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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  November 10, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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two people transported to the hospital after an apparent carbon monoxide poisoning on the 1200 block of south 8th street. you might want to avoid that area if you need to get around that part of south philadelphia. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. and a similar problem happened this morning in south jersey. a family passed out inside their sickerlerville home. investigators tell nbc 10 that the family was overcome by carbon monoxide due to a faulty heating. everyone is expected to be okay. now an officer trapped inside a burning car. >> nefertiti jaquez is live in philadelphia's point breeze section. >> reporter: i can tell you that officer markç kenzie is gratef, lucky to be alive because of a brave 17-year-old boy. as you may call, he was pulled from his burning squad car moments after it crashed with a pickup truck at 28th and tafter.
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he was rescued by joe chambers, a 17-year-old volunteer firefighter who ran to the scene moments after hearing the crash. the teen tells us he pulled the officer through the window since the doors were locked. kenzie tells us he doesn't remember much because he was in and out of consciousness. he does remember the point of impact and that the fact that he couldn't feel his legs. tonight he was released from the hospital. he tells us the only reason he's alive is because of joe. >> he's my hero by far. because if he wouldn't have pulled me out of that car i'd still be sitting in it. i owe him big. >> reporter: we caught him at the 17th distinct. the only reason he was here this evening is because he had to do paperwork regarding the accident. meantime, the father also tells us he wants to thank donti johnson. donti also helped pull the officer from the vehicle. tonight, he tells us as we come back out live, that he and joy
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will be best friends forever. that is the latest from the 17th district, nefertiti jaquez, nbc 10 news. a marriage on the rocks leaves a corvette sinking into the delaware river this evening. that's what philadelphia police are telling us. a man who's getting a divorce pushed his wife's red corvette into the river and then ran away. you see it here. police fishing out the soggy car. the person who pushed it in, though, is still missing. breaking news right now in new jersey, lawmaker just unveiled his plan to rescue atlantic city in the middle of the casino crisis. >> nbc 10 jersey shore bureau ted greenberg live tonight in trenton where that plan was just announced. ted, tell us about it. >> reporter: jim and renee, senate president steve sweeney says atlantic city has been hit by an economic hurricane. he believes the proposal he laid out today would bring immediate relief to the struggling resort. >> one thing we don't want is atlantic city toç become detro.
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>> reporter: it won't be a cure-all but steve sweeney says the package of bills he and other lawmakers announced at the statehouse this afternoon should stabilize atlantic city's financial crisis. >> we have to stop the bleeding. >> reporter: four casino closures, tax appeals and ass s assessments have cost the city about half of its tax base. local property owners are being hit with a 289% tax increase to create consistency and predictability, a set amount would be set for the casinos to pay each year. >> many of my neighbors are not coming back. they left after sandy and are not coming back because the taxes are going up and up and up. this is needed in atlantic city. it will be a great relief. we're also going to push shared services and the school
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district, to get a government that's sized properly. >> reporter: the plan would also require all casino operators to pay health care and retirement benefits for employees, an issue that recently came to the forefront at the bankrupt trump taj mahal which would close next month. >> this has been coming for a long time. it's unfortunate that we weren't better prepared for this. >> ted greenberg reporting for us there. meanwhile, trump entertainment resorts is blasting the casino workers union at this hour. it says the union's willing to sacrifice jobs to save the health care plan. trump's ceo sent a letter to taj mahal workers, we have tried everything to save this company. as the saying goes, you cannot squeeze blood from a stone. the letter continues. this is like a spoiled child saying to his parents, we have just gone bankrupt, i will not under any circumstances give up my fancy sports car. we received a response from the union's president, the fact
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remains that billionaire carl icahn jacked the interest rate up on the trump loans from 6.2% to 12%, ripped $350 million out of this company in four years and now he says workers can't have health care, pensions, pay breaks and many other thinga that atlantic city casino workers enjoy. new at 6:00, a former philadelphia court judge will plead guilty in a sting investigation. the other charges against her will be dropped. she'll plead guilty to a conflict of interest. they claim she took a 2 $250,000ati$250,000 ati -- $250 tiffany's bracelet. in a little more than two hours, the eagles take on the carolina panthers in a monday night matchup. >> what kind of weather can we expect for the game?
