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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  November 12, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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right now at 11:00, we are following breaking news in atlantic county. two people are dead and another injured in a house fire. ted greenberg is live at the scene. what's happening there right now? >> reporter: we have a very active crime scene on the 200 block of washington avenue. they are telling me that fire may have been deliberately set. members of numerous fire departments and law enforcement agencies, including the atlantic county prosecutor's office are here. we have been seeing many distraught family members as well. this started shortly after 8:00 this morning when reports came in about a house fire on the
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block. a neighbor rescued one person from the home. prosecutors confirmed that two other people were found dead inside. sources say the person pulled from the home appeared to have suffered stab wounds and was taken to the hospital. we don't know that person's condition. a woman who says she knows the victims spoke with us a short time ago. >> one of my best friends. her son was one of my daughter's best friends. just very sad. >> reporter: what happened? >> we don't know. they're not telling us anything yet. >> reporter: a lot of unanswered questions here on washington avenue in egg harbor city, including if that fire was indeed set intentionally, who may have done that and why. i can tell you though it has been labeled officially by the prosecutor's office as suspicious. we're working to get more information for you as soon as we get more details we will bring them to you. live in egg harbor city, i'm ted
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greenberg, nbc 10 news. a foggy start this morning. you can see how it cut down on visibility along route 309 in montgomery county a short time ago. conditions are improving as we take a live look at the french manor in the poconos. commuters had to wait in the fog at the train station. the foggy mist and leaves on the tracks can make the rails slippery. this train almost passed the station by the time it came to a stop. we have live team coverage with our nbc 10 team of meteorologists. let's begin with our leader, glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> the conditions are improving quite a bit across the entire area. we're seeing good visibility in the poconos, even improved at the shore and in and around the philadelphia area, we're starting to see the flags blowing. that's a sign that the
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atmosphere is going to be drying out. we certainly have seen that. the visibility has improved. it was down near zero in many parts of the area earlier this morning. still two miles in wrightstown. but it's up to two miles in atlantic city. less than two in wildwood. it's improving rapidly throughout the area. we're going to see sunshine as we go into the afternoon. the drying trend continues. 62 degrees in philadelphia already. 66 in wilmington. we're well above average for the high for this time of the year. this is the last of the warm weather though for quite a while. as we go into the rest of the afternoon, the temperature not going up a lot. but more sunshine and then by 6:00, the temperature is starting to plunge. that's just the beginning. we will tell you how cold it's going to get and for how long with the seven-day in a few minutes.
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>> first a look at how this same system is affecting parts of the country. if you look at the video, this is all the november snow in michigan, more than two feet of snow has fallen since monday. it looks like more snow is on the way. now we will take you over to minneapolis, minnesota. in spite of the early snowfall, students are still going to school today. it's been a rough commute. we have the school buses out there. we have the snowplows that are trying to keep up with all the snow that's come down. on top of that, if you are closer to montana, we are dealing with a windchill that's in effect for western montana with cold temperatures and the wind, it will closer to 10 below. that's a cold day on top. speaking of cold, denver, colorado, i think it takes the cake for today. record cold reported there today. temperatures are only going to reach a high of just eight degrees. the average for this time of year is closer to 50 degrees.
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if we look at some of our other cold temperatures across the station, you can see only 28 in kansas city, 34 the high today in oklahoma city. we are going to stay in the mid 40s in dallas. a closer look at how deep the arctic blast goes, how long it will stick around, that's coming up in a bit. >> track the tomorremperature d hour by hour with our weather app. download it for free on to get your weather updates on your smart phone or your tablet. right now, happening now, the european space agency has just landed a probe from its spacecraft on a comet. you are taking a live look right from the esa. where he getting word that -- of the successful landing. just a few minutes ago there were successful celebrations going on. this probe -- this is happening 310 million miles from earth.
