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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  November 11, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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we begin right now at 11:00 with breaking news from center city philadelphia where a fire forces evacuations at the historic john wannamaker building. officials tell us it started in a ninth floor office. no one has hurt. of course, stay with nbc 10 for anyup da updates on this breaki news story. tributes and remembrances across our area this morning as our nation observes veterans day. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. on this veterans day, several dozen people have gathered to pay tribute to those who have
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served our nation. matt delucia is live in center city for this morning's wreath laying ceremony. >> reporter: that's right. several dozen people were out here this morning in washington square. it's a very important day for the veterans out here. i will get out of the way and show you the tomb of the unknown soldier here in our city. you can see the wreaths laid out here a short time ago. the ceremony was an hour long. we had veterans here in attendance from various wars. it just wrapped up a few moments ago with a gun salute and the singing of "god bless america." mayor michael nutter was here along with city leaders. things addressed was homelessness and telling the veterans the city is there for him. as we look at the wreaths at the time of the unknown soldier,
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mayor nutter remarks this is a day many take for granted but it's a day to honor those who served our country. the philadelphia director of the advisory committee is asked what a hero is. it's the folks who served our country, the folks here and the folks that were here earlier this morning. and there are plenty of events throughout the city today to honor those who served our country. live in washington square, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. happening now, the battleship "new jersey" is holding its veterans day ceremony. it's open to the public and features speakers, including a u.s. army general. a wreath will be cast into the delaware. the battleship is open for walk-up tours until 3:00 p.m. a live look at arlington nationaler is moan cemetery. this is at the time of unknown soldier. biden is taking the place of
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president obama who is in chie that. ♪ we take a moment to listen to "taps." the v.a. department announced the biggest overall in its history. the goal is to make sure veterans get the services they deserve. the v.a. has been under scrutiny over wait times following the scandal. they set a goal of 30 days or less for veterans to be seen by a doctor for their first appointment. it's being met in philadelphia and coatesville where they are waiting 28 and 19 days respectively. in wilmington it's 66 days.
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here is a look for specialty care. the highest is at the philadelphia v.a. where they wait 55 days for an appointment, 36 in wilmington and 29 in coatesville. the foggy start this morning. this video shot by a producer. drivers were encountering limited visibility this morning. conditions have cleared up. this is a look at the center city skyline. expect another mild day. one of our last before changes are expected to arrive. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley with the forecast and whethn that might happen. >> let's enjoy the nice weather. perfect time for veterans day. sunshine is bright in center city. we look toward it from the nbc 10 studio. 61 already in philadelphia. and calm conditions. we will see a light breeze this
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afternoon. we are seeing sunshine in philadelphia and south jersey, but still tracking clouds through delaware and north and west. this is keeping these areas into the pocono mountains a little bit chillier than the rest of the area. 61 at philadelphia international. northeast philadelphia, 62. go north and west where the clouds are hanging in there, 40s for reading at 48, coatesville, 51. you have sunshine for vineland and atlantic city. gone is the thick fog. delaware has clouds. middle 50s right now. the temperatures warming up. philadelphia, 64 at 1:00. 67 by 4:00. and then this evening, mild. 61 degrees. but it looks like a good chance of a repeat of some of the fog we had this morning. i will take you through it hour by hour with the future weather when i come back. police say a series of fires at six flags great adventure in
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new jersey appears to be suspicious. it started in a utility shed but spread to surrounding woods. at least five fires were burning at once. nbc 10's jesse gary tells us investigators trying to figure out who started them. >> reporter: police officials  confirm, the fire marshal is investigating this fire as an act of arson. the signs were there at the location of a secondary set of flames in a wooded area of the great adventure theme park. they almost make a circle on the ground. the tree limbs don't appear to be burning. the initial call was reported late last night in a utility shed in the safari off-road adventure. the roof collapses before they were able to tap out the blaze. no reported injuries. park officials say all the animals are safe. in jackson, ocean county, jese e
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gary. a ymca is closed following a fire. it started just after 4:00ingto. there is smoke and water damage inside. the fitness center is open today. police say an upset husband is responsible for dumping a corvette into the delaware river, a red one at that. our cameras were there as they fished the car out of the water. police tell nbc 10 that a man pushed his wife's car into the river because the two are in the middle of a divorce. police are still looking for him but have not released his name. they do plan to file charges. happening today, the man accused of abducting a woman in philadelphia will begin his journey back to philadelphia to face charges. in a few hours the fbi will take custody of delvin barnes in virginia. he was held there from a separate kidnapping case. tomorrow he will appear in a philadelphia course. he faces federal kidnapping charges in philadelphia after
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authorities say he abducted carlesha freeland-gaither last week. she was rescued three days later in maryland. we have new information this on a state police barracks that was the target of a deadly ambush. the blooming grove barracks will resume full operations today. it has been closed since september 12. frein was captured after a 48-day manhunt. the attorney was hired by frein's family but police told him he couldn't see the suspect because frein had not asked for a lawyer himself. police responding to a bizarre incident after the eagle's game. man tried to attack police with a metal baton. officers say the man was in eagles gear running through the parking lots wielding the baton.
