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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 530a  NBC  November 12, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EST

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we are live on the scene of this breaking news that will affect the morning drive for many of you. a violent crash has shut down a portion of cottman avenue. two people are injured. live details coming up. safety concerns inside a philadelphia school after a third attack on a teacher there and now parents, students and teachers are taking action. he's the man accused of abducting a philadelphia woman off the streets, sparking a three-day, multistate manhunt. today, delvin barnes goes before a judge in philadelphia for the first time. and taking a live look outside, we are dealing with dense fog this morning. that's what you'll see on the roads. this is a live look from dover. then the next weather threat, freezing temperatures. you can count on nbc 10's first alert weather team to help you prepare for the changes that are on the way, and they are on the way. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm chris cato. let's take a pause and enjoy this last day of warmer weather while we can. meteorologist bill henley has our first alert forecast. and yes, bill, there is some fog
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out there. >> yeah, and clouds, too, and it is much warmer this morning, 15 to 20 degrees warmer compared to yesterday morning. and we will see 60s this afternoon with sunshine, but this morning the clouds are back. low clouds over center city. that's a live view looking across the delaware. in dover this morning it is thick fog. that's the view from dover, where the visibility has been down and holding at 1/4-mile. and dover's not alone. across south jersey, we're seeing the thick fog. bluebell, 7-mile visibility, and good visibility for wilmington and philadelphia international, but look at trenton, wrightstown, mt. holly, toms river, all at 1/2-mile visibility. and it's dense fog for millville, atlantic city, dover and georgetown. so, no shortage of clouds or fog this morning or mild temperatures. 50s extend even into the pocono mountains this morning. it's 59 right now in wildwood. look at this! we'll see the clouds clear out after a foggy start. breaks of sunshine at 9:00, bright sunshine at noontime.
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we'll go through it hour by hour when i come back with the future weather in less than ten minutes. now to breaking news we've been following for more than an hour out of northeast philadelphia. two people are hurt, one critically after a car accident on cottman avenue. nbc 10's monique braxton is live on scene. monique, tell us what's happening right now. >> reporter: tracy, just a short time ago, i spoke with the lieutenant who's here on scene giving commands. he told us that accident investigative officers have arrived here. you can see that they are carefully combing over both of the two cars. now, according to the lieutenant on duty, he told me it appears that one car was heading west on cottman avenue, a second car may have been heading south on algon. they collided at the intersection. two people, a male and a female, have been transported to aria torresdale hospital. we're hearing the female is in very critical condition. according to investigators here on the scene, they tell us she was ejected, then pinned under her vehicle. they tell us the male who was
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driving the second car seen here on the left-hand side, a silver car, is in stable condition. and right now, the investigation continues. i asked the officers if they thought that anyone ran a red light. they told us that they're not sure of that. i asked if anyone was speeding. another officer who walked up to me said people speed through this dangerous intersection all the time. he says there is a lot of traffic here in this area, plus people are speeding, so it could have been a lot of multiple factors. i asked if alcohol may have been involved, and they said they are still investigating that for now. that's the latest live that we have here at the scene. my colleague, jillian mele, is standing by now to help you get around this part of town during the morning rush hour. >> and monique, you know how busy cottman avenue can be, especially because it's right by northeast high school. so, for a lot of people who are going to be trying to get to high school this morning, that could be a problem. so, this is something we definitely want to work to get you around. cottman is closed between summerdale and whitaker. tyson avenue is a good option to avoid cottman. you can also take castor to avoid that portion of algon
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avenue, because that will be blocked off for a little ways as well. keep that in mind. just got word of an accident, deep creek road at lay field road. that's all blocked off, so hill road is a good option around that accident scene. heading out to 76 right near the boulevard, you can see a little light fog out there, but traffic is moving along. no delays and no accidents to report right now on 76, but that thick fog, that's what we're seeing in portions of delaware. this is a live look at route 13 in smyrna, so take your time if you're headed out in this direction, chris. new from overnight, a man shot in north philadelphia has died at the hospital. nbc 10 was on the scene of that shooting on north colorado street. police say the victim in his early 20s was shot at close range just after 11:00. so far, there are no arrests or motives in the shooting. 5:34. call it the last straw. a teacher laid out flat after being attacked inside a philadelphia high school. it's the third attack in a month, and today parents, teachers and students plan to do something about the violence. they plan to rally at bartram
