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tv   NBC 10 News at 9am  NBC  November 15, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EST

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just one degree above freezing. 36 in millville. 37 in wildwood. the windchill a lot colder than that. 15 in mount pocono. feels like 20 nasdaq atlantic city andover. windchill is 24. when you head out this morning dress for these temperatures. most spots feeling like the 20s. for today, lots of sunshine. grab the sunglasses, grab the coat, hat, gloves. 38 by 11:00. by 3:00, looking at 43 degrees. all right. matt delucia has been shivering all morning out there. any better? >> yeah, michelle, a little bit better now that the sun is out but it's still very cold out here. you can see people are outside here at the farmer's market. they're selling food and out here making a sale, running or catching the bus. most people we found are bundled up. ask around and some people will tell you -- >> i love cold weather. >> reporter: -- but considers just three days ago it was 70,
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it's mard to believe you need all this to walk out the door. >> when it's cold out here, you can probably find 20 people. >> reporter: outside the park, the new ice rink needs very little help staying cold. in fact, this ice sculpture is barely melted after an entire day and night in the elements. it's enough to bundle up tight unless maybe you're from buffalo like this couple. >> crazy. >> babies. this is nothing. we got six inches of snow up there right now. >> they and a few thousands others embarked on this rocky run at the art museum in shorts or layers. >> did you come here to get away from that? >> yeah, i came here to get away from that. see the great city of philadelphia and then also run in the 5k. >> reporter: how are you staying warm? >> just like four layers on. leg warmers, mittens. the whole nine. i pr we pair like it was buffalo. >> reporter: yeah, got to be ready one way or the other. in fact, we've seen the people who finished up that rocky run just walking through this street
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of center city just within the past few minutes. no matter what, we see people out here ready to go. they know the worst is yet to come. live, matt delucia, nbc10 news. with this winter like weather sticking around for the next few days at least, make sure you have the nbc10 first alert weather app. download it free on our website new from overnight. police are investigating the stabbing in kensington. this happened around 2:00 this morning at kensington and allegheny avenue. police tell us the victim was stabbed twice in his upper body and is in critical condition. investigators have not made any arrests yet in this case. this morning camden county police are searching for a man wanted for two murders that happened only a few hours apart. investigators are now asking for the public's help to track him down. this is 31-year-old elliott nock. considered armed and dangerous. investigators say nock is
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responsible for the murder of 37 yerld nelson jackson and 21-year-old daniel damon, both victims were shot to death in camden on monday night two hours apart. anybody with information as to nock's where abouts is urged to call police. we have new information now on the deadly shooting of a suspect by delaware state troopers. sky force 10 was right over the scene yesterday near harvey road in new castle county and we're learning that william mcnaulty, the suspect, was wanted for two armed robberies yesterday morning. according to police, mcnaulty was killed after leading them on a chase when troopers spotted his car and approached him investigators tell us mcnaulty rammed his vehicle into theirs. after the chase police say they fired shots into mcnaulty's car when he ignored their commands to stop. he later died at the hospital from the gunshot wound. the man accused of snatching a philadelphia woman right off the street and holding her captive has pleaded not guilty to federal kidnapping charms.
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barnes appeared yesterday with his public defender. the judge ruled that barnes will be held without bail pending trial. he's accuse of kidnapping freeland-gaither in germantown on november 2 bd. she was miss for three days before investigators tracked down barnes in maryland and rescued her. prosecutors say the victim was found and kept in the trunk of barnes' car. some disturbing allegations out of delaware county. five adults are accuse of sexually and physically abusing children as young as 2 years old. according to police, the investigation involved five children. prosecutors say the suspects forced sex on some of the kids and shot them with bb guns. they say the abuse happened inside a row home on 7th street in darby borough. jackson, daryl carter, william wade, mark isil and daniel hammond have been charged in connection in the case. four belong to jackson, the other to hammond. >> you can't make this stuff up. it's har fiing.
