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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  November 11, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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vantage point. >> we just spoke with officials and we can confirm four people have been hurt in this crash, including a teenager. all four people have been taken to the hospital to be evaluated. the driver of the bmw somehow crossed the center lane of lawrenceville road, which isroute 206, and hit the bus head-on, causing it to flip on its side. the bus is occupied by a 44-year-old driver, a 71-year-old aide and 16-year-old student. they were all taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. the 26-year-old driver of the bmw was also taken to the hospital. we are told by officials on scene, everyone was alert and talking at the scene prior to being rushed to the hospital. meantime, route 206 has been closed down between province lane road and lovers lane. as we come to the scene, as christine mentioned, they just flipped the bus on its right side. the goal is to try to clear it out so they can re-open this road. however, we're told by officials
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that the exact cause of this crash is still under investigation. that is the very latest from princeton, new jersey, nefertiti jaquez, nbc 10 news.ç also breaking right now, the prime suspect in the philadelphia abduction investigation is back in philadelphia and in federal custody. this is the first time delvin barnes has been here since prosecutors say he grabbed a young woman off a germentown street. >> he was grabbed from philadelphia to virginia where he's been held in another kidnapping case. tim furlong has new information about barnes and the case against him. tim? >> reporter: that's right. we expect delvin barnes to be in the court building tomorrow, federal court for his initial appearance. that building is right there behind me. tonight he'll be locked up in the detention certainer it on that side of the street. take a look at some of the video of the story. you know it well. last sunday night barnes abducted carlesha off a street in germantown and took her to maryland.
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he was picked after it was realized that there was a gps in his car. the u.s. attorney's office filed a federal charges here in philadelphia, that meant barnes needed to come back here. that brings us to today. he arrived here at noon. we do expect he'll be brought up to a courtroom tomorrow for his initial hearing on the federal charges. nbc 10 will be there to cover. we also spoke with carlesha's grandmother. she's on her way back home to her house in california, merrill. i was down there in southern maryland. she says she were never told barnes was coming to philadelphia. they are not going to be at his court aernest pa. as for carlesha, she's trying to recover, trying to get back to normal. it will be a little bit tricky. live in center city, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. dumped in the river. at first police feared someone
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was trapped inside this corvette found submerged in the delaware. >> they quickly learned the car was empty and driven into the water as part of an ongoing domestic dispute. >> rosemary connors is live with new information about this case. rosemary, what have you learned? >> keith and jacqueline, within the past few minutes i got an update from the lieutenant who tells me that the warrant has been approved for the arrest of the husband. the arrest is related it aç protection from abuse order, a pfa order filed by his wife. police say he violated that pfa when he texted and called his wife yesterday threatening to siene their 1990 corvette into the delaware river. that's exactly what he did, according to police. they say that this is the culmination of a bitter divorce that's been going on for about three years. earlier today, i did talk to the wife on camera but she doesn't want her identity revealed. we spoke about how and when she learned of what her husband is accused of doing. >> i saw breaking news come
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across the news and it showed that a car was just down the tacony. i was on the phone. i hung up. i called 911 and i asked them if that was my car. they confirmed it was. >> reporter: the wife tells me this is not the first time that her husband has been destructive. she says that earlier in the year, she filed the pfa because he broke through their front door and damaged another car at their home. coming up at 6:00, we'll hear about what witnesses told police the husband said right after that car went into the delaware. reporting live outside of northeast detectives, i'm rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. today is veterans day. we salute the men and women who have courageously fought to protect our country. >> when it comes to honoring our heroes with a final resting place, there simply isn't enough cemetery space in the state of new jersey. cydney long takes us to one burlington county cemetery one