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high school. cell phone video shows a substitute teacher lying in the hallway last week. police say he was knocked out by a student. the teacher is recovering from a concussion. 5:35 now. happening today, delvin barnes is expected to appear in federal court in philadelphia. he is the man accused of kidnapping carlesha freeland-gaither off of a germantown street on november 2nd, sparking a three-day intrastate manhunt. barnes area transferred from virginia to pennsylvania yesterday. he was held there on separate charges of kidnapping and raping a 16-year-old virginia girl. >> and you can count on nbc 10 to keep you updated on those stories today. and other things we're following for you today include these stories. we're bringing you video from the reopening of the pennsylvania state police barracks in blooming grove, pike county, where eric frein is accused of ambushing two state troopers in september, killing one of them. the barracks will resume full operations today. nbc 10 will be in media, delaware county, for the sentencing of the first person convicted under pennsylvania's
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brad fox gun law. a jury found stacy dawson guilty of buying two handguns for a convicted felon. that's known as a straw purchase. the law was named for plymouth township police officer brad fox, who was killed by a gun connected to a straw purchase. tonight in chester county, we will attend a vigil and prayer service for this murdered toddler. about 100 people are expected to gather at abdullah community park in coatesville to remember 3-year-old scotty mcmillan. the boy's mother and her boyfriend are charged with torturing and beating him to death. this morning, a local college president is apologizing for some comments he made about sexual assault. >> guess what they did? they said he raped me. >> we'll tell you more about the speech that landed lincoln university's president in hot water and the actions students are taking this morning. and no place to go. the rush to find room for a homeless community being evicted just as temperatures get ready to tumble. they're warmer this morning, and clouds are overhead.
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you can thank those clouds for a warmer start. no fog in south philadelphia. that's a live view. the fog, though, is thick in delaware and south jersey. right now 56 degrees at 5:37.
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5:39. we continue to follow some breaking first alert traffic news this morning. >> jillian mele has been following it for us. jillian? >> that's right. let's take you live outside to the picture. cottman avenue still blocked off. both vehicles involved in this accident still at the scene and police doing their investigation right now. so, cottman avenue is closed between summerdale avenue and whitaker avenue. tyson avenue is your best bet around this. here's where it's located on the map. you can see that corner, cottman and algon, right where this accident happened. this portion of cottman avenue, that's going to be blocked off. so, again, right by northeast high school. so, to get around it, you can take tyson avenue. you can see it runs parallel to cottman avenue in that area. also, a portion of algon avenue is going to be blocked off.
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this is castor avenue. you can see you have options to get around it. this is something we continue to follow, especially if this is still out there when school is in session. that will abe big problem for drivers, so we'll keep you updated. again, that portion of cottman is blocked off completely in both directions. our view of the sky this morning totally obscured by clouds that have moved in overnight. look at this cloudy view of center city from the adventure aquarium. no fog here, but there is plenty of fog around in south jersey and delaware. it's fine north and west. those cloudy skies in the pocono mountains, in pottstown. it's fog, though, for parts of delaware. now, northern delaware's just fine at 10-mile visibility at the airport, but look at mt. holly and wrightstown, toms river seeing dense fog. dense fog in south jersey, central and southern delaware seeing the thick fog to start with. but you can't really argue with what the fog and the clouds have done for our temperatures. kept it much warmer this
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morning. 50s. horsham is 53. 54 right now in quakertown. allentown briefly dropped down to 49 degrees, now it's back up to 50 degrees. and 50s. in fact, upper 50s in middletown, delaware. and you'll find that, too, for woodbine and cape may harbor. so, we're getting a warm start, and we will see skies clearing out with temperatures heading for the 60s this afternoon. >> all right, bill, thanks. not in my backyard. a philadelphia community is planning a protest over a second proposed casino in the city, and they're not the only ones who don't like the idea. and tackled for trying to jump the fence. the secret service moves in on a guy they say tried to get too close to last night's star-studded concert for veterans, and the whole thing was caught on camera.
