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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  November 17, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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especially along the shore in new jersey. as we zoom into the philadelphia area, all the major interstates here, if you're getting ready for your evening commute we still do have the rain out there, all along the i-59 corridor, 476 and 76. this is one of the areas where we've seen more consistent rainfall. until 6:15 for this particular area, much of the i-95 corridor, around all the major interstates surrounding philadelphia there's a flood advisory because there's ponding on the roadways. be careful if you're driving. heavy rain along the jersey shore, sussex county in delaware, there's heavy rain there, too. this will be clearing up fairly soon, areas north and west have begun to see that. farther north and west, that is snow. like glenn mentioned because the temperatures will be dropping down overnight very quickly with the wet roadways, we could see
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fast icing. glenn will be back in just a bit to talk more about that and your seven-day forecast. as mother nature turns down the temperature, a lot of us will be cranking up the heat in our homes. >> that's for sure. as doug shimell tells us, heating repair technicians are very busy. doug is live in richboro, bucks county with that part of our coverage. doug? >> reporter: the experts tell us the first area of concern for your home heating system or fireplace is where does the carbon monoxide go? it was almost time for ed mclaughlin's first fire of the season until he noticed something on an upstairs wall. >> the paint was flaking and chipping. we were wondering if there was a leak or something coming from the chimney. we had the company come out and they said that there's a good chance it's probably the liner. >> reporter: they found the original terra-cotta tiles that line the furnace were in need of
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repair. >> the safe bet is to get it lined. >> reporter: scott and chris had to install a new stainless steel liner from the basement to the roof and put on a champion chim. >> it breaks the terra-cotta tiles down faster than they normally would. >> reporter: it wasn't exactly cheap to do but ed mclaughlin says with his son will he was not taking any chances. and another side effect of the cold weather season, fireplace and space heater fires. we'll examine that part of the home heating equation coming up in just a little bit. live in bucks county, doug shimell le, nbc 10 news. >> thanks, doug. with the changing weather, be sure to get the latest alerts and notices to your smartphone
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or tablet with the nbc 10 weather çapp. it's a free download on today pope francis confirmed what many had hoped for and what many expected. >> yes, he's coming to philadelphia next year. and you don't really need to speak italian to understand what he said this morning at the vatican. [ speaking italian ] >> there you heard philadelphia, the pontiff confirming his september trip to the city of brotherly love. >> and who better to honor pope francis, to celebrate this incredible news than the young people of the archdiocese. thank you for being here. you are part of history today. >> word travels quickly, energizing our region and putting into motion plans to accommodate the pope as well as the millions of pilgrims who
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will come to our area to see him. here's the schedule of events. philadelphia will hof tst the wd meeting of families. >> nbc 10's rosemary connors was there today as local leaders and organizers spelled out how this is all going to happen. rosemary, what can we expect? >> jim and renee, imagine the ben franklin parkway packed with 1 million to 2 million people when the pope celebrates mass in front of the art museum on that last day of the world meeting of families. it's going to be a major event, hopefully it won't be raining. either way it's an historic moment for the city and region. >> the pope is coming. to philadelphia. >> reporter: it's a worldwide announcement but those most excited to hear it are in philadelphia. students from the archdiocese invited to the news conference today reflected the sentiment of many in the region. >> it means so much the fact that he's coming to
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philadelphia, my hometown. >> reporter: it was earlier in march that a delegation from philadelphia, including the archbishop, mayor michael nutter and governor tom corbett travelled to rome to convince pope francis to attend the world meeting of families here. although the public did not know it for sure at the time, we learned today that the delegation was successful but sworn to secrecy. >> and the holy father answered our invitation by whispering three words in tom's ear. i will come. >> reporter: now the planning continues. the last time a pope visited philadelphia was john paul ii in 1979 and a lot has changed. the budget which this time around is 45 million, and security. >> so there's of course the philadelphia police department. pennsylvania state police. the secret service. the fbi. the vatican police. the italian government police. >> reporter: described as a welcoming and inclusive leader,
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pope francis made it his mission to bring people back to the church by not staying silent on important social issues. >> do you think that the church, the catholic church has needed someone like pope francis? >> oh, definitely. i think we've gone through hard times. i think he's just the man to get us back on track. >> reporter: of course a major event like the world meeting of families is expected to bring in a lot of revenue to the city and region. it's going to cost a lot to put on as i mentioned, the budget is $45 million. organizers say that right now they're about halfway to that fund-raising goal. reporting live outside of the art museum, rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. >> well, less than a year now, hotels getting a rush of calls. >> cydney long has been looking into that part of the story. are there rooms still available? >> reporter: well, jim and ra may, i can tell you, we've been doing our home work. i did not personally have any luck booking at any of the center city hotels. there are 11,500 rooms.