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that spacecraft is not very big. it's 220 pounds, roughly the size of your basic domestic washing machine. this is what it looked like as it made the soft landing a short time ago. it will collect data that scientists hope will explain comets. the man who alalegedly snatched a local woman and took her to maryland is set to go before a judge today in philadelphia. delvin barnes was transferred from a jail in virginia where he was being held for a separate kidnapping and attacking -- involving a 16-year-old girl. rosemary connors is live with a look at what will unfold today. what can you tell us? >> reporter: this will be the first apopearance for delvin barnes. earlier this morning, i found out that the hearing is going to
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be moved to a larger courtroom than the one these kinds of proceedings are typically held in. that's because they are expecting a crowd, the press and possibly some of the victim's family members. as you can see from our video, the last time that we got a look at delvin barnes was last week after he was captured in maryland. he was brought to virginia whereas you mentioned he has been wanted on attempted murder and rape charges. he is accused of assaulting -- sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl. investigators called him a predator. they say he is responsible for abducting carlesha freeland-gaither back on sunday, november 2. as you can remember, it was an extensive and exhausted three-day manhunt that led authorities to track down barnes in jessup, maryland. that's where they rescued carlesha. we have been talking to her family members over the past two weeks. i spoke to her grandmother yesterday. she tells me she's not going to be here at the hearing today.
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she does not expect carlesha's father to attend. however, some other family members may show up. the grandmother says carlesha is getting better, slowly but surely, day by day. as you can see, that surveillance video of her abduction is what gave investigators their first tip on this case and their first lead. the hearing this afternoon for delvin barnes is set for 1:30. we will be in the courtroom. we will give you updates on and then, of course, in the afternoon at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00 right here on nbc 10. live outside the federal courthouse, i'm rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. 51-year-old was hit and killed while crossing route 1 earlier this morning. this happened just before 5:00 this morning near old lincoln highway in bensalem. they say the woman was crossing the road while she was talking on her cell phone. according to the driver, she stepped in front of his truck. she died at the scene.
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a 21-year-old woman died from her injuries after a two-car crash in northeast philadelphia. this happened around 4:00 this morning. just in front of northeast high school. we're told the other driver is in critical but stable condition. the accident is under investigation. a man is shot in north philadelphia has died at the hospital. nbc 10 was at the scene on north colorado street. the victim was in his early 20s was gunned down at close range just after 11:00 last night. so far, there are no arrests or a motive. investigators are looking into the cause of a fire at a vacant row home in philadelphia. it broke out shortly after midnight. crews put it out rather quickly. fire officials tell us there were squatters inside at the time. they made it out. they left the scene. tonight in chester county a vigil and prayer service held for a murder ed toddler.
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he was tortured and beaten to death. the boy's mother and her boyfriend are charged with his murder. fellenbaum's estranged wife is charged with child endangerment in the case. a rally will be held following the third assault of a teacher in the past month. cell phone video shows a substitute teacher lying in the hallway on his back last week. police say he was knocked out by a student. the teacher is recovering from a concussion. parents, teachers and students will hold a rally calling for an end to the violence at 3:00 this afternoon outside of the school. los angeles laker and philadelphia native wayne ellington junior is on a leave of absence after his father was murdered here over the weekend. investigators say 57-year-old wayne ellington senior was found shot in the head. his son is in his first year
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with the lakers. he went to high school at episcopal academy and played ball at the university of north carolina. a convicted former philadelphia police inspector is in custody after he was released from prison by mistake. he was rearrested after being free for two weeks and landing a job. in 2011, he was sentenced to five years in prison for using stro strong-arm tactics to collect a debt. his lawyers said a clerical error led to his premature release. now to our coverage of decision '14. the winner of the congressional race will be sworn in later today. donald norcross will take the oath of office in washington. norcross fills the seat of former congressman rob andrews who took a job with a philadelphia law firm. up next, getting back on track from ebola to isis to
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immigration. issues congress will be tackling as lawmakers meet for the first time today since the midterm elections. enjoy today's mild weather while you can. temperatures are getting set to take a nosedive. i'm tracking the arrival of the cold air and below freezing temperatures.