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police say he attacked an officer but the officer was not hurt. the man is facing several charges. as for the eagles and the action last night, they are now 7-2 after last night's big win against carolina in monday night football. it was a big night for sproles. he followed that up -- check this out. 65-yard punt return right up the middle, to the right. he is gone. birds are up 17-7 in the first. they led 31-7 at the half. two touchdown passes for mark sanchez. his first start in almost two years. eagles win 45-21. today is sanchez's 28th birthday. a disaster unfolding in hawaii. a home destroyed by lava. once it reaches the front door, we will have more of the dramatic video. good news about the last
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person hospitalized with ebola in the u.s. an update on one new york doctor. this is the good news for today. lots of sunshine, temperatures into the 60s. there's big changes ahead. get your hour by hour forecast when we come back.
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five people including three children are dead after a fire swept through a home in new orleans overnight. once firefighters put out the
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flames, they found the body of an elderly woman on the first floor and bodies of the children and their mother in an up stairs bedroom. the father managed to escape the fire. he said there were no working smoke detectors in the house. obama opened two days of talks told between china's president at the asia pacific economic summit. he wants to take the relationship between china and the u.s. to a new level. the u.s. and chinese delegations strolled through the imperial garden. president xi said he hoped china's relationship with the u.s. continues to grow saying a pool of water begins with a few drops. he hosted a dinner for the president and the u.s. delegation ahead of tomorrow's formal talks involving leaders from two dozen countries. an awkward moment between obama and putin. on the surface they. changed pleasantries and a pat on the back. away from the cameras, they circled each other.
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though the white house says obama and putin spoke three times in the sidelines of the economic meeting, tackling some of the tough issues that have strained the relationship like russia's involvement in ukraine and support for syria's imbat e embattled government. dr. craig spencer has been declared free of the ebola vi s virus. that made him the last patient in the u.s. with the disease. he returned last month from west africa after working for doctors without borders. he was monitoring his own health when he came down with a fever. he spoke to the public for the first time about his travels, treatment and recovery. tomorrow i am healthy and no longer infectiouinfectious. my early detection, reporting and now recovery from ebola speaks to the afeffectiveness o the protocols. >> as part of his treatment he received a transfusion from another ebola survivor. he was the last patient in the
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u.s. with ebola. the 21-day ing bacubation pd is over for a nurse who deny ie orders. she is disappointed about some of the criticism she received. >> remain just really thankful for all of the support that we have received. and also a bit disappointed at some of the negative things that i have heard. i hope that one day we as an american culture can get over this fear and can learn to show compassion instead. >> she became an outspoken critic of the quarantines for running aide workers who treated ebola in west africa. she never tested positive for the virus. attorneys for jodi arias have filed a motion to dismiss all charges against her. alleged an expert hired by the defense discovered thousands of
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files were deleted from the computer of her exboyfriend while it was in police custody. reports say most of the files were pornographic. police have previously testified there was no porn on the computer. prosecutor disputed her testimony that she had walked in on alexander viewing porn. she was convicted of killing alexander last year. a jury is deciding if she will be sentenced to life in prison or death. the family of joan rivers say they are outraged after learning the results of an investigation into her death. according to the new york state health department, the clinic where rivers underwent surgery made several errors during the procedure that ultimately led to her death in september. the report says staff failed to notice her deteriorating vital signs. the report does not accuse the clinic of negligence. they say they are addressing all of the issues raised in the report. lava has reached a rural town on iowa's big island and
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consumed the first home. lava is so hot that it completely incinerated this home. lava burned down a steel storage shed on the same property. smoke could be seen for miles. at least 50 people living in the projected path of the lava have been urged to evacuate. it has been bubbling since late june. the next group of astronauts traveling to the international space station say they are ready to go. they left moscow for the space center today. the crew, including nasa astronaut terry vertz as well as an italian and russian astronaut. they are scheduled to launch november 23 to the international space station. a french dare devil reached more than 200 miles an hour on his rockle propelled bicycle. the bike has pedals that the man used to ride on to the track.