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in fact, the marriott in center city tells me that that week of september has in fact been booked for about six months now. the hilton, hyatt and sheraton also show nod vacancy but rest assured philadelphia's greater hotel association says there will be room enough. with 1 million to 2 million visitors who will be anxious to catch a glimpse or photo opportunity of pope francis on what will mimic a vatican city crowd, along ben franklin parkway. >> i reached out to a few hotels who weren't ready to take reservations yet. it's a religious convention and then the other is a blockbuster event. >> reporter: ed gross with the philadelphia greater hotel association says don't lose faith in finding a place to stay. center city has 11,500 hotel
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rooms. the five county region brings that space to 39,000, then fold in wilmington and south jersey, cherry hill, mt. laurel and atlantic city. bringing the number of hotel rooms to 70,000 within an hour radius of philadelphia. and this momentous occasion. >> as far as hotel rooms are concerned, yes, there are going to be enough rooms. that will bring transportational issues. i have full faith in the committee in establishing good transportation in and out of the city. >> reporter: one hitch, you may end up paying more out of pocket. >> the general consumer will pay more but it won't be something that's unaffordable. >> i also know some neighbors who will be renting out extra rooms and some apartments as well as homes. >> reporter: and just so visitors who want to catch a glimpse don't get nervous, we've been researching other options, like rentals, bed and breakfast as well as host families and
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talking to pr firms in wilmington and south jersey as well as the hotel associations that will work with organizes to help groups find lodging. any gran brabrand new informatil be sure to post it on our website, i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. here's a look at papal visits through the years to this country. the first pope to come to the u.s. was paul vi back in 1965. pope john paul ii came to the u.s. seven times, including his 1979 visit to philadelphia. and in 2008, pope benedict xvi visited washington, d.c. pope francis will be the fourth pope to visit the u.s. new at 4:45, we talk live to terry ruggles. he was withç pope john paul ii during his visit to philadelphia in '79. remember, whenever we get new information on pope's upcoming visit to philadelphia, we'll provide details on our website at to breaking news now out of philadelphia's homesburg section.
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we understand two officers have been stabbed at the correctional facility. no word on their exact condition but we understand they are expected to survive their injuries. the prison is on lockdown and the officers have been rushed to a hospital. nbc 10's denise nakano is on her way to that scene. as soon as we know more we'll pass it along. renee? new information on the murder of a mother and son in egg harbor city. the man facing charges appeared in court today. police say joseph palmer iii stabbed his girlfriend and her 7-year-old son and then set their washington avenue home on fire. that was last wednesday. palmer initially told police that someone broke into the house. he's being held on a $2 million bail. the victims of wednesday's fire believed to be 38-year-old michelle papps and her 7-year-old son gavin. an autopsy shows they both died from stab wounds and not the fire. nbc 10 found out one person is in custody now, police were
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called to the 100 block of haddon avenue around 1:30. the building houses new jersey's child protection and child welfare agency. a union representative tells nbc 10 the victim is a worker for that agency and there have been concerns about security within that building. >> our members do a dangerous job on a daily basis. and there's no one here to protect them. you can have anything that's disgruntled, upset, anybody can come in off the street and assault like they did today. >> nbc 10 has calls in to the state to find out more about this afternoon and incident. we're waiting for the calls to be returned. legendary philadelphia comedian bill cosby is in the spotlight again because of alleged sexual assault. just within the past 90 minutes nbc 10 received a joint clarification from the cosby camp and his accuser. now, talk of the 2006 crime allegation rekindled after nbc considered bringing back his hit series "the cosby show."
