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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  November 10, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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nbc 10 news starts now. right now at 11:00, an invisible danger inside one local home sends a family of three to the hospital. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. a camden county family is recovering this morning after being exposed to extreme levels of carbon monoxide inside their home. this happened in sicklerville. matt delucia is live on the scene. >> reporter: vai, that family of three went to the hospital for observation, but they are expected to be okay. meantime, this is the house where it all happened. the poisonous gas was so intense that one of the residents lost consciousness as officers knocked on the door.
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>> for anybody of any age, it would be dangerous. >> reporter: carbon monoxide, three times the acceptable limit, was filling this sicklerville home. it was just before 4:00 a.m. that a call came in to report a woman had passed out. that woman, a man, and a child fumes. >> when i came outside, they said don't come too close. >> reporter: neighbors tell me the young girl is about 6 years old and her father is a pastor at a local church. firefighters believe the carbon monoxide may have come from a faulty heater in the basement. the colorless and odorless gas can only be picked up by a working alarm. >> we could not hear any co detector when we got here. with readings above 900 parts per million the co detector could have become oversaturated. >> reporter: by day break firefighters had fanned the fumes and the gas was gone.
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the neighbors tell me this 4:00 a.m. wake-up call has them checking their own devices. >> if you're sleeping, won't know what's going on. >> reporter: does it make you want to go back and check your alarm, make sure the batteries are working? >> i check mine every day. i have a light on my system. if it's not green, then i know something is wrong. >> reporter: yeah, that's a good idea. it's getting colder so it's that time of year when the heaters are running and this kind of thing can happen. now, the winslow township fire department suggests you keep one of those carbon monoxide alarms about ten feet away from your bedroom door so that it can alert you in the middle of the night and you can hear it. live in sicklerville this morning, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> it's a rather nice fall day around the region. this is a live look at the philadelphia museum of art as the temperatures climb. they should reach the 60s today, but enjoy it while you can.
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much colder temperatures are on their way. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here now with the forecast. morning, glenn. >> morning, vai. it's definitely going to be warmer than it was at any time over the weekend and we have a lot of sunshine on top of that. as you can see, the shore, poconos, in and around the philadelphia area, as you can see. a lot of blue in that sky, and we're going to see a lot of sunshine during the day today. now, the clouds back to the north and west, not going to be advancing in this direction, so we have sunshine, we have no precipitation. it's 55 degrees in philadelphia already. that's warmer than it was at any time over the weekend. 59 in northeast philly. 53 in allentown. even mount pocono is 53 degrees and we're already close to 60 degrees in southern delaware. now, for the rest of the day, lots of sunshine, no chance of
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rain. 57 degrees at noon. 62 degrees by 3:00. 58 by 6:00. looks like great conditions for the eagles game tonight. we'll have more details on the exact temperatures plus the big change that is will be coming before this week is over. that's with the seven-day in just a few minutes. and, of course, you can track the cold temperatures headed our way and possibly even the first snowfall on your smartphone or tab let with the nbc 10 weather app. it's a free download you can get at firefighters rescue a woman from a burning home in philadelphia. this happened on bellfield avenue in germantown. when crews arrived, heavy flames were coming from the back of the house. firefighters pulled a 60-year-old woman from the home. she was taken to the hospital and is said to be doing okay. no word on what caused that fire. in delaware county, investigators say a house fire in chester does not appear to be suspicious. flames at the home at 7th and
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caldwell streets just before 11:30 lost night. no one was hurt. police were called out to a burlington county motel overnight after shots were fired inside one of the rooms. nbc 10 was at the ninth inn in mount laurel township as police investigated what happened. they tell us people inside that room were playing with a gun when it went off. nobody was hurt. and a man who was shot inside his car in philadelphia has now died. police were called to the scene on marion street in germantown last night. they thought it was a car crash, but when they got there, they discovered the driver had been shot in the head. police have made no arrests. deliberations are under way in the assault trial of a former decorated philadelphia police officer. prosecutors say richard beat his live-in girlfriend last year at the port richmond home she shared. he spent more than a year in jail after being accused of rape and human trafficking. those charges were dropped, but
