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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  November 17, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now at 11:00, the news philadelphia had been waiting to hear. speaking in italian, you just heard it, pope francis officially confirmed it himself. he's coming to the city of brotherly love. and this is a live look at the art museum where we are standing by for a live news conference on the pope's planned visit. the mayor set to speak, and we'll bring it to you live when it happens. but first, it is a very soggy start to the week. first alert weather radar tracking rain moving through the area. all that green, that's rain, and
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it's starting to get heavier in some places. good morning, i'm vai sikahema. let's get to glenn "hurricane" schwartz with the forecast. messy out there, glenn. >> absolutely. it is a solid area of rain. we don't see this too often. practically every square inch of our area is getting rained on right now. there's no more snow even in the poconos. it is all rain. some of it getting a little bit on the heavier side. you see some of those areas of yellow, so it's mostly been on the lighter side, but as we go into the -- especially the early portion of the afternoon, some of this heavy stuff down in virginia is going to be moving up. now, the snow on the back end, that does not look like it's going to be coming here. it feels kind of cold out there, but it is not close to turning to snow. it will not turn to snow today. 39 degrees in pottstown right now, 40 in allentown. so it's chilly up to the north, but it is a little bit milder to the south, and that's what we're
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going to be seeing this afternoon as we continue to see the rain. >> we'll check back in with glenn in a little bit but let's go to the news conference we were telling but with the papal visit set to get under way in just a few minutes. let's listen in right now. >> earlier this morning in rome, pope francis announced that elvhe will visit philadelphia in september for the world meeting of families. [ cheers and applause ] and who better to honor pope francis to celebrate this incredible news than the young people of the archdiocese. thank you for being here. you are part of history today. [ cheers and applause ] we are also very grateful and
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fortunate to have incredible leadership here with us today, and you will hear from them this morning. our mayor, philadelphia mayor michael nutter. [ cheers and applause ] mrs. susan corbett, pennsylvania's first lady. [ cheers and applause ] and mr. daniel j. illinohillber co-chair of the world meeting of families executive leadership cabinet. it's my privilege to introduce bob sharufalay, president the world meeting of families philadelphia 2015. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, donna, and, yes, it is a great day for
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philadelph philadelphia. i've had many an adrenaline rush during my lifetime, but nothing like this morning between 3:30 and 4:30 a.m. as my iphone just vibrated right off the table with all the e-mails and texts that i received regarding the announcement. it's a moment we've all been waiting for, waiting for a long time, and now that the moment is upon us, it causes us to reflect on everything we have to do. we must and we will provide a flawless series of events during the week of september 22nd through 27th, 2015. the planning has already started, and i used the word a little while ago we. so who is the we? the we is the wonderful team that works for the world meeting of families, a group of highly energetic, passionate, dedicated
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individuals along with the archdiocese of philadelphia along with the city of philadelphia, the commonwealth of pennsylvania, and the federal government and also tremendous amount of volunteers from all walks of our community that have stepped forward to help us. we will succeed, and we will have a great event in 2015. this is a joyous day. unfortunately, the archbishop was not able to join us for this press conference this morning. fortunately, he was able to be with the holy father in rome this morning when the announcement was made. [ cheers and applause ] while he could not be with us today, he did send a note that he asked me to read to everyone. dear friends, today is one of
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great joy for our archdiocese, our city, our commonwealth, and our country. it was a privilege to be in the presence of the holy father this morning in rome when he announced that to the world that he will be with us in philadelphia next year for the world meeting of families. this moment is a historic and ex i will rating one for all of us to share. it is the answer to the countless prayers of so many people who have asked god to guide pope francis to philadelphia. the culmination of many months of hopeful anticipation and the fulfillment of my own confidence that the holy father would grace us with his presence next year. it will mark the first ever visit to the united states of america as pope, and he will be only the fourth pope to visit our nation. words cannot sufficiently express how overjoyed i am by