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he ignites a small rocket. the 32-year-old claims he has broken a record. saying it took him 4.8 seconds to reach a speed of 207 miles per hour. here is proof it's better late than never. a world war ii veteran received his honors last night 69 years after they were initially awarded. 92-year-old benjamin martinez served on a naval ship. after the war, he was awarded the citation for helping sink a submarine by roosevelt as well as several other awards. last night he received the honors. he says he was thrilled to do so in front of three generations of family. nice weather on this veterans day. we are seeing sunshine break through the clouds in many of the area leading to a mild afternoon. today and tomorrow, nice, mild
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temperatures. but like today, tomorrow morning we could very well see fog return. may even be sprinkles in the area. don't get used to the mild weather or the fog. a blast of cold air will cause temperatures to tumble later this week and carry right on through the weekend. right now 53. you can see what clouds will do for you. 53 with cloudy skies in allentown. sunshines have popped in northeast philadelphia and millville into the 60s. those numbers are climbing. clouds into the pocono mountains, the view from lake wallenpaupa wallenpaupack. nothing falling from the clouds. nothing expected today. the next change of showers will come late tonight. 60 in philadelphia. 60s for wrightstown. no sign of the fog in toms river. it's north and west the temperatures are still a bit cooler. up to 63 for blue bell, but go farther into montgomery county,
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you see 50s. even chillier in pottstown, 51 degrees. a slow climb with clouds thinning out for sunshine. it will be cooler to the north and west as a result of the clouds. we may not clear out completely during the day today. but clear enough for a nice mild afternoon tomorrow and again tomorrow. look what we're tracking. that's snow from canada into wisconsin. that's a system that's slowly moving our way for now. it will blast in here at the end of the week with much colder temperatures. for today, future weather, hourly hour shows 68 at 3:00 this afternoon. even breaking for sunshine and temperatures in the 60s for the lehigh valley and potentially for reading as well. look at south jersey, nicely warming up this afternoon. clouds will be building this evening during the early evening hours. nothing too significant. there's a chance that we will see scattered light showers late this evening, that's 11:00 tonight. just rain drops as the temperatures will be well into
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the 50s, even north and west. the temperatures are mild for this time of year. normally where he into the 40s during the early morning hours. tomorrow morning we will start in the 50s. we will likely see some fog and clouds and a few sprinkles are possible. but like today, watch the clouds move right on out during the late morning hours and into the afternoon. and we are back into the 60s tomorrow afternoon. then that's the end of the mild weather as much colder air takes hold heading towards the weekend. enjoy this while it's around. partly sunny skies, mild for this veterans day with a southeast wind. afternoon temperatures could be pushing close to 70 degrees this afternoon. it gets colder. the full seven-day forecast in the next half hour. you just saw his forecast. we are enjoying temperatures in the 60s. elsewhere in the country, it's looking a little more like winter in some places. one city is tied up by snow this
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morning. we will have a look. what does marijuana do to the brain? studies offering new insights, that straight ahead.
