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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  November 10, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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cold. 38 degrees, that's one of the warm spots here at the nbc 10 studios. much of the area have dropped below freezing this morning, and the temperatures are still falling right now. you can see some high clouds on the left side of your screen. those are clouds a little bit thicker off to the north and west, but no sign of any showers, just cold. 31 degrees in atlantic city, 31 for pottstown, allentown, mt. holly, millville now down to 31 degrees. and while it's 33 at wilmington, it's 35 in northeast philadelphia at the airport. you'll see sunshine to start with, but it's going to be a cold start at the bus stop this morning. suburbs right around freezing, while parts of the city will be in the upper 30s. and then a nice warm-up during the day today. we will see sunshine, warm temperatures, into the 60s this afternoon. 46 degrees at 9:00. by lunchtime, 55. and 60 degrees at 3:00 this afternoon. your hour-by-hour, neighborhood by neighborhood forecast in less than ten minutes. right now, though, first alert
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traffic reporter katy zachry has a look at your monday morning commute. what's it look like outside there, katy? >> bill, you had not a bad forecast, i have not a bad forecast for the roads. things are looking good. no accidents to report. a lot of the overnight construction is lifting. and some of the volume's building, but it's not accounting for any issues right now. a live look at the route 30 bypass, right at route 322, where traffic in both directions is running pretty smoothly. take a look at your drive times. the typical trouble spots, 376, 95 and 76 all looking good right now. that will likely change over the next hour, so i'll keep on top of that. po for drivers on the ben franklin bridge, there is construction eastbound in the right-hand lane, not tying anything up. you can see some of the yellow flashing lights, so get over to the left-hand side and you'll be fine for that. and for drivers in new jersey, on the 42 freeway, if you're headed north to the merger with 55 on the area bridges, speeds are roughly in the 50s right now. no issues to report there. there is a car fire on germantown pike in plymouth township new into our system.
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i'll have that for you in a few minutes. >> katy, thank you. we are following breaking news this morning out of camden county. two hours ago, a family of three were rushed to the hospital from apparent carbon monoxide poisoning. nbc 10's jesse gary is live in sicklerville, new jersey, where fire officials say there was three times the normal amount of co in the house. jesse, fill in the gaps for us. >> reporter: vai, because of that, fire officials spent the better part of this early morning venting this home that you see behind me. as a matter of fact, they just wrapped up their operations a short time ago. they closed the garage door on the right-hand side, confident that the korb mox h-- carbon moe has dissipated. this is the scene from earlier this morning. hospital officials say a 911 call brought police to hidden hollow lane. a small child opened the door, then collapsed, suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. the three-person family inside, including a father, who pastors at a local church, rushed to area hospitals. the scare has some neighbors now checking their detectors and
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smoke alarms. >> we always check our system here, see what's going on. we're going to have somebody to come in and double-check behind us. it's a dangerous situation. >> reporter: so dangerous that the fire battalion chief tells me this could have resulted in fatalities, had that family not been able to call 911. we're still trying to work on a condition update for the three people that were evacuated to two area hospitals. we'll try and bring that to you at the bottom of the hour. live in sicklerville, camden county, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. 6:03, and new from overnight, firefighters rescued a woman from a burning home on belfield avenue on germantown in philadelphia. heavy flames were coming from the back of this house. firefighters pulled a 60-year-old woman right out of the house. she was taken to the hospital and is said to be doing okay. no word yet on what caused that fire. meantime, firefighters in delaware county battled a house fire in chester at 7th and caldwell. that was just before 11:30 last night. no one was hurt.