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the assault charges did stick. he retired from the force in 2011 after a five-year career. also today, the trial begins for another former philadelphia police officer. kevin corke ran is accused in the false imprisonment of an air force veteran. the incident was captured on cell phone video. it happened last march in center city. prosecutors say corcoran roughed up roderick king, put him in his suv, and took him to an alley. king claims he was never told he was under arrest and corcoran only let him go after he told him he was in the air force. we're following new information in a disturbing case out of chester county. the coatesville area school district is investigating to see if a 6-year-old abuse victim was absent from school. the suspects are accused of torturing her two sons. according to the daily local news, police say the 6-year-old
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was absent from school for about two weeks leading up to his brother's death. the school district would not confirm that but says it is conducting an internal investigation. later this week the man accused of abducting carlesha freeland-gaither in philadelphia will be arraigned in a separate case in virginia. delvin barnes is scheduled to be in court in richmond on wednesday, and he is charged in the kidnapping, the rape, and attempted murder of a 16-year-old richmond girl. barnes was captured last wednesday in maryland. that's when gaither was rescued three days after she was grabbed off a germantown street. this morning camden school superintendent is kicking off a two-week school by school tour to talk with families about how to get his district going in the right direction. tests show many camden students are not ready for college or a career. students in camden took standardized tests late last year and the results, well, they were not good. when it comes to english, only 1 in 5 students is considered proficient, and only 3 of 10 are proficient in math. that is well below the state
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average in which 3 out of 4 are considered proficient in math. nbc 10 spoke with a superintendent, and he told our matt delucia that funding is not the issue. >> camden has never been short on funding, and if you look at the last four or five years, we've outspent the rest of the state of new jersey. this past year for every student we spent $27,000, and that compares to an average of about $15,000 in the rest of the state. so we're not short on resources. we just need to rethink how we're investing our resources. >> the superintendent says right now only 8% of camden residents have a college diploma and he wants that to change. critics of pennsylvania's public schools are taking their complaints to court. right now six school districts are joining parents and the naacp to announce legal action against the state. the groups claim the governor, lawmakers, and state education officials are responsible for a school funding system that is skewed against equal funding for racially diverse districts.
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details of the lawsuit are being announced at this hour in harrisburg. we'll bring you more details a little bit later on on nbc 10. tragedy in tropical paradise. this morning investigators are trying to determine what caused a plane crash in the bahamas that killed a religious leader. we'll have an update straight ahead. a very special moment on the court for a young man battling cancer. we'll show you how he was honored by one college basketball team. glenn? >> well, we're starting the week off with mild conditions, but big changes are on the way for later in the week. i'll show you what to expect coming up.
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we are getting new information about an attack in nigeria where 48 children were killed in bombing at a school. theb bc is reporting police in that northeast nigerian town say they suspect the terror group boca koran is the suspected group. the bomber was disguised in a student uniform. you have to remember this is the group that kidnapped more than 200 school girls over the summer. the group's name means western education is sinful. they believe school should consist only of studying the koran and girls should not attend. officials will be back at the scene of a deadly plane crash in the bahamas trying to figure out why the plane went down. nine people were killed, and this picture was tweeted out by nbc news.
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miles monroe, the leader of bahamas faith ministries died in this crash along with his wife. the plane was attempting to land in freeport for a global leadership forum. the u.s. military is trying to confirm that this man, the head of isis was injured in an air strike in western anbar province. the iraqi military says abubakar al baghdadi was hurt sunday. this is video of al baghdadi in june. his only known appearance publicly to deliver a sermon in mosul. there's a $10 million price tag on his head. iranian tv says the iraqi offensive has retaken 16 villages 85 miles west of baghdad. two months ago thousands of iraqi soldiers and security forces ran in the face of isis forces giving up most of northern iraq to the militants. now that the u.s. and iran are trying to rebuild and retrain the iraqi military to fight isis. bombs exploded in three afghan cities today killing at least ten police officers.
