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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  November 10, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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his case made strangers cry, 3-year-old scottieç mcmillan allegedly dying at the hands of his mother, jillian tait and boyfriend, gary fellenbaum. his father knows his son faces a murder charge and possibly the death penalty. >> i just think my kid is being railroaded at this point. >> reporter: the evidence prosecutors outlined was staggering, of fellenbaum allegedly beating the toddler with a knotted rope, curtain rod and aluminum strip and slamming the boy's head into a wall. >> gary fellenbaum and julianne tate tied the two boys up by their feet over a door and beat them. and while they were doing that, they were laughing. >> at this point i have no comment. >> reporter: it's been upsetting for the family. >> yes, it is. >> reporter: what's been so upsetting about what you've been hearing? >> everything. because i know my son wouldn't do this.
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>> reporter: fellenbaum's family says they are caring for gary's infant daughter, summer, who he had with amber fellenbaum. >> of course it's upsetting to me. >> reporter: gary fellenbaum's grandmother says she is still in shock. >> i can't believe he would do something like that, not the way he loves kids. and his own daughter. >> reporter: we found out late this afternoon that all three defendants, gary fellenbaum, his girlfriend jillian tait and his estrange the wife amber will be represented by the chester county public defender's office. in the meantime, funeral arrangements still being finalized for little scottie mcmillan. live in chester county, doug shimell, nbc 10 news. the man accused of abducting a philadelphia woman last week will return to our area this week to face charges. delvin barnes is currently being held in virginia on a separate case. he'll be picked up tomorrow by the fbi.
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on wednesday he'll be in pennsylvania to face a judge for the abduction of carlesha freeland-gaither. police believe barnes is the man seen in surveillance video grabbing the woman off the germantown street. the two were found three days later in maryland. to this now, house of cats. we're talking dozens of cats founded aban doned inside a house in voorhees. >> starving and living in filthç efforts under way to safely remove the animals. >> reporter: some of the details are disturbing. we just found out some of the tiny kittens had bite marks on their faces and throats. this from older and starving cats. now animal rescuers remain on the property here this afternoon. along with the veterinarian, a man who identified himself as the owner's brother would not speak on camera but one neighbor says he is relieved the apparent hoarding and neglectful situation is under control. an mule rescue volunteers with two nonprofits trapped and saved some 40 cats and kittens from
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filthy conditions inside this abandoned home. it was recently sold. this where dozens of cats were left inside, likely to die. to subash rushat says they were neglected and abused. >> the situation remains very bad. i see 30 cats roaming, looking for food. >> reporter: initially we asked if the owner or the seller of the property would face any charges. we just got a phone call from an agent on scene affiliated with the spca. the owner is now cooperating fully and just could not keep up with the animals. in the meantime, two nonprofit rescues will be paying for the cats to be shaved and vaccinated so they can be adopted out of think own pockets. if you would like to help, the information is on our website, from voorhees, cydney long, nbc 10 news.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> the weather was so nice today. we warmed into the mid-60s. got to love it. >> nice, considering the time of year. more warmer weather is on the way. nbc 10's first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is here with what we can expect today. >> it is mild outside. today, especially if you were standing in the sun, it felt really nice. doesn't feel like november at all. temperatures through the lehigh valley are in the mid to upper 50s right now. philadelphia coming in at 61 degrees, 52 millville, 52 degrees right now in dover. northeast philly coming in around 60 degrees at this time. so we will continue to see these mild temperatures as we go through theç rest of this eveng and we will be staying on the dry side. if we go through tonight, temperatures will be staying in just about the 50s for most of the rest of your evening. then as we go in through the overnight hours we start to get cool once again. the winds will lighten you. the temperatures drop off for the morning hours. in the meantime, for this evening, 6:00 p.m., temperatures around 06 degrees, staying mild.
