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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 430a  NBC  November 13, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> announcer: nbc10 breaking news. our breaking news this morning is this fire that spread to several homes in southwest philadelphia. here's a live picture from the scene as firefighters look for the cause. also, look at this, stuck under a bridge. we're asking septa how this train still stuck on the tracks will impact your morning commute. plus, the cold blast we've been telling you about all week is moving in, and chilly changes are ahead later today. right now, it's 42 degrees, much chillier than it was yesterday. good morning, this is "nbc10 news." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato.
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wet changes on the way, too. meteorologist bill henley is standing by with the "first alert" forecast. bill, at least it's not as foggy as it was. >> no fog, no clouds, no heat. temperatures still falling. most of the area are in the 30s. a live view of boathouse row may not be dry as clouds are moving in. moving out the door, this is what you'll find, 40s in northeast philadelphia. trenton, millville. mount pocono has dropped into the 20s this morning. a chilly start and a cooler day by far. 40 degrees at 7:00. clouds are starting to move in at 9:00, 43. turning mostly cloudy at lunchtime, just 45 degrees. the hour-by-hour future weather in left than ten minutes. "first alert" reporter jillian mele is standing by with the thursday morning commute. >> good morning.
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if you're waking up in new jersey, 42 is looking good. this is 73 at 295. you can see it's very quiet out there. no accidents to report on any of the highways in new jersey. same thing in pennsylvania right now, blue route near 76. both directions moving along. your drive time looking good, 18 minutes on the blue route between 95 and 76. we're dealing with fire activity in southwest philadelphia on florence avenue. that's closed between 54th and 56th streets. you can take warrant avenue. we're following breaking news. police are on the scene of a woman who was attacked inside her home at west philadelphia. this happened on 53rd and market street. police got the 911 call about 3:45 this morning. this is a 62-year-old woman. right now, we don't know what prompted the attacks, who might be responsible and how bad the woman's injuries are. we do have a reporter on the scene and we'll bring you the
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latest when we get it. right now, crews on the scene of a house fire in southwest philadelphia. nbc10 jesse gary is live on the scene. jesse what can you tell us? >> reporter: tracy, fire crews continue checking the end of the roof of that home. they are checking out flames that were burning a short time ago on the roof. i've been talking to neighbors who described this property as a problem property with a previous fire and even a homicide. the neighbors say the property was boarded up by the city. it was unoccupied until a aauthority time ago. >> about three weeks ago, folks started moving back in there. they're renovating. moving out things. there were several plastic bags on the porch. the district was called several times. >> reporter: i'm told there's no response when phone calls came in from neighbors that talked to battalion chief, as far as he
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knows the residents living there if they have permission from the city to go back in. coming up in the next 30 minutes, the life saving device credited with making sure they all made it out alive. we'll have that in 30 minutes. live from southwest philadelphia, jesse gary, "nbc10 news." this morning, we have new information on a train stuck under a north philadelphia bridge, in fact, it's still stuck there. septa says the train will not impact the morning commute. skews are still trying to remove the freight train. no word on how it became stuck. but normal service is expected on the trenton regional rail line. there's new information on a mother and her had 7-year-old son both found dead in the family's burned out home. sources say the case is now being handled as a homicide. reports say autopsies will be conducted on the victims later this morning. a fire ripped through this home in egg harbor city.
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neighbors the mother's boyfriend was rescued and rushed to the hospital with apparent stab awounds. police say the injured man who is in stable condition described an intruder coming into the home. no arrests have been made. this morning, an 80-year-old man is in custody after police say he barricades himself inside his delaware county apartment and fired shots at officer. skyforce 10 was over the scene in upper darby township last night. investigators say 80-year-old joseph smith who live it's in lansdowne tower complex told the 911 operator, quote, i have tons of guns and i plan on using them. according to authorities, smith fired nine or ten shots. police had to use tear gas. no office were hurt. a new fbi ranked wilmington as the third worse in violence among 450 similar in size. 141 people were shot in
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wilmington and 18 died. online to delaware online, a spokeswoman said the fbi ranking offers a, quote, very limited perspective of crime occurring in specific communities. she said the mayor's recently created a homicide unit and implements a police deployment strategy. penn state's history darkest moments displayed on the big screen. and the case of the little red corvette takes another turn. we'll tell you what a man accused of dumping his wife's car into the delaware told reporters when he turned himself in. and a winter forecast we can get behind. find out how low gas prices are expected to go as the calendar turns 2015. bill, what about your forecast? >> well, it's a different forecast than yesterday. it's colder outside this morning. but as you can see in this view from south philadelphia, zero fog. 42 degrees here at nbc10 but most of the area is colder.
