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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  November 8, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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>> announcer: nbc 10 breaking news. >> a police officer has been taken to the hospital after a hit-and-run in south philadelphia. we're told a police car got into a crash with another vehicle near 28th around 5:30 tonight and that driver -- other driver took off. the other driver appears to be okay. we have a crew headed to the scene and we'll bring you updates as soon as wets them. a chilly start to the weekend. cameras caught bundled up near waterfront today. it is still chilly out there. take a look at museum of art
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where it's about 10 degrees below average for this time of year. let's go to nbc 10 first alert meteorologist brittney shipp who is tracking our forecast. brittney, everyone wants to know what to expect heading out this evening. >> it's still going to stay cool. we're not going to see wind speeds picking up. you do need to bring a thicker jacket. 47 in philadelphia, 44 in pottstown. 45 currently allentown. average this time of year, 59 degrees. today we barely got in the 50s for philadelphia. chilly night ahead, crisp sunday. dry conditions expected for monday night eagles game. for the rest of the evening, evening planner, expect temperatures in the 40s, 47, 8:00 p.m. 46. at 10:00, we'll tell you what's in store for sunday. denise. >> a temple university student recovering after getting shot during an attempted robbery outside a party. it happened a few blocks from the school's main campus early
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this morning. nbc spoke exclusively to the victim. moniq monique, what did he tell you? >> he told us he didn't want to show his picture or his name but he did say he's happy to be alive. security officers on bikes patrolled, minutes after a student was shot in the 1500 block of 17th street. we spoke to a student at a house party. >> i heard a pop and ran outside. >> reporter: once outside, the 19-year-old student who doesn't want his face shown told us he tried to help out. >> what did you do? >> i applied pressure as soon as i saw him come in, laid down on the concrete. wanted to make sure he was okay. put my hands on his hip. then an emt was there and covered him up. then the officer showed up and
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carried him out. >> when an unidentified gunman wasn't allowed inside the party, he tried to rob the 19-year-old victim. when the victim went forward he fired a shot. across the street they heard it. >> a loud and sudden boom. a little piece of you almost dies. you hear it right away. a little piece of you dies every time you hear it. living in this area it happens sometimes. this happened last year, same kind of situation. >> was it frightening for you? >> no. at first when i first moved to the area, it was a little frightening. you just want to make sure everyone is okay. >> reporter: the shooting occurred inside the newly expanded patrol area. since september temple officers on bikes cover west to 18th street. security tells us thousands of students live in this area of north philadelphia. >> it's frightening when things like this happen. i don't know. it's going to happen. >> reporter: the victim told us
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he's in stable condition. he's hoping to be released from the hospital tonight. live outside central detectives, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. happening now, the last two americans imprisoned in north korea are finally heading home. u.s. officials aren't revealing how kenneth bae and matthew todd's freedom was secured. bae is a korean missionary with health problems sentenced to 15 years of hard labor. miller a six-year prison sentence on charges of espionage after he allegedly ripped his tourist visa in april and demanded asylum. president obama says he's grateful for their release. >> i think it's a wonderful day for them and their families. obviously we are very grateful for their safe return.
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i appreciate doing a great job on what was obviously a challenging mission. meantime dennis rodman tells tmz he played a crucial role bringing bae home because he begged for release in a letter. count on nbc 10 and for complete information on the return of the two americans. stay tuned to "nightly news" after our newscast. president obama introduced his choice for attorney general today as an accomplished prosecutor from new york city who will carry on a fierce equipment to equal justice. the president nominated loretta lynch for the job. if approved the 55-year-old will be the first african-american woman to serve the post. republicans have promised tough scrutiny of obama's pick after years of battles with outgoing attorney general eric holder. >> i pledge today to you and to the american people that if i
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have the honor of being confirmed by the senate, i will wake up every morning with the protection of the american people my first thought. i will work every day to safeguard or citizen, liberties, rights and this great nation. >> white house officials say they will leave it up to senate leaders to work out a time line for confirmation. it's likely she won't get a vote until next year. new at 6:00, charter school burglary. philadelphia police trying to track down the group of men who broke into the school making off with computers and money. the suspects were caught on surveillance cameras burglarizing eugenio maria charter school last night. that's where we find nbc 10 kristin med ella. they left behind damaged? >> they did. they vandalized three classrooms as well as a kitchen area.