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5:45 right now and 56 degrees outside, and we continue to follow breaking news, a car accident on cottman avenue in northeast philadelphia. authorities tell us two people were hurt in this accident, one in critical condition right now. and cottman avenue remains closed between summerdale and whitaker avenues. the last person to be diagnosed with ebola in the u.s. is now back home. dr. craig spencer was released from a new york city hospital yesterday after being declared ebola-free. spencer treated ebola patients in west africa for five weeks. we learned overnight that president obama actually called
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spencer to commend him for his service and selflessness. meantime, another doctor in sierra leone has tested positive for ebola. that doctor is the sixth to become infected during the current outbreak. nbc 10's vai sikahema is following concerns about ebola and other news from around the world in our digital operations center for us. vai? >> yeah, chris, the newly appointed ebola czar, ron klain, not expected to be there, but today lawmakers will take a look at our government's response to ebola. the senate appropriations committee will hear testimony from ebola experts about the handling of the crisis. this is the first hearing in the senate since the first u.s. case of ebola was diagnosed in dallas. meanwhile, authorities in ferguson, missouri, are preparing for the moment when prosecutors announce if a police officer will be charged in the shooting death of michael brown. a grand jury is expected to decide later this month whether to indict officer darren wilson. county police say they spent $170,000 on riot gear and other
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supplies just in case. and at least two people were arrested for jumping a fence near the stage during last night's concert for valor along the national mall in washington. take a look at this. authorities say the fence-jumpers were just trying to get to the front row. i've got a feeling that the secret service agent probably was a linebacker, because that was a pretty impressive tackle. live in the digital operations center, vai sikahema, nbc 10. >> vai, thanks. the president of a local university is finally apologizing for a speech he gave back in september. >> turn out the way they wanted it to turn out, guess what they did? they [ inaudible ] and said you raped me. >> the speech was part of a mandatory meeting for all, including students and staff, in lincoln, chester county. students say the president blamed them for sexual assaults on campus. >> i felt like he was accusing girls of just lying in general, and that's not the case. >> the president's apology went
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out campuswide. a petition calling for him to be fired has more than 340 signatures. there will be a protest tonight over plans for a new casino in south philadelphia. the sports complex special services district is holding a rally tonight at 6:30. developers want to build that casino in the stadium district near 10th street and packer avenue, but neighbors there say they don't want another mega complex and the traffic it brings. and another casino is voicing its opposition to opening another gaming hall in philadelphia. the general manager of harrah's philadelphia, which is actually located in chester, says that it would threaten the visibility of the area's existing four casinos. the pennsylvania gaming board is expected to vote next week if it will grant another casino license for philadelphia. right now it's considering four proposals. and now to the casino crisis in atlantic city. governor chris christie will meet with political, casino and labor leaders at a summit today. this is the second summit in the past three months. the first held in september. so far this year, four atlantic
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city casinos have closed, leaving thousands of people unemployed. another casino is in danger of shutting down unless it gets some help from the state. several state lawmakers are laying out proposals to help revitalize atlantic city. it is 5:48. dozens of people who are homeless and living in a tent community in bucks county have one more day to get off the property. with colder weather on the way, about 30 people who set up camp on private property near bristol pike in bristol are being told to leave or they'll be arrested. but some say they have nowhere else to go because local shelters are full. >> trying to figure out where to go. right now, it's up in the air. can't get housing, can't get help. it's hard to get help. >> community organizations say there are not enough shelters in the county, and some of those shelters have a wait list of six to eight months. at 5:48, look at this. high winds knocked down trees and power lines in and around seattle yesterday. 25,000 customers lost power.