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let's go to glenn "hurricane" schwartz with his football forecast. glenn? >> for a november evening it doesn't really get much better than this. it's a little bit milder than average but the wind just is not there. we generally have a lot of wind around at this time of the year and it is not windy. you see the temperature about 52 degrees right now. and it's going down to about 49 degrees by the end of the game and we're going to be see nothing wind to speak of. but we'll be seeing a lot of wind and a lot of cold coming up in the seven-day forecast. i'll have that coming in a few minutes. beginning in about a half hour, the broad street sports express trains will run every ten minutes making express stops. extra service will be available on the market frankford line after the game. trains will be waiting at at&t
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station for the return trip home. stay with nbc 10 for the countdown to kickoff. in just a few minutes, comcast sport net's john clark will be looking ahead to mark sanchez's first start in nearly two years. visit for a list of five things you need to know ahead of tonight's game. i'm tim furlong in skyforce 10 over this accident, a car and a trolley collided at 47th street and goodland avenue. at least one vehicle. you see the black car on the right of your screenç there. no word yet on injuries. we can tell you at this point, it spun around. people are still inside the trolley. again, we haven't got official word on injuries. that black car, it looks pretty beat up on the front passenger side of that vehicle. that's the latest from skyforce 10 over southwest philadelphia. new at 6:00, for the first time we hear 911 calls made in
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the moments after a baby was thrown in the atlantic city inlet last month. take a listen. >> from 6th avenue all the way down, a lady threw herself and the baby into the water. >> where are you? >> on the rocks. ones rocks! we need somebody here now! >> you can hear the confusion and the frustration in that caller's voice. patricia schoureck tossed the baby before jumping in herself. she's the fiance of the baby's father. the father says shurig suffered from anxiety. philadelphia police are asking for your help that they believe sexually assaulted and robbed an 18-year-old man. the assault happened just after midnight on sunday november 2nd.
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detectives believe the suspect followed the victim out of the restaurant to his home where he was then sexually assaulted. the man accused of abducting a philadelphia woman last week will be back in town wednesday for his court appearance here. right now, delvin barnes is being held in virginia on a separate case. the abduction and attempted murder ofs a 16-year-old. the prosecutors say he'll be tried first in philadelphia. barnes is accused of grabbing 22-year-old carlesha freeland-gaither off a germantown street. video of that kidnapping has been credited with helping authorities crack off this case and now a new jersey lawmaker wants to follow philadelphia's lead. according 0 our partners at news work, assemblyman ralph caputo introduced a bill to allow towns to create registries of surveillance cameras.ç in philadelphia, listing a camera is voluntary. disbelief from the family of a man accused in the horrific beating death of a 3-year-old,
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scottie mcmillan. prosecutors say the toddler was beaten and tortured by jillian tait, his own mother, and her boyfriend, gary fellenbaum. his relatives claim he's not solely responsible for the boy's death. >> i can't believe he would do something like that. not the way he loves kids. and his own daughter. >> at this point i have no comment. >> reporter: it's been upsetting for the family. >> yes, it is. >> what's been so upsetting about what you've been hearing? >> everything, because i know my son wouldn't do this. >> reporter: fellenbaum and tait are being held without bail on murder charges. now to news out of our south jersey bureau and a fight to keep 250 jobs in our area. lockheed martin has been awarded $107 million in tax breaks. well, the courier post reports the state economic development authority offered the tax credits to the company today, lockheed martin plans on opening
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two land facilities in camden. but without the tax breaks the company had planned on eliminating some 250 jobs. lockheed is not the only company getting tax credits to bring jobs to camden. today, $7.5 million worth of incentives were approved by diogenix. in addition, the 76ers are building a practice facility with $82 million in incentives and holtec international received a $260 million tax break. dozens of cats living in filthy conditions inside a local home. how they were finally rescued and what happens next to them. as the v.a. secretary announces plans to re-organize and revamp the system, i'm talking to local veterans about what it means to them. that's next.
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i'm tim furlong live in skyforce 10 over southwest philadelphia where you see a car and trolley have collided at 47th and --. at least one vehicle and trolley there. eight minor injuries have been reported in the last couple
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minutes. we saw a woman with two small children get into the back of an ambulance. the people on the trolley don't appear to be seriously injured. eight minor injuries have been reported. a woman with two small children have left in an ambulance. we'll continue following this breaking news. keep an eye on it from the air, skyforce 10, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. dozens of cats rescued from an abandoned home on route 73 in voorhees, new jersey. volunteers say 40 animals were left alone in filthy conditions without food or heat. workers tell nbc 10 some of the kittens had bite marks on their faces and throats. the new jersey state animal rescue shelter is collecting donations for the cats so they can be vaccinated, cared for and placed for adoption. it's being called the largest re-organization in v.a. history. he's streamlining the department, making it easier for vets to receive care. >> he plans to hire as many as 28,000 medical professionals. rosemary connors is live in west
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philadelphia this evening where a local group is trying to to help veterans get help faster. rosemary? >> the organization is called the veterans group. the folks know how to navigate the system despite the current problems but they tell me that the process needs to be fixed. the dysfunction is considered an unkept promise to those who put their lives in harm's way to save others. today i sat down with one such veteran who served in world war ii and shared his story with us. >> never thought about being a hero. i guess i was but i just pray i would beç able to do things li that. >> reporter: bernard hillman knew there would be danger. he was confronted with life and death in may 1944 when these ships exploded into a fiery mess. it's known as the other tragedy of pearl harbor. somehow something sparked the ammunition and gasoline stocked on board. hillman raced to the accident scene in his small boat.