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taliban militants claim responsibility for two of the explosions at police headquarters in two different provinces. seven police officers died from a blast in eastern logar province. three were killed by a bomb. a blast in front of kabul university injured three people there. the second round of talks in iran's nuclear program are under way in jordan. u.s. secretary of state john kerry meat with iran's foreign minister along with a european union negotiator. the u.s. and western nations believe iran is using its nuclear program to build a weapon. because of sanctions by the u.s. and europe, iran is negotiating to allow more access to its nuclear plants. iran says its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes and calls the sanctions illegal. president obama is at the asia pacific economic summit in beijing this morning. he was greeted by china's president. mr. obama left a divided congress back home to sort out issues like jobs, energy, and
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immigration. nbc national correspondent tracie potts has the latest from washington this morning. >> reporter: since arriving in beijing, president obama's already made progress on the transpacific trade partnership. >> that makes this region an incredible opportunity for creating jobs and economic growth in the united states. >> reporter: that's one of the few areas where he's on the same page with republicans back home. >> let's just focus on the big, bold things we can agree on. >> reporter: like fixing roads and taxes. >> i absolutely am optimistic about our ability to move something like tax reform. >> caller: but immigration remains a huge road block with the president threatening to go around congress. >> it think it would be like pulling the pin out of the hand grenade and throwing it in as we're trying to work together. >> if the president is willing to work with us in the house and senate, we could make that happen. >> reporter: before leaving president obama said he'll back off if congress comes up with a plan. >> the minute they pass a bill
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that addresses the problems with immigration reform, i will sign it. >> reporter: there are other concerns. jobs. >> 28 months of straight employment growth. a lot of people aren't feeling it in their actual pocketbooks. >> reporter: and energy. pushback from coal country. >> the president's policies has disenfranchised part of the country, my part of the country. we've been picked as a loser. i'm not going to stand for it. >> reporter: a tough agenda for a divided congress. some republicans are concerned if they can't get things done over the next two years, voters will become fed up with them, too, and they could see the same backlash democrats saw in this last election. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. today marks the final day of the incubation period for a maine nurse being monitored for ebola. kaci hickox through into new york liberty international airport last month after treating ebola patients in west africa. new jersey governor chris christie said she should be held in isolation. she fought that order and was allowed to go to her home state
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of maine and then she fought a state quarantine there and won. her 21-damon tering period ends tonight just before midnight, but hickox said she will keep speaking out on behalf of public health workers and she's not opposed to returning to west africa. american astronaut reid weissman along with a german and russian are back on earth safely. the capsule made a parachute landing yesterday. he had been in the international space station for 5 1/2 months. take a look at this video. a fireball hit up the texas sky over the weekend. this is a dashcam video from san antonio. the head of nasa's meteor environment office estimates it was four feet wide and weighed some 4,000 pounds. and now they'll try to determine if it came from the north torrid meteor shower known for producing bright fire balls. after three years of restoration work, the sphinx in
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egypt is back open. the work became necessary after some cracks caused by moisture, wind, and erosion appeared. the great sphinx is 45 centuries old and one of the largest single stone statues on earth. 15-year-old patrick mcsweeney lived his dream this weekend playing in a big time college basketball game in front of thousands of fans. he was the starting point guard for the university as they took on the university of louisville. patrick is battling leukemia. thanks to some help from both teams, he was given a chance to lace them up for the exhibition game. after warm-ups comes the moment of truth. first shot goes up, doesn't go as expected. second shot misses, but he puts it in. finally but t lly put the knigh board and the crowd goes wild. >> what that young man did out there in front of 20,432 took a lot of courage.
