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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  November 13, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> first at 5:00, fall snow is moving into the area right now. we have watched this camera here as the flakes have fallen for the last hour or so from camelback mountain at the poconos. we have crews headed all over the area tracking the changing weather. count on the first alert team to keep you ahead of what's happening. falling pretty steadily there right now. let's get to the storm from the first alert doppler radar. >> nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is now tracking the weather headed our way. sheena? >> that's right. so the first flakes we've seen so far, especially up in the poconos where there's a chance we could see an inch of snow there, but for the rest of the area north and west of philadelphia, little to no accumulation expected. here's what it looks like now. we have one area through the higher elevations in chester county right around west caln, parksburg seeing some light snow possibly here, but most of the area north and west of philadelphia, just seeing some very cold rainfall. and that snow falling up in the poconos right around toby
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hannah, so we will continue to see this as we go through the rest of the evening tonight. again, little to no accumulation for areas north and west seeing the snow. maybe a little in the poconos. nothing that should be sticking to roads, though. snowfarther north and west will keep moving in tonight. from now until 7:00 p.m., mainly rain across the area. snow falling farther north and west in the higher elevations. 7:00 to 9 9:00 p.m. tonight, light snow in the poconos. chance areas north and west. rain/snow mix in some parts. 9:00 p.m. to midnight, cold rain moving through the area. the snow pretty much ending north and west. from midnight to 6:00 a.m. we slowly start to dry out. for the morning commute, things will be nice an dry, but it will be very cold. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist brittney shipp is out live in the cold right now. brittney, what do those temperatures look like? >> reporter: that's right. i'm live in the cold with stormforce 10. one thing we want to point out with stormforce 10, we can monitor the temperatures. when we got out here an hour and a half ago, temperatures werede.
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now 42 degrees. it continues to drop. we have four cameras and a laptop, so we can pinpoint your forecast in your neighborhood with this machine. let's take a look at your current temperatures right now in the poconos, we're at 33 degree degrees. allentown, 37. 44 in philadelphia. 45 in atlantic city. 44 in dover. 41 in will ming. . temperatures in reading in the mid 40s. right here in ardmore, suburban square, light rainfall. no snow for us. we're going to continue to monitor the situation with stormforce 10. reporting live in ardmore, first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. we'll send it back to you guys in the station. >> all right, brittney. let's check conditions right now in allentown. >> nbc 10 lehigh valley reporter randy gyllenhaal is live there. what are the conditions like, randy? >> reporter: well, we are hovering just above freezing. we've had this consistent drizzle, turning actually into a consistent rain.
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let me show you on the roadways here in allentown. we're waiting to see if the temperatures drop enough for this to turn into flurries, maybe even snow. at this point, not expecting much but it is getting significantly colder. if it snows here tonight, this one the first real sign of flurries in the lehigh valley. of course, last year a miserable winter. ranked in the top ten snowiest in lehigh valley history. right now this cold, consistent cold rain coming down. we're waiting to see if this turns into flurries for the first time this season. live in allentown, randy >> our team coverage continues now from montgomery county. >> nbc 10's doug shimell is live in plymouth township. doug, what are the conditions like there? >> reporter: pretty consistently rain as you heard randy mention, temperature about the same here. perhaps a degree or so higher. of course, depending upon whether you like winter or not, if you stare long enough into the rain as it falls, see through the light above plymouth township's salt barn, you see snow, but if you don't like
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winter, well, it is rain. and every so often, we sort of feel as though bouncing off the roof of the vehicle is a sleet or something frozen, but yet that may be wishful thinking. live in plymouth township, doug shimell, nbc 10 news. >> doug, thank you very much. we have a photo we just got in from chester county. a few flakes have fallen out there. a viewer sent this shot from coatesville. see a little bit of snow on the porch there. please send us your pictures as this snow begins to fall in parts of our area. stay with nbc 10 for the coverage, of course, of the winter weather. small towns battered by the cost of last year's winter are adding money to their budgets for this winter season. plymouth township, they added a new $100,000 plow and salt truck to a fleet that was beaten up by endless snowstorms. in upper hanover township, public works crews hooked up new plow blades to replace ones used by too much use. many cities are trying to build