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still don't know what dacaused that fire either. police were called to a burlington county motel overnight after shots were fired inside one of the rooms. nbc 10 was at the knights inn on route 73 in mt. laurel township. as police investigated what happened there, they tell us people inside that room were playing with a gun and it went off. nobody was hurt. an investigation in new castle county as authorities try to figure out what caused a man to lose control of his car and crash into a house. police say the driver was on old wilmington road in hoe kessen when he went off the road, went airborne and crashed into the second floor of a barn that had been converted into a home. no one inside was hurt. the driver had minor injuries. and new from overnight, a man who was shot inside his car in philadelphia has now died. police were called to the scene on marion street in germantown last night. they thought it was a car crash, but then they discovered the driver had been shot in the head. applicati
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police have made no arrests. a police say a family fight over money left a shooter brain-dead and a victim clinging to life. 73-year-old john richard berry is said to have shot a family member before turning the gun on himself saturday night at a home in paoli. berry is on life support. the victim, john williams, is in very critical condition. a philadelphia police officer could be released from the hospital today after a teenager rescued him from his burning car. and this is cell phone video taken saturday night after officer mark kimsey's cruiser collided with a pickup truck at 28th and tasker. kimsey was trapped in his car. 17-year-old joe chambers, who is also a volunteer firefighter, ran to help. we spoke to him on saturday night. >> i saw that it was a cop car, and right then, i just started sprinting and i did what i had to do. >> officer kimsey was able to meet with chambers at the hospital and thank him. no charges have been filed in the crash. in salem county, we have new information in the case of a school board member and a
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councilwoman who were charged with assaulting a police officer. attorneys for walter hudson and jeanette jackson filed a complaint against pennsgrove borough, saying that it failed to comply with an ordinance to pay their legal fees. this all stems from this incident back in july, which was caught on video. investigators say hudson and jackson became upset with an officer who was questioning some teens about underage drinking. the video shows hudson throwing the officer to the ground. jackson was also charged with assaulting an officer and obstructing justice. happening today, a trial is scheduled to begin for a former philadelphia police officer accused of roughing up an air force veteran. kevin corcoran faces charges of false imprisonment, stemming from an incident caught on camera. take a look. it happened last march in center city. investigators say corcoran had a confrontation with roderick king, put him in his suv, took him to an alley and held him for a half an hour. king says he was never told he was under arrest and corcoran only let him go after he told him he was in the air force. we could learn this week if charges will be filed against
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the student accused of knocking a substitute teacher unconscious at bartram high school in southwest philadelphia. this video shows pewu johnson lying motionless in the hallway after the attack last week. this is the third time a teacher has been assaulted at bartram in the past month. well, it's headed across the country our way. >> temperatures could drop to 40 degrees below average in the northwest, part of a storm that battered parts of alaska. wisconsin and michigan could see a foot of snow this week. arctic air is already reaching the northern plains. the cold blast is courtesy of the remnants of a typhoon in the pacific that's forcing down the jet stream. >> and again, it's headed our way when? >> late this week. >> late this week. >> we really won't see that until friday, but the timing may come with some showers in the area. so, we could be looking -- >> uh-oh! >> -- at the first snowflakes mixed with rain on friday
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morning. just a chance. right now we are clear and cold. this is not the arctic blast coming our way later this week. it's just in the 30s because it is november, and with clear skies, dry air and light wind, we can really see the temperatures drop, and that's what we've got this morning. you see on the horizon there are a few clouds, but mainly, it is going to be a sunny day today. and after a cold start this morning, the temperatures will be climbing. 60s are on the way for today and again tomorrow and possibly again on wednesday. it's late in the week that we'll get that cold blast of air, and it will come with some showers to start with on friday morning. at least the chance. right now, 31 degrees in allentown, 31 in atlantic city at the airport, and northeast philadelphia's 35 degrees. there's plenty of cold air to go around. with sunny skies, we'll see plenty of a warm-up today. it's going to be a quick warm-up, too, into the 60s this afternoon. we're running a lot colder than yesterday morning, eight degrees colder at philadelphia international, 14 degrees colder compared to yesterday at this time in atlantic city.
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here you can see some of the clouds that have been moving through the area. these clouds will thin out. nothing falling from them. don't expect that. the hour-by-hour forecast. by 11:00 this morning, 30s are gone. we've got 50s from allentown to philadelphia and millville and climbing by midafternoon. sunshine, 61 degrees in philadelphia. look at reading, northeast philadelphia, mt. holly, trenton, all up to 60 degrees today with plenty of sunshine. so, you don't need the snow shovel just yet. sunglasses will do the trick today. high temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. but the colder weather is on the way. the seven-day forecast with the timing when i'm back in less than ten minutes. look, i'm going to take the blame on this one, because i think we were relatively accident-free until i came out just a few minutes ago, looking at the monitor, i see an accident out there. >> katy zachry's monitoring it. what do you see? >> vai, i'm sorry, let's call a spade a spade. unfortunately, we have two issues to tell you about. the first is an accident on the northeast extension on the northbound side. it's right near the turnpike
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merger. the center lane is blocked. just came into our system a few minutes ago. so, it's still out there. there's also a car fire in plymouth township, right at germantown pike and launfall road. so, crews are out there trying to clean that up and move it away from the roadway, but that's going to tie things up likely for you. and also, unfortunately, on 476 on the blue route southbound, right near baltimore pike, you can see there are some emergency vehicles out here. there wasn't an accident. it's just a disabled vehicle that they've moved over to the shoulder and they're just alerting traffic by all of these lights. it's not tying things up. it's just slowing traffic on 476 that's going around that. when i see you in a bit, we'll take a look at 76, the vine street expressway and your roads in new jersey and delaware. >> all right, katy. speaking of driving, going down, we've been spoiled recently by the drop in gas prices, and now aaa is making a significant prediction for prices for the holiday travel season. also, new video shows the moments just before and right after 19 firefighters were killed in an arizona wildfire.