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this most welcome news, and i know so many of you share that feeling. these are the kinds of emotions that have one source, the true love of jesus christ filling our hearts. a hallmark of pope francis' ministry has been a genuine love for all people of goodwill, and he has maintained a keen focus on the diverse challenges of families around the globe. i've loved and admired him since we first met at the synod for the americas in 1997. i know that the holy father's charisma, presence, and voice will electrify our gatherings. regardless of confessional differences, billions around the world have been drawn to this pope. our gathering in philadelphia is open to all who have a generous heart. it is the power to transform in
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deeply positive ways not just the spirit of catholic life in our region but of our entire community. it will be a moment unlike any other. as i have said many times before, pope francis' presence will bring all of us, catholic and non-catholic alike, together in tremendous unifying and healing ways. we now eagerly anticipate pope francis' arrival in philadelphia next september. we will be ready, and we will welcome him joyfully with open arms and prayerful hearts. let us all raise our voices in thanksgiving to almighty god for the gift of pope francis and for our holy father's decision to come to philadelphia. [ cheers and applause ]
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looks we have a wave going in the back. at this time it is my pleasure to introduce somebody who doesn't need an introduction, the mayor of philadelphia, and while mayor nutter is working his way up here, i would like to thank the mayor for the unbelievable commitment by the city of philadelphia, the mayor and his team. an incredible amount of resources, help, guidance to us. it's just been an unbelievable partnership for us, and thank you for that, mayor, and we look forward to continuing working with you and your team for this wonderful event. mayor nutter. [ applause ]
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>> good morning, everyone, and, bob, thank you very, very much. good morning. i spent a little time in catholic school so good morning. >> good morning. >> the pope is coming to philadelphia. [ cheers and applause ] i teased the first lady that -- the first lady of pennsylvania when it was mentioned that, of course, our archbishop, our great leader, could not be with us this morning, i knew that he was in rome, and it's just -- you know, it's a timing thing. it's really, really hard to get back to philadelphia so quickly from rome, but please give another huge round of applause to our archbishop, archbishop charles chaput. [ cheers and applause ]
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bishop mcintire on behalf of the city of philadelphia, a million and a half people and growing and certainly i'm sure the archdiocese and its breadth and depth all across the delaware valley, please convey some of the sentiment and the excitement that we feel here, please express that to the archbishop when you talk to him i'm sure later on today. we are all tremendously excited. bob, thank you for your leadership. first lady susan corbett, thank you for your presence here and commitment to these efforts. dan, president and ceo who you will hear from, independence blue cross, thank you. and donna farrell, a great executive director. on behalf of the city of philadelphia, as bob mentioned, we are fully engaged, fully involved, and fully invested in this incredible effort. some of my teammates, some you have met before, our chief of staff and deputy mayor for
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public safety, he's back of the shop keeping things running. city representative desiree peterkin bell who is here today. please recognize desiree and the great work our team is doing in these efforts. [ applause ] a couple of our other teammates, gisele jones from special events and denise dixon from the mayor's office, those are just a few of the many, many folks who will be working on this effort. we are experiencing not only a grand day, but we're in the grand hall and no better place to celebrate than the philadelphia museum of art. let's thank our hosts, the art museum, for lending us their steps. and on those steps are some of the finest young people you're ever going to meet in the philadelphia and the philadelphia region, so let us give some shout outs to father
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judge who is here today. [ applause ] archbishop carroll in the house. [ applause ] cardinal o'hara stopped by. [ applause ] right down the street from city hall, roman catholic is here with us today. [ applause ] st. francis xavier. [ applause ] and st. mary interparochial. [ applause ] i didn't forget you. the school of my mother, john w. callahan. [ applause ] and speaking of my mom, who is probably watching, mom, i'm sorry that i couldn't tell you yesterday that the pope was coming, but i had made a promise that i wouldn't tell anyone. so she is very excited about this, of course, as well.