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up road salt reserves after running out next year, but it's costing $10 to $12 more per ton. >> every order that we make, normally we order 200 to 300 at a time, we're looking at a $2,000, $3,000 cost difference from last year per load. >> right now we have about 1,200 ton of salt and about 400 ton of mixture. and that should hold us, hopefully we won't have anything until the end of this year. we should be in good shape. >> reporter: you just jinxed us. >> yeah, probably. >> most towns say after last winter, they were forced to come up with a new worst-case scenario for their budgets. sheena and the first alert team are tracking conditions. we check back with her shortly. remember, no matter what type of weather we're getting, stay on top of the forecast with nbc 10 first alert weather app. it's a free download on your smartphone or tablet right now on new at 5:00, video of the car involved in a crash where the victim was hanging from the
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windshield when the driver refused to stop. it happened in ocean township. marcos ortega is accused of driving under the influence when he hit kenneth moeller on route 9. he kept on driving. moeller was ljslodged in the windshield. the victim is in critical condition. he lost his left leg and already underwent several surgeries. a gun battle with police on the street in trenton leaves a suspect dead. investigators are trying to figure out what sparked this morning's violence. nbc 10's cydney long spent the day with police. what did you find out? >> reporter: i can tell you police spent the afternoon gathering evidence, they were there all day long including shell casings. as we were leaving that crime scene, it's about ten minutes from here, they were setting up lightses to contain it through the evening. now, we just found out from trenton police that they will answer questions on the apparent motive of this deadly shootout about a half hour from now at 5:30. neighbors, of course, are anxious for answers, as you'll see by the video, this was a
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close call. two trenton police officers narrowly escape what could have been a far different outcome thursday morning. >> you see bullet holes in the windshield of a police car, wakes us all up. takes us aback what's going on there. i know they take us for granted, but our lives are in danger every day. >> reporter: maureen turner's family woke up and ran to a second floor balcony, the gunfire wouldn't stop. >> i told them to get down because it sounded like the shots were coming in our direction. >> reporter: about how many shots? >> 20. >> reporter: the suspect she says was face down and lifeless, still an ambulance arrived quickly. some neighbors suggested it was a result of an attempted home invasion. a few doors down on wilson. >> i'm not -- i'm not saying about a home invasion, we'll talk later on. now it's an investigation. first start off with the man with the gun. >> i didn't see anything. i just heard 20 shots around 6:30, quarter to 7:00 this morning, and it was just traumatizing, you know, you can't get out of here. it's just sad.
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>> reporter: one witness who didn't want to show his face realizes police officers' lives were in danger, but he says it seemed excessive. >> it's justified for you to return fire, i have no problem with that, but, i mean, 20, 30 shots after the guy was on the ground? >> the suspect most -- he had to be dead on the spot because they nudged his body. >> reporter: now, we are told that those two police officers did suffer injuries from the shards of glass flying from the windshield, but we're told they will be okay. we will have certainly more on their conditions, who the suspect is, and why this all unfolded just before 7:00 this morning. that news conference, again, set to happen at 5:30, so, of course, we will have an update for you coming up later in this hour and also on "nbc 10 news at 6." live in trenton, cydney long, nbc 10 news. philadelphia police are on the hunt for an armed robber. investigators say the man with the gun is behind several crimes in the winfield and overbrook section of the city.
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this video is from a robbery at a pizza shop on north 52nd street last week. the suspect pointed a gun at several employees and demanded money. he got away with about $500. police said he hit another pizza place in the neighborhood an hour later and drove off in a green thunder bird. it's a show of force on the streets of philadelphia when it comes to building safety. nbc 10 at city hall this afternoon as 37 new inspectors hired by licenses and inspection were sworn many. the inspectors will oversee permits, construction sites and building safety. the new hires were made possible by an extra $2 million added to the budget for 2015 and part of the changes implemented after the fatal building collapse on market street in the summer of 2013. >> the purpose of the commission was to conduct a full independent assessment and provide recommendations on the practices and operations of the department of licenses and inspections with the goal of
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public safety must always be our number one goal in virtually every department and agency of our city government, but certainly the department of licenses and inspections. >> and the mayor says the lni overhaul isn't finished yet. well, they carry everything from cars to clothes, and in one shop, shipping port, it's now a complete mess. this is video you have to see. watch as a container ship tilts, tossing dozens of containers overboard. brand new money for sandy victims. where $14 million in aid is now headed. and all night long, septa will keep running weekend overnight subway trains. why the popular service will actually cost the transit agency money.
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take a live tour of weather conditions all across the area now. here is a live look at the poconos at camelback mountain resort. an hour ago we started to see the flakes and now can clearly see the snow in the light. it's coming down quite steadily. been falling since about 4:00 p.m. i'd say. and another traffic shot. another shot from our camera. wet roads in the lehigh valley. you can see the wet weather on the lens right there. no snow here. but still take it slowly at i-78 and route 22. >> another live picture.