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changes are taking place. she's live in new hanover township. cydney? >> reporter: the veterans administration says the rate at which veterans will pass away will far surpass last year. with other cemeteries near capacity there's a desperate need to prepare beautiful space like we have right here to honor and remember our nation's heroes. >> december 2nd. >> reporter: she doesn't wait until veterans day. >> here he is. >> reporter: to deliver a card from her grand children or remember her late husband, corporal william hoffman who served in korea in theç u.s. a force. >> had a picnic here one time and they stopped all the mowing to let us have a picnic. ♪ o say can you see >> reporter: dignitaries, including governor christie,
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took time to salute them all. now contract work has begun to realign markers, rehabilitate graves, add irrigation an a visitor's center to create more space as needed. right now, veteran burials are capped at 13 per day down from 20. dominick valderossi never knew his great grandfather. >> i found out i was pregnant with my son. my son is named vincent after his great grandfather. >> reporter: congressman john runyon, very proud of the work that's being done. >> the families are here every day. when you're in a place like this, it just gives you that feeling of pride. >> by the fact of supporting our veterans, only gives greater guarantee for liberty and freedom. >> reporter: for little dominick and lee hoffman, it is a place of learning and solace that will
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be visited for centuries to come. and there is no set date for the construction and renovations that are taking place here but the superintendent of the cemetery does tell me that families of these veterans would not be turned away from burying their loved ones, that they will simply stagger or reschedule for another day so that the grounds keepers here and the employees can keep up with the delicate work that they do. live in new hanover, i'm sydncy lo long, nbc 10 news. vice president joe biden paid tribute at arlington national cemetery today. >> present. >> a somber remembrance at the tomb of the unknown soldier to mark veterans day. the vice president laid a wreath in front of the tomb. he called on americans to remember and thanked the men and women who have served in the u.s. armed forces as well as their families. ju)áurq honored those who served in burlington
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county. outgoing congressman john runyon was also there for the event. the cemetery is the final resting place for more than 56,000 veterans and family members. >> veterans were honored in philadelphia this morning by mayor michael nutter along with other government officials. the mayor laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier in center city. speakers reminded the crowd just how valuable the men and women who served our country are and how we should always remember their sacrifice. ♪ "t [ "taps" playing ] the remains of 28 local veterans who died last year were read to the crowd during the ceremony. great clips on route 202 offered free haircuts to anyone who served our country.
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in fact, if you're a veteran there's still time to get there and take advantage of the offer. if you served the military, you'll have family members who are serving, share your pictures of veterans that you'd like to honor on social media. let me show you our website. go to we're sharing these pictures in a gallery on the home page here. let's go back to the home page so i can show you where it is. it's under this just in right here. it says -- it should be under local as a matter of fact. it is not there just yet. you'll find it under this just in. we continue to update the website constantly. we'll show you your pictures of course for everyone to see and also to salute. seven different fire locations near great adventure, the recent investigators say this is more than just a brush burning. it's a deliberate act. we'll tell you what they're doing now to make sure the park and the animals are safe. pilfered parrots. this bird was stolen from the cape may county zoo but it's
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back safe and sound. who's to blame and how it ended up back at the zoo. and on the run. this deer has been roaming the neighborhood with a pumpkin on its snout. some are worried it would starve. how wildlife experts managed to save it.
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there is a gas leak reported in bucks county, bristol township. we're on the scene of the rohaus chemical plant no injuries have been reported. there's a strong odor of natural gas. you can see several emergency vehicles responding to this chemical plan the. live in skyforce 10 over bristol township, bucks county, christine madella, nbc 10 news. it's important for everyone to know that our freedom is from their service. i think it's important for my kids to know where they've come from and the great freedom that we have. veterans day and what it means to you. we asked that question today and it's just one response we received. we'll have others coming up later in the show.