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>> this house, you know, to me, when you look at this going on was a living hell for these children. >> the district attorney tells us the case was brought to the attention of county detectives by youth services back in june. the children are now staying with relatives. from our south jersey bureau. a mistrial has been declared in the case against a burlington county couple accused of child abuse. prosecutors say they will we try army major john jackson and his wife carolyn. the mt. holly couple is charged with abusing their three adopted children. the mistrial is ordered after a witness testified that another child of theirs died in 2008. jurors were not supposed to hear about that death. $45 million, that's the settlement awarded to a woman who was held captive for a decade in a philadelphia basement. police say tamara and three others who are mentally disabled
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were abused by linda weston and two men in a scam to steal their social security check. they know they may never pay up but they believe the verdict will send a strong message. they're now in jail awaiting trial. a the criminal justice center a jury convicted a former if i'll fill police officer for roughing up an iraqi war veteran. kevin corcoran was found guilty in connection to the incident in center city which was caught on cellphone video. >> i'm not even doing anything. >> don't touch me. >> i'm not touching you. >> don't touch me. >> prosecutors say corcoran threw king into an suv and took him into an alley. king claims he was never told he was under arrest and corcoran only let him go after king told him he was in the air force. corcoran is scheduled to be sentenced in january. after a botched initial rollout this time last year, health officials in the obama administration are hoping today goes off without a hitch as it
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marks the second open enrollment period for the affordable care act. last year's disastrous rollout of took months to correct but this year the site has undergone five weeks of testing to make sure there are not any problems. if you're thinking about going without insurance in 2015 you may want to reconsider. you will be fined $325, that's per person, or 2% of your family income, whichever is greater. if you would like more info on the affordable care act we've got your koved. it's on our websites, today world leaders are gathered in australia for the g-20 summit. what they hope to accomplish over the two-day conference. and today a surgeon will ride back home from west africa. he will become the tenth person with ebola to be treated in the u.s.
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it's ten minutes after 9:00. here's a live look at city hall in philadelphia. the sun is up. no clouds. that's a good news. however, it's not really going to help us. it's not going to warm up that much today. temperatures right now in the mid 30s. we've been hovering around that freezing mark all morning long. we also have a system that could be pushing in sunday night into monday. meteorologist michelle grossman will fill you in on the details in the seven day. let's head to indonesia where a strong undersea earthquake triggered a brief tsunami warning president the 7.1 magnitude quake hit early this morning about 29 miles below the surface. it generated some small waves along the coast but fortunately there was no major damage. the tsunami warning was lifted just a short time later. new data on tabed by nbc news shows that u.s. air strikes are not slowing down isis. in fact, isis attacks are increasing. the analysis by the james terrorism and insurgency center
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says there were more than 100 attacks by isis in iraq in june and again in july. then when u.s. air strikes began in august the number jumped to 171 and stayed relatively high in september and october. america's nuclear arsenal in decline for years is now getting an overhaul. the pentagon will spend $10 billion to refurbish those aging weapons and support systems. defense secretary chuck hagel says he ordered the changes after two military reports showed the u.s. nuclear force is decaying and is mismanaged. >> we want to fix this. eventually it get to a point where there will be questions about our security. >> the overhaul also includes boosting the nuclear force by more than 1,000 service members over the next five years. right now the g-20 summit is under way in brisbane, australia. president obama is joining other world leaders to hash out a plan to save a sagging global economy. the group accounts for 80% of
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world trade and 85% of global economic production. during the two-day summit they will attack other climate change to the rise of isis in syria and iraq and the ebola outbreak in west africa. back in the u.s. the parents of michael brown who was shot and killed by a police officer in ferguson, missouri, are in st. louis. they arrived ahead of a grand jury decision on whether the officer will face charges in the shooting and that decision could come as early as this weekend. his parents had been in switzerland where they testified before a u.n. human rights against torture. the shooting and the tactics used by ferguson police in the weeks after the incident vial latted the u.n.'s antitorture convention. according to brown's family the teen was surrendering when he was shot and killed by officer darren will snon auguso. police say brown attacked the officer and that wilson killed the unarmed teen in
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self-defense. the latest american diagnose with ebola will be flown to a treatment center in open no a, nebraska, later on today. mr. martin salia was working as a surgeon in sierra leone. his home is in maryland. he will be to be admitted to that nebraska facility. the fellow doctor was successfully treated there in the last two months. now let's talk about the spacecraft that landed on the speeding comet. it's fallen into idle mode and all instruments onboard have shut down. still, scientists hope they will get to hear a signal at some point today. yesterday controllers at the european space agency ordered that the philae lander rotate itself out of the shadow to catch more sun light. the primary batteries are depleted and the lander has to rely on solar panels to generate any kind of elect industry. the head of emissions says while scientists will listen for the
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signals today it's unlikely they will establish communication any time soon. still ahead, we'll take you to the poconos where the white stuff had business owners thinking green. all right. cold enough there to make snow. that's good news. temperatures in the 30s across the area. a little breeze out there. wind will not be a problem. lots of sunshine throughout the day. we'll talk more about the cold weather today and even colder temperatures in your seven day. that's all straight ahead.