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he's an amazing young man. he's all that's good about young people, trust me. >> the whole experience of being on the court, making the final shot, that just meant a lot to me and i'm sure it meant a lot to the players as well. it's something i'll remember. >> patrick enjoyed a pregame mel team bus to the game. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> we have pretty chilly weather over the weekend, but things have really changed here. we not only have dry weather, but also kind of mild, and so for the eagles tonight, pretty good conditions. warm weather continues. tomorrow actually gets a little warmer, but it's not going to last. we're tracking arctic air that's coming in to the country, and we're going to get at least a little piece of it later on during the week. certainly not getting it now. 55 degrees. the wind is only 3 miles an
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hour. 2 degrees warmer than we were yesterday. it will continue to warm up. we're in the low to mid-50s across much of the area. some places even in the upper 50s. millville and atlantic city among them. a lot of folks are going to be getting into the 60s today after a pretty cold start. it was 29 in allentown, 30 in quakertown and pottstown. 30 in mount holly this morning. 33 in wilmington. 29 in millville. 27 at toms river. it's not going to be anywhere near that cold for the next couple of nights. the temperatures are not that much warmer than they were yesterday at this time but are going to continue to warm up, and by later today we'll probably be at least five degrees warmer than what we saw yesterday. and so that leaves relatively comfortable weather for the eagles game tonight. you will still need some kind of covering because the temperature
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goes from 52 to 49. hardly any wind with this, and virtually no chance of any kind of rain. now, as we go back to the west and the north, whoa, look at this. your windchills in central canada, not even central canada, it's still part of southern canada, 10 to 20 below zero. a lot of that is going straight down into the northern plains, through the rest of the plains, and we're only going to get grazed by it later in the week. watch what happens. there's that arctic air back to the west. as we go into wednesday, that's the last of the mild air. the arctic air comes into the country. the old care is covering most of the country, and this pattern is going to get locked in, which means it's going to stay with us through next weekend and beyond. for today sunny and nice. high temperatures in the low 60s
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in parts of the area, even upper 60s tomorrow for veterans day. breezy with a couple showers on wednesday. then we start to cool down. thursday is much cooler. friday much colder with a chance of rain or snow showers, and even colder over the weekend. >> thank you, glenn. it is still fall, but as you just saw on glenn's forecast, wintry weather is already hitting parts of the nation. snow coming down in the midwest this morning. we'll have more on what people are dealing with there. that's straight ahead. in one classroom students are really on the ball. we'll show you why they're trading in chairs for a different kind of seating option.
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the cost of treating skin cancer has skyrocketed over the past decade. according to the centers for disease control skin cancer costs rose 126% between 2002 and 2011. five times faster than any other cancer. experts say prevention is the best way to lower costs by raising awareness about the dangers. indoor tanning, encouraging the use of sunscreen, and avoiding too much sun exposure. the child's genetics activity level and body image may determine their risk for obesity during adolescents. children who were obese in fifth grade tended to have an obese or less educated parent and watched more tv. obese fifth graders were more likely to remain obese in tenth grade if they perceive them as
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being heavier than their peers, but kids who were no longer obese in tenth grade were more active with a positive attitude. a teacher in texas replaced chairs with exercise balls in his classroom and says it's helping his students learn. every 20 to 30 minutes, this classroom experiences a bounce break. students love it. according to research it creates a stimulating environment. according to research, active seating optimizes concentration by increasing circumstance lalae brain while improve balance and coordination. >> you have to be a teacher who is okay with being outside the box and not thinking students have to sit in straight rows or straight desks. >> you can bounce without getting in trouble and it helps you think. >> the school's principal says the balls help those thirn who may have a hard time sitting still for long periods of time. it works for adults, too. three people, including a