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right now, there are no ebola patients in the u.s. the last person to be treated for the disease here at home left a new york hospital this morning. doctor craig spencer had been working with doctors without borders treating ebola patients in guinea when he became infected. six days after arriving back in the u.s. he fell ill with a fever and was diagnosed with the virus. while being treated in the hospital spencer was given an experimental plasma transfusion containing the blood of an ebola survivor. doctors don't know if the transfusion worked but today he is ebola-free. >> my early detection, reporting and now recovery from ebola speaks to the effectiveness of the protocols thatç are in pla for health staff returning from west africa. >> spencer says he is a living example that the protocol works. and that early detection is key to survival. meanwhile, the 21-day monitoring period is over for nurse kaci
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hickox. she clashed with new jersey governor chris christie after she was put in a new york isolation tent when she returned from africa. she had been treating people with ebola but never became ill herself. ebola fears caused thousands of nurses to work for kaiser permanente in california to go on strike. they're demanding more training from the hospital which they say is not meeting ebola treatment standards. the hospital says it's following state and federal protocols on handling virus and that the strike will not impact patient care. the nurses plan to strike again tomorrow. on the second day of the asian economic summit, president obama met with china's leader several times. he also announced measures that more jobs will be in the u.s. he had brief encounters with russian president vladimir putin. chr kristen welker has more on that. >> reporter: they met three times on the sidelines of the apec economic summit, talking
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for 15 to 20 minutes. they discussed a range of topics, including iran, syria and ukraine. the united states, one of several western nations that has imposed stiff sanctions against russia for its recent incursion into ukraine. the pictures underscore the frosty relationship between president obama and president putin. it's a stark contrast to chinese president xi jinping. president obama and president xi had several meetings today, including a walk in the garden and a private dinner tonight. >> i would like to take a look at our relationship. >> reporter: now,ç this is all
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part of president obama's so-called visit to asia. some saying he hasn't followed through on his promise to foster stronger ties with this region. the u.s. touting two announcements, including a new trade deal that will lower tear ri -- tariffs on high-tech goods, creating about 50,000 new jobs. >> these efforts are not always large and public. they don't always get a lot of attention. but they represent important strides in bringing our people closer together and making our economy stronger. >> reporter: this is the first stop on president obama's asian tour. next he heads to myanmar which is also known as burma. many believe the efforts to promote a free democratic society have stalled, creating yet another kpli kalted backdrop on this trip for the president. kristen welker, nbc 10 news. "nbc nightly news" with brian williams will have more coverage of the president's trip
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to china. a river of molten lava has reached a town on hawaii's big island. the slow-moving lava so hat that it completely incinerated this home. lava also burned down a storage shed on the same property. plumes of smoke could be seen for miles at least 50 people living in the projected path of the lava have been urged to evacuate. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, i hope you enjoyed today and enjoy tomorrow, too, because temperatures will be changing big time as we end out the week. before that, we have patchy fog in the forecast late tonight. some of the low clouds are starting to set across the area. tomorrow we are still set up for a mild day after the morning fog and then it gets much colder to end out the week. this continues into the weekend and it even continues into next week. i'll show you that in the
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seven-day forecast in just a minute. it's going to get cold outside. for tonight, center city, the low clouds starting to take way. this will be giving us patchy fog overtight tonight. it is pretty mild çoutside, mu of the area still in the 60s. lehigh valley dropping into the upper 50s. allentown 58 degrees. pottstown in the low 60s. 64 degrees bensalem, 62 mt. holly, mid-60s through some of the suburbs in south jersey like glassboro coming in at 64 degrees. stone harbor 59 degrees. we'll be cooling down tonight. by tomorrow afternoon, we'll still have this flow in from the southwest. this will be giving us still the mild temperatures like today. big portion of the eastern half of the country is still in this mild air. not for long. take a look at what's happening. just to our west and northwest. we have a lot of cold air. this will eventually be spilling into our area as we end out the week. until then we only have one more day, really of mild temperatures. with the cold air comes a lot of
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snow. a lot of snow has fallen through parts of the great lakes today. some rain attached to that. that's where you can see the milder air. the colder air is going to be setting up as we go into the end of the week. for now we'll stay dry with milder air in place. we expect some fog as we go late tonight into tomorrow morning. here's future visibility showing that fog setting. by so:00 tonight, we could have areas that are pretty close to zero mild visibility. that is pretty dense fog and even through tomorrow morning we still have denser fog in the forecast. take it slower on the roadways. future weather keeps us on the drier side. with some of that fog developing we could see areas of drizzle through tomorrow morning. that will be in the forecast. really that's the only rain we have around. as we end out the week, once the cold air sets in, friday morning snow could be just north of us. as we end out the weekend, we'll have cold air still in place.
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we could see areas of snow north and west, closer to the poconos. for tonight, though, very mild, dense fog, late tonight, 53 for the low in philadelphia. 47 in the suburbs. tomorrow we'll see the early fog, drizzle around. it's still a mild day, 64 to 67 degrees. enjoy it. look what happens thursday. 50 for the high, 44 friday, over the weekend, mid-40s, next week, high temperatures will only be in the low 40s. >> i don't like the sound of #)o that. thank you very much, sheena. a happy ending for a young deer in i had high who clearly had enough of halloween. after at least six days, this young deer with a plastic pumpkin hung around its mouth is finally freed. take a look at how it happened. volunteers arrived from the birds in flight sanctuary carrying nets. half an hour later during the first big showdown the deer was running toward the net but ended up getting away. about an hour after that, success.