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cosby canceled several public appearances. harry hairston joins us now with what could lie ahead for bill cosby. >> reporter: well, renee, i just got this statement from bill cosby's attorney and the attorney that represented the woman who filed charges against bill cosby. in the statement, coming out of the cosby camp insists the decade-old allegations are just that, decade-old discredited allegations. from the camp of the whom who filed the charges, this was resolved mutually, satisfaction between both sides. still years later, they say they were sexually assaulted by the comedian, and are demanding an apology by cosby although he's never been charged with a crime. >> i think the thing to do is not to dignify any of these allegations with a response. >> reporter: that's the advice from philadelphia former
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prosecutor. the allegations never led to anç charges. >> bill cosby to come out at this point and say the woman was discredited because she settled her lawsuit says absolutely what? it really doesn't say anything. >> reporter: when we first break this story, a former temple employee did file charges against cosby a year after her alleged assault. she made her report at a police department in canada near her home. a long time cosby friend who still meets with the comedian regularly says he never believed the allegations. >> my relationship with bill is different from what somebody else may have had or may not have had and i don't know the reasons for doing that. but i can say honestly, he's been a giving person and i'm not saying this -- i don't have to say anything that's not true. >> as we first reported, a source told the nbc news the former temple employee recorded a call from cosby offering her money not to go to the police. our source says those tapes were allegedly turned over to the
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montgomery county district attorney's office. the d.a. would not confirm or deny if those tapes ever existed. >> if they do exist in some type of case file, is it possible that anyone could get their hands on those papes going forward and cause more issues? >> theoretically, if tapes like that existed they could always be subpoenaed by way of, you know, some form of subpoena deu duces tacum. but what do you need them for? >> reporter: a am standing outside the office of the former district attorney who was challenged with whether to prosecute bill cosby or not. he decided to sit down and talk to us in lieu of what recently happened. i'll bring you what he has to say coming up tonight at 6:00. reporting live in ardmore, harry hairston, nbc 10 news. we just heard harry say it but it bears repeating. bill cosby has never been
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charged with any crime. we'll stay on top of this story. and we have this just in, a philadelphia priest has died while appealing his sexual abuse conviction. 67-year-old reverend charles engel hart was serving a 6 to 12-year prison sentence. he died while being treated for heart problems. we have new information on the man accused sending a berth day card laced with ricin. 19-year-old nicholas hellman of hatboro pleaded guilty to attempted murder. he was first arrested in march after police say he placed a scratch and sniff birthday card in the mailbox of a romantic rival. today, prosecutors also revealed hellman tried to get a fellow inmate to retaliate against investigators involved in the case. he's now facing new charges. several members of the easton area school board resign, it is being suggested.
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this all stems from the investigation into drago. administrators believe he was passing information on to school board members. while it found no criminal activity, they did find some were willing to overlook his transgressions in order to keep him employed. >> we are concerned that their continued serviceç continues t put a strain on the relationship between school districts, administrators and the school board and that a newly constituted school board without holdovers would be in the best interest of the easton area school district. >> the grand jury specifically named robert fennel, frank pittebaum and kerry leonard ellison as members who should resign but it cannot enforce that recommendation. we've reached out for a response but haven't heard back yet. controversy growing in our area on the eve of a key vote. >> the issue a pipeline that
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would run from canada to the u.s. gulf coast. the house of representatives passed the keystone xl pipeline project last week. tomorrow, the senate gets its turn. activists are concerned about the environmental impact the project could have. >> nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong live out d outside tom carpetess's wilmington office. >> they were out here in front of senator tom carper's office, trying to get him to change his mind. the pipeline wouldn't run anywhere near delaware to be clear. environmentalists all over the country say it would be bad for the entire nation. >> no pipeline! >> reporter: on a horribly rainy day, even though senator tom carper was in washington, you still had people who stood outside his wilmington office to send the democrat a message about his expected yes vote on the keystone xl pipeline. >> he's playing games with us. he's playing games with the environment. he's rolling the dice with