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i thought it'd be bigger.
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6:14 and 37 degrees outside. this morning we have new video of that fire in arizona that claimed the lives of 19 firefighters. these flames are from the yarnell hill wildfire from last year. the video was just released. you can see what those crews were up against. forestry officials just released the footage, which shows the moments before and after those firefighters were killed. happening today, first lady michelle obama will talk to female veterans in virginia. this is video from a joint forces event back in the spring. today's career development forum is part of that same initiative. the forum will begin at 11:15 this morning at the women in military service for american memorial at arlington national cemetery. with the rebuild website,
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the second enrollment begins this weekend for the health insurance marketplace. after an overhaul and upgrade to, enrolling is expected to be easier for newcomers compared to last year. unfortunately, possible computer woes may be lurking for those renewing their policies under the affordable care act, as that hasn't yet been tested. open enrollment begins on november 15th. flight attendants at american airlines have rejected a five-year contract affecting tens of thousands of workers. it now forces the airline and its union for cabin crew workers into binding arbitration, which also complicates the integration of american airlines and us airways. the two merged last year to form the world's biggest airline operator. the holiday season is expected to bring even lower gas prices than we're seeing right now. aaa is predicting prices could drop another 5 to 15 cents in the next few weeks, which could make for the cheapest thanksgiving gas we've had in five years or so. right now in the philadelphia metro area, the savage $3.02.
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in south jersey, it's $2.71, and in delaware, $2.83. aaa says pump prices usually drop in the autumn season due to decreased demand, but we're also seeing cheaper prices because global oil prices have declined manager than anticipated. >> aaa expects that gas prices will remain relatively low throughout the winter. u.s. gas supplies far exceed the demand that we have this time of year, so that's definitely good news. >> and aaa says more affordable gas prices should be a big help this holiday season for travelers and shoppers who do spend a lot of time on the road. speaking of the roads, if you're getting ready to head out, let's check the roads and see where your delays might be. >> here's katy zachry with everything you need to know. >> i know, i'm so anxious to tell you about the delay. sorry, vai. there are delays to tell you about. the good news is, 476 right near baltimore pike, a little while ago there was a disabled vehicle that was causing drivers to tap the brakes in the southbound lane. that has since cleared.
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and you can check out drive times on 476 between 95 and 76 in both directions, about 17-18 minutes. so, that's a great drive there. unfortunately, there is a crash on the northeast extension on the northbound side, right past 276 with the turnpike merger. it's in the center lane. that is blocked. crews are trying to clear that from the center lane roadway. there is a car fire on busy germantown pike at this time and launfall road. so, crews are again, trying to clean that up so it won't affect traffic. i just checked our 95 cameras and volume is building at cottman, girard and allegheny. coming up in a bit, i'll have the drive times from 95 from woodhaven to the vine. it's slowing up out there. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> if you're hitting the road to north dakota, this is a wintry looking scene. they are getting snow and they are not alone. it's part of a blast of cold air
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that may deliver the first snowflakes to our area later this week. this morning it is cold enough for snow, but skies are mostly clear. look at this view from here at the nbc 10 studios. just a few thin clouds in the area. temperatures have been dropping, now 38 degrees at philadelphia international. that's 8 degrees colder than yesterday morning. in the pocono mountains, you can see just a few thin clouds there. this is the view from camelback this morning. sunshine will be bright across the board. so, these temperatures won't last. 31 in pottstown. right at the freezing mark for trenton and wrightstown, and it's down to 31 degrees in lafayette hill. bluebell, you're at 32 degrees. and collegeville has dropped into the 20s this morning. so, it's cold. but it is completely dry. no sign of any wet weather for us today. the showers that are producing snow from wisconsin through minnesota, the dakotas and farther west, that's part of the cold blast of air that will be here late this week. before it gets here, we'll see a nice warm-up. and that includes today. after a cold morning, high temperatures in the upper 50s to
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low 60s with a little bit of a breeze out of the south, up to 8 miles an hour. that's this afternoon after a really quiet morning. and hey, don't want quiet here. the eagles forecast is looking good. clear skies and 52 degrees at 8:30. and then by the fourth quarter, dropping down into the chilly zone at 49 degrees. and the temperatures continue dropping. by tomorrow morning for veterans day, we'll start in the middle 40s, but 66 degrees tuesday afternoon. and back into the low 60s after a scattered morning shower on wednesday. then the temperatures start coming down, but the real cold holds off until friday morning, when we could see some showers. a chance of a mix of rain and snow, just a chance for friday, clearing out in the afternoon. and clear skies, lots of sunshine for the walk to defeat als saturday morning at citizens bank park, and a little warmer on sunday, up to 50. 6:20 right now. the few, the proud, the marines celebrating the u.s. marine corps in their birthplace. plus -- >> i can get a lot more intense.