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they're making snow in the poconos if y poconos. business owners in that area are very optimistic about an early start to the season. mother nature certainly helped out on thursday night leaving an inch or two of fresh snow on blue mountain in carbon county. now the snow machines will add to that. resorts, restaurant, and shops say a good tourist season is needed this winter. fall was interrupted by the manhunt by for eric frein so snow this early is a good sign. >> it gets people excited about ski season. any time mother nature helps us out with fresh snow, it's good for ticket sales. >> target to hope blue mountain is black friday. so far the cold weather is cooperating. ♪ a little singing to go along with skating at yesterday's grand opening of the institute ice arink. it will stay open until late february.
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the cost to skate is 4 bucks for adults, $3 for children under 10. if you need to rent skates it will cost you more, about $8. looking good out there. now your nbc10 first alert weather. >> looks like so much fun. today a perfect day for that. it's going to feel winter like. even colder during your workweek. temperatures into the low 40s today. a cold day, well below normal. we're going to see lots of sunshine despite that. it will be cold. 13 degrees cooler than what is typical for this time of year. feeling more like december. it's going to feel colder during the workweek. we're looking at rain event. cold rain. we may see wet snow, maybe freezing rain mixing in. i'll explain that in a minute. we're walking out the door this morning to sunny skies. 36 in philadelphia. temperatures across the region. they're mainly in the 30s. finally we made it into the 30s in most spots. one exception, mount pocono, 25. 33 in lancaster.
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36 335 at the atlantic city airport. 36 in dover. 35 as we head towards parts of central and southern jersey. looking at windchills. yeah, feels colder than it is. it feels like 14 in mount pocono. 29 in reading. when you step out this morn you want to dress for the 20s. dress for the teens in mount pocono. a cold start you want to wear the layers this morning. we're going the keep that cold air in place. by 11:00, lunchtime, going to grab a bite to eat, 37 in philadelphia. then we're probably going to hit 42 as a high later on this afternoon before we drop it right back down into the 30s and near freezing in philadelphia tonight. even colder if you head to the north and west. cold air is over. high pressure in control. keeping that cold air in place. then by tuesday even colder. arctic blast comes down, hangs around tuesday, wednesday. retreats back to the north of that cold air stays in place for at least a rest of the seven day. so we're looking at a long stretch of cold weather. sunny but cold today. nothing to worry about on radar.