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>> i need to get it, i need to grab it and grab it now. somebody needs to do it. >> reporter: it was you that grabbed it. what was it like? tell me about that. >> just like football tackle. >> that's the neighbor who snapped the initial photo of the deer. the darr then ran away, hopefully to get food, water perhaps. >> top honors today for the nation's top schools and several from pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware are included. what educators have to say about winning blue ribbon excellence. all in the family, this picture of a father and mother lion and their four cubs wasn't taken in the wild. it's from right here in philadelphia. and you can now see them for yourself. why it took since june before the entire lion family could be together on display.
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hundreds of top schools were honored today. public and private schools were given the national blue ribbon school award for academic excellence and supporting minority students. local schools given the educational distinction include academy of dover charter school in delaware, biotechnology high school in new jersey and in philadelphia, franklintown charter high school and hill
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other schools include -- franklin charter schools principal says the small size sets it apart. >> we love the fact that we've been so successful, people have taken notice that charter schools are starting to develop and can be successful. >> this school is set apart by strong support from the local community. breaking news out of princeton. >> a school bus has overturned after colliding with a car. and sign on the dotted line. governor-elect tom wolf is making a request of all of his team members. what he wants each of them to pledge. plus all new on nbc 10 news at 6:00, finding the lost heroes of world war ii. the incredible discovery that local researchers made on the sea floor.
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this is nbc 10 breaking news. >> we continue to follow the crash of a school bus and a car in princeton, new jersey. police say one of the driver crossed the center lane of route 206 and this was the result, the bus ended up on its side. on board were the driver and aide as well as a 16-year-old student. the three were taken to the hospital along with the person
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driving that car, all four are expected to be okay. investigators are now trying to figure out which one of the drivers was at fault. the man accused in a high profile abduction investigation back in philadelphia. delvin barnes is expected to make his first federal court appearance toll. police say barnes abducted carlesha freeland-gaither from a germantown street about a week and a half ago and took her to maryland. now your nbc 10 first alert weather.ç >> it was nice, close to 70 today, after tomorrow, it will feel like winter around here. >> i don't like the sound of that. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is tracking bitter cold air. sheena? >> yes, it will feel like winter after tomorrow, especially as we go into the weekend. take a look at what's going to happen. for now we're mild. look at the cold air moving through much of the country. by thursday morning we will start to feel the effects of this, most of the country thursday morning for low temperatures will be at or below
5:31 pm
freezing. so this is a big area of cold air moving in as we ennd out the week. this will last into the weekend. this cold air will hang around most of the country as we go into next week. this is a cold spell. it will last for quite a while. coming up i'll show you the numbers through your weekend and into next week. that's straight ahead. bitter cold means danger for anyone living on the street ps. >> the residents being ordered out of a tent city say they have nowhere to go. an eight-week wait list means there isn't much luck getting the homeless out of the cold. >> deanna durante is with us. >> reporter: we talked to some of them and they tell us there's just no place to bring all of these people and they fear that they're just going to pack up and move to another section of land.
5:32 pm
>> like what do you want to do? >> reporter: the clock is ticking for 30 homeless residents who have been camping in bristol. >> if we weren't gone by thursday we'd be given a ticket and go to jail. >> reporter: brian tanner camped here for eight months. >> trying to figure out where to go. right now it's up in the air. it's hard to get help. >> reporter: volunteers with warming hearts based in bristol are pitching in. the problem is, there doesn't seem to be a place for the residents to go. >> you've been living here? >> for a week. this is all new to me. >> reporter: so where are you going to go? >>ç i don't know. >> reporter: local shelters are full and community organizations reached by phone say that's part of the problem. there's not enough shelters in the county to support the need. >> there's six people right in the turn of the hospital. they had to go. now these 11 have to go.
5:33 pm
you can't hide anymore. everybody in the area wants to hide or say that there's no need. there's a need. >> reporter: joseph says his goal is to get people into permanent housing but that takes time and fears these residents will relocate to another piece of land only to be evicted again. >> this is their home. i mean, if you look at here, yes, this is all they have. >> reporter: now, this shelter behind me in uk abouts county is the only one like it here in the county that offers long-term stay for residents but preference is given to people with children or families. again, there's a wait list of up to six to eight weeks long. did i reach out to the county. they said they re-evaluate needs as that information comes to them. reporting live in levittown, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. honoring our heroes on this and every veterans day. >> the national holiday is about more than just parades and 21-gun salutes. it's about making sure that those who served our country are getting the help and services they need.