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child, are rushed to the hospital. we're continuing to follow a dangerous situation in one south jersey neighborhood after a carbon monoxide leak there. we'll have another update on the victims' conditions. and they may be convenient, but a new study shows those laundry detergent pods can pose a danger to children.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> good morning. it's 11:30. i'm vai sikahema. a south jersey family is recovering this morning after carbon monoxide filled their home. this happened at a home on hidden hollow lane in sicklerville. just before 4:00 a.m. one of the residents called 911. a man, woman, and child had passed out from breathing the toxic gas. the family is recovering at the
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hospital. firefighters believe the fumes originated from a basement heater. they advise everyone using a heater to have a working carbon monoxide alarm. >> you need that detector and it should be within ten feet of your bedroom door so you can hear it when it alerts at night. >> firefighters also recommend testing your alarm frequently. and checking out our top stories right now. a woman is rescued from a fire in germantown. this happened on bellfield avenue. when crews arrived, heavy flames were coming from the back of this house. firefighters pulled a 60-year-old woman from the home. she was taken to the hospital. she is said to be doing okay. no word yet on what caused that fire. and police were called out to a burlington county motel overnight after shots were fired inside one of the rooms. nbc 10 was at the knights inn in mount laurel township. they tell us people inside the room were playing with a gun and it went off. nobody was hurt.
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and nine people were killed when a plane crashed into the bahamas. this picture was tweeted out by nbc news. miles monroe, the leader of bahamas faith ministries, died in this crash along with his wife. the plane was attempting to land in freeport for a global leadership forum. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> and it's a very pleasant fall day in our area this morning. this is a live look at center city. expect sunshine and temperatures in the 60s today, but the mild weather will not last. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here. i guess all good things must come to an end. >> especially with this kind of weather pattern. what we're going to be seeing today and tomorrow and into wednesday, that's going to be the last of it for quite a while. so if you like this kind of weather, here is your chance to enjoy it. we have a lot of sunshine out there right now. we have some clouds well up to the north, but you could see
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they're moving straight to the east so we don't expect any kind of interruption in this nice weather today. we're in the mid-50s across much of the area. some places into the upper 50s like northeast philly and georgetown, delaware, and atlantic city, millville, also in the upper 50s. and as we go through the rest of the day, nothing but sunshine. temperatures get into the 60s in most of the area, low 60s, and then, of course, starts dropping off this evening. but it's dropping off from a higher number so by the time the eagles get to play tonight, going to be pretty nice weather and very little wind. that doesn't happen a lot in november. we'll talk more about the big changes that do include wind, much colder weather, that's coming up in the seven-day in a few minutes. >> we'll see you then. this morning minneapolis got a big blast of wintry weather. a cold front swept through the twin cities right around rush hour complicating commutes for thousands of drivers there.
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the weather system brought freezing temperatures and plenty of precipitation from montana to michigan. and heavy snow and plunging temperatures in sioux falls, south dakota. you're looking at it here. temperatures are 40 degrees below average and this system is threatening to drop a foot or more of snow in the states of wisconsin and michigan. bensalem county, we have new information in the case of a school board member and councilwoman who are charged with assaulting a police officer. attorneys for walter hudson and jeanette jackson filed a complaint against pens grove borough saying it failed to comply with an ordinance to pay their legal fees. it stems from this incident in july which was caught on video. investigators say hudson and jackson became upset with an officer who was questioning some teens about underage drinking. video shows hudson throwing the officer to the ground. jackson was also charged with assaulting an officer and obstructing justice. and we could learn this week if charges will be filed against