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light rain falling around philadelphia. see it there on the lends. falling in ardmore, too, where brittney shipp is live next to stormforce 10. a live picture from our comcast camera atop the comcast center in center city. there was repair work today at the world trade center tower. >> came as a result of the dramatic rescue involving two window washers. this morning crews replaced the window that had to be knocked out to rescue the window washers. the window is on the 68th floor of the world trade center tower. >> the two window washers were pulled into it yesterday afternoon after a cable on their scaffolding snapped. the washers were left dangling on the side of the building for two hours while they waited to be rescued. both are said to be doing fine tonight. we have more video you have to see from a shipping port in china. a container ship at the shanghai port tilted causing more than 30 containers to fall like dominos. some fell on to the ground. others fell into the ocean.
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a nearby truck was hit and power lines were torn down. no one was hurt. three salvaged ships helped recover the fallen containers. investigators are trying to figure out what caused that ship to tilt. in washington the house of representatives will vote tomorrow on whether to build the controversial keystone xl oil pipeline. the house began debating the measure today. it's expected to pass. the senate could take up the bill on tuesday. that would get it to the president's desk by the middle of next week. the pipeline has been at the center of a six-year battle. some have raised environmental concerns since it will carry oil hundreds of miles through the mid-of the u.s. the president could also veto proposal. this saturday marks the start of the affordable care act's second open enrollment season. that's when consumers can begin shopping for and enrolling in health insurance plans in order to qualify for coverage by january 1st. consumers must select a plan by december 15th, but what if you signed up for coverage last year? >> importantly, for people who
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have health insurance coverage who bought it last year, they'll be automatically reenrolled, but we're encouraging them to shop around because there are a lot of new offerings in the marketplace and may be able to save money on their health care. >> last year was the first time people used the health care website, to sign up for coverage. there were a lot of technical issues. they've been working hard to make sure this year's process is easier. a new report shows student loan debts keep growing. the average last year was $28,400. that's up 3% from 2012. the total topped $30,000 in six states. and more than 2/3 of graduates left school with at least some debt, but a separate report by the college board finds borrowing fell for the third straight year as the government clamps down on for-profit schools and families become more cost conscious. we have a new wrinkle tonight to tell you about in the veterans affair scandal. in pittsburgh, the feds fired
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the head of the va health system after an internal investigation found she committed, quote, conduct unbecoming of a senior executive. terri garrick wolf has been on paid leave since june after department review of a 2011 and 2012 outbreak of legionnaire's disease was traced to water treatment problems. at least six pittsburgh vahd patients died and 16 were sickened by the bacterial disease. the veterans affairs department never specified any allegations. and in washington, the house veterans affairs committee is hearing testimony on a measure to help vets. it's called the veterans access choice and accountability act. it was passed in august after we learned of long waits and secret waiting lists to hide patients who weren't getting care. officials say it's already working. >> our top priority has been accelerating care of veterans, moving them off wait lists and into clips. for example, we reduced the number of veterans waiting the
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longest for care by 57%. >> some republicans are disappointed by the pace in which va employees are being held accountable for the events of last year. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, many parts of the area are seeing the first flakes of the season right now. temperatures are cold. and we are tracking rain and snow showers. the snow showers are up in the poconos. here is a live look up in the poconos where you see the snow falling here. and in the poconos, we could see an inch of snow accumulating. but other areas north and west that are seeing a little rain/snow mix or light snow, we really expect little or no accumulation. here you see the snow falling. temperatures are cold. up in the poconos right around the freezing point right now. so in mt. pocono, the light snow is being reported. 33 degrees. visibility is down to one mile. this is 15 degrees colder than yesterday, but the windchill, that is in the upper 20s right now in the poconos. this will be continuing for the
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next few hours or so. so, again, little to no accumulation. most areas north and west of philadelphia. that will see a little rain/snow mix as we go through the rest of the evening. either way, these temperatures are getting colder. they'll be colder tomorrow morning when you wake up and even tomorrow afternoon. so look at the numbers north and west. we have only recently dropped into the 30s here with the light rain which is in some cases changing over to a rain/snow mix. 35 in pottstown and reading. 37 allentown. 38 westchester. philadelphia, here we really have the cold rain falling. for south jersey and delaware, you're mostly dry right now, but temperatures are chilly in the mid 40s. once that rain slides into new jersey and delaware, it will be a cold rain later on tonight. so here's a look at the radar. snow up in the poconos. now we could be seeing snow through parts of lancaster, also berks counties. so this is just pretty much developed on the radar. so there you see some areas of snow. higher elevations of chester county. it's on the lighter side. so, again, little to no accumulation expected.