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now, an update on a brush fire in reading berks county, our nbc10 crew took the video a few hours before that. the fire burned about five acres. it started near skyline drive on mt. penn. the fire is under investigation but nobody was hurt. this morning, a man accused of dumping his wife's corvette in the delaware river is in custody. john kramer turned himself in yesterday. police say he's the guy that put the corvette in the water monday. according to investigators, he's currently going through a divorce. nbc10 was there when he turned himself in and talked about the charges against him. >> i didn't realize that i did anything wrong. i didn't know anybody was going to delay trying to get the car. >> kramer faces several charges including recklessly endangering another person that's because the divers that had to go in the
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river to pull the car out. his wife tells nbc10 that he put the corvette in the river moments after he sent her text messages saying he was going to do it. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> going out the door right now, you'll have to bundle up. it's much chillier than yesterday morning. most of the area in the 30s. everybody will see sunshine to start with. the clouds will be arriving during the day, and that's going to lead to some wet weather late this afternoon and this evening. we'll see some showers and it's going to be a chilly rain for philadelphia. right now, 34 degrees in reading. 42 at philadelphia international. cape may is at 43 degrees right now. and it live for now, but late this afternoon, we'll be tracking some wet weather that will move into areas north and west first. satellite shows that it's nice and clear right now but to the west is the wet weather that is going to be steering our way this afternoon. future weather shows the clouds that will be take over.
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this is 10:00 this morning. 38 degrees in the pocono mountains. 45 degrees that hour in philadelphia. a mostly cloudy day. we'll see some breaks of sunshine. and then late this afternoon, here comes the wet weather. that's rain falling north and west. and the pocono mountains could see some snow mixing in. but the temperature will be above freezing. so i'm not looking for much in the way of accumulation of this one. just light showers moving through philadelphia. 10:00 tonight. 42 degrees in the city. and then the showers move out. and the temperatures get even colder. got the seven-day in less than ten minutes. about 20 minutes to 5:00 now, we get a check of how the highways are shaping up for your morning drive. >> jillian mele is watching that for us. >> good morning. just got word of an accident in bucks county, route 1, the southbound side. you can see the activity here. we have one lane blocked on route 1 southbound. the far right lane of traffic was getting by.
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it's tough to see exactly what's going on, how many vehicles are involved in the accident. again, we just got word and wanted to pass that along to you. in southwest philadelphia, we still have the fire activity blocking warrington avenue. warrenton avenue is a good option if you need to get around it. heading into center city for a look at the vine street expressway. the vine is clear and so is 76. smokers taking a stand. >> a riled up crowd of tobacco users snuffed out of a public meeting last night. >> this hearing is closed. thank you all for coming. >> one town's attempt to ban all tobacco sales that's being called an assault on freedom. and freedom to drive is what this man is now enjoying. how his resemblance to a notorious figure led him to get a free car.
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nbc10 is on the scene of
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breaking news we told you about a few minutes ago. police are at the home of a woman in west philadelphia. a woman was attacked inside this home at 53rd and market. police got a 911 call around 3:45 this morning. right now, we don't know how badly the woman is injured. nbc10's monique braxton is on her way to the scene. we'll bring you that report coming up. new this morning, the documentary of jerry sandusky at penn state will be shown, "happy valley" will be shown for the first time tomorrow night. the film follows the case of the former football coach's arrest to his conviction for abusing ten boys. it also has an interview with matt sandusky, he recounts how sandusky abused him. and jerry sandusky's wife dottie released the statement. "the sandusky family is
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disappointed though not surprised that matt has continued to fabricate a story this time through a documentary." the port authority in new jersey and new york will have open access to records of both agencies. the second will require an annual audit, lobby restrictions. governor chris christie with closing lanes as political payback for christie opponents. today, lawmakers in washington could vote on the controversial keystone xl pipeline. members of the house are expected to vote. the senate could vote tuesday. that would get the proposal to the president by midnext week. some have raised environmental concerns saying it will carry oil hundreds of miles through the middle of the united states. 4:46. the supreme court has lifted the ban on same-sex marriages in kansas. justices denied a request to prevent gay and lesbian couples from marrying while the state fights that issue in court.