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climate change. that's horrible. >> the keystone xl project is the next major proposed piece of an existing pipeline that would get crude oil from alberta, canada, straight to the gulf of mexico. opponents here and the around the nation say the type of crude in canada is harder to subtract and far worse for the environment. they are also concerned about pipeline leaks. supporters of the plan say the keystone xl would create thousands of jobs and cut u.s. dependence on foreign oil. >> don't see the economics, the math working out. >> reporter: via face time we spoke with the university of delaware professor energy and climate. i asked him to objectively give me the pros and cons of the pipeline. he does not see any pros. >> it fails on environmental grounds and economic grounds as well. >> reporter: he didn't think it makes it much less reliant on middle east oil either. he believes this is the wrong investment to make. >> i think if we've got the money to spend it, it would be better to spend it in technology, innovation, a low
4:19 pm
carbon future which is where the rest of the world is moving. >> reporter: senator carper sent me a statement saying he supports common sense measures to cut dependence on fossil fuels. opponents say this makes it easier to move fossil fuels around. delaware's other senator, chris coons got off of traernin a lit while ago. he did not tell us how he's going to vote. if it gets to president obama, it's looking more and more like he would veto it. count on nbc 10 to follow this vote tomorrow. it should be interesting. live in wilmington, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> we've had hour after hour after hour of rain today. and then we're going to have hour after hour after hour of very cold, unseasonably cold,
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near record cold air moving into the area. it's going to feel like it's below 10 degrees at the worst of this. now, camera starting to shake a little bit, indication that the winds at least higher up are getting stronger and eventually they'll come down to the surface and that will bring in the cold air. it's 47 and still raining in philadelphia. very little wind. it's 3 degrees warmer than it was at this time yesterday. we have temperatures mostly in the mid-40s across the area but look down to the south, 60 degrees in atlantic city and stone harbor and even warmer than that in southern delaware. but watch what happens, by 10:00 tonight, it's 36 degrees, the way it's going to feel on your exposed skin, 20s to the north and west. that's just the beginning. by midnight, feeling like the teens in reading and lancaster. and as we go through the night and into the morning, feeling like the teens just about
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everywhere but even some single digits north and west and feeling like zero in the poconos. and then it doesn't warm up tomorrow. by 1:00 in the afternoon, it's still feeling like it is in the teens. there's the radar, the heaviest has moved offshore. at least in new jersey, still some heavy rain along the delaware shoreline. the future weather throwing that it all continues to move to the east. for wednesday morning, the records are pretty cold and here's the forecast. close to the record levels of 20 in philadelphia, reading has a good chance of breaking that record as does mt. pocono. for tonight, it's windy and colder. you have to watch out for icy spots late, especially north and west. cold air coming in. everything is so wet. a bitter cold blast tomorrow. it will feel like it's in the teens. the temperature itself may not get above freezing and the seven-day forecast, there's that
4:22 pm
potential record low wednesday morning. still cold, thursday and then another cold blast coming on friday. we don't really warm up until sunday. by monday, up near 70. a deer crashes through the window of a church and trashes it. how much damage the animal caused. plus, we're taking a look at the last tomb a pope visited philadelphia. coming up, what the city will do differently this time around to how's the millions of tourists. still ahead on nbc 10 news at 4:00.
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staying in motels or with other family just aren't included in these numbers. the report blames the nation's high poverty rate, a lack of affordable housing as well as the impact of domestic violence. now in our airy, more than 38,000 homeless children were counted in pennsylvania, nearly 17,000 in new jersey. both states are in the top ten for their efforts to fight child homelessness. delaware ranked ç34th with 780 homeless children. the pope's coming to philadelphia. >> that is our top story this afternoon. on nbc 10 news at 4:00, today at the vatican, pope francis confirmed. you heard it there. in italian. i understood the philadelphia part. it's been long suspected that he will participate in next year's world meeting of families in september. new at 4:30, she's the most famous little leaguer in the world. now philadelphia's own mo'ne davis about to get a new title, published author. the new public that will put her story directly into the hands of
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fans all over. and a wet afternoon, glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> absolutely. and now, a blast of cold weather is about to come in, just as today's rain moves out. it could create slick conditions for your morning commute. get the details in my exclusive first alert forecast. coming up tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, headed north. new jersey governor chris christie is planning a trip to canada. why some say this is more than just a trade mission.
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this is nbc 10 news. the workweek is off to a soggy start today. this is how it looked on walnut street in wilmington earlier. in chester county, heavy rain made for tricky driving. this is along route 30 in devin.