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high pressure bringing the westerly winds. out of the northwest. see them switch out of the west keeping the cold air in place. sunshine today. clouds build in tonight for your saturday night plans. waking up to clouds on sunday. same story on sunday. we're not going to have the brightest of days. overnight sunday and monday. that's when the rain arrives. wet snowflakes to the north of poconos. maybe even freezing rain by monday morning. mostly cold rain event for the day on monday. and then maybe finishing up with a few wet snowflakes as well as cold air comes in on the back side of this. today most he sunny and cold. cold night, 32. right at the freezing mark in philadelphia. 26 north and west. 42 today. that will be our high as we head towards the afternoon. a little warmer. 44 on sunday with clouds in place. that cold rain comes in overnight. sunday into monday, 45. the arctic blast arrives on tuesday and wednesday. temperatures not getting into the 30s. rebound to the 40s on thursday with cold wind just 44. now let's introduce you to this week's wednesday's child. this person will definitely put
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a smilen your face. four years amarquise was searching for a forever home and his dreams came true. here's a look at how he made one family complete. >> reporter: we first met 12-year-old maurkice at the new jersey state police museum. these days his life is filled with love and laughter with his new family. >> the best part, i like when i live with you two is that i can go to the store whenever i want. >> oh. >> i can buy whatever i want. >> reporter: we caught up with him at a recent wednesday's child event where they celebrated their family and checked out some cool things at the aquarium. when starting their adomption journey they knew what they were looking for. >> we wanted to adopt an older kid and so we were looking at the website and we saw maurkice so at that time we started the process of going through the all the training to become
9:21 am
foster/adoptive parents. >> reporter: after meeting him they knew it was a perfect match. it was love at first sight. >> it was his smile and his attitude and his -- we have the same likes, sports, video games. we have a lot in common. >> reporter: how does he feel about his new family? >> excited. almost made me cry. >> reporter: while he knows how to hang out and play video games with dad, he also knows how to make mom very happy. >> he is very polite and he opens doors for me and he helps me carry the groceries in. >> reporter: congratulations to maurkice and his new family. >> you can make a child's dream of a forever family come stwroo true sponsored by the dave thomas foundation. go to our website and search wednesday's child or you can always call the national adoption center at 1-866-do-adopt.
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still ahead, financial woes for one of the oldest wineries in the country. what this south jersey landmark wants their community members and patrons to know. what's possible today?
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in ways you never thought possible. comcast nbcuniversal bringing media and technology together for you. a south jersey winery is struggling to stay in business but is vowing not to close. the renault winery and golf in egg harbor city filed for chapter 11 protection. the winery opened in 1864 and the owners want community members to know that they will remain open during the bankruptcy reorganization. officials with renault say they're not looking to sell. there was a scheduled sheriff's sale for thursday but it was canceled when the bankruptcy papers were filed. renault is one of the oldest wineries in the country. similar troubling news in the atlantic city a sip no crisis. the date is now set for the trump taj mahal to close its doors.
9:25 am
yesterday the owners of the taj announced they will shut down the casino on december 12th. we've been reporting the owners have been threatening to close if it's made union did not drop an appeal of a court ordered savings package. the bankrupt taj mahal will be the 50th atlantic city casino out of 12 to close this year. in a statement last night atlantic say mayor said, quote, i know this is a very difficult time for all the employees who will be losing their jobs. i want them to know that the city of atlantic city did everything it could to help keep the trump taj mahal open. now to news from delaware where nearly two weeks after election day one race in kent county is still being contested. here's the deal. republican lamar gunn is challenging the results from reporter of deeds. the tally faced him apled of betly lou mckenna by two votes. there were several recounts and mckenna was declared the winner. gunn filed a lawsuit contesting
9:26 am
the results. pennsylvania governor-elect tom wolf will be getting some pointers this weekend on how to be a governor. he's attending a national seminar for new governor in colorado. local discuss the seminar during a news conference later this morning. meanwhile, montgomery county commissioner's chairman shapiro is the vice chairman of the budget team. he says that pennsylvania's finances are a top priority. >> the critical thing right now facing a multi-billion dollar budget hole is we bring democrats and republicans together under the leadership of governor-elect wolf and we address these pressing problems with new and innovative solutions. >> tom wolf defeated governor tom corbett in last week's election. wolf will be sworn in as pennsylvania's new governor on january 20th. time right now is 9:26. still ahead on "nbc10 news today." we're talking about that cold weather out there. and matt delucia has been doing us all a big favor checking out what the conditions are like in
9:27 am
philadelphia. what's going on, matt? >> reporter: yeah, whether you're walking or working, rosemary, you want to get jacket before you head out the door today. we'll give you a live look at how people are dealing with these cold tomorrows coming up after this break. >> yes, you will need that jacket, the gloves, temperatures are cold. again, temperatures right around 40. look at someone walking on the beach. layer up if you're going to be out side for an extended period of time. we'll talk more about that coming up.