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just about 11:15. the european space agency has
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successfully landed a appropriate -- landed a probe. let's take a listen. >> longer than ten years. the most powerful and the most, in my point of view, the most -- therefore, it's a great day for all over the world and for space agency. it's a special day for us. >> this is a special day. this is especially historic because no spacecraft has ever landed on a comet. it marked the highlight of the decade-long spacecraft's mission to study comets and learn about the origins of these bodies. congress is back to work. they have a lot to deal with before the new congress takes over in january. tracie potts has a rundown of
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what lawmakers need to get done. >> reporter: topping today's agenda, $1 trillion to keep the government running past december 11. negotiations are under way. >> let me make it clear, there will be no default and no government shutdown. >> reporter: congress needs to approve more than $6 billion to fight ebola, just over $3.5 billion to deal with immigrant children and $5 billion to fight isis. authorization to arm the rebels runs out next month. the president wants to send more troops to iraq. >> i don't think the republicans want to play politics with the question of deployment of forces against isis. this is a crisis. we can't wait until january. >> reporter: the senate got a ton of nominations to consider, includie ining loretta lynch. democrats will try to push those through before republicans take over in january. >> hearing some republicans say, i'm going to vote no on everything because we're about to take over the majority.
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>> reporter: republicans are eager to approve the keystone oil pipeline. but senate democrats may vote on that first. to help their colleague mary landrieu. she's in charge of the energy committee and faces a runoff next month. your taxes are tied up in this, too. by the end of the year, congress needs to renew tax breaks and pentagon programs like insurance for businesses if there's a terror attack. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. the extreme weather pattern hitting the country causes big problems in the pacific northwest. high winds knocked down trees and power lines in and around the seattle area yesterday. 25,000 customers lost power. even gustier condition s and greater outages reported in vancouver, canada. much of the country is already in the deep freeze. we're about to get a big drop in
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our temperatures. this is the last warm day for quite a while. we have cold weather arriving tonight. as soon as the sun goes down, you're going to start to feel that chill and it's going to be a long, cold spell. at least a week, probably more than that. the visibility was terrible a few hours ago. couldn't see i-95 from this camera. but you sure can now. things have improved quite a bit. 62 degrees, the wind is starting to pick up. that's the reason it's improving. two degrees warmer than we were at this time yesterday. now, we got up to 70 yesterday. about 66 today. and then it drops. 50 thursday, 48 friday and by early next week, next tuesday, 48 will seem kind of warm. it's going to get even colder. the current temperatures, pretty mild. look at that, 65 in philadelphia. 68 in wilmington. 63 in allentown.
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we're not going to be close to this during the day tomorrow. as you will see. here is the feels-like temperature at 2:00 this afternoon. look how fast it drops. by 7:00 tonight, it's feeling like it's 41 in allentown and reading. by 7:00, remember it's in the 60s now. later tonight, by midnight, it's feeling like it's freezing. and by tomorrow morning, feels like it's in the 30s throughout the area and does not warm up a lot tomorrow. why? well, look how cold the air is to our west. the windchill is 18 in chicago. they were in the 60s a couple days ago. windchill 4 in des moines, iowa, 1 below in bismarck. this air mass surging south and a little to the east. windchills below zero in central canada. a huge early season arctic
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outbreak. you can see the drier air starting to come in from the west. and we're going to be seeing dry conditions all the way into thursday morning. here is thursday afternoon. perhaps a couple of sprinkles here, a little bit of light rain thursday night. could possibly turn to a little bit of wet snow well up north and west. then the colder air comes in to reinforce everything as we go into friday and saturday is going to be pretty cold, too. for the rest of the day, look at the temperatures in the mid 60s but not going up a lot more than what we have seen here. the wind has shifted. that will bring the colder air in, the wind is going to increase this afternoon. gusts up to 25 miles an hour. then for tomorrow, we're barely out of the 40s to near 50 degrees. not a lot of wind. a chance of a couple showers at
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night. friday, it's even colder. the weekend is cold but it starts to warm up sunday afternoon just in time for a storm to approach. it looks like just about rain for much of the area sunday night and into monday before it gets even colder. paying more for plus sizes. the retailer some are accusing of pulling a double standard by charging more for larger women but not for men. if you have said you have two left feet, there could be a medical reason. the new research that shows why some people just can't keep a beat to the music.
