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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  November 14, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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it is going to be cold when you
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start your morning tomorrow. morning low temperatures will be in the low 20s, mid 20s, quakertown. teens up in the poconos. 27 for the morning low in trenton, mt. holly. 27 north east philly. mid 20s doylestown and we still expect temperatures here to be below freezing. 27 vineland, 27 in doverer and around the philadelphia area and surrounding suburbs. tomorrow morning, we will be in the upper 20s. the cold does not stop here. i'm also watching our next chance for a possible chance of colder weather coming in. >> it's friday night and that didn't stop people from venturing outside. >> workers trying to fix area roads before our cold stop. live from mayfair, luanne? >> reporter: we've been watching the temperature drop on this temperature clock the last half hour. we've seen it go from 37 to 35, there you go.
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people definitely bundled up whether they're working or playing or dealing with a cold reality. >> the dip in temperature seemed a perfect compliment to the parade of the oldest calvary in the united states. tonight, the first troop philadelphia city guard celebrated its 240th anniversary. >> the founding of the troop in 1774. >> while celebrating something old, the city opened something new, the ice rink outside of city hall. never-used-before skates on fresh ice. and a lot of first-time skaters. squl >> it's really fun today. >> what do you think? >> i think it's really cool. the view of city hall, the whole city. >> nearby on the franklin parkway, homeless huddled under blankets and card board boxes. emergency code blue bringing the homeless population in doesn't
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go into effect until the temperature dips into the 20s. penn dot workers were trying to fix some spots before we get into messier winter weather. seasonal light, a little fire and brisk night air. >> it's a great night because i can walk and not sweat. >> that's one way of looking at it. you're not going to sweat anymore, maybe, until you're shoveling snow. live in mayfair, 35 degrees, luan chan, nbc 10 news. >> and as the temperature dips and we're expecting more wet weather next week, go to to download. it's free. >> new at 11:00, west chester university sent out a campus wide rape alert. a student said she was raped at a building on campus. the suspected is alleged to be a
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student and known by the woman. >> police in darby arrested five adults, accused of these attacks on five young children. nbc 10 joins us live from the police department. >> reporter: well, jacqueline, these investigators tell us that the kids were tortured inside that home. at times, even left bloody and bruised. tonight, the people responsible for doing this are left charged. >> five children suffered abuse at the hands of five aadulthoods. investigators say s jackson, cartier, wade and hammond, who is not pictured, have all the been involved in the case. the delaware district attorney says the children, all under the age of 10, were forced to endure physical, emotional and sexual abuse. >> everybody in this house, all
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of these aadulthodults were tak terms at vairious times, taking turns, punching, shooting with b-b guns. >> reporter: one of the women were forced to perform sexual acts on a two-year-old boy. the children also witnessed the adults engage in sex. the details are so disturbing, parents on this block who recognize the suspecteds didn't want to show their faces on camera. >> it's sickening. it's terrible. >> i have daughters. i have kids. i couldn't imagine. >> reporter: according to wealand, the kids were brought to protective services. >> this house, you know, to me, when you look at this going on, was a living hell for these children. >> reporter: now, according to the court documents, jackson actually confessed to shooting the children with b-b guns but told investigators that she and
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the other adults only did it because they were playing around and that the kids wanted to be shot. as for the children, tonight, the district attorney tells us they are now staying with relatives. nbc 10 news. >> tonight, an arrest in the murder of a mother and her son found in a burning home. the woman's boyfriend is in custody tonight. the victims have not been officially identified yet. but, police now believe they are michelle heist and her 7-year-old son gavin pakst. today, police arrested joseph palmer who was in the house when the fire broke out on wednesday. they believe he killed them both and then set the house on fire. and, tonight, a huge turnout of friends, family and neighbors to remember the victims. they lit candles at key wreck field in egg harbor city. they said prayers and shared memories of the woman and her son. >> four temple university students robbed right off
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campus. they're upset the university did not alert them of the recent attacks. nbc 10 joins us live from temple's campus. keith? >> reporter: i've been in contact with two of those victims. they're too afraid to talk to us on camera or even walk the sidewalks like i'm doing now after the events that took place here wednesday night. in the shadow of the city, it's quiet now at 18th and diamond street. but, wednesday night, police say three students were held at gun point here. their phones and other belongings stolen. >> terrifying to know that that's happening right around the corner from where i live. >> reporter: grad student kimberly nolise wasn't aware of the crime. a 20-year-old student was punched in the face here at 20th and west jefferson. >> were you notified by the school? >> no. i mean, we're supposed to get, like, alerts, but weme and my rm mate didn't get anything about that. >> reporter: why?