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happening today, d.a.r.t.'s 17th annual stuff the bus thanksgiving food drive will begin in delaware. today, drop-off locations are at the walmart in milford and the acme in dover. the food will be deliberated by the food bank of delaware. just go to for a look at this week's other drop-off locations and what type of food is most in need. also happening today, philadelphia's help in the u.s. marine corps celebrating its 239th birthday. a ceremony will take place this morning at city hall. the celebration will then move to the tuns tavern sign, where the marines held their first recruitment drive during the
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american revolution. and good morning. i'm katy zachry with a look at your traffic this monday morning. as we look at the tacony-palmyra bridge, you can see both arms are raising right now for a ship to pass through. that affects traffic on 73 for both pennsylvania and new jersey drivers. so, we'll take a look at that in just a few minutes. also, volume building on 95 southbound right near girard avenue. this is a live look between girard and allegheny. take a look at your drive times. it's creeping up 95 southbound between woodhaven and the vine. we'll take a look at your other area roadways coming up, but first, this is a live look at liberty place. bill, it started out chilly. what's it going to be like later today? >> well, we'll see the cold ease. in fact, we'll get bright sunshine. we're about 15 minutes away from sunshine this morning, and it will be bright enough to warm us into the 60s this afternoon. so, a real turnaround to the temperatures. but if you're heading out right now, you'll have to bundle up. the readings have dropped down into the low 30s, below freezing right now in pottstown.
6:25 am
right at freezing for trenton and wrightstown. it's 35 in roxborough. northeast philadelphia at the airport is 35, while south philadelphia is the warm spot this morning at 41 degrees. and at 6:25 this monday morning, breaking news. carbon monoxide sickens a camden county family. we are live in sickler will where this poisoning has prompted some neighbors to check their own systems. we're back with a live report in about five minutes. i'm matt delucia live in camden. coming up, i'm talking with the superintendent and parents about the state of camden schools now that test results have come back and they're not good. and an everyday product in your home could be dangerous. the new warning this morning for parents about detergent pods.
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our breaking news they
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morning's out of camden county. silent killer. carbon monoxide poisoning sends a sicklerville family to the er. and if you are already up, you'll notice that cold temperatures are out there today, although a warm-up is on the way. and so is the possibility of snowfall. we'll get your first alert forecast hour by hour. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm tracy davidson. snowfall? let's find out about that and about this morning with meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast. >> it sounds like vai's eager for that first snowfall. he's going to have to wait days before we'll even see a chance of some snow in our area. we'll be turning colder at the end of the week. this morning it is cold, but it is clear outside. our skies are mostly in the clear. the one exception, the pocono mountains. you're seeing scattered clouds there, though the sun is coming up and the temperatures will be climbing. it's not just the poconos that are cold this morning, it's the entire area. look at some of these numbers. 38 degrees at philadelphia international, dropping down below freezing for pottstown and
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wrightstown. bluebell and lafayette hill right at 32 degrees right now, and it's in the 20s for collegeville this morning. a very cold start. but we will see a quick warm-up today with a lot of sunshine. the forecast for hour by hour today is calling for sunny skies. and by 9:00 this morning, we'll be in the middle 40s, then 55 degrees at noontime. and look at that, 60 degrees at 3:00 this afternoon. a nice turnaround today, even warmer weather is on the way. your hour-by-hour future weather when i come back. but first, katy zachry has your morning traffic. good morning, katy. >> good morning, bill. so, for drivers out there, you are going to definitely need your heat this morning, as you heard from bill's forecast. and if you're headed on 73 over the tacony-palmyra bridge, you're going to need patience as well. the arms went up over the last few minutes, awaiting a ship to pass through. the whole process takes about 15 minutes and we haven't seen the ship come through yet. so, this, of course, affects 73 for both pennsylvania and new
6:31 am
jersey drivers. for drivers on 422, you're looking good. this is a live look right near trooper road. some volume building, but it's not accounting for any issues in that area. there is a new accident into our system. this is in limerick at swamp pike and neiffer road, an accident out there. and on the northeast extension northbound, the accident is right near the 276 merger. it was in the center lanes. it's now been moved to the shoulder, so traffic is able to get by there without any issue. and finally, for our drivers in delaware, a live look at route 1 right at route 13. no issues to report there. nbc 10 continues to follow breaking news in camden county. a carbon monoxide leak inside a sicklerville home has sent three family members, including a child, to local hospitals. nbc 10's jesse gary is live on scene with an update. jesse, what can you tell us? >> reporter: tracy, we've been working the past half hour, making calls, trying to get a condition update on the three people taken from this hospital to two area hospitals. so far, we don't have a condition update, but i've been talking to some neighbors who
6:32 am
say these are really nice people that are kind of like missionaries at a local church. been here for about a year, maybe a little bit less, and they are expected to leave not too long after that, maybe another year or so, so, they're not long-term residents, but doing kind of missionary work. fire officials say this case of carbon monoxide poisoning could have been fatal, if not for a 911 call. they say the carbon monoxide level inside this house on hidden hollow lane was three times the average, so intense, it overwhelmed the carbon monoxide detector and sickened the people living inside, including a small girl who opened the door for police. >> she answered the door and she passed out. and they went in and started investigating. there was carbon monoxide. and when i came outside, they said don't come too close. >> reporter: fire officials say it appears the leak is in the heating system down in the basement. they had been venting the property for the better part of the early-morning hours and have completed that.