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the student accused of knocking a substitute teacher unconscious at bartram high school in southwest philadelphia. this video shows the teacher lying motionless in the hallway after the attack last week. it's the third time a teacher has been assaulted at this school in the past month. a philadelphia police officer could be released from the hospital today after a teenager rescued him from his burning car. this cell phone video was taken saturday night after officer mark kimsey's cruiser collided with a pickup truck. 17-year-old joe chambers, who is also a volunteer firefighters ran to help. >> i saw it was a cop car and right then i just started sprinting and i did what i had to do. >> officer kimsey was able to meet with chambers at the hospital and thank him. no charges have been filed in the crash. and the investigation continues in new castle county this morning. authorities try to figure out what caused a man to lose control of his car and crash
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into this house. police say the 27-year-old driver was on old wilmington road when he went off the road, went airborne, and crashed into the second floor of this barn that had been converted into a home. no one inside was hurt. the driver had minor injuries. one community is stepping up its fight against a proposed ka see know in south philadelphia. developers want to build here 10th street and packer avenue but neighbors they they don't need another mega complex in their community. they're handing ou flyers and plan to hold a strategy meeting later this week to discuss how they will fight the proposal. >> in this area, we don't need that kind of riffraff. we don't need the traffic. we don't need people coming from all over. i mean, sugar house is enough. >> right now sugar house is the city's only casino but the pennsylvania gaming board has scheduled a vote next week on whether to grant a second license. it is considering four
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proposals. the eagles have their second monday night football date of the season tonight and septa is adding extra service to help fans get to the game. here is a live look at lincoln financial field in south philadelphia. the birds are taking on the carolina panthers tonight. kickoff slated for 8:30, and beginning at 6:45, the broad street line sports express trains will run every ten minutes making all express stops from fern rock to at&t near the linc. extra service will be available on the market/frankford line. after the game passengers will find trains waiting at at&t station for the return trip home. this morning we have new information on those laundry detergent pods that are sometimes mistaken for toys or candy by children. according to new research out this morning, more than 17,000 children have been poisoned since the pods hit store shelves. nbc's erica edwards has more. >> reporter: it was a brightly colored laundry detergent pod
11:38 am
like these that caught the eye of little alexander rhode. he swallowed it and became so ill he had to be rushed to a minnesota hospital where he spent several weeks. >> i want to get this awareness out to other parents. >> reporter: since the product hit the market in 2012, more than 750 children have been hospitalized after coming into contact with the pods. one child, a baby in florida, sadly died after putting one in his mouth. dr. gary smith of nationwide children's hospital in columbus, ohio, led the new research. >> laundry detergent pods are concentrated and have strong chemicals in them. sometimes the chemicals get into the eyes, sometimes they're swallowed. if they're swallowed they can cause severe burns to the esophagus and the stomach. >> reporter: manufacturers are concerned about the problem and are making changes like improving the warning labels, making the pods look less attractive and switching from clear to opaque packaging. the american cleaning institute
11:39 am
wrote manufacturers remain committed to reducing the number of children involved in accidents with these products which are used safely by millions of consumers. but many users remain unaware of the dangers. just last week the cleaning industry released a survey that found a majority of consumers store the detergent pods well within reach of curious young children. erica edwards, nbc news. law abiding citizens often struggle to understand why people commit crimes. science is showing there are differences in the brains of some offenders. a psychologist has been putting prison inmates through mri scans to see why more than 3,500 inmates have gone through it. by learning where and how the brain processes stimuli, researchers think they can develop ways to modify the response. so with criminals perhaps develop a drug or exercise that can reduce the likelihood they'll reoffend especially in the youngest offenders. >> even the most hardened inmates, man or woman, often
11:40 am
will go through a period where they're asking themselves is there something i could have done different that would have kept me from being here. >> in his book, the man doing the research says a program that rewards young criminals for good behavior rather than punishing bad behavior is seeing some success. honoring our veterans with special giveaways. from haircuts to meal deals, we'll look at what offers vets can take advantage of tomorrow. that's coming up. big temperature drop is on the way. i'll show you when that's going to happen and how low the mercury will go. exclusive first alert seven-day forecast. and take a look at the top stories trending in the "lunch break" section on the nbc app.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> it's 10:43. today philadelphia comedian bill cosby's private art collection is on display at the smithsonian institution in washington, d.c. it's part of a major exhibition which opened yesterday featuring african-american artworks. you can get a glimpse of more than 60 rarely seen pieces from the cosby collection. the u.s. postal service says it may have been hacked. the postal service says no customer credit card numbers were exposed in this breach, but