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gustier conditions and greater outages were reported north of the border in vancouver, canada. and then take a look at this video. this is november's snow in michigan. more than 2 feet has fallen since monday in the northern part of that state, and it looks as if more snow is on the way there. and everyone wondering, of course, we know the cold air is coming, but will we see any snow out of this, bill? >> you know what, we could see some snowflakes tomorrow night in the pocono mountains, north and west. i think in our area we might see a sprinkle or two, nothing much. we're not seeing much in the way of any precipitation this morning. we've got fog and mist, though. this is the view from smyrna and delaware. seeing some very dense fog in delaware and south jersey, but just like yesterday, it's going to clear out and we'll see lots of sunshine. it's going to make for a nice warm-up. in fact, these clouds are already keeping things warmer this morning. the clouds over center city. and we are in the 50s. low cloudiness, no fog at all right across the delaware. so, pennsylvania is fog-free.
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but clouds, we've got those, and temperatures that are ten degrees warmer than yesterday morning. 57 degrees right now. here you can see the low cloudiness that's over center city. the view from the nbc 10 studios, also known as the flag at rest. we have calm conditions this morning, but that changes as the day goes on and that will clear out the clouds this morning. 11:00 this morning, a 10-mile-an-hour wind in philadelphia will pick up this afternoon and become windy this afternoon. winds of 14 miles an hour northeast philadelphia. look at cape may, steady winds at 20 miles an hour. but more importantly, all these arrows are lining up. it's a northwesterly wind at the beginning of the cold air that is going to be dumping into the area for tomorrow morning. so, this cloudiness will clear out. we will see sunshine. by tomorrow morning, we will feel the cold that's coming in behind that line of showers. we won't see that line of showers in the area. we should stay dry today. so, stand by for another nice one this afternoon. nice and windy, though, with temperatures peaking in the 60s this afternoon, then dropping tonight. the seven-day forecast down to
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39 degrees tomorrow morning, just 49 in the afternoon with showers possible late tomorrow. i think a few rain drops in philadelphia. we'll keep an eye on the pocono mountains for a few snowflakes. dry and sunny for friday. 44 the high temperature after a morning low of 33. and it's going to be a cold walk at citizens bank park. the walk to defeat als, but sunny skies for saturday. that sunshine fades on sunday, and late sunday and monday, we've got rain. a few minutes until 6:00. about an hour and a half ago, we alerted you to a traffic problem on cottman avenue that's going to stick with us, it looked like. >> still following that and the foggy conditions. nbc 10's first alert traffic reporter jillian mele has you covered. jillian? >> good morning. if you're just waking up and joining us, this is a live picture of the scene in northeast philadelphia. cottman avenue is still closed right now in both directions. you can see heavy police presence out there. two vehicles involved. that is closed between summerdale avenue and whitaker avenue. so, if you need to get around it this morning, go ahead and take tyson avenue. that's going to be a good alternate route for you. now, monique braxton was live at that scene.
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she's actually heading to another scene of a serious accident in bensalem, lincoln highway, route 1 is blocked off southbound at old lincoln highway. you can take bridge town pike, route 213 or hulmeville road. we'll get an update as soon as she's established out there. perkiomenville, deep creek road is blocked at layfield road. from the nbc 10 delaware bureau, researchers at the university of delaware are credited with the discovery of two long-lost world war ii planes and the remains of two airmen. this is newly released gopro video of the crew using underwater robotics in their search of the western pacific islands. earlier this year, that's where they found the remnants of an avenger bomber where two airmen lost their lives, as well as the remains of an f-6s hellcat that went down 70 years ago. preparing for the holidays, and we're not talking about your shopping list. how one community is equipping women to protect themselves during the busy shopping season.
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and parents in delaware, this is your chance to weigh in on your child's education. we'll explain when we take you county by county, next. four wholesome grains. sugar. only six? six grams of sugar? that's really good. excellent, delicious...
