49 to 52. not a bad day overall. you just need the coats. tonight, mostly cloudy and cold in philadelphia. 37 in the suburbs. even colder when you head to the northern suburbs, the poconos as
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well. winds out of the southwest five to ten miles per hour. looking at a high of 51. some spots may not make it out of the 40s. 56 degrees. mondaying looking great. 62, 66. things begin to drank drastically. we drop into the 40s on thursday and could even see a rain or snow shower on friday. a high of 45. in addition to these cold temperatures, a new species of bug is threatening fruit farmers and vineyards in burks county. it's first time this bug has been seen in the u.s. five townships have been put under an agricultural quarantine. the spotted lantern fly is native to china and carrieia but recently popped up here. it may have come over in a shaping crate and it could threaten the local produce and wine businesses. >> look at the limbs and look at it and see if it's on the smooth bark or in some of these crevas crevasses. it should stand out.
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>> the quarantine aims to stop the movement of construction and shipping materials. state officials hope to stop the fly before it infects nearby areas. next, in high school blitz, it's already playoff time for some schools. we'll breakdown the post accident.
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. let's take you back to this breaking news. this is in burlington county. a very active fire. once this truck moves past you can see the flames and which we're hearing from our photographer on the ground there is that there was a partial collapse of this structure. at this point, again, the information is just coming in but what we're hearing is that the building here may house a small business. again, we've got multiple crews on the scene there. just a moment ago i saw another engine truck pull up. we're going to continue to stay on top of this story and keep you posted on it.
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good morning to you, danny pommel from comcast sportsnet. yeah, it's that time. the quest for high school championships continue. playoffs kicked off in. . . they move one game closer to crowning the champion. this kicks off this week's edition of "the high school blitz." >> yeah, the boys from north philly signed up for their public league's semifinal shutout against king. thomas stuffed the run. the bulldogs win, 22-14. west phillies beat them out running justin hamilton gets to the outside. this run would put up a touchdown as west philly wins it, 21-14. undefeated springfield, delaware county moving the rock againsteden borough. he fights for extra yards and gets them. springfield improves to 11-0 for
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the 26-6 win. reserves in the game early against judge. they roll them to the catholic league championship whipping 49-7. >> the high school blitz game of the week is brought to you by your quality plus sports store, home of america's favorite brand. >> we're in the valley playing a home game under the lights for the first time in school history. they spoiled the party. roll it out and hooked it up. unbeaten with a 14-10 win. no one has beaten all year. they got run over. cloud into the end soeb with the 56-0 shutout. college was a quick slant to king. quick fix. collins wood wins. line drive to camden catholic. valley, one of the find an alley. across the field. into the score. camden catholic wins by 30.
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the high school blitz play of the week is brought to you by toyota. let's go places. >> district 114a playoff game between white hall and freedom. white hall going into the air but freedom's i don't think takes it away. going the other way. gate great move. kids have more moves than a u-haul truck. 60-yard pick six to move on. 17-14 win. that's just an appetizer. we have an half hour of highlights later tonight. join us for the high school blitz at 7:00. this morning a temple university student is in the hospital after he was shot during an attempted robbery. nbc10's matt delucia is following the overnight developments. matt? >> rosemary i'm working on the latest details of the condition of that student and who police are looking for right now. you need your coats today. it is cold outside. temperatures in the 20s, 30s. some windchills in the teens. a live look outside.
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we are waking up to clear skies. light winds. pretty view along boathouse row. sunshine today and a chilly weekend overall. that's all coming up.
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