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by 8:00 tonight, mid-50s. nice and dry for the eagles game. low 50s. coming up i'll have your eagles forecast and how warm it will be tomorrow before the cold air gets here. that's all coming up. >> all right, sheena. restoring trust in the system and taking care of those who fought so hard for our freedom. >> a major overhaul is coming to the v.a. nbc 10's renee chenault-fattah jo joins us with the details. >> the new veterans affairs secretary says these changes may become the largest restructuring in the department's history. speaking a forum in washington, d.c., secretary robert mcdonald says much of the change is centered on elevating health care for service members under a mandate from congress. the changes also include a new choice program to improve and ease access to doctors and medical care. >> we need to make sure v.a. doctors and non-v.a. doctors both know what each is doing for the veterans and they get the
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screening and preventive care they need. >> secretary mcdonald says better access to care will be made possible by the $5 billion the department is using to hire more doctors, nurses and other medical staff. veterans have not only had trouble getting doctors' appointments, they're also waiting months and months to get a response on their disability claims. that's according to bob casey. senator casey says there is a serious backlog of disability claims and pennsylvania has one of the longest wait times in the country. 266 days. he's sponsoring a bill to change that and is calling on the congressional veterans committee to hold a hearing before the year is over. >> we do this not just to make a system work better. we do this to fulfill -- to fulfill a promise that this government, thatuñr country has made to our veterans. >> the senator's bill aims to improve practices at regional
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offices and calls for transparency investigating the scope of this backlog. awarding to wallet hub philadelphia ranks 83rd out of 100 of the best and worst citizens for veterans. it includes the availability of job, v.a. health facilities and the percentage of veterans living below the poverty line. lincoln, nebraska, topped the list. newark, new jersey was on the list. a family passesmonoxide. someone inside the home called 911 before 4:00 this morning. medics arrived to find a woman, child and a man passed out from the fumes. a basement heater is to be blamed for the gas. they say the home's carbon monoxide detector may have been
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overloaded. >> we could not hear any co2 detector. it could have become oversaturated and no longer fngsed. >> you should have at least one working carbon monoxide detector and check the batteries regularly. it's very important there. something important coming up, we are just three hours away, a little more than that from kickoff as the eagles host the carolina panthers at the link. >> a number of tribute for america's military veterans. tonight's game is also about the red, white and blue. the local rolling thunder chapter will represent at the linc. they will sit around, not in one empty stadium seat that ill with be painted black. >> it's in honor of the veterans, the p.o.w.s, m.i.a.s that could not share the game with us tonight. this is one empty chair where no one will ever sit in this chair. >> reporter: >> vets and active duty members
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of the military will take part in several other tributes tonight as well. coming up at 5:45, john clarkç will have much more on tonight's big prime time matchup. beginning at 6:45, the broad street lines sports express trains will run every ten minutes making express stops from bird rock to at&t station near the link. to make things easier, extra service will also be available on the market-frankford line. passengers will find trains waiting for the return trip home. if you're headed to the game, we will check traffic conditions, live from skyforce 10 in just minutes. >> and train tracks are no place to trespass. it goes without saying. it's the last place to go and take a nap. that's what one man decided to do. hear how he cheated death when a train came barreling through. that's winter blast. snow, ice and bitter cold hit parts of midwest today. this arctic scene is part of the
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same system moving in our direction. and it's the latest tool to fight crime from above. crime aboard the delaware state police department's newest chopper. learn why this multimillion dollar vehicle is one of a kind.