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what a historic day and an unparalleled day for the city of philadelphia. this will be the largest event in the city's modern history. philadelphia, the big city for big events, and we could not be more excited. the confirmation that we've all been waiting for that pope francis would, in fact, visit philadelphia to attend the world meeting of families is something truly to be excited about, to be prayerful about, and to be overjoyed with our enthusiasm. it seems only fitting that the pontiff, who is bringing people together from all over the world with his sense of hope, compassion, and connection to faith, will make his first trip to america as pope at the world meeting of families. on a quite personal note, when i was a student at transfiguration of our lord elementary school or st. joe's prep high school, i
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could not have ever imagined the opportunity to not only meet the pope, as many of us did back in march, but to welcome the pope to our great city, the birth place of freedom, liberty, and democracy in the united states of america. to the sisters of the immaculate heart of mary, ihm, and to the brothers and priests the ignatius order of st. joseph's let me say thank you for instilling in me the values that in many ways pope francis talks about on a daily basis. you have all shaped my life, and for that i am appreciative. welcome father gillespie, president of st. joseph's university. father, thank you very much as well. the world meeting of families is an opportunity for people across all faiths to have vitally
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important conversations and to engage spiritually around strengthening our families, the backbone of society. strengthening families is a mission that all of us can, should, and must support. family is the cornerstone of society and strengthening families will only make our community stronger, our cities and our nation safer and better. pope francis has demonstrated grace, vision, and wisdom in these first few years of his papacy. he's been committed to building consensus, embracing diversity, and celebrating faith. we must follow his example and work to encourage and engage with others in the same way. i've said many times, of course, that philadelphia is, in fact, a world-class city. i'm looking forward to showcasing our culture and community with people from across america and around the
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world and welcoming them to the most welcoming city in the united states of america, philadelphia. [ cheers and applause ] our city will continue to work with and support the world meeting of families and the philadelphia 2015 team with our extensive experience and knowledge of hosting big events safely and successfully. we are deeply honored that pope francis, the holy father, who is now, in fact, one of the world's most transformative leaders, is coming to the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection, the city of families. thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, mayor nutter, bob. we are very privileged today to
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have with us the first lady of the commonwealth of pennsylvania, mrs. susan corbett. as pennsylvania's first tourist, mrs. corbett promotes our commonwealth's unique historical and cultural attractions. in rome we learned firsthand of her incredible depth of knowledge about our state and just what makes pennsylvania so great. mrs. corbett, you apparently were very successful in communicating all of that to the holy father. we're grateful for that. it is my pleasure now to introduce pennsylvania's first lady, mrs. susan corbett. [ applause ] >> thank you. good morning. special good morning to the students. i have been to a lot of press conferences over the last few years but never one with this much energy and excitement, and it's because of all of you. [ cheers and applause ]
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so i'm thrilled to be representing governor corbett this morning and sharing this wonderful news for philadelphia and for pennsylvania, and tom sends his best and wishes he could have been here today to celebrate the confirmation of pope francis' visit to our great commonwealth. typically a 3:30 a.m. phone call is not a good thing, but in this case tom and i were so excited to receive the news that the holy father has confirmed his attendance at the world meeting of families. we often speak of our visit to rome with the philadelphia delegation last march and how blessed we were to meet pope francis during the public audience. it was there that the governor had the honor of inviting the pope to philadelphia and the holy father answered our invitation by whispering three words in tom's ear, "i will come." now, when the audience ended,
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tom was so excited to share the pope's words with the delegation. we all believed mission accomplished. so you can imagine our dismay when we learned that until the vatican made the official announcement, the pope's visit was not confirmed. we were sworn to secrecy, and we are very optimistic, smile, wink, wink, was the mantra of the day and of the last few months. we are delighted that the pope's first visit to north america is finally confirmed, but more importantly, how thrilled we are that hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of pennsylvanians will share the humbling and heartening experience that the world meeting of families delegation experienced last march. this is a moment that truly all can share, whether catholic or not, and we invite all families
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to participate. tom and i are very much looking forward to sharing this amazing experience with our children and our grandchildren, and by then we will have gone from one grandson to five grandchildren. [ applause ] yeah, i'm pretty happy about that, too. pope francis has emerged as an inspiring leader for these complex times, and the governor and i are grateful that the love and care he has shown to millions around the world will now be shared here in philadelphia and in pennsylvania. thank you all. we look forward to sharing this amazing experience with you. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you so much, mrs. corbett. the level of commitment from the civic, the philanthropic, and the business community to the world meeting of families has