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>> if we would have known that, we would have been way more sketched out about walking around down here. >>. >> reporter: students are aware of two resources, a shuttle system that will deliver them to their off-campus housing and walking security elscorts available if they don't feel safe. >> things like that shouldn't be toll rated here. >> this is not the safest neighborhood, everyone knows that. >> reporter: police don't believe these crimes are related. they do have one suspect in custody, but there are several more out there tonight. if you know anything about this case or these suspects, call police. keith jones, nbc 10 news. >> at lantic city's casino crisis is getting wours. today, the owners of the trump taj mahal announced they will close the casino december 12 thd. nbc 10 tells you the company is
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threatening to close next month if its main union did not drop its appeal. the taj will be the fifth atlantic city casino out of 12 to close just this year. the mayor of atlantic city said tonight, "i know this is a very difficult time for all the employee who is will be losing their jobs. i want them to know that the city of at lantic city did everything they could to help keep the trump taj mahal open. >> drivers in the garden state will not have to worry about getting caught by red light cameras next month. this week,the new jersey department of transportation sent a warning letter that all cameras must be turned off by december 16th. the five-year state pie lot program is over. there are cameras at 73 intersections across the state. >> a not guilty plea from the suspected in a high-profile abduction case appeared today in court with his public defender. the judge ordering that barnes
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be held with no bond and could not be safely released under any circumstances. he's accused of kidnapping a woman off of a germantown street two weeks ago. she was bound and kept in the trunk of a car for some time. she was rescued in maryland. >> new information on the suspected who was shot. he has died. he's been identified as william mcnulty. this is the scene that was closed between i-95 and philadelphia pike around 4:30. police still haven't released the circumstances surrounding the shooting, but we're told it's under investigation. >> terrance ward turned himself into police tonight for a string of home burglaries. ward was a firefighter in pleasantville until he was laid off last year. he's accused of renting out vail kant homes on craig's list. his mother is councilwoman judy
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ward. she told nbc 10 earlier this week that she supports her son and does not believe the charges the e to be true because of his sbeg ri ity. open enrollment begins tomorrow. some people may see their premiums rise this year. in delaware, there will now be 23 plans to choose from instead of 19. and the average cost of an individual policy will go up about 4 pnt. in the meantime, the average small business health option plan in delaware will go up about 3.6%. temperatures still falling, making this the coldest night of the season. i'm tracking how long this early winter blast will hold on. plus, our next shot at rain, even snow. >> then it took 48 days to capture eric frein. now we're counting how many millions of dollars the man hunt will cost tax dollars. >> and take a look at vandals trashing a park in manyunk.
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. new at 11:00 tonight, a south jersey woman is foiund ded in her apartment. the family found the 26-year-old woman around 6:00 tonight in her paulsboro apartment. they last saw her alive sunday. $11 million plus. that's how much pennsylvania state police say they spent on the man hunt to find accused trooper killer eric frein. that includes nearly $7 million in overtime, close to $2.8 million in benefits and just over $650,000 in salary. at least 1,000 law enforcement officers took part in the search for frein. he was arrested 48 days after he ambushed a barracks killing one trooper and wounding another. a burlington county man has
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pleaded guilty to the killing spree in south jersey. he robbed the same bank three times in willingboro. in some of the robberies, he had an accomplice. kaucaught on camera vandalig philadelphia park last saturday morning. you can see one of the suspects kicking and breaking the l.e.d. lights on the lawn. he then pulls the rope lighting from the handrails of the stairs. 23 you recognize iert suspected, call police. this weekend, hundreds of four-legged competitors will be vying for the hitle of 207 dog. >> that's because the national dog show is coming to town. the two-day competition, it kicks off tomorrow with some 50,0 0 people expected to turn out. more than 1500 dogs come peeting for the top spot. from little to big, furry to shaved, 150 dogs will be represented. the valley forge tourism convention board says this is a
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win-win situation with the show bringing in 750,000 tourism dollars to our area. look at these faces. and this one, this is our favorite, right? >> yes. >> the show runs from 830 a.m. to 630 p.m. on sunday. if you can't make it, you can watch the show thanksgiving day at noon right here on nbc 10. >> i think that one dogs, he'd be all right in this weather. >> take me outside. >> yeah, the dogs with all the fur, they're the ones that are really going to like the cold now. us, on the other hand, we have to get the big, puffy koecoats , dress in layers. a colder start to your morning tomorrow. these type of temperatures are going to be unseasonably cold. this is the coldest so far. 22 as you wake up tomorrow morning, areas north and west of philadelphia. that's the lehigh valley. mainly, poconos will be in the teens. in philadelphia, the suburbs, mid 20s when you wake up in the morning tomorrow.