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a new study of marijuana users reveals what long-term use does to the brain. they found they had smaller brain volume in the area linked to addiction but showed increased brain connectivity. after six to eight years of chronic smoking, marijuana use her more intense connectivity
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which scientists could be the brain's way of compensating for smaller volume. a new study shows smoking rates could be cut significantly with programs provided during a hospital stay. they are part of hospital care for smokers in england. researchers looked at how many smokers could benefit. they found over a million smokers were admitted for hospital stays between 2010 and 2011. they say programs could save hundreds of thousands of lives and drastically cut health costs. new research finds half of all premature deaths from colon cancer are linked to socioeconomic status. the american cancer society says people in the south, minorities and those with the least education had significantly higher death rates than more highly educated insured white americans. many are diagnosed at a later stage and have limited access to treatment services. still ahead at 11:00, keeping an eye on teens when they are online.
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we will show you new tools for parents coming up. honoring one of the band of brothers. we will tell you about a new effort to pay tribute to a hero.
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with the card most accepted in the philadelphia region, you have the power to do more. independence blue cross. live fearless. just about 11:30. top stories right now, fires at six flags in ocean county are being investigated as ar ton. crews had to tackle five different fires at the theme park. one was in a utility shed at the safari off-road adventure. no one was hurt in the fires. all of the animals are safe. a childcare facility inside the abington ymca is closed today after an emergency morning fire. an air conditioner and space heater unit started the fire around 4:00 this morning.
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there's water and smoke damage inside. the fitness center is open today. police say a man tried to attack officers after last night's eagles game. this is the video of the response from our camera at the wells fargo center. the man was in eagles gear running through the parking lot wielding a baton. they say he attacked an officer but the officer was not hurt. the man was arrested and is facing several charges. a live look at a parade along state street in media honors veterans for their service and their dedication. more than 85 world war ii veterans are taking part as well as ten high school marching bands. local officialsdf and dignitari includes bob casey are there. ♪ the veterans day tradition in philadelphia, nbc 10 was there for the ceremony at the
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time tomb of the unknown soldier. they talked to the crowd about how valuable the men and women who serve this country are and how we should always remember their sacrifice. >> you know what a hero is? that's what i'm asked all the time. hero is not a sports player. a hero is not a super character. a hero is a man or a woman who signed up to serve this country. that's what a hero is. [ applause ] >> in the past hour there was a wreath laying ceremony for those who lost their lives in war. in chester county, veterans day events are taking place at immaculata university. lectures are taking place in the university library. there's a keynote address at 6:30 from brigadier general
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carol eggert. the events are open to the public. a live look now at some decommissioned navy ships. enjoy the nice weather but changes are on the way later this week. bill henley is here now with the forecast. bill? >> we have seen significant changes today. this is what it looked like to start with. fog was thick for much of new jersey. there's a good possibility we will see that tomorrow morning, possibly more widespread fog. the fog is gone but deeming with scattered clouds in the area. we are seeing temperatures come up nicely. it's five degrees warmer today in philadelphia compared to yesterday. up by seven for mount holly and millville. where the clouds are in place for pottstown, allentown and reading, things are on the chilly side. 60 at philadelphia international and in camden county in the low
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60s. look at this. cherry hill, blackwood at 65. thick fog in this area first thing this morning. we will be on track for a repeat tomorrow of what we are seeing today. the clouds are here but the fog is gone. we will see a warm up today. some clouds will start to move in during the evening hours. that will keep temperatures warmer by late this evening. colder air is due in. the seven-day forecast when i come back. parts of the upper midwest are getting socked with snow. that will be followed by a blast of frigid cold that will eventually head our way. some forecasters say this will last for weeks to come. >> reporter: here in minnesota, we are finally starting to see some improvement. plows have gotten a handle on the roads.