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simply been extraordinary. this is exemplified in the outstanding leadership we have in our board of directors and in our executive leadership cabinet. executive leadership cabinet co-chair dan hillfordy is tireless in his efforts to ensure that philadelphia shines on the national and the global stage as we get ready to literally welcome the world. dan also made the case to the holy father when we visited in rome that the pope should, in fact, come here to philadelphia. so clearly, dan, we are all very persuasive. it is my honor and pleasure to introduce the president and ceo of independence blue cross, dan hillfordy. [ cheers and applause ] >> good morning, everyone, and, donna, thank you. i appreciate you saying that i
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had an impact on the pontiff, but the truth is my wife had a nice minute and a half conversation with him. when he turned to me, i was so in awe, i had nothing. so let me tell you, thank you to you and thank you to bob for your great leadership and whether you're a student in one of the catholic schools, a leader in some other area of philadelphia, we have a great mayor, and we have a great governor in tom corbett, and you heard the first lady speak. if you could have seen them in rome, how persuasive they were, how gung-ho they were about not only philadelphia but the entire commonwealth, you would have been very proud. so if we can hear a round of applause again for mayor nutter and mrs. susan corbett and governor tom corbett. [ applause ] but how far we've come since our meeting with the holy father. it is great to be able to share this day and this announcement
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with each and every one of you. i think i can speak for everyone here when i say what a moment for all of us who love philadelphia and champion it as a world class city. in just ten months we will welcome the world, and we will officially welcome pope francis to philadelphia for the world meeting of families. that really feels great to say. this is a pope who has not only reinvigorated the church and inspired conversations across all faiths, but has captured the imaginations of all those who believe this world can benefit from greater compassion, mercy, kindness, collaboration, and ultimately love. and love is at the core of families whether you live in mayfair or myanmar, lansdowne or lisb lisbon, roxborough or rome.
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this is what we will celebrate and share with pope francis in philadelphia next september. we can all agree that pope francis is a once in a lifetime, once in a generation global leader, and this is a once in a generation opportunity for philadelphia, for the commonwealth of pennsylvania to shine on the international stage. in this moment with official confirmation of pope francis' visit to our city, it is time for all of us, including the business and the civic community to stand up, to come together, to ensure that this visit leaves a lasting impact. many of us on the committee will be in touch with the business and civic community to help you figure out how you can be helpful to this great cause. i'm proud to be part of this leadership that can help to do this, and i'm excited for all the possibilities a visit by pope francis brings to us.
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his visit makes all things possible for philadelphia. >> this news conference will continue online at meanwhile, the pope is coming. those are the first words from philadelphia mayor michael nutter as he reiterated. this is a grand day for the city of philadelphia. it is, in his estimate, the largest event that will be held in the modern history of the city of philadelphia. also we heard from first lady of pennsylvania susan corbett, who recalled the pennsylvania delegation going to rome back in march to seek a commitment from the pope, and the pope had mentioned apparently to her husband, the governor, in his ear, "i will come" but they were dismayed that could not be confirmed until the vatican confirmed it which they did early this morning. po the pope is coming. you can watch the news conference and read the entire transcript of the pontiff's announcement from this morning
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on we'll be right back. transcript of the pontiff's
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now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> just about 11:30 and the first alert radar is continuing to track rain moving through our area. it has been falling on parts of our region since last night. but when will it move out? nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast and the answer. glenn? >> it is going to take a number of hours before we get a chance
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to dry out. mostly that is coming tonight. this afternoon, well, it's wet, and it's going to stay wet, and if anything the rain is going to be getting heavier and especially in delaware and south jersey. that is already happening. you see more yellow and a little bit of red in there. the darker green indicates a little bit heavier rain than the lighter green, and the wide view shows just how extensive this area is, so it's going to take a while. we're going to get into some of this drier air by this evening. here is the future cast, and you can see all the heavier rain right around the philadelphia i-95 corridor by noontime. as we head toward the midafternoon, the heaviest of the rain starts to move out. it's still wet by 4:00, but by 6:00, it's really drying out quite a bit, and by 8:00, 9:00, the skies are clearing. but what's replacing it?