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this comes on the heels of a lawsuit filed on above of the aclu. maryland's largest school district has removed mention of any religious holidays for its calendar. it's happened after a request byes muslim community to recognize a holiday that falls the same day next year as yom kippur. to muslim, jewish and christian holidays on the calendar are out and what one board member calls a no-win situation. some citizens in massachusetts are fuming about a plan to ban tobacco products in their town. take a listen. >> america -- america -- >> that was last night at a public hearing on the proposed ban in westminster, massachusetts. the meeting was quickly shut down last night as people were screaming at the panel up there
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at the table. town officials are considering a first in the nation total ban of all sales of tobacco products. both sides appear ready for a fight. >> while i do support the goal and the efforts of the board of health to discourage the use of tobacco products i can is not support a unilateral approach. >> the same culture was around 15 years when we started looking at limiting smoking in restaurants and bars. >> opponents of tobacco ban said they're ready to sue. this had morning, a man repeatedly mistaken for about kud killer eric frein now has a car. >> he was stopped by police more than a dozen time. well, the community came together, they raised about $24,000. he used less than half that much to buy himself a 2007 subaru outback. >> i want to thank everyone for
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their support, without everyone supporting me like this, today wouldn't happen. >> kelly walks to work five miles two hours a day from barretttown to monroe county which became the thick of that search area. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather. we've been telling you about it all week. it's definitely taking its toll here. a deep freeze is settling in much of the country. some spots out west dealing with snow. others with temperatures 2 degrees above zero. in wyoming, the windchills fell to 25 below. that's a record for november, even in wyoming. >> and it's heading our way. even today, much colder this morning than yesterday. >> yeah, parts of the area more than 20 degrees colder than this time. it's chilly outside. we're seeing 30s and 40s. most of the area is above freezing. but the temperatures are still falling. and the wind is still blowing. as you can see by the flags on top the aramark building in
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center city. just a little breeze, temperatures are chilly makes you feel even colder. feels like five degrees colder than the actual temperature. outside, our skies are completely clear. and we will see sunshine, at least this morning. but it's not an all day sunshine, clouds will be moving in. 42 degrees. that's the warm spot, philadelphia international. 15 degrees colder there than yesterday. you see the flags with a little breeze at the nbc10 studios. no sign of any fog. and temperatures are still falling right now 30s. pottstown, doylestown, trenton is at 38 degrees. while it's in the low 40s in pennsylvania on the i-95 corridor, wilmington is down to 39 degrees. it's falling in camden county, camden is 41, haddonfield down to 39 degrees already. right at 40 for glendora and vorhees. but the numbers will come down a few more degrees before we see
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sunshine to start a slow warming process. satellite, we are in the clear for now. but look to the west, you can see the clouds that are going to be moving in. right now, there's snow off to the north and west. we're watching for wet weather to form and move our way this afternoon. first areas to see it will be the lehigh valley and the pocono mountains which could see snow later today. for us, clouds increase. temperatures nowhere near yesterday. 70s. into the 40s for most of the area today turning colder tomorrow. we'll see late day showers. just a chilly rain for the philadelphia area. and temperatures will be falling. tomorrow morning, 33 degrees the low temperature. 44 in the afternoon. and a cold stunt on saturday for the als walk at citizens bank park. 32 for the low. 47 degrees saturday. and late sunday and monday, a chilly rain falling, tuesday and
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wednesday, colder air return us. if you're getting ready to head out the door we have traffic for. >> you looks like we are flashing lights. >> yes, still out there, bucks county, route 1, the southbound side, past 413. you see the left lane blocked by an accident. on the northbound side, for just a few minutes we had the left lane blocked. that just cleared in the last 30 seconds or so. and just pass route 413, left lane is blocked there. we still have active construction with construction on the pennsylvania turnpike near norristown. speeds in that area, 65 miles per hour. it's not slowing anybody down. average speeds and the blue route. 295 in both directions at route 168 expected to be out there until 6:00 a.m. 4:52.