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i'm tim furlong live over south philadelphia, high above
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south philadelphia. you're looking at traffic as it backs up heading into the stadium area near broad and patterson. that is 95 north. that is the clog of traffic coming north, getting ready tore "monday night football." the lots are filling up quick. traffic is bottling up. those who work notice navy yard were smart to get out a little bit early. if you're coming to the game, you might want to leave now if you want to make it on time. it is getting tight as the parking lots get more wild. nbc 10, tim furlong. hackers strike thmç u.s. postal service. officials say thieves stole data that includes names, addresses, superstorm san social security numbers and birth dates. if you used the call center, your telephone number and e-mail address may have been taken. president obama says the u.s. and china will start granting visas to each other's citizens that are good for up to
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a decade. the president made that announcement today at a high-level summit in beijing. he says the deal will create 440,000 new jobs and generate $85 billion by 2021. the u.s. and 11 other countries have been pursuing a long delayed trade pact. but key obstacles remain. >> china to become an innovative economy, that values the protection of intellectual property rights. yes, to stand up for human rights and freedom of the press. >> the president is walking a fine line with china's president xi jinping. today marks the final day of the incubation period for a maine nurse being monitored for ebola. kaci hickox flu into newark liberty international airport
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last month after treating ebola patients in west africa. new jersey governor chris christie said she should be held in isolation. she fought that order and went home to maine. her 21-day monitoring period ends tonight. she's not opposed to returning to west africa, she says. new york's biggest subway hub is now open to commuters in lower manhattan. the fulton center is the vital link between the new world trade center and the rest of the city. the nine major transit lines looking forward to the complex. the hub is home to more than 60,000 square feet of retail and office space. speaking of the rails, police in south carolina say a man got drunk and passed out on railroad tracks. >> and get this, a train passed over him while he was asleep and
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never even touched him, remarkably. the conductor of that train called 911 wednesday night saying he thought he ran over someone. as officers rushed to that scene, one of them was wearing a body camera, capturing it all. they found the man under the third car and then unspilled alcoholic beverage next to him on the tracks. he was asleep. they woke him and ticketed him for public drunkenness and trespassing. police say the man is definitely lucky to be alive. >> whenever i'm called to a scene, this is what you can expect, this is a body bag. that's the horrid truth of what we're dealing with when it comes to a train versus pedestrian. >> the coroner's hope is that this man's luck will train others to steer clear of the tracks. of course, the conductor cannot. and kentucky crews are finally beginning to plug a massive sink hole that swallowed more than half a dozen corvettes
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earlier this year. the ground gave way beneath a national corvette museum in bowling green last february. video of the incident went viral. the museum's director says filling that hole will cost more than $3 million and take about eight months. >> painful video to watch right there. look behind me here, wintry weather barreling into the upper midwest with more than a foot of snow expected in some areas. it's part of the system that will bring bone-chilling temperatures to much of the country this week. nbc 10 national correspondent mark barger reports. >> reporter: snowplows are out in force across the upper midwest as an early season snowfall blankets the region. motorists in forest lake, minnesota, north of minneapolis, found the commute slow going this morning. >> this is early to be having all the white stuff. i'm not ready for it yet. >> reporter: others are taking it in stride. >> being from minnesota, i kind of expect it from time to time.
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and i think it's great. >> reporter: not so great for these motorists in duluth, minnesgt@, a 16-car accident caused by slick, icy roads. just a reminder that while the official start of winter may still be six weeks away, mother nature can still deliver a winter wallop. as much as a foot of snow is forecast in some areas over the coming days with wall street warnings stretching from northern idaho to northern michigan. the weather pat certain part of a dip in the jet stream allowing cold, arctic air to push south across canada into the u.s. where temperatures will be dropping across much of the country. more than two-thirds of the u.s. will see below average temperatures this week. hardest hit will be minnesota and the dakotas where wind chills will dip below zero by wednesday. arctic blast putting much of the country in its icy grip. mark barger, nbc 10 news. i'm meteorologist sheena parveen.