5:34 pm
doug shimell is live in. >> reporter: several vets we talked to today said maybe it's a good thing veterans day is in the middle of the v.a. crisis. when you're a veteran it doesn't leave you. >> i embrace it on my wrist. my good friend from germantown who never made it back. >> reporter: this veterans day falls in the midst of problems at v.a. hospitals. >> i'm very happy with what i get from the v.a. i really am. >> reporter: most vets in pennsylvania, like jack of martins run senior living in media, rely on veterans hospitals for the bulk of their medical care. and they've witnessedç the horr
5:35 pm
stories of vets waiting months and years for claims to be processed and to see doctors. >> the things that are going on in the world, our veterans are the ones that are least thought of. >> the numbers are higher here in pennsylvania. >> reporter: it's why pennsylvania senator bob casey helped author a bill to expedite veteran medical claims and revamp a troubled agency. >> there can be a cultural arrogance to an agency or bureaucracy. i think my experience is when you set the bar high, and you make an example of some folks, you can change that culture. >> when we discovered the malfeasance happening at the v.a., it was infuriating, maddening. but now, people are being held accountable. >> reporter: these guys, they figured they earned it. >> it means a lot because i'm 100% disabled and i depend on the v.a. for health care. >> reporter: in just our informal survey of vets today,
5:36 pm
it sort of revealed those from world war ii, korea and vietnam seem to have fewer problems than the v.a. those in conflict since seem to be the ones waiting in live. i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. lunch was served for veterans at delaware tech in wilmington today. the event honored all vets on staff, students. we met one veteran back in school after becoming a drug addict. the 61-year-old now hopes to become a kons you are acounselo others take back their life like he did. driving home from a funeral, a crash kills four members of an amish family. the van that the family rented was hit by a cement truck. 22-year-old elizabeth esh died today, just one day after she delivered a stillborn boy. brothers emanuel and elvin died at the scene. the van turned into the path of a concrete truck which then hit
5:37 pm
another vehicle. no charges have been filed. investigators are trying to solve the mystery at the jersey shore after a parrot was stolen from the cape may county zooç d later found by the side of a road. the gray parrot decision appeared sunday. the cage was latched but not locked. zoo officials say the parrot could not have flown away because his wings are clipped. he was missing for just over a day until two women brought the bird to the middle township police station last night. they said they found him on the road very close to the zoo. >> birds don't walk down the road at night. he didn't have his little knapsack to leave the zoo, you know, somebody left him there. >> staffers are checking surveillance video for anything unusual between 1:30 and 2:30 sun afternoon. the bird cages are now padlocked as a result of the crime to keep that bird and others from falling prey. and a local dad finally
5:38 pm
moves in to live with his three kids. we're not talking people here. we're talking about lions. an african lion at the philadelphia zoo joins his four cubs in the big cat exhibit yesterday. since september the cubs have only been in public view with the mother. now the pride as lion families are called has been gradually reintroduce. the cubs were born in late june. the entire gang is hanging out together daily at the zoo. setting standards before he takes the oath of office. pennsylvania's governor-elect is already requiring members of his team to sign on the dotted line. what he wants every staffer to promise. and six flags fire, investigators are back at the amusement park looking for answers after seven fires broke out. what they're doing tonight to keep the park and animals safe. but first, here's what's coming up tonight on nbc 10 news at 6:00. right at 6:00, her corvette pushed into the delaware river. the battle with her husband and
5:39 pm
why she was warned it would happen. >> and the new safe place for veterans needing a home after returning from war. count on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
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two people had to be rescued from a boat that ran aground. it wasn't in danger of sinking because it was grounded. members of the coast guard and at least a dozen firefighters helped rescue the people. no word on how the boat ended up this way. several of the top business schools in the country are right here in the tri-state area. the university of pennsylvania came in at number two just behind duke. pennsylvania state university came in at number 40. rutgers business school, newark and new brunswick ranked 65th on the list. governor-elect wants members of his transition team to sign on the dotted line. it's not a contract but a code of conduct. what tom wolf is asking of those who will be working for him. and bitter cold weather. sheena, changes on the way? >> big changes on the way.