4:31 pm
looking out now on to the schuylkill expressway, our live skycam network showing the rain is making an exit. but now bitter cold is about to move in. >> nbc 10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is back with more on that now. green? >> most of the day has been chilly and very, very wet. and it's about to change in an extreme way. it's in the 40s across most of the airy, near 60 farther to the south. that's going to change, too. as we go through the night tonight, the temperature is going to plunge down to 28 degrees in philadelphia by 7:00 a.m. but on exposed skin it will feel more like it's 18 degrees and then way colder than that by tomorrow night. the radar shows we're still socked in except for some of the western suburbs. the heaviest of the rain has moved offshore but there's pretty heavy rain at many shore locations, delaware beaches, cape may county, getting hit
4:32 pm
pretty hard there and we have a flood advisory until 6:15 for much of the philadelphia area, mainly because of the clogged drains from all the leaves. i'll be back to talk about just how cold it's going to get where you live with this incredible cold blast with just a few minutes. a deadly fire at a boarding house in germantown triggers action. the city investigating now to find out if the building was up to code. the fire started last night on east shelton avenue. three people made it out savely but one man died inside his bedroom. four police officers were treated for smoke inhalation. three are now out of the hospital but one is still there. >> pennsylvania man pleads guilty to assaulting a federal officer. it happened at the wilmington veterans affairs medical center in delaware. charles jobe of marcus hook pointed what turned out to be a broken bb gun at several veterans affairs police officers last june. he faces up to one year in prison. 10-year-old boy is in guarded condition after he accidentally shot himself in the face. it happened saturday night in
4:33 pm
darby township. the boy and his sister wereç ia car waiting for their dad to finish work. the .357 magnum was in the vehicle. the child picked it up and accidentally shot himself. he was rushed to the hospital by police. they say it's a miracle he's alive. a delaware woman convicted of drunk driving twice in the past two years is arrested again after police say she set a car on fire. doreen bowman was busted saturday night at the fraternal order of eagles in oceanview. state police were called in for an intentional car fire at that scene. bowman was arrested after she returned to the club smelling of alcohol and gave police a fake name. she's facing charges now that include dui and criminal impersonation. a new jersey woman wins big gambling online. kathy ruella hit a jackpot worth $1.3 million on harrah's website on november 6th. she was playing on online slots game. it's the state's largest
4:34 pm
internet jackpot. she's been playing off and on since february, usually about $20 or $30 at a time. there aren't many 13-year-olds who could write a memoir. mo'ne davis has already proven she's ordinary teenager. she's working on a book called "mo'ne davis: remember my name." mo'ne was the first female pitcher to win a little league world series game. later this month, mo'ne and her tenny dragon teammates will help kick off the macy's thanksgiving day parade. mo'ne also released this statement today, quote, when i join an all-boys baseball team my mom wasn't too happy. i proved to her and to me i could do anything i set my mind to. >> mo'ne, the movie, it's coming. >> somewhere out there, right? problems at a local house of worship.
4:35 pm
>> the church congregation that thought they were the victims of crime, only to find out it wasn't what they first thought. right now here's what we're working on for nbc 10 news at 5:00. nearly half of the montgomery county police force laid off, now residents want answers about where their tax dollars are being spent. a cocaine bust at philadelphia international airport. coming up how security says the passenger used this bag to try to smuggle the drugs. >> plus as temperatures dipped near freezing. we're with fire experts asking the best way to your family safe heating your home. then there's trusting your vehicle maintenance to ford service confidence. our expertise, technology, and high quality parts means your peace of mind. it's no wonder last year we sold over three million tires. and during the big tire event, get up to $140 in mail-in rebates on four select tires.
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nbc 10 is proud to recognize local students who are making a difference here and around the world. >> today the leadership award was presented to widener university and nbc 10. she was honored for her work with build on where she travelled to haiti to live with local families and help build a school. >> i learned through build on that no matter your race, gender or socioeconomic status that everyone deserves a fair and quality education. >> well said. moore is one 134 students from around the area to receive a leadership award this year. the award honors high school juniors and nominations are open for next year. well, just ten days to go until thanksgiving and the food bank of delaware wants to make sure families in need can enjoy
4:39 pm
a turkey dinner. today giant food delivered 1,000 turkeys to the food bank. join the issic maing similar donations to other food banks in maryland, d.c. and virginia. well to look at it you would think it was a crime scene. >> part of a local church damaged after a break-in. nbc 10 cameras got a look inside. now we have the complete story. turns out this wasn't of work of a human being after all. glenn "hurricane" schwartz. we've issued a first alert for tomorrow. bitter cold will sweep into the region. i'll let you know how low the temperatures will drop where you live in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert seven-day forecast. then all new tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00,ç new jersey's governor chris christie will head to canada next week. why some say his trip is more then a trade mission.