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as we zoom in here, parksburg seeing possibly light snow, up to honeybrook, continues closer to the reading area. see the colder rain surrounding. poconos, light snow falling up around toby hannah, across 380. we will continue watching this but, again, it's on the light side. more moderate rainfall is closer to the philadelphia area. parts of lower montgomery county, across 76 where we have cold rain falling. these numbers will continue to drop the temperatures. another batch of snow north and west we're watching, on the lighter side. this evening, chance of rain/snow mix mainly areas north and west. 8:00 p.m., confined to the poconos, maybe parts of the lehigh valley. midnight, we start to see that kind of come to an end, but the rain continueses to slide through the area. here's a closer look areas north and west. some rain/snow mix right now. as we go closer to midnight, mostly poconos. we could still see patchy light snow north and west. we start to clear out as we go
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overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. so for tonight, we get colder. rain/snow mix through parts of the area. 33 for the low in philadelphia. upper 20s in the suburbs. then tomorrow, sunny, breezbree. colder day. mid to low 40s. temperatures keep on going down. waking up saturday morning, we could be in the upper 20s in philadelphia. mid to low 20s areas north and west. then we see rain monday. will be mild enough for that. high temperatures after that, though, they're dropping into the 30s. another check on the snow coming up. >> we'll check back with you, sheena. more federal aid coming to new jersey in the wake of hurricane sandy. today senators robert menendez and cory booker announced new sandy relief grants tolding more than $14 million. money will come from fema. the specific grants will go to new jersey's office of emergency management, city of margate, somerset county acquisitions and hudson sewage authority. deadly mall carjacking. it happened in new jersey during
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last year's holiday shopping season. now we get a new look at security footage. let's take a live look at snow falling at camelback mountain in the poconos. our first flakes of the season here. coming down substantially. as seen thheena said, 33 degree. skiers are delighted to see it this early. not officially winter yet.
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back out live now. a live tour of weather conditions across the area. i think it's safe now to stop referring to camel beach water park. the weather quickly changing as you can tell. steady snow here in the poconos. at camelback mountain resort. doesn't appear to be collecting at the moment. >> i don't think the water parks will get much use of the slides any time soon. see the snow and rain on nbc 10 first alert radar. a team of reporters across the area and meteorologists tracking the weather out there. the ever-changing weather. from our south jersey bureau, a rabid raccoon removed from a camden county neighborhood tested positive for rabies. on sunday, a windslowe township resident found the raccoon lying in their front yard. animal control was called to remove and test it. right now the county health department says they don't know of any people or animals that may have been exposed. safety tips to keep in mind for yourself. health department recommends
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enjoying wild animals from a distance. don't touch, feed, attract wild animals by leafing garbage out. as for pets, keep vaccinations up to date and watch them closely when you let them out. residents in one new castle county neighborhood is warned about a kitten that tested positive for rabies monday. all but one of a litter of four-week-old kittens died from similar symptoms. the kittens were confined to a home, but health officials say it's likely adult cats that spend their time indoors and outdoors may have infected those kittens. just saw it in the live pictures, especially up in the poconos, snow is falling in parts of our area. others, though, seeing rain. >> i didn't know we'd be talking about this so early. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is live in allentown. rain coming down there, randy? >> reporter: consistent rain. we're seeing a couple snowflakes here or there. onlying up, what people are doing to prepare for another rough winter. and the pilot program was so popular they made it permanent.
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septa weekend subway service will run all night long. why the--mb new service is actu costing septa more than it's making.