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the three young men spotted on surveillance video. take a look at pictures from inside the school. i talked to security officers who said the staff didn't recognize teens. they made off with money and four computers. in one pick you can see them with their hands full. the chief operation officer took us inside to see the damage left behind. things like ransacked rooms and broken doors. >> we definitely have significant damage in a couple areas of the building where the break-in occurred. we will repair that this weekend and incur some costs for that. he also are going to incur cost for beefing up security. we're going to do a number of thing. we'll have really be sure quickly to get that under control. this weekend we're taking steps to be sure next week children are safe and the staff feels secure in the building. >> break-in happened last night but staff members didn't see damage until they came po work this morning.
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i checked in with police this morning. they said they are investigating but haven't made arrest. reporting live in olney, nbc 10 news. nothing but minor injuries after this car jumped a curb and ran into bushes in the city's ivy hill neighborhood. they say it happened at the apartment complex at wadsworth and williams avenues. one person taken to the hospital. thousands of people pounded the pavement to battle heart disease. nbc 10 at citizens bank park for philadelphia heart walk. the annual event brings together those touched by heart disease and stroke. it honors survivors and gives people a chance to pay tribute to those impacted by diseases and give thanks to those being alive. >> being part of this and helping promote this kind of program makes me feel like i'm doing something to repay this debt i feel, the fact i get to be alive. >> to have everybody come out
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this early in the morning and learn more about heart issues and things like that and stop by our booth inside and learn about cardiac arrest and what to do in the case of cardiac emergency is fantastic. >> nbc 10 and telemundo are proud sponsors of the philadelphia heart walk. our very own jacqueline lundgren was mc for festivities. devastated by flames. a south jersey business picking up pieces after being ravaged by a fire overnight. a man killed in a bar in an area not known for its crime. what police have uncovered so far about a murder in lancaster.
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>> announcer: this is nbc 10 breaking news. an update now to breaking news. a police officer has been taken to the hospital after a
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hit-and-run in south philadelphia. the video seen now is from a viewer. that cruiser catching on fire shortly after the police officer was removed from the vehicle. it crashed into another vehicle or got into an accident around 5:30 tonight. the other driver took off. police are still looking for that driver. that cruiser again caught fire shortly after that officer was removed he has been tan to the hospital but appears he will be okay. we have a crew going to the scene. we'll bring you information when we get it. we know what's to blame for last night's gas leak in jersey. >> after a cold start to the weekend, we're tracking warmer temperatures.