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this week's wednesday's child is sure to put a smile on your face. i first met marquis a couple years ago. his dreams have come true. >> we first met 12-year-old marquis in 2010. these days his life is filled with love and laughter with his new family. >> the best part i like when i live with you two is that i can go to the store whenever i want. i can buy whatever i want. >> we caught up with him at a recent wednesday's child event where they celebrated their family and checked out some cool things at the adventure aquar m aquarium. his new mom and dad knew what they were looking for.
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>> we wanted to adopt an older kid. so we were looking at the website. we saw marquis. so at that time we started the process of going through all the training to become foster adoptive parents. >> after meeting him, they knew he was a perfect match. it was love at first sight. >> i think it was his smile and his attitude. we have the same likes, sports, video games. we have a lot in common. >> how did marquis feel about his new family? >> excited. most it made me cry. >> while he knows how to hang out and play video games with dad, he also knows how to make mom very happy. >> he is very polite and he opens doors for me and he helps me carry the groceries in. >> congratulations to marquis and his new family. you, of course, can be a family
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like that for marquis. it's sponsored by the dave thomas foundation. enjoy it while you can. we are about to say so long to the mild temperatures. a cold blast is heading our way. our nbc 10 team of meteorologists is tracking how low the temperatures will go. we will have that straight ahead. sinking feeling. safety fears in this neighborhood after a second sinkhole has formed. the efforts under way to make sure this doesn't happen again.
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just about 11:30.
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mild conditions out there as we take a live look at philadelphia he's iconic boathouse row. if you like this kind of weather, go out there and run around it, because this isn't going to stick around. big changes are about to happen. we have live team coverage of the cold blast headed in our direction with our nbc 10 team of meteorologist. let's start with our chief meteorologist, glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> we are seeing very mild temperatures now. it's not going to be this way again for a long time. we're starting to see the sunshine in parts of the area. this is jim thorpe in the pocono mountains. we have a lot of blue in the sky. the visibility has improved just about everywhere, even up to ten mile visibility at philadelphia international, places in new jersey which had zero visibility a couple hours ago. wildwood and atlantic city the last places to improve. even those areas are better. we are seeing sunshine starting to move in across the area.
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central pennsylvania, a lot sunnier there. 65 in philadelphia, 68 in wilmington, even 55 in mount pocono. the temperatures are going to be nowhere near this as we head for the next week plus. for this afternoon, yeah it's kind of warm as the fog tips to lift. some places into the upper 60s. then it starts to go down by 6:00. and then way down later tonight. more on that in the seven-day in a few minutes. let's head over to brittney shipp with more on what the rest of the country is getting. >> we will take you over to denver with record cold temperatures expected. only eight degrees as a high today. look at what we found here in our social discovery app. you can see people are uploading pictures like this.
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snow showers coming down. it's 1 degree. the high today, only 8 in denver. look at this guy, this pug does not want to get out of bed. it's too cold in denver. you have a lot of these pictures where people are uploading the conditions there. this is closer to copper mountain where we start to see almost whiteout conditions throughout parts of our country. we look at the temperatures though right now, we will show you what we expect to see as we head into the rest of the afternoon. single digit high for denver. it's 45 degrees below the average. minneapolis warming to 27. as we progress the model, we will show you thursday. you can see the cold air will continue to spread down south. temperatures in dallas going to stay in the low 40s as we head into tomorrow. atlanta, 54 degrees. friday, once we hit the cold snap, it's going to stay in the 40s for us, even through friday, even longer than that. glenn "hurricane" schwartz will be back to show you how the cold snap will affect our weather
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coming up. >> track the changing conditions to help you plan ahead with our nbc 10 first alert weather app. download it for free at to get weather updates on your smart phone or tablet. we are following breaking news in atlantic county. the prosecutor's office is investigating a suspicious house fire. two people were found dead inside this home on washington avenue in egg harbor city. one person was pulled from the burning home. had to be taken to the hospital. sources say that victim appeared to have been stabbed. other top stories, the man suspected abducting a woman off a street is going to be in front a judge today. he is facing justice in virginia also. an anti violence rally will be held in southwest philly today. it follows the third assault of a teacher in the past month.