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yes, we do have cold air heading this way. we're not going to see all that snow with it, though, at least not right now in the next seven days. we have a warming trend before the air gets colder, so we will in fact get warmer tomorrow. we'll be dry though tonight for the eagles game just in time for the eagles as we go into this evening. so we are looking at nice conditions to are that. temperatures do stay fairly mild for that as well. we have a cold blast coming in the forecast. that was pretty much what we saw. that cold air moves down into that area. we have a nice sunset across the area, looking across the schuylkill river near the art museum. it's mild at this hour, 61 degrees in philadelphia. the humidity is fairly low. so it does feel pretty comfortable outside. it will feel comfortable for the next couple of hours. those temperatures will start to drop off. 58 in allentown, 56 in pottstown. westchester, 60 degrees bensalem. we're in the low 50s already in some of the suburbs of new jersey, millville coming in at 52 degrees, dover 52.
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56 degrees in glassboro. it will be chilly as we go overnight tonight. tomorrow we still will have this milder air moving in. this is all going to keep coming in from the south. the mild air will still be in place for tomorrow afternoon. a very comfortable day. and then the cold air to our north will eventually move in by the end of the week. right now ktnm still being hel back but eventually that will give and we will see colder temperatures ending out the week and going into the weekend. where we have the cold we have the snow. this is staying away from the area right now. we'll stay on the dry side as we go in through the next few days mainly. there's a small chance for some rain in the forecast, not a lot, though. here's future weather. tonight we do stay dry, tomorrow into wednesday morning that's when we can expect, maybe a few showers early wednesday. as we go into the end of the week, that cold air starts to move in and notice, the snow is not too far to our north. we may in fact see a couple flakes across the area early friday. that will be our best chance. nothing that should amount to anything really for many of us.
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for tonight, though, clear and chilly, patchy fog moving in. 37 degrees in the suburbs. then tomorrow we'll see temperatures still in the mid-60s. mostly cloudy, mild, 54 to 57 degrees. temperatures the middle of the week drop into the 50s. as we go into thursday. on think, mid-40s and we'll see a few flakes around possibly early friday. much colder as we go into weekend. we have breaking news into nbc 10 about the atlantic city casino crisis. just minutes ago we received details of a plan to stabilize atlantic city's economy. steve sweeney outlined the plan in trenton. some of the plan, the main points include forcing the casinos to pay property taxes out of revenue, also require casinos to provide health care and retirement benefits to employees. and moving money around to pay off debt, among other ideas. nbc 10's ted greenberg was at that news conference.
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he'll break down some of the details tonight at 6:00 p.m. millions of people could come to philadelphia if the pope attends april's world meeting of families. while his attendance isn't clear, nbc 10 has new details about the event. the key issues on the agenda will be and how other religions will also play a role. and there are new allegations about what general motors knew about defective ignition switches before anything was recalled. why an urgent parts order form is now under investigation.
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e-mails released in a court case are raising questions about what general motors knew about the defective ignition switches and when. gm ordered 500,000 replacement switches about two months before alerting safety officials about that possible recall. gm would not comment on the e-mails but did say the e-mails are further confirmation that -- which was done following the massive recall. from our delaware bureau, delaware police have a new high-tech life-saving and crime-fighting tool. it's the world's first twin engine medevac helicopter.
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it can track suspects and conduct search and rescue missions. it can carry two people at a time. the price tag, $8.8 million. >> stolen gun investigation. >> police in montgomery county are looking for several weapons. the theft isn't the only crime here. it could be just a start of the crimes. that's what police fear and that's why they want to find those guns. i'm deanna durante in montgomery county, that story coming up next. and the hazing scandal led to the sudden end of their football season. now we have new information about charges against members of the new jersey high school football team in question. plus, all new on nbc 10 news at 6:00, a war of words in atlantic city. the accusations that trump entertainment resort is now making against the casino workers union and the last-minute plan designed to keep trumple taj mahal open. and breaking news right now, skyforce 10 over this.
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a gas leak in the ç1200 block south 8th street, two people at the home treated for dizziness. as well as a neighbor. a gas leak in south philadelphia. in the 12 o blo00 block of sout street. skyforce 10 over it. we'll keep you updated.
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skyforce 10 is live over breaking news.