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some incredibly cold air, and eventually some record-breaking cold air. right now it's cold enough. it's only 33 in the poconos. 40 in allentown and pottstown. 44 in philadelphia. it is warmer in southern sections, and it may get close to 60 degrees there, but everybody is going to get cold starting tonight. for this afternoon, the temperature gradually going up to around 50 degrees in philadelphia, but cooler to the north, much warmer to the south. raining throughout the afternoon, but drying out tonight. we'll see just how cold it's going to get where you live coming up with the seven-day in a few minutes. it is confirmed, pope francis will visit philadelphia for next year's world meeting of families at a news conference that spelled out more details about the trip just wrapped up. nbc 10's matt delucia is there and has been following the story since it broke earlier this morning. he's live from the philadelphia museum of art. this sounded more like a pep rally than it did a news
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conference. >> reporter: yeah, vai, a big crowd here at the art museum. forgive me for keeping my voice down. that press conference is actually still going on right now. mayor nutter is taking questions from reporters, but i have been on the phone and running in and out of offices at the archdiocese. that started at about 3:30 this morning when the official word came down from rome, and pope francis himself committing to a visit and a papal mass in philadelphia. this is the view pope francis will have next september in his first planned papal visit to the u.s. sunday, september 27th, the date is set for a mass on the ben franklin parkway. >> initially it was planned he might be in a stadium but we said this is the pope of the people, so we don't want to confine him to 70,000 people. so we wouldn't be surprised if we saw upwards of 2 million people for the mass on that sunday. >> reporter: a sight not seen since 1979. >> these human values -- >> reporter: when john paul ii paid a visit to philadelphia.
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>> it's very difficult to put in words. i can say ecstatic, joyful, thrilled, all of the above, but quite frankly whatever words i use, it's probably an understatement. >> reporter: the official word came from the pope himself at a meeting this morning in rome. archbishop charles chaput was there with a delegation from philadelphia. >> usually the announcement comes four to six months prior to the pope's visit, so for this to happen ten months out is a blessing and a huge help for us for planning. >> reporter: part of that planning for 2 million people is funding for safety and security. already we found fund-raising efforts under way with world meeting text messages asking for $10 donations. police commissioner charles ramsey says he has no doubt the city will be ready. >> we have events here all the time, so you know the traffic pat evans, traffic flow with large crowds due to that, so i don't anticipate any unique problems other than the fact
11:34 am
that we'll have -- i expect very, very large crowds. >> reporter: and you're looking live once again here in the lobby of the art museum. mayor nutter still taking questions here from reporters. one thing that i have been told over and over again today is that planning is under way. it has been, but there is a long way to go in the next ten months, and mayor nutter up there just a few minutes ago said that this will be the largest event hosted by the city in modern history. my colleague rosemary connors is one of the reporters out here asking questions about safety, security, and the planning going into all of this, so she will have an update later on this afternoon. for now we're live in center city, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> matt, great job working that story since 3:30 this morning. of course, we have a special section dedicated to this major story on our website at you can read the entire transcript of the pontiff's announcement from rome this morning. it's all there. we'll be right back.
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a doctor who arrived in the united states to be treated for the ebola virus has died. officials of the nebraska medical center confirm dr. martin salia passed away this morning. gabe gz has the report. >> reporter: dr. martin salia had been in critical condition. he had been given doses of plasma and an experimental drug. on saturday he arrived from sierra leone, the tenth ebola
11:38 am
patient treated in the u.s. the 44-year-old doctor was too weak to walk. dr. salia was a native of sierra leone but a legal u.s. resident. he had been working as a surgeon at a hospital in freetown. >> he decided to still go and help his people because he wanted to show that he loves his people. >> reporter: in a video from earlier this year, dr. salia says the job was his calling. >> i took this job not because i want to, but i firmly believe that it was a calling. >> reporter: dr. salia had been the third ebola patient treated here at the containment unit. he's now only the second known ebola patient to have died on u.s. soil. gabe gutierrez nbc news. a show of support is expected for police officers in franconia township who lost their jobs because of budget cuts. the union representing the officers is urging residents to come to tonight's township
11:39 am
meeting. last month the board of supervisors unanimously approved laying off four full-time police officers, two part-time officers, as well as a police administrative position. the union has filed a grief epps over the layoffs. the board is expected to present next year's budget proposal at tonight's meeting. the hearings continue over whether to revoke a philadelphia school's charter because of academic and financial concerns. walter palmer charter school is the subject of a federal investigation. a court ordered the school to return more than $1 million to the philadelphia school district after finding it enrolled twice the number of students that were allowed. walter palmer shut down its high school last month. a decision on their charter status is expected by early december. and happening today, environmentalists in delaware are planning to protest the governor's approval the keystone excel pipeline. members will meet out the senator's wilmington office at noon. carper is one of a few senate
11:40 am