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the aftermath of the last attack was caught on video. police say he was knocked out by a student. history is made in outer space for the first time. a probe has landed on a comet. here is a live look from the headquarters of the european space agency where officials are briefing the media about the big event. this is what it was like when it happened. cheers in the control room of the european space agency after they say the probe safely touched down on the comet's icy surface. the agency says it has received a signal from the lander which is about roughly the size of your basic domestic washing machine. >> these type of success is not coming from the sky. it comes from hard work. >> the landing on the comet marks the highlight of the
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decade-long mission to study comets and learn about the orig origins of these bodies. the president will attend the east asia summit. he is on a three-nation tour. the president's tour ends in australia next week. the u.s. has issued its first ten-year visas so chinese citizens. john kerry made the announcement in beijing. the move comes as a new agreement went into affect designed to promote economic and people to people ties between the u.s. and the chinese. the new rule will allow the u.s. to tap into the fast growing market of chinese tourists who are traveling abroad. the u.n. security council will hold an emergency meeting on ukraine, this comes as concerns about a full-scale
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conflict in the country. the area has seen heaviest shelling in recent weeks despite a cease-fire between ukraine and the russia-backed separatists. that cease-fire was signed more than two months ago. the man convicted of killing levy is asking for a new trial. his lawyers are set toing or before a judge today that there were problems with a key witness in the case. they say he was convicted on false or misleading testimony given by a former cell mate. prosecutors say he got a fair trial. she disappeared in 2001. her remains were found in washington, d.c.'s rock creek park a year later. the family of michael brown have testified before the u.n. against torture. they are caming on international human rights experts to bring change to the u.s. brown was shot by a police officer in ferguson, missouri, this summer. brown's father says he and his wife had one goal with their testimony.
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>> we came here to the u.n. to get justice for our son. >> the committee against torture review the federal government's implementation of the convention against torture. an attorney for the family says the opinion of the international community could provoke change in missouri. the lava flow has claimed its first home. you can see in the video that lava set this home on fire and then part of it collapsed. residents have been hoping that their home would be spared since the flow stalled short of the town october 30th. but breakouts continue to threaten the homes. experts are trying to figure out what is causing holes like this to form at a mobile home park in florida. a second hole opened up yesterday and is now more than ten feet wide. no property damage by that hole. but a car was swallowed by the first one that formed monday. a mobile home on the edge of the hole was condemned and five
11:38 am
other homes were evacuated. >> where did it start in h? had to start somehow. it's spreading now. could be over here tomorrow. >> engineers have to confirm that the homes are actually sinkholes and are looking at whether a third hole could be developing nearby. the u.s. government says there's been a dramatic increase in the number of drone sightings. in the last two years there has been a sharp rise in the amount of drones flying without permission. the faa restricts the use of drones which could cause a disaster if they collided with a plane. the stars showed up in our nation's capitol to raise awareness about issues affecting veterans. >> that's the boss headlining the concert along the national mall in washington.