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right now on "nbc10 news today" camel back mountain resort is cranking out the snow with less than two weeks to go until the start of the ski season. from the mountains to the seashore, here in cape may it looks like a beautiful day, but the winter like temperatures will keep folks from taking a stroll on the beach. a little bit later on this morning, walkers will gather out here at citizens bank park in south philly for the als walk. if you're participating, definitely wear a couple of layers today. good morning. welcome back to "nbc10 news toda today". i'm rosemary connors. 9:30 on this saturday. let's get right to meteorologist michelle grossman who is tracking the cold and clear conditions outside. michelle, we know it gets colder this year but it seems like
9:31 am
colder than normal. >> we're about 13 degrees below what is typical for this time of year. a cold start and cold finish, a cold day but even colder during your workweek. let's take a look out doors. it's a pretty it so. we are looking at blue skies. we are looking at a pretty view from the inside out. 36 right now in philadelphia. we finally made it above freezing in many spots. 34 in allentown. 33 in lancaster. 35 in atlantic city. 37 in wildwood. but it feels a lot colder than that. it feels like the teens in mount pocono. 20s everywhere else. the windchill in allentown is 26. 28 in wilmington. if you have games, you have things to do you want to dress for the 20s this morning. as we go throughout your saturday, plan on a pretty day. need your sunglasses but a cold day as well. 38 by 11:00. by 1:00, 41. by 3:00, 43 degrees. all right. to matt delucia has been live outside all day long in this weather. matt, i'm curious. we should do a yay or nea tally and see who likes this weather.
9:32 am
>> yeah. it is chilly out rear height now, michelle. but people are out here enjoying it. look here. we've got the farmers market out here on walnut just by town square. these folks come out here week after week. you've got some people selling their fruits and vegetables. the most popular spot right now will be the soup stand. who couldn't use a nice bowl of hot soup on a day like this. we have kate. kit kate, you're the only one with a line right now. is this what you look forward to every year? >> it is. this is definitely our season. we sell a lot of soup this time of year. we are here year-round. we're definitely one of the more popular vendors just when it gets cold like this. we're here in the summer but this is definitely our time. >> you got to be out here for six hours. how do you stay warm when you're outside for that long? >> we're lucky because we have stoves so the soup so we can huddle round the stove it is we get too cold. right now it's not too bad. come february we will be feeling it. sometimes we have to take breaks
9:33 am
and go into the store. >> reporter: are you bracing yourself for what's to come? >> i'm hoping it's not as bad as last year. last year was pretty brutal. we had a few rough days out here. but we're we're every weekend, rain or shine or snow or whatever. >> reporter: all right. kate, thank you so much. you're going to be doing a lot of business this afternoon. >> yeah. >> and, yeah, we have people who are still out and about on this saturday morning. so we're going to be talking to folks out here as we are enjoying the this weather. i talked with a few people out who are saying this isn't bad at all. they enjoy this. come january or february, that opinion might change quite a bit. live, i'm matt delucia, nbc10 news. >> thank you, matt. as the temperature dips and more wet weather is expected. definitely have the nbc10 first alert weather app handy. down it for free from our website. go to new from overnight. police are investigating a stabbing in the kensington section of philadelphia. this happened around 2:00 this morning at kensington and
9:34 am
allegheny avenues. police tell us the victim was stabbed twice in his upper body. right now he's in critical condition. no word yet on a suspect or a motive in this case. as suspected cop killer eric frein awaits his next court appearance we are learning just how much the manhunt to bring him in is costing taxpayers in pennsylvania. state police say they spent more than $11 mm million during the seven weeks frein was on the run. that includes nearly $7 million in overtime. close to $2.8 million in benefits. and more than $657,000 in salary. at least 1,000 law enforcement officers took part in the search for frein. he was arrested 48 days after investigators say he ambushed the state police barracks in pike county. frein is accuse of killing one trooper there and wounding another. today in glocester county authorities will conduct the autopsy of a woman who was found dead in an apartment. the woman's body was discovered last night inside an apartment