6:33 am
the carbon monoxide has dissipated. we're going to continue to try to get an update on conditions before the end of the broadcast and bring that you. live in sicklerville, camden county, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. and we're following new information in a disturbing case out of chester county. the coatesville area school district is now investigating to see if a 6-year-old abuse victim was absent from school. gary fellenbaum and jillian tait are accused of systemically torturing her two sons. 3-year-old scotty mcmillan died. his 6-year-old brother is now in protective custody. according to "the daily local news," police say the 6-year-old was absent from school for about two weeks leading up to his brother's death. the school district would not confirm that but says it is conducting an internal investigation. happening today, camden's school superintendent is talking about how to improve student performance in the district after tests show students are not ready for college or a career. nbc 10's matt delucia is live in camden. matt, what do parents have to say about the state of camden
6:34 am
schools, knowing these test results? >> reporter: well, there are mixed opinions, tracy, but most agree that more needs to be done. what? that is the big question. it has been for quite a while. students in camden late last year took a standardized test, and the results came back just a couple weeks ago, and they're not very good. when it comes to english, only one in five students here is considered proficient, and three out of ten are proficient in math. that is well below the state average when you compare it, in which three out of four are considered proficient in math. now, in my conversation with the superintendent, he tells me it's not just about money. >> camden has never been short on funding. and if you look at the last four or five years, we've out-spent the rest of the state of new jersey. this past year, for every student, we spent $27,000, and that compares to an average of about $15,000 in the rest of the state. so, we are not short on resources. we just need to rethink how we're investing our resources.
6:35 am
>> reporter: the superintendent says only 8% of camden residents have a college diploma and he wants to change that. parents, meanwhile, say they want to see results now for and from their kids. >> just more parents being involved with their students. i think that's really important, because a lot of parents are not involved in their kids with school. >> i don't see want to see my kids out here doing nothing wrong. i want them to get an education and go on in life like they need to. >> reporter: and so, later this morning, the superintendent will be here at catto elementary school to kick off a two-week school-by-school plan. he's going to go to each school talking with families. there's going to be a tour throughout the 26 schools that he oversees, talking about how to get this district back on the right track. so, we will follow this. for now, we're live in camden. i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> all right, matt. meantime, critics of pennsylvania's public schools are taking their complaints to court. today, six school districts will join parents and the naacp to announce legal action against
6:36 am
the state. the groups claim the governor, lawmakers and state education officials are responsible for a school funding system that is skewed against equal funding for racially diverse districts. details of the lawsuit will be announced at 11:00 this morning in harrisburg, and you can count on nbc 10 to bring you the details when it happens. also happening today, deliberations are expected to begin in the trial of a former decorated philadelphia police officer. prosecutors say richard decoatsworth assaulted his then live-in girlfriend last year at the port richmond home they shared. he retired from the force in 2011 after a five-year career. and later this week, the man accused of abducting carlesha freeland-gaither in philadelphia will be arraigned in a separate case in virginia. delvon barnes is scheduled to be in court in richmond on wednesday. he is charged in the kidnapping, rape and attempted murder of a 16-year-old richmond girl. barnes was captured last wednesday in maryland. that's when gaither was rescued, three days after she was grabbed off a germantown street. and new from overnight,
6:37 am
guests staying at a burlington county motel got a scare when they heard gunshots. officers were called out around 1:00 this morning to the knights inn on route 73 in mt. laurel township. police say people inside one of the rooms were playing with a gun when it went off. nobody was hurt. happening today, philadelphia veterans and family members are invited to an open house in germantown tonight. the philadelphia va regional office and insurance center wants feedback about their programs, benefits and services. it is scheduled for 6:30 tonight at the va regional office on wissahickon avenue. and tomorrow, our nation celebrates veterans day, and at rider university, students have placed 10,000 american flags on the campus lawn. these are pictures of last year's display. the flags represent every man and woman who has served in the armed forces since rider's founding in 1865. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> and a deep freeze is moving across the country. and unfortunately, it's headed
6:38 am
our way. temperatures in parts of the west could drop to 40 degrees below average and produce more than a foot of snow in places like wisconsin and michigan. we just learned there are already some flights that are canceled and delayed in chicago and also minneapolis. we checked the philadelphia airport and flights here are all on time. at least right now. >> but the chilly temperatures are headed our way later this week. yeah, i mean, it's cold this morning, but we're clear. just a few scattered clouds, no sign of any wet weather. later this week we get the cold and a chance that we'll see the first snowflakes of the season in parts of our area. just the chance. heading out there right now? bundle up. it is cold. but at least we don't have to deal with this. this is the view from rapid city, where it's a slow but steady snowfall. they're looking at 2 to 4 inches of snow accumulating in rapid city today, and the winds could be gusting this afternoon to 50 miles an hour. right now it's 22 degrees there. the temperature will be falling during the day. ready for winter? i'm not sure. not that kind of cold. not yet, anyway.