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kerry underwood and eminem took the stage. the show was free. fans were informed of ways they could volunteer or donate money to help those who have served. during last night's show, two people were arrested for jumping a fence near the stage. this guy here caught on video. watch as the secret service takes him down. authorities say those fence jumpers were trying to get to the front row. police looking for burglary suspects in florida are getting help from a philadelphia woman. she witnessed the break in of her condo from 1,000 miles away. they bought the condo in june. they were here in philadelphia when a security camera linked to her cell phone snapped on. that's when she saw a man and this woman here roaming around their condo. she called the police in florida. >> i'm sitting here in philadelphia with my husband
11:40 am
screaming that they are -- there's a woman and man come walking into our apartment in florida. i have a clean picture of this woman's face. i really want -- i'm not letting this go. this is not minor. >> they stole items including the camera before police arrived. the property manager said security will be tightened. a town in massachusetts will hold a hearing to discuss a proposed tobacco ban. the move would stop the sale of all tobacco and nicotine products in the town lines. the board of health said it was expecting a strong turnout for this controversial issue. the american lung association said if the ban is passed, they would be the first community in the nation to take this type of action. up next, old navy under attack. why the retailer is caught up in a price gouging controversy. what it's saying about the cost of some of its clothes. going to get heavier coats
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ready. the last mild day for a while. i'm tracking the approach of very cold air, when it's going to arrive and how long this drastic drop in temperatures is going to last. that's just ahead.
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this morning, bret michaels is recovering from kidney surgery. he has diabetes and was rushed off stage earlier this year because of low blood sugar. he is expected to return to the
11:44 am
stage thursday in florida. investigators have opened two separate investigations into potential issues involving nearly 400,000 vehicles. the first investigation by the national highway traffic safety administration involves 374,000 honda accords. the second investigation is 17,000 infiniti crossover vehicles from '08. they are made by nissan. nissan and honda say they are investigating. thousands of people say old navy is charging women more than men for plus size clothing. the company is defending its decision. more than 20,000 people signed a petition on to get the retailer to stop the practice. they say old navy charges $12, $15 more for plus-size women jeans but don't charge more for bigger men sizes. gap is defending its pricing.
11:45 am
they say the clothing costs more because it has special features that men's apparel doesn't. moms are more likely to nurture emotions in girls than boys. researchers found mothers tend to use more emotional words and content rather than talking to their daughters. the young girls were more likely to use words like happy, sad and worried compared to young boys. experts suggest parents foster the same emotional qualities in boys. there may be a medical excuse for why some people can't dance. canadian researchers say they have discovered a condition called beat deafness. they say it's the inability to detect rhythm. during a new study people who suffer from the condition were unable to tap along with a random tempo often missing the beat by a large amount. researchers say this suggests that bad dancing may be linked to rhythm problems and not
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physical abilities. you are invited to kick off the holiday season by getting your mind, body and wallet healthness. sarah is the president and general manager of world radio in philadelphia. the only african-american owned and operated radio station here in pennsylvania. she's here to tell us about wellness 101. tell us about the event. >> thanks. we're excited. this saturday, november 15th, we are doing an event that's very interest active. a lot of times we talk about health and wellness and how important it is. it's an opportunity to do it. we will do yoga, zumba, nutrition information and healthy food, talking about how to stay healthy during the holidays. then we are having a discussion focused on the economics of wellness. >> this is the time of the year that workplaces are involved in open enrollment for health benefits.