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just like an interception, i bet you didn't see this one coming. up your game with a new fritos chili pizza. a large for $12 dollars. add a mega chocolate chip cookie for just $5 dollars more. better ingredients. better pizza. better football. papa john's.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> right now at 5:30, first snow. rapidly changing conditions. we showed you this live picture 4:30 today. now the flakes are falling
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steadilycamelback resort. and berks county, morgantown, many traffic cameras throughout the area. nbc 10 first alert radar also tracking rain along with those snow showers moving into the nbc 10 viewing area. >> nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen joins us now. sheena, rain, snow, conditions quickly changing. break it down for us. >> yes, most of this is on the lighter side which is the good news for us. we don't expect it to be sticking to roads, but there could be a little bit of a grassy accumulation when you wake up tomorrow morning possibly. here is a look at the radar across the area. parksburg and parts of chester county, west caln up to honey book s brook seeing light snow. this is very light snow, talking about .041 an inch an hour. this is very light. through the next few hours we are talking about light snowfall across areas north and west. especially through parts of berks county. there you see it kind of changing over through parts of berks county. again, very light snowfall here across 176. robson up to reading. this is continuing through
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lancaster county. this is some light rain starting to change over to very light snow or even a rain/snow mix. as temperatures continue to drop as well. now we slide up into the poconos where we have been seeing pretty steady snowfall on the lighter side. the poconos, since the elevation is higher there and the temperatures stay colder for longer, we could be seeing about an inch of accumulation in the poconos. but this is fairly light. first flakes, though, that we've seen so far, toby hannah seeing light snow there. still falling. that is expected to continue for a little while. now, as we look through most areas north and west, montgomery, bucks county, lehigh, also northampton and moving into the philadelphia county and delaware county area. we have some light rain falling. this is a cold rain. temperatures are continuing to drop down into the 30s. some areas north and west. so as we go through the next couple of hours, now until about 7:00 p.m., mainly rain around the philadelphia area, but we do have the snow falling north and west. this is mainly, again, on the lighter side. but don't be surprised if we see a little grassy accumulation.
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from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. tonight, light snow in the poconos. a chance of the snow still changing over areas north and west where we have the light rain. keep in mind temperatures are continuing to drop right now. 9:00 p.m. to midnight, cold rain around the philadelphia area. we still see possibly at this time could still see areas of rain and snow trying to move through. after midnight tonight into the morning rush tomorrow, the good news is, we do start to dry out. the morning commute will be dry. we don't expect the snow, again, to be sticking to roadways but we are certainly seeing our fair share of winter weather moving in. like i mentioned, the cold temperatures are out there. first alert meteorologist brittney shipp is standing by with a look at that. brittney? >> reporter: that's right, i'm i've in suburban square. we've seen the temperatures drop in the last 30 minutes 3 degrees. we saw the rainfall pick up in intensity. we have our photojournalist, steve grash hesh ham, show you intensity of the current rainfall. the temperatures, the other big story, how cold it is compared
5:33 pm
to yesterday. our current temperatures throughout most of the region in the mid 40s. 44 degrees in philadelphia. 41 in wilmington. 41 in reading. freezing for the poconos. 47 in allentown. mid 40s in atlantic city. 44 degrees in wildwood. temperatures throughout the i-95 corridor will drop down into the 30s right at freezing, even below freezing for our suburbs to the north and west. we're also!uh?w showing you a sf our satellite/radar shot. we picked up .04 an inch, that's the rainfall rate there of light snowfall near honey brook and also stretching into parksburg. we'll have a complete updated forecast for you, but i'm monitoring all the weather conditions here in ardmore. i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp with stormforce 10. we'll send it back to you in the studio. >> all right. our team coverage continues now with a look at cold conditions in the lehigh valley. >> nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal joins us live. is it rain falling there, randy? >> reporter: you know, i think i've seen a couple snowflakes. don't quote me.
5:34 pm
i used to live in florida. if we look over here, i think we can see at least a wintery mix of some sort. definitely seeing some bigger snowflakes calling as the temperatures are also dropping. a big reminder to everybody here that winter is coming. it's getting to be that time of the year when etch the penguins at the lehigh valley zoo think it's too frigid to be outside. >> they are from south africa. if it's below 30 degrees they do not come outside. >> reporter: even though they're penguins? >> even though they are penguins. >> reporter: if last year was any indication, they have good reason to hibernate indoors. 2013 was one of the coldest and snowiest winters in recent memory. >> nothing we can do about it. mother nature. >> reporter: people in allentown prepping for another four months of deep freeze, some buying a new winter jarcket. >> i get up at 5:00 in the morning. it's cold when i get up so i throw on a big coat. >> reporter: last winter ranked among the top ten snowiest in lehigh valley history.