9:35 am
on thompson avenue. she was 26 years old. according to authorities she was last seen alive by her relative on sunday. investigators are now calling the woman's death suspicious. let's head now to westchester university where school officials are warning students about a rape on campus. school officials sent out a campus wide alert yesterday. this after a student told police that she was raped at a residential building early in the morning. the suspect is believed to be a student at westchester. the school is asking any students to come forward if they know anything about what happened. now to temple university where some students there tell us that they should have gotten some kind of notification from the school after four classmates were robbed right off campus earlier this week. on wednesday night police say three students were held at gun point at 18th and diamond. their phones and other belongings were stolen. that same night a 20-year-old junior was punched in the face at 15th and west jefferson. her phone was also stolen. students we spoke to last night tell us they were not aware of
9:36 am
these crimes. >> were you notified by the school? >> no. i mean, we -- we're supposed to get alerts but me and my roommate didn't get anything like that. >> it makes me uncomfortable that the university wouldn't alert us about it. >> according to a temple spokesperson the crime did not warrant a school wide alert. however, temple tells us they are increasing patrols and they have two resources available for students. a shuttle system to off campus housing and security escorts. police do not believe the robberies are related. so far they have only one suspect in custody. this morning a delaware county teen is being honored for standing up to bullies who teased her for shaving her head to show her support for cancer patients. klly wilson of woodland caught off all her hair to support her grandmother who was recently diagnosed with cancer. this morning a group teach anti-bullying is giving her a medal of courage. kelly will get a day of pampering at salon oh livy in new town square.
9:37 am
this weekend crews will be taking another crack at removing those famous pnb letters in philadelphia. they stand for philadelphia national bank. workers tried to pry them loose in august but you may remember that it was really windy that day and some of the letters wouldn't budge. this time tomorrow crews are going to be bringing in different equipment to get the job done. the historic landmark building is located at 1 south broad street just south of city hall. philadelphia national bank bought the building in the 1950s for for tomorrow with the removal of the letters expect the streets in the area to be closed from 6:00 in the morning until about 4:00 in the afternoon. today begins the second open enroll m period for the affordable care act. the law requires that everybody get health insurance. last year you may remember there were some glitches to say the least with the launch including the website this year officials are encouraging people to sign up early to help them avoid any last-minute problems. if you do enroll by december 15th, coverage will kick in on
9:38 am
january 1st. if you've got questions, we want to help you answer them. we've got some more information about the affordable care act on our website, we've been talking about the cold weather today. the frigid temperatures, they're not going to stop the participants in the als walk in philadelphia this morning. the popularity of last summer's ice bucket challenge sparked a lot of people to sign up this year. here's a live look in south philly. this is where the two-mile walk will begin at 11:00 this morning. if you would like to participate get that blood flowing this morning, you can still sign up. registration gains in a few minutes at 10:00. here we go. one, two, three. >> so this is what i was talking about with these ice bucket challenges. remember these? the als association of philadelphia tells us that the number of people who are going to be participating in today's fund-raising walk, that number has jumped. 260 teams will take part today.
9:39 am
that's up from 200 last year. organizers believe that these ice bucket challenges that went viral on the internet which raised money for als gave people hope and a creative way to generate awareness about the disease. still ahead, a playoff edition of the "high school blitz." we'll tell you who is moving on and who is going home after another week of postseason action. and we are also following a different kind of competition as docs from all across the country are in our area hoping to win the tight of best in show.