6:39 am
it is cold this morning. we're in the 30s, but there's virtually no wind in our area. and with bright sunshine, we're on the way to the 60s today. take that, rapid city. and it's not just today, it's tomorrow and wednesday as well. a nice streak. but it comes to an end later this week when we get that blast of cold air and a chance of some showers come friday morning. right now, 33 degrees in doylestown. philadelphia international is 38 degrees and cape may looking at sunshine and 34 degrees. you can see some of the scattered clouds, just some thin clouds to start with this morning. mainly, it's going to be sunny today to a quick warm-up. here you can see the satellite imagery showing those clouds. nothing falling from those clouds, not until later this week. the next chance of showers will come first thing on wednesday morning. just rain at that time. look at the temperatures. 52 degrees. that's at 11:00 this morning. and then into the 60s. not just philadelphia. 61 degrees at 3:00. reading, northeast philadelphia and mt. holly all up to 60 degrees by midafternoon.
6:40 am
but there is colder weather on the way. i'll show you what the weekend looks like when i come back in less than ten minutes with the seven-day forecast. >> thank you, bill. you can track the cold temperatures that's headed our way and possibly even the first snowfall on your smartphone or tablet with the nbc 10 weather app. it's a free download that you can get right now at our website at right now, let's track your ride to work and see how the roads are looking. >> here's katy zachry with all you need to know. >> we had a relatively clear morning. once we hit the 6:00-6:15 time frame and once vai came into the picture, everything started to change. so, we have an accident in limerick for drivers on swamp pike at neiffer road. there is an accident there, came into the system about 15 years ago, in the process of being cleared. in plymouth township, there was a car fire on germantown pike. that's since cleared, so good news for drivers there. unfortunately, in the last few minutes, the arms of the tacony-palmyra bridge have come back down, allowing for traffic on 73 to resume. earlier, there was a ship that passed through, so for about 20
6:41 am
minutes, 73 was off limits for drivers in new jersey and in pennsylvania. and unfortunately, a lot of brake lights on 76 right near route 1 right now, so, this is, of course, affecting your drive time between the vine street expressway and the blue route. i'll have those exact drive times when i see you in just a few minutes. and finally, for drivers in new jersey, very different story on 295 in mt. laurel, right near route 38. we're not seeing a lot of volume building there, no issues to report or accidents, rather, on new jersey roadways or in delaware. vai? >> thank you, katy. ebola quarantine over. the nurse from maine who defied quarantine attempts isn't ending her fight against the disease with the 21-day incubation period. and a popular car service is putting drivers at risk in philadelphia, but it's not the passengers that they're worried about, it's the parking authority. and those squishy detergent packets make things convenient for parents, but dangerous for kids. we take a closer look at these pods.