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cars are moving along fine. the snow has finally stopped falling as well. now we are waiting on the cold. it's here. temperatures are in the 20s. with the wind that's out here, it feels a lot colder. more like we're in the single digits and teens. that's going to be the story we will talk about over the next several days. in this area, the cold is going to hang on for weeks. we are talking about temperatures to not get above freezing for at least two weeks. most of the country will be seeing the really frigid temperatures. we saw dramatic temperature drops yesterday. that's what we're going to see across the area, especially as we go into wednesday, thursday, making its way into the east coast friday as temperatures will be in some areas about 40 degrees below average. montana, here in minnesota, over into wisconsin and up into michigan, a foot of snow on the ground. with that forecast, the really cold temperatures, the snow will stick around for a very long time. it will be very icy and winter
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is six weeks away. we have a long way to go this year apparently. northeast philadelphia man was injured whether he t ed whe stop a burglar from taking his stuff. it happened around 6:30 last night. police say the 49-year-old homeowner tackled the burglar in the process of stealing jewelry. the burglar did fight back hitting the homeowner in the head with a crowbar. >> this is my neighbor. no, this is unacceptable. >> the homeowner was treated for injuries to his head, to his face and his neck. the burglar got away. seven new jersey high school players accused of hazing will not be tried as adults. prosecutors say family court is the appropriate venue. last year the program was can l
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canceled for the season. seven players are charged with crimes ranging from hazing to sexual assault. the team head coach and four assistant coaches were suspended. members of a fishtown parish are upset because workers began removing items from the church and they closed the building last march it was in danger of collapse. the church appealed to the vatican. parishioners say removing sacred items before that appeal is complete feels like a violation. >> i was angry, because i know they are pushing ahead and doing things in defiance of the vatican. >> the arch diocese says it was the new pastor who asked the items be removed. leaders tell nbc 10 that each item removed from the church will be cataloged and stored in
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a warehouse at least until a decision is made on the appeal. we are learning more about what's in store for next year's world meeting of families in philadelphia. organizers are outlining what to expect. among them, advise on tackling issues like keeping your family financially afloat, rebuilding broken relationships and most of the programs will hit on problems like these. millions of people from around the world are expected to come to philadelphia along with pope francis. to learn more about the newly released lineup, head to with technology part of every aspect of our lives it can be a challenge for parents to keep an eye on their children. nbc's katy taby looked into how parents can use that technology to their advantage. >> can you find me? >> skinny blonde girl? >> reporter: meet melissa and her son. >> i was list age.
11:38 am
i was not an angel. i wasn't raised strictly. i wasn't. >> reporter: it's one reason why she makes sure she always knows the who, what and where when it comes to her 13-year-old son stephen. he doesn't have his own computer, tablet or cell phone. >> the best raised children make mistakes. they need monitoring. >> reporter: how do you monitor use of cell phones, computers or tablets? you use the same technology to track what they are up to. this free app called parent kit let's you choose what features why you are kid can use and when. and for how long. you schedule a time that certain features are allowed, save it and when the time expires, the features are no longer usable. >> then i found out 3 a.m. they were on an ipad on face time. >> it wasn't an ipad. it was a phone. i think it was snapchat or something like that. asking her out for me or something like that. >> reporter: can you really know what photos and messages your kids are sending while online? you can.
11:39 am
this app called teensafe let's you register your kid ''s devic and let's you monitoring what messages they are sending and receiving and phone calls and let's you monitor facebook and instagram to see what photos they send who and who is following them. aside from making unsupervised use of the internet and his own cell phone against the rules, she randomly checks his backpack and coat pockets. what other parents view as too much control doesn't bother her. >> are you kidding? they are kids. you are not invading their privacy. it's my home until they are 18 and out, my rules. >> reporter: speaking of rules, do you find your kids ignoring phone calls? you need an app called ignore no more. when your child doesn't answer your call, it gives you ability to lock their phone until they call you back. the only feature is the call to you or any listed emergency contact number. that's good motivation to always
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answer your calls. >> i don't feel like i'm missing out. >> reporter: he says he is used to the rules and has seen more negative things that technology allows more than the benefits. >> use as toys. they are always on apps and playing around. >> honestly, peer pressure is the biggest thing. getting into things they shouldn't get into. >> that app is ignore no more. got to get that. for app parent kit the first month is free and it's 40 t$40 one week. teen safe is $15 per month after that. coming up this morning, we will show you who is spearheading an effort to create a monument to one of our area's greatest heros. enjoying a beautiful veterans day. big changes as we head toward the weekend. the seven-day when i come back.