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remember all that construction happening city hall. this was all part of the plan. here's a life look at the roth man institute ice rink at the park in center city right by city hall. it opens this morning at 11:00. you can ice skate until 11:00 this evening. should be a great day to do it. just definitely have the glofs, the hat, the scarf, you know the deal. happening today, it is the first day of the national dog show in oaks month gogomery cou. they will compete throughout the weekend. events are scheduled until 6:30 today and then again tomorrow from 8:30 in the morning until 6:30 at night. at the end of the weekend, one dog will win the title of best
9:43 am
in show. if you can't be there in person you can watch the national dog show at noon on thanksgiving day right here on nbc10. all right. some news now for football fans. if you're planning to go to the penn state/temple game today you may want to pass this along. your ticket may be no good. somebody stole 115 tickets for seats in the visitor's section of beaver stead yum at penn state. officials say if you have one of them you're not going to be allowed into the game. if you think you bought a stolen ticket we're trying to help you out here. go to our website we set up a link to find out how to resolve the issue ahead of kickoff. let's look at this scene in south bend, indiana. work crews and dozens of volunteers at notre dame stadium are clearing more than a foot of snow. imagine that. the shovels and snowblowers will be working right up to kickoff time today with more snow in the forecast. the fighting irish host northwestern this afternoon at 3:30. you can watch it right here on nbc10.
9:44 am
it was very scary. >> do that again for us, please? >> turkey takeover. why this is happening. all right. cold today. temperatures right around freezing. so many spots. you want to bundle up if you head out. a perfect day to make some snow mt. pocono mountains. getting closer to the mol theys. we'll talk more about the cold weather today. a storm on the way. and then even colder temperatures in your seven-day. that's all after the break.
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chlts i can't believe i'm saying this but it is less than two weeks before thanksgiving. this month flew by quickly. a town in massachusetts is being terrorized by turkeys. take a look. residents in brookline say they've been chase bid the birds. a crossing guard had to call police one day when the flock of turkeys got into her way. animal control says they've had several other calls just this week. two flocks live in the hills behind a local school and some parents say their kids have even gotten attacked. >> turkeys started to run after my kids and then they pecked at a car. >> they are everywhere. you know what? sometimes they're almost as tall as my kids, so we're always telling the kids to stay clear of them. >> they don't seem terribly scared. at least the people there are taking this in stride, laughing about it a little bit. animal control says it is turkey mating season so that's why
9:48 am
people are seeing so many birds around. now your nbc10 first alert weather. >> kind of makes you want to stick to them, huh. cold touchdown, temperatures below normal. well below normal, 13 degrees below normal. near freezing. finally we made it above free freezing. daytime high later on this afternoon in the 40s. let's look at the temperatures the past five days p weapon had a huge drop from wednesday into thursday. you remember tuesday and wednesday kind of feels like a long, long time ago. 70 degrees. we have that drop off to 47 on thursday into the 40s yesterday. and then today probably just 42. stepping out this morning the rocky run hopefully wearing layers because it is chilly but at least it's sunny. mostly sunny. 36 right now. winds out of the northwest at 12 miles per hour. that is giving us a windchill as we head throughout. most of today we're going to see temperatures feeling like the 30s. right now we are in the 30s. 35 in reading. 36 in philadelphia. 35 also in atlantic city. we have sunshine across the board. it looks pretty. it's a nice looking day.