6:42 am
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♪ with the card accepted by 90% of doctors in the philadelphia region you have the freedom to relish right now. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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it is 6:45 this monday morning. we're getting new information about breaking news out of nigeria, where 48 children were killed in a bombing at a school. nbc 10's chris cato is tracking all the developments from our digital operations center. chris, what can you tell us? >> yeah, monitoring these international feeds, vai, and the bbc is now reporting that police in this nigerian town say they do suspect the terror group boko haram to be the group responsible for this suicide bombing that has killed so many children. it happened during morning assembly at an all-boys school. the bomber was disguised in a school uniform. 48 students killed, 79 wounded. and you'll remember, boko haram is the group that kidnapped more
6:46 am
than 200 schoolgirls over the summer. their name literally means western education is simple. they believe schools should consist of only studying the koran and that girls should not attend school. and officials in this town are saying with the severity of the injuries, they do expect the number of dead to rise. 48 killed is the current number. we'll continue monitoring that for you. live in the digital operations center, chris cato, nbc 10 news. one community is stepping up its fight against a proposed casino in south philadelphia. developers want to build in the stated district near tenth street and paringer avenue, but residents say they don't need another mega complex in their community and are handing out fliers voicing their opposition. they also plan a strategy session later this week to discuss how to fight this proposal. >> in this area, we don't need that kind of riffraff. we don't need the traffic. we don't need people coming from all over. i mean, sugar house is enough. >> right now, sugar house is the city's only casino, but the
6:47 am
pennsylvania gaming board has scheduled a vote next week on whether to grant a second license. it is considering four proposals. this morning, drivers of the ride-sharing service uberx could be arrested following threats from the philadelphia parking authority. uberx launched in philadelphia late last month. it lets people use their personal cars to operate their own transportation service. well, the ppa has been fining drivers $1,000 and impounding the cars. now those drivers could be charged. the parking authority says the service is illegal. uber says it's all about consumer choice. >> they're not licensed, they're not inspected. we don't know what type of insurance there are. it's a hack cab service, and they're trying to bully their way in. >> uberx is part of uber, which is considered a limo service and has been legally operating in philadelphia for a few years now, regulated by the ppa. uber released a statement, saying in part, "the ppa's actions are intentionally harmful and transparently anticompetitive. deliberately attacking consumer
6:48 am
choice to protect big taxi's wallet is a disservice to the people of philadelphia who deserve greater transportation options." happening today, the quarantine period will end for a maine nurse who defied her ebola quarantine. kaci hickox says she will continue to be an advocate for health care workers. you'll remember, she spoke out against a quarantine ordered by new jersey governor chris christie and took a bike ride when she was supposed to be in quarantine in the state of maine. and now she says the u.s. government should be better educating people about ebola. and we are getting our first look at the wreckage left behind after a deadly plane crash in the bahamas. nine people were killed. this picture was tweeted out by nbc news. today officials will be back out at the scene trying to figure out why exactly the plane went down. myles munroe, the leader of bahamas faith ministries, died in the crash along with his wife. the plane was attempting to land in freeport for a global leadership forum. a police sergeant in new
6:49 am
york has been suspended after video appears to show him slapping a guy. take a look. [ bleep ] >> i am not resisting. >> you [ bleep ] want to resist? >> this video was taken friday night in half moon, just outside of albany. two men say they were comforted by sergeant shawn glans in a walmart parking lot. he questioned them about a rifle in the back of the car. it belonged to one of the guys, who says he tried to remain calm as glans became more and more agitated. >> why? [ bleep ] you can't do that, though. >> you want to [ bleep ] resist? >> i am not resisting. >> you [ bleep ] want to resist? >> a spokesperson for the saratoga county sheriff's department says the video is disturbing. glans has been suspended without pay. he says the video does not show the whole story. this morning we have new information on those laundry detergent pods that are sometimes mistaken for toys or candy by children. a new study shows accidental poisonings from those pods have landed more than 700 american kids in the hospital in the past two years.
6:50 am
they've also led to more than 17,000 calls to poison control centers. while most kids weren't seriously hurt, one child did die last year. some manufacturers say they will change packaging and labels to make the pods safer for kids. time now to go to new york for a look at what's ahead on the "today" show this morning. >> for a preview, we check in with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. good morning. >> good morning, guys. >> hello, tracy and vai. good to see you both. coming up on a monday here on "today," heavy snow across the midwest. this polar vortex apparently making an icy return. our weather team of al roker and dylan dreyer have got that covered. also ahead, our revealing conversation with former president george w. bush on his father's legacy, life after the white house for him and whether his brother will be the next bush to run for president. then, are you among the 46% of americans complaining about not getting enough sleep? that number sounds low to me. all this week, we're revealing our bedtime habits and putting some new techniques to track sleep to the test. >> those stories, and oscar
6:51 am