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mapping the likelihood of americans developing heart disease. we'll show you next how pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware stack up. plus, gauging gas prices. the new estimate on what filling up your tank will cost next year. you're going to like this story. imported chicken has been in the
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news a lot lately. for chicken that hasn't crossed an ocean,
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look for perdue. we're the first company to have the usda verify that our chickens are raised in the usa. to bring your family a fresh-tasting chicken. perdue. we believe in a better chicken. today, two people will be recognized for the roles in rescuing a philadelphia police officer from his burning cruiser. city leaders will honor the 17-year-old joe chambers you see him in the photo. and a man named dante johnson. they are credited with pulling the officer from his car after the crash there. the ceremony will take place at city hall. new this morning, this is interesting, a likelihood that americans will develop heart disease over the next decade, this map shows the findings. and you can see heart disease is predicted to be the worst in the southeastern part of the country. here in this area, researchers say the risks will be in the 7% range in delaware, new jersey
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and pennsylvania but delaware is expected to have slightly fewer cases than the other two states. and the centers for disease control did take into account smoking, diabetes and other factors. if you are enjoying the lower prices we're seeing at the pumps now, oh, just wait until 2015. >> at least that's the forecast from the government. the energy department predicts the average price of gas in this country will drop below $2.94 next year. that price is 45 cents cheaper than the outlook they put out months ago. rising production and aaa said the average is about $3. in south jersey, it's $2.73. in delaware, drivers are paying about $2.85. happening today, peco customers could get increased rebates by recycling your old appliances. peco will pay customers v for old appliances and offer a $75
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rebate for customers buying a new energy star refrigerator. the goal is to get people to replace older energy consuming appliances. septa wants your input if you take the train in montgomery county. two meetings are scheduled to discuss alternatives to destinations in king of prussia and upper merion township. the extension is to provide customers with a direct one-fee ride from 59th street and norristown. the meetings are schedule for monday at the radisson hotel, valley forge. and wednesday at the norristown municipal building. both meetings, 4:00 to 8:00. the philadelphia 76ers have new plans for camden. they include plans for a telepad. two large signs, one of those will be on the practice building. the other on a three-story office building. the letters on that sign will stand up to nine feet high. the project will also create 250 jobs.
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in june, new jersey approved $82 million in tax breaks to move it to the water front. a multibillion dollar sale of susquehanna bank is in the works. bb and t is going to buy the bank for $2.4 billion. it will include 245 branches in pennsylvania, maryland and west virginia. to cut expenses, bb&t may lay off workers. the deal still needs to be approved by shareholders. 4:58. someone sit the lottery in montgomery county. a winning cash 5 ticket worth $800,000 was sold at the quickstop. so far, any new best friend has not come forward to claim that winning prize. here are the winning numbers, 2, 8, 11, 18 and 42.
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>> wouldn't that be so funny -- can i talk to chris? your new best friend. >> and here's your donation. you're watching "nbc10 news." "nbc 10 news today at 5:00 a.m." starts right now. >> announcer: nbc10 breaking news. on the scene of this breaking news where a woman was found beaten to death inside her home. we're live there as police continue to investigate this crime. in its very early stages. fire spread from house to house in southwest philadelphia. started in a row home that neighbors say they've been complaining about for months. >> and it is clear and cold out there this morning as you wake up. we're taking a live look at center city. it's much colder in the suburbs. and that's just the beginning of weather changes we're going to see starting this evening. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm chris cato. >> and i'm tracy davidson.
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let's take a look at the changes with meteorologist bill henley in the "first alert" weather center. >> temperatures are clear. and most of the area in the 30. still a little breeze left over. not a strong wind but just to make it feel chillier. a live view of center city from the adventure aquarium. not much in the way of heat either. look at the temperature. they've dropped 24 degrees compared to yesterday at this time. in wilmington off by 20 in northeast philadelphia. a cold start all around as the temperatures are falling now, 41 at philadelphia international. dropped to freezing in pottstown. and below freezing for lancaster and reading. a slow climb, but it's not going far today. we'll see sunshine to start with. clouds at 9:00 will be increasing by lunchtime. just 45 degrees at noon. we'll go through it hour by hour with the future weather to show you where wet weather will arrive later today. that's in less than ten minutes. right now, "first alert" traffic reporter jillian mele is


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