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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  November 16, 2014 11:30pm-12:36am EST

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quantities are limited daily, so don't get caught with the last one. the croissant donut is here. this sweet combination of a glazed donut and a flaky croissant won't last long, so get yours before they're gone. america runs on dunkin'. welcome could the volkswagen post-game report. here now is bob costas. >> in a 42-20 patriots victory which extends their winning streak to six and takes their record to 8-2, tom brady completes 19 of 30 for 257. did have a couple picked off but threw for a couple of touchdowns.
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this is the rare instance where there's a patriot victory, brady plays but he doesn't get a game ball. instead the two go to jonas gray, young running back out of note game, carried it 38 times, just shy of 200 yards, 199 and four touchdowns. on defensive side of the ball, darrelle revis with three tackles, all over everybody, primarily reggie wayne. darrelle revis and jonas gray are both with michele tafoya. >> michele: darrelle revis, you guys came in to face the number one offense in the nfl. how were you able to take away t.y. hilton and minimize reggie wayne? what was the game plan? >> we were determined, really determined. it was a challenge for us in the secondary, and we took that challenge on, and we played well. >> michele: exactly how did you do it? >> just separation, man. coaches had a great game plan. thanks to bill and the coaching staff and we stuck to it. guys got in on them and we stopped them. >> michele: and the guys up front stopping the run.
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how did that help you on the back end? >> it put a lot of pressure on andrew and decided to play tight coverage in the back end and worked out together. >> michele: congratulations, derrelle. let's turn to jonas gray. heard his name many times, four touchdowns, the first four of your nfl career. on this day how do you explain this performance? >> man, i'm just blessed, blessed beyond belief. put together a great game plan. hammered it in all week and giving us all our key points and the linemen did a great job up front and kept working all day and keeping me positive, picking me up after the plays and everything was working and able to do the rest with my legs. >> michele: a lot of downhill running and just hitting the holes. why was it so effective against the colts? >> a lot of times that's what we either best at. had the opportunity to do it, it was working and a lot of positive games and it was working so don't change it up. >> michele: just your fourth
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career game in the envelope in. how did you earn the trust of this staff in such a short time to carry the role you did tonight? >> i think a lot has to do with the leadership in the locker room. those guys prepare unbelievable and all we do is follow. if you follow their lead they will trust you and believe in you. >> michele: congratulations, big night, four touchdowns. >> thank you, michele. >> let's bring in tony dungy. been a part of a whole lot of patriots/colts games, in this case viewing it from a distance. almost a rhetorical question. in the aftermath of this one, which team do you see as the class the afc in. >> that's pretty easy to answer after tonight. new england has soundly beaten the other three division leaders in the afc, and they did a great job tonight, but i think the big thing is not just that they won the game on the road, but it's how they did it. did it with the running game. michele talked to jonas gray, and he was fantastic tonight. they powered the ball over --
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overpowered indianapolis and did it with defense. made them one-dimension a. took away the run and darrelle revis and that secondary were fantastic, so when you can go on the road and play like that against a division leader, that makes a statement and that's exactly what new england did tonight. >> all right, coach. thanks. now to mike florio, profootball talk. tell us about the big stories you're working on for tomorrow's show. >> well, adrian peterson situation will come to a head on monday, maybe in two ways. there will be a hearing before the arbitrator to see if peterson comes off the exempt list. essentially suspended with pay and is fighting to be reinstated. a ruling could come as late as saturday and could be ready to suit up for the vikings when they play the packers on sunday, but on a separate track the nfl could suspend adrian peterson under the personal conduct policy and if the nfl expedites that process, he could be reinstated and suspended all over again so that will be one
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of the big stories of the week. on the field for san diego chargers, quarterback philip rivers was battered and bruised and he was checked for both a knee injury and rib injury and after the game rivers has been dealing with a severe rib somewhere for quite some time, and finally the cardinals picked up another win. 9-1 for the first time since the truman administration. larry fitzgerald tweaked a knee so we'll be keeping an eye on that. >> thanks, final score, patriots continue their roll, they roll over the colts 42-20. al is back to wrap things up after this. double wings, extra ranch. we need to do something different. callahan's? ehh, i mean get away. like away away. road trip?