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>> nbc 10's tim furlong is live over the scene we told you about in south philadelphia. tim? >> reporter: you're looking live at the 1200 block of south 8th street. we're understanding two people at that home are being treated for dizziness as well as a neighbor. from what we're hearing there's a carbon monoxide leak. we saw one person on a gurney going into the ambulance on the left of your screen there, the top left of your screen. the police and pgw, lni are all responding. if you're trying to get through this area, you're not going to. we'll do a little digging, make some calls, find out the condition of those people. as you see firefighters going in and out of that house. that's the latest from skyforce 10, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. right now, stolen guns. these are just a few of the dozens of weapons police say were stolen from montgomery county weapons stores.
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police made several arrests. >> that's right. the concern now is about the remaining guns that are still somewhere out there on the streets. nbc 10's deanna durante is live in montgomeryville with this story. >> reporter: keith, investigators say that with one gun already being traced to a shooting earlier this month, in which they say the bullets narrowly missed a child inside a home in nor tristown, they are concerned about what could be going on out there.ç police say he confessed. he exchanged stolen weapons for cash. he has no violent criminal past or convictions but we have learned through court record searches he's been arrested before. prosecutors told a montgomery county judge he was on bail when he broke into two gun shops and made off with those guns early this summer. police say one of the guns he stole an ak-47, an a .44 ruger. >> this is the firearm that we are talking about.
5:32 pm
this .44 ruger was recovered in august. >> reporter: these three men went to the gun shop where the gun was stolen from looking for ammo. >> the wife of the owner of the gun shop happened to notice the cell phone of one of the individuals where there was a photograph of what appeared to be the ruger or something similar to the ruger that had been stolen. >> reporter: the three men have been arrested in connection with possessing the stolen weapon. some of the men posed with the stolen gun and they found these pictures on a cell phone. police say it was after franklin butler was arrested in a norristown shooting that he gave up his supplier and told police he bought this gun from rocco. now the hunt is on for ten missing weapons f. there is anyone out in the community who hears this, who hears my voice or hears reads a report of this has knowledge, i'd encourage them to call law enforcement. >> reporter: another point of concern according to investigators, they say one of
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the men who allegedly purchased guns from rocco ended up dead in a philadelphia homicide case. investigators aren't saying much about that case right now, just that it has not been solved. tonight, rocco is being held on $1 million bail. reporting live in gont bomontgo township, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. the victim was also robbed in the kensington section of town. lu ann cahn is at special victims unit with more on this. >> reporter: police want you to take a look at the sure veilance video. they say the suspect is armed. they want him off the street. this is surveillance video taken inside the goldenç dragon chine restaurant on north 2nd street in kensington. november 2nd, just after midnight, police believe this man sexually assaulted an 18-year-old at gun point. he allegedly followed the male teenager home when he left this
5:34 pm
takeout restaurant. police say the victim was forced inside his own home and then sexually assaulted. his cell phones, keys and car were also taken. we were unable to get any other information from the restaurant owners. other merchants tell us the area has been plagued with crime. police say if you have more information about this suspect or this crime, they are asking you to call right away. live at special victims unit, lu ann cahn, nbc 10 news. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> i don't know how long we'll be able to say this, we warmed into the 60s after a frosty start to the day. >> we'll follow that up with more warnlg warm weathm weather. how many more times can i say this? meteorologist sheena parveen is here to talk to us about the conditions tonight. >> it will stay mild as we go through the next couple of hours. then it will be chilly. tomorr tomorrow, yes, we have more warm