winner anjelica huston stops by to talk about her remarkable career and her 17-year love affair with jack nicholson, all when we start on a monday morning here on "today." vai and tracy, back to you in philly. >> all right, matt and savannah. see you guys in about ten minutes. >> you got it. have a good day. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> coldest time of day is right after sunrise. guess where we are right now? the sun is just coming up, and the temperatures are still cooling at a rate greater that be the warmth we're getting from the sun at that low angle. we are getting a cold one. look at it, 38 degrees in philadelphia, 8 degrees chillier than yesterday morning. that sunshine, though, will warm things up. once comeup higher in the sky, we will rebound into the 60s. there are scattered clouds around, nothing on the radar screen, not for today, but look what's falling from wisconsin, through minnesota, the dakotas. that is snow, and that's some of the colder air that's going to be here later this week. but today, after a cold morning,
6:52 am
upper 50s and low 60s. mild weather today, and it gets even warmer tomorrow, up to 66 for veterans day. partly sunny skies on tuesday. tuesday night, we could see a few sprinkles come through early in the morning, high of 62 degrees wednesday afternoon. and then a chilly morning on thursday, down to 33 degrees. just 50 in the afternoon. the real blast of cold arrives friday, and we may see some morning showers. a chance of the first snowflakes of the season, just a chance, nothing big. by saturday, we'll be nice and clear and cold for the walk to defeat als at citizens bank park. plenty of sunshine for your saturday. >> we're closing in on that 7:00 hour, and volume continues to build out there. >> let's get an update on the roads with nbc 10's first alert traffic reporter katy zachry. katy? >> we are seeing volume building on 76, on 95. take a look at this shot of 95 at girard avenue. it's deceiving, because traffic is moving, but there is volume out there. just look at your drive time. on 95 southbound between
6:53 am
woodhaven and the vine, it's taking you upwards of a half hour. so, you're going to want to add little bit of extra time to your commute this morning. and as i said, volume is building on other major roadways throughout pennsylvania. 76 is slow going there right near route 1. 476, though, looking good. so, 476, if you can take that, you're going to want to. in columbus, new jersey, there was an accident at route 206 near the columbus jobstown road. but that in the last few minutes has cleared, so that's good news for drivers there. and a live look at the 42 freeway right at creek road. this is in belmar, new jersey, where headlights are going north towards center city, philadelphia. no issues to report on the 42 freeway. i'm jesse gary live in sicklerville, camden county where a carbon monoxide leak inside this house sickens a family of three, sends them to area hospitals. the latest on the cause, coming up right after the break. i'm matt delucia live in camden. today the school superintendent is talking about bad test scores
6:54 am
and what he plans to do about them. details coming up.
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6:57 am
jesse gary live in sicklerville, camden county, where we have new information about this carbon monoxide leak inside this house. police department just told us that the father in this family first noticed the leak and called 911 after the mother and daughter passed out. all three people were transported to area hospitals. officials say the levels of carbon monoxide inside were three times the average. they have vented the house. the family is being checked on at area hospitals. live in sicklerville, camden county, jesse gary, nbc 10 news.
6:58 am
>> reporter: i'm matt delucia live in camden. happening today, camden's superintendent will start going from school to school over the next two weeks. at issue is the bad test scores that recently came back. students in camden took these standardized tests late last school year and the results were not have good. for math and english, the numbers were well below the state average. and in my conversation with the superintendent, he says all options are on the table. and essentially, he wants to start from scratch, rather than fix things piece by piece. this will start with a public announcement today here at the catto elementary school. this school is actually one that is performing a little bit better than the rest, and the superintendent tells me that success in camden schools will not happen overnight, but it starts by having that conversation. live in camden, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. good monday morning. i'm katy zachry with a look at your traffic this morning. if you take a look, this is route 422 right near route 29. you can see the brake lights.
6:59 am
they're headed eastbound. that's because there is an accident. you can see this truck over on the shoulder and then this vehicle right there over in the left-hand shoulder. got into an accident. emergency crews have not gone out there yet. so, traffic is funneling through. those two vehicles involved in the accident and off to the shoulder right now, an accident we're following in limerick, swamp pike at neiffer road. there is also an accident in delaware county, in bethel, concord ride at chichester avenue. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> a few scattered clouds, but look at that sunshine. it is up and it is going to turn our temperatures around. we've got a cold start this morning. it's 41 degrees at philadelphia international. that's just come up a couple of degrees. but look at the temperatures at or below freezing for doylestown, wrightstown and lancaster. it's a cold morning at the bus stop. the suburbs right around freezing. parts of the city will be in the upper 30s, but it's going to be a quick warm-up during the day today. we will see temperatures climb into the 50s by lunchtime, 60 later this afternoon.
7:00 am
>> get your shades on. today show's up next. we'll see you for local updates in 25 minutes. >> you can get realtime updates at good morning. the big chill. a major storm taking aim at the midwest from montana to michigan with more than a foot of snow expected. while that polar vortex returns set to bring bone-chilling temperatures to more than 40 states. breaking overnight. president obama arrives in asia just hours after two american hostages released from north korea reunite with loved one back home. they're speaking out about their lives in captivity and what they endured. bush 45? former president george w. bush opens up to savannah about the chances of a white house run by his brother, jeb. >> i think he knows he can do the job. >> this morning their revealing conversation about his family's future in politics,


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