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this is nbc 10 news. it is official. pope francis is coming to philadelphia for the world meeting of families. the official announcement came this morning from the vatican. it is pope francis's first visit to the u.s. during his visit he's expected to preside over mass outside on the ben franklin parkway at the philadelphia museum of art. the world meeting of families will take place in september. of course as many of you remember, this will not be the first time a pope visits our area. in 1979 more than 1 million people flocked to the city to see pope john paul ii. >> look who's here, someone else you may remember, terry ruggles who covered the story of the pope's visit back then. terry is joining us live from our digital operations center. so nice to see you, terry. tell us what it was like in '79. >> jim, the area was electrified 35 years ago. there were a million people on the parkway but the pope landed at philadelphia international and he was greeted by the mayor who got down on his knee there,
4:44 pm
frank rizzo did, and then there were a million people on broad street, all the way from where the sports complex is all the way up to city hall. we're talking maybe 2 million people. this entire city, you couldn't get a hotel room for several miles around the philadelphia area. there's that cavalcade coming up broad street. we did it at quite a clip. people were cheering all along the way. you have to understand that 1.1 billion, that's how big the catholic church is, all had their eyes collectively on the city of brotherly love. >> terry, bringing it to the pren, t present, the contemporary catholic church has struggled. what was the mood about the pope's visit back then? >> that's a good question, renee. what was happening back then as we were proud and happy that the pope chose to come to philadelphia. there was the big conclave you were talking about. he was coming in. one of the galvanizing things is
4:45 pm
the way the ladies in the river wards and the churches got together to make food for people coming in from out of town. i covered churches up in reading that were making blankets and pillows and keepsakes that people could take with them. so the hubbub in the church was very low on the totem pole of what was important back then. the entire delaware valley was galvanized on how exciting this was economically and spiritually for the city of philadelphia and the surrounding area. >> can you think back to that famous moment when mayor rizzo kissed the pope's ring? what was reaction to that? >> a lot of us didn't see it until the picture afterwards, that famous black and white picture. i think a lot of people were taken aback. frank rizzo was a very proud man but humility was the word of of the day when pope john paul ii landed in philadelphia. >> terry ruggles, thanks so much for recollecting that moment for us in 1979. great to see you. >> thanks, terry. now, coming up on nbc 10
4:46 pm
news at 6:00, we'll hear more from terry ruggles on the pope's 1979 visit. >> terry tells us what the head of the philadelphia police had to say back then, told him about the pope's visit that sent a chill up terry's spine. we'll continue to push out new information on popç francis's visit to philadelphia. we'll be your source on the go for any updates on the papal event in this city of brotherly love. all right. back to breaking news now. new information on the story we told you about earlier in this news cast. we're following in philadelphia's homesburg section. we now learned two officers and a sergeant with philadelphia prisons have been stabbed at a e correctional facility. >> one stabbed in the eye, one in the head and one in the hand. all have been rushed to the hospital. all are expected to survive. denise nakano is on her way to
4:47 pm
the scene right now. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> we got a little taste of winter last week. we'll get a much bigger taste of it starting later tonight. that's why first alert has issue, we issued it last night to let you know what's coming our way. this is pretty significant, especially for this time of the year. antarctic blast with near record cold and it's going to feel like it's lower than 10 degrees on your exposed skin at the worst of this cold outbreak. well, one thing that's improving is the visibility, the rain is moving out of the philadelphia area finally. 48 degrees. the wind is light but it's going to be picking up and pushing the temperature down. the average high, 56. 47 so far today. high of 32 tomorrow. and 35 degrees on wednesday. more than 20 degrees below average. and it's still in the 30s in the
4:48 pm
poconos. a little bit of snow and ice last night. 44 in allentown, reading, 42 in doylestown, 48 washington township. now up to 47 in philadelphia. 50 in wrightstown. it is even warmer in southern delaware. but watch the temperature and the wind chill go down again. how it's going to feel in the 20s by 10:00, north and west and the teens by midnight. so if you're headed out this evening, because it's not that cold, it's going to get cold. and by tomorrow morning, it's going to feel like it's in the teens in many areas and some places single digits. that's not even the coldest night. the coldest night is tomorrow night. but during the afternoon tomorrow, it's not going to warm up much. that's about as high as it goes as far as how it's going to feel. so how cold is it going to get? tomorrow night into wednesday morning? 15 in allentown. wind on top of that, too. we don't normally see that on such a cold night. near record nights.