11:44 am
employees may be at risk. information potentially compromised in the incident may include information about employees' names, dates of birth, social security numbers, and other information. the fbi is investigating. flight attendants at american airlines have rejected a five-year contract. it now forces the airline and its union for cabin crew workers into binding arbitration and it also complicates the integration of american airlines and us airways. the two merged last year to form the world's biggest airline operator. across the nation, gasoline prices continue to fall. the lundberg survey found the average price of gasoline in the u.s. is $2.94 a gallon, down 13 cents from about two weeks ago. since early may, prices have dropped nearly 80 cents. according to lundburg, the drop is due to lower crude oil prices but the prices may have stabilized meaning we could soon see the end of falling prices at
11:45 am
the pump. here is a closer look at prices in our area. in philadelphia the average is $3.01 a gallon. in south jersey where it's typically lower, it's $2.71. in delaware, it's $2.81. two places known for coffee are planning to serve dinner as well. according to the, car bucks and dunkin' donuts will offer dinner-friendly food items starting next year. executives told the website they want to extend their sales beyond breakfast and the morning rush. only 40% of dunkin's sales come after 11:00 a.m. retailers and restaurants are rolling out the freebies for veterans day. vets can get a free haircut on tuesday at great clips. applebee's, chile's are offer free meals. starbucks is handing out a free tall brewed cup of coffee while vets can use the health club at 24 hour fitness all day on
11:46 am
tuesday. there's also an effort to help former members of the military transition to civilian workforce. veteran-friendly employers are planning to host the veterans day virtual career fair and here to tell us more about veterans -- how veterans can take part in it is kevin o'brien from veteran recruiting. welcome. >> thanks. >> tell us about the virtual career fair. tell us how it works. >> we've taken the traditional career fair where you're used to seeing employers set up tables at a hotel or conference hall and job seekers attend. we brought that online. the job seekers can participate from anywhere. companies can advertise their jobs nationwide and interact in realtime. >> i read this great story this morning about a wall street firm that has a division that's entirely made up of division one athletes, and here is why. because they think they're disciplined, they're coachable, they can make adjustments on the fly, and they have a high pain flesh hold which seems to me the same reasons why somebody would want to hire a veteran because those are all the same
11:47 am
characteristics that most vets have, right? >> yeah. the companies are hiring them now not just because it's the right thing to do, it's because of the qualities and the talents they possespossess. they make great employees. >> not to mention -- >> you're battle tested. >> and you're a patriot in doing so. what other resources are available out there for veterans t transitioning into viflian life. >> we're starting philly veterans 2015. it's the same concept but we want to educate and teach local companies on the values and benefits veterans add to the workforce. that's philly we're looking to get 2015 veterans hired in the philly area. >> i know the first lady is speaking to female veterans today. i see there's a high unemployment rate among female veterans. >> yeah. >> who are coming back from service. >> the overall unemployment rate for veterans is always lower
11:48 am
than the national average. you don't really hear that too much but it's the facts. women veterans and younger veterans tend to have a higher unemployment rate, and the first lady, we actually work with joining forces in helping bring down the unemployment rate overall. they're doing some fabulous work there. women veterans are facing a tougher time than the general veteran population but through joining forces and some other programs, they're definitely chipping away at it. >> we appreciate all that you're doing to help our veteran men and women. veteran day virtual career fair is scheduled for tomorrow, november 11th, from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. eastern. it's open to all active duty, reservists, veteran, and military spouses who may be seeking employment. and we have a link at our website, just go to it at thanks for coming in, kevin. >> thanks, vai. appreciate it. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> and we have some really nice weather for veterans day this year. we have some great weather for the eagles, too.