democrats planning to vote in favor of the pipeline which would transfer oil from canada to the gulf of mexico. and later today we'll find out more about the future of a vacant lot at the corner of broad street and washington avenue in center city. developer bart blackstein will present his plans for a mega project at a meeting tonight with the hawthorne empowerment coalition. back in june he said he would turn the space into a 30-story 1 million square food piazza in the sky complete with 800 apartments. septa will give an update on its plan to bring trains to the king of prussia area, a project that would branch out the norristown high speed line into king of prussia and valley forge. septa wants to hear from residents tonight on possible routes for the rail service. it would bring people to the mall, the casino, hotels, and other business districts. >> this is very expensive undertaking. that's why we're doing the feasibility study to see if the service would be needed, which all signs point to with that
11:41 am
area growing as it is, it would be. >> septa says it's very early in the process. this rail service won't happen for at least ten years. tonight's meeting will be held at the radisson hotel valley forge and king of prussia from 4:00 to 8:00. the pennsylvania gaming control board is meeting to decide whether to award the city's second and final casino license and if so, who gets it. there are four proposals on the table. two want to build in center city while two others propose building near the sports complex in south philadelphia. sugar house and chester have protested the possible competition. employees are often discouraged from checking out facebook while they're at work but now the social network is reportedly planning a new site that you would use for work. we'll explain coming up. once the rain moves out, the arctic cold moves in. i'll tell you when it's going to get here and how cold it's going to get.
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reports say facebook is secretly developing a new site to let users keep their personal and their work profiles separate. according to "the financial times," the site called facebook at work is similar to linkedin and goggle docs. it would let people chat with co-workers and collaborate on documents. a new book is raising awareness about sickle cell anemia and according to the national institute of health, the disease affects between 70,000 and 100,000 people in the u.s. one young woman's battle with the disease is the subject of "the girl with the lion heart." it's a first person account and the author joins us about her experience and her book. welcome. >> thank you. >> tell us about how you learned that you got the disease and what it's done to your life. >> well, i was diagnosed at birth as a baby born and my
11:46 am
parents received the dreadful news that i was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia, which is the most severe type. >> tell me about your decision to write a book. you brought a couple books here. you have a hard cover and a soft cover. tell us your decision to write it's book and the title of the book, "the girl with the lion heart." that's you. >> yes, that's me. >> the title of my book, my dad gave me the title. as i was a young child, i always enjoyed writing. i started writing on the walls of my own home everywhere and then he started journaling within the hospital during my hospitalizations and i would write about my experiences and just everything i was going through, and then i competed in a lot of forensic speech tournaments and a lot of times during those tournaments i experienced a lot of severe pain crises, and no one knew, but i still woke up each day and i went and competed in the tournaments and i would come home with first, second places and i would be a champion at
11:47 am
many places and win three times in a row and so my dad used to always say, you're the champ. you're the girl with the lion heart, and so -- and the title actually one day he was standing -- he was sitting in the bathroom and gazing out the window looking up to the sky and then the idea of "the girl with the lion heart" came to his head and he said you should write a book. >> you're very well-spoken. tell me what you want people to know about your disease, sickle cell anemia. what do you want people to know through your book and through media tours like this. >> well, i want people to know to never let anything hinder you first. i know it's such a painful disease. i have spent a lot of time in the hospital, but i never gave up hope. i always stayed focused. i always prayed. i always had a strong moral support from my family who always believed in me and i just want people to know to never lose faith, never lose hope, never give up and believe the impossible because i'm living proof that dreams come true. >> you certainly are. let's hold up the book.
11:48 am
this is what it looks like. you can get it in just about any bookstore. >> it's available on amazon, barnes & noble online bookstore and in ebooks. >> fantastic. thank you so much for coming in. good luck to you. we appreciate your time. >> thank you. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> well, it was a pretty cold weekend but it's nothing compared to what is on the way, and until that happens, we have a lot of rain left to go through. we have an arctic blast that is coming in starting tonight with near record cold across the area. everything is wet right now. not a whole lot of wind, but it is a rainy day everywhere. 44 degrees, the wind is light. the windchill is 40, and that's going to seem balmy compared to what is on the way. we are in the low to mid-40s in most places. still 33 at mount pocono, and
11:49 am
it's near 50 degrees in extreme southern new jersey and southern delaware. those temperatures are going to be rising a lot more. but then they're going to go down. we have an issue of first alert about this. this is going to be near record cold, and it's kind of unusual to get record cold without snow on the ground at this time of the year, but this arctic blast is really extreme. near record cold wednesday morning, and windchills below 10. we're not just going to have the cold. there's still going to be wind blowing when those low temperatures come. that's unusual, too. now, the feels-like temperature, the windchill this afternoon up to 50, 52 in parts of the area. watch what happens tonight. by midnight we're down to 31. 20s north and west. by 7:00 a.m. single digits north and west. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. and watch what happens as we go through the day. it really doesn't warm up.