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we have a consumer alert this morning. mcdonald's is recalling more than 2 million toys from happy meals because of a choking hazard. the hello kitty whistles are red and they came with a pink lollipop. pieces can come out and kids can choke on them. two reports of kids coughing out pieces. good news for you who procrastinate. a new survey finds nearly a
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quarter of retailers will guarantee christmas delivery for orders placed one to three days ahead of time. nearly half will guarantee orders placed by december 20th. that means stores are pushing back their dates by an average of five to seven days in an effort to capture last-minute online sales. a new effort is kicking off to honor a well-known world war ii hero from our area. his story was made famous in "band of brothers." helping to spearhead the effort is jim kenny. he joins us along with a scul sculptor. i'm a big fan of the series the first christmas they came out i got the series, i was drawn to bay because he was from south philly. interestingly, he had a medical condition and an exemption that would have kept him from going
11:45 am
to war. but like the men of his time, they ran towards war and didn't run from it. tell us about the story. >> he had a job that was rea requirement for the war effort. and walking off the job one day he was handed his defer ral and he ripped it up and threw it on the ground and joined. he was quick-witneted, funny, kind. the type of of person who at 19, along with his other comrades, went to fight the biggest and most powerful army in the world in history. and beat them. and then came back as 20 somethings and got a job, started a family and raised a family and never talked about it again unless they were asked. and they didn't brag and they didn't consider themselves heros. the fact that he is not with us is the only reason we are able to do this memorial. if we tried to do it when he was alive, he would have shot us. >> he passed away last december.
11:46 am
he went to the war because his buddies went and i believe he had three brothers who i think enlisted. >> one in the army and two in the navy. >> quite amazing. let's talk to you about this effort. how did you get involved in the project? what -- is this what it's going to look like? >> yes. i was honored to be contacted by council man kenny to be part of the this project. we talked about how we would like to represent him. we both kind of put things together. i jotted down sketches and that type of thing. we said -- we put him on a step with the railing. he is getting ready to ship out. it could be his last time at home before he goes overseas. there were hundreds of thousands of young fellows through the country doing exactly the same thing. here he is in his uniform ready to head on probably to 30th street to get on a train and
11:47 am
take on the nazis. >> tell us how much money it will take to see this become a reality, either of you. >> hypothetically, i think we're looking to raise $100,000. that will include the sculpture, casting, all the groundwork, landscaping, two flags, 101st airborne flag, american flag, all the lights, plaques and the whole nine yards. >> this is quite an amazing project. where is this going to go? >> at second and reed, a playground there. he lived around the corner. we wanted to portray him on a typical row house step in south philly, in a park around kids who he loved to be around children. one of the special -- terry came up with this idea, which is very, very wonderful. he did not want to be buried in the ground. he spent so much time in a fox hole. he told his daughter if you brry me in the ground, i will haunt you. he was cremated.