11:49 am
it's definitely going to be dry and there's not going to be much wind. warm weather on tuesday throughout the area, but we're also tracking arctic air that's going to be covering much of the country for quite a while. here is citizens bank park. a great scene tonight. 55 degrees right now. the wind is only 3 miles an hour. so there's hardly going to be any wind around. now, we did have winds over the weekend and some chilly weather, but it's warming up today, up to 62. tomorrow to 68. then wednesday still on the mild side. 62. then it starts going down. right now we see temperatures in the low to mid-50s. 53 in allentown and pottstown. 54 in doylestown. 55 in trenton. 57 in mount holly. 58 in wrightstown. and at the shore, it's close to 60 degrees, even 62 in woodbine, and many places will get into
11:50 am
the 60s today. of course, it won't be in the 60s by the time the eagles play tonight. temperatures will be dropping into the low 50s by the start of the game, upper 40s by the end, and like i said, no wind. very rare around here. so the temperatures right now kind of mild, but we've got some really cold air starting to come into the country. only 18 in bismarck, north dakota, and a little bit farther up to the north, these are temperatures now, not windchills. below zero temperatures. that is coming straight down into the plains states, and then it kind of spreads out after that. this is on thursday, okay? look at the arctic, look at the cold. thursday of this week. let's see how much change we get. not much through the weekend there. early next week, tuesday of next week, it doesn't change.
11:51 am
so once the cold air is here, it stays here. but the worst of the cold stays to the west. and there's snow back up there in the northern plains states and our future weather computer. this is the european model, the most accurate one in the whole world showing the snow. this week by the end of the weekend, potentially at least a little bit around our area. not any kind of storms or anything, but we're getting into kind of pattern where it's not out of the question. temperatures around 60 or into the low 60s during the afternoon and then warmer tomorrow. 68 degrees, dry weather again. we could see a shower on wednesday, but not much, and we're still mild. then the temperatures go down, so thursday is chilly. friday could see some rain or snow showers in parts of the area and a cold weekend, and like you just saw, cold into
11:52 am
next week, too. we'll be right back.
11:53 am
11:54 am
a massive care package assembly is under way at wawa today. wawa associates and volunteers
11:55 am
are assembling some 5,000 packages for our troops. the bocks are filled with their most requested items, coffee being number one on the list. coming up this afternoon starting at 3:00, "ellen" is new with demi lava toe. and then this afternoon, she was his political foe and now this former candidate for pennsylvania governor finds a job with tom wolf's administration. nbc 10 with the role katy mcginty will play. at 5:00, there are new allegations about what general motors knew about defective ignition switches before anything was recalled. why an urgent order form is under investigation. plus coming up on nbc 10 news at 6:00, trading in veterans day. the local government decided to give up the holiday in exchange for the day after christmas. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here now with a check on the afternoon weather. >> it's delightful and great
11:56 am
timing for the eagles. i have the eagles bow tie on today. >> very nice. >> if they were playing later in the week it would be pretty cold. aren't they playing in green bay next weekend? oh, is that going to be cold. tomorrow we're up to 68 degrees. chance of a couple of showers on wednesday, but that's the transition day, and after that, it gets cold, and this is the type of pattern that gets locked in, and so we stay with the same type of pattern for quite a while. as we showed you, it looks like at least a week of pretty much the same thing, and much of the rest of the country is even colder than what we're going to be with this. >> we're going to get cold, but i'd still rather be here than in green bay, wisconsin. >> by far. >> thank you, glenn. thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema for glenn "hurricane" schwartz and all of us at nbc 10, have a great day.
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>> theresa: [groans] what happened to me? >> henderson: please let me know if you need anything further. >> brady: thank you, henderson. >> john: i was looking for you all last night. >> brady: i guess i wasn't ready to be found. but i am now. [phone ringing]


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