9:49 am
it's just a cold day. temperatures, lots of blue on the map. here are the 30s. 34 in allentown. two degrees above freezing. 20s in mount pocono. 39 in wildwood. 35 in atlantic city. it feels more like the 20s. 26 in allentown. 28 is the windchill in wilmington. it still feels like the teens in mount pocono. dress for the temperatures as you head out this morning. we have cold air in place that came in yesterday. it's going to stay with us as we head throughout the next couple of days. then arctic blast comes in tuesday and wednesday. we're talking high temperatures in the 30s. windchills in the 20s in some spots. then arctic air restreets to the north. we have cold air still in place. at least throughout most of the seven days. we're looking at a long event for this cold weather. sunny but cold today. radar looking good. lake-effect snow but it's well to the north. poconos when but it's not going to make it there. especially when we see the winds switch around from the northwest to the west. sunny but cold today. high pressure in lace. that's keeping us cold, sunny as well. and then we're going to see
9:50 am
things begin to change. that high will shift off the coast in future weather as we go throughout tonight. date night on saturday night. clouds are rolling in. plan on that. looking at temperatures dipping near the freezing mark tonight overnight and sunday morning and 20s knot and west. then changes come on sunday into monday. rain that comes in. cold rain. may see wet snowflakes. lehigh valley. mostly a cold rain event for everyone. then it will clear out by tuesday. back behind that we're looking at this arctic blast. today, mostly sunny and cold. dip near the freezing mark in philadelphia. into 220s. 42, lots of sunshine today. by sunday, more clouds. 44. that cold rain comes in on monday, 45. you really want to bundle up tuesday and wednesday. temperatures into the mid 30s. 35 on tuesday. 36 on wednesday. sunshine returns on thursday. so do the 40s. 44. and then we will see more clouds on friday just 42 degrees.
9:51 am
good morning to you. i'm danny pommells from comcast sportsnet. we only have a few weeks left and quest for state championships are heating up. here's the playoff edition of "the high school blitz." let's do it. catholic league 4a championship game. st. joe's prep running back around the left side. he gets in as prep defends its crown, 36-15. two-point cop version but montgomery county says uh-uh, the quarterback stops short of the goal line. a big play. they win by one. garnett valley trying to throw but their pass is picked off by rob daily and daily doing what he does. catch him if you can like the gingerbread man. goes the other way for pick six. 45-14 victory.
9:52 am
collinswood. pat wheels in the grab. nights heads up play. collingswood. sweet pitch here. turns it up for a long run. that was set up a touchdown. this kid has got more moves than a u-haul. 33-22. south jersey's holy cross is advances to the next round. they ran overall them. 35-0. >> the "high school blitz" game of the week is brought to you by your quality plus ford stores. home of america's favorite brand. >> you voted for it and springfield remains undefeated. brian allen runs in for the score. 10-6. how about some skylights. upper dublin throwing on westchester. check out ryan stover who rolls out and finds john in the back of the end zone. 41-23. qb young always a threat to run.
9:53 am
the kid keeps itnd turns it up for a 7-yard gain. young would run it in. doubles up. 56-28. bishop shanahan trying to find great valley but great valley pumplges the ball. they recover it and go on to win in shutout fashion. >> "the high school blitz" play of the week is brought to you by toyota. let's go places. >> oh, baby. our play of the week comes from the easton/freedom game. freedom falls to shane simpson and s2 is the one guy freedom does not want the ball in his hands. the guy has more games than xbox. 79-yard touchdown and rolls to a 28-0 shutout. cue the music. half hour of playoff highlights from delaware, pennsylvania, and new jersey are coming up on the "high school blitz" tonight at 7:00. where else, right here on nbc10. i'm danny pommells from comcast sports net.
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9:56 am
pretty cool video. this is out of norway. several humpback whales playing in an inlet decided to come up for a little bit of air. two fishermen were out on their boat. fishermen spotted a lot of herring on the surface of the water and then saw all the air bubbles. looks like the whale may have stolen their catch. my guess on that one. >> i would have gladly give then it to him. >> don't jump over my boat, please. >> as i'm peddle ag way as nast as i can. cold, i don't know if you've been outside. >> i know. yeah, temperatures mainly in the 30s. we're finally above freezing. it's a little breezy. wind not a problem today. just making it feel colder. lots of blue on the map that's telling you how cold it is. we're seeing 38 in philadelphia.
9:57 am
36 in allentown. 36 in lancaster. 35 in atlantic city. i can tell you it feels colder than that. feels like the 20s in most spots. grab the sunglasses, the coat, the gloves, the hat, 42. by sunday, up to 44. look at tuesday and wednesday, 30s a as the daytime high. >> i see that. that's going to do it for us this morning. i'm rosemary connors and michelle. have a good one. what's possible today?
9:58 am
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