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in lancaster county one man
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dead, two others wounded after a man opened fire inside a bar last night. police say it happened after an argument at shen k's in lancaster but none of the victims had any part in this dispute. the man killed was sitting at the bar when he was shot in the back. the suspect 28-year-old lamar clark facing charges including homicide and aggravated assault. heavy smoke and fire. this was the scene of the fire that did he stloid part of a business overnight. it also shut down a major road. nbc 10's matt delucia talked to witnesses and has the story. >> reporter: the flames lit up the night sky. smoke could be seen for miles. >> i just walked outside to get my paper, looked down the streets and saw the flashing lights. walked down here and saw the building was completely involved in flames. >> reporter: neighbors who landfall near the intersection watched and snapped photos this
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morning as firefighters battled this one from the ground and above. fire chief told me so intense inside the building firefighters were pulled out. the property is home to south jersey mowers, which has been in business since the '80s. >> family around forever. very prominent business. >> the show rom was destroyed. the residence in back heavily damaged. police initially responded to a panic alarm just before 4:00. one of the owners was taken to the hospital with smoke inhalation. she's stable and expected to be okay. as for traffic, 73 was empty except for a mass of fire truck and hoses. >> being shut down this long here, i've never seen it before. not like this here. >> this is what route 73 looked like for much of the morning. the fact firefighters had to get to much of the scene, stretched hoses across the roadway. a major effort to battle the
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fire. in maple shade, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. we have new information about a gas leak that forced people from their gloucester county homes. police tell us vandals are responsible. a vacant house in national park filled with gas around 7:30 last night. everyone on the block was ordered from their homes. police tell us someone stole copper pipes from the heater in the house. that's what caused the leak. the building aired out. neighbors all allowed back into their homes. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good evening. as we head into the rest of tonight, it is going to be a chilly evening ahead. temperatures will recover from what we saw today and dry conditions expected for the eagles game on monday and warmer temperatures again, even mild conditions. i'll show you that in our seven-day forecast. look outside now of a few cloud in the philadelphia area. 47 at the airport. our humidity at 59, wind speeds
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out of the south southwest at 6 miles per hour. right now temperatures throughout the rest of the region, mid-40s atlantic city, clearer skies there. as we head into the night, we'll continue to see clouds increasing, mostly cloudy skies expected. a closer look at poconos, temperatures 37. 44 in reading and also 47 in wildwood. radar shot shows clouds moving in right over the philadelphia area. if we widen out the picture, you can see snowfall in parts of canada, rainfall in buffalo. that's not going to affect us of that will stay north of us. as we head through the night, mostly cloudy skies. also see temperatures pushing back into the 50s tomorrow. mid-50s are average this time of year. 59 degrees. we're slowly climbing closer to the average. by monday back in the 60s. we stay that way for the first half of the workweek. heading out to the eagles game monday. because our temperatures are going to warm up, that's going
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to set us up nicely by monday. fourth quarter, 47, so a bit chilly. wakeup temperatures tomorrow morning will start off in the 40s. not quite as cold as what we saw today. apolo average day. 46 in philadelphia as we head into the afternoon our temperatures will warm into the mid-50s philadelphia, 53 high tomorrow, trenton 54. atlanta city, high 40s for allentown as we push into the rest of tonight expect temperatures to drop down to 43 for philadelphia, 47, suburbs north and west. sunny and cool tomorrow. temperatures range between 53 and 56. warmer today's highs. forecast shows a nice day monday especially heading to the eagles game. nicer for veterans day, 63. temperatures drop quickly wednesday into thursday, 40s and a chance of snow by friday. an update now on breaking news. a police officer has been taken to the hospital after a hit-and-run in south
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philadelphia. let go to nbc 10 randy gyllenhaal live on the scene with the latest. randy. >> we're at the intersection of 28th and tasker in philly. i want to zoom in and show you this burnt police car in the intersection. i'm told by witnesses this happened, two cars coming at each other, police car colliding with this pickup truck, black pickup truck you can see here. let me show you incredible video as police car goes up in flames. witnesses say the flames going 10 feet into the air. police officers managed to pull the officer inside the car out of the car into safety. we're told witnesses and good samaritans nearby were able to pull them out. police tell us, it is a hit-and-run. the driver fled the scene. the officer taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. he did have a cut to his forehead. the investigation still going on. they are looking at this burnt up police car. again, a hit-and-run in south
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philly. that officer taken to the hospital. much more on the story at 11:00. live, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. >> all right, thank you. john clark, flyers get key defensemen, penn state. chip kelly, sarcastic as he takes a trip down memory lane. that is next. ♪ this flu season... remember this. your immune system doesn't work the way it did when rock was young. so we made fluzone high-dose vaccine... for people 65+. fluzone high-dose vaccine has a high high higher... dose of antigen... for a stronger immune response. fluzone high-dose vaccine is approved for people 65 and older. it's not for anyone who's had a severe allergic reaction to any vaccine component, including eggs, egg products, or to a prior dose of any flu vaccine. tell your doctor if you've had guillain-barré syndrome. side effects include pain, swelling and redness at the injection site;
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i'm john clark from comcast sports net. brayden coburn back tonight. he's missed last 12 games with a foot injury. flyers going for three straight wins hosting avalanche, danny briere is healthy again will eagles practicing getting ready for panthers monday night.