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at 5:55, it's time to check some of the stories happening in your neighborhood as we take you county by county. starting in berks county, where today another agency is expected to add to the reward money offered in an arson investigation in reading. back on october 18th, fire destroyed a portion of the reading outlet mall that was nearing a major renovation project completion. damage estimated at $12 million. later today, a local contractor group will add to the reward money, pushing the total from $20,000 to $105,000 for information. in montgomery county today, a group trying to save a parking lot in ardmore plans to protest at a township council meeting. you're looking at the cricket avenue parking lot and some past demonstrations there in that shopping area of ardmore. one group wants to stop a developer's plan to build some new apartments and retail space in the area. the group claims that the parking lot helps maintain the historical look of the area and allows easy access to nearby shops. in camden county, residents are invited to take a self-defense class ahead of the
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holiday shopping season. during this hands-on training, women will be able to practice how to prevent theft and defend themselves against an armed attacker in a parking lot. every holiday season, we report on purse snatchings and various crimes like that. the class cost $25 and will be held from 7:45 to 9:15 at the israeli crowd maga defense training center in cherry hill. also in camden county, the take the wheel veterans transportation program starts today. a ribbon cutting set for 10:00 at samost jewish family and children's service building in cherry hill. the program uses volunteers to provide safe rides for veterans. the drivers will take them from medical and wellness appointments, to and from home and on various errands. in delaware county, a post veterans day tribute to the troops and their families. the county council is hosting a service to recognize a local active-duty service member and his family later this morning. it starts at 10:30 at the government center in media. a photo of that veteran will be added to the armed services tribute board in the lobby.
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and in kent county, a town hall meeting scheduled for tonight for public input on the state's new accountability system for its schools. part one of the system measures things like student proficiency, test grade improvement and college readiness. part two will include a measure that measures the parent and community members. the second of four meetings is tonight at 6:00 at the john colette education resource center in dover. and in mercer county, there will be a ceremony today to mark the 85th anniversary of the trenton-mercer airport. the ceremony will also honor the two-year anniversary of frontier airlines' first flight into trenton-mercer there. tracy and vai, that's a look at what's happening county by county. now back to your neighborhood. >> yeah, among those that are celebrating, there's a parachute company that started jumps there back in the early 1900s. can you imagine that, jumping out of a plane to test parachutes? >> no. no. wow! >> yeah, that's what's going on over there. thank you very much, chris. you're watching nbc 10 news.
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"nbc 10 news today" at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. be prepared for a slowdown. we are following breaking news in northeast philadelphia as we take a live look at a serious accident there. it is going to cause problems on cottman avenue. and fog could slow you down for your commute as well. in your first alert forecast, we have details on when the fog will burn off. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. like it was yesterday, foggy start, then it's going to turn into brilliant sunshine. let's get right to nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley with the forecast. bill? >> good morning, vai. we're seeing temperatures much warmer this morning. that's the biggest change. the fog is back, just like yesterday, in delaware and south jersey, and some areas a bit thicker, but it's not an issue north and west. light fog in northeast philadelphia, down to half a mile in pottstown and a quarter mile in trenton. thick fog also for atlantic city. and look at dover, now down to zero visibility this morning. so, it is thick, but it is warm,
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even in the pocono mountains it's 50 degrees. 57 for millville and dover, while wildwood is 59 degrees. so, at the bus stop, a much milder start. we've got fog and low clouds. 50 degrees in the suburbs, 59 degrees in the city. and the clouds, the fog will all clear out, just like we saw yesterday. lots of sunshine, but a gusty wind this afternoon. high temperatures in the 60s. we'll go through it hour by hour with the future weather when i come back in less than ten minutes. first alert traffic reporter jillian mele is standing by this morning. good morning, jillian. >> good morning to you, bill, to you at home as well. it's a busy morning if you're just waking up. northeast philadelphia, cottman avenue is blocked off in both directions here. you can see that police activity. two-vehicle accident that we have out here in the northeast. so, cottman is closed between summerdale and whitaker. you can take tyson avenue as an alternate. as our photographer, john, zooms in, you can see the damage on this one vehicle. so, just keep that in mind. that is right outside of northeast high school. that intersection isin


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