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it's going to stay cold all weekend. every even the next several days, and we have some wet cold days in the forecast. and some areas have a little chance of seeing a wint ri mix. right now, we are at or below freezing in some spots. 32 in allentown, mid 30s in reading, poconos are already in the upper 20s, trenton coming in at 32. same thing, glasboro. freezing in dover, but millville coming in the mid 20s right now. take a look at how much of the country is seeing this cold air. in bismarck, that's a minus one actual temperature, not windchill. and many areas around much of the country right now are at or below freezing, this extends down to atlanta, which is now at 32 degrees. this is a big area of cold weather and it will not be leaving us any time soon. so just keep that in mind as you plan out your wardrobe over the next several days. latest effect snow showers
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and the poconos are seeing a little bit of this. they're getting a little built of flakes across carbon and monroe counties. we do stay on the dry side. it will be cold, regard legislatiless of the sunshine tomorrow. as our next weather system approach approaches, there is a chance we can see a little precip north and west. some of that could be a wintery mix. and then we should mainly just see a rainy and cold day as we go through the day on monday. so remember that as we start off next week. for tonight, though, mostly clear, unseasonable le eely cold. upper 20s for the areas north and west. tomorrow, mostly sunny through the afternoon. but the temperatures don't warm up because of the sunshine. we'll stay in the low 40s. if you think our weather is cold, take a look at what the eagles have to deal with as they go into sunday. remember, they'll be in green bay.
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temperatures there, game time will be in about the mid 20s. windchills around 12 sddegrees the end of the day. green bay will be in the single dijts. if you think our weather is bad, it could be a lot worse. as we go into monday, there you see the rain in the forecast. some areas north and west could see a rain-snow mix. >> all right, sheena, thanks. boy, oh, boy, all the few weeks left. temperatures are just above freezing and the quest for state championships are heating up. here's a cut-off edition of "the high school blitz". let's do it, the catholic league 4-a championship was a one-sided affair. st. joe's prep defending its crown, 46-13. bristol going for the two-point conversion.
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but springfieldspringfield coun uh-uh. picked off by pennsbury's rob daily. and daily knows what to do with the pill. catch him like you cif you can ginger breadman, collings wewoop sets camden 15-7. marquis turns it up for a long run that would set up the touch doin. palmyra wins 33-22. south jersey's holy cross, they advance to the next round. they ran all over pendry 35-0. >> the high school blitz game of the week is brought to you by your quality plus ford stores.
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>> rest assured, your votes count. you wanted to see springfield delaware county take on potsgrove in springfield, delco. plus, some sky lights. upper dublin throwing off west chester. ryan stover rolls out and finds don barrett in the back of the end zone. kolts throw a qb. always a threat to run. he keeps it and the kid has more movers than a u-haul truck. turns it up for a 37 yard gain. coatsville whips up west chester. punches the ball free. they win 20-0. >> "the high school blitz" play of the week is brought to you by toyota. let's go places. >> our play of the week comes from the easton freedom game. he's the one guy freedom does not want to have the ball in his hands. he's on the move like the lease is up.
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simpson makes them pay, a 79 yard touch down as easton rolls to a 20-8 shutout. playoff high lights from delaware, pennsylvania and new jersey are coming up on the high school blitz. that's tomorrow night at 7:00. where else but right here on nbc 10. . . much more sports on the way. the sixers look to rebound from last night and the flyers welcome back skothd hartel. high lights are on the way.
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>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity. your home for the most live sports. >> once again, the flyers hasn't e hnt played since last saturday. flyers welcoming back scott hartman. second period, flyers down a goal until guess who comes a calling? jacqueline jake borachek. six minutes later, nick falino from columbus. that's where they would stay as the flyers take it on the chin, 4-3. the sixers had a tall task one day after losing 53 points.
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this wasn't what we thought it would be. tie game, under a minute to go. it mattered most with the huge three. looked like this could be a sixers first win. later, michael car-williams comes up empty. rock ets get the board. villanova opening the college hoops season. darren hilliard from bethlehem. shaky ground until nova takes over. nova survives beating lehigh 77-66. >> zx t. joes falls to dickenson. that's sports, i'm danny pommelsls, we'll be right back. what's possible today?
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no denying it anymore. ski season is almost herement you're looking at a live picture of camelback mountain in the poconos. topt, crews fired up the sonoma sheens to top off the real stuff left behind from yesterday. >> that does look cold, though, doesn't it? >> boy, it really does. >> and it's going to stay cold in the poconos to support that snow for several days. tomorrow morning, waking up in the 20s across the area. highs in the low 40s. we could see a little wintery mix late sunday if the system moves in early enough. after monday, look at the
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high temperature tuesday and wednesday. high temperature in the mid 30s. yes, the cold is really locking down on us. >> yes, it does. all right, thank you. >> for all of us here, thanks for watching, have a great weekend. stay warm. ♪ ♪ (dad) there's nothing i can't reach in my subaru. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru,a subaru.
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- liam hemsworth, katherine heigl, comedian sebastian maniscalo,


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