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mark sanchez has the most turnovers per game since he came into the nfl five years ago. but he seems to have more weapons here in philly, looks comfortable and not getting too emotional about his first start in two seasons. >> we're just in a one-week season. i don't let those things really affect my preparation. i think all that stuff is on the outside. we yust worry about what's going on in the building. have fun every day at practice, try to get better, improve. we'll see what happens on monday, should be fun. >> chip kelly can be sarcastic at types. he was asked about following mark sanchez in high school and watching him, did he ever think their paths would cross again. >> i had it all mapped out actually. seriously, i'm head coach of the eagles, i'm going to make sure i get that guy on my team. the guy next to my, the only
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one, moinor details. >> here all week. lineup, eagles pregame live, in-game live then eagles postgame live after the game. penn state trying to end longest streak. offense scores just one touchdown again. that's just four offensive touchdowns in regulation over their last five games. christian hackenberg for the second straight week completes less than 43% of his passes. second quarter hackenberg intercepted by mark murphy. 47 yards for the touchdown. indiana up 7-0. hackenberg with two interceptions, five picks the last three games. sticklerville new jersey bill belton staged the day. 92 yards for the touchdown. longest offensive play in penn state history. we're tied up at seven. that was the game. that was the turning point. another nice run here. helps steal it, runs for 137
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yards. nittany lions win. one more victory and penn state will be bowl eligible. james franklin, a little sarcastic like chip kelly. >> first of all, prettiest win i've ever seen. defense played unbelievable, played really well all game long. i'm excited we won this week. i'm not looking at the past, future, i'm going to enjoy this. get back up and get to work tomorrow. >> check out pulling out trick plays at princeton. the quarterback to conner scott who then throws to eric fiore for the big game. but for princeton quinn everly coming up here finding conner kelly, princeton touchdown, leading 1-17 in the third quarter. villanova hosting townsend see it at 7:00 on the comcast network. how about this trick play for high school in maryland. a bounce pass behind the line of scrimmage. the defense thinks it's
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incomplete. hey, that's a lateral. unbelieve. he winds up throwing it to jordan clark for the touchdown. that is cool. don't miss the best of local high school action at 7:00 on the high school blitz on nbc 10. bernard hopkins 41, take on 31 sergey kovalev, a light heavyweight unification battle. i'm john clark, back to you. update now on our breaking news. we see viewer video showing philadelphia police car involved in a hit-and-run in south philadelphia. the officer pulled from the vehicle just before it burst into flames around 5:30 tonight. this all happened on 28th and tasker in south philadelphia. the driver of the pickup truck involved in the crash took off of police looking for that driver. his passenger also hurt and taken to the hospital. we'll stay on top of this news story an bring you the latest tonight on nbc 10 news at 11:00.
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switching gears, volunteers hit the street to spruce up a philadelphia neighborhood. with rakes and bedrooms in han, residents showed their pride for their community this afternoon. neighbors swept streets, cleared debris from wooded areas and plucked crash from sidewalk. all part of civic association neighborhood improvement committee's second annual fall cleanup. noise and crisp weather to do that. at least we got sunshine. >> tomorrow, warmer temperatures next couple of days, them a big drop in temperatures by midweek. >> hold onto those coats. nbc 10 now from brine, john, all of us here, i'm denise, see you back at 11:00. for news and weather updates any time head to
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on this saturday night, secret mission. the sudden release of two americans by north korea after a high ranking u.s. official negotiates their freedom. historic choice, the woman who's taken down mobsters and terrorists now tapped to be the country's next attorney general. a good night's sleep, and wh it's becoming harder to get for more and more kids. the new research that shows what happens as they get older. and to the rescue, delivers life saving equipment fast in medical emergencies. is there a role for these unmanned drones? from nbc news world headquarters in new


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