5:42 pm
you can still enjoy tomorrow. then we get really cold for quite a long time. i'll show you the details, how cold it will be in your neighborhood. that's coming up. coming up on nbc 10 news at 6:00, the taste of reading market in the comfort of your own home. i love the sound of that. we'll tell you about the delivery service and how it works, straight ahead on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
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we have to educate the public to the extent that freedom is not free. it comes with a price. the ones that pay that price are the veterans. >> why is veterans day important
5:45 pm
to you? that was one of the many responses we received today when asking people that very question. there are stories making headlines on nbc 10 news at 5:45. we continue to follow the crash of a school bus and car in princeton. police say the car drove over the center line on route 206 and hit the bus around 3:00 this afternoon. the three on the bus were taken to the hospital along with the person driving the other car. all four are expected to be okay. the man accused of ab butting a young woman on a germantown street is back in philadelphia this afternoon. delvin barnes is scheduled to have his first federal court appearance tomorrow. he's accused of abducting carlesha freeland-gaither a week and a half ago and taking her to maryland. and philadelphia police are working to get a warrant for the arrest of the husband who allegedly drove the couple's corvette, the one you see here, into the delaware river. investigate ares say the man violated the protection from
5:46 pm
abuse order that his wife filed against him when he texted and called her yesterday. and get a load of this, officials at the cape may county zoo want to know who stole one of their parrots over the weekend. brutus disappeared from his cage on sunday. he was later found on a road near the zoo. bird keepers say the parrot couldn't have flown away because his wings were clipped. they're now reviewing surveillance video. pennsylvania governor-elect is requiring members of his team to make a pledge, a code of ethical conduct. signers must disclose to the transition team any potential or actual conflict of interest and promise that they will report any such conflicts that crop up while they are on the team. they must also promise not to use their position for personal gain. hundreds of thousands of pennsylvania adults will soon see changes to their medicate
5:47 pm
benefits. governor tom corbett's administration says it's part of an overall, the program's medical coverage plans. precise plan changes aren't available yet because they don't have federal government approval. notices were mailed last week. the corbett administration says adults enrollees will be sorted in one of two plans that best fit their needs. it all goes into effect january 1st. democratic governor-elect tom wolf opposes the changes as a reduction of benefits for the poor. the first major snowfall of the year has blanketed much of michigan's upper peninsula. >> you've got to see these pictures now. they were shot this morning. snow mixed with strong winds and it created blizzard-like conditions. the heavy snowfall proved to be too much for this garbage truck, for instance, that got stuck and had to be pulled out. several area schools were closed for the day due to this early winter storm. what a storm it was. elsewhere, snow on the highways
5:48 pm
in st. cloud, minnesota caused hundreds of traffic accidents, near whiteout conditions made travel treacherous. equipment was dispatched to clear the roads but frankly it wasn't enough. good samaritans put on their capes to help stranded drivers. >> we've got 15, maybe 20 in the ditches. >> one to remember, i guess. >> many family sies cleared the own driveways and sidewalks. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> and now the cold air from all the snowfall video you just saw, that will be here as we end out the week and go into the weekend. all that snowfall will stay up to our north and west for now. for tonight, patchy fog forms. before we see the colder air set in. this will be the case for tomorrow morning's commute. through the day we will in fact be mild like today.
5:49 pm
tomorrow will be the last one, though, then we get much colder as we end out the week. we go into the weekend and also next week. we'll show you that forecast in just a minute. right now in the upper 50s, 57 in reading, 53 westchester. mid-60s in philadelphia, 64 bensalem. low 60s wilmington and also dover, upper 50s through stone harbor. our average high this time of the year, 58 degrees. today we got to 70, well above average for this time of the year. tomorrow we'll still be above normal. that will be the last of the mild days. look what happens thursday well below average and even colder as we go into friday. so we have cold air setting up through much of the country as we go into this week and next weekend. here's our snow to the north and west. we showed you video from parts of michigan have seen over 2 feet of snowfall. this is where the cold air is that i just showed you. it's still away from the area. we'll be getting it within the next 24 to 36 hours, you'll start to notice the colder air
5:50 pm