11:50 am
the windchill, the highest windchill tomorrow north and west in the teens, barely to 20 in philadelphia, and then it goes into the single digits by wednesday morning. now, as you can see, some heavier rain starting to come up from the southwest, so we've got a few more hours of the rain, some of it on the heavy side, and, of course, new jersey, delaware will be the last places to see the rain and to see some of the heavier rain farther to the south. that looks like it will hit parts of delaware and south jersey, about you that snow on the backside of this, that's not coming this way. but places around the great lakes are just going to get buried with snow, and you can see this area heavier rain moving to the east by 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon. so the afternoon rush will be wettest toward the shore, and you can see how we dry out from west to east across the area. now, look how cold it's going to
11:51 am
be. wednesday morning, 8 degrees in mount pocono, 15 in allentown, 16 in reading. we're going to have some wind on top of this. so, again, windchills as low as the single digits. 22 in vineland, 22 in dover, 23 in atlantic city, and a lot of teens even around the philadelphia area. so for the day today, a big temperature contrast. 45 lehigh valley to upper 50s in southern delaware with the rain continuing much of the day. tonight we dry out. tomorrow the high of 32 plus wind gusting to near 40 miles an hour. then 20, which is close to a record in philadelphia. teens elsewhere for wednesday morning. then only up to 32. we do get less cold thursday and friday, but that's still cold for this time of the year. even saturday is cold, but finally on sunday the pattern changes and we start to get
11:52 am
warmer, and we'll be right back.
11:53 am
11:54 am
coming up this afternoon starting at 3:00, "ellen" is all new with actor elizabeth banks and knnoah ritter. this afternoon she's the most famous little leaguer on the planet and now philadelphia's known mo'ne davis is about to get a new title, published
11:55 am
author. the new project that's going to put her story directly into the hands of fans everywhere this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. now to an update on our top story. it is confirmed pope francis will visit philadelphia for next year's world meeting of families. it's a story we've been following since early this morning when the visit became official at a meeting in rome. philadelphia archbishop charles chaput was there. the event with september 22nd through the 27th with a mass celebrated by the pontiff on the ben franklin parkway. within the past hours organizers of the meeting along with students from area catholic schools joined philadelphia mayor michael nutter and pennsylvania first lady susan corbett to celebrate the big news. >> what a historic day and an unparalleled day for the city of philadelphia. this will be the largest event in the city's modern history. philadelphia, the big city for big events, and we could not be
11:56 am
more excited. >> and we have an entire section dedicated to this major story at our website at, and you can read the entire transcript of the pontiff's announcement from the vatican this morning and, of course, stay with nbc 10 as we get more reaction and details and new details on the pope's visit to philadelphia next year. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here now with a check on the afternoon forecast. still raining? >> one more wet, and it's going to stay wet all afternoon, but the big thing is the changes that are coming in the next couple days. the arctic air that you have heard about in the middle of the country is coming here, and we're going to have windchills as low as single digits by wednesday morning. that's going to be the coldest part of this. near record low temperatures then. so it's very cold for the next couple days and we don't warm up again until sunday when the eagles are playing. >> good for the eagles. thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00.
11:57 am
from all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day. stay warm out there and dry.
11:58 am
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>> nurse: this just came for you. a secret admirer? >> jordan: uh... oh. [chuckles] a surprise, but maybe not so secret. >> chad: don't worry about it, sonny. do whatever you need to do with the architects. we got it covered here. yeah. sonny's on board with you moving to the new club full time. [phone ringing] >> ben: what if i'm not on board with moving to the south side? >> chad: i got to take this. if you don't like the plan, talk to sonny about it. father? how are you? >> stefano: it's time, my son. [knocking]


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