11:47 am
you are going to be involved in that. tell us about what you will do and how that impacts the community. >> sure. sure. november 15th is i think the actual kickoff of the open enrollment. so we will have information about how to navigate that process of open enrollment. in the panel discussion, we will talk specifically about how the affordable care act and this -- the new insurance access really has a direct impact on your financial well-being. so we're taking an interesting angle on health and wellness, looking at how being preventative and pro active around your health and well-being affects your bottom line, your wallet. we want to connect financial well-being and physical well-being together so that people really understand it's not just about preventing disease, but it's also about preventing financial disaster. >> you are more connected to the african-american community than just about anybody. tell us how in your opinion how it is affecting -- these
11:48 am
programs, how it's affecting that community. >> absolutely. when you look at health statistics, african-americans are disproportionately represented in just about every category. you name it. unfortunately, black folks tend to get it more significantly and it has a deeper impact. so we're really trying to take on these issues head on. we know that prevention and knowledge and information is the key. so saturday is all about not just hearing about it, but doing it. you can't just talk about it health and wellness. you have to wrap your arms around it and get involved. >> we appreciate it. i'm a listener and i call in. >> i know that. >> it's this saturday november 15th from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the salvation army kroc center. it's on 4200 wiskahikon avenue in west philadelphia. it's all free. go to our website at
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a stretch of some very mild days. we hit 70 yesterday. some places in the area may hit 70 today. this is the last warm one for quite a while. the cold weather arrives tonight. if you are going to be staying out late this evening, you will need a heavier coat than you might think. and a cold spell is on the way. we have much better visibility than we did a few hours ago. we had dense fog early this morning. that's all gone. 65 now, wind west and 10 miles an hour. five degrees warmer than this time yesterday when we hit 70. 68 in wilmington, 73 63 in allentown. the temperature dropped in the poconos, down to the 40s. we did get up to 70 yesterday,
11:50 am
66 today. and then it goes down. it stays down. we have one more little band of clouds about to come through before we get into this sunshine. in central pennsylvania, the temperatures, well, it really drops. it's only in the teens in iowa where they were in the 60s a couple days ago. the cold air is going all the way down to texas. in denver, it is zero right now. they were in the 60s. it's below zero. temperatures below zero in parts of canada. it's quite a change. watch what happens to our temperatures over time. it stays cold in the middle of the country and it gets colder along the east coast. by 7:00 tomorrow morning, we have a tremendous part of the country in way below normal temperatures. some places up to 30 to 40 degrees below normal.
11:51 am
that arctic air, that's staying west. we're not going to be 30 degrees below normal. once the cold air is in, it is going to stay in. by the way, it's in in green bay. it's going to be cold for the eagles game but not brutally cold. although, the windchill will push temperatures -- feel-like temperatures into the single digits. as we go into next week, we warm up a little bit, but that's just ahead of a storm. so we get rain out of that. and then the arctic air comes in here. we're going up and down a little bit. mostly down. for today, we're up. mid to upper 60s, clearing, windy. that wind this afternoon gusting up to 25 miles an hour. tomorrow, we may struggle to get to 50. chance of showers thursday night. and that's not a big deal. friday, breezy and cold. the weekend is cold certainly to
11:52 am
start. by late sunday or sunday night, we expect rain going into monday, some on the heavy side, possibly some snow up in the poconos. then it gets colder starting tuesday. we will be right back.
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it is pay what you wish wednesday at the philadelphia museum of art. it's an opportunity to see art at any price you would like. be an artist for the day and let your imagination run wild or take part in the masterpieces tour at 6:00. practice yoga. pay what you wish wednesday night at the philadelphia museum of art. this afternoon at 3:00, "ellen" is all new. then it's nbc 10 news at 4:00, nbc 10 is tracking new information in the case of a local woman accused of poisoning her husband. also at 4:00, he was found in the trash and then became a new chance for sammy the dog.
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now nbc 10 learned new information about the dog abandoned on the side of a road. we have been bringing you updates on breaking news in atlantic county. the prosecutor's office says it's investigating a suspicious house fire where two people were found dead inside the home in egg harbor city. one person was pulled from the burning home and was taken to the hospital. sources say that victim appeared to be -- to have been stabbed. authorities have not released the victims' identities. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz here now with a check of your afternoon forecast. >> another mild one. some people would call it warm. up close to 70 degrees in some parts of the area. that's it. tomorrow, much colder and then it's cold over the weekend, too. rain sunday night and monday. >> almost a 20-degree difference there. >> and the wind on top of that. >> thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema.
11:57 am
for glenn "hurricane" schwartz and all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day.
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>> abigail: i hope it's okay that i just, um, stopped by like this. >> ben: oh, yeah. of course. of course. >> abigail: actually, um, i was kind of hoping we could talk... about us. >> daniel: no, no, no problem. i have surgery scheduled a little later today. yeah. no, i will take care of it when i get there. okay, thank you. bye. let me just find my keys. what is that? that's weird. is this jj's? >> eve: who's there with you? >> jj: no one. and abigail won't be back


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