setting in. for tonight, though, we have patchy fog developing locally on satellite and radar. no rain. we do have the low clouds in place. early, patchy fog will be in the forecast. some of that will provide drizzle across the area, too. this is by about 9:00, 10:00 in the morning. we'll see the fog around and drizzle and through the day will be mild again. future weather keeps us dry into the afternoon through the end of the week. as we end out the weekend, the cold air is here. we'll have a weather system moving through, rain through most of the area, farther north and west, we could have rain and snow closer to the poconos. here's future çweather. mild temperatures for us tomorrow as well. then as we end out the week, it's going to get cold. the colder air will let in. it will be here over the weekend and take a look at what the eagles will be dealing with as we go into sunday. they'll be in green bay. temperatures will be in the
5:51 pm
mid-to-low 20s. the end of next week, we're still dealing with the cold air. it stays around for quite a while. for tonight, though, very mild, dense fog, late tonight, 53 for the low in philadelphia. 40s in the suburbs. tomorrow we'll see the early fog, drizzle around. temperatures about the mid-60s. you have to enjoy it tomorrow. because come the end of the week we are going to be in the mid-40s friday. mid-40s saturday and sunday. we're watching that system approaching. so into next week, that's when we actually get into the low 40s for a daytime high. under investigation. several fires burned last night at six flags great adventure. >> animals in danger. why police say this wasn't simply a brush fire but a deliberate act. what they're planning to do to make sure the park and animals are safe. plus, we're following breaking news. the school bus crash leaves four people injured in princeton. coming up, what the nbc 10 investigators have just learned about the bus company involved
5:52 pm
in that accident.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
two wild animals escape injury after a fire at six flags great adventure. >> brian thompson is here with
5:55 pm
the story. >> reporter: all morning long and afternoon arson investigators we trying to determine the cause of this barn fire in six flags safari. two antelope feeding and sheltering hereç were able to escape. as for the idea someone could have targeted this park's animals. >> i don't know who would be so callous and unforgiving to target animals and burn a barn down with them in it. it is unconscionable. >> reporter: giraffes and all predators such as bears and lions are always kempt in separate compounds within this park at night and never would have had a chance to escape according to a park official. the scene last night from above showed not only the fire inside the park but several fires in nearby unfenced woods, part of a stroing of seven or eight leaf fires set throughout jackson. >> it suggests that certainly a person or persons were engaged in some kind of serial arson
5:56 pm
activity last night. >> reporter: as these photos show, access to start a fire here is a lot different than setting leaves on fire, starting with a chain linked fence with barbed wire on top. not far away, some of the park's other wild animals were grazing. officials admitting they were concerned when the fire trucks broke through this fence that some might escape the park. >> you have to give credit to not only the fire department and police department who put vehicles in front of those gaping holes. >> reporter: his patrols will be vigilant for any suspicious activity in case any more fires are set in this 100-square mile town. next on nbc 10 news at 6:00, a case of mistaken release. >> why a former police officer was suddenly a free man when he was supposed to be doing time behind bars.
5:57 pm
and new at 6:00, a local man charged with vandalizing a local veterans cemetery. the evidence police used to link him to the crime. it's all next on nbc 10 news at 6:00. i'm tracking fog that could make for a tough morning commute. i'm also looking ahead it a 20 degree temperature drop. when the cold air arrives and how long it will last in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert forecast. ♪
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nbc 10 news starts now. new at 6:00, mistaken release from federal custody. a former philadelphia police inspector serving years behind bars was walking free just a few days ago. >> authorities say he shouldn't have been free and they want to know what went wrong. keith jones is live in our digital operations center with more on what happened. keith? >> it's important to note, first and foremost, danny castro is back behind bars tonight. it's raising a lot of questions, of course, our law enforcement source with knowledge of this situation tells nbc 10 that castro was accidentally released from federal prison in philly. not clear when it happened or how longç it was. castro was sentenced to five years behind bars back in 2011 for conspiracy to commit extortion. he was accused of telling an fbi informant he wanted strong arm tactics used to get back $90,000 castro paid in a failed real
6:00 pm
estate deal. castro isn't scheduled to be released until april 2016. nbc 10 is asking how this happened. we'll have the very latest on what we find out on nbc 10 news at 11:00. be sure to tune in to nbc 10. count on us. live in the digital operations center, keith jones, nbc 10 news. right now, at 6:00, the man accused of kidnapping a woman in philadelphia is back in the city where the alleged crime happened. delvin barnes was extradited from virginia this afternoon. >> nbc 10's tim furlong is live in center city. what happens next, tim? >> reporter: renee, we expect he'll have his first federal court appearance sometime tomorrow. that will be over in the federal building here. tonight he's being locked up in the federal detention center over there. it's been a busy nine days. last sunday night, barnes abducted carlesha off the street in germantown, took her to maryland. he was picked up after atf agents were tipped off there was a


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