4:49 pm
wind chills in the single digits. 17 in quakertown, 16 in reading, 17 in doylestown, 18 in norristown. and in mt. holly, 22 in violate, 25 in cape may. and 20 in philadelphia. that is the record by the way. 22 in vineland. you can see how we're drying out from delaware county, berks county, lehigh valley, drying out. it's still pouring at the shore. delaware beaches still getting a lot of it but not for long. cape may, you're going to be in it for another hour or so. that is moving out and those conditions are going to improve. the wind p-m up and the temperature goes down. windy and colder, some of the stuff could ice up a little bit. late tonight as temperatures drop in the mid-20s north and west. and then during the day tomorrow, bitter cold blast going to feel like it's in the teens for much of the day with that high temperature again, only in the low 30s and 15 to 30 mile-an-hour winds with gusts to
4:50 pm
40. seven-day forecast, here's the record cold on wednesday morning, still pretty cold thursday and then we get colder again on friday. what a week. saturday still cold. and then just in time for the eagles to come back to town, it starts warming up. temperatures into the 50s by sunday afternoon and by monday, you know, that's not a typo. i have 70 degrees. it will make you feel better. that's not going to last. >> next week will not be as cold as this week. . >> 70, something to look forward to. thank you, glenn. >> a scene of dj and destruction. >> it happened inside a local church. nbc 10 cameras capture the aftermath. now we learn what's really to blame for this mess. all new at 5:00, airport arrest. a passenger at philadelphia international was taken into custody for something inside her baggage. the illegal item and how she
4:51 pm
initially got through security.
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4:54 pm
this is nbc 10 news. >> it was certainly an unexpected and unwelcome visit at one new jersey church. >> the four huff legged invader left a path of destruction behind. nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg picks up the story from there. >> it looks like this is the entrance. >> at first they thought a burglar had broken in, leaving books, blood and broken glass strewn across the pastor's office. >> it looks like a crime scene. >> then they saw the fur. >> it's unimaginable. >> video from surveillance
4:55 pm
cameras reveal the intruder sun afternoon was a deer. >> he hit this wall. >> church leaders say it looked like the creature initially became disoriented after running into and dislodging these cinder blocks. the deer crashed through this first floor window, trashed the office and jumped out through the same window. >> that's even more than amazing. >> we're sorry that it looks like the deer did get hurt but lakewood does have quite a deer population. >> the church caretaker who has access to that surveillance video hasn't been here all day but we're hoping to see those images soon. and as soon as we do, we'll bring them to you. in lakewood, i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. now to nbc 10 news at 5:00, here are jacqueline london and keith jones. >> all new on nbc 10 news at 5:00, police layoffs in the suburbs. >> it's a story you saw first here on nbc 10.
4:56 pm
new new developments from a town that's laid off nearly half of its police force. sheena? >> as the rain is on its way out, bitter cold temperatures move in. i'll show you how cold it will get and who may beç expectin e icing overnight, too. and chris christie leaving the garden state for canada in a three-stop tour. why some say it's more than just a trade mission. that's next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> right now at 5:00, drying out before the big chill as we look live at the i-95 draw point bridge. a flood advisory is in effect for the area. meteorologist sheena parveen is tracking the rain. >> for tonight, we continue to see a lot of the clearing in the area. the cold temperatures drop down. we will feel it by tomorrow morning along with the wind. as far as the rain is concerned it's mostly along theç shore. as you just mentioned there is the flood advisory out for the philadelphia area up to trenton along the i-95 corridor. this is because of ponding on the roadways, localized flooding possible until about 6:15. just be careful in that area. now we look into parts of atlantic and parts of burlington county. right around galloway township, this is really the only area of heavy rain left, at least right now and we will continue to see
5:00 pm
it slide through parts of new jersey, mainly along the shore. as you can see, more clearing as we look farther off to the west. that's also where we see snow and that shows you where the colder air is. as we go through tonight, that cold air will set in and especially as we go through tomorrow night. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is standing by with a look at why we have a first alert weather day set up for the area. glenn? >> it's not because we have rain today, a lot of rain today but because of pretty extreme weather for this time of the year. want to let you know about it. we issued the first alert last night. the arctic blast that is coming with near record cold and it's going to feel like it's below 10 degrees at the worst of this. the temperatures right now, still pretty chilly for this time of the year and most of the area, 48 in philadelphia, cooler to the north. it's 60 degrees in atlantic city. now we're going to see


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