5:35 pm
at the zoo, the camels have had it. most animals heading indoors. the zoo will remain open hosting a month's long light festival, feel the cool air and bask in the lights. >> what better way than to showcase winter and what better way in winter than with lights? >> reporter: and the best way to call this wintery mix that we're getting now is very stubborn. it's a mix of rain we've been having for much of the late afternoon. now we're seeing at least a couple flurries in the air. we're waiting to see if this develops into a more serious, steady snowfall, but right now, it's a mix of wet rain, a few snowflakes. definitely getting a lot colder here in the lehigh valley. live in allentown, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. and we're getting if some photos of the snow. nbc 10 viewer sent us this shot from western chester county a mile from lancaster county. a nice coating on the deck when
5:36 pm
this was taken. more live team weather coverage in just a moment. the city council is debating the future of the philadelphia gas works today and tomorrow. the council said no to the city's deal to sell pgw to uil holdings corp for more than $1.8 billion. today they talked about alternatives if the utility stays city owned. the deal expires at the end of the year. if not approved by council. the members say they've been excluded from the decision process. >> mayor continues to pretend that he involved council in this process, but actions speak louder than words. yes, he invited council members and others to a couple of meetings at which he told us what he was going to do, but that is not what fair-minded people think of as a collaborative process. >> the hearings will include testimony from experts about new directions for the utility. sale opponents are worried about private owners caring for a city asset, while still supporters say pgw can only improve in
5:37 pm
private hands. right now rates are the highest in the region, while customer satisfaction is the worst of any large gas utility in the nation. new jersey lawmakers are considering two measures stemming from the politically motivated lane closures near the george washington bridge last year. one would subject the port authority of new york and new jersey to the open records laws of both states. it also would require an annual audit. lobbying restriction and the creation of whistleblower protections. both states must pass identical bills for the legislation to take effect. new york lawmakers have already given the go-ahead. skyforce 10 over a gas main break that shut down a major road in delaware county this afternoon. a peco crew hit an underground gas main. brought traffic on route 252 to a stand still between palmers mill in upper providence township. that section of road has since re-opened. no one was hurt in the incident.
5:38 pm
do you recognize these men? police in cherry hill hope you can help track them down. the pair is accused of using a stolen credit card at macy's in the cherry hill mall. they racked up more than $8,000 worth of fraudulent charges. if you know who they are, police want to hear from you. also wanted in cherry hill, this woman stole a pair of jeans from the true religion store at cherry tree mall. the jeans cost $200. she left in a hertz rental car with illinois plates. call police if you know anything about this theft. new jersey schools may be required to keep food allergy medications on hand for students. a committee advanced a bill that addresses the growing number of school-aged kids with food allergies. the measure would allow school nurses to treat patients during an allergic reaction. right now a school must have a parent's permission before helping out. a new alternative arrived
5:39 pm
for part of the pennsylvania turnpike. three new cng pumps are open up in westmoreland county. cnb stands for compressed natural gas. these new cng stations were unveiled this afternoon. compressed natural gas is popular among commercial truck fleets. it cuts down on pollution. it's also cheaper than regular gas. goes for about $1.99 a gallon here at this stanton station. speaking of travel, septa will continue running subway trains all night on weekends despite a hefty price tag. keeping those trains rolling costs about $34,000 more than the night owl buses they've replaced. the transit authority says weekend business is booming. an average of 15,000 people ride the trains each weekend throughout the end of october and that's, of course, according to septa. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> i'm meteorologist sheena parveen. we are continuing to watch some
5:40 pm
rain changing over to light snow across parts of the area. so in some cases, we could see a little bit of light accumulation on grassy surfaces. the poconos could see about an inch of snow, but here is what the radar looks like. we are looking mainly west of philadelphia. through chester, parts of bucks county, lancaster county, or berks county i should say. so in parts of chester county, this is where we're seeing some light snow falling across the area. parksburg been seeing a little bit of light snow for a while. west caln seeing the light snow as well. if we zoom in, you can see where the light snow is falling shown by the blue coloring. the pink shows where we could be seeing a little rain/snow mix. now, this is falling fairly lightly. this is about .08 of an inch per hour. so less than a tenth of an inch. and that gives you an idea of the rate of the snow falling across this area in chester county. west caln seeing light snow. we'll take sample of this from the radar. this is lighter snow than what i showed you a little farther south. honey brook continuing to see light snow. so what's happening here is
5:41 pm
we're seeing the light rain changing over to light snow. so now we are starting to move into parts of lehigh valley, across the major interstates. 176 and 766. what we're seeing here is the temperature is dropping and that light rain is changing over to the light snow which we really only expect to accumulate on grassy surfaces. so near reading, we're seeing about .04 an inch. again, this is well less than a tenth of an inch of snow per hour possibly or precip per hour. so we are continuing to monitor this even though we don't expect it to stick to roadways. it is moving into parts of the lehigh valley or changing over i should say. reading seeing a little bit of light snow falling there. some areas, again, closer to maiden creek, the pink coloring. we could be seeing a little rain/snow mix at this time. we'll zoom out a little bit and start to see which counties out of our area are seeing more of the changeover with the cold temperatures. what we do see around the philadelphia area, this is mainly light rain, but keep in mind, this will continue to drop our temperatures.