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>> in the process i went over alongside of one of them that was blowing up. i rescued about 30 men, had to pull them out of the water. >> reporter: he received the navy marine corps medal of heroism because he risked life and limb, like countless other servicemen and women who in turn are promised their physical and mental needs will be taken care of. he gets special benefits through the navy. he's able to go to any hospital he wants and considers himself fortunate. >> i walked out one time and i figured i don't want to do this. >> why? >> it was just too complicated, let's put it that way. >> that backlog is unacceptable. >> reporter: dysfunction continues at the v.a. as senator bob casey discussed at the veterans group home in philadelphia today. he wants congress to hold a hearing to address the backlog of disability claims. >> as for hillman he tells me he's lucky he retired from the navy as a lieutenant commander in good health.
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he raised seven children with his wife. he feels sorry for the veterans who come home broken expecting to be made hole but have been ignored. >> you just do it. you think of the consequences that you could get hurt. >> reporter: on this eve of veterans day, hillman tells me despite the problem and troubles at the v.a. he's hopeful that it will get back on track. reporting live in west philadelphia, i'm rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> and that flag rosemary was showing you was hanging straight down, an indication we have no wind out there, plus it is nice and dry for the game tonight. we have a couple warm days ahead, at least for this time of year. and then the cold blast comes. where it gets pretty cold for this time of the year.ç at the moment, we have mostly clear skies. a few high clouds around, down to 55 degrees after a high of
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63. winds south at 8 miles an hour. that's at the moment. and we were chilly over the weekend. the high saturday was only 50. still warmer than that now. we're still warmer than sunday's high. 54, 63 today. 66 degrees tuesday and wednesday. the temperatures are dropping pretty quickly because of the clear skies and lack of wind. down to 46 in millville, 47 atlantic city international. 49 degrees in pottstown. so the temps will be falling into the upper 40s at the linc later on. no wind chill tonight. we've had a lot of games colder than that. it was in the 60s in chicago. now down to 59. 29 minneapolis, teens, just to the north of that. and then single digits close to 0 in central canada. a whole bunch of that air is coming straight down. and then a piece of it is coming
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our way, as we go into thursday and friday and this is a blocking pattern. this is not going to budge as we go through the rest of the weekend into next week. look at that arctic air, surging down. it's only november. this kind of weather pattern if we had it in january, it would just be brutal. of course it's november but this is the kind of pattern that we're setting up here. we're also setting up for a little bit of light rain, perhaps to come up later tuesday night and into wednesday morning. again, that's rain. then we watch another system close to the coast that could provide rain or snow showers on friday morning, but nothing big other than the cold blast. clear and chilly tonight with patchy fog, low of 45 in philadelphia. 37 in the suburbs. tomorrow, especially cloudy, mostly cloudy overall and a little bit of sunshine pushes
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temperatures into the mid-60s. and then on wednesday, mid-60s again. the wind picks up in the ç afternoon, maybe shower in the morning. then the temperature goes down for wednesday night and into thursday and into friday, gets even colder with a chance of those snow showers in the morning. dry but cold over the weekend and a chance of rain mixed with some snow in parts of the area on monday. it's cold all next week. >> thanks, hurricane, i'm john clark, live at the linc. big "monday night football" game tonight. take a look at ron rivera, now with the panthers. we'll hear from mark sanchez, coming up next. ♪
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this is the xfinity sportsdesk brute to yought to y xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> i'm john clark, live at the linc, "monday night football," the panthers have won once in their last seven games. eagles are the favorite tonight. mark sanchez has arrived in the last hour or so. this will be his first nfl start in two seasons. he's hoping to write another chapter in his career after that jet lag in new york. >> just getting that chance to get a bird's-eye viewç of everything and, you know, put that new york experience in its place and take with me a lot of the things that went well, improve upon the things that didn't go so well. and so now i'm hopefully a better version of myself and the best version of myself for this monday night game.
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>> and joining me now, of course, the great former eagles receiver mike quick and radio analyst and we're hearing mark sanchez saying you'll see a better version of him than in new york city with the jets. do you think mark sanchez can thrive in this offense? >> i think it's the perfect offense for him. you've got a sound enough running game. if you allow him to use that running game and not throw the ball too many times, i think it's perfect. he's a very good athlete. he's very smart. i think all the ingredients are here for mark sanchez not to just be successful but thrive in this offense. >> your receiving record, 1409 has stood for 31 years, jeremy maclin is on his way. do you think it finally falls this year. >> i hope it's the year. jeremy maclin to me is one of my favorites. i look at all the receivers that we've gone through here, to me he's the guy. i would like to see him break it. records are made to be broken. >> you got it, mike quick. right back after this. thank you, buddy.
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for all of us here at nbc 10, i'm renee chenault-fattah. >> i'm jim rosenfield. the news continues with "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. see you tonight at 11:00. have a great evening. on our broadcast tonight, the plunge. a shock of a system coming for upwards of 200 million americans very early on in the season. the weather phenomenon that's about to make it bracingly cold from north to south. dead or alive, was the leader of isis hit by an air strike? tonight the latest from richard engel who reports from inside one of the most dangerous cities on earth. what really happened inside the medical clinic where joan rivers went into cardiac arrest? what investigators say doctors didn't notice. and a household danger, the problem is those detergent pods look like candy. the new warning tonight about how many children are ending up in the hospital. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world he


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