11:48 am
terry will craft a bronze heart to put inside the statue and put the ashes in there. >> he had a hard time with christmas and new year's day because of the battle of the budge and many of his buddies that were lost. we appreciate you coming in. we will reach over. there you go. the kickoff event for the babe heffron fund is tonight at the irish pub at 1123 walnut street tonight from 5:30 to 7:30 this evening. things are looking good today. it's november and temperatures are in the 60s. there's not much wind around. a gentle breeze blowing at times. that's a view of the flag atop the aramark building in center city. 60 in philadelphia. the wind will pick up out of the southeast. it will be a gentle breeze today, different than what's on the way. dry conditions this morning. but there's a good chance we
11:49 am
will see fog return by tomorrow morning. there's some clouds around north and west. those clouds will be thinning out during the day. might see some scattered showers late tonight. right now nothing falling from the clouds. we are watching wet weather and colder weather, too. look at the snow falling into wisconsin and to the north into canada. this was snow before it moved into the chicago area. it pulled out of the colder zone. but cold air is going to come behind that system. that system is on the move and we could see the cold air before the weekend. in fact, we will. in fact, look at the progress. those showers will make -- future clouds showing at 4:00 tomorrow morning, showers to the west. you can see the clouds behind the showers. this is the wind blowing behind that line of showers. at 4:00 tomorrow morning, that's all to our west. we will see clouds and fog as it will be nice and mild to start with. we will see a warm-up once the clouds kick in, the wind kicks
11:50 am
in and pushes the clouds out of here tomorrow afternoon. we will be in the 60s tomorrow afternoon. but then the cold air takes over. here is the future weather showing temperatures by tomorrow afternoon, 60s, clouds are offshore. look at the arrows lining up. that's a strong, gusty wind that will deliver the colder air by thursday morning. look at the temperatures dropping down to the freezing mark and then by 8:00 in the morning, they come up a little bit. 41 thursday morning. it's going to be a windy day thursday as well. much colder air ahead after today and tomorrow. 60s this afternoon. partly sunny skies, nice and mild. there is the light breeze out of the southeast at eight miles an hour. seven-day forecast, not as chilly tomorrow morning but a gusty wind will blow the clouds out of here. any fog around tomorrow morning will not last either. 66 degrees on wednesday. then here cops the cold. you will feel it thursday morning.
11:51 am
by thursday night, clouds will build. we could see light showers moving into the area. scattered showers are likely in parts of the area late thursday. by friday, becoming nice as sunny but not warm. 44 for the high temperature after a morning low of 33. the wind will blow friday. a cold start saturday morning at citizens bank park for the walk to defeat als. that will feel like it's in the 30s. high temperatures saturday afternoon, just 44 degrees. then clouds are back on sunday and a chilly rain falling, a high of 48 on sunday. rain possibly falling into sunday night and monday morning, it could be parts of the area getting snow into the area with rain into monday morning but then clearing out in the afternoon. 46 degrees the high temperature on monday. we will be right back.
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vote for the next high school blitz game of the week. it's an all playoff edition.
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the game with the most votes will be featured on the high school blitz saturday night at 7:00 right here on nbc 10. coming up this afternoon at 3:00, "ellen" is all new with former president bill clinton and rapper pit bull. people are discovering what kids are do iing. that's on nbc at 4:00. at 5:00, all in the family, this picture of a father, mother and lion and their four cubs wasn't taken in the wild. it's from right here in philadelphia. you can see them for yourself. why it took since june before the entire lion family could be together on display. new on nbc 10 news at 6:00, the
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taste of the market in the comfort of your own home. a delivery service starts today. we will explain how it works on nbc 10 news at 6:00. to an update on our top stories. evacuations at the john wannamaker building. officials tell us the fire started in an office on the ninth floor. no one there was hurt. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley is here with a check of your forecast. >> so far so good. here where here we are in november. we should see temperatures into the upper 50s but we are looking at upper 60s. partly to mostly sunny skies. well into the 60s this afternoon. after morning fog tomorrow, we will be in the 60s. but the wind will blow wednesday. look what that does to the temperatures as we head toward the weekend. highs in the 40s and morning lows right around the freezing mark. ready for winter cold?
11:57 am
>> i am. >> good thing. >> nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema, for bill henley and all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day.
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>> aiden: thank you so much for meeting me. >> hope: it sounded important. thank you. thanks for the tea. >> aiden: uh, it is. now, it's my understanding that both ciara and chase have play practice until five. >> hope: chase is in the play too? >> aiden: uh, no, actually he's stage managing. >> hope: oh, that's right. ciara mentioned that. >> aiden: yeah, yeah, right. anyway, um, i was hoping that you could get off work a little bit early. >> hope: oh, um...let me see. i think i could wrap things up in about a half hour, why? >> aiden: i'd love a chance to make up for last night. >> hope: you don't have to do that. >> aiden: i really want to. >> hope: if you insist. >> aiden: i do. >> hope: okay. >> aiden: and i'd also like to make up for our family movie night soon, but-- >> nicole: oh, my god. it must be fate. you are the answer to my prayers. >> abigail: aunt kayla? hi. >> kayla: hi. >> abigail: h


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