5:42 pm
so it is a cold rain across the philadelphia area and surrounding suburbs. one section we have also been watching is up in the poconos. that is where we see the light rain falling here. this has been pretty steady light rainfall. toby hannah, mt. pocono, a lot of ski rezoosort have been seei the laight rain falling in this area. this could be an inch accumulated by the time this is all said and done. the precip rate .041 an inch per hour. that's fairly good. seeing it good on our cameras. we'll continue watching this through next few hours. as i mentioned, temperatures where the rain is falling are dropping. that will allow maybe some other spots to even drop down to see some rain changing over to snow. this is mostly on the light side, though. and as i zoom out even more, you can see much of south jersey and delaware is on the dry side. now i'll loop this. this is what's been happening over the past hour. we've seen an area of moisture move across the area. like we were telling you yesterday, some of this changing
5:43 pm
over to light rain or snow showers. mainly north and west is where we do expect the snow showers, but as we go through the rest of the evening, we will keep this in the forecast. farther to our north and west is where we see a little bit more snowfall. this is weakening, though, as it approaches, so we really only have i would say maybe three or four hours left of seeing this type of weather, although we will be watching it for you as we go through the next several hours. i'll stop this, again, and zoom into parts of chester county. some higher elevations here could be starting to see a little steadier light snowfall. again, we're query this. it's about .08 an inch per hour of precip. again, this is a little less than a tenth of an inch. again, we're seeing accumulating snow possibly on grassy surfaces. not much, though, but in the poconos, that's where we could be see about an inch of snow accumlating. these are the first flakes of the season. we have live camera views of that. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is standing by with a look at that. glenn? >> yeah, sheena, at least in the poconos the snow is looking pretty impressive and it's coming down at a fast rate and
5:44 pm
the flakes are also on the bigger side. 2 can allo some accumulation there as sheena was saying. now, on the wider view, we see a couple of things. first of all, there is a back edge to this. not going to be going all night. the temperature is going down. we're also seeing the snow in higher elevations. that is a factor. of course, the sunset. now, you can see these patches of blue, again, sheena was showing you this. and obviously the biggest one is in the poconos and spreading down a little bit toward the lehigh valley. this is a solid area of steady snow. these are not flurries. these are not snow showers. they're steady snow. now, the darker blues, it's been a long time since we've shown this, back to last winter, for example, the darker blues indicate the heavier snow. so we have one little batch of heavier snow go through, and now it's a little bit lighter.
5:45 pm
but look at the back edge of this whole storm. that is moving, so it's not going to stay all night. we have the rain in the philadelphia area right now. now, visibility gives us an idea of how heavy the snow might be. 3/4 a mile in the mt. pocono. it's fairly significant. mile and a half in reading. these other visibilities, not that low. the other thing that is clear and important is, of course, the temperatures which are above freezing except in mt. pocono which is 32. it's getting a little bit closer in parts of chester county to the freezes maing mark, too. it's one thing we have to follow hour by hour. and we'll be right back. right at 6:00, lni responsible for the safety of buildings in philadelphia to make sure this doesn't happen. >> oh, [ bleep ]. the whole building just collapsed. >> coming up, what's being done today to make sure buildings around the city stay safe. plus, a new jersey driver
5:46 pm
hits a man and keeps going with the man stuck in his windshield. at 6:00, we're talking to family and checking out the surveillance video. and with winter temperatures coming early, coming up, how local townships are preparing to keep roads safe when the snow starts falling. count on "nbc 10 news at 6."
5:47 pm
weather is a priority here at nbc 10. here's a roundup of some of the live pictures we've seen. steady snow in the poconos. at camelback mountain resort. we've seen it falling now since
5:48 pm
about 4:30. you know what, conditions here are quickly changing. >> wet roads in the lehigh valley. take it slowly here at i-78 and route 22. as the temperature continues to drop. the light, cold rain changing over to light snow. expected to stick only on grassy surfaces. and look at the steady rain there. see it on the lens of comcast center in center city, philadelphia. it's also cold out there. temperatures expected to drop into the 30s tonight. it's falling in ardmore where brittney shipp is. she's live next to stormforce 10 and, again, you're looking live at the city of philadelphia. >> we want to check conditions right now in allentown, going back to nbc 10 lehigh valley reporter randy gyllenhaal. >> randy, i understand a lot of the rain you were seeing before is transitioning to that snow? >> reporter: i think you can safely say at this point it is snowing in allentown. it's flurries. nothing too severe. it's definitely sticking to my arm. i don't know if you guys can see it back there.