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weather ahead. temperatures through the lehigh valley, mid to upper 50s right now. philadelphia still coming in at 61 degrees. it's comfortable, 54 wilmington, much cooler in millville and dover. temperatures there in the low 50s. 54 degrees now in atlantic city. so for the rest of the evening, especially for the eagles game it will be staying nice and dry. by 6:00, mostly clear skies, temperatures around 60 degrees. still by 8:00 p.m. we're dropping down to the mid-50s with light winds and mostly clear skies. by 10:00, temperatures will already be in the low 50s for most of the areas. the suburbs by that time will be in the 40s. then we have warm air tomorrow, much colder air as we end out the week. i'll show you that forecast coming up. an update on the thayerville high school football hazing case. tonight we learned all players involved will be treated as juveniles. last month the sayreville high school football program in new jersey was suspended for the season. seven players on that team are charged with crimes ranging from hazing to sexual assault.ç
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the head coach an four assistant coaches were also suspended. check out the surveillance video from the heist that happened last tuesday. they say a man with a knife demanded money from an employee. he got away with cash from the register and then ran off. if you know anything about this robbery, police want to hear from you. the trial began today for former philadelphia police officer kevin corcoran happen he's accused of roughing up an air force veteran. it was all captured on cell phone video last march in center city. corcoran roughed up roderick king, through him in his suv and took him to an alley. king claims he was never told he was under arrest and corcoran only let him go after he told him he was in the air force. in honor of our veterans, wawa is teaming up with the uso
5:37 pm
to give them a taste of home. music got employees and volunteers this morning at wawa university at wawa, delaware county. they put together more than 5,000 care packages that will be delivered to troos this season. it's the 12th and biggest year yet. the uso will receive $615,000 raised through in-store wawa coin and scan campaigns. >> if any of the folks here today are associates, have served in the military, have families, daughters, sons, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters all in the military. in fact, you make a special effort to make sure to get care packages to our associate families abroad. >> veterans, active duty military members say their family are also invited for a free cup of coffee tomorrow in honor of veterans day. drivers in pennsylvania now have a new way to honor military vets. penndot announced four new special license plates to recognize veterans.
5:38 pm
that brings the total number of plates honoring veterans to 34 including the medal of honor, purple heart and vietnam vets. and operation enduring freedom. a portion of the money from the plates will help preserve monuments insideç gettysburg national military park. we haven brad new information about the religious gathering expected to bring tens of thousands of catholics to our region. next, what nbc 10 learned about the agenda for the world meeting of families and why the gathering isn't just for catholics. and how to make the grade in camden. what the school district is doing to improve test scores for the city's students. but first, here's what's coming up tonight on nbc 10 news at 6:00. new jersey lawmakers have a plan to save atlantic city. what's being done to save the boardwalk from more business closures. and camden's new tax break to lower businesses and jobs into town. count on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
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nbc 10 vince lattanzio. rebuilding broken relationships and keeping your family afloatle
5:41 pm
with will be a major part of next year's six-day event that's expected to bring thousands if not millions of people from around the country and world to the city. as well as pope francis. 70% of the event's programs will hit on practical problems, organizers tell me. they are also trying to attract noncatholics to the event. >> there are presentations, 50% of them appeal to people from all different faiths. you're not coming in and learning about what the catholic church teaches about such and such. you're coming to learn more about practical issues as well. >> she tells me that speakers from other faiths will be presenting on issues like interfaith service. nearly half of the sessions will be done as workshops. another interesting feature of the event, wandering saints will be roaming through the
5:42 pm
pennsylvania convention center. what are they all about? i'll explain that and more about the lineup on on our mobile apps. vince lattanzio, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. big night, john clark, in south philly. >> yes, this is a big night. the city is buzzing for "monday night football" and the first start, head quarterback mark sanchez with the eagles. it's beautiful our here, sheena. >> yes, it is beautiful out there, john. temperatures stay mild through the next few hours and then it will get a little chilly. but at least it will stay dry. throughout the week coming up. a guilty plea from a former philadelphia traffic court judge. how she's admitting to breaking the law.