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welcome back to the 9:00 volkswagen post-game report." watts leaps and he has it. he's saying he's n.touchdown texans. j.j. watt! >> sets, throws. man down there. it's caught! it's caught. touchdown arizona! >> coming up, of course, very shortly, "the sunday sports report." see it over on nbcsn. chris okay. so tonight it's pretty simple and one team gains 244 yards on the ground and the other gets 19. you know who is going to win. what a spectacular performance by the patriots on the ground. jonas gray in particular with four touchdowns. next week it's on to the meadowlands. it's the cowboys and the giants, one of the great rivalries in the league, of course, and the
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cowboys right now tied with philadelphia. philadelphia losing to green bay today so the packers do the cowboys who had a bye week a big favor. they are now in a tie for first place at 7-3. dallas/philly game coming your way on sunday night in the middle of december but first things first. tony romo, nobody knew he would be able to play after he got hurt, but he did play in london last week against jacksonville and looked good and he'll be even healthier next week coming off the bye. dallas and the giants on "sunday night football" from the meadowlands. we will see you then. in indianapolis tonight, looking at final score once again. it was 42-20. the patriots have now won six in a row and they go to 8-2. until next week, al michaels, cris collinsworth and michele tafoya and the entire gang saying good night from indianapolis. -- captions by vitac --
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up your game with a new fritos chili pizza. a large for $12 dollars. add a mega chocolate chip cookie for just $5 dollars more. better ingredients. better pizza. better football. papa john's. right now on nbc 10 news, a first alert weather night. you can see a big batch of rain on the nbc 10 radar. it's cool enough in the poconos where they are seeing a little snow. good evening. i'm denise nakano. not only will we get a lot of
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rain the next 24 hours a bitter blast of cold air is following the rain. we will see some of the coldest temperatures of the season is. a live look at 95 in south philadelphia. the commute could be a slow one in the morning, as more rain moves through. a cold rainy night in vorhees, camden county. not a great time to be outside and not going to get better very quickly. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist brittney shipp is tracking the train and cold and this could make for a messy commute. >> when you are going to work and coming home. we issued a first alert to give you a heads up that we will see some activity as we head to the rest of tonight. that's going to last until all day on monday. the reason why we issued this alert for the poconos already seeing snow coming down. the possible of freezing rain, sleet and rainfall the rest of monday as the temperatures continue to warm. for the lehigh valley rain with a brief wintery mix. 95 corridor, reports of light
11:45 pm
sleet earlier today, but mainly rainfall is expected as with we head to tomorrow. and also it will be the heaviest as we push to the afternoon. so you want to allow extra time when you are going and coming home from work. here's a look at the radar. you can see the snowfall developed in the last hour or so in the poconos, but it is mainly rainfall from allentown, stretching in to south jersey and i-95 corridor. we have a lot more moisture on the way us. right now you can see the batch of moisture centered over atlanta. that's going to head our way. once the rain starts it will continue throughout most of monday. monday at 2:00 a.m., a wintry mix and freezing rain and rain for the poconos. that is confined to the poconos. for the rest of the area rainfall as you head to work. look at the afternoon hour. some of the heaviest rainfall we will see will be over the evening commute. you want to allow extra time. the temperatures tell it all. as we head to the rest of
11:46 pm
tonight, we will stay above freezing. not so much for the poconos. that's where the icy roads are a possibility. you want to be careful if you are driving in the poconos. look at the temperatures as we look at the rest of the afternoon. we will head back to the mid-50ss. some locations in the 60s. i'm tracking the bitter cold coming up. here's a live look at conditions right now from our traffic cameras around the area. now, this is i-78 at lehigh street in allentown where sleet could mix with the rain. here's 76 at university avenue in philadelphia where the roads are still wet tonight. the roads are also slick in new jersey here at route 70 in haddonfield road in cherry hill. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is live along the pennsylvania turnpike in chester county. you checked with local road crews about the morning. >> reporter: while we may not get snow, penndot says we should take it go easy on the roads.
11:47 pm
we will get a significant amount of rain and further north could see sleet and wintry mix and people across the area are preparing for the next few weeks as winter starts to get real. on roads and highways, it was mostly rain tonight with a few patches of sleet and ice. on the off chance this turns to snow, you will see some penndot drivers roving around just in case. >> we will have some trucks out overnight. probably a third of our complement, if that. and treat any areas that ice up. >> reporter: penndot says the storm is just practice and don't expect real problems but they are prepping for the big one, especially after last winter. they fully loaded up on salt and have a $17 million winter budget this year. the trucks ready to go the minute a real snowstorm hits. >> a couple of minor events already where we had to use some material but not much. harsh part of winter is yet to come. >> meanwhile, in local
11:48 pm
neighborhoods, preparation already underway to shovel sidewalks in the coming weeks. >> how many volunteers do we have? >> 72 here. seniors and jr.s. >> all of these people want to help out. >> yeah. >> reporter: this group of snow angel volunteers in allentown compiled a list of elderly neighbors who need help clearing their driveways. this week they recruited dozens of volunteers from central catholic high school and will be dispatched to neighborhoods across the city. >> i feel like senior citizens don't have the strength to go out and shovel in the snow so this can help and give less stress of going out and falling and injuring themselves when we are capable of shoveling. so why not help them. >> you can see a lot of people getting ready now so when the storm comes they don't have to worry. as for this system, again, it could affect rush hour. penndot says certain bridges could be icy especially going north. drive slower in the philadelphia area because things could be
11:49 pm
slippery come the morning time. live in chester county, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. brittney shipp will be back in a few minutes with the complete forecast and the drastic drop in temperatures coming our way. you can get instant weather updates by downloading our weather app on and count on the nbc 10 morning team to get you going. they will be watching for traffic troubles, changing weather conditions and breaking news. all starting at 4:00 a.m. right here on nbc 10 tonight, a 10-year-old boy is recovering after accidentally shooting himself in the head. we first told you about the story last night as breaking news. the child was with his sister in a car waiting for their father to finish work in darby township. he found his dad's gun and shot himself. nbc 10's doug shimell picks up the story and he spoke to the officers who saved the child's life. >> officer steve and gene knew what they were responding to was
11:50 pm
not going to be good. >> we received an emergency call that there had been a shooting in darby township. >> reporter: none of what they heard on the police radio heading to the scene saturday night sounded survivable. >> went to the garage and found an adult male holding a child in his arms. >> k-9 officer was the first one there and said a 10-year-old boy had accidentally shot himself in the face with his father's .357 caliber revolver. >> i scooped the child up. ran for a police car, placed him in the backseat. had the officer get in the backseat with the child. >> as soon as i pulled up i observed the officer with a boy in his arms. >> he knew he didn't have long. >> i kept referring to him as kid, kid, stay with us. stay with us. there was blood on his chest and head. i immediately started compressions. >> we shut down every intersection on the way to the hospital. it was a clear shot from the
11:51 pm
scene to the hospital. time was of the essence. >> reporter: they got the boy to the e.r. and were stunned to learn the .357 round had somehow missed the boy's brain. >> the little boy is apparently doing well. he's awake and to me it is a miracle he survived something like that happening and tragedy, again, is 100% preventable. >> reporter: the case made steve think of the gun safety he has taught in schools and gene says he thought of his own 11-year-old daughter. >> it was unbelievable. i felt like i could go home, hug my kids and get some rests because it was a stressful night. >> both officers say they would like to meet with the boy once he has recovered and they add, prosecutors are trying to decide if any charges are warranted against the boy's father. in sharon hill, doug shimell, nbc 10 news. police are investigating a deadly motorcycle accident in delaware county. it happened just after 6:30 tonight on pos hollow road near
11:52 pm
north providence road. authorities say the motorcycle collided with an suv. the victim's name is not being released. a big loss at lambeau field for the eagles giving up 53 points to the packers. the most points they have given up since 1972. john clark is live at comcast sportsnet. this is a bad night for the birtds and fans. >> sounds bad, doesn't it? the packers are blowing everyone out at hole. they are 5-0 at lambeau field and they have been up at halftime by a combined score of 128-9. most eagles fans thought the birds would put up more of a fight. aaron rodgers picking apart the eagles from the start. jordy nelson here, how about 64 yards. fletcher tough afternoon. 10-0 packers. look at josh. he could have made the tackle but micah hyde steals it and he is gone. 75 yards for the touchdown.
11:53 pm
birds needed to be almost perfect in the game. 17-0. beats fletcher again. aaron rodgers three touchdowns, 341 yards. chip's face said it all radio right there. third quarter, picked off by yards for the touchdown. and the eagles pack in here. eddie lacy breaks five tackles on the way to the end zone. birds lose 53-20. 33-point loss is the worst in chip kelly's coaching career with the eagles and oregon. >> the way we played today it wouldn't matter if we played oakland who hasn't won a game yet. they would have beaten us up too. >> we will stick together as a
11:54 pm
group and come back to work on tuesday. >> now we will find out who we are. what kind of team you have. it easy on the other end of the thing like last week. you know, you are on national tv and everything going great and can't misand score a lot of points and special teams score. but now it is tough. this is going to be a good test for the team. >> the eagles are tied with the cowboys for first place. a report from green bay and derek gun. does mccoy think the packers are the better team or the eagles and how this effects the bird's playoff hopes. i'm john clark for now. the president expressed outrage at the beheading of another american hostage at the hands of isis extremists peter kassig was kidnapped a year ago. richard engel reports the killing was revealed in an isis
11:55 pm
video. >> the video put out by isis has been authenticated making peter the fifth western hostage murdered by isis since august and the third american. >> today president obama called his murder an act of pure evil by a terrorist group that the world rightly associates with inhumanity. the 26-year-old former army ranger from indiana who served in iraq traveled to syria last year to volunteer as a medic. while delivering supplies, isis militants stopped him at a check point and kidnapped him. he converted to islam and changed his name to cass kals reportedly endured torture and tra a ma as western hostages at times his cell mates were taken one by one to be9)úñ murdered. he knew his time would come. last month his father ed read a letter written to the family by their son. >> don't worry, dad. if i go down i won't go down thinking anything but what i
11:56 pm
know to be true. that you and mom love me more than the moon and stars. >> the kassig family remembered his humanitarian work, sharing an audio recording of him before he was taken captive. >> i was able to share a little hope and comfort with some people. >> reporter: unlike other execution videos put out by isis this did not end with a specific threat to kill another western hostage. the group doesn't have that many western hostages left to kill. richard engel, nbc news, istanbul. next, bill cosby stays silent over accusations but his lawyer is speaking up. and moving day. a change of the skyline. what it took to bring down a few letters. tracking a messy monday morning commute and evening commute. bitter cold as well. i will go over the details in my first alert seven-day forecast.
11:57 pm
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11:59 pm
we are tracking more rainfall moving in the area. even snowfall and wintry mix for the poconos. i will let you know what to expect as you get ready to head to work tomorrow. that's coming up in the full forecast. nbc 10 learned more about the victim of a deadly crash in south philadelphia. according to the office of state senator vincent hughes the coson of marcella daniels was killed
12:00 am
in a car accident this morning. they have identified him as 32-year-old charles gibson. police say the victim was street racing on columbus boulevard early this morning when he lost control and hit a pole. an accident leaves a man dead in the city's section. the man crushed by a car. nbc 10 on the scene at stanwood street. police say the 64-year-old victim was working on the vehicle behind his home when it fell on top of him. he was rushed to the hospital where he died. a man standing on a new york subway platform was pushed on to the tracks and killed by an oncoming train. police say a 61-year-old man and his wife were waiting for their train at a station in the bronx this morning. an unidentified man pushed him on to the tracks. as the train approached. witnesses told investigators the saek attack seemed completely unprovoked. they say the suspect ran from the station immediately after the attack. bill cosby's lawyer says
12:01 am
tonight the comedian will not discuss claims of sexual assault. john schmitt issued a statement saying over the last several weeks, decade-old discredited allegations against mr. cosby have resurfaced. the fact that they are being repeated does not make them true. mr. cosby does not intend to dignify these allegations with any comment. the 77-year-old philadelphia native continues to face backlash over claims he assaulted several women in the past. cosby has never been charged. he settled a civil lawsuit in 2006 with a woman over an alleged incident two years before. things are getting a bit icy in kansas city. it is so cold there that water was freezing in its mountain as it is coming out. the high temperature is only 27 degrees today. it is the fifth day in a row of below-freezing temperatures in kansas city. the longest stretch since they started to keep records 127 years ago. now your nbc 10 first alert
12:02 am
weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> changes have already started for our forecast. we have rain throughout the area, even light snowfall in the poconos. we warm up tomorrow. our temperatures are really going to plummet for tuesday and wednesday. we have a first alert for tomorrow morning and throughout most of the day because we are seeing so much rainfall throughout the day an it's going to be over your morning and evening commute. heavy rain expected on monday. january-like temperatures expected for tuesday and wednesday. more details on the first alert overnight on sunday in to monday. the poconos could see freezing rain, which could lead to icy roads earlier in the morning and heavy rain and localized flooding is a possibility. here's a closer look at the system. it is going to travel from the southwest, tracking to the northeast. as we head to the rest of tonight and pushing in to monday morning, we are going to see the rain coming down. even freezing rain for parts of the poconos, depending on the temperature. a closer look at where the
12:03 am
rainfall is. you can see along the i-95 corridor, we are seeing the rain filling in here. we will continue to see more rainfall throughout most of the day on monday. as we look at the future cast, it shows by 4:00 a.m., 5:00 a.m., we will be dealing with wet roads. heavier rainfall near atlantic city and cape may. as we progress to the rest of the afternoon, again, another round of heavy rainfall. this is right over the time you are going to be heading home from work. then we will see more clearing. the bitter cold conditions will settle in on your tuesday. that's going to last until wednesday with the cold front that will help to drop our temperatures from the high 50s tomorrow all the way down to the mid-30s as we head to tuesday. just in one day. take a look at your windchill at 8 a.m. on tuesday. it is only going to feel like 16 degrees. it's going to feel like the single digits in allentown. two in the poconos and as we head to the rest of the afternoon on tuesday, it will feel like 19 in the afternoon and 14 in allentown.
12:04 am
the average for this time of the year is 56 trdegrees. it will be a rainy day heading to work and coming home from work. watch for localized flooding. allow extra time to get to and from work. temperatures plummet on tuesday. 35 degrees for your daytime high. we look at the temperatures for tomorrow, by 6:00 a.m. to 8 a.m. we are dealing with freezing conditions near the poconos. that means icy roads an freezing rain is a possibility. main lip confined to the poconos. you can see for allentown it is warmer. same thing for philadelphia. back to the 40s by 8 a.m. the temperatures will warm closer to the high 50s, even a few locations this the 60s. for tonight, 38 degrees for philadelphia. we will drop to 33 for the suburbs to this north and west. there's a possibility you could see light sleet mixing in with mostly rainfall even for the suburbs. but heavy rain is expected tomorrow. temperatures range between a 49 and 58 degrees. the seven-day forecast shows the
12:05 am
big drop in temperatures on tuesday and wednesday. we recover to the 40s starting on thursday. the eagles were left out in the cold today. reaction from the eagles defense in green bay getting picked apart by the packers. derek gun has the disappointing report and ray at this timing year on if this was a reflection of how aaron rodgers is playing or the eagles struggle. that is next.
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12:08 am
ebola while working in sierra leone remains in critical condition. he is treated at the nebraska
12:09 am
medical center after arriving in omaha yesterday. doctors say they are doing everything humanly possible to help him fight the disease. they call it an hour-by-hour situation. while the doctor is from sierra leone he lives in maryland and is from the u.s. all travelers coming to the u.s. from mali will undergo enhanced ebola screening. the same that liberia, guinea and sierra leone have been undergoing since last month including having temperatures taken, answering questions about their trip and providing contact information to be monitored for 21 day s. a princess cruise ship is heading back to seas tonight after a deep cleaning. 172 people were sickened with norovirus. the crown princess docked at the port of los angeles today after a 28-day cruise with stops in hawaii and tahiti. it is not clear when the passengers and crew members were
12:10 am
sickened. more than 4,000 people were on board the ship. this is the second time, in less than a year, the highly contagious virus spread on the same ship. we're right back. buy is one thing. deciding between buying food and health care is something else.
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i'm john clark. welcome back. the eagles got blown out tonight. the most they have given up in 36 years. aaron rodgers picked apart the eagles defense. more from lambeau field. here's derek gun gun. >> four drives open the game as the pack built a halftime lead and won by 33. the most lopsided loss in the chip kelly era and the most points allowed since '72. >> got out of hand early. we became one dimensional. we moved the ball but didn't execute.
12:14 am
we had the ball twice in the first half in the red zone. you can't come away with three points. you have to come away to seven. try to keep the game close. >> every game is one game. they got one victory against us. >> i don't think they are a better team than us. they were today. that's all that matters. but no reason to talk about it. they were the better team today and overall we are a good team. really are. just didn't play like it today. the birds defense can never get rogers out of rhythm. he threw for 341 yards and three scores and sacked once and zero turnovers. >> made a lot of plays. he was on target and able to scramble today. a lot of good things. got his rhythm throws going and he threw in tight windows and couple of vertical balls early hurt us. got in a hole. the third downs were the most
12:15 am
disappointing because we had them third and manageable for us and he kept executening a we didn't. >> the eagles never held up their end of the bargain. mark sanchez had another 300 yard passing game and two touchdowns but contributed to four offensive turnovers. >> that's the way some of these games go. you know, i feel like there's plenty of things to get better. we'll concentrate on that. what everybody else says on the outside doesn't affect what is going on in our building. >> the eagles on the wrong side of history in this game. with their wayne win over the bears and birds, for the first time they score more than 50 points this back to back games and now to tennessee for the birds and hopefully they can right what went wrong in this game in green bay. in lambeau field, derek gunn comcast sportsnet. >> we are joined by ray
12:16 am
didinger. i didn't think the eagles would win but i didn't think they would be blown out. were you surprised how bad it was. >> little bit. i picked the packers to win. i thought it was going to be a ten-point game. the way the packers are playing and clicking on offense and the confidence at home. if you fall behind early it can get out of control. you have to make certain plays in the game to stay come pet pettive. you have to convert on third down. if you have opportunities you have to do and can't turn the ball over and the eagles found themselves buried by halftime. >> the packers rolling right now. aaron rodgers playing probably better than any quarterback in the nfl. the packers have been extremely good at home. maybe the toughest place to play. does this change your opinion about what the eagles can do and their post-season hopes? >> not really. you don't want to go back to green bay in january. if your postseason itinerary involves green bay, that is
12:17 am
scary but if you can avoid that, i thought they were walking in a tough spot. . . short week for them. i knew it was going to be a tough game. one thing it does do is points out weaknesses that you may have been disguising a bit. if you don't get a big pass rush, your secondary isn't good. aaron rodgers, as good as there is. he will absolutely kill you. but pass rush is critical. right now their secondary isn't that good. >> the eagles are tied with the cowboys. i'm thinking they have to get to 11 wins to win the division. that's a guess. six games left. they can beat tennessee, should beat the giants in washington. >> you would think. >> you need to win one of those against seattle and they face the cowboys twice. do you think they can get to the 181 wins and win the division? >> i think they kchl i picked them to win the division and will stay with that until other wise but the eagles better try
12:18 am
to win the division. having lost to arizona and lost to these guys, to green bay, and you have seattle coming up, you can't keep losing. you can't lose to teams that could be in the wild card mix with you. the eagles need to win the division because the way things are going record wise, if they get to the wild card they are looking at tough tie breakers. >> thank you very much. the cowboy games will be big. >> very big. >> thank you. >> eagles quarterback bradley fletcher was left alone to cover packers receiver jordy nelson. the football crew breaks down what they would have done. that is coming up. a cold anne and rainy night. you can see the rain coming down in bala cynwyd as the temperatures take a dip, as well. the rain will get worse in the morning. and after the rain blast of bitter cold.
12:19 am
that's why this is a first alert weather night. we are watching the rain and roads tonight. brittney shipp is tracking the rain and coming cold. >> as you head to work allow extra time to get to work and home from work. we are going to see the heaviest rainfall over the evening commute. light snowfall, the possibility of freezing rain and sleet in the poconos and switching to rainfall once the temperatures warm above freezing. lehigh valley mainly rain and philadelphia and south jersey mainly rain. the heaviest in the ining as you try to get home from work with. we could see ponding on the roads. you will have to take it easy. on monday, the cold settles in. isolated snow showers to the poconos. if we look at the big picture, we will see the rainfall that is moving in to the rest of the region. my computer is frozen right now but rain throughout the rest of the region. temperatures tomorrow at 58
12:20 am
degrees. and then we drop down to the 30s as we head to tuesday and wednesday. i will go over what you need to know for the week coming up in any first alert seven-day forecast. our coverage continues with nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal. you have been checking the conditions around the region tonight. >> denise, while we may not get snow, we will see the rain as brittany was mentioning. . and sleet furt north. penndot is reminding drivers to take it easy going in to tomorrow especially around rush hour. it could be slippery. bridges will get icy. it is a preview of what's to come in the next few months. penndot is saying their winter budget is $17 million this year. they are fully stocked up on salt. they say the storm is practice but they are ready for the first big one to hit and tonight maybe a chance of wintry mix further north. >> we will have some trucks out
12:21 am
overnight. probably a third of our complement f that. >> we had a couple of minor events up here already where we had to use some material, but not much. the harsh part of winter is yet to come sglit is come kg. officials say now is the time to get your house and car in in order. check your fluids, brakes, get new tires. get it done early so you are not dealing with the big hassle the day before a storm arrives. nbc 10 news. stay on top of the developing winter weather situation with the first alert weather app. it is a free download at nbc penn three months late pu the letters that graced the city skyline are finally down. workers ran in to problems in august when only three letters came down instead of all 12. we look at what crews did differently this time around. >> from the ground in love park
12:22 am
all eyes were on the sky again. >> we were here a couple of months ago. >> reporter: construction workers made their first attempt to remove the letters in august. but ran in to problems. today the remaining nine came down by helicopter in 45 minutes. >> amazing to see a helicopter come that close up on me. down low like that. >> philadelphia national bank hasn't barnd for some time, but the letters stayed for more than six decades until they were deemed unsafe. >> how tough was the project? >> very difficult because everything was so old. a lot of fragile letters up there and the steel. that being so old it you pretty hairy. >> with more time to plan, the 3,000 pound letters were each lowered in front of city hall with such speed this time that onlookers were almost too late. >> i was amaze aed. i have friends that were supposed to meet me here and they missed it.
12:23 am
last time we were here we saw them take down two letters. >> >> whenever you think of the skyline you think of it and now one of them is gone. >> the letters will live on. at least one of them. i'm told a letter b will go inside the building so the history won't be forgotten. in center city, nbc 10 news. help for the holidays courtesy of some of youth jersey's finest. dozens of families will have a thanksgiving turkey thanks in part to atlantic county sheriffs department. members of the department dropped off turkeys today. church officials say around 60 families will receive turkeys thanks to their donation and other charities in atlantic ounty. 5- k race in pitt is helping the families of two pennsylvania troopers. the officers 5-k was held along
12:24 am
with a moment of silence. dixon was shot and killed in september. douglas was shot but survived. more than 30,000 t-shirts saying psp strong were sold at today's race them proceeds will go to the troopers' families. a new risk when it comes to marijuana. this time it is not the smokers who are in danger. coming up, how being near a smoker could put your heart at risk.
12:25 am
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12:27 am
rain continues to move in and bitter cold tuesday in to wednesday and light snow in the poconos right now. the changing forecast and i will have the details coming up. we have been told about the dangers of second hand smoke from cigarettes. a new study says smoke from marijuana is just as bad. researchers did test on lab rats and found their blood vessel function dropped 70% when exposed to second-hand marijuana smoke. that reduced function can increase a person's risk of developing hardened arteries that could lead to a heart
12:28 am
attack. the study says states that legalized marijuana need to update their laws to protect people from both kinds of second-hand smoke. a study could change the treatment for millions of people with heart stents. angioplasty patients are told to take anti-clotting drugs up to a year after the procedure. but they found taking the drugs longer lowers the risk of clots and other problems. they come with other side effects and can be expensive. the fda says it's mulling the results and doctors shouldn't change recommendations yet. a diving dog. and these aren't even the animals competing to be top dog. we will head to the national dog show next. we are dealing with wet roads throughout the area. a messy monday both for the commute to and from work. and bitter cold conditions settling in. i will go over the the dales in any seven-day forecast.
12:29 am
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12:31 am
gas prices have taken another tumble. it has dropped 50 days in a road. aaa says the longest decline since 2008. motorists are paying four cents less than a week with ago, 28 cents than a month ago and 28 cents less than a year ago. you will pay an average of 2.99 a gallon of regular in the five-county philadelphia region. in new jersey 2.71 and in delaware 2.85. the federal reserve bank of philadelphia is marking a major milestone. it's celebrating the 100th year of service. today the bank received congratulations and a proclamation from the city. the bank helps to formulate and implement monetary policy and provides financial services to banks and the federal
12:32 am
government. as we get ready for thanksgiving, this group is having a happy banks giving. their goal is to educate young adults with special needs how to save and spend money successfully. banks giving included several money-themed events including putting together a thanksgiving dinner with a $50 budget. who will be best in show? the second and final day of the national dog show at the greater philadelphia expo center. around 1600 dogs from 180 breeds competed for the top prize. today's events included athletic exhibitions like the diving dogs. >> all of the excitement is right here. we have the diving dogs in the background. you can hear them. the kids are happy. a couple of them getting closer to get wet. >> the national dog show is one of the oldest and most prestigious in the country dating back to 1879.
12:33 am
you can find out which breed came out on top when the show airs on thanksgiving day at noon here on nbc 10. >> as we head tomorrow the changes continue. and the rest of your evening commute. we are also seeing temperatures feeling like the middle of january. that's when it will happen quickly. that is tuesday in to wednesday. we have big changes on the way. first alert for the overnight hours tonight heading in to monday. because we could see icy roads for the poconos and heavy rain is expected for our entire area. that means we could be dealing with localized flooding, both as you are a heading to work and home. all of the moisture, you can see it near atlanta will head our way. tracking to the northeast. it is moving from the southwest. we are dealing with light snowfall throughout the poconos. as we head to the morning hours
12:34 am
we could see a little freezing rain and icy roads. if you live in the poconos, be careful as you drive tonight in to the morning hours. at least until 9:00 a.m., until the winter weather advisory for the poconos expires. for the rest of the area we are dealing with rainfall right now. moderate rainfall that. will turn to heavy rainfall in to the rest of monday. by 6:00 a.m., wet roads to start off your monday morning commute. pushing in to the rest of the afternoon this is what we will see, closer to 3:00, 4:00. this is when the heaviest rain moves in. over the 95 corridor as you try to get home from work. make sure to watch for any roadways that might be flooded. heading in to monday night, we will see the moisture clearing out and bitter cold conditions move in to our region. we are talking about windchills in the teens and single digits. these temperatures will stick around on tuesday and wednesday. here's the feels like temperatures for 6:00 a.m. on tuesday. it will feel like 16 degrees when you try to go to work on
12:35 am
tuesday. it will feel like 181 in allentown. four in the poconos. as we head to to the rest of the day by 4:00 it will feel like 18 degrees. 13 allentown and single digits for the poconos. so bitter cold conditions on the way for us. our average for this time of the year 56. tomorrow we will be warm. that's why we will see mainly a rain event. look at what happens on tuesday. our daytime highs actual temperatures at 35 degrees as we push to the rest of tomorrow morning by 8 a.m., we are in the 40s. 43 in philadelphia. 42 trenton. at the freezing mark in the poconos. we could see icy roads. you want to be careful in those areas. as we head to the afternoon rain overnight. wintry mix for the poconos. temperatures dropping to 38 degrees in philadelphia. heavy rain expected tomorrow. temperatures between 49 and 58 degrees. the seven-day forecast shows that


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