5:49 pm
it's not sticking to the grass. i don't expect it to any time soon. it's wet, nasty, sleet, snow, whatever you want to call it. flurries are falling in allentown, as the temperatures are beginning to dip down. this would be the first significant snowfall in the lehigh valley. again, last year, one of the worst snowiest winters on record, top ten in lehigh valley history. right now, just a light snowfall. couple flurries. we'll see if that changes. live in allentown, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. meteorologist sheena parveen, here is a look up in the poconos. this is where we have seen pretty steady snowfall over i would say the past hour or more, and this will continue as we go through the next few hours. so we are continuing to track some rain changing over to snow through parts of our area. along with those dropping temperatures. i'll show you who can expect snow for the rest of the ev evening, coming up.
5:50 pm
5:51 pm
5:52 pm
now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> good afternoon. i'm nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen, and we're continue to track the rain changing over to light snow through parts of the area. this is mostly north and west of philadelphia. we'll start in chester county. right around highland where you see the blue shading, this is showing us what rain has been changing over to snow. the pink is about a rain/snow mix. and we're seeing about .04 falling per hour. this has been falling for quite a while in this area of chester county, near west caln township. close to a tenth of an inch an hour. as i zoom out here, really see the areas that have fbegun to change over from light rain to snow. chest e county. west caln. earl. robson, parts of berks county. reading as well seeing light snow falling. we're continuing to watch all this happen as the temperatures
5:53 pm
drop off. again, this is mainly light snow. new morgan seeing light snow as well. could accumulate on grassy surfaces. again, this continues through parts of the lehigh valley as this light rain sits right over us. temperatures dropping. this is causing all of this to be changing. through the allentown area. some light snow being reported there as the rain changes over. and through parts of the poconos, this is where we have also seen pretty steady snowfall. so in this case, in the poconos, we could actually be seeing about an inch of snow accumulating. at this point, it is still falling lightly about 0.04 an inch per hour. as we go through the next few hours we'll continue to see light rain changing over to snow. keep in mind those temperatures are still dropping. the philadelphia area, montgomery county, parts of bucks county, still seeing the cold rain falling. and as i loop this, this is what it looks like over the past hour. so we still have this light area of moisture sitting over us. but, again, as those temperatures drop off, we could still see some spots changing over to a light snowfall. so that is going to be in the
5:54 pm
forecast for the rest of this evening. so this will be the case for tonight. temperatures will be dropping down. 33 in philadelphia. 28 degrees in the suburbs. a period of rain/snow mix. tomorrow, though, we will be clearing out of the breezy and colder temperatures in the mid to low 40s. coming up, we will take a closer look at the rain and snow on the radar and who else can expect it for the evening, and also your seven-day forecast. that's straight ahead.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
take a quick live tour of these changing weather conditions across the area. up in the poconos, a live picture of steady snow. falling here in camelback mountain resort since 4:30. it's cold outside, too. we're talking 30s tonight. and steady rain and cold weather around philadelphia. take a look at the traffic backups along the schuylkill expressway. light cold rain making for a mess out there with a slick situation on area roads. live team coverage ahead. ♪
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right now at 6:00, tracking snow. these are live pictures from camelback mountain where we've seen the flakes coming down throughout this afternoon, and this isn't the only place snow is falling. good evening, i'm renee chenault-fattah. >> and i'm jim rosenfield. >> well, all afternoon we've been getting you snow pictures and please keep them coming in. now, these were sent to us from nbc 10 viewers in berks and chester county. you can see a dusting of snow covering back decks and flakes falling in front of a street light in boyertown. >> tonight, we have live team coverage of this changing weather situation. nbc 10 first alert weather team tracking the know for us. >> that's right. let's begin with nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen, and sheena, where is the snow right now? >> well, most of the snow which has begun as light rain, but now changing over to light snow, that's areas north and west of
6:00 pm
philadelphia. so chester county, parts of berks county, now lancaster county, up in the poconos we've seen it for a while. this is where we see the snow. so i'm going to zoom in here to parts of chester, berks and lancaster kthscounties. blue around west caln is light snow falling. pink, rain/snow mix. the green, light rain. across 76 through parts of chester county and into parts of lancaster county, that is where we're seeing snow falling here. this is mostly on the lighter side. in this area of chester county, higher elevation have been seeing the snow falling pretty steadily for a while. 0.04 an inch, precip rate per hour. we will continue to watch this as with go through the next few hours. this area of moisture extends and continues to get colder. as we go into parts of berks county. right near robson, 0. 04 inch per hour. it's still falling at a fairly light pace. but it is still continuing to sit in the same area. so grassy accumulations are expected in some parts


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