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here are some of the stories making headlines at 5:45. >> a chester county toddler was tortured to death. outrage over the case continues and some of it is coming from the family of one of the suspects. shirley fellenbaum says her grandson couldn't have done what he's accused of. and his father says his son is being, quote, railroaded. gary fellenbaum and jillian tait beat scottie mcmillan to death inside their chester county trailer home, they're both being held without bail on murder charges. rescue workers rescue dozens of cats from a home in voorhees. 40 animals were left alone in filthy conditions without food
5:46 pm
or warmth. the new jersey state animal rescue shelter is selecting donations so the animals can be vaccinated an placed up for adoption. today senator casey spoke at the veterans group in west philadelphia. pennsylvania has one of the longest wait times in the country, he says, and he's sponsoring a bill that would aim to improve practices. the man accused of abducting a philadelphia woman last week will be back in pennsylvania to face a judge wednesday. devlin barnes is being held in virginia on a separate case. police believe barnes is the man held seen abducting this woman after the street. the two were found three days later in maryland. we are about three hours away from kickoff between tonight's prime time showdown. the linc looks so pretty.
5:47 pm
john clark live on the field with a closer look at tonight's prime time matchup. john? >> this is a big night. if the eagles want to stay in first place in the nfc east they have to win and beat the carolina panthers and they probably should. they'reç a touchdown favorite. carolina panthers have been playing really bad football. they've won just one time in their last seven games. cam newton is struggling. they're giving up a lot of rushing yards. tonight, maybe chip kelly will lean on lesean mccoy. he's been running the ball well, especially considering nick foles will miss the next six to eight weeks. for the first time as an eagle, mark sanchez will get his start at quarterback. this is his first nfl start in two seasons. when he was with the jets he had a good first couple years. things didn't go so well as the last couple years. he really wants to write a second chapterer to his career. that can all start tonight. by the way, here on lincoln
5:48 pm
financial field the eagles have won eight straight regular season games here at the linc, their longest home winning streak in 21 years. hopefully it continues tonight. we'll hear from mark sanchez coming up. >> thank you for that, john. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> and it will be nice weather tonight for the eagles. we have seen a mild day today. it will stay like that as we go through the next few hours. nice and dry conditions for the eagles game this evening. and that's how it will stay as we go through, again, the next few hours. across the area as we go into about the 8:30 hour for the start of the game, temperatures in the mid-50s. as we go into the fourth quarter, temperatures dropping down into the upper 40s. it will be cool as we go later on into tonight. other than that we have a warming trend in the forecast, a cold blast that will be coming as we end out the week. after the warm temperatures, it will get quite a bit colder.
5:49 pm
temperatures right now, though, through parts of the lehigh valley are in the upper 50s allentown, 61 degrees in philadelphia right now. some of the suburbs in south jersey are in the low 50s. same thing in parts of delaware, 52 millville and mid-50s in atlantic city. the good news is we are dry. the good news for the eagles, good news because we don't want the precip. either way we'll be having temperatures staying milder tomorrow. that's all stayingç well to ou north with the cold air. this really just shows you how cold the air is to our north. we have snow around the great lakes. later this week, all the cold air associated with this will be moving in. that won't be until about thursday into friday. future weather shows us maybe seeing a few isolated showers early wednesday morning, that's where you see the green across the area. other than that we stay dry until early friday. there's a possibility once that cold air starts trying to move
5:50 pm
in, we'll see a few flakes acrass the area. we do expect significantly colder temperatures. for now, though, we stay mild. tomorrow we stay mild, too. this is a look at future air masses for wednesday. that will be this week, mild air does stay around. cold air back off to our west. watch what happens once the cold air moves in. it moves in for the end of the week. this is friday now. saturday, sunday, into next week. we are talking about a very large area, very cold air, even arctic air across a majority of the country except the extreme southeast. we do expect a very big cold spell as we start off our weekend and continuing into next week so it won't go away after it gets here very soon. clear and chilly, patching fog forming late. mid-40s for philadelphia. 37 degrees in the suburbs tonight. 64 to 67 degrees tomorrow, mostly cloudy conditions but we'll be staying on the drier side. wednesday morning, a few showers. temperatures in the mid-60s on
5:51 pm
wednesday. we still stay mild. on thursday we get colder in the afternoon, only around 50 degrees. breezy. we could see a few flakes across the area. breezy and cold, we top out in the mid-40s and it will be like that even across the weekend. >> vote for the high school blitz game of the week. it's an all playoff edition. p pottsgrove and springfield-delco, west deptford-glassboro. vote at 610-624-4111. the game with theç most votes will be shown right here on nbc 10 on the high school blitz. not brake mamaking the grad >> a new effort is under way, what the superintendent is planning to do all across the
5:52 pm
city to get schools and students on the track to success. plus, all new on nbc 10 news at 6:00, police call it an act of evenrevenge. who's accused of running a corvette into the delaware river just for payback?
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
it's a conversation he considers vital to the future of
5:55 pm
camden. the direction of the city schools. >> the new superintendent kicked off a school by school score today to set the district in the right direction. he can't do it alone. nbc 10's south jersey bureau has a report from camden. >> reporter: they have decreasing test scores along with a graduation rate that fluctuates from 47% to 97%. it's something the superintendent, together with mayor redd will not accept. >> we want to take our children from being at-risk to at-success. >> reporter: the district hired school coordinators at all 26 schools in a four-pronged path to success, including a superintendent visit to every school over the next two weeks. this to build on what's working, get feedback in the form of surveys from parents and students, along with a formal follow-up, visit to schools to determine whether there is progress or not. >> i have an open door policy
5:56 pm
for our families. we want you to stay in here with us, because in order for all this to work, we need a plan. >> there are plans to renovate older buildings. is thatç where kids are failin >> we have some buildings that are over 100 years old. i would not say there's a direct correlation. >> reporter: the district says it goes beyond school walls to make sure students can be violence-free to concentrate on schoolwork. >> increasing our safety corridors. not only for the children but also the parents. >> reporter: with the district performing lower in literacy than math, now a plan to help adults learn to read to help their students succeed. from camden, cydney long, nbc 10 news. we have breaking news into nbc 10. this is a live picture of a plane that we presume is
5:57 pm
attempting to land. what we do know about it, it doesn't have any landing gear. this is in spring, texas, happening right now. we don't know how many people on board. count on nbc 10 to continue following this story as this plane, again, without landing gear attempts to land presumably at a nearby airport in spring, texas. coming up next on nbc 10 news at 6:00, breaking news. >> two people in the hospital after a gas leak in philadelphia. the impact it's also having on neighboring homes. >> plus, all new on nbc 10 news at 6:00, a police officer rescued from this burning cruiser. now he's revealing exactly what happened inside the car. it's next on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
nbc 10 breaking news. >> reporter: tim furlong over skyforce 10 in south philadelphia, the 1200 block of south 8 street. the scene clearing a little bit but we are here for an apparent gas leak, carbon monoxide leak. two people were at that home and some neighbors were evacuated. two people have been taken to the hospital at the university of pennsylvania. so far, again, there was an evacuation of some neighbors. the scene seems to be improving. the call went out at 5:15. now at 6:00, things are shrinking.
6:00 pm
two people transported to the hospital after an apparent carbon monoxide poisoning on the 1200 block of south 8th street. you might want to avoid that area if you need to get around that part of south philadelphia. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. and a similar problem happened this morning in south jersey. a family passed out inside their sickerlerville home. investigators tell nbc 10 that the family was overcome by carbon monoxide due to a faulty heating. everyone is expected to be okay. now an officer trapped inside a burning car. >> nefertiti jaquez is live in philadelphia's point breeze section. >> reporter: i can tell you that officer markç kenzie is gratef, lucky to be alive because of a brave 17-year-old boy. as you may call, he was pulled from his burning squad car moments